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    2—Lancaster Farming, Friday, November 4,19 SS
County Agent, Staff Travel 50,000_
Miles Yearly; 39,737 at Meetings
It’s more than 50,000 jnilfeS
from border to border of Lan
caster County, when you figure on
the basis of miles traveled each
year by County Agricultural
Agent-Max M. Smith and his
Looking over his report for the
Nov 1. 1954 to Nov 1, 1955
fiscal year, Mr. Smith disclosed
that he and his assistants made
2 367 farm visits. There were
2324 office calls, 5,838 telephone
(Calls Agricultural meetings 9
They totaled 485 last year, with
ton attendance of 39,737. Fifteen
television shows were given hy
(his office, 256 news items were
pent out, and 214 radio broad
casts made*
Many Calls Are Urban
1 ’His staff consists of Victor
IPlastow, assistant county agent,
ivho handles county youth activi
ties, DHIA and soil testing; Harry
Sloat, associate county agent,
specializing in poultry, vege
tables, flowers, farm management)
Miss Ruth Kimble, extens.on
home economist Yet Mr. Smith
as often helming out each one.
i Lancaster County is agricul
turally Number One in Pennsyl
vania poultry, tobacco , dairy
battle feeding, hog feeding, corn,
(tobacco, wheat, and leads the
itate in value—not number of
(acres—of hav Nationally, Lan
caster County as first among the
Sion-irrigated counties, ninth
among all
Today, the county agent is
•more than a farai advisor, lor
many calls are now urban “We
iare responsible for the distri
bution of information along lines
wf agriculture, and home eco
nomics to people of the oty and
county, “-Mr Smith explained
‘■‘We’re the Jink between the land!
(grant colleges, experiment sta--
(fions and people,” he added
Tops In Beef Cattle
a Onlv recently Mr Smith was
named one of the ten ton county
(agents, in. the nation doing the
most outstanding work m beef
'kittle. Selections were made by a
Committee from the American
'Hereford association, 'and he was
’a guest of .honor in Kansas City
during the American Roval, „
- Livestock lodging teams from
schools and 4-H clubs m Lan
caster County 'have'long held re-
Hogfiition in state end national
while one of his primary
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Lancaster JRD4 Lititz FD3
interests is steer fattening. How
ever, he is realistic in his think
ing, and, wJh others recognized
in the field, believes today’s mar
tgiu between feeder cattle and fat
cattle prices is too narrow. At the
same time he had a word of
praise for those who have stayed
with the cattle feeding game, for
itihe ‘'mner-and-o liter” seldom
makes a success of it.
This past season did not smile
too favorably on Lancaster Co
----- ' ~ulf
y grov,
ported to the county agent's
-office that yaeflds of 30 to 40 bu
per acre have replaced the 70 to
80 that might have come were it
not tor drought and storm. The
tomato crop this season was not
the best, due to -weather damage.
Potatoes have yielded good, but
market ipnces are lav?. Tobacco
suffered from wildfire art .the
'canricious weather.
But there has been a 'brighter
side too "Poultry meat 1 consumra
jbon has been stepped -up- toy the
terrific selling job the broiler in
dustry is doing” toe told, and. by
(freer*®?, packing and canning
■plants 'have been responsible for
a gre”'* increase m growing and
harvesting pumpkin and squash
,v Mr Smith ramp to Lancaster
' County m March and
F, S (Dutch) B’mher .retired
Jjar'* 1 1949, Mr. Smith suc
ceeded him.
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Markets]? B
By United States Department of
IJp.k News Bureau
Davu b Reporter
Lancaster (Wednesday To
Wednesday Review) Cattle;
Three days this week 4,770 week
ago 5,623. Compared wiith last
Slaughter steers slow this week,
,a few sales choice and prime 1100
lbs and lighter about steady,
iclhoice and prime steers 1200 lbs
and over along with good and low
choice shorlfeds weak to 50c
lower. Heifers scarce, about
steady Cows moderately active,
bulls about steady. Stockers and
feeders moderately active, mostly
Steady Bulk choice fed steers
early $21.75 to $23.00, load choice
and prime 1050 lb yearling
steers $23.85, a few loads and lots
846 Hbs to 1366 lbs choice and
iprime steers $23.25 to $23 50
Load 1655 lb prime steers $21.00
A few loads high commercial and
good 1,011 to 1175 ib. Grass steers
for slaughter $lB 00 to $l9 50.
