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    VOL. 15 NO. 43
Lampeter Fair Features
Farm Displays, Events
The 4G.h annual West Lam
peter Community Fan is
scheduled for Wednesday Sep
tember 13 to Friday, September
At tfi»- stnctly educational
fair, aw,de selection of displays
will be :eatured including live
stock, g-ains, vegetables, fruits,
ruts, l»*ne and daily pioducts,
doraestl'- aits, and school
Exhibi s will be received by
the various committees on Tues
day, September 22 and on Wed
nesday. September 23 until
Judging activities for 4-H &
FFA members begin at 7 pm
on Weonesday with the Baby
Beef Sho-s
At 8 p ;r. there should be lots
of action with a calf roping
demonstration Following this
the calve- will be placed in a
ling and 7FA boys will compete
in a calf -cramble ‘
Later rc-ur local junior high
All-American Show Set
At Farm Show Building
The Pennsylvania Junior
Dairy S'tu-v will be held at 9
am Mtoniav (Sept 21) in con
junction the All-Amencan
Dany StM v at the Faim Show
Building Hauisbuig
All arum<■ Is that weie judged
as a “'Eli.'- Ment” nbbon at the
District l tiow in August die
eligible ernu aheady enteied in
the Statf Tumoi Dany Show
All entiu must have been blue
nbbon wxr-eis at the 1970 4-H
and FFA msaict dany shows
Three ..adging nngs will be
miming at one time and the top
thiee 'lie.ift-.-3 in each class may
be enteied in the All-Amencan
Show iatei .n the week m which
dany animals Horn
U.S. Sees 6% Corn Loss
The U£l 4 s latest lepoit on
the nation:. coin ciop shows a
six pei ct:> ciop loss thiough
August W-m blight and diought,
but piedu.s the ciop will still
be the Ihi u laigest in history
The rtpc ’ Septembei 11 in
dicates Ur-es consideiablv low
ei thaa hm been feaied eailiei
in the •+ son and Cliflo'd M
Hardin, UP Secietaiy of Agu
cultuif, Joiovved with a state
ment that tneie will be plenty
ol gram in *he countiy followf
ing the r c"npletion of haivests
this fad
Furttie' aedeial lepoits aie
planned i<tter in the yeai as the
haive.-.t bei.ns to leveal the ex
tent of kifses moie accuiately
While the national loss was set
tit sue per cent the loss fiom
one region to anothei. or from
farm "to aarxn varies di astically
school gnls will show then
skills in a pig uce
Thuisduy will be a particularly
busy day at the Lampetei Fai
FFA, 4-H and Adult judging
contests aie set foi Thu.sduv
morning Aieas to be judged
at that time include beef, sheep
poultiy, swine, and daily
Judging -of dairy cattle w ill
be held at 1 pm Competition
for the bond pnze in this con
test is limited to boys and girls
of Lai castei County, exhibitois,
and Jauy bieedeis Any County
boy or gul 20 years of age
and under is eligible to fit and
show a dairy animal of am
breed foi competition in this
The Holstein. Guernsey and
Ayishue Bieedeis will present
puie-bred dairy heifei calves to
seveial County vocational agn
cultuie students on Thursday
The puipose of this annual
avaid is to promote mtei est m
the bleeding of puie-bred daii’y
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16 states will be among the
1,541 entiles
A total of 640 entues have
been accepted for'the Seventeen
th Annual Pennsylvania State
Black and White Show schedul
ed at the Faim Show Building
Tuesday The Black and White
is a featuie atti action of the
Pennsylvania All - Ameucan
Dany Show week
Intel nationally lecogmzed
dany judge, Oiton Eby, Heutage
Farm, St George, Ontauo Can
ada, will be placing the classes
and selecting champions in both
the male and female divisions
Special awaids will be piesemed
to all 26 class winners, the foui
champions, as well as recogni
tion of the Piemiei Bieedei
and Piemiei Exhibitor The
show eh a i6s qualified at one oi
eighteen Distuct Black and
White Shows held dining Juh
and August across the state
vvheie a iccoid" high of 2446
Registeied Holstems wc e e>.
