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by Lee Nell
Last term, Dr. Wolf, in his
Political Parties course, got
many of us involved in political
operations during the election
campaigns. 1 suppose that we
were trying to change our
system in some small way. But is
that the best way to do it? Or
must the system be changed at
Here are some goodies for
you: In Picayune,
Mississippi —that’s right,
Picayune—five long-haired
musicians were arrested (and
convicted, jailed and fined
$200.00 eiach) for trespassing in
an auditorium—to which they
had the keys—and for stealing a
piece of rope—which was never
produced as evidence. When
they went to jail, they were
relieved of their hair. The sheriff
said that their hair was cut for
health reasons because they were
Another: One of the charges
against Angela Davis is murder,
and she wasn’t even in the state
when it happened.
Still another: The
“Harrisburg Six” are being tried
for conspiracy to kidnap and to
destroy heating ducts in a D.C.
building. The F. 8.1. arrested
them primarily on the evidence
gotten from an ex-convict at the
prison where the “ring-leader”,
Father Berrigan, was
incarcerated. Look up
“conspiracy” in the dictionary.
In my more imaginative
moments I’ve conspired to do
even more heinous things than
Better yet: Even though
President Nixon says that our
troops aren’t involved, one
wonders if he is maintaining is
Viet Nam troop withdrawal
schedule by taking troops out of
Viet Nam and sending them intc
Cambodia and Laos.
There is an oft-quoted
passage in the Declaration of
Independence dealing with the
right and duty of the governed
to throw off that government if
it does not defend hte liberty of
the people. It goes further to say
that this duty—this revolution
should not be undertaken
without good cause. I think that
picking up a rifle is not to be
taken lightly—ever, wether for or
against any government.
So, after Thoreau’s Civil
Disobedience and the
Declaration and the Black
Panther paper and others, one
wonders just what the hell is
going. Are the Berrigans, the
Panthers or the Weathermen
justified in what they are doing?
Or they to be hunted down and
“prosecuted to the full extent of
the law.”
Can we change the system by
working within it or not. And if
we try, does that make us, at
least a bit, part of the problem
and not the solution. Can we
help change the system by
refusing to pay our taxes or by
burning our draft cards and
going to jail for it. Or should we
resist going to jail. Or do we pick
up bombs and rifles.
EDITOR: Rosemary Scanlon
Lee Nell
Tom Hagan
Richard Marx
Roger Hawkins
John Fannely
Don Davis
Eric Murray
Jim Benn
Since I’m better at asking
questions that answering them,
here are a few more. How do
you feel? You pay tuition to an
“American Institution.” And
you are reading this paper which
is part of the institution. Does
that make you a lackey of the
system? Am I a lackey for even
bothering to discuss all this in
the paper? Or can I expect a visit
from our friendly F.B.L
Dear Miss LaMonaca,
I would like to direct this
response not only to you, but to
those people who obviously
assisted and provided
information which I am sure you
had no way of knowing. You
know who you are.
First of all, let me say that
“everyone running for
president” is NOT a step in the
right direction. What the hell
does that have to do with apathy
on campus? In what way would
this negate apathy?
I do not feel I have been
unjust to anyone or any
oraganization. As far as my
referral to the XGl’s, I only used
them as an example. I could
have used any organization.
Maybe I shouldn’t have used
any, but I wanted to get my
point across. If this in any way
has hurt feelings, let me
apologize now. But what
“friends” have I left out that
should have been named? If you
knew my “friends”, that I’m
supposedly protecting, (and you
don’t even know me for God’s
sake,) why didn’t you name
them? Let me assure you, this
would not be defamation of
You accused me of inferring
personal feelings in my article.
All I want to see are good
leaders in SGA. If your friend,
Terry, is in this category, more
power to him. The same goes for
anyone else. All I asked was that
the juniors think about who
they were voting for and not let
THEIR personal feelings enter in
the decision.
Kathi, all I can say is you are
entitled to your opinion, but I
really don’t think it was YOUR
opinion. Let’s be honest, weren’t
you taken in by one of those
“good talkers?”
