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    THE TIMES, NEW BLOOM FIELD, l'A., FEB1UJA11Y 22, 1881.
NOTEMBEflTlSth, 1880.
Trains Leave Harrlsburg as Follows :
For New York via Allentown, at S.06 a. m.
and 1 45 p. m. , .. ,
For flew York via Philadelphia and "Bound
BrooK Itoute," 6.W), S.H5 a. in. and 1.45 p. m.
For Philadelphia, at b.iio, 8.05, (through oar),
9.50 a. m., 1.45 and 4.00 p. m. ..,
For Heading, at 6.00, .05, 9.60a. m 1.45,4.00,
and 8.0t p. in. ... . .
For Pottsvllle. at 8.00, 8.05, 9.50 a. m. aad 4.09
p. m., and via Bcuuvlklll and Husqtiehanna
Branch at 2.41) p. m. For Auburn, at 6.80 a. in.
For Allentown, at 6.00, 8.05, .60a. m., 1.46 and
''the' ".05 a. m. and 1.45 p. m. train hare
through can for New York, via Allentown.
For Allentown and Way Stations, at 6.00 a. m.
For Heading, Phlldelayhla, and Way Stations,
at 1.45 p. in.
Trains Leave for Harrisbnrg as Foils ws I
Leave New York via Allentown, 1.45 a. m . 1.00
and 5.S0 p. in.
Leave New York via "Bound Brook Rnute."and
Philadelphia at 7.45 a. in.. 1.30. and 6.80 p. in., ar
riving at Uai'i'lsDurg, 1.60, 8.20 p. m., and
12.56 a. m.
Leave Phil .delphla, At 9.45 a. "., 4.00 and
T.46 p. m.
Leave Pottsvllle, 7.00, 9,10a. m. and 4.40 p. m.
Leave Heading, at 4.60, 8.00,11.60a. in., 1.3",.1S.
ami 10.35 p. m.
Leave Pottsvllle vis Schuylkill and Susquehanna
Branch, 8.30 a. in.
Leave Alleiitowu.nt 6.25, 9.00 a. in., 12.10, 4.S0,
and 9.05p. ill.
Leave New York, at 5 30 p. m.
Leave Philadelphia, at 7.4ft p. m.
Leave Heading, at 8.U0 a. m. audl0,35 p. m.
Leave Allentown. at 9.06 p. m.
t,ave HARRI8BCRG for Paitm, lot feffll an4
SteehV?:? dally, except Bund".--,- a 6.25. 6.40, 9.36
a. m and 2.00 p. fit- '.iiy, except Saturday and
Bundy.at6.45p. m., and on Saturday only, 4.45,
6.10, 9.30 p. IB.
Returning, leave BT HELTON dally, except 6.10,7.00, 10.00 a. m.,2.20p. m. dally,
except Saturday and Sunday, 6.10 p. m., and on
Saturday only 5.10, 6.30, 9,5o p. in.
J. E. WOOTTEN, Hen. Manager.
C.O.Hancock, General Passenger aad Ticket
New Bloomfleld, L'enn'a.,
GEO. F. ENSMINGER, Proprietor.
HAVING leased this property and furnished It
la a comfortable manner, I ask a ahare of the
public patronage, and assure my friends who stop
with me that every exertion will be made to
render their stay pleasant.
ir a careful hostler always In attendance.
April 9. 1878. tt
Rational hotel.
(Near Broadway,)
HOCHKISS POND, Proprietors
The restaurant, cafe and lunch room attached,
are unsurpassed for cheapness and excellence of
service. Rooms 50 cents, 2 per day. 13 to 10 per
week. Convenient to allferriesandcltyrailroads.
1 O I 31 N
For Business and Society
18 by far the best Business and Social Guide and
hand book ever published. Much the latest. Ittells
both sexes completely how to do everything in
the bet way. How to be your own Lawyer. How
to do Business Correctly and Successfully. How
.teact in Seciety and in every part of life, and
contains a gold mine of varied Information In
dlspensible to all classes tor constant reference.
AGFNTS WANTED for all or spare time. To
know why this book of real value and attractions
sells better than any other, apply for terms to
II. B. Bli A M W E.L. l JU ,
St. Louis, Missouri,
82 Cm
Battle Creek, Michigan,
Traction and Plain Engines
and Horse-Powers.