The Stale Holstein Sho>v is
ceitam to be the laigest show
of its kind in the nation this
yeai, .accoidnig to Willmni C
Nhchol.'lSecielaiy of the sponsoi
ing Pennsylvania Holstein Asso
Of 1,541 in the entne 111
Ameucan, Pennsylvania leads
with 651 entues Othe. states
enteung animals are Connecti
cut, Delaware, Indiana Maiy
land, Massachusetts. Michigan.
New Jeisey, New York. North
Caiolina, Ohio, Rhode Islam
Utah, Vnginia, West Virgin.a.
and Wisconsin
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Lancaster Farming, Saturday. September 19. 1970
Lampeter Fair
Wednesday, Sepi. 23
2 pni Judging of Exhibits
7pm Baby Beef Show
Bpm Calf Roping and
Calf Scramble
Thursday, September 24
10 am FFA 4-H and
Adult Judging Contest
1145 am—Daily Bieedei’s
Call Awaids
Ipm Judging Dairy Cat-
8 45 p m Li\estock Paiade
Fiiday, Sept. 25
2 pm All Western Hoise
6 30 p m Calf Roping Con-
7 pm All Western Hoise
Bpm FFA Fat Hog Con
signment Sale
(See Solanco fair photos and
judging results uu
pages 8 & 9.)
Ephiata Fair
Wednesday, Sept. 23
10 am—Poultiy Judging
7 pm—Stieet Fan Paiade
Tluusday, Sept. 24
4pm —Hog Calling Contest
4 30 pm—Swine Show Judg
5 30 p m —Sheep Show Judg-
6 pm—Tiactoi Dining Con
test (Adults)
7 30 p m —4-PI and FFA Bain
Beef Judging
Friday, Sept. 25
7pm —Cow Milking Contest
7 30 p m Jumoi Danv Cat
tle Show Judging
Saturday, Sept. 2G
9am —Hog Sale
10 a m—Tiactoi Dining Con
test (FFA)
Dairy Show
Monday, Sept. 21
Sam Invitational Youth
Danv Cattle Judging Con
9am —Pcnna Tumor Dany
7 pm Invitational Blown
Swiss Sale
Tuesday, Sept 22
Sam Pennsvlvanu Black
and White Show
9am Biown Swiss Show
Wednesday Sept 23
9am Avishne and Guern
sey Show
Ipm Invitational Jei sey
6pm Invitational Hol
stein Sale
Thursday, Sept. 24
9 am Jei sey Show Milk
mg Shoithoin Show
10 a m Holstein Show
7pm Recognition Dinner
Friday, Sept. 25
9am Holstein Show
Ephrata Fair Mixes
Tent City, Midway
The 52nd \nnual Stieet
Fan at Ephiata will be held
September 23 26 wrh a lull
complement of displays .anging
from vegetables, flower, needle
woik, art. ciafts. canned and
baked goods, 4 H and FFA
exhibits displayed in sto>e win
dows and in the exhibit tents
on Mam Stieet
Tents located in the Ephiata
Community Paik (Tent City)
will be the cattle and agncul
tural centei of the fan with dis
plays ot cattle, sheep, baby
beef, swine, poultry, grain, seed,
tobacco and forage Judging and
contests will be conducted m
Tent City
Big attractions will be the
world’s laigest living steer 1 Big
Jack” and a giant Belgian draft
hoise “Big John” weighing 2,640
pounds The most modem and
latest display of faim machmeiy
lawn and gaiden equipment,
snowmobiles, mini bikes, and
other lecieational vehicles can
be viewed Lots of Ine and
lively special demonstiations
Southern Lancaster Co.