Dear Kathi,
This first letter was my
immediate response to your
article which was directed to me
in the last issue of the
After reading it over again, I
decided that this entire matter
was petty and that the
CAPITOLIST was not the place
to hash out personal differences.
Everything I had said in my
first response was true; however,
any further comment you may
have, should be directed to me
in person. I have realized that
the newspaper is not the place to
present two opposing opinions. I
hope you will too.
Respectfully yours,
Missy Rotondaro
Lu Ann Berulis
Missy Rotundaro
Ann Ostroski
Bill Winkler
Michael Rix
Terry Wimmer
Dan Durante
Chandler Wolf
Tony McGovern
Skip Lewis
Charlie Bussison
Paul Snyder
Dear Editor:
I am a Senior at this school
and would like to express my
dissatisfaction with the recent
action taken by the
administration against Pat
Murphy. Pat has been notified of
her release, effective as of July
Ist, and states she wishes to
remain here, on campus. From
personal experience with her, I
am satisfied with her functions
at Capitol Campus. After talking
with other students, I find, they,
too, have had good experiences
with Pat.
If her superiors (whose
salaries myself and other
students pay) find her services
inadequate, I disagree and
consider it imparative they
reconsider their decision in this
If this position in the Capitol
Campus structure is no longer
necessary, I suggest creating
another one for Pat—Pat an asset
to the Capitol Campus
One thing which, may be
difficult for a person in Capitol
Campus Administrative position
to see, is the personal helping
relationships Pat has with many
of the students here. Hopefully,
this letter will help these
administrators see what the
students want and that no
further action will be required.
Peace and Love!
Jim McLean
Dear Editor
In order that I might
represent each and every student
as well as the student body in its
entirety at Faculty Council
Meetings, I would like to express
an open door policy to any
thought or idea or proposal that
a student or a group of students
want to see fostered, and feel
that the Capitol family might
benefit through its being taken
under discussion.
I am available for a rap at any
time most convenient to you.
Please feel free to ask Mrs.
Brown in W-103 (Student
Affairs) for my class schedule or
come to my residence at 830 A
Nelson, or just call 944-7836,
any time of the day or night.
If it’s important enough to be
thought about, it’s possibly
important enough to be put into
Letters to the Editor must be
typed (double spaced) and
dropped in the newspaper
mailbox by Thursday at 4:00.
the Racey’s
907 Weaver Avenue
Meade Heights
by Roger Hawkins
There are people who walk
around this campus that think
getting involved in any school
activity is sticking their necks
out. Well, they’re right.
Too many people stand
around and do not get involved,
but they are the very first ones
who say “Why doesn’t someone
do something?”
People around this school
have gripes about something.
But do you think they’ll do
anything about it by joining
some organization that supports
their particular “thing”? No,
they stand around and make up
the passive silent majority. And
these are the very same people
who get stepped on, taxed, and
unjustly killed, because they
make the people who are in
Letters To The Ed
Dear Editor
Bless your filthy little heart
and paper. Now that I’ve
dispensed with the accolades, I’d
like to relate some of the dispair
that commuters often feel for
certain situations that are a part
of Capitol Campus.
One thing that seems
especially noxious is the practice
of scheduling some interesting
courses (and some not so) at a
time when it is impossible for
the 37 plus percent enrollment
of commuters to actively
participate in. Like, who can
make an evening or even a late
afternoon class, if you work?
Why couldn’t these classes also
be offered in the morning when
more commuters (or anybody
else for that matter) could take
It just seems that policy and
administrative tactics are such
that the commuter is not
recognized to be of a sufficient
different nature as to warrant a
different attitude toward
scheduling than what is normally
necessary at other colleges. It
appears as if the administration
still thinks that they’re in Happy
Valley (main campus) where the
presence of a commuter is a
rarety and policy need only
reflect the aspirations of those
living on campus.
