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"AU The News That Fits . .We Print"
Vol. X, No. 5
Bill Matthews elected SGA President
by R. W. Bonaker
Bill Matthews, with the largest
victory' margin in the history of
the campus, was elected
president of the Student
Government Association for
1973-74 in balloting last week.
He received 272 votes to the 120
gathered by his opponent Bob
Monath for 69 percent of the
Matthews, who throughout
election day felt he was in deep
trouble, was elated at the result.
"Fantastic. Unbelievable," he -
was heard to declare. Monath
accepted the outcome graciously
and, said he lost in a fair
Mike Leasher, Bob Chaapel
and Patricia Nevin, who ran
unopposed won the offices of
vice president, treasurer and
recording secretary, respectively.
Charlie Ottaviano, who was a
write-in candidate, won the
office of corresponding secretary
by receiving 12 votes.
Ten of the 12 candidates for
by R. W. Bonaker
"There is pressure to raise
tuition by $145 next year," said
PSU President John Oswald at a
recent meeting of the Council of
Presidents of Commonwelath
He addressed the group of
student government leaders in
the ' Hetzel Union Building at
University Park, explaining the
financial crisis which will face
Penn State in the coming year,
arising from the "zero budget"
proposed by Gov. Shapp.
The pressure Oswald
considered is coming from
members of the state legislature,
who want to raise the
university's tuition to near
$l,OOO, matching that of Pitt
and Temple, the other state
related institutions. Before"
Shapp's budget cutback, Oswald
had proposed an increase of $l5
a term. Many state
Knestrick wins
Jordan Award
Dr. James L. Knestrick will
be the recipeint of the James A.
Jordan Memorial Award for
excellence in teaching at the
June commencement
He will be conveyed that
honor as he was so selected by
the students during last
Thursday's SGA elections. The
award was established last year
in tribute to Dr. Jordan who
died in a boating accident on
Lake Ontario in 1971. Last
year's winner was Prof. Ambrose
Other faculty nominated by
SGA members included Dr.
Robert Bresler, Prof. Wesley
Houser, Dr. Donald Alexander,
Dr. Thomas Knight, Dr. Floyd
Moan, Mr. Anthony Lorenzi and
Dr. John Markese.
senate seats were elected. Bob
Brannan, Harold Brown, Bob
Hetzel, Ron Conley and Nick
Spengler are incumbents who
made it back into next year's
senate. Newcomers are Terry
Smith, Peggy Vanderslice,
Barbara Long, Jim Toggart and
Stacey Weiss.
Following are the official
totals of the balloting, which
took place April 26:
PRESIDENT-Bill Matthews,
272; Bob Monath 120.
Leasher, 333.
TREASURER-Bob Chaapel,
SECRETARY-Patricia Nevin,
SECRETARY-Charlie Ottavia no,
SENATOR-Bob Brannan, 89;
Nick Spengler, 73 (at-large
representatives, who come from
Pittsburgh and Philadelphia,
where Pitt and Temple are
located, want tuition to jump by
$5O a term.
Oswald did not think there
was much anti-Penn State
sentiment per se, just a kind of
tiring of paying taxes to finance
so called "Mammoth"
universities. Oswald said he was
going to hold firm on a
maximum increase of $l5 a
term, but realized that tuition
will indeed be increased over the
next 3-4 years. He also noted
that in the last two years, tuition
has gone up. Actually, any
specified increases must be set
by the university Board of
USG President at main
campus Mark Jinks felt there
indeed is anti-Penn State feeling
among the legislators. "You
could tell that by the ridiculous
questions some of them
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In a flash of inspiration I
Have learned the origin of all my greed:
Somehow, within a moment, came a lie
To make me lose my one and only creed.
Deep darkness can be comfort to the blind—
For many months I felt a grievous need.
I never lit the corner of my mind
Where once had sat my one and only creed.
But now I see the emptiness, the space;
I know the reason why I beg and plead;
I understand the writing on my face—
Tis I alone who lost my only creed.
You'll have back all the things on which I feed
The day I find my one and only creed. C-B
Vanderslice, 46; Terry Smith, 41
(at-large winner); Deborah
Hasseman, 31; Evelyn Carter,
SENATOR-Barbara Long, 59;
Jim Toggart, 57 (at-large
SENATOR-Harold Brown, 29.
SENATOR-Ron Conley, 24.
SENATOR-Bob Hetzel, 94;
Stacey Weiss, 62 (at-large
Nine of the 15 elected,
Matthews, Leasher, Chaapel,
0 ttaviano, Spengler, Smith,
Toggart, Brown and Conley have
served in the military. All those
elected will assume their
respective positions during the
final SGA meeting in June, but
will take part in mush of SGA
decision making from now until
(Legislators) asked, "Jinks said.