HiMtOrnktoTlmilia-rMtoir J Established
la the World. S 1848
t A VP ADO ofeonHnMoutandtmeetttfut huU
M I a.MllJ nui, without change or nam
aJ management, or location, (o " back up" fc
brood warranty fituaeft aU ovrgoodu
nt I LHHvaw, without change or ni
Complete Kteaui Outfit of natchUu quaHtiu.
Fine Tracrlon Ennl an and Plata Kncuiea
n ui Lua AlDenuui maraob.
on and matriai not dreamed of by other makera.
Four WiAH of Renaratnra. fran A to 12 koraa
Capacity, for tteam or kArwwwM.
Two styles of ' Mounted " HnmvPowem
7 Kfift flnrt Feet of Selected I.nmhrp
4 ,UJJ,SJJJ (from r.. lo 4z yWiiir.driM)
constantly on hand, from which la built tha is
coupacabla wood-work of our manhiiwy.
mad, tt'. IO, 13 Uurae fewer.
Fnrmrra and Thnxhrrmra are Invited to
InvwtlKate thia matoht Threidiiug- Machinery.
Circular, Bent true. Addreu
Battle Creak, Michigan.
A P" Outfit sent f rw to thoae who wish to enp-a-p in the
jvfjmoat nlnaiiuiit and profitable bu.intws kuown.
. V" tvorythiiii; ut-w. Capital uot mquirwi. Vi a will
furnish yon everyUiiuir. UI a day and upward, la
easily Jnadu wttii.iui uuyiuir away froiu kciuie over
liurht. orllkwlialTr. Mauv new workera wanted
ati.uoe. Many are uiakiutr fiirtiuira at the buaineaa
IjikIii-b matf a. nmch aa meu. aud yuunv boya and
rirl. maku icruat pay. Noon. wui. i willluif to work
fail, to iuk uio'd mnni y erwy dny ttian can be made
in a wek at anv ordinary riii)lMyairut. Thoae who
titrr at ouiw will hud a .Hurt r-rt t.i fortune. Ad
dreas H. H AU.KT Jk CO., Portland, Maine. 1 ly
Halt offer the puhllo
Consisting sf all shades lultable for the aeasea
Mourning Goods
We sell and do keep a good quality of
And everything under the head of
Machine needles and oil for all makes of
To be convinced that ouPiobaVar
No trouble to show goods.
Don't forget the
Newport, Perry County, Pa.
If yon aire a man t
of mi.lrufta.WBAlt 1
' man of let-
t If Yon are a
ened by the strain of 1
your amies yoiii
etlmuUntfiand ai
Hop Bitters.
nigm wora, to res
tore brain nrrreand
I waste, uae Hop B.
I enlTeiinff from any In-
discretion or dins! pa
lied or ilngle, old or
poor health or langrulsh
Tf mn m.rm Tounff and
Iyoumf, sunoring rrom
In on a bed of sick
i tion i u you are mar
tens, rvtj wu nv
Whoaver yottare.
whenever you feel
i Thousands die an
nunilrfrom soiue
Brt your j hvciu
meeds cleamln. ton
lnor or stimulating,
without intoxicating,
S f onn of Kidney
pdioease that might
I have beenpreeutd
1 by a timely nseof
vase nop
nop is mors
a o w
Hare yon fy-
plaint, disease
of the ttomacft,
O. I. o.
if an absolute
and lrreeista
ble e n r e for
liver or nervm t
drunkenness ,
Ton will be
cured If you use
tobacco or
Soltf bydrnpf
pri"te. Rt-ndfor
bop srrrns
Bethestct, B. T.
nop Bitters
1y weak and
ow spirited, try
lti It may
save your
life. It has
IS saved hun-l I.
B dreds. ft
ft Toronto, Oot,
6 4t
I IT! nYmirBeveB,,jrmallin,rmoney when ftirolden
M r I Hul.auee is otvereil, tiiereby always keppinK1
llsVaLI poverty from your dixr. Thoee who always
tfike advantntre of the Kood chanoes for makinir money
that are ottered, Kenernlly become wealthy, while thoHs
who do not improve tmrh chances remain in poverty.
We want many men.women, boys and Kirls to work for
s riKht iu their own localities. The bu ninety will pay
more than ten limes ordinary waKs. Wo furtiinh in
expennive outfit aud all that you need, free. Mo one
who enframes failH to make money very rapidly. You
can devote your whole time to the worV, or only your
spare momenta. Full information and all that in needed
sent free. Addretw UTINbON At CO., Portland, Maine
I ly.
uThe Newport Tobacco Company."
