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The Beatles complete list of
classics with Sgt. Pepper's
by Gary Nolan
Collegian Staff Writer
The final installment in my
five-part series of "must have"
albums leaves me with many
good releases to choose from and
only one slot to fill. I feel that I
would disappoint many, and
would also feel amiss myself, if I
did not include the early 1967
release by the Beatles, Sgt.
Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club
Band. This album warrants
ranking just on the basis of all
the musicians that cite Sgt.
Pepper's as a guiding influence in
their rock ".nd roll careers.
Musicians from the Bee Gees to
the Beach Boys were affected and
guided by its widespread
When the Beatles' era
unfortunately ended due to the
senseless murder of John Lennon,
the remaining Beatles attempted
to deal with their "irreconcilable"
differences. On the heels of a just
resolved lengthy lawsuit that
pitted Paul McCartney against
Ringo Starr, George Harrison,
and Yoko Ono, representing the
late Lennon, it seems more
unlikely than ever that - the
remaining members of this
quartet will ever share a stage.
The fact that the Beatles
remain a chapter in rock and roll
that can never be repeated makes
this work that much more
spectacular. The group had what
many bands search for and lack
today: The Beatles had timing.
They released albums at the right
time, held back at the right time,
toured at the right time and
fortunately for the fans, exited
music on top, where they started.
They did not go on to make
parodies of themselves like many
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'6os bands have done and still cute musical group with catchy
continue to do today. One knows songs. They longed to make
that this band will never exist sophisticated music. Their
again and that makes the work experimentation in psychedelic
irreplaceable and permanent. drugs also fueled this desire. The
Sgt. Pepper's, fueled by Beatles were determined to have
"Beatlemania" ' an incredible their real identities shown.
interest in the band from both In the theme song to Sgt.
press and fans alike, sold over 6.5 Pepper's, Ringo stars as "the one
million copies in America. It and only Billy Shears". His full,
landed at number one on personable voice really assures
Billboard's charts. Anything less the listener that he really will
from this band would have proved "get by with a little help from
a disappointment_ my friends".
One of the most important The Beatles later go on to
contributors to this album explore such topics as
remains producer George Martin. psychedelic drugs, as in the song
He allowed and encouraged the "Lucy in the Sky with
Beatles' curiosity in the studio to Diamonds". Though Lennon
explore and create. Thus the adamantly denied the song was
release was a landmark recording a b out LSD, one cannot deny the
in the innovative use of sound implications, combined with the
technology. This brought widespread experimentation by
technology to the forefront of - the Beatles in psychedelics.
music and opened doors for the The happy "When Fm Sixty
future of multilayered sounds. Four" and "Lovely Rita" give the
This album's spectrum of sound record a lighter side. It invites a
ranged more widely than those of sing-along likely to include
previous releases, even to the members of several generations.
point of including a dog whistle The album concludes with "A
on the second side, beyond the Day in the Life", a track at which
scope of human ears. critics marvel and which proves a
In the wake of the legendary fitting end to a superb record.
nature of this work, the Beatles - One thing that is sure to strike
kept their sense of humor on the the listener is the now famous
album, making it light and last chord that fades out with the
amusing while at the same time end of the record to seal up
revolutionary. The Beatles proved another great Beatles release.
to keep their old image while As this final part in my series
dispelling it at the same time. comes to a close, this release,
This phenomenon occurred among the others discussed, will
due to the fact that when the continue to revolve in my
Beatles stopped touring in 1966 compact disc player. I hope that
they removed themselves from these releases endure and affect
the chaotic and demanding world other generations as they have
of "Beatlemania". Their concern mine. I continue to search for
was that the public only more great releases and thank all
perceived them as a harmless, those that help me to do so.
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The Collegian Wednesday, November 22,1989
Tears for
sow their
by Robb Frederick
Entertainment Editor
After a debut which was
instantly dimissed by critics
and listeners alike, Curt Smith
and Roland Orzabal combined
their refined musical
capabilities to produce a
follow-up that would provide
numerous bit singles overdue
acclaim from all.
The duo, collectively know
as Tears For Fears, burst onto
the music charts with Songs
From the Big Chair, which
was powered by the hit single
"Everybody Wants to Rule the
World" and the anthem-like
The group, however, faded
from the spotlight as
instantaneously as it appeared.
Songs From the Big Chair,
which was released in 1985,
remained as the band's last
work until the recently released
The Seeds of Love.
During the duo's four-year
hiatus, the band members must
have continued their musical
education, because their latest
endeavor stands as an elaborate,
intricately arranged work. The
frequent use of tempo changes
and orchestrated interludes
propels The Seeds of Love far
beyond the pop-centered sound
of Songs From the Big Chair.
From the beginning notes
of "Woman in Chains," the
duo's new route is clearly
mapped. The soothing vocals
of bassist Curt Smith, gently
supported by a sedated drum
track by guest Phil Collins,
describe the artist's feelings of
hopelessness when confronted
by the world's injustices.
Smith's lyrics are
majesticly complimented by
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brilliantly equates the group's
vocal arrangement.
The lengthy "Bad Man's
Song" continues the band's
experimentation through the
use of a piano and keyboard
backbone reminiscent of
cultivated blues. An expanded
piano solo pit against a
representative brass section
completes the groove of this
The diverse styles and
vocal possibilities - culminate
on the release's first single
"Sowing the Seeds of Love."
Smith belts out his vocals at a
feverish rate, as Orzabal offers
his unwavering support
throughout the song's chorus.
This intricate layering
process continues to confirm
the academically refined
abilities of Smith and Orzabal,
but the technical aspects of this
release at times overshadow the
musical merit. The songs on
The Seeds of Love may be
presented in an educated,
mature approach, but the
spontaneity which characterizes
truly inspired music is lacking.
Songs like "Standing on the
Corner of the Third World" and
"Year of the Knife" are
respectable, but the works are
legthy and uninspired. This
may cause many listeners to
quickly lose interest.
Artistic experimentation of
any kind should be commended
in the current stale music
market, but Tears For Fears
have attempted to leap too far
ahead. Perhaps they should
have lingered near the style
which proved so successful for
them in the past.
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