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    The' Collegian-Thursday, December 7,-1989
Food issues``
at Behrend
(continued from page 1)
the privilege of offering them
through legislation." Vogan
again stressed his volume doesn't
allow him to buy in large
amounts like large supermarkets,
thus losing the bulk discounts
large chains get.
As for lines, Vogan says at
the worst point in time the long
lines were caused by mechanical
problems' with one-of the' cash
registers. He admits there - are
times though when tie-ups with
registers occur. Vogan says the
influx of charge customers at one
in the afternoon (when A La
Board points are accepted in the
Cafe again) is mainly caused by
the lack of a second card reading
Kanty sponsors contest
by Monica Michel
Collegian Staff Writer
Kanty Village is kicking off
the holiday season by inviting
sororities, fraternities, church
groups and others to participate
in a Christmas scene contest.
Starting last Monday, the
people of Kanty Village have
been building a Kanty Kane
Carousel in their front yard on
East 38th Street_ _
Kanty Danes: Kanty Village shows its
Chrismas spirit with a decoration contest_
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machine. "With one machine
cash-only, there's a longer line
for people who want to use
points. Hopefully soon we will
be able to install an additional
card machine." He added them are
plans to create an express lunch
line featuring soups and
sandwiches for quicker service,
but those plans hinge on a card
machine as well.
According to Vogan, next
semester's hours will remain the
Same and he doesn't expect any
large price increases.
Paul says SGA has no
immediate plans to make any
more changes or suggestions for
the Cafe.
Ken Lochbaum, owner of
Kanty Village, says he be
opening the front yard for other
entries and will even supply the
electricity. -
The winning display will be
awarded $2OO, second place will
recieve $125, and third place will
be given $75.
All displays must be
completed by December 8, when
judging will lake place.
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Behrend Geoscience professor re
elected member of Erie school board
by Lea Gotch
Collegian Staff Writer
Dr. Eva Tucker, a Behrend
geoscience professor, is also a
recently re-elected member of the
Erie County School Board.
This year will be Tucker's
eighth year serving on the school
board. His first four years were
the result of two two-year
appointed-terms. In 1985, he
was elected for a four year term.
Most recently, on November
7, Tucker won election for
another four year term. He
received 24,000 votes, more than
anyone that ran. His name
Open forum on society changes
by Chris Dyne
Collegian Staff Writer'
An open forum on changes in
'society over the past 25 years,
held in Niagara Hall lobby on
November 28; was attended by a
handful of Behrend students.
Dr. Gamble and Dr. Fowler,
the guest speakers, discussed the
changes in the college student's
life since 1964.
One major change, cited by
Dr. - Fowler, is the lack of unity
shown by college students
towards a common cause.
He explained that when he
was in college the students would
question authority. Now when
the administration lays down a
new rule, students passively
accept it.
The 80's generation is much
more cynical. Few of us bother
to vote, and instead of protesting,
interest groups•- represent our
cause, according to Fowler.
Gamble mentioned the major
accomplishments in the civil
rights movement. Martin Luther
King Jr. may have led the
movement, but it was the
hundreds of thousands of young
blacks that made it all happen,
said Gamble.
The professors agreed that
twenty-five years ago we thought
that we could make the world a
better place by working together,
but today our unity has died as
we just let things happen.
and many more!
appeare - d — on both the Republican
and the Democratic tickets.
The main purpose of the
school board ".. . is to see to it
that the young people of Erie
receive the best possible
education," said Tucker.
The board's responsibilities
include raising taxes, selecting
teachers and administrators and
monitoring and evaluating
Tucker feels that his positions
on the school board and teaching
here at Behrend have
complemented each other.
"By interacting with students
here at Behrend, I get a sense of
Looking back: Students and faculty gather
to look at changes in the last 25 years.
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Page 3
how they are prepared," Tucker
said, "This gives me an idea of
how we should strengthen our_
program in Erie."
Since a new superintendent is
now in charge, Tucker thinks
there will be some changes in the
way the school board functions.
"I think we will see less of
different members submitting
different solutions because we
have a very aggressive
administration," said Tucker.
As for future plans, Dr.
Tucker will serve on the school
board as long as he feels he has
something to offer to the students
of Erie.