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    The Collegian Wednesday, April 12
Reunited by an
"American Dream"
by Robb Frederick
Collegian Staff Writer
It has been nineteen years
since the harmonic vocal magic
of Crosby, Stills Nash and
Young produced a studio
recording. "American Dream," the
much-delayed studio reunion of
these classic musicians, has once
again placed the group on the
music charts. The finished
product, however, was not worth
the wait. •
"American Dream" starts out
impressively. The hard-hitting,
political title track graphically
documents the scandalous
behavior and resulting
consequences of a political
candidate straying from the path
of righteousness.
The commercialized "Got It
Made" is sure to return the group
to the music charts by
capitalizing on the band's most
successful arrangement- incredible
harmonic choruses supplemented
by the intricate lead vocals of
Steven Stills.
The album's musical merit,
unfortunately, begins to
deteriorate after these two songs.
It is difficult to remain awake
during songs like "Clear Blue
Skies" and "That Girl." Neil
Young's annoying vocals destroy
"This , Old house;'_ apiece which
otherwise `had'. poferiiial -Tor
"Compass," the lengthy,
acoustic portrayal of David
Crosby's ten year battle with drug
abuse would have been a dream
come true for "Just-Say-No"
campaigners, but the song is just
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too slow moving forlisteners to
sit through. On "Driving
Thunder," the song which begins
the second half of "American
Dream," CSN&Y attempt a faster
tempo, but the new pace clashes
with the musicians' styles.
There are several factors which
can help to explain the
disappointing material on
"American Dream." •
The primary reason is
undoubtedly the time the group
has spent apart. CSN&Y have
not worked together on a regular
basis since 1970, when the
musicians separated after the
supporting tour for "Deja Vu."
Neil Young is the only member
who has found success on his
own, but his moral values and
political crusades have become
too prominent in his music.
Throughout the past decade,
David Crosby has spent more
time in prisons and reh a bilitation
clinics than in recording studios,
and his musicianship has
obviously suffered. Crosby could
not have given his full attention
to "American Dream," as recent
weeks have also seen the release
of his latest solo album and an
Although "American Dream"
does contain some interesting
music, the album is a definite
step backwards for• these.talented
musicians iihortaiik the- musical
world by storm with the debut
release almost twenty years ago.
The group would have been much
better off to leave fans with a
faint rememberance of their
greatness than to offer this
nightmare of a comeback.
Steven Dittmer
Kimberly Dahikemper
Laurie Stumpf
Tammy Janusey
Eric Carlson
Soap Opera Update
Soap Opera Update
by Jennifer Blakeslee
Days of Our Lives
Jennifer's new found friend,
Sally, went through a difficult
labor in order to deliver a• baby
girl named Hannah. Everyone
was happy for the mother and
daughter until they found out that
the State is going to take Hannah
from Sally when she returns to
Because she feels strongly
about the issue, Jennifer is going
to write an editorial about Sally's
dilemma which she has already
been warned not to write.
On a tropical island, Justin
and Adrian continue their 2nd
honeymoon with dinner and a fire
on the beach. Justin was able to
perform his husbandly duties
without having to take his
medication. Adrian was thrilled
when Justin sent her on a treasure
hunt to find the shell he gave her
on their first honeymoon, and
then they renewed their vows to
each other once again.
Kayla is unsure of what Steve
really wants when he signs the
partnership with Sean. Sean tells
Steve that he reminds him of
himself when he was young.
Now it will be harder for Steve, to
reveal-his-true feelings about•the
Sponsored by
Lion Ambassadors
Another World
No one planned a welcome
home party for Iris, especially
Donna. Iris tells Donna that she
would like to be her friend, and
that she and Michael have been
keeping in touch. Donna
becomes furious, and she tells
Iris that she doesn't want to talk
about her affair with Michael.
Donna then proceeds to kick Iris
out of her house.
At the spa, Charlene stops by
to see Josie at work. Josie
confronts Charlene with the fact
that her birth certificate is a copy.
That's because Charlene
supposedly lost the original when
Josie was a baby. -
When Russ is introduced to
Josie, he is astounded by her
beauty. Iris shows up, of course,
and lis greeted by Russ and Josie.
She is surprised to see them
At the art gallery, Evan
notices one of Dustin's love
interests, Lauren. When Lauren
goes to pay for a piece of art with
a check, Caroline asks for a
reference. Lauren simply states
that she works for Video match.
Santa Barbara
Heather found it difficult
talk with Jed .over:breakfast; after
their intimate evening together.
Michael - walks in and realizes that
they had spent the night together.
He apologizes for the intrusion,
but Jed insists, "no intrusion,"
and leaves.
After an argument with his
father, Mason heads for the Lair
to drown his sorrows. Lisa stops
him just in time and says, "think
about it."
Kirk holds Brandon at
gunpoint while he orders Gina to
find Sondra. He expects Gina's
help with his escape, and Brandon
is his guarantee.
Guiding Light
Will pops in on Reva to tell
her about Mara's true father. Reva
becomes angry with him and
kicks him out, telling him that
he's "not fit to live."
Josh tells Sonny about his
love for Reva, and that he wants
a divorce. Sonny realizes that her
marriage is over, and she wishes
him happiness. Later, she cried
alone in her room.
With his new lack of money,
Alan-Michael tries to buy Marley
a new dress for Alexandra's party.
He goes to the Thrifty Dress
Shop with $23.00, and picks out
a forty dollar dress. Because she
just happened to be there, Rose
arranges to pay for the rest. Alan-
Free Food
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