The mystery. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 184?-184?, April 16, 1845, Image 4

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    Turners—Second F tg, wry
Barbiti, Walluoe and Wood, II Hun
Coach and IVagon dliakersi—Noil
Mltwain() Fourth st.; Robert Red-
dick Or:lnt st.
Undertakeivi—Win Trovillo 4th
st J Woodweil 3d s!,
Halt Cap, and 1 1‘ 111 1 e*OreiWi —Wm
Douglass, JL to 8 Moore B.
Swill West, J Alli . „ain Wood st., U.
Ailgoe Market st., A Nardi 4th st.
fVwch find (~hiek 41b1 iCer,Y--- A Aln
bier Smithfield st, PQrkins Market
Seymour Smithfield st.,
Smith corner of .Alarket and 2nd st.
illigeellancoity--.1) Sutton
ist a lt ;And Maltby Oyster
Depot .1d st. Orrin Newton White.
smith, 2nd st. —Adains,Gts.fitter,
3d st. Gunsmith.
Job Prinfrrs.—Pourth st. Vnitney
Dumars Sz Wright, J ITATilion, J.
rant; Third But
A3ook (13Ans oler.n S.: liovni,
Wood :Ind Third sts.
tiorneys.—er Fox Alden, I I
Ma rd, N Buckmaster, Callan,
Iligham, \V S C % ourtney, Eyster
Ilochanan, MoGraw
Walter Forwar,i, G P
JutisouSL Olunegan, Kuox, Loomis,
Aletcolf, A kV ilitchie &
Wyl e , 0 , 11 IZobinsoli. A Wilk,
Toner. A Kirk Lewis, Mitch
ell, A. Hamilton, Br Darlington, A
urke, 14r E: Austin, J L litddie, A
urke, Christy, A J C Dar
ragh, Dunlap & Sewol
Gilmore 'vf.nd Perins, C Has,
Kingston, Mahon Washiugtoa,
Mat ride 81, - Robinson, it l'imerson,
Robb 5. , : McCenti4.:ll, G Seidon,
Woods, It Porter, G Reed, Chas()
Smith, It T DiAmelly
Bakeweit Tint/le Rev.Alr Brvrtn
SHorner, it' Douglas 'IV tThristy,
A Bartrani, Stewilo, 3 Tow
',ion L T Childs, E R , 'be rts,
Bithik t Col Ross, V , - Tibbetts, $ l 4,
fileClut4n, A Browv,PhiPp',s, DI
inliotiti,J Kennedy, 'Jr T Vow-i
N Jonos
1, 4 AlcCurdy„ D It Jacobs.,
Wprtieberg, S
Johnson, Anhui:Tuner, Airs iVrd.
D, Jones, Alien K Fame's, .1 AleCurfly„
1) Wick, t3eu Aushutz, 3 Fritehi
Thin' Sfreet.--P Stkriord,
bvift, J Thaw, B Aforelivad,
Kuno, D. GNat, iNVIIroy, Bog.
ers, W.l Howard, (Mayor.) S elst,.
L Rodgers, j I)an't itobison,
T MKown; IV Robinson, Geotge
inger, T Rowe.
Fourth Si.-- kV Elder, A Millar,
Reudo li T ashington, IV Aostin, A
Borinalron, Btevenson, J avitt,
Ji Kuhn, J NV Daily, f)r Edington,
Mrs Aftlrrv, A Burkt , , %V NI 'Wright, :
ev. Al.
lSul jaiAdd r ret K
ileodprori, F !Atoll,: Baisley
ilk 13 ru( IN Wood wci, 8 Baisley,
11'; ticaQh. Ak . 4 TimAy.
, itreet,-.1o$;oh Iciug Cilins
!,ly, Savage.
RovoStreet,—R. 14)1th, it . Saynes
Gra n t skeet.—Thos, simmons, R. A.
linaritorui 4114.—Rody Paiterson t
There %Imo about 660 others,
On Monday evening last the 1.4 th
46,1., by the Rev, Augwittis , -
Abdalah 1 I:ts,sfi. recently at Mon t.
:ornery Ala, T,c, Mitts Mary Daily
On Monday Alarch the,i;igathe
Rev. Wc , uldy,., ik,thrt Cliffortit
to Miss Mary Ann Tale, nil 01
\Vravuesburg,Oreene county Pa.
