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The season of change
b Teresa Turk
The Collegian
It's the semester of hello and
goodbyes. Assistant Professor of
Psychology, Michael Ichiyama,
will be leaving this semester, but
we have also gained a staff
Sue Daly, currently Bchrend's
personal counselor, has been
hired as the new clinical
Daly worked for Erie's Rape
Crisis Center for 17 years before
coming to Behrend. She has
received her Master's Degree in
Clinical PSychology and "may
one day" pursue a Ph.D. She has
been working at Behrend since
the beginning of the fall semester
as a part-time personal counselor
before acquiring the full-time
Daly was chosen from a field
of three possible. She made it
through this initial phase before
moving on to the interview
"The night before the
interviews, I was nervous," said
Daly. "But I told myself, let
Behrend take a shot with me."
She prepared for questions
aimed at determining her
competence and claimed later that
they weren't as hard as she
thought they'd be.
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Daly said, "I was touched and
honored in receiving the job."
"Daly was a clear-cut choice.
She has a pleasant nature and the
students are comfortable with
her," said, Chris Reber, dean of
Student Affairs. "She's seen more
students here part-time than were
seen all of last year. The students
must feel comfortable around
Upon returning from the
holidays, Daly plans to organize
her office for the next twelve
months. She is planning to
gather information for a multi
media library with videos and
audio-visual tapes, which
students will be able to take out.
She commented that she is here
for students and it any student has
a problem or wants to talk, they
can call and make an
appointment. She is located in
the Counseling and Advising
office in the Reed Building.
Michael Ichiyama, Assistant
Professor of Psychology, will be
leaving Behrend at the end of the
semester to pursue a job at the
University of Michigan at
Lansing. There he will be part of
a longitudinal study program.
Roberta Salper, Division
Head of Humanities and Social
Sciences, said "I am devastated at
his leaving."
Swamped with, Were... Page 04
he Collegian
ursday, December 10, 1992 Vol. XLI No. 12
"This is a good sign for the
Behrend College Psychology
Department being good enough
to stay or go. It's testimony of
his quality and the quality of our
Ichiyama lamented that he will
miss Behrend, but at this point in
his life, he couldn't pass up the
opportunity. It will be a good
move for his career.
He needs to find out if this is
the route he's going to be happy
with or if he's going to miss the
Ichiyama also said, "1 will
miss my students more than
anything else, in and out of the
classroom." He valued his
colleagues, but the students are
the ones that make up the
The division of Humanities and
Social Sciences will begin a
national search for a replacement
for Ichiyama in January.
Ichiyama was involved not
only with his classes, but also
advised the Psy Chi-Honors
Society, was the faculty advisor
for Behrend's Martial Arts Club
and also the faculty advisor for
Behrend's Billiard Club.
According to Salper, one of
the major goals for the future of
the division would be to increase
the number of full-time faculty
for the psychology department.
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No allowance
for profit
b • Vick Sn
The Collegian
Sparks flew last night at the
Student Government
Association's regular Wednesday
night meeting. commission from SGA. He
SGA learned that Senator Eric must also relinquish the $6 per
Pine, Chairman of the Spring person commission he earns
Break Committee, earns a $6 from Travel Associates to
commission for every person SGA's general fund.
who books a trip through him Commuter Senator President
from Travel Associates, the Mike Brenneman was pleased
Ire vela t enc l: ll4lo 04"4041 w ith the decision. "I think it
*O4 bosh tvip to was juStified and he deserves the
lad& Mitillisk, Pine itets trip. also justified in
free trip to Mori& for hie receiving the per person from
recruiting efforts. the travel agency due to the risk
Pine requested an additional we take in backing the trip and
commission of $5 pet person to defer the costs we incur," he
from SGA, which would said.
provide him with $5OO in "I think it was fair and proper.
profit. However, Pine changed and I'm glad to see that the
his mind and lequested instead to senate views themselves as
follow University Park's system service oriented," added Greg
01 compensation, which allows Farrell. vice president of SGA.
Takin' care of
Gar Johnson
The Collegian
So, the University plans to
phase out funding for WPSE?
Then they'll just have to fund it
WPSE, Behrend's own
commercial radio station, plans
to hire a marketing and sales
"We need someone who is competent
enough to run the station in any type of
representative to open up the
community to WPSE in order to
generate more advertising and
revenue for it. The rep will also
run the station when needed and
also to teach the misdeals how to
a representative from the travel
agency to go in front of SGA
and request a commission of
$l5 out of every $35 in sales.
A motion was passed to allow
Pine to keep the free trip to
Florida, but not to receive a
sell and run the station so that
eventually the students can run
the station completely by
"The main focus will be sales,
but he or she will also work with
the students to develop their
skills in radio sales and
marketing," said David Shields,
director of Student Activities.
--David Shields
Director of Student Activities
Fred Anzivino, manager of
WPSE, commented "Thc main
reason we are hiring the rcp is
basically because the station isn't
a priority in our budgetary
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