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    ti l.aiicNtsiiM Kiirmmtf. SnUirday. Octobc*r 3. 1970
Pa.Ag Waste Meeting Set
h Harrisburg Nov. 17-18
\ Penn . van i Con'i.uue on followed at 330 In membeis of
A-mulii ,il Wa i .n.imi nl llu' •> mu 1 fli (ussing "Do
will lie In Id . llu l\ nn ll.u iis velopmg and Mlmimsteimg
MoKn In.i H i \nuin Laws .mil Regulations on Polltt
lii i 17 .ml 13 lion MUtmi'iK I ( >n’t Heal
The pi o-i .’it t' ' urns v i»! In \ou Wlu n llu W ilei is Run
tlii' IV in-\,\ \mIK > mini ol mmi u llu.' theme ot the ilmnu
Agiunil l .if , uiop"’ .lam with at 7 pm In Lestei Willson,
tl.o mill .. a, ,ua n i iVmn K I DuPon IWmouis ami
State I n Camp'in ipie uita up
llu l’lo, I .’! No- Pu' Hie 0 a m session
M'mhi i 17 I). - i u-,a Wid.V'.l.n will be Piolessoi
tion at 1 loHoulil al 10 Haibeil .loul.m ol he Pcnnsvl
;i m In I,e) "i 1 II Hull P 'mi- \.mu Slate Un.veimtv on ‘ \g
.s'hama Su i at. of Wucul i iciiltm a! WasV Rasa.nch Goals
tu.i who wil >, eak on Win and Needs .Mode ator at the
lieu Hen. Ilu n Se.nehing 10 30 am session ,s William
Fo; Solution? will be the topic Tipton. Pcnnsvlvama Chambei
oi I)i RU--C.l E Lai son Dean of Commeice on "Legislative
o. the Colle-e ol \giiciiituie at Views on Vgi icullui al Wiste
Pu.n St i at 10 15 am Pes'i Management
cde and Cher.iual W isle in Pei- Foaluied at the luncheon meet
spec'.vc v ill ba picsen'ed bv mg at 12 noon will be "Meeting
Di Heibeit Cole Ji Pennsvl- the Challenges foi a Quality
vania Sat• L r. vei -.ilv, a. 11 a m Enviionrrent with Di Robeit
Di Paul He ; s iiom the Hci- White Stevens Chan man of the
shtv Foods Coipoialion will Buicau of Conseivation and En
speak on \ PhuOsophv of Pol vuonmental Science at Rutgeis
lution at he 12 noon luncheon Umveisitv
The alte.noon piogiam will The concluding session will be
featme seveial panel discus- gin at 2p m with John W Eail.v
sions Beginning at 1 30 p m the from the Pennsvlvama Depait
panel will discuss ‘ldentifving ment of Agiicultuie piesenting
AgiicuKuial Waste Piobltms Whole Do We Go Fiom Heie”
We’ll bring out
a new International 3
In^o'nal'ora 1 145“ turbo d ese' c a
H_,diostatic f'actor icr you to ies' on >ou c.mi
f e'ds.
Here s your chance to get the fee 1 cf real produc
* ve po*ver.
Ask how you car, win a Fi'lt’E FB26D tractor.
Kauffman Bros.
Cope & Weave,- Co. Msssick Form Equip.
new pro\ inr' i n Elizabethtown
786-735 1 3G7-1319
Internotiom! !
Sale- aid
C. B. Hoober §
& Son I
T"TERr‘ Qt RSE §
768 8231 I
This is the Cloistci FFA Chapter float
which won awards at both the Ephrata and
New Holland Fair parades. At Ephrata
the float recened a fust place in the 4-H.
FFA, Youth Dmsion. and at New Holland,
it recened first place in the non-commer-
cial category and was the most original John Wertz Chapter advisors are Carl
entrj Theme of the float was “Food for Gra\bill, Lewis Ajers and Charles Ackley.
A 5'3 TLT. K/il FhPROVAAG UNIT Workable aes'gp and durabiUij ma l e
the Bg h '- °n .Viving Un t tne leader in tie fie'd Constructed of
tougn -3 _ "'QUARE st-’f 1 *jbi r g and embossed draft pane's '.nil neau
grr f.i. > >:ll i. a'n>.s maximum ng'di.y ' hilt s/dusive reinio ued
eac°s ? s’ 1 buy Lo.ver s.da bars a.e double strength ana iea‘u e
ea~' ?j 1 r; S': u m, t ws are WELDED to the Trams doing a,.a' di
tire '•or’a mng n"‘ a J dj. reanmg Built in Big Dutcmian HEAT MTS
au SL aT TFD TLCTR r-u>ip aln, rate" Pigs a e torn on the DO.ce
lain; a sisei 'l'T'd imor -,i,d immediately seel via r mth or tne nrst of
t. o sft'w zcn. i fat na s vVhen I ,e first teat mat is turned c’l they
see, the i art of the s a “ord fat is located at the front of the un.t
By ,ies vg on ,u '-. i. u* q ncHy cm too good dungirg habits Mia 1 to
a disease *ree p wironn er Heat mate will not overheat tne sow, reducing
pig loss due to o jcomhj t ana uneasiness FOR FARROWING, FINISHING,
CESTh T ION nr NURSERY for one pie«,e or an entire system for total
confinement, smir uonrinement or pen feed lots, it will profit you to look
to the leade r Big Dutchman has equipped hundreds of profit making nog
operat'ons and nas an op a n mutation tor you to inspect them Contact ary
Big Dutchman dealer representative or t, r 1 re to Hog Division, Big Dutcnman,
Zeeland M evgan 43}£T We are eager to make the necessary arrange
ments for your visit
Di!ler Avg., New Holland/ Pa.
A Division of U.S. Industries, Inc.
Our Tables “ The float included corn
shocks, pumpkins, chickens, pigs, lambs
and a calf Chapter members shown on the
float are. left to right Marlin Smoker,
Richard Bollinger, Dennis Palm, Eric
Copenha\er. Ken Long. Robin Musser and
r-*- ~
Phone 354-5168
*• S?J