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By Marsha Larsen
to 1 2 / 2 4 Illustrations from the Golden Age, Art Assn. of Har
risburg Gallery, Mon.-Fri. 9-4, Sat. 10-3.
to 1 2 / 2 8 Annual Arts & Crafts Exhibit AND Inmate Art from the
Penna. State Correctional Institution, Doshi Center for Contem
porary Art, Mon.-Fri. 11-4.
to 1 2 / 3 1 The U.S.S. Pennsylvania and Her Silver; Chair, Chest
and Table; AND The Lure and Lore of Fishing; Wm. Penn
Museum, Tue.-Sat. 9-5, Sun. 12-5.
to 12/31 Bruce Johnson: Holland Works, Gallery Four Forty
Four (Annville).
to 1/5 Mixed Media Exhibit, Wm. Ris Galleries (Camp Hill),
Mon.-Sat. 10-5.
to 1/9 Christmas: An Ethnic Experience, Wm. Penn Museum.
12/10 My Brilliant Career (Australian drama), HACC, Bpm,
12/28 Treasure Island (Children's), Wm. Penn Museum, Ipm,
12/29 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Children's), Wm. Penn
Museum, Ipm, $l.
12/30 March of the Wooden Soldiers AND BAMBI (Children's),
Wm. Penn Museum, Ipm, $l.
1 2 / 1 1 Fred Waring Show, Hershey Theatre, B:lspm, Tickets:
12/14 Harrisburg Symphony: Words and Music, HACC, Bpm.
Tickets: 780-2545.
12/18 Debby McCiatchy, Folksinger, HACC, Bpm, $3-$2 senior
citizens, HACC students-$1 children.
r ... 7 . 4 . 7nrT71 1 1M
1 2 / 1 0-11 and 17-18 Victorian Manor Candlelight Tours, Mt. Hope
Estate & Winery (Manheim), 5-B:3opm, $3.
1 2 / 1 1 Hmong Craft Demonstration, Wm. Penn Museum, 1 &
2:3opm. Russian Storytelling, Wm. Penn Museum, 1:45 & 3:lspm.
1 2 / 1 2 Longwood Gardens Christmas Tour; lv. Zooamerica
(Hershey) 9am, ret. spm; $l5 (includes transportation and en
trance fee). Info.: 534-3860. Lithuanian Storytelling, Wm. Penn
Museum, 1:45 & 4pm.
1 2 / 1 8 Life in a Cave, Zooamerica ( + spelunking in Mifflin Coun
ty), $lO. Info.: 534-3860. Ukrainian St. Nicholas Play, Wm. Penn
Museum, 1:45 & 3:lspm.
1 2 / 1 9 Festival of Food & Light, Hotel Hershey, 6pm, $18.75-$9.50
children. Info.: 533-2171, ext. 1. Traditional Chinese Papercutting
(demonstration), Wm. Penn Museum, 1 & 2:30)m. Traditional
Polish Papercutting (demonstration), Wm. Penn Museum, 1:45 &
1 2 / 2 3-1/2 Walt Disney's Great Ice Odyssey, Spectrum,
$5-$7.50-8.50-9.50. Tickets at Ticketron.
to 1/2 The Star of Bethlehem (planetarium show), Wm. Penn
Museum, Sat. & Sun. 1:30 & 3pm, Free.
Guess what...
get pregnant
the first time.
234-2468 1910 North Second Street, Harrisburg. Pa.
944-1421 #4 Highspire Plaza, Middletown. Pa
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One of the purposes of the
student newspaper is to provide
a forum for student creativity.
In past issues we have shared
student poetry with our
readers. Not only are these
pieces shared with you now but
all submissions will be con
sidered for inclusion in TAR
NHELM, the Capitol Campus
Literary Magazine to be
published in the spring.
Contributions for this column
There exists at every borderline, several kilometers deep
into each country, an edge too far from the core,
too near another land to acquire a native characteristic.
The border describes less a distinct line between two nations
than a transition between cultures, the people there having a neutral look
and never wholly a part of either country they live astride.
They speak a mongrel tongue according to the direction of journeyers who stop
always only long enough to transact the small necessities of travel.
When I crossed the Iberian border, I set my watch to the hour just travelled
and imagined I could suspend my life first spent in Spain,
repeated in Portugal. Delayed at this edge by thoughts of an infinite life
uncommitted, I chose to penetrate the country's heart where, I had heard,
peasants garland their oxen and take them for walks on Sundays
in the way of the Portugese.
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?c 3 rdt
arVer uomoobial
and ua-ewe:t
" tfi. &eon '4 dale '
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the muse
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M. Lane Larsen
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