The New Bloomfield, Pa. times. (New Bloomfield, Pa.) 1877-188?, October 04, 1881, Page 5, Image 5

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    THE TIMKS, NEW I1L00M Ft KL1), PA.. OCTOlSKll I. 1881.
Io&l Dcph,ictncit.
On mid nftw Monday, May
Tratui will ruu tuiiuw .
Hth, 1SSI, fsMenirer
Mali, Arc. riln..
MfTI. J'nuM.ill
Aoc, Ex. Tr'tii
"Mil I
A H. P.M. P. Ml
l".ui' l. mi 7. ml
.! i ll t.ufl
P--J la fj -tn
14 l j.44 6 4.1
m i a i
ui la.-j-j e.aj
S 411 13.12 D.IO
B.IKI II 81 8.41)
11.12 (17
S.S6 I.M
.lb I.SA
A.U. A.M A.M.
Tr'iii Kx.
! .st' Philadelphia,
8. CO lO.iM tirrmliiiipr,
jj- .Marynvllle,
47 AcUl llllU...
Ctt ;Ully',.
e.i'Ml.tS Newport
6 111 II 311 Mlllerstowu,
t. U0 II 4H! Mlflfllu
A. If .
a. no
4. J II
1.18 IllllltlllKdoll..
IU Tyrone
tM ; Aftnnua; .m
1.16 1.01
t.Ml 7.46
S.S0.I 1:11
! MM
P.M. A.M.
, I'trrsnf nun.
tWPrltlrErr" West will .top 11 tliilimnnon it
4 4Sntlt Nevpirtstfl.ll7 a. ui.. when flaiftft-it.
V4oIiik Wpnt.tlttt Way pKMmoiirer leav,, llarrli -burn
Dally lueotiiertrnlnii Daily eici'i'l Hnmlay.
Fust Hup ffnt. ilnlly, stopping im BuxiiAT oni.v, at
Dlincatltlii 4. Ho, N,-V'nrl, 1.62 P. M
Pn.-itli' Kxprt'MH, Went, U'hvvh lMnlHtteliilili. dully 11. M
T. M., and hiojib at Diuicuiniou, U-'.uk) 4.4J MeH'.'r.
t.OHA. M.
Itflol Itmtt.
f October 15th is the legal date for liuiityl
' llig jiRririiiges mm wiiu turners.
Bee new advertisement of UancunauVi
Large Clothing House ou 8lli page of
tula paper.
Over two liuuttreil ex-Confederate sol-N
tilers visited the Carlisle Fair on Weduesv '
Vijay la9t.
" Pink Eye" is the name of a new
disease, which in some pnrta of the
country is affecting the horses.
Lots of men go buntlng,but few bring"
hack any game. However they have'
Whe hunt and exercise. '
Mr. Lucian Zimmerman, residing in
the Cove is building a very large barn.
It was raised on Tuesday.
Mr. Isaac Crow, of Howe twp.. lost'
a number of shocks of corn by fire a ,1
few days ago. The fire communicate
irum a clearing near uy.
The Directors of Bedford county have
adopted a uniform series of textbooks for
the public schools. A similar step should
A peach tree on the ridge near townN
has lost Its reckoning aud was, conse-
I quently, in full blossom the 1st day of
The Harrisburg Patriot says : One of
the flourishing horse chestnut trees di
rectly In front of the public buildings
on the Fourth street pavement of the
park is in bloom for the second time
this season.
The Qantt House in Newport has been
Bold to Mr. David Burd, of Markleville.l
who will take possession the 1st of next
April. The price paid is $12,000, which
I includes the entire corner up to the
I hardware store.
V ' A severe storm of wind and ralu pass
ed over parts of Cumberland county on
Wednesday evening. A ehort distance
this side of Carlisle, fences were blown,
and one buggy belonging to this coun
ty was upset by the wind. The occu.
pants of the vehicle fortunately escaped
On Tuesday, October 11th, Wallace
DeWitt, administrator of Samuel Miller,
will sell a horse, cow, heifer, wagons,
farming Implements, household and
kitchen furniture. Bale to take place at
the deceased's late residence, In Centre
t twp., 1 miles northeast of Bloomfield.
A large barn which was burned near
Millersburg on Wednesday evening
made such a light, that persons in this
borough were certain the fire was at
Brtily's or nearer. The building belong
ed to George Freeland, and contained
the season's crop and several head of
horses. Loss $5000.