On Sunday evening the 10th nit.,
by the Rev. Solomon Thour) pson,
it. A. Riker of Fayette county, to
Miss Elizabeth West of Washington
On Thursday evening the 20113 tilt,
by the sIADICI`, r Robert Tate. of
Laverne, to C M a
thnrinc Allen, of Ited
-6'4)00 tp, Vayetto Co,
On Saturday vening the 23d lilt,
by the same, ;Afr,NoaWNVest, to Miss
Emelia Villetjler, both of 11/44114)1;ton
Remo ved to Me P(01 corner of
the Diamond.
'WE Sub;cri,bef to4rliti bid pineero ihrtniie
- r
. to iti - friciiAti to H(1 ti o piltiot: gvilcrolly.,
In the ilborni pazroimuo Oey have bostowed
~,, him, Ili, has 0pt 4 ,4,41 ii rp/eOld ell gip lit ii :S
JieW 10Ci16(41, ire n.fmros ihoso witi Inftv 14 .
vol him with their cultom, that everf' ?IMO
tip 11 01411 he paid 10
nnt) niin to utfriOLf tion.4” Dis,asys of ;au
which so freq(vntly cAtiou the hair lo decay
r .“) fait off. Prici; t; Cents; ;Jail. ,
Cuffing. ti retti B .
Gent/emelt. and Ludies,
lituiPl awl Cintv, ioinittiozN u id at prio”
snit Ow
C4'4o 34mg Junir will he 40cen vxefiln4 t ,
`t3- work, or u good priev t tivdi pliti for it,
ApTO 9, 1845
ir R. pK T ,,Ars;y, !rmst rospeet,
2-VI• itkfqrtn fontlios.
and tic )oublio geocrOly, tilat lias
Iris dwelling and 01,iick! (1 , i1)0 t*" .
Ruw, brAwyott 144vrly ond Penn, oitic
g o i,y vr,vord s Pcmi. %viture he will okvfoo
havo '?u. au .d, good, “ctive, heolitrY
and the kilt Cltivinw; inairumrtms,
utt ,, PA calls tit it 11000', tfity Hight
1 ,6-.1,r,wp.„ Thu l'hyoulal Si
0,1)(1 Wimiouhum '''stied goronAY.
E C 11,0 T ENO
1NT14,1, TYR;IIY 1)0,4
'1- 'br
tli tit(' :)(1 1,-Q Irk rerieral,
romlled 1,1)0 Etsv.ttirct' Nvikh
r •
clOollove 7,lstiptlmec) ‘,./ 1 1 Ancl
4066014b1tt 4e4pligl 4,1 . 1,11,0
trudo, IL rvoistit)g
Brold. VeaYFt. ritishitig op 4
Ciotbo, Caosimervs C4kt8i114,111 , 1 ot grets 1 1 . 9
fitly 4114 piktiern. A very ppkudid 4.4 of Vol
1141.111 , St I vt: i .%L.
Tt l ,getlier with his btot:k Rotidy Ablio
ing, Comprising every, tirt , de hdoPivd (or gilt
tletneiett wear. he iiqends efferitig at the very
lowest prices for Catih,
urticio tit the to hoe mud to
, der in the best and nit famhionable tityleN
and at the Owrlvot
j, l idie d , Gentlemen. and Children's
f.v n °Thr,t tie np re, Clothitlr
tore" 1.36 Libtqty Stre , t, second 1. lo thing
Store fru St. Clair ;iitreet.
13t))14 A,NU t4,1/(YkS
ITAMES VA)i Marko, wtrvei, first
$ 1 tiogr from i,lbctty OFvoi, kfvpn 1)3140
his f) 1 1 nw r o, , t;3l,lre 4.!4.4 !!)104,,vs /9 Pr/let
On 'OWN 1)11$044,18, e'':"l4(prm PUMPS 4V, 13
The silbseriber ri:turus 1113 *invero than M /0
his Frivotis and tHfl Publir; gonerkilly, tur the
f 4, vurs i atbp i s tw•i:ivoti, by giving
liira rOrtilm 1.4 their Vt”lfm), SoliCit.s
vorityitiiimqv oftheir pltrqiirigo Ito tTri , t
ly cl r 't 0
%moo ktmel t t,i,r)!, ,MIC 4
41$. allft Oho! nerfet4limg - nts hitEql.lol64b
tricor, 4th St tibi,ye Sinitifiei St,
Uum , tyft. l `6l,kiry, OAN V. JUNFS,
l'itti.hurgh, Sept. 1 Stb 31-
tif(),NlFB (;rocitr, 43 f,itiorty
(wnx; rtogo Ow
!lig 1.) in Pittsburgh
kq'Poi 'l_ o '4 cetebriwd Wfight.s in
litun Om North Aolurican
t;i9legfi ttf Witolos;ile fit the Phila.