Citizens Will Discuss
Area's Medical Needs
‘Can We Meet The Medical
Needs Of Southern Lancastei
Countv” will be the topic of a
panel discussion at 815 p m
Monday Septembei 28 at Fulton
Gi ange Hall, Oaki v n The public
is invited
Jesse Cutlei of Duimoie will
be model atoi Di Hemj S
Wentz, Stiasbuig, assistant
dnector of Commumtv Medical
Sen ices, and Di Chailes W
Baa, Quanjville, chauman ot
Medical Clinics and chauman ol
the Department of Geneial Piac
tice Medical Sen ices in Lan
castei County, will paiticipate
on the panel
Others taking pait will be Di
F S Djrness, admmistiatoi oi
Quanjville Piesbjteuan Home
John C Hotfman v ice-pi esident
of the Solanco School Boaid,
lepiesentmg the Quanjville
Lions Club, Lester Waifel,
lepiesentmg the Quanjville
Rotaiy Club Paul Gasseit, vice
P'esident and lepiesentmg the
Quau vville Chambei ot Com
meice, and additional lepiesen
tatives of oigamzations and sei
vice gioups will be invited to
paiticpate Miss Janet Jackson
oi Little Britain will enteitain
with haip music
Pieceding tins annual Booslei
N.ght p.ogiam sponsoied by
Fulton Giange will be a co\ei
ed dish suppei at 7 pm Giange
membeis Junioi Giange mem
beis and paients and othei in
vited guests should bung a meat
dish, another dish and then
own place setting Rolls, butlei
and dunk will be piovided
Junior Giangeis must bung
then vain pictuies for judging
and winning, pictuies will be
sent to the State 0 e con
test ,
S 2 00 Per Year
will be held e\eiv evening by
dcaleis and demonstiatois
The Pennsylvania Depai tment
of Agucultuial will have their
mobile exhibit on display to
promote agnculUue
On Wednesday the poultry
judging wall begin at 10 a m.
Those classifications of poultry
which will be judged are ban
tams, laige fowl, ducks, geese,
pheasants and tin keys
At 4 p m a hog calling con
test will be held and everyone
is invited to participate Tent
city will buzz again at 4 30 p m.
when the Junioi Hog Show be
gins Those classifications are
Beikshire, Chestei White,
Duioc, Hampshne and other
breeds Immediately following
the hog show will be the Junior
Maiket Lamb Show Exhibitors
aie limited to Lancaster County
FFA oi 4-H membeis The class
ifications are lightweight, in
dividual (undei 80 pounds),
medium weight (over 80
pounds), lightweght pens (under
80 pounds), medium weight
(ovei 240 pounds)
The highlight of Thursday’s
judging will be the Baby Beef
Show at 7 30 p m Any boy or
gnl who is a member of the
FFA oi 4 H Baby Beef Club in
Lancastei is eligible to compete
in the show The classifications
aie lightweight \ngus, heavy
weight Angus lightweight Short
horn, heavyweight Shoi thorn,
lightweight Heiefoid and heavy
weight Heiefoid An adult
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Burkhart Finishes 6th
First in Sportsmanship
Fiank Biukhail and his wife
have letmned to then farm
choies aftei lepiesenting Penn
sjlvama in the National Plow
ing Contest at Gieemille, Ohio,
last week
One ot eight entiants in the
huge plow division, Burkhart
placed sixth in plowing and won
the Sportsmanship Avvaid
To decide this aw ai d each con
testant votes foi anothei in their
division whom the> feel best
lepiesents a sense of fan play,
good judgment good sense, and
is a good spoil
Farm Calendar
Satin day, September 19
Distuct 4 H Hoise and Pony
Show Ludwig s Corner
Hoi se Show Association
Giounds Chestei County.
Monday. September 21
9am Pa Junior Dauy Show,
Faim Show Building, Har
730 pm Faun Women 29,
home of Mrs David Beck
ei Mount Jo\ RDI
Pa All-American Dairy Show,
Faim Show Building, Har
risburg. September 21 - 25.
Statewide Floust Meeting, Po
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