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Offensive wea
Volleyball leader is
Athlete of the week
by Paul D. Young
Collegian Staff
The greatest testament to the
improved play that junior
Carrie Grzejka, the Athlete of
the Week, has brought to this
season's edition of the Lady
Lion's volleyball team, came
during a conversation
involving her coach, Jan
Immediately following a
game an opposing coach
approached Wilson with the
question: "Where did you get
her?" in reference to Carrie's
impressive performance.
Coach Wilson replied that
Carrie had been with the team
for the past two seasons.
Grzejka, playing the middle
hitter position, led the team
with some impressive statistics
in a week that saw the Lady
Lion's post a 2-2 record.
She posted 73 kills for a
44% kill ration, which means
nearly half the time Grzejka
got her hand on the ball she
One game away
Darren Schibem/Colkagian Photographer
Keep on your toes!: Junior forward Rusty Brown maneuvers
around Jason Freer in practice.
by Glee Jesteadt
Collegian Staff
7-8-1.... The Men's Soccer
team is one game away from
their .500 season.
On October 26, the men
traveled to Hilbert to pull out a
strong victory with a 2-0 score.
put it away. Can you say:
offensive weapon?!
The plastics engineering
major from Union City, PA is
adept defensively as well. She
recorded seven solo blocks, six
block assists, and 14 digs in
addition to her kill totals.
Grzejka played solidly even
in two defeats at the hands of
Westminster and Grove City.
She led the Lady Lions with 28
kills, two solo blocks, and
three block assists during the
Coach Wilson attributes
Carrie's improved performance
to her off-season work. "She
came in in good shape and is
much quicker," remarked
Wilson. "Carrie comes to
every practice and I enjoy
working with her."
Grzejka, who played three
years of volleyball in high
school, believes that the
current squad is "the best team
we've had since I've been here
(at PSB)." We communicate
"Mike Maiello scored one
goal and had an excellent
game," said Coach Dan
"We overcame the field to
win," added Doug O'Donnell.
The Lions traveled to St.
Vincent on Saturday, October
23 and brought back a 0-0 tie
Holly Beary/Collegian Photographer
slam (slam), v.t. to hit, throw, or put in place with force and noise: as, Carrie (this
week's Athlete of the Week) slams the volleyball past two Westminster, G.C. opponents
well and have a peppy coach," seeking improvement in her
added Grezjka. abilities. She is currently
In the model of all stellar
athletes, Grzejka is constantly
with the excellent goaltending
of Dave Stoehr.
"We showed a lot of
character and played even with
the St. Vincent team,"
commented O'Donnell, "They
are a very good team."
"The team is traveling to
Slippery Rock still in the hunt
for their .500. It will be a
game of two teams matching
up for the end of the season.
If we play well and the effort is
there, we should be
successful," claimed Coach
Rick Nese added, "The team
has showed a lot of character as
a young team, which makes
Slippery Rock a big game."
"The offense has really come
together and the team has got
the momentum. We're keyed to
win at Slippery Rock and
accomplish our .500,
commented Sean Tucker.
"I am more than satisfied
with the season thus far, and as
for my last season it would be
a great accomplishment to
defeat Slippery Rock and go
.500 for the season," said
Rusty Brown.
The men will travel to
Slippery Rock University on
Tuesday, November 2 at 3:00
working at developing her
backcourt game in order to
by Michelle Waiter The learn had 22 digs in all
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Thursday, October 28, 1993
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