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MJ^ eiir,( ' r v
VOL. 14 KO. 37
County- Plowing Contest.finally got .undocway ..Friday -morning
after of unusual wet -
Photoabovertfoeteontestants get their final
inslrulgS«»fthefqre.the contest.^ - - -
' Along with therplowing contest way the FFA Land Judging
in which shout' 20 boys were ready to participate. The 4-H Trac
tor'Driving Contest usually held with the-field day was cancelled.
Winners were to be announced in the afternoon awards program
arid the top plowmen in Level Land (small plow), Level Land
(large plow) and Contour Land are eligible to go to the State
contest to he held Aug. 26-28 at the Agricultural Progress Days,
Fox Chase Farm,'Towanda:
Late News Bulletin Plowing Contest winner’s: Level Land
Ist. Richard Groff, Lititz R 3,520 points; 2nd Merle E. Groff, Lan
caster R 4, 318 points; '3rd Frank Burkhart, Silver Springs Road
Lancaster, 505 points; 4th John C. Campbell, New Holland, 470
points. ' i
Contour Land Winners Ist., Marvin E. Zimmerman, East ’
Earl, 540 points; 2nd Ivan Yost, Christiana Rl, 535 points; 3rd i
John £. Campbell, New Holland 462 points. >
F.F.A. Land Judging winners Rick Fenstermaker, Man
heim Chapter, 363 points; 2nd Ronald Stauffer, Ephrata Chapter,
360 points; 3rd Lloyd Welk, Solanco Chapter 350 points; and 4th i
Leroy Welk, Solanco Chapter, 335 points. ,
John C. Campbell, 4th in the Level Land contest, is eligible ]
for the bag plow competition in the State contest. j
Manheim Youths Take FFA
Hog Championships Home
A pair of Manheim FFA
Youths showed, litter-mate bar
rows to the championship spots,
Tuesday, at the 7th Annual Lan
caster County FFA Hog Show
held at the Lancaster Stockyards.
Gary Buchen, Manheim R 3,
showing a light-weight cross-bred
pig for his brother Burnell, was
given the grand championship of
the show over all breeds Gary
accepted the trophy from Mark
Nestleroth, representing the lo
Farm Calendar
Wednesday, Aug. 13
10:00 am. .Manheim Young
Farmer Picnic, Longs Park.
10:00 a.m —Penn-Jersey Hi-Mois
ture Corn Clinic, New Hol
land Fire Hall. -
7:15 pm. Garden Spot 4-H
Community Club Meets,
Dwight Hauser’s Home,
cal swine producers because
Burnell was at Penn State as
part of a 4-H demonstration team.
Both boys are sons of Mr. and
Mrs. Clyde Buchen. ,
The reserve champion follow
ed the champion from the Cross
bred division for Ed Donough,
Manheim R 1 This pig was a
heavyweight Ed is the 16-year
old son of Mr. and Mrs Paul
Both champions were three
way crossbreds having Yorkshire,
Hampshire and Duroc breeding
They came from Nestleroth’s
Dutch Valley Farm, Manheim R 3
Clark Stauffer fiom the Clois
ter Chapter captured both ends
of the showing and fitting con
tests and was piesented trophies
from Eby’s Mill, Lititz. Clark is
the 15-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs Aaron Staufter.
In the afternoon sale, Buchen’s
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Lancaster Farming. Saturday, August 9,1969
For Aug. 21
The Lancaster County Agncul
tural Stabilization and Conseiva
tion Seivice announced plans this
week for their annual farm tour
to leave Penn Manor High School
Thursday, August 21 at 9 a m.
The schedule calls for stops
at the D M Stoltzfus Farm to
see a 700 head steer and 200 head
hog operation with automatic
feeding; the Robert Martin Farm
at Goodville for observation of
waterway and drop inlet conser
vation work, noon lunch at the
New Holland Park where lunch
will be available from the park’s
refreshment stand; an afternoon
tour of New Holland Machine
Company and back to Penn Man
or by 3.30 p m.
