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Tom Petty Bums With A Fever
Heartbreaker Frontman stands "Solo But Not Alone" On "Full Moon Fever"
by Gary Nolan
Collegian Staff Writer
The start of classes at Behrend
is marked by many new album
releases, including the notable
"Full Moon Fever" by veteran
rocker Tom Petty. This album
marks Petty's first solo venture
without the Heartbreakers, Petty's
loyal backup band since his first
release in 1976. Listeners will
learn quickly, however, that the
Heartbreakers are very much
evident on this album.
Mike Campbell, Petty's
longtime friend, cowriter, and lead
guitar player for the Heartbreakers,
shares billing with Petty on the
production, music, and writing of
"Full Moon Fever." Other friends
accompanying Petty are rock and
roll legends such as ex-Beatle
George Harrison, Jeff Lynne of the
Electric Light Orchestra, and the
late Roy Orbison. This release is
just off the • heels of the
enormously successful Traveling
Wilburys album, "Volume One,"
on which Petty joined an all-star
band of Harrison, Lynne, Orbison,
and Bob Dylan. The Traveling
Wilburys album peaked at number
one on the Billboard charts.
"Full Moon Fever" is Petty's
ninth release and has hit number
two on the Billboard charts,
making it another in a long line of
successful Petty albums for MCA
Records. He has since miner[ the
1 Fall into disuse
6 Lubricated
11 Argue
12 Newly married
14 Symbol for
15 Civil injury
17 Tropical fruit
18 Tear
20 Metal strands
23 Provide crew
24 Sound a horn
26 Dined
28 Exists
29 Trap
31 Drinkable
33 Frigid
35 Metal fastener
Heartbreakers in a tour of outdoor
venues to support the release and
is playing sold-out venues all over
the country. •
The album, in true Petty
nature, is a straightforward rock
and roll work played with vigor
and vitality, leaving the listener
anything but bored. "Full Moon
Fever" is fueled by the singles "I
won't Back Down" and "Runnin'
Down a Dream" which received
quite a bit of FM airplay. Other
outstanding tracks include "Feel a
Whole Lot Better," "Face in the
Crowd," and "Free Fallin'." After
listening to these thoroughly
entertaining and sensitive songs
the listener is left wondering if
there is anything this rocker
cannot do.
Tom Petty acts as a fulcrum
to release the talents of his
bandmates, especially Campbell
and notably organist Benmont
Tench, whose talents are
showcased nicely on the canvas of
Petty and Campbell. All three
have the potential to "steal
show" at any moment, making the
listener quite aware this is no
novice band, but a finely oiled
machine ready to spring to life at
any moment.
One of the other outstanding
features of the album remains its
superior production. Lynne,
Petty, and Campbell seize the
opportunity to make an extremely
good album even better by giving
it the full sound it deserves, while
36 Student
39 Avoid
42 Teutonic deity
43 Danger
45 Paradise
46 Remuneration
48 At no time
50 Guido's high
51 Roman date
53 Redact
55 Guido's low
56 Apportions
59 Automobile
61 Joint
62 Omit from
Answers on
Page 14
Vast throng.
Hebrew month
Light touch
Pack away
maximizing the talents of the all
star cast. Not easily done when
talent runs this deep.. One is
struck especially oy the acoustic
guitars used to give a warm and
sensitive feel while not softening
or dulling the hard-edged sound.
Petty, a Gainesville, *Florida
native has released consistently
successful albums since his birth
to the music industry almost
thirteen years ago. This release
was recorded in a very short time,
quite a task when one stops to
consider all the personnel used.
The backup sounds from the late
Roy Orbison also serve as a
testimonial to the impact Orbison
had on the industry, which further
strengthens the sensitivity of this
The future for Petty remains a
mystery, but one thing a listener
can be assured of:
Straightforward, lively rock and
roll will never die:as long as Petty
is at the helm.
River in Siberia
Negative prefix
Kind of cheese
Minor item
Trespass on
Short jacket
Body of soldiers
Girl's name
Part of knife
Baby's bed
Related on
mother's side
Unit of Iranian
Prefix: three
As far as
Compass point
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The Collegian Thursday, September 7, 1989
Flurry of Sequels
Dominate Summer
(Continued from page 9)
and see their latest entries.
"Karate Kid III" was another
movie which I missed this
summer. Still, through the power
of cable, I may have the ability
to tell you the story line. Here it
goes: Ralph Macchio gets a dare
from some karate great and Mr.
Miyagi will help Daniel-son train
for the bout. Meanwhile, our 'ole
friend Ralph, now in his
twenties, gets another case of
puppy love after he lost the rich
girl and the babe from Japan.
Poor guy, he just calls out to get
dumped upon, but I'll bet that he
wins the fight.
The latest rage has been
"Lethal Weapon 2" starring Mel
Gibson and Danny Glover. Both
return to their roles as mis
matched partners fighting crime
in L.A. This time, they take a
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Film Market
stab at Apartheid and a bunch of
South Africa. They return to the
humorous, yet violent side of
police. work. This, I must say,
was the rare film which topped
its predecessor.
This summer had several very
good movies which I did sec and
enjoyed a great deal such as "Dead
Poet's Society" and "Field of
Dreams." Then, we got "When
Harry Met Sally," which is a
wonderful look at the typical
falling in love stage which takes
place over a twelve year period.
In the end, I wonder what
exactly is wrong here and I guess
that it all depends on the money:
Terrible sequels gross the big
bucks by using their predecessor's
success before the public'realizes
just how weak the new film is.
Let's hope that Hollywood stops
before we see the sequel to "Earth
Girls Are Easy."
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