Well that just ain’t the case
here! To give a personal
illustration: I work in the
afternoon, so I have to go to
classes in the morning, or not at
all. As fortune or misfortune
would have it, one of the classes
that I had selected was filled, so
I was indirectly forced (dig it) to
take an unappealing course that
happened to be given at the
same time. In the same term,
though, there are some goodies
that can only be taken in the
afternoon or evening thus
placing them out of my reach.
Perhaps other commuters have
experienced the like disgust of
feeling manipulated by
impersonal forces.
And how about keeping the
business offices open during the
noon hour. It seems oddly
conspiritorial that the business
offices close for lunch at 12 and
third period class ends at 12:05.
Anyone interested in forming
a coalition of Ford, Chevy, VW,
or whatever owners into
something that just might
possibly right some injustices
please contact Robert Alphabet
(not his real name—no one can
pronounce it) in Room 310
second period Monday’s and
Skip Lewis
Editor Note
I sympathize! The
Commuting Students column
will be printed weekly in the
CAPITOLIST. You touched my
“filthy little heart” deeply, Dan.
charge, and who can do
something about changing things
think that they are perfectly
satisfied with the present
Take, for example, the walls
in the dorms which are so thin,
if somebody plays their stereo
too loud the walls shatter to
pieces. Also, if you go to take a
shower in the dorm bathrooms,
you better hope somebody
remembers not to flush the
toilet, or you will have a scalded
behind. Everyone that lives in
the dorms knows about this
problem; yet the majority of
them make no effort to do
anything about this disgusting
And to think that people
wonder why they get stepped
on. Some just never wake up...
Dear Editor
For the past couple of weeks
you’ve been bitching about the
fact that some of the students
have something to bitch about,
but don’t because they are afraid
or simply because they don’t
give a tinker’s damn. Well, I’ve
got something to bitch about.
My bitch is that I am stuck with
a teacher who to put it plainly is
a real “bitch”. He teaches in the
Social Sciences curriculum. First
of all, he is an intellectual snob
who, when he is on an ego trip,
which is most of the time,
continually hammers into us his
belief that we should develop “a
rich and full vocabulary”, which
is all good and fine, but his
vocabulary is so rich that we
don’t know if we’re coming or
going when he speaks to us. My
second bitch is about his tests,
which are a bitch and a half.
You ask why, I’ll tell you why.
Whenever he gives a test, it is
rigged in such a way that if you
have one question wrong, you
automatically have two wrong,
and so on. And believe me, this
can really screw you up. My
final bitch concerns the way he
grades our “tests”. We aren’t
graded on a percentage basis like
most normal teachers do, but on
a special system this “teacher”
has worked out. This devious
and bitchy system is called the
“Bell Curve”. According to this
system so many people get A’s,
so many get B’s, C’s, and so on.
But these “tests” are rigged to
be so impossible, that well over
half the class fails, and the class
CAN’T by that stupid. I wonder
what he would do if everyone
got A’s.
So now you have the over-all
picture of a “bitch”, and if
you’re wondering why I’m fed
up and disgusted with being the
scapegoat for some so-called
“teacher” who is on an ego
trip...l came to this school to get
an education.
Concerned Student
P.S. I am leaving my name
anonymous because I like this
school and would like to
continue going to this school.
HOT LINE 944-1033
Love ya,
Dan Seitz.
Here is a simple message. It
consists of nothing more than a
series of points aimed at stirring
the conscience and hopefully
—Cambodia invaded
-Laos invaded
—4 killed at Kent State
—2 killed at Jackson State
—2 Panthers killed in Chicago
-New York 21—conspiracy
—Chicago B—conspiracy
-Seattle 12—conspiracy
—Harrisburg 6—conspiracy
-U.S. support of Brazilian
Tyranny University research for
War Department
—Oil rig leaks off California
Continued refusal by
corporations to inact pollution
—lmmunity law
—Nixon asks for a 2 year
extension of the draft
—CIA sends Laotian guerrilas
into China
—lncrease called for in War
—Man on Moon puts golf tall
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