Oswald lamented the plight
of the students, pointing out
that the percentage of students
attending the university from
low income families has dropped
considerably in the past few
years. He said such an
occurrence "violates the concept
of the land-grant institution."
The President explained that
the university figured on a cost
increase of $ll million for next
year, $4 million of which was to
be gathered in the $l5 a term
tuition increase. But Shapp
granted no increase in his budget
for Penn State and Oswald had
to trim six percent off the
budgets of all "units" in the
Penn State system. He said
construction of new facilities
;uch as residence halls or
bookstores cannot be funded
with state money and the cost of
same "must be amortized by
the students."
Arts and Crafts .Fair
The Cultural Events
Committee is sponsoring an arts
and crafts fair to be staged on
May 14. Ten dollar prizes will be
awarded in categories including
home economics, paper mache,
mobiles paintings, sculptures and
All entries should be
submitted to the Student
Activities office, W-105 on
Friday, May 11. Winners will be
announced at Noon on May 17
following the dispaly which is
presented in the Gallery Lounge.
13 APRIL 73
Bill Matthews, left, is congratulated
by current SGA President Mike Dini and
Sen. Marilyn Levin after it was announ
ced Matthews had won last week's vote.
On April 25, a representative
of the Meade Heights Board of
Governors met with Mr. George
Dressler, administrative Officer,
to discuss the Meade Heights
housing for paramedics studying
at Hershey Medical Center.
Earlier last week, the
MHBOG and the SGA supported .
a "resolution" calling upon
Dressler to house the paramedics
in the dormitories on Capitol
Campus Village. The two
organizations thought housing
other than Meade Heights to be
more feasible, citing
inconveniences for both Capitol
students and the paramedics as
justification for their action.
Dressler said the decision to
house the paramedics in the
Heights was made by University
Park authorities upon his
DTK to sponsor event
for Trailer Village
by Victor Pawluk
Delta Tau Kappa, the
international social science
honor society, welcomed several
prospective members at its last
meeting on April 24. President
of the organization, Brent
Lawson, extended an official
welcome to the new members
while Elaine Parker, Vice
President (Programs) outlined
the objectives of DTK along
with some recent activities of
the society.
A special note of thanks went
out to Joe Davis for the
excellent job he did in planning
and organizing the annual DTK
banquet held this year at the
Creekside Inn. Through Joe's
efforts, the banquet was a great
Dr. James L. Knestrick asked
about the possibility of DTK
sponsoring a concert-picnic for
the residents of Capitol Campus
Village. Members of DTK agreed
to host the event which is
presently scheduled for Mother's
Day. The event will be staged in
the Student Center: All Capitol
students are wlecome to attend
this affair and to meet with their
trailer village neighbors.
Additional information will be
published next week. Help is
needed to stage this event and
DTK members are asked to
contact Dr. Knestrick and offer
May 3, 1973
recommendation and any
changes at such a late date
would cause problems. The
paramedics moved into the
Heights on April 29 .
Dressler explr'ned his motives
to the Board re i sresentatives,
who were apparently satisfied
with Dressler's reasons. . _ _
Pat Murphy, Residence Living
Coordinator for the Heights,
toured houses where the
paramedics were to be placed
last Thursday night. She said
that three in each house could
pay a total of $9O to keep the
paramedics out, Reportedly, all
13 houses in the Heights
accepted their new roomates.
Dressler said that anyone
having problems with the
housing situation is asked to
report it to the residence living
Bob Bonaker reported on the
shuttle bus and car pool issue.
The shuttle bus is definitely out
because of the expense involved.
DTK decided to go ahead and
give the car-pool system a try.
The next meeting is
scheduled for May 15 at 7:00
p.m. in the T.V. Lounge.
Pilots "buzz"
Capitol Campus
Just some information for
those of us who remain on
campus during the week-ends.
You were not awakened this
past Saturday afternoon by any
Soviet MIGs. In reality, the low
flying jets were USAF
Thunderbirds, a precision air
team, which was ' part of the
Pennsylvania Air National Guard
celebrating its 25th anniversary
at International airport.
Capitolites, instead of making
the journey down to Olmsted
where 15,000 people were
gathered, stood in the chilly
breeze on rooftops in Meade
The precision, dare-devil
flying conducted by the pilots
thrilled the throng at the
airfield, many of whom were an
hour late due to congested
traffic conditions.