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    Thursday, January 28, 1993
Scent of a Woman
A taste of the good life
with a touch of the Tango
by Jennifer Toubakaris
Collegian Staff
Feeling down about life?
Need something to uplift you
spirits? If any of these
statements apply to you, then
go see Scent of a Woman
starring Al Pacino. You'll be
sure to leave the theater feeling
good about life and maybe even
about yourself.
Pacino plays ex-Army
lieutenant colonel Frank Slade.
At the beginning of the film, he
is a mean and cynical man,
hardened by his accident with a
Chris O'Donnell (Jessica
Lange's son in Men Don't
Leave) is Charlie, the soft
spoken and sweet prep-school
student who is hired by Pacino's
family to take care of him for a
Pacino has plans for himself
and Charlie. They take a trip to
New York City. While there
they encounter many amusing
One of the most amusing
scenes is when Pacino and
Charlie test drive a sports car.
Pacino finally persuades Charlie
to let him drive. Did I mention
that Pacino is blind?!! It's a
fast-paced and funny scene and
Pacino even knows how to
sweet talk a policeman when
they get pulled over for doing
The "Colonel" has one main
passion in life, women. He can
telt a girl's name just by the
scent of her perfume. During a
scene in a muumuu he teaches a
girl how to tango. For a blind
man, Pacino c a t really move!
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the end of the weekend Pacino
has some major plans. Charlie
and he will both be leaving New
York but only Charlie will go
Here is where timid Charlie
comes into play. He shows
Pacino how much life is still in
him. Just because the war
blinded him doesn't mean that
his future is gone.
This may sound sappy but its
true. Pacino has more will in
him then many of us who have
sight but go through life not
really seeing anything at all.
Pacino is regarded as one of
the best actors of the last decade.
His portrayal as the "Colonel"
has already promised an Oscar
nomination. All I have to say
is this title is well deserved.
His acting is both moving and
O'Donnell also deserves
praise. His acting was excellent
and so are his looks. I hope to
see him in more movies to
The film is well directed by
Martin Brest (whose other film
credits include Midnight Run
and Beverly Hills Cop) and
features an excellent screenplay
by Bo Goldman (One Flew Over
the Cuckoo's Nest).
The only complaint I have is
that the movie lagged in some
areas but the cliche "All good
things come to those who wait"
definitely applies here.
In an age when, character is
often threatened by conformity,
Scent of a Wanon celebrates the
youthful sense of wonder, the
Wisdom of experience and the
importance of learning to tango.
if you need Woo spirit boosdng
Scent of a Woman is a must
100. .You might ma i PAY to Inc
Kiefer Sutherland stars
remake of the 1988 foreign film
The compulsion to know is
basic to the human mind, even
when the knowledge might be
painful. The letter that contains
good news or bad, the medical
diagnosis that may be a death
sentence, the disappearance of a
loved-one under circumstances
that will always leave a doubt in
the minds of family and
friends... When Life and death
are at stake, knowing the answer
is more terrifying than anything
we can imagine.
Obsession becomes the
ultimate weapon in The
Vanishing, a psychological
thriller about a man compelled
to learn the fate of his former
girlfriend, who has mysteriously
On a beautiful, sunny and
perfectly ordinary day, Diane
Shave, who is on holiday with
her boyfriend Jeff Harriman,
Three years later she still has
not been found. The police
have long since lost interest,
and only Jeff continues to hunt
for the woman he promised
never to abandon. Overcome by
his need to know what happened
to her, he has become obsessed
with his quest.
The Vanishing stars Jeff
Bridges as Barney, Kiefer
Sutherland as Jeff, and Nancy
Travis as Rita. Also starring is
Sandra Bullock (Love Potion
#9) as the missing Diane.
Rounding out the cast is Park
Overall (Empty Nest) as Rita's
friend, Lynn; newcomer Maggie
Linderman as Bamey's daughter,
Denise; Lisa Eichhorn (Yanks)
as Barney's concerned wife,
Helene, and veteran stage actor
George Hearn (La Cage Aux
Folles) as a publisher interested
in Jeff's story.
A Twentieth Century Fox
Presentation of a Morra,
Brenzner, Steinberg &
Tenenbaum Production, The
Vanishing marks the American
feature film debut of Dutch
director George Sluizer, who is
making his third English
language film. His most recent
film, Utz, took several top
prizes during the 42nd Berlin
International Film Festival.
Pagg 0
The Vanishing
In 1988 Sluizer made the
psychological thriller Spoorloos
(released in America as The
Vanishing), which he co-wrote
with Tim Krabbe, author of the
novel The Golden Egg., on
which the film was based. This
film will be Sluizer's remake of
his own film with more
characters and excitement added
to please American audiences.
Jeff Bridges has earned three
Academy Award nominations
over an extensive acting career
for his work in The Last Picture
Show, Thunderbolt and
Twentieth Century Fax Presents
Lightfoot and Starman. His
other film credits include
Against All Odds, The Fabulous
Baker Boys and The Fisher
King. He most recently
produced and starred in American
Heart and will next be seen in
Peter Weir's Fearless.
Seen most recently in the hit
A Few Good Men, Kiefer
Sutherland has also starred in
Stand By Me, Bright Lights,
Big City, The Lost Boys, and
Young Guns I and 11.
A respected stage actress,
Nancy Travis made her film
debut in the blockbuster Three
Men and a Baby, reprising her
role in eh sequel, Three Men and
a Little Lady. Most recently
she can be seen in Chaplin.
A popular character actor in
such films as The Abyss and
Dominick and Eugene, Todd
Graff has found success of late
as a screenwriter. In addition to
penning the American
adaptation of The Vanishing,
Graff is also responsible for the
recent Twentieth Century Fox
rele.ase. Used People.
Others on the distinguished
production team are British
cinematographer Peter
Suschitzky, production designer
Jeannine C. Oppewall (White
Palace), costume designer
Durinda Wood (Sibling Rivalry)
and editor Bruce Green, ACE.
(The Doctor). The music is by
Jerry Goldsmith (Basic Instinct).
The Vanishing comes to
theaters February 5.
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