prigcs. at)couutry Agenta, t 4 0) the
qis et:we, w4ll full Liirocw,in2,
(.34 hand un 3*volt:flout pf Rug
Catpet C3ppot Cu'he, avvorted cot o rb,
the yew a guttkesi Carpet to ordor, oo the
tgtoftelto96c*t; Fou'44 Grogyr:lel tai(
tovieflt CtOi
Agent for for Scott, flep
from ~:liiobtArgtt, $(303441,
;eels , Do' tyng.
JAMES Iti'H4lN o
ravit or nos find tuIM i ono
v i titattrii' For and rimming.,
7' trevt, QC( U 3
hit* ottvieof the patAto. Do ,
mined to give ratiefttelloo to
•r W WlArft4o, 14011
1!'• Is itsA - P , 4 char,* flat' hi* 400000 4
Whig on 4114. five flow Wiest of
3 / • 4 , where he will 00 C. 14 ti
our*. Charge." moder Ate io *ult. 14;grt'imitut.#
TlONti,a. —Ju,:truvoive4 from citt pr
New York, 76 pug: tea of lila A tuvritum 'ract
for gtilo la 12i to J 5 tut , lfi
- about SO 000 i)uokageo gaiinrieo
31;.. V Im und Freoch Truett.
1.1 li , mpcfatiepo Arivoodlo4
iii,ool t4rligr lopegeof Anlutal
'ettiper*llue Bookoi 114irr
tiod bl)4itrio!4s
op, ths - Aiith or
w 101'4 ctritwingo thp
l'ufes whor Tempor4stco
rgo octwol aid pocket
owl Hymn 7 voi ? , of to
Se,lato vnti f 1014413 4,1 FVI/111"
1.) )7 , 23 With a vAriely of
nd Bchool books. 1. 7, )r $4lO lOW
Guto3'44 Dooirstic (Alt:diet:lo,
e 4 of Vie tri4l of King' Alchotiol,
isLiltery, 11311;101 114%vt , it , s.
Rout y ikiu do CuEin -1
4.) ft
,it.' tti the ,o*, , ,fte#4 all UK! or
pu t %-
to merit Wn 6d e en ce,
rrti 0.1 ol) hoie coo
voF!, to pr'Oleltvary o
Avw, A 94 vet y relluiliite on the tOom.
1. Qons 'rem tho country svPill c
t , ded 14.
once if ifl the mato° bOitling , with
oe, where the oe "'snow voc4 ili* orti.
160. .1 any titne.
A tine:4141'1444
:NY, Joim lifack,ll,l),
. i ;..!, itlie, ~ Robort Hrucv, 11 a
1,,,,,,r,, z ,„, tiuni t 4 salnuet ‘Vitliatas,
1 '" ,, ,Clure, ''. 4 , Joooph liurr,
~ _
im excellent 'NA euptirior
ography, by Mitatelt, the rule
ographer, clubellisheti with It!,
'in, t, the eats i romprohoooivu
kind ever publiseti, Th4p
fs tww Irt the pity uoliciting
N. work, with map tip-
Oibitmg the Flap of the eiv;.
ons of the ‘vorid, wilt be (icily
bsvnbers ;4bout the firo of May,
uutnbering upwards ill 600 pa
-OMy SiZe.
sae work to love of !titotory and geogra.
phy• hove a limited ugency to the
4 rtiii a copy of which ran be at a 1.4,1
O'ice of the Niptery, No. 103 Z'olB
xtos)T,is, N
1140. d and receivm& weipk4 4,Hirgti
OA:4'l l l l ,mq of Illctislo4-1, ttit*orll3oeo . a*s
tvntl, ►. ernong winenierg Romps AA.
