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    page 2 - The Behrend College Beacon - October 29,1998
Group effort for
Halloween Bash
By Rose Forrest
layout editor
Many organizations at Be
hrend have gotten together to
throw the First Annual Hallow
een Bash. The event will be
held on Friday, October 30, and
run from 9:30 till 12. There is
a donation of $2 or two cans
the week before and $3 or three
cans at the door. All proceeds
will benefit the city mission
and tickets can be purchased all
week in front of Bruno’s cafe.
Plenty of entertainment and
free refreshments will be pro
vided. The event will be
DJayed and there will be games
and prizes, including one for
best costume. Ideas such as a
pumpkin carving contest are
being kicked around. One definite ac
tivity planned is a maze that students
can walk through wearing alcohol
The musical sun
The sun’s musical ability was discussed at
Thursday's Astronomy Open House
By Sarah Edwards
staff writer
“The sun is playing music" was
one of the topics Dr. James LoPresto.
professor of physics and technology
at Edinboro University, discussed in
his presentation entitled “Sunspots,
Sunquakes, Solar Tornadoes, and
Neutrinos.” This presentation was
one part of the Penn State Behrend
Astronomy Series which took place
on October 22 at 7:30 in the Otto
Behrend Science Building.
The sun can play music. That is
what the new study of
Helioseismology predicts. Dr.
LoPresto stated that
Helioseismology allows you to
watch the sun shake and vibrate.
is El
Remember to cast your vote
simulation goggles to make things in-
One purpose of this bash is alcohol
awareness. Carrie Runski from
Panhellenic Council explains, “it is a
Halloween get together where there is
From these actions scientists can in
fer that the sun is actually playing
acoustical music in its interior. In
side the sun there arc over ten mil
lion modes or notes used to make vi
brations. Scientists involved with
Helioseismology say that they can
determine what is going on inside the
sun from the vibrations [music] the
sun plays.
Dr. LoPresto says that another part
of the sun. known as sunspots, are one
of the easiest facets of solar activity
to see on the sun. These sunspots oc
cur on the sun when there are strong
magnetic fields. Each granulation or
sunspot is about the size of Alaska.
In the last part of the discussion.
Dr. LoPresto gave a quick descrip
tion of sunquakes and solar torna-
November 3
no alcohol present to show students
that they can have a good time with
out being intoxicated." Behrend
Health and Wellness di
rector Patty Pasky
McMahon is in charge of
the bash.
Besides sponsor
ing an alcohol awareness
activity, the organiza
tions involved hope to
provide a fun and inter
esting countdown to cel
ebrate Halloween. Karl
Gressely, President of
Commuter Council, a
group actively involved,
exclaims, “hey, its a
chance to show off your
costume. You can win
money too." The Com-
muter Council also
' wants to remind students that all pro
ceeds benefit charity.
does. He said that the energy re
leased from a sunquake could power
the USA for 20 years. The sunquake
erupts with a force of at least 11.3
on the Richter scale. Solar torna
does on the sun are big swirls of gas.
They whirl at 313,000 miles per
hour and seem to form in the oppo
site direction of tornadoes on earth.
The picture that Dr. LoPresto pre
sented of a solar tornado showed
that the tornado was thinner on the
top and thicker at the bottom.
This was the first time in the six
years that the Behrend Astronomy
series presented the sun as a topic.
The next astronomy scries entitled
“The Star of Bethlehem” will be on
December 3rd.
10/20/98 Complaint of possible theft by deception
10/22/98 Complainant reported that a suspicious looking male had pulled in behind
the child care building and was sitting in his car. He then left his car. Officer found
that the man was most likely a hunter tracking an animal.
10/24/98 Individual picked up his firearms
10/24/98 Individual dropped off his firearms
10/24/98 Report of an individual who had passed out in the Commons. Upon
arrival, male was alert and refused any further treatment.
10/24/98 Lost her purse - she believes in B-lot. We checked, no luck. We re
contacted her on 10/26/98 and she said she found it in one of her closets. Thanked
us for our efforts and concern.
10/25/98 Observed two males in camouflage acting suspiciously in parking lot G
near the pump house. Two paintball guns and assorted accessories were confiscated
from them a short while later. Charges are pending.
Police .And Safety
What was your best
Halloween costume?
“I was a lady of the night back in 1989.”
-Shannon D. Jones, 08, Psychology
“I was Alf.”
-Chris Buchanan, 01, Political Science
“I was a pumpkin.”
-Becky Gray, 01, Elementary Education
“A spider.”
“My friends wrapped me up in toilet
paper and I was a mummy.”
-Carrie Spaulding, 05, Biology
-Patrick Bulger, 03, 2PLET