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    Thursday, October 7, 1993
by Portia Kelly
Collegian Staff
With all the intense,
intriguing books out there, John
Grisham's "Pelican Brief," has
to be one of the greatest mystery
novels written. Its gripping plot
and strong characters keep the
pages turning non-stop until you
reach the culminated finale.
The main character in the
story is Darby Shaw, a young
New Orleans law student, who is
dragged into a world of
corruption and chaos. Two of
America's Supreme Court
justices are assassinated and
Darby has to prepare a legal
brief, ironically called "The
Pelican Brief".
Her brief includes her guess on
What's new at the
Erie Art Museum?
by Doug Moore
Cdkeicus Staff
The Erie Art Museum. located
at 4th and State St. is offering
several classes in the coming
months for both adults and
children. For additional infor
mation on the classes listed
below, call the museum at 459-
and Don'ts
by Portia Kelly
Collegian Ste
You're sitting at home on a
Saturday night, nothing to do,
no one to see. You feel the urge
to watch some great videos, but
you don't know which ones.
Well, low and behold, here's an
article solely on the who's hot
and who's not in the video rental
The 1993 Academy Award
winning motion picture
"Unforgiven" should not be
forgiven. The plot of the movie
is distasteful and chaotic.
Clint Eastwood and Morgan
Freemen who are two men
searching for easy money and a
bit of a thrill, try hard to keep
the storyline moving, but can't
succeed. Eastwood, who directed
this picture, couldn't decipher
who and what murdered the
justices, and this stirs up a lot of
trouble for her. She gets herself
in a series of dilemmas that have
her fighting for her life. She is
wanted by the government and a
mystery man who uses trickery
to get close enough to do
damage. But to Darby's dismay,
her assassin has an assassin and
the plot becomes more complex.
Darby can only trust one
person, Gray Grantham, a fine
reporter, who searches for the
story that could be the
breakthrough of his career. He
then gets entangled in all the
intrigue and becomes
romantically involved with
He helps her go underground
and find the pieces of the puzzle
Oct. 9 - Photography - Beyond
the Basics. $60.4 weeks.
Oct. 9 - Junk Jewelry
Workshop. $l2. 1 week.
Oct. 16 - Wind Sculpture
Workshop. $9. 1 Week.
Oct. 18 - Drawing from a
Photograph. $2B. 2 night.
Oct. 23 - Halloween Arty
Party Workshop. $lO. 1 week.
Oct. 26 - Framing Basics
Rental Dos
whether the story should be
about a man realizing his self
worth, or a man who realizes
he's just a poor, run-down
murderer. It just doesn't make
But. Eastwood must have done
something right because it won
him several Oscars. This movie
is a big no-no for you movie
rental fans.
On a different note, we go into
an action movie that was just
full of excitement and
stimulation. "Passenger 57,"
starring Wesley Snipes, had
viewers at the edge of their seats
just waiting for the next
electrifying thrill.
Snipes, whose character is a
police officer being transferred to
a higher position in a different
state, comes upon a conspiracy
involving the hijacking of the
so they can escape from this
ordeal alive. Darby knows there
is a coverup taking place in
Washington, yet she has a far
way to go to find the real story
and who has read her enigmatical
This novel is so compelling.
It just keeps getting better and
better, chapter after chapter.
There's mystery, murder, chases,
and of course, a love story. All
of this added up equals a great
movie which will be coming out
John Grisham keeps writing
wonderful novels, including "A
Time to Kill," "The Firm," and
"The Client." Run to your
nearest bookstore or library, and
indulge yourself into this
magnificent masterpiece.
Workshop. $2B. 2 nights.
Nov. 1- Mixed Media Collage
Workshop. $2B. 2 nights.
Nov. 8 - Pastel Evenings
Workshop. $2B. 2 nights.
Nov. 13 - Origami Workshop.
$lO. 1 day.
Nov. 13 - Jelly Jar
Basketmaking. $24. 1 day.
Nov. 13 - Gourd Basket
Workshop. $22. 1 day.
flight he was on. His
performance is unmarkable with
his cunning skills and tireless
wisecracks. This movie is a
definite do for a boring Saturday
Then finally, we come to a
picture which everyone should
rent once in their lifetime. The
movie I'm referring to is "A
Few Good Men," which stars
Tom Cruise, Demi Moore,
Kevin Bacon, Keifer Sutherland,
and Jack Nicholson, who give
extremely inspirational
performances and a stunning
The movie focuses on the
corruption involving the
military and the coverups that
leave people either suffering or
dead. This movie deserves all
the credit it received, and is on
the top of the best rental list.
10. Brother
9. For Utero
8. Bat Out of Hell II
7. Coneheads
6. Saturation
5. Zepplin's Box Set II
4. Animal Instinct
3. Get A Grip
2. Blind Melon
1. Human Wheels
Siamese Dream:
simply a great album
by Scott Moore
Cops; ime Siaff
Siamese Dream is the major
label debut of Smashing
Pumpkins, the Chicago-based
band who created a buzz with
their first album, Gish, and a tour
with the Red Hot Chili Peppers
and a then-unknown band called
Pearl Jam.
I was first introduced to the
band by their contribution to the
Singles soundtrack, the dreamy
feedback opus "Drown". I was
Siamese Dream is, to put it
simply, a great album. The sound
is psychedelic, but at the same
time heavy. A moody feel
permeates the thirteen selections,
but there is still a wide variety of
dynamics for the attentive listener
to discover. The first single and
video, "Cherub Rock," is perhaps
Out on video: The
Last of the Mohicans
by Sarah Pratt
Cdlegion Staff
"Last of the Mohicans," is a
touching saga set in the savage
frontier during the French-Indian
Daniel Day-Lewis, the star,
plays the character of Nathaniel,
who is a white man, adopted and
raised by a Mohican warrior.
Nathaniel escorts two daughers
of a British general through the
untame frontier to their father's
fort, which is under siege by the
Along the way, they encounter
Indians and massacres. After
arriving, the fort is surrendered
107; A Few Good Men 5. Alive
9. Sommersby 4. Point of No Return
8. Benny and Joon 3. Fallin g Down
7. The Unforgiven 2. Scent of a Woman
6. The Bodyguard 1. Groundhog Day
the best vehicle to illustrate
songwriter Billy Corgan's
unique, other worldly vocals.
In fact, everything about the
album is original, from the
music to the enclosed booklet to
the song titles - "Geek U.5.A.,"
•"Mayonaise," "Hummer."
One aspect of the recording that
jumped out at me was the
inventive drumming of Jimmy
Chamberlain. Siamese Dream
debuted on the Billboard album
chart at number ten, and I can see
This album isn't perfect, but
it's as good a release as you'll
find in the record stores today.
Siamese Dream is one of those
releases that you listen to late at
night with the lava lamp and
blacklight on. Hell, throw in the
strobe light, too.
by the British and they march
out leaving it to the French, still
blood-thirsty with revenge
against the general and his
troops for attacking their
The Hurons then attack the
retreating British. Throughout
the movie, Nathaniel falls in
love with the eldest of the
general's daughters and
repeatedly saves her life,
resulting in a more intriguing
story plot.
Continuing, so as not to
reveal the entire story, it is
definitely worth the $3.00 to
rent and two hours of time.