Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, July 18, 1970, Image 21

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    Penn Stale Study Informs Southeastern Pa. Farmers
Food Stamps Have Local Impact , USD A Reports
About $225,000 Mill have bun
rdded to the Lanca»lei County
economy by July 1 in the fonn
of food purchasing power as a
result of the Fedeial Food Stamp
Program July 1 marks the fin;
year of opciajon in the counts
The USDA Food and Nuliilion
Service also reported about 5170..
Purina Dairy Conditioner Special can prepare
cows for good production at low cost
John J. Hess. 11, Inc.
Ph 442 4632
West Willow
Farmers Assn., Inc.
Ph 464-3431
West Willow
000 will base gone to C’ln slei
1 minis and $75 000 to Lebanon
County in the same pei iod
\ccoiding to the USDA. losv
income families in Lancaster
County have paid about $425,000
for food stamp coupons valued
at $630,000 since the Progiam
started in July. 1969 The diflfei
If you’re not among the many good local
dairymen who have started mixing
Punna Dairy Conditioner Special with
jour own giam to build a research
proved dry cow i ation, it can pay you to
check into this low-cost way of feeding
diy cows.
Puiina Dany Conditioner is a 16 percent
piotem i ation, foitified with extra Vita
mins A and D plus phosphorus to help
guaid against milk fevei.
To help you save on div cow feeding,
Puiina Reseaich recommends \aiying
feeding le\els, depending on cow condi
tion and the quality of \oui loughages
Foi example, if a cow is in good condi
tion and youi loughages aie of excellent
quality, jou would feed less Puiina diy
cow i ation than if the cow yeie in only
fan condition and if the loughages weie
of only fair quality.
•R»I. Trademark—Ralston Purina Ca.
domes High & Sons
Ph: 3540301
iiue of 5223.000 ropiescnls the in food sales that has
dnecMy benefilted county food
met chants About 1.850 peisons
participate in the Program each
Cuncntiy tneie me 155 food
iclailcrs and one wholesalei in
Lancaster county authorized by
USD A to accept coupons Many
of these grocers have increased
their sales substantially in meat
and dany products as well as in
pioducc items since the progiam
Low income families in
Chester County have paid about
$330,000 for food stamp coupons
valued at $500,000 since the Pro
gram started in July, 1969 The
diffeience of $170,000 represents
the incicase in food sales that
has dnectly benefitted county
Home Fashion
Change Shopping Habits
Many new tiends in meichan
dismg home furnishings aie
developing into the accepted
way of doing business, says Miss
Elizabeth Langsdale, home fur
nishings specialist at the Um
veisity of Maiyland
In fact, in some cities, these
merchandising tiends have al
leady become established busi
ness pioceduies, she adds
Home fashion centeis sell
everything fiom major equip
ment to curtains Instead of
going to five oi six diffeient
stoies, people can go to one of
these new centeis and pm chase
everything needed to furnish a
Merchandisei s pi edict that
befoie long the depaitmeih
stoie, as we now Know u, ma\
Ira. B. Landis
Ph- 394-7912
1912 Creek Hill Rd., Lane.
food mediants About 1.80(1
poisons p.ntuipate in the Pio
giam each month
Theic aie now 48 food iclaileis
in tin county aiithon/ed by
USDA to accept coupons
Low income families in Leba
non County have paid about
$140,000 foi food stamp coupons
\alucd at $215,000 since the I’io
giam stalled in duly, 1969 The
difference of $75,000 icpiesenis
the mciease in food sales that
has directly benefitled county
food merchants, \bout 770 pc
sons paitiupalc in the Piogiam
each month.
Currently theie are 57 food
ictaileis in the county autho
i i?ed by USDA to accept coupons
Undei the program which is
admimsteied jointly bv the
no longei exist. Miss Langsdale
adds Instead, there will be cen
ters foi eveiythmg fiom spoil
ing goods to clothing
Theie is also a trend towaid
moie aimchair or at-home hav
ing Moie and moie stores aie
issuing catalogs and offenng to
send salesmen with samples to
homes and some companies aie
lesearching closed cucuit tele
vision buying, says Miss Langs
More manufactuieis and
wholesale! s aie now selling
directly to the public No job
beis, ictaileis or other middle
men aie mvohed
Anolhei new tiend taking
place is the consolidation of
manulactunng companies, Miss
Langdale explains Many com-
Using Punna Check-R-Mix* foimulas we
can build you a low-cost dry cow ration, 1
combining Puuna Dairy Conditioner
with your grain Or, if you’re feeding
low-protein roughages, it may pay you
to feed Dany Conditioner “stiaight”
just as it comes fiom the bag.
Moi e and more successful area dan ymen
aie proving that good diy cow feeding
pajs off in exlia cow condition and
extia milk pioduction in the next lacta
tion Foi example, 100 to 200 pounds of
additional body weight at freshening can
pay off in 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of extra
milk duung the lactation.
Di op in soon and get \our fiee copy o*
the Puuna Di\ Cow Piogiam folder.
Well be glad to point out how Pmina
Dany Conditioner Special can help pie
pale your diy cows foi good pioduction
at low cost.
John B. Kurtz
Ph; 354-9251
R. D. 3, Ephrata
Wenger's Feed Mill
Piv 367-1195
L{inc«tsitT Knrmintf. SiiUirdny. July 18. I!)70
I SI) \ s I-’ood and Niitntion Sei
\.ce and the I’t niisyh.mia I)i
pailmetil of I’ublie Welfau,
(I gillie low income families n
\C'l the money thev would
noimalh nsc to buy food each
month in coupons that base a
gieatci monetaiy \alue These
coupons may then be spent lik
cash at atilhoi i/ed food maikeP
Coupons can only be used to
pin chase domestically piodueed
food pioducts and some speeifi.
impoited foods Food meichants
ledecm the coupons at face value
a> local banks
Although the local welfaie dc
pjitment is icsponsiblc foi cei
tifying lecipients, low income
families not icceivmg public a -
sistance may also be eligible to
icceive food stamp coupons
panics aie buying others which
have been making ielated pic
ducts These consolidated com
panies may open their own
home furnishings centeis, she
A depaitment stoic in one
city has developed a new mei
chandismg technique Two com
plete houses have been elected
light in the stoie The houses
aie completely furnished, each
in a diffeient style, and each
has a lawn with trees and flow
eis Shoppeis can tour the
houses to get a complete look
at home furnishings, explains
Miss Langsdale
Shopping may not be a hectic,
cheacled choie much longei Ii
may be an exciting expenence
oi as easy as piessing a button.
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