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    'Rudy:" the
comes out
on top
by Sarah Melchiorre
Collegian Staff
What did you want to grow up
to be? (1 still don't know!)
Some of us have dreams, but
think they're unattainable.
Struggling, working hard, and
praying are all techniques
characters use in "Rudy," to
attain their dreams.
Daniel E. Reuttiger (Sean
Astin), otherwise known as
Rudy, comes from a small
steelmill town in Illinois. His
family is devoutly Catholic and
huge fans of Notre Dame
Rudy's only dream is to
become a Notre Dame football
What's the problem? Notre
Dame is damn good. Rudy is
damn small. And, Rudy's grades
are damn bad.
Rudy is constantly Ibl/Id-he'll
never be anything by his father,
Stank: Holy pugent stench, I
like this.
D. 8.: They have a unique
combination of thrash and
mellow imuruMentals.
Stank: They rock. They
sound like a heavy Dream Theater
or Metallic* with Rush's
rSpatinds lilcc
, Slayer
by his brothers, and by his
Is the film any good? I'd have
to say hmmmm
YES!! The first half is all
background on Rudy and gives
insight into his drives. With all
the background you can't help
but root for Rudy. And the
second half, my roommate was
jumping up and down. (I was
quite embarrassed!)
Sean Astin does a great job.
He fits the role remarkably well.
Some of Astin's other films
include "The Memphis Belle,"
"Encino Man," and "Toy
David Anspaugh directs
"Rudy." Anspaugh also directed
"Hoosiers," another film about
underdogs coming out on top.
The plot pushes the audience
into loving and cheering for
Rudy. (Vmay just go see it
stories of crazy myths which is
cool. None of that teeny bopper
love junk here.
D. 8.: These guys definitely
have talent and the lyricist kicks
ass, but the vocalist needs work.
"Uroboric Forms" is cool.
Stank: "Textures" is a cool
instrumental, It shows their
broad musical spectrum. If you
like a Heavy Dream Theater, get
*• Cynic spears 2 1/2
by Ralph Hollenbeck
MUSIC, by Mary A. Bufwack &
Robert K. Oermann (Crown:
Today it's called the "Nashville
Sound", but in less commercial eras,
the tunes were known as folk or
hillbilly music. They were more
authentic and earthy, and certainly
Raiford' s new band, not that
dance junk you like!
D. 8.: Alright, if you ever say
that I like that scum sucking
dance music again, I am going to
lock you in a room with the Bee
Gee's for the rest of your life.
Stank: Cool, I'll fight them
too. Fight is Rod's new band,
and it smokes. "War of Words,"
"Contortion," and "Into the Pit"
are awesome. This tape sounds
like Porn= and Megadeath with
Rob Halfotd. It's a kicker.
D. 8.: I Can't find a bad song
on the tape. Halford's vocals and
Russ Pariah's guitar are an even
bowsejOan Judas Priest.
You're full of it!
Priest Ogee This is good, but
it is iii*ludas Priest. Priest
afakeillPlnetal and ouly thrash.
not as universally applauded as the tors of country songs and as singers."
"Tin Pan Alley South" melodies June Carter Cash epitomizes those
popular today. Bill Munroe, Roy women, for young June, her sisters
Acuff, Ernest Tubb and dozens of and Mother Maybelle (descended
others made aficionados of early-day from the original Carter Family)
radio and record listeners, and the translated the pioneer and rural
Year of the Woman started in feminine experience into song. So
Country Music long before it be- did Jean Thomas (The Traipsin'
came a political slogan. Woman), Patsy Cline, Dale Evans.
Bufwack, a cultural This is probably the most complete
anthropologist, and Oermann, a • volume on the cultural and entertain
music journalist, do a masterful job ment impact of women in country
in retelling the distaff role "as collec- music.
Stank: Just smash. I like
this a lot. The production is
perfect. Definitely up for the
Stank and Dirtbag album of the
D. 8.: I can't find anything
wrong with this album. It
definitely kicks ass.
Stank: Cool. Cochis, you're
saved by that review. Now you
can go back to your Zooropa
D. 8.: U 2 blows. Go get
your Erotica CD and lock
yourself in your cell.
** Fight justifies 4 1/2
skulls. Smash!
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