*,:ikiNttory, 2 volm. JoooplAs, II un!ers St !
r4phy, Scott* Lift- of isfapoicoo, (ow
;*.s.'notnti f Historical rolloctioils Ve U -
F:Nollto in Indian /tislory, Illoory
kw o Os, elliriaeity stiop i ottyeellwist,
40e Cbitfr, 3 vole ui
Pookft, Polyglett aDd kkbool
PraioT llooko;
'' 4 llew—fiamter/z 001 01 00, Iketortic &hoot
' `rite z spe Co;Ay . Qoohs.
air' Lead for ottte l q w 4
1t3A.A,0 fIARRIS. Agent.
Oro, P, Fifth 0,
tv burgh.
y, Alloghony,
0tf01144. NW of
in 4374114140 (lir 1)0001
tinworks Ft4nlo Lan)
_ A
ismensilit„ i5t14.641
ors frum the U. 0. &nk,
Fresh F Groceries.
FuLtd vboot always on hand,
ilk. and tor ) 11y low, at 1,140 y 1.)
( 0 0.140,14 tri4et, teW doors 6 b1 4 0
soPts La
° CORRECTED Wk * Vg4 , lo
wAit IN KAI A It, N 44 (1
X1 1 .4,1A .ArGiV P KRA',
EtaoVl , 3 f k , 54 11 *l4.
StAiwiard---410141,,Ut1LA vet*.
PE :.Vic' N
ei tub,
PhiNJ a
Pao fr,
lia 11 tt
m00.' 4 4 , 1..11161
0. 04 11.0,04. ,*14,100.1t
0 *Th 000,040,,,, 0000,0,
f. 4 11 1 1354, pi.* I'
, fit,t, to.* paloo.a. 1. $4
3.0 t,
.A.Ort 4.6 41'
* "tf.s". o ' ,
fwat " Of , "
1.1,k de,
104104 :71 .7-' 7l4tegi
tial) k ' 010r) tgOillitirY eft,s a.Ci# a g g g g
Diqy ILa t 1 t t e . te= tit
EtilikoU *f
Filo.4ooifl 0114 NVUO)iilglCig, 1
154i.4 ~.,,pa
~ t (lantookla 9, .9 .0
Li a o, Lo w ", f ro.,,vinShip,* tt say tttttot 4, • pair
MiAtoutits:3(lo4cs'LLltth. ,,, 9., ~ i )s y
it, to it.. 1
f);Z i'lolk,
Lonkt , A*ter 114)04 4.. I ...4 .4 4, gg
1. 1, "
rgol , I! .4 0-
rthth W i g/ A
itAM4i,e . l: ON,
ygas it n; l 4
i:Lin k lewistowem--- ---
Erie I.l,thic
xw..;mr.-~~:~~ ~~x_«a"w..p ~a+~m~ _~ . ~; ~.r:~zs•atw~.
el* ViIMN,I 1441C1itnig.p....,
Nor:, I '4
401 . 4 et4or, AA
chl 41,e
t 4 131,4, % . 4,.. 6...*
Ai.). ,te,**".
11104 1 01 PleaSant .4 04400 4A.
ClLit6Vint.s. O.*, 9*. p ofit. %ft
M111000101!.,,...o. 44,44,
# T , 1 # 44..*0 ;1 , 41 , tf,
ShintitiOty.. 1, tfp /9
0 , 1 , 6 1,4130,: , ,iq , 411, g 4 1 , 1, Y , 'o4 440, 10vt . ,.411e
f4 - gy3"
Zantivvint“. Pl*s,
Clinion 141,0 k or „,„ „ "
New Loudon 1 , 4 .tt
7 ; ;Ci4V
:\ I us'
tt(l.,ftt,ft $'
4 111 .:4, C'4101t4,) , f s.,*t
,410101qs I
• sitT,
ti,....f**41,104t4e. ,411,4f,5,A
t“tglt ,t 4 t , o, eitt6
b 44
i.-1,401,1444M0151te.,,,,-_,,ti #
Tempgrkno. Docu
an 141 W d*y.
40/444 r?r 1044
ppiro AtivmostUV,
o 009bilik.'
erit:44l T o opp e .
quits" 4 Tglicty
Moil* to be,- 4444
yot4 prcos.
No. th ihittet.
:040 Ps.vaint` , os f
Imhof,' t ;
t%Aeivilttg,c4.t. —ll