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New Organization Seeks
to Protect Rights of Women
by Janet Ocampo
Collegian Staff Writer
As controversy over abortion
continues, a number of Behrend
students have banned together
with members of Edinboro
NOW, National Organization for
Women, to form a new
That organization is Pro-
Choice Erie, a group committed
to protecting a woman's legal
right to have an abortion.
The pro-choice group came
into existence this school year as
a response to what many have
termed as an "anti-choice" trend
in Erie.
Recently, a committee
meeting was held to designate
strategies for the protection of
women's rights.
Both legislative and lobby
committees were created to target
specific arenas of the abortion
Karol Tomczak, a Behrend
student and head of the legislative
group, will work with other
Freshmen Senator Election
Results from Yesterday's Voting
*****Jason J. Fitchner
Laura Baccus
Linda Deshea Ericson
Stephen Scharrer
*7:-'-:*** Maria Torres
Sandra Miller
The Association of B lack C ollegians is a minority oriented group
with membership open to all students and faculty members.
Our purposes are to insure self-pride and self-awareness through
the mechanisms of unity and multiculturalism. In our aim to be a
positive force on campus, •we would like to enhance minority
awareness, as well as achieve harmony among people of all races
and cultural backgrounds. advertisement
members in compiling data on
the legislators and their records
concerning woman's rights in
regards to abortion and other vital
Tomczak says that it is
necessary to let politicians know
that women who favor pro-choice
want to have the freedom to make
a personal choice in the matter.
Groups such as the lobby
committee enforces participation
in future rallies and attempts to
bring forth their voice to
legislature as well as the public.
The group has already begun
to state- their concerns in a public
forum. On August 26, an
abortion debate was held here that
examined the issue.
Throughout the course of the
debate, heated views were
expressed both for and against
Behrend student Andy Festa,
one of the group's founding
members, was vocal in his stand
on the purpose of the
"I personally do not believe
New Student Government
Association Commuter and
Resident Senators
Michael Piotrowski
Steve Spadiccino
Esalete Ponte
Sandy Miller
Brian J. Dwyer
ho lo know
* 444-4 Signifies Winner
in abortion," said Festa.. "I
believe it is wrong. But, abortion
is going to happen, and it will
regardless of whether it is legal or
not, and it becomes a matter of
choice and the protection of
At present, a group of Behrcnd
students have expressed interest
in banning with NOW president,
Molly Yard, to reorganize an Erie
chapter of the national
organization. Although it is only
in the initial phases of being
reformed, its development will
reinforce the need to protect
women's rights as a whole.
Pro-Choice members are
already at work preparing for the
abortion rally and lobby to be
held on September 26.
The event will be held on the
Capitol Rotunds lawn at
Harrisburg. Students interested in
participating at the rally and
becoming a member of Pro-
Choice may contact Andy Fcsta
for information.
The Collegian Thursday,' September 7, 1989
Rush Week
photo by Audrey -Acosta
Behrend. Fraternities
Recruit New Members
, August 24 marked the included Delta Chi, Kappa
beginning of another rush Delta Rho, Sigma Tau
period at Behrend. Tables were Gamma, Sigma Kappa Nu,
set up throughout the week to and Tau Kappa Epsilon.
recruit pledges. Sororities and The turnout this year was
fraternities joined together to two to three times higher than
bring forth the program. Those in recent years. Rush is set to
sororities that participated continue till Sunday,
included Alpha Sigma Alpha, September 11, when the bids
Alpha Sigma Tau, and Sigma will be sent out to the pledges.
Phi Tau. The fraternities
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