The Elmira Advertiser laments the
fact that while school children are drill
ed week after week on the geography of
foreign countries, not a dozen has the
least idea about the general location of
towns and cities in the State where they
live, and the railroads it would be ne
cessary to take in going from one point
to another. And this charge is too true.
A tramp sailor stealing a ride on a
freight train had his skull fractured and
received other injuries at Marysvllleon
Wednesday last, while jumping from
the train. Dr. Traver gave him surgical
attention and be was then sent to the
Harrisburg hospital, as the distance from
Marysville to the poor house in this
county is so great.
I. Mr. S. S. Sheller. formerly
f of Duncannoa, now a resident of Dills-
nurg, York co., was In town for ashort
time on riday last. Sylvester looks as
though this world agreed well with him.
We had a pleasant call one day last
week from Mr. Samuel Watts, jr., of
McAllisterville, and Mr. Ed. Davis of
Thompsontown, Juniata county. The
I geutlemen were on their wav to the
Cumberland County Fair, and expected'!'
to nave a gooa ume.
.ur. uuu r, oieei, wno reoeivea me
Democratic nomination for county treas- 1
his chances for election It i TVn't
to know that if Mr. Steel should be sue-
cessful, a worthy aud very competent
man would be County Treasurer. If
elected be proposes to move to Bloomj
Church Notice.
Presbyterian Church Preaching next
Sunday at 11 A. M. and 7 P. M. Sun.
day School at half past 9 A. M. Prayer
meeting on Wednesday evening.
M. E. Church Preaching next Sun
day at 7 P. M., Sunday School at 9:15 A.
M., and prayermeetiug on Thursday
List of unclaimed letters remaining In
the l'ont Oflloe, at New Illoomfleld,
I'erry Co., Pa , Oct. 1st, 181 :
Mr. E. W. Olddlngs, Miss Llllle
Tersous calling for the above letters,
please say they are advertised,
Samuel Hoath, P. M.
nukes. John Frymler, of llye twp.,
ant week killed a horned snake In. his
chicken coop. The snake was copper
color spotted with black. Mr. John
llhodes of the same twp., 'also killed
pretty large snake. His was a rattler
Mvlth 13 rattles.
Weather llcport. B. Mclnllre, Esq.,
hauds ub the following report of the
weather for the month of September.
Average of thermometer at 8 o'clock
A. M. 72 0' and of Barometer 80 Inches
minus 5 tenths. Average of greatest
heat 70 ' 20' and of cold OL" 15'. Wednes
day the 7th, was the warmest day, the
Thermometer registering 05 lu a cool
shade, and Tuesday the l:itb, was the
coldest the mercury sinking to 48-".
There fell only seven-eights of an inch of
rain. This was the warmest and dry
est September for 15 years, and the
Thermometer averaged at 8 o'clock A.
M. VP 3' higher than the month of
That Whct. The celebrated wheat
contracted for with E. W. G! hidings by a
number of the farmers of Terry county
as stated in the Newt a few weeks since
arrived the other day 504 bushels in all,
distributed at different railroad points,
as follows; Newport 310; Millerstown,
118; Duncannon, 04 and Haley, iM.
Some of the fanners muttered considera
bly, but, we believe, most of them swal
lowed the dose.
However, we have heard from one of
the ,l victims," who is no other than
Wm. Heuch, of Wheatfield township,
the celebrated fruiter, who analyzed one
quart of his two bushels of celebrated
early Chill wheat, with the following
He writes : " I wish to give you a few
points about the ' Olddings Wheat.' I
received two bushels of the would-be
Chili, and found it to contain too much
tare to justify me in sowing it. I took
one quart of the wheat and separated it,
and found cockle, 10 grains ; oats, 23
grains ; rye, 3 grains ; wevll eaten grains,
42 ; a small quantity of clover and some
barn wevils. Therefore, 64 (the number
of quarts In two bushels of wheat) times
the amount of the above tare would be
sufficient to destroy the entire crop that
might grow on the two acres sowed with
it." iVetfd.
Duncannon Items. From the Record
we take the following: Capt. William
Itelghter of the Vigilant Hose Co., has
been busy for several days at cleaning
and fixing the Hose carriage.
Jos. VanFossen of this place, fell one
day last week and struck his forehead
against a stone, received a severe cut.