WE, the nndarnlgned, bave obtained License,
and organized ourselves Into a Company
with the foreROlng title, for the purpose of buy
ing, packing, curing and selling LEAF TO
BACCO, and will do all we can to encourage the
cultivation ot the plant lu Perry and Juniata
P. 8. Persons having Leaf Tobacco ready for
sa'e, will please give notice to the Becretaiy
Newport, Dec. 7, 1880.2m M. B. Esulemah.
A Large Farm for Sale.
DRED ACRES more or less. In Perry
County, Pa., heavily set with Pine. White Oak,
and Rock Oak Timber, together with choice
fruits. Mountain water conveyed In pipes to the
door sf the dwelling.
t&- For further particulars call at thlsofllce.
August 10,
K4 A Outfit furnished free, with full Instructions for
V 1 1 oonductiiiK the moat profitable businees that
mw anyone can eiiffatfo in. The busineae is easy to
learn, and our Instructions so simple and plain, that
any anecan make irreat profit from the very start. No
one can fail who is willing to work. Women are as suo
cewf ul aa men. Boys aud irirls can earn larire sums.
Many have made at the business over one hundred
dollars in a siiiRle week. Nothing like it ever known
before. Ail who eiuawe are surprised at the ease aud
rapidity with which they are able to make money. You
can eiiKmre in this busineas duriutr your spare time at
ureat profit. You do uot have to invest capital in it.
we take all the rik. Thoae who need peady money,
should write to us at once. All f urnitihed free. Addreas
TUUkOO..AUfi-UBta,Uait.a. 1 ly.
A Tiotira of youthful imprudence pausing Prema.
tnre Vcr, Menroua Inability, Lo.t Manhood, etc..
beTing tried in Tain eerjr known remedy, has dis
covered a aimple self oura, which he wiil .end FKKB
to hit fellow-anilereta, addrea J. It. KtEVtia,
43 Chatham bl., N. Y.
ARE Pain tnsrr aoldlav tMkld In
linu of duty, by accident or other is. A
HOLM of nr kind, loss oflnfef,t
or eye, KUPTCKK, if but ih.t,.
of Xttnantor Varleoee Velaaftivs a
pcusivD. l udtir nw Uw tbomands are
-iiilc4 to an lnrMM of paioa.
n Kiowi.orphsss and dvprnaent fatheri
or awtlitrr. of poldiws whn didinths
m.T ei a instoB. BOITNT Y Il
tharpfl for wound, inhirtm or rupturs,
Iiva full bounty, ntno 8 stamps furoopy
Vmiftaand IWtuntv Acti. AddrcHH
P.M. Fltigernld A Co., latm
Aeui", IiidiituHivuliH. lna. o re fur to
K.A.W.l'iU. Fros t Udlsns H-nkinj
'.,.. and K. F. Vvnnirdy. lr't Outrul ,
Itfltik. botkof IudijuiuptflLa. 24aia Ulia
)OB PRINTING of every description neatly
aud promptly executed at KeasoHaltle Kate
at r.he.Bloiijtield Timet-fiteam Job Otttce.
Orlslnal contribution, are solicited from all,
for tills department. All contribution., answer.,
and all matter Intended lor tills department must
b addressed to
T. W. 8mrnna,.lR.i .
Cheltenham, ra.
VOL. 1.
NO. 11.
I. Numerical.
The whole, of 6 letters, mean the warbling
of birds.
The 1, 9, 8, la a water raising machine.
The 4, 5, 6, la a period of time.
Norrlstown, Pa. "Buppbri Ellum."
2. Octagon.
1. A Teasel.
2. For.aded.
8. A tropical bird.
4. A crjRtollr.ed substance resembling camphor
5. Departed.
6. Foreigners.
7. An American river.
Danbury, Conn. "Nutmeg."
3. Rebus.
10 10 10 10 10
Philadelphia, Pa. "D. D. D."
4. Rhomboid.
Across: 1. To procure.
8. Tongs.
, 8. Coal.
4. Maculates.
5. Turns around.
6. An American duck.
7. Enriched again.
Down i 1. Immaculates.
a. Concerning.
8. A grimace.
v. 4. Formal.
""6. A plaintiff.
6. " Ah (nfitronomlcal Instrument.
7. A blottSrