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The Kappa Delta Rho
Fraternity would like to offer a
formal apology to anyone who
may have been offended by the
content and messages of a few of
our Rush posters.
The posters referred to have
been removed. Two of them
were returned to us and have been
It is important to understand
that certain individuals took it
upon themselves to produce and
display these posters. They
superseded our chain-of -co mmand
and did not receive the Rush
chairman's or the general
council's approval of their
As a consequence of the
actions of a few of our brothers
and the chapter's lack of
censorship of our Rush
Letters to the editor
propaganda, we are attending a
meeting with Chris Rizzo. We
will discuss how this material
was perceived by many students
and gain an understanding of their
feelings on the matter.
I would like to take this
opportunity to explain the
position of the fraternity as a
whole. The fraternity does not
support the sexist opinions
expressed in the posters.
It may help to clarify this
point by informing you that the
chapter decided last semester that
partial proceeds from our up
coming Miss Penn State Pageant
will be donated to the Rape
Crisis Center in Erie.
The success of the pageant is
dependant on the efforts of the
women involved, and the profits
from the event should go to an
organization from which they can
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Again, please accept our
apology and try not to let the
actions of a few shape your
opinion of our organization as a
Mark J. Rayburg
Cow:al-Kapp' Delia Rk,
We would like to take this
time to respond to the actions
taken by certain students
concerning a number of our Rush
posters. Apparently these
students were offended by the
content of these posters and took
it upon themselves to remove
them. Although the students
were not affiliated with any group
or club to our knowledge. they
felt that it was their duty to
protect the fragile minds of their
fellow college students.
While we admit that these
posters may have been unique in
content and style, they certainly
were no worse thatfnuuty media
advertisements seen everyday. For
example, advertisements for
Guess Jeans portray a large
breasted woman in a variety of
poses. The jeans are probably not
what grabs the consumer's
attention. This may be seen as
offensive by some, or as artistic
by others. The point is, the
posters were designed purely as
attention grabbers. There was no
malice intended toward any
person or gender. While people
have the constitutional right to
disagree and even speak their
minds, they may not take the
power of censorship into their
Thursday, September 16, 1993
own hands
This is not to say that we
refuse to listen to other opinions.
We gladly welcome any
comments or criticism if they are
presented in a mature and adult
manner. We do not question the
point that was made, but rather
the actions taken to make it. In
the future, if you find something
offensive, be it art,
advertisements, or Rush posters,
pause and think before responding
in a destructive manner. Actions
like this do not solve any
Mark Sigmund
9th Semester
MIS Major
Craig Campbell
7th Semester
Engl Lit
Sigma Kappa Na