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    Cultural Fiesta
brings the world
foods ,
music and costumes
by Vicky Snyder
The Collegian
Penn State-Behrend celebrated
cultural diversity yesterday by
presenting the Behrend
community with an all-day
Cultural Fiesta in the
Wintergarden. Aromas, sounds
and various cultural items from
around the world were displayed
at ten tables, including
traditional artifacts from the
Greek, Irish, Scottish, Indian,
African-American, Estonian,
Jewish and Islamic cultures.
The fiesta kicked off with
John Duaber, a Penn State
Alumni, lecturing about and
playing the traditional Scottish
bagpipes in the Scottish dress.
Each table was adorned with
cultural garb as well as food
"We have humus-tahina and
falafel made out of ground chick
peas. It is considered a national
fast food in Israel," said Orit
Azoulay, a sixth semester
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categories with two prizes in
The Easter egg hunt is
spompsed by the Veterans Club,
Kappa 130lta Rho, and Zeta Beta
Taa. For more information
contact Michael Coon at 698-
6864 or 898-6335 or Nick
Koozel* 898-6335.
culture ,
chemistry major. "We had a lot
of people try our dishes."
Jim Edwards, representative
from the Robert Burns Scottish
Club, also entertained questions
from curious visitors. Edwards
was dressed in the ancient
Scottish costume called belfed
plaid. He made his own costume
including the leather moccasins
which accompanied his outfit.
"The fiesta was much bigger
than I thought it would be and
I'm looking forward to attending
next year," commented Edwards.
An Islamic table was included
among the displays, although
Hassan Davis, a third semester
mechanical engineering
technology major, explained that
Islam is not really a culture, but
rather a type of worship which
encompasses the worship of all
Shelley Ashew, an eighth
semester Psychology major, said,
"I think this (the Cultural Fiesta)
was a good idea and has been
quite successful."
Mycka, Farrell
win top SGA
Less than 30 percent turn
by Todd J. Irwin
The Collegian
Last week just under thirty
percent of Bchrend's student body
elected next year's Student
Government leaders.
In the hotly contested race for
president and vice-president of
SGA, the ticket of Joe Mycka
and Greg Farrell edged out John
Mack and Jake Sherosky by 21
votes, 287 to 266.
"I'm happy we won,” said
Mycka. "I'm glad we'll have the
opportunity to serve to students."
Mack viewed Mycka's victory
as a direct result of a Mock Greek
"Congratulations to the
Greeks," said Made. "They came
The Boss bounds back with two 7
e Collegian
y, April 16, 1992
Greg Geibel/77ie Collegian
What's this? Christopher Duckett and Leah
Daw, both 4th semester psychology majors, taste
new and different foods at the Cultural Fiesta.
out in large numbers and got the
19 9 2
Mycka did concede that the
Greeks were his main supporters.
"It just goes to show you that
we (the Greeks) can pull together
and get the job done." said
Mycka. "I hope that trait will
pass on to the members of
Vol. XL No. 23
out to vote
Vice-president-elect Farrell
added that support for the
winning ticket was wide spread
and not just Greek-based.
The top vote receiver in the
election, Chris Hilden, took away
the Student Programming
Council presidency from
incumbent Mark Johnson.
Hilden received nearly 350 votes
in the contest.
"People knew what they
wanted," said Hilden. "They knew
I could do the job. I've done it
Hilden served as president of
SPC during 1990-91. Johnson
declined to comment on the
election results.
In the race for Student
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Lady Lions softball 10
and 4... page 11
made to
New format creates
fewer but more
significant awards
And the winners
me....we11, perhaps we won't
see Jack Palancedoing one
armed pusfh
Awards earlier this month,
but this year's Honors and
Awards Ceremony should be
just as good.
The ceremony, to be held
April 26 at 2 p.m. in Erie
Halt, is expected to be better
this year because of fewer
but more significant awards,
according to David Shields,
assistant dean of student
"The big change is the
elimination of club and
organization certificates,"
said "This year the
certificates will be given to
groups and organizations so
they can award them at a
later date."
In pasty ears the club and
organization certificates were
handed out at the ceremony.
With a growing number of
student organizations on
campus. Shields said the
ceremony was becoming too
long and diminishing the
significance of the awards.
"We haye over 70 clubs
and organizations oh
campus,” said Shields. "Last
year we awarded 4 7
Certificates in
Tiying to present
certificates in .
amount of time
lessen their meaning,
as leave the
wondering what
had done to
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