Good and low choice Jieifers $lB.
00 to $20.00, commercial and low
good grass heifers $l5 50 to
$17.50 Utility and commercial
cows $1125 to $13.50; Canners
and cutters $8 25 to $1175 Utility
and commenca 1 } bulls $l4 50 to
$18.00; cutters $l3 00 to $14.00
Numerous loads medium and
good 600 to 900 lb feeder steeds
isl7oo to $l9 50; good and choice
largely $2OOO to $2l 50, a few
Ms and part loads 625 to 750 Mi
j choice feeder steers to S2 9 00 A
few loads choice 450 to *5OO l H s
stock steer calves $2250 to $2390
Calves, Three Davs—942, week
aero 1003. Veale’-s mode’-ate’v a' 1 -
itivh. about Steady with last Wed
ne c day Bulk good and dm w
vealers $22.50 to $2600; bgh
choice and rr-me largely *26 50 to
$29 00 a few to *3O 00' nW’dy and
commercial *l4 00 to $?1 50.
Hogs- Three days 960. week
ai«o 1618. Compared with lad
Wednesday- T?*>rows .and g>l f s
50c to SIPO h’dier: s~ws 25 to
ihicrVr Rid’c barrows and w
]»0 i fr > ?50 lbs mixed 1-3, $l4
to $l5 50 - nirniecm*® lot e m<v
1 and ? I°o to ??0 ’ibs to 1™
tsmal 1 to -Jpfß 1
Sows 400 lbs. and l»?lit M ‘ ♦IS 1
to ,<m 55, over 490 ibs $llOO
_«■!■> *>s
fr if?iV«n 440 Mad. •»<*>»'Sl
On» T,,r, ‘ !, rp ; b,'wr*’h last
<woolcd ■’»"»Wer la«ibs
50c V'weriß” ,n < ?ood and
wno ,a d sla" c,v itcr lambs $l7 00
con. on, a few ■choice t« < 9l
Also New and
t t vi and lew good $l4 00
$l7 00. ' 1
Philadelphia, Ndv. 2, —Pou
Market Unsettled. Supplies
most classes-were in excess
;the fair 'but very select ve
mand. Liberal carried stock,
peoiaHy hens and oaponeti
were forced for sale at or m
■county costs. Large white v
pullets 28-Soc Larse ru
caponettes 25-26 e. few lots fane;
quality higher carried stocks 2?
Reds 22-26 c without clear
fiver crosses, straiffirtf.'>'r£Ker'
22c with holt - _r®KoJd, Few
'WfotiftTrock roasters 20c to cli
Few crass fryers 18%, white n
20, vantress reds 21-22 c.
broilers 15c Turkey demand fair
for more than amole supplies
''Heavy type young hens 40-42 c
Young toms 28-30 c.
Recess Nov 1 included
Maryland 8700 libs Delaware 12204
Wholesale sePing prces No i
and fancy quality broilers light
tune under 3 lbs none Broilers or
fryers, heavy lyiue under 3 lbs, 15
3-4 lbs 18%-22. Roaster 20.
4% lbs and over 28-30 4-4% ,I| bs
nrne Henis heavy type, -17t25
light tvne, 15-20 Old roosters 12-
14. Ducks muscovy 20-27
25-30 Turkevs-Young bens 4042
young toms 28-30
'Plrladel’f'Wa Nov 2—(Market
Unsettled Demand 'imroroved for
Oiargesizes top quality and was re
latively Uglier for other trades
strophes were adequate for .our
rent day-to-day buying
Wholesale sehing prices: Mm
10 met AA mmlitv. -Large 45-SOc
wh'te 54 1/2-55 1/2, brown 54- K 5
mediurp w bite 25-36 .brown 35-36.