Mr. W. Stewart, who was engaged in
taking out stones from the river, acci
dently had the end of the middle finger
of his left hand cut off by the falling of
a large rock on it.
We are sorry to learn that Mr. A. It.
Hess has had a relapse, and that the
malaria is not relaxing its rigor on those
who are so unfortunate to become Its
AccUItntnl Miootiiig. Yesterday after
noon about two o'clock while Mrs. John
Lang, residing at corner of Foster street
and James avenue,was up stairs making
her beds she picked up a revolver of the
Sharp pattern, which her husband kept
under his pillow for self-protection.-The
lady pulled the trigger back not
knowing that the weapon was cocked,
and in so doing discharged one of the
barrels, the bullet passing through the
palm of her left hand at an angle of
forty-five degrees escaping the artery
constituting the palmer arch, passing
between the bones of the hand and escap
ing from the back of the hand, flying
across the room a distance of about
three feet, striking a door jam, entering
the wood about an inch deep at an acute
angle. Dr. J. D. Bowman rendered the
pecessary surgical treatment and pro
nounced the patient as doing well last
venlng, with very little hemorrhage
wound. HarrUburgh Patriot of
the 28th.
Slngulur Case. About ten months airo.
John Miller, a five year old son of Mr,
Martin Miller of this place, accldently
1 swallowed a pin. The boy said that it
11 lntirxUn Vila ihmut hnf ih.
clan8 failed to find u upoQ examlnV0D.
H or tne last few months he hag bad some
trouble in bis throat, which could hard
ly be explained. Some attributed it to
the pin, but it was hardly thought possi
ble that it would remain in the throat
bo long, or indeed that it had lodged In
the throat at all. Ilia troublo grew
more serious aud efforts were made to
find the pin. Ou last Friday morning
the doctor noticed a small dark spot on
his heck, and concluded that It wns
caused by the pin. When the lance was
applied to the spot the plu almost forced
itself out. This Is very fortunate, as the
throat is not a very good place In which
to have that sort of thing, and then it
was becoming very dangerous in this
instance. Jftrrcfi Prr.a. 1 ,
Spring Twp. Ilrtus. Innlah Oumpher
recently moved from Klliotsburg, to
Adam Small's ho us a, In Centre twp.
Wm. Doughton,of Oreen Park bought
Snml. Dlehl's house and lot iu Little
Oermany, and Saml. Dlehl bought the
Baker property near W. it. Dum's, In
Spring twp. A general agent from Erie,
Pa., has been at Elllotsburg for several
weeks with six men and six teams sel
ling washing machines. Thus fur they
have been successful.
m- . - . - -
Juniata County. We copy the follow
ing from the Juniata county papers of
last week :
t Front The Port ltnyal Time.
On Friday night of last week William
Klinepeter, a freight brakeman on the
Pennsylvania railroad, had the thumb
on his right hand so badly smashed, by
having It caught between the dead woods,
while engaged In coupling cars as to re
quire the amputation of the whole
thumb. He is now at the home of his
mother in Turbctt township, this coun
ty, nursing the injured member.
The Republican county Convention
was held at Mllllintown on Monday of
lust week. The following ticket was
Jilaced lu nomination : President Judge,
Ion. B. F. Junkln,of Perry county;
Associate Judges, Capt. James J. Patter
son, of Port J loyal, and Jacob Smith,
Esq., of McAllisterville; Prothonotary,
Wm. M. Allison, Esq., of Mllllintown :
Treasurer, Jacob Lemon, of Patterson;
County Commissioners, J. Banks Wil
son, of Fayette township, and Hugh L.
McMeen, of Tuscarora township; Dis
trict Attorney, Mason Irwin, Esq., of
Mimintown ; County Auditors, D. W.
Weimer, of Klchfleld, and Lewis Degan,
of Fayette township ; Chairman County
Committee, William Hertzler, of Tur
bett township,
From The Dtmncrut and Itegittcr.
J. B. M, Todd, one evening last week,
lost a horse with colic, worth $80.
Bather a serious loss.
This vicinity was visited by quite a
refreshing ralu ou Monday evening last.
Jacob Thomas, of Mimintown, has the
boss hog. It weighs 800 pounds live
weight and is of the Chester county
stock. Can any one in Juniata county
beat that V
Frcm The Juniata Herald.
