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Behrend briefs
"Showtime at the Reed" sponsored by ABC
will be held October 27 from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. in
Reed 117. You must sign up in the ABC office by
Thursday, October 11 with registration fee of $5 per
act. Prizes will be $5O first, $25 second, $l5 third.
For more information call Kim at 6742.
Lion Ambassadors are sponsoring an essay
contest "What Makes Behrend Special." There is a
$5O prize awarded. Essays are due by 5 p.m.,
October 19 at the Rub desk. Contact JoAnne at 6942
for more information.
Communication Honor Society, Lambda
Pi Eta will hold a meeting for all members and those
interested in joining on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the
Reed Conference Room. For more information
contact Quinn Solem at 454-2221.
The Computer Center is offering training
sessions to students, faculty, staff and administration
October 8-18. Please call or stop by the Computer
Center for more information or to sign up for a
Accounting Club will meet every Thursday at
8:30 p.m. in Reed 116. This week: The do's and
don'ts of campus interviewing.
Volleyball night sponsored by IVCF will be
held this Saturday at the Wesley Center. We will be
meeting at 7 p.m. in the Wintergarden if anyone
needs a ride. Contact Steven Smith at 6676.
JRC Flower Sale for Sweetest Day will be held
October 8-10 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Reed. Roses
are $1.50 each and carnations are $l. They will be
delivered on October 18.
T-Shirt Design Voting will be held on
Tuesday, October 9 from noon to 4 p.m. in the
Wintergarden and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the
residence halls. Contact Mike Adams at 825-2725 or
the JRC office at 6297 for more information.
Crop walk for world hunger is being held
Sunday Oct. 14 beginning at 2 p.m. from the
Waldameer parking lot. Contact the Campus Ministry
office at 6245 for sponsor sheets and envelopes.
Applications for the 1991-92 Resident
Assistant staff are now available in the Office of
Student Services. There will be a mandatory
informational meeting on Monday, October 15 at 9
p.m. in Reed 117. Deadline for applications is
Friday, October 19 at 5 p.m. Call 6111 for more
Kuwait: A 2nd Vietnam? Information discussion
about the invasion of Kuwait will be held
Wednesday, October 10 at 8 p.m. in Perry Lobby.
Emerging Leader Series: "Decoding the
University Maze: How to Cut Through the Red
Tape" will be held Wednesday, September 26 at
noon in Reed 116.
Alpha Phi Omega has distributed boxes in
Student Activities, Division of Science, and Division
of Humanities offices to collect Campbell soup labels
and Giant Eagle and Loblaws receipts to benefit
Diehl School.
Due to the large number of Briefs entering
our office, will have to go by a first come, first serve
program. We can not guarantee your brief will be
printed every week. All briefs have to be in by noon
the Tuesday before publication. Your copy must
include the date and time that the brief is turned in.
The Collegian
Three-car collision in Lawrence lot;
wallet stolen from student's car
Last Wednesday Police and
Safety investigated a hit-and-run
accident to a student's vehicle,
which was parked in the C-lot.
When the student arrived at her
home, she noticed her vehicle had
been hit
Also on Wednesday Police
and Safety investigated a three-car
traffic accident in F-lot. Minor
damage was reported to all three
vehicles and None of the drivers
were charged.
On Monday a student
reported that his truck was hit
while parked in B-lot. Upon
further investigation, it appeared
that another vehicle had made too
wide of a turn into the lot and
struck the student's vehicle. The
truck was dammaged on the
passenger side just in front of the
rear tire and sustained minor
Forum addresses white-bashing
(continued from page 1)
The discussion focused on
white-bashing and the Penn State
policy on diversity. Although
numerous comments were made
on varying racial issues, no set
answer was found.
The general consensus at the
end of the evening, however, was
that a communication problem
exists between all of the different
groups. The solutions proposed
by numerous students were: more
education on cultural history and
background about different ethnic
groups, and a change in attitude.
As one student put it, "drop it
[the diversity issue] and start
looking at each other equally."
After an introduction by
George and Wiley, student Von
Cousin opened the discussion by
relating a friend's view that
"diversity is blown out of
proportion." Then another student
asked if special programs for
whites and blacks didn't add to the
segregation of minorities.
Chris Reber, in response to
the above question, said, "One on
one contact is the most
broadening and enriching...and
there are no single efforts or
universal answers." Reber also
urged people of all groups to
"take initiative to get to know
others who are different"
When the questions turned to
white discrimination, students
focused on the communication
problem between groups. Several
students also commented on
being "blamed" or discriminated
against for being white. One
student commented that people
viewed him as having "a greater
economic advantage " as a white,
and he disagreed.
Other whites shared examples
of discriminatory acts against
them in reference to companies
that must allegedly meet
Criminal Mischief
Last Tuesday an employee
reported that when she returned
to her car she discovered a flat
tire. She also reported that a
similar incident had occurred
earlier this year. The tire had been
checked for a leak with negative
On Thursday, Sept 27,
Police and Safety officers
discovered a male walking along
Station Rd. with two signs.
When questioned, the male
dropped the signs and ran. The
signs were later returned to the
False Alarm
minority quotas for jobs.
A question was also raised
about incentive scholarships for
black students at Penn State.
However, Dean Lilley was quick
to point our that black students
are not paid for their grades, and
many scholarships do exist for
whites and other minorities.
On the opposing side, another
student declared that "whites
should be blamed [for the
hardships of minorities]." The
same student also said, "We
whites don't take enough blame.
Have we ever changed our
One student commented that
"there is a lot of racism you can't
see." Suggestions were then made
to "keep minds open and start
growing to accept everyone and
pass it on to our children."
Further advice was to "read and
stop going on hearsay. Get the
One R.A. told her story of
how she tried to learn about and
befriend some minority students,
but said she was frustrated in her
attempts. She stated that, "It is
up to everyone as a whole to be
aware of each other's background.
Behrend purchases land
for athletic fields
(continued from page 1)
therapy clinic and student rental
According to John Lilley,
provost and dean, the new land
will be used varsity athletic
fields while the existing athletic
fields will be dedicated to
Thursday, October 4,1990
Last Saturday Police and
Safety responded to a fire alarm
in Perry Hall. Upon arrival
officers smelled smoke on the
second floor, but its source could
not be discovered. Officers
determined that the fire alarm was
set off intentionally and the
incident is still under
Wallet Stolen
On Monday a student reported
that his wallet and cash were
stolen from his car while parked
on campus. He said that the
wallet was taken from the
dashboard of his car and the
contents were scattered about.
The incident is under
Why keep separate? Get together
for a positive reason.”
While some students felt it
was difficult for whites and
blacks to intermingle, others felt
that whites never made the
attempt One minority student in
particular asked for people to "try
to put yourself in the place of a
Dr. Michael Ichiyama, a
psychology professor at Behrend,
stated that, "Racism is on the rise
again." He also said that at
Behrend, "the open atmosphere
about diversity is a delusion."
One student urged everyone to
go to the meetings of other
ethnic groups and to get involved
because "the worst thing out of it
is that you'll learn something
Another challenge was issued
for each person to meet someone
culturally different and to leave
the discussion with someone
racially different
Dr. George urged any students
interested in mandating diversity
courses at Penn State to contact
their local administrators and
faculty to, in turn, pressure
University Park officials.
intramural sports use.
The land is presently owned
by the New England Province of
die Mission, a religious order
from West Hartford, Conn.
A date for finalization of the
sale has not yet been