Bus fare for the tour is $l.OO
for adults and $ 50 for children
under 12. Reservations for the
tour should be made by Aug 15
to the ASCS Office in the Farm
and Home Center, 1383 Arcadia
Road, Lancaster
Poultry Assn. Now Recommends
Upgrading Harrisburg Laboratory
In a lettei distributed at the
board meeting Thursday night,
the Lancaster County Poultry As
sociation recommended the diag
nostic laboratory at Harrisburg
be upgraded The letter from
the local Association and address
ed to Claude Hess, local represen
tative of the state committe to in
vestigate State laboratoues and
the future needs, said, “We have
favored a lab for the county and
still would favor this move in
4-H Livestock Team Wins
2nd Consecutive Year
For the second consecutive
year, Lancaster County’s 4-H
Senior Livestock Judging Team
topped all competition in the
Slate at the contest held each
year at Penn State Putting to- <
gether a total of 1172 points out
of a possible 1350, the team con
sisting of Marvin Nissley, Mt Joy
R 2, Barry Longenecker, Lititz
R 2, Donna Hess, Strasburg Rl
and alternate Karen High, Leola,
brought home the news Wednes
day afternoon when they return
ed to the County from the three
day affair.
As individuals, the team plac- 1
ed high also, with Nissley 2nd,
Egg Damage
System Assists
Pa. Poultrymen
Pennsylvania’s new egg shell
damage classification system "is
proving Ho be instrumental in
solving many breakage problems
encountered by state poultrymen
This was leported recently by
A Kermit Birth, Extension poul
try marketing specialist at The
Pennsylvania State University,
who presented a paper at the an
nual meeting of the Poultry
Science Association at Colorado
State University
“This classification system,”
the marketing specialist said,
“was developed as a result of
questions pertaining to the
causes of shell damage. The pro
gram is conducted in cooperation
with the Pennsylvania Depart- ,
ment of Agriculture Bureau of
The system was developed :
from a study of damaged shells
of eggs he said The poultryman
records the type and area of shell
damage, location of the impact
area, if such exists, and location
of damaged surface of the egg ,
The system includes six types of
damage to be recorded.
“Keeping the percent of eggs
with damaged shells at a mini
mum is a never-ending chal
lenge,” Birth said. “It takes con
stant checking of eggs for shell
damage to pinpoint and deter
mine the cause ”
view of the high percentage of
the cases that have been diagnos
ed at the Harrisburg lab from
Lancaster County. However, in
view of the recent road impiove
ments and the very costly equip
ment necessary for efficient and
complete diagnosis of poultry
cases, we are thinking in terms
of possible upgrading of the Har
risburg Laboratory.
“In reviewing the services avail
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$2.00 Per Year
Longenecker 3id, Miss Hess llii
and Miss High 13th
The 1969 team members were
Larry Herr, Larry High, Richard
Buckwalter and Michael Smuck
er. Miss Hess and Miss High were
members of the first place
Junior team that also won last
In the demonstrations, local
boys also won Ray Brubaker,
206 Rohrerstown Rd„ and Bur
nell Buchen, Manheim R 3, team
ed up on their livestock conserva
tion demonstration to take first
in the state. Their title was Bet
ter Care—Bigger Profits
And the Consumerama Team
of Sheryl Weaver, New Holland
R 1 and Darlene Neff, Mt. Joy
placed first. This event was new
and the competition is in making
consumer buying decisions The
girls received blue ribbons and a
medal Another local team of Ann
Nissley, Mt Joy R 2 and Audrey
Yunginger, Marietta R 1 also won
blue ribbons in the same com
I "The Junior Livestock Team
; was fourth Team members are
Ed Hess, Strasburg Rl, Gary
Dean, Strasbuig Rl, Marlin Bol
■ linger, Denver R 2 and John Fisk
■ er, Manheim R, D #1
In dairy judging the local team
of John Kurtz, Elizabethtown,
Raelene Haibold, Elizabethtown
Rl, Carol Groff, Quarryville R 3
and Wayne Yost, New Holland
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On Milk Set
December 17
State Agriculture Secretary
Leland H Bull today announced
that a referendum will be held
Wednesday December 17, on a
proposed milk marketing de
velopment program for Pennsyl
Key feature of the program is
-a self-assessment plan to raise
funds for promoting the sale and
use of milk The proposed pro
gram would assess dairy farmers
one-half of one percent of the
gross value of milk sold less
hauling costs
Details of the plan were dis
cussed at a public hearing July
15 Secietary Bull said examma
ll AM A C tlin f AaII W\ AM t. lisj, AAtnJ A
non of the testimony indicated a
strong preference for the re
All milk producers who sell
milk commercially will be eh
gibe to vote for or against the
proposal, Secretary Bull stated.
Ballots, which will be mailed to
producers later, must be return
ed to the Agriculture Depart
ment on or before December 17.
Under the Pennsylvania Agri
cultural Commodities Marketing
Act of 1968, approval of such a
program requires favorable votes
fiom two-thirds of those casting
ballots and must represent afc
least 50 percent of the voters' to
tal production.