On Saturday evening as H. A. Statu
baugh was starting home, his mare got
away from him at the Will's house and
concluded to take the wagon home with
out a driver. She did bo, and got home
all safe, but after waiting at the barn for
a few minutes to be unhitched and no
one appearing, she became restive, at
tempted to turn round short which lock
ed the wheels, scared her and she ran oil
bringing the spring wagon into collision
with a post, upsetting the same and
breaking both shafts. Becoming freed
she ran down to Judge Elder's farm
house and stood there until Harry who
walked home came after her.
Cumberland County. We copy the fol
lowing from the Cumberland county
papers of last week :
From lite Xewvtlle Enterprise.
On Tuesday night last, an attempt
was made to enter the post office of this
place. Five holes were bored in the
panel of the back door and then aban
doned, aud 1b supposed the would-be
thief was scared away by some one call
ing on Dr. Hays. Also we are informed
that Borne one entered the ticket olliue of
the depot on the same night. One hole
bored through the parties who make
these night calls would be better than
live in the door.
Important to Travelors. Special in
ducements are offered you by the Bur
lington Route. It will pay you to read
their advertisement to be found else
where in this issue.
For Sale. A House
Street, Newport, Pa.
Apply to
Miltox B,
and Lot on 4th
Price $1000.
Newport, Pa.
White and Colored Blankets, Horse
Blankets, Lap Robes, &c, of all grades,
at M. Dl-kes & Co.
Carpets of all grades at
M. Dukes & Co.
ST. ELMO HOTEL Not. Slf and S19
Arch Street, Philadelphia. Rates re
duced to Two Dollars Per Day.
The traveling publio still find at this
Hotel the same liberal provision for their
comfort. It is located in the immediate
centres of business and places of amuse
ment and the diflerent Rail Road depots,
as well as all parts of the city, are easily
accessible by Street Cars constantly pass
ing the doors. It offers special induce
ments to those visiting the city for
business or pleasure.
Your patronage is respectfully solicited.
Jos. M. Fegeu, Proprietor.
Maplewood Institute for young ladies
and gentleman, 18 mileB west of Phila.,
located on the Phila. & Bait. Central R.
R. Courses of Study English, Scientific
and Classical. Students prepared for U.
S. Naval and Military Academies, and
the Amercian colleges. A thorough
chemical department. Reading taught
by a first class Elocutionist. Penman
ship by a Professor, master of the beau
ties of the art. A home like department
for little boys. 14 Instructors.
(Yale College) A. M. Principal.
CoxcoitDViLLE, Del. Co. Pa.
llata, Cups, Trunks, Men's Under
wear aud Shirts uo better line can be
found than at M. Di kes & Co.
Again ws Grspt you with one of the
finest Stocks of Fall and Winter Goods
ever dlsplayod before by uh, or any oth
er house In Central Pennsylvania, and
at such prices tlutt com pell lion Is im
possible. M. Dukes & Co.
Wo Can Sell You a Fall Suit or Over
coat 20 per cent. Ibsb than the lowest.
M. DtjKKS & Co.
... -.....
Oliver Jiiliti CV. Smith.
Miller Darld Harper, Jacob Stuihp.
Bund II 1 1 1 Goo. Hinenmltli.
PftVllle HeniT Knlnlngsrj
Venn James A. White, Pamnel AacUmuty,
K. H. Hranynn, Lticlau Haas.
BulTttlo Wm. (Jumbler, Jacob McConoel,
Geo. Kepn or.
Tuscarora A lex. H. Kerr, Isaiah Campbell,
W. 11. Klce, J. K. Black.
Wlieatllelu Henry Clay, Geo. Kelm, An
drew l'ennell, Jr.
llye Daniel Power, Emaunnl Keller, W. W.
Frymlre, Wm. C. PnUoison, Thos. Coleman.
Centre Henry Wax, Richard Thomas.
Ulaln Wm. Machlner.
Madison C. II. Helnbangh, Jno. M. Wolf.
Jackson Solomon Bower.
Tyrone H. C. Bbearer, Geo. W. Rice, John
A. Weller.
Carroll Jscob Flelher, Chrlot. Long.
Liverpool twp, Levi Poller, Edward Barner
Geo. E. Long.
Dim cannon Jas. Mutzabaugh, Joshua Glad
den. Greenwood Jno. II. Green, Herman Klpp,
K. W.Gruhh.
Bloomfield Valentine B. Blank, Jno. A.
Bpahr, J. H. Bryner.
Watts Isaac Motter.
Marysvllle-Z. T. Collier.
