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Trigon constitution
Danette Parrett
The Collegian
At 5:46 p.m. on Wednesday,
December 2, a landmark decision
was issued at the Student
Government Association (SGA)
The constitution for Trigon, the
gay, lesbian, and bisexual
coalition, was passed by SGA.
Trigon is the first organization .
of its type to be established on
Behrend's campus.
Matt, a third semester physics
major and a founder of Trigon had
this. to say:
"I'm glad it's finally over, but
actually it's just bOginning."
Dan, a third semester forest
science majof, who is also a
founder, agreed with Matt and
added, "I'm pleased and happy,
but Iwas very confident going in
that it (the constitution) would be
Dan also noted that he was
surprised that the constitution
was passed in a unanimous
Trigon worked this year with
the Human Relations
Programming Council to sponsor
Straighttalk- an open forum on
gay life. Plans for the future are
to hold a rally on Behrend's
campus to promote awareness of
gay issues, and to hold education
programs for ridcnts.
Trigon's held their last meeting
last night secure that they have
established their place in the
future at Behrend. The
organization looks to start
working toward their goals at the
beginning of next semester.
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he Collegian
hursday, December 3, 1992 Vol.. XLI No. 11
Loretta Russ
The Collegian
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
jingle all the way ...
It's that time of year again.
The Behrend community will
once again celebrate the opening
of the holiday season this Friday
evening with the presentation
of the 44th annual Hanging of
the Greens.
Hanging of the Greens is
Behrend's only longstanding
established tradition. The
ceremony is as old as the
College (Behrend) itself.
The event is held annually at
the Wintergreen Gorge
Cemetery, in the Behrend
The chapel itself •will be
illuminated by candlelight only.
The candlelight creates a mood
of tranquility and peace
throughout the chapel.
Opening comments will be
made by Benjamin Lane,
associate Professor of English
emeritus. This is Lane's 40th
year for conducting the opening
$3 t Million for PET Complex
A L Gary. Johnson
The Calls:hos
three million Clown, one to
i_cooo valedon.flons
square foot*:h
t pf as ile t i e w s
riagineeripg Technology
aomplex now total $3 million ,
mpg to the $2.5 million
-appropriated from University
"Wit mitiAktit
as ft donors
.d-T R oc he s, ou ln i •
Maiool, and P lastics,
there would be,M_a iii
of lob now comple x
John M mulll°l6° Praised I)
L iI ky , aro r.
dm), ,vost. and
alsoLilley . remarked that he
plans on a national campaign to
raise $2 atilikot additional.
"People believe in what we're
doing here. We can make a
difference because we've only
been a college for twenty koors."
Behrend tradition continues
44th annual Hanging of the Greens
"The ceremony is
Private donations surpass University support
traditionally very well attended:
said Lane. "It is always a fun
The event has traditionally
been a combined memorial
service in honor of the Behrend
family and their gift of the
Behrend estate to Penn State as
well as the university's official
inauguration of the Christmas
Lane said, "The ceremony has
meant a great deal to me and my
Lane relates stories about the
Behrcnd family and talks about
Bchrend in a historical context.
He also discusses current issues
in an effort to relate the
ceremony to the present.
"It is an inspiring and moving
program," said David Shields,
director of Student Activites.
"No student should leave
Behrend College without
experiencing Hanging of the
In addition to Lane's informal
presentation there will be
several responsive readings.
Andrea Letizio, 9th semester
English major, Tarsha Proctor,
Ist semester film and video and
Mary Zaczkiewicz, sth semester
"Thi donors re llkize that we .
have a terrific toilet& teaching
and scholarship here and that we
are trying to create an experience
in and out of the classroom that
is first rate.. People don't just
give their money to anyone."
"We - think that the
plas(ies industry
has been very good
to our family and
we want to give
- something back. tt
--P.C. Roche, CEO,
Erie Plastics Corp.
The demon now released are
Port Erie Plastics, Yates
Company, the Roche family,
Omni Plastics, Multi-Tool,
Inc., Multi-Plastics, Inc., and
Dick Fasenmyer, who
contributed SI million.
. ou Outland
communication will lead the
Christmas carols are also
planned throughout the
ceremony. The audience is
encouraged to participate in the
John Lilley, provost and
Dean, and Joseph Mycka, SGA
President, will hang the
traditional Christmas wreath
(greens) midway through the
"I look forward to officially
kicking off the holiday season at
Behrend," said Mycka.
The short ceremony will
conclude with Lane making
closing comments and the
assembled audience singing
"Silent Night."
Following the ceremony all
guest are welcome to return to
the Reed Union Building for a
reception. The Office of
Student Activites will provide
Hanging of the Greens will
begin promptly at 7 p.m.
The Blue Bus will depart from
the Reed Parking Lot at 6:30
p.m. for those people needing a
ride to the cemetery. The bus
will be running free of charge.
There were three anonymous
"We don't need polymer
chemists. Our material
suppliers provide that service.
We need hands-on, technically
trained employees. It's great to
have a program like this so
close to us," said James R.
Johnston, vice president • of
Multi-Plastics, Inc.
"We think that the Plastics
Industry has been very good to
OW family, and we want to give
something back," P.C. Roche,
Jr., president and CEO of Erie
Plastics Corporation and chair
of complex's local fiinciraising
Ground for the complex was
broken October 27 and it is
meted to open in the fall of
01 ,
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