Lancaster farming. (Lancaster, Pa., etc.) 1955-current, July 18, 1970, Image 20

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    ■JO LuncnnUT Farming. Saturday. July 18.1970
Wine Grapes
Possible Here
C'lim.i'u londition. in -i\r .il
loiahtie. m soiilln er.tia' .m.l
. ou’.luM'U’in Penn-vlv.uii.i v in
<lnHi' fav cable foi gi owing wine
,n jpi'i aceoidmg to studio 1)'
tin K\piiinu'ii. Sta
(ion ,’t I’i nn.v h.ini.i State lm
111 s|!\
Ca 1 W Haesclei pomology,
u-poits Ins findings in .i new pub
l.c.ition entitled "Cilm.ilic Fae
i o.s .\nd the loi Wine
(.mpe Pi eduction in Sevetal of Pennsvhama Is-ned
is Piogiess Repot t 303. it di
.cubes climatic factois in Beth
Icliem Gettvsbuig Lancaster
\ork Gcoiae School, and Plula
clelphia aieas as wed . s the
piomment gtap<. gi owing be't
aiong Lake Eue .n Ene>
Di Haesele: finds th t fun
<;ioweis of Pennsvhan.a .re tak
ing a close look at then potent tl
foi pioducing wine girpes Ho
irepaiecl the statcwi’e .ata vs.s
as pail of his s r u lu- ol wue
■l.apes His office .s los.iUd ..
the Eue Countv Field Re =eveil
L.iboiaton at Ncth Eas a d.-
vision of Penn SU.te
• It is evident fiom out anal, sis
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Call Us Now
To serve the Lancaster
County farm community bet
ter, we maintain two phone
numbers Our main number
is 394-3047. But our subsei ib
ers and advertisers can also
reach us through 626-2191
(ask for Lancaster Fanning)
and avoid a toll call from the
Akion, Ephiata and Man
heim exchanges
that iheie an a ia* m son'll
( ami -oulhe s(e it P>’in
si l\ .ini.i w huh should hi him sti
g. ted moie ihoioughlv m ieini>
O' suitabihii loi mowing wme
giape- Hi IlaeseUi states
Intoie-l m pioduung wine
giapis has giown with tin pas
sage in stati legislating of a bill
pel nutting sale of table w ne at
the wineiv The bill peimits the
sale of table wine at the wineiv
piovidid annual wine pi eduction
b> a given wineiv does not e\-
cced 30.000 gallons pei vein
Wineues ate now loerted in Eue
and Chestci counties
Copies of Piogiess Repot I 303
U'gaidiiig climaLc Lictois foi
wine giapes a:c aia'lible fiom
countC offices of the Coopeiatne
Extension Seiucc oi fiom the
\gi Mailing Room, 110
Seixice Building Uimcisitx
IMik Pa 16802
In gene al the giealcst fac'ois
to be o\ ei come «eem to be wmte’
mime and disease Southern
Penns\l\ana ma\ tune moie
difficuKc in the«e lespects th.m
does the Lake Ene aiea The
southern coum es iecei\e moie
lainfall have lughei me n
monthh tempeiatuies and ca* 1
expect tempeiatuies of minus 5
degiees oi lowci moie hequenl
ly than the shoies ot Lake E le
Piogiess Repoit 303 indicates
that sites foi wine giape pioduc
tion should have pi election fiom
cold pi mailing wmtei winds
Theie should be good an dian
age and well diamed soils Tem
peiatuies should seldom leach
minus 5 degiees Faienheit oi
The southcential and south
eastern aieas of the state aie
supeuor to the Lake Eue shoies
with lespect to “growing-degree
days” This is a teim used to
desenbe heat units All the lo
cations desenbed ha\e an ade
quate numbei ot giow mg-degiee
da>s to pioduce wine giapes
Strength, Performance, Dependability. You've got'em all
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feeder to put you on the track to fast- /'AICD Al I
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matically, it delivers up to 40 tons of j ■
silage per hour to bunks on a single | I
chain, continuous “shuttle” service. | VvCliUlli I
Feeder trough chain is No. 67 pm- I
tie (12,500 lb. strength) and drive J
chain is C-550 steel (average top j
strength of 10,000 lbs.). Interlocking, |
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ponents reduce erection time as |
much as 50%. Suspended or floor- I
mounted, rails are mounted with Van J
Dale's exclusive clip-on brackets to j
provide extra-rigid support. Unit |
adapts to any feeding need in-barn {
or out-of-doors.
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