The Collegian : the weekly newspaper of Behrend College. (Erie, PA) 1989-1993, January 28, 1993, Image 10

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from "Lauffer" on page 11
more people into the stadium and
into the arena, to try and get
more exposure on TV to get a
larger revenue from that. As a
result of trying to make the
program pay for itself, we have
opened the door for a lot of
institutions to look the other way
and just not run honest programs.
I think that we have to clean that
up. There is no question,
colleges and universities are faced
with financial crisis, and athletic
programs are not going to get the
full support that they once did
from the central budget of the
JM: What is your role in
dealing with a coach in his
or her individual sport?
HL: From an evaluated
HL: Each year, we do a couple of
things in the process. I submit
an evaluation of each coach. That
evaluation includes mine as the
athletic director and also includes
a segment of the student-athletes
evaluation of each coach. The
evaluation process not only
includes my comments, but also
the comments of the student
athletes as well.
JM: Does it make your
evaluation easier since the
athletes themselves, who
are around the coach for
hours a day, hours a week,
also take part in it?
HL: I try to look at it as two
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of the union
independent evaluations. I allow,
as a policy of the college, the
athletes to make their evaluation.
I then will write up an
evaluation for each coach,
highlighting the areas where that
person received the strongest
response and also noting where
there have been some concerns
expressed by the athletes, if
indeed their are any. Generally
speaking, our coaches fare well in
that exercise. Because I work
with them in a different manner
than the athletes, I see a different
side of them and it's valued. I see
them in a different way; budgets,
equipment, recruiting, and a
whole host of things. As a result
of that, I'm able to make my
annual evaluation of their
progress. Generally speaking,
they do well.
JM: What are some of the
things that you do as an
A.D.? Things that you
haven't mentioned so far.
HL: Personnel to budgets to
trying to improve facilities to
fundraising. We are going to be
kicking off our first ever
campaign, the Lion's Pride
Campaign. We are going to get
in contact with as many former
student athletes at Penn State-
Behrend as possible to solicit
them to come on board to
support our athletics program.
Fundraising is a very big part of
my position. Keeping up with
NCAA regulations is another,
because we don't have a
compliance officer. Between Mr.
1 • o S►.IovlER
*iV S f •
Grode, who is the faculty athletic
representative, and myself, we
basically try to serve as the
compliance officers for this
institution to make sure that we
are doing things according to
NCAA regulations.
JM: Do you think that
fundraising is more
important at a lower level
like Division 111 than
Division I?
HL: No, I don't Joe, but it has
become important at all levels of
intercollegiate athletics for
reasons that I sighted earlier. I
think that we need to do more to
support our budgets and I feel
good about fundraising. I think
that it is an important part of
what we do, but not the most
important. Plus there is a value
in it. Not just in dollars and
cents, but the value of having
alumni being able to identify
with and feel part of the program.
There is a great deal of benefit
beyond just the money that you
get from alumni. Hopefully we
can capture that. We have a good
group of alumni athletes and
they've been great to work with.
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