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    Wednesday, February 8
Communications Program
Closes its Doors
by Bill Warner
Collegian Staff Writer
Following a surge in fresh
man and sophomore enrollment,
Penn State University's School
of Communications has been
placed under emergency enroll
ment controls.
The change, which became
effective December 13, 1988,
allows only incoming freshman
entrance to communications
majors and will force students
who had hoped to transfer to the
school to opt for other programs.
Dean Brian Winston, in an
interview with "The Weekly
Collegian," explained that the
number of freshman and
sophomores entering the school
has grown steadily since 1986,
reaching nearly 1100 in the fall
of 1988, an increase not expected
until 1990.
"We had no way" of
anticipating this would occur,"
explained Dr. William Dulaney,
Associate Dean of the School of
Communications, in a telephone
"We became a free-standing
unit in 1986. We have no large
data base from which to project
future enrollment." Total
enrollment in the School's five
majors, advertising, broadcast
/cable, film and video, journalism
and mass communications, as of
fall 1988 is 2331, according to
the Final Distribution of
Enrollment, published by the
registrar's office at University
Cathy Mester, the Behrend
Campus representative for the
School of Communications, was
he ,:,......t.'.''''..'''''.::.-,,0 • e,..... • .'.........1an
stunt trd by the sudden
announcement. "Usually when an
enrollment control goes on, there
is some forewarning, a semester
ahead or some such thing, that
everybody is told that enrollment
has gotten up too high for what
we can handle, and holds will be
put on on such and such a date.
In this case it was an emergency
Mester pointed to two
concerns which affected the
decision. "One is equipment.
There are many courses that
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Mrs. Cathy Mester
Behrend's Communication Department Head
photo by Sandi Inman
majors may find long
lines aren't the only
difficulties awaiting
them here.
Construction Project
Ahead of Schedule
by James Martin
Clubs and organizations
including the Student
Government Association (SGA)
and the Collegian may be
moving soon, according to Dean
of Student Services Chris Reber.
He explained that the 5.6
million rennovation of the Reed
Building is running between two
and three weeks ahead of
schedule. Before - rennovations can
be completed, occupants of
offices near the RUB Desk will
have to be moved to their new
While a considerable amount
of work remains to be done
before offices can be used, walls
Teleconference Held For
Black History Month
by Laura A. Weaver
Collegian Staff Writer
Behrend's celebration of Black
History Month began at 1 pm on
Wednesday, Feb. 1 with a
teleconference in the Reed
Seminar Room.
The conference, entitled,
"Beyond the Dream: A
Celebration of Black History,"
dealt with the issue of black
children's education and was
presented in the form of a panel
discussion. The panel consisted
of three members of the education
system, Donald Stewart, Mary
Farreel, and Judith Eaton.
Several topical questions were
raised and adressed by members of
the panel. The first issue raised
was the question of motivation.
Farreel noted that most black
children think "achieving is being
white, not acheiving is being
black." She suggested this
situation could be corrected by
letting the children know that
"you can achieve your dreams . .
. if you get an education."
Donald Stewart, President of
the College Board, addressed the
topic of home life.
"So many (kids) are coming
into the arena minus a strong
family backround," he said. He
noted that this would seem to
retract from possible
achievement levels.
In addition, Stewart said that
church and community provide
youngsters with feelings of self
Judith Eaton, president of the
Community College of
Philadelphia, gave several
reasons why students should
consider a community college.
Volume XXXVII, No. 10
arc in place, wiring is completed,
and most of the painting has ben
done. At present, workmen are
putting ceiling tiles in place.
Reber expects the offices to be
carpeted before moving day, but
indicated the .$BO,OOO requested
for new furniture still awaits
Penn State approval.
Office space has been set
aside for a number of
organizations including The
Collegian, Student Programming
Council, Student Government
Association, Inter-Club Council,
Commuter Council and the
yearbook, Blueprints.
Spaces vacated by these
organizations will serve as a
center for personal, minority,
academic and career counseling.
She pointed out the the
opportunities provided at a lower
cost to the stuaent anu u►eir
family; and problem solving
techniques available because of
the school's small size.
She also noted the advantage
of a community college for
lower income students who
otherwise might miss the
opportunity for post-secondary
Eaton also made a remark
regarding President Bush's
educational standings, "Children
did not create the deficit,"
therefore in order to insure - tr
future we must push )r
education and, "we must in' in
our children."
Other topics such as personal
commitment on the part of
parents and schools, black
children's self-image, black and
white integration, and black
people's evident concern with
their education, were debated with
audience participation.
The teleconference and
discussion were sponsored by
Black Issues In Higher Education
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