Extras, Mm. 60 pet A Dual large
45-50 white 49-50, brown ,none. ;
standard 4042 current receipts'
forme, check 22-30.
Becelots Nov. 1—5,041 cases
all by truck.
The tiny, man-made “moon"
would eventually be slowed by
the very thin atmosphere in
which It would' travel at- its
altitude of some 200-plus miles.
It would spiral toward earth, but
would be burned up, much like
a meteor, from friction with the
dense, lower-level atmosphere
Jbefore-ft could land.
feeder Calf Sale,YouthMarketi
Events Scheduled at Lancaster
November will prove a busy
month for the livestock industry
in the trade territory of Lancas
ter Union Stock Yards. Starting
activities tomorrow Saturday,
Nov. 5 will be the First An
nual Feeder Calf Show and Sale.
For three days, starting Nov. 8,
attention will center on Four-H
youth from ten area counties.
Three breeds will be repre
sented in tomorrow s sale ot
calves, feeder steers ana teedmg
heifers Angus, Hereford and
Pennsylvania Bred and Raised
These entries are Pennsylvania
bred and raised Quite a tew are
expected to arrive trom the west
ern part of the Keystone State,
co sponsored by the Pennsylvania
I ivestock ancj Allied Associa
tion, Inc, the Stock Yards Com
pany and the Live Stock Ex
All entries wia be graded and
sold for auction, beginning. at
POO p. m., with both individuals
and pen lots going on the auc
tion block Abe Diffenbach will
be the auctioneer. "Members oi
the various clubs, Carden spot,
the 4-H and FFA might find this
sale an excellent place to obtain
suitable calves, and,” tme of
ficials “many ot the calves
will be sold singly for just this
purpose ” Aroynd 400 head are
Baby Beef, Lamb Roundup
In the coming week, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday, the
Southeast District 4-H Baby Beet
Chances are you buy your
chicks with great care to get
a heavy-laying strain. Do
you feed them after they
grow up to get all the eggs
they’re bred to produce?
Poultrymen who buy high
producing strains have
found that Purina HIGH
Chows help them get lots of
eggs per bag of feed. Also to
help keep Heavy-laying birds
in good condition which
helps hold down mortality.
Most poultrymen who have
tried Purina HIGH-EFFI
CIENCY Chows havefound
that they got so many more
eggs per bag that they
EN EGGS. This was true
even though Purina cost a
Intercourse—New Providence
_b_b"m b . jTb"b_/onVf
and Lamb Club Kound-Up and
Sale will be staged at Lancaster
Union tock Yards. Counties to be
represented m addition to Lan
caster County are Adams, Berks,
Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin,
Leanon, Northampton, Ferry and
Judging will occupy all of Wed
nesday, continuing through Thurs
day morning. Three hundred
steers and 20 pens of fat lambs
will be -sold, with the auction
starting promptly at 1.00 p. m.
Above 100,000
Goal in Year
Increasing nine per cent over
last year, the Southeastern Penn*
sy]vania Artificial Breeding Co
operative, Lancaster, expects to
icach a record goal of 100,000
services this year.
President Bail L. Groff, Stras
fcurg 81, announced at the co
coeratives fall meeting that the
SPABC record for the first six
months of 1955 totaled 52,489,
placing the local group second to
only the Western Pennsylvania
croup at Clarion The record there
is 63,792.
Lancaster County goes above
the State average of 6.3 per cent
increase. During the first half of
the year,the stat- 3 artificial breed
ing total of dairy cattle was 207,*
little more per bag than
lower-efficiency feeds.
Try Purina for several
weeks. Keep an accurate
record. See for yourself how
much money you save. We’U
be glad to help you keep rec
ords and figure your costa.