J 1881.
Rye David Benfer, Foreman.
Bloomfield Daniel Garlln, B. P. Mclntire.
Marysville Henry Oamber, John Jobson,
Bandy Hill David P. Peck.
Penn Frank Grab, Wm. C.Brown, Bam'l
Liverpool twp. John Kline.
Madison Jonathan Gutshall.
Liverpool B. Jacob Arminit.
Tyrone Geo. Kiner. 8. II. Bcrnhelscl, Dan
iel Nunamaker, John F. Mlnlch.
Carroll Henry Heatn, Ahram Kltncr.
Bavillo Charles Price, Cbas. B. Boden, Rob
Centre Jamc Flyn, 8r.
Jackson D. II. Kleckner.
Duncannon Jno. II. Houdushell.
Money to Loan. $200. $300, $400, and
$500, for one year, on real estate security
at 0 per cent, interest. Apply at once.
John C. Wallis, Attorney.
New Bloomfield, Pa.
The Pantngraph Hinder, is the neatest
and must economical method of binding
up letter, note and bill heads, or any
other kind of stationery. The under
signed having bought the right, Is pre
pared to furnish all kinds of Commercial
or Legal printing put up In this binder.
Merchants or others wanting work of
this kind, will find our work first class
and prices reasonable. Call and Bee
specimens or write for prices to
The Times Office,
tf New Bloomfield, Pa.
Home Jobs. We have a few special
bargains which we will mention. A lot
of TuMiiLEHS, 43 cents per dozen. A
ot of Jelly Glasses, 60 cents per dozen.
We call particulars attention to the
nice line of Dress Goods we now have at
12i cents per yard.
F. Mortimer.
Clothes Wringers. We have a few of
the best made. Price only $5.
County Price Current.
Bi.ocd rial. D Oct. S. 1H81
Klm-tttieil 1 &
Potatoes 100
Butter V pound 2stf30
Eggs V dozen, 17 "
Dried Apples V pound 3:ts"
Dried Peaohes 12 O 14 cts. tf
NawroBT, September 30, 1681.
flour, Kxti 16.00
" Super 3.73
Whits Wheat old V bush 135
Red Wheat, oli 135
Ky 0890
Corn 75075
Oati ft 82 pounds KQ 42
Cover Heed per pound 809 cents
Timothy Seed 2 to
Flaxseed 100
Potatoes .' 10061C0
Bacou, 00
Lard lOcents
Hams VI cents.
Ground Alum Salt 1 10 1 10
Llmeburner'i Coal 1 1 00 0 1 H
Stove Coal 4 78 O S 00
Pea Coal 3 CO
Buckwheat Coal U U
Gordon's Food per Sack,... 12 M
Carlisle, September 30, 1881.
family Flour ft 10
Superfine Flour 4 00
White Wheat, new IIS
Red 115
Rye 80
Cora 47Q 7
Oats 35
Cloverseed 4.00a!.50
Timothyseed t 00
Flax Seed 15
a. X. Salt 1 20
Fine do 1 80
Philadelphia Produce Market.
PhiLAJXCPuiI, Oct 1, 18SL
Flour unsettled : ex'as i 00ffl3 60 : Pennsvl
vanla family, 14.50 9 .', Minnesota do., H.bvO
1513; patent and high grades. fd.5li7.00
Rye flour. H 2f.3.25.
Cornmeal. tt.'hi.
Wheat. H3 II
Corn yellow. 70e.7;J; mixed W870c.
Oats quiet: Pennsylvania aud western white
4Sft;illc. ; western mixed,43tj45.
MKitrz-NEwaoxiR. On Sept. 13th, 1RS1. at
Lebanon, by Kev. M. blihjry. John S. Mertz, of
Philadelphia, to Llnnle A. Newxoiner, toruwrly
of Loysville. Perry Co.
MiNioi-Hiiiii.Eii tin Sept. iKh, 188!. at Elliots
burnh, by Rev. J. M. Krader, Jacob Miiilvb, to
Al.ce Shuler, both of Ikoysvllle, this eouuty-
Rn.KS-Ort Rppt. 2oii, 1RS1, )n llufTMn twp. ,
IsiiHh .1 Hlllts, sued S'i oars. 8 months anil 1 dny,
Hmeioh On Hiif, isili, 1881. Hi Hprlng twp.,
Mis. Hinelgh, aged 70 years.
