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New grad assists H&WC
by Rob Moffet
Collegian Staff
There is a new face at the
Health and Wellness Center here
at Behrend. Colleen 0' Hara has
replaced Kathy Eck as the
Wellness Coordinator for the
Colleen, a native of Erie,
currently holds an under-graduate
degree in Sports Medicine. She
is working on her Masters
Degree in Health Education
from Main Campus by taking
classes at Penn State's
Downtown Center.
Colleen is in charge of the
organization of such events as
Drug Awareness Week and other
related student activities. She
realizes that these events can be
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The weekly newspaper of Penn State-Behrend College
Thursday, January 21,1993 Vol. XLI No. 13
dull if not done properly and is
interested in "making them
more enjoyable for the
Although from Erie, Colleen
was never familiar with Behrend
and is very impressed with how
well she has been treated. She
"I expected them to
be resistant...l was
really surprised."
--Colleen O'Hara
said she was surprised by the
amount of cooperation she has
received from the fraternities and
sororities with regard to
participation in campus events.
"I expected them to be
resistant...l was really
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Since the Health Center has
no advertising budget, Colleen
would like everyone to know
about some upcoming events.
January 25-29 is Healthy
Choices week. It is a new
program featuring represent
atives from Ask-A-Nurse and
AIDS Awareness. The Hamot
Wellness Center will also be
giving free health evaluations.
February 8-12 is Drug
Awareness Week featuring
Charlie Boumann, the Patriots'
place kicker, and a mock-trial
sponsored by Tau Kappa
basketball coach
Jenepher Bankers son,
Colby, demonstrates his
expertise at his
mother's sport at the
girls' game against
Alfred University.
Resident scholar receives grant
by April M. Bogdanski
Co&Rion Stq'
Chris Dubbs, assistant
professor of creative writing,
has received a $5,000 grant
awarded by the Pennsylvania
Council on the Arts Fiction
The grant is a Pennsylvania
Humanities Grant, which
scholars from all areas of
Pennsylvania strive for each
year. According to the grant
proposal, the Literature Program
of the Pennsylvania Council on
the Arts awards fellowships "to
a limited number of writers of
exceptional talent." Only
thirteen are selected out of four
hundred proposals, and Dubbs
was honorably one of them. He
was the only literature recipient
in northwestern Pennsylvania.
"Aside from giving you
resources to set aside blocks of
time to work on a project,
grants provide deadline pressure,
a very good motivator," said
The Pennsylvania Council
Award recognizes Professor
Dubbs' outstanding talents. It
also recognizes that he is part of
Behrend's creative writing
program. This has a positive
effect on the Division of
Humanities and Social Sciences.
According to Dr. Roberta
Salper, head of the division of
Humanities and Social Sciences,
this award enables Dubbs to
have more financial flexibility
and will call attention to his
talent. "I am very glad that the
Council has recognized
Professor Dubbs' talent, and I
am proud that he is a member of
Behrend's faculty and of Behrend
Amel Balcital Collegian Photographer
Dubbs will be using the grant
to complete a series of stories
he is writing about returning
World War II soldiers and the
French War bride who
accompanies one of them. The
literary journal Sou'wester
published the first story last
year, and the second one will
appear in the Colorado Review.
"I've never before written a
series of stories using the.same
character. It's like writing a
novel in steps," continued
Dubbs is also the author of
"Ms. Faust," a retelling of the
Faustian legend in which a
female executive makes a pact
with the devil in exchange for a
swift climb up the corporate
ladder. The book has been
optioned as a feature film.