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    Thursday, December 9, 1993
"A Perfect World."
Kevin Costner as
the bad seed
by Sarah Mekhiorre
Cetttgkm Staff
Murder, kidnapping and
assault are all terrible crimes.
“In a perfect world things like
this wouldn't happen,” Sally
Gierber states in die new movie
“A Perfect World.”
“A Perfect World” stats Kevin
Costner, Clint Eastwood, Laura
Dern and the young actor TJ.
Hie movie is set in the 19605.
Kevin Costner plays Butch
Haynes. Haynes is an escaped
felon. While Butch is on die
run he takes a hostage-little
Philip (T. J. Lowther).
The movie centers around the
bond that is formed between the
kidnapper and the child.
The movie is dramatic and
still finds room for comedy.
Clint Eastwood mu only plays
Red Garnett (the officer trying to
capture Butch), but toe also
directs the movie.
Eastwood does such a good
job at both that the dramatics
and comedy mesh well.
He throws very subtle things
Crow Bar:
Crow Bar
DB: This rocks. Pure
aggression that makes me want
to smash. Grindcore at its best.
Stank: The song “No
Quarter’” is an excellent cover of
Led Zeppelin. They put this
classic song to a slow, melodic,
chunking grind.
DB: They kick ass. They do
“No Quarter” better than Led
Zeppelin ever did. “All I Had I
Gave” is a killer jam. This disk
makes me want to hang my
Stank: There is no way this
version is better than Led
Zeppelin’s, so get a grip on
reality and then listen : to it
DB: lam going to Mick a
crowbar up your butt. They
kick all! Songs like “Negative
Pollution” and “Self-Inflicted”
into the movie to make it
interesting. Watch the very
beginning and very ending
“A Perfect World” has the
typical jerk FBI agent who
thinks he knows everything, a
hard police officer who does
know everything, and the female
government agent who must
prove that she knows
Red turns to Sally Gerbert
(Laura Dern), the government
agent, and says “You’ll find
having a strong backside and a
good sense of humor will get
you far.”
“A Perfect World” is a good
movie because there is a lot of
character development and this
causes the audience to care what
It’s hard to see Costner as a
bad seed, but interesting to see
how he plays it The whole cast
mixes well
Is this movie “perfect?” In a
perfect world, all movies would
be! But for now, I’ll settle for
close - I’ll settle for “A Perfect
&' NpW^lloq|:;S
Sinatra's "Duets:" Ol'
Blue Eyes' greatest
collaboration of hits
by Dawn Anderson
CoUtgia* Staff
All “Saturday Night Live”
episodes aside, Frank Sinatra’s
latest collaborative effort,
“Duets” is a swinging
accomplishment. The
impressive debut of the album -
coming in second only to Pearl
Jam’s “VS.” - can be largely
attributed to Sinatra’s
generational-spanning voice.
Recently coming off a nation
wide concert tour, Sinatra’s
popularity doesjiot seem to be
waning. The record sales of
“Duels” is proof.
For “Duets,” Sinatra has
compiled a few of his greatest
hits and teamed up with a varied
bunch of the music industry’s
popular and talented stars. In an
odd pairing, Ol’ Blue Eyes
croons along with U2’s Bono in
a rendition of the Cede porter
classic, “I’ve Got You Under my
Skin.” The attractive conception
about “Duets” lies in its
unconventional choices. Other
artists include Luther Vandross,
Aretha Franklin, Julio Inglesias,
Gloria Estefan, Charles
Aznavour, Anita Baker, Carly
Simon, and Kenny G. Each
song becomes an unexpected
treasure, slightly different from
the original but equally
Sinatra also belts out a few
tunes with a few of his
contemporaries. On a delicate
and seductive version of ‘l’ve
Got A Crush On You,* the
Chairman shares the notes with
Barbra Streisand whose range
compensates for Sinatra’s
scratchy delivery. Tony Bennett
joins Sinatra on a surprisingly
swinging version of the
infamous “New York, New
York.” In the spirit of mutual
respect, neither monopolizes the
tune but shares the song that has
make me want to slam dance and
hurt myself. That would be
Stank: This is definitely up
for Album of the Year.
Zombie: LA
Devil Music
Volume 1
Stank: White Zombie kicks
ass. They put all they have into
the music. This is meant to be
loud and hard.
DB: “Highway 65” is a killer
mosh tune. They have a “No
Good” in the band which rocks.
That “No Good” could probably
kick your butt
Stank: They are the heaviest
commercial band I have heard in
a long time LA Sexorcisto is an
become a staple in their
concerts. In a particularly
touching versin of Gershwin’s,
‘They Can’t Take That Away
From Me,” Natalie Cole
reminiscent of her ‘duet” with
her father, Nat King Cole on
“Unforgettable” - graces the song
with Sinatra. The only
disappointment is the reteaming
with Liza Mmnelli. Both stars
quit on the boisterous, ‘l’ve Got
The World On A String,”
making a vocal mess of the
1953 hit
Sinatra admittedly does not
have the lung capacity or the
chords to hit the drawn out,
simple melodies that made him
famous, but no one can doubt
his stamina. At seventy-eight,
Sinatra has proved that grunge,
rap, and pop rock still have
some competition.
excellent disk.
DB: This really rips. White
Zombie takes metal to a new
level without compromising the
band’s attitude. Rob Zombie
has killer vocals. Jim Morrison
sucks compared to him. Hell,
Morrison sucks period. White
Zombie ananged the songs great
The music hypnotizes you and
keeps you thrashing proud.
Stank: The two bit plays a
killer bass.
DB: There is not a bad song
on Devil Music Vol. 1 It has
quickly turned my brain to KY
Jelly. They blow bands like the
Dead, Belly, and U 2 away. Get
real jobs boys.
Stank: Even the artwork on
the cover would bum the eyes of
those stupid tree buggers.
“Welcome to Hell Boys and
DB: “Devil Music Vol. 1”
will turn peace freaks, deadheads
and maybe even you. Stank, into
Real Men. Definitely get this