Ri'im, In Dunennnon. on September 2'lth, 1W,
Mrs. Harriett Burd, lined 4!l years, 4 inoiiths and
14 days.
Mrs. third was the wife of Andrew.!. Hind, who
Is well known In fills eoiintv. Wis died In peace.
Mav others follow her as she followed Christ.
listen. On fhe 271 h of September. HSI, near
Etheol, Clara Nahmie, dsiiEhtnr of Ross and Mary
HeiK'h. aRed 22 years and 0 days.
Bister thou wast mild and lovely i
(leulle as the summer's breeze,
Pieasaut as the air of evonlnj.
As Its lloats among the trees.
1'earest sister thou hast left us.
Here thy loss we deeply feel,
Hut 'tis Odd that hath lierelt us,
He cau all our sorrows heal.
Vet apstn we hope fo meet thee,
When the day of life has find.
Then In heaven with Joy to Kreet thee,
Wher no farewell tear Is shed.
W. O. W.
NOTICE Is hereby Riven thst the undersigned,
an auditor appointed by the Orphans' Court of
Perry county, fo make distribution of the balance
In hands of Henry Kell, Administrator, &c., ot
Jacob Kell, late of Haville township, perry coun
ty. Pa., deceased, will attend to the duties of his
nppalntment at his ofllee lu Illoomfleld, on TUKH
DA Y, the 2.1tH day of October, 1MM, at, 10 o'clock
A. M., of said day . when and where all parties hi-
October 4, IBM.
WHEREAS, T. P. Orner has resigned his pot!,
tloa as Steward of our Almshouse, We, the I)!re
tors of the Poor, will receive sealed proposals for
the ofllce of Steward up to the last Friday of Octo
tier, 1K81, for the ensuing year. Said Directors
will reserve the rlht of rejecting any or all bids.
All applicants are hereby requested to appear
personally In company with their wives on the
above date.
October 4th, 1RS1. Directors.
I7S9TATK NOTICE. -Notice Is herebyglY.
li en that Letters of Administration have
been granted on the estate of William Pines, late
of Greenwood tewnship, Perry county, Pa., to
Frederick O. Pines and Andrew B. Pines, said
Frederick li. Pines residing at Ilenvenue, (or
Clark's Ferry), and said Andrew B. Pines resid
ing In said Greenwood town. hip ; wherefore all
persons Indebted to said estate are respectfully
requested to make Immediate payment, anil those
having claims to present them properly autheuli
John O. Wal is, Att'y. Administrators.
September 27th, lf8l.
Ladies of Perry County,
if you go to her for your
40 52
Portrait of Garfield,
Slzo of Sheet, 19x21,
With his Autograph, acknowledged by
himself to be ths best likeuess In ex
istence. $7.00 per Hundred.
Single Copies, 25 Cents.
Copy of Autograph Letter given with
each picture. Address,
Shooer Is Carqueville Liths. Co.,
119 Monroe St., Chicago.
40,000 Sold in Chicago In 48 Hours.
Agents Wanted KKSrani.8E
ograpb Picture ot our late President
This beautiful work of art ta printed In ten
colors, on heavy paper, and mounted ready to
hang on the wall. It is not only only correct por
trait, but also contains the historical events of his
life, shows the Home at Mentor, Assassination
and the Death Bed Scene. It Is a magnificent
Memorial Picture. Circulars and terms sent free.
Address, H. W. KELI.EY CO..
oct4 4C 711 Sansom St., Philad'a. Pa.
The subscriber offers at private sale, a saiall.
but very VALUABLE FARM situated tn Rye
township. Perry county, l a . In Fishiug Creek
Vallev.on the road leading from Grier's Point to
Marysville, 4 miles east ot Oder's and 6 from
Marysville. The farm contains
of cleared land, and 18 ACRES of young and
thriving Timber. The Improvements are a one
ana a hall-story
Weatherboarded House,.
and other necessary outbuildings, a well of rooa7
water with pump, a young and thriving Orchard
with all kinds of fruit This property is bounded
by lands ef Henry Foulk, Henry Reamer, Francis
Idles heirs aud others.
9. Terms made known by
If a WON'DEKFUL and Immediate Cure for
Aohex mill 1
. Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Headache,
Earache, Cuts, Bruises, Strains, &c.
WK. Sold by all Druggists,
a . Wholesale Depol, S3 John Street. New York.
Scud for Clicuiar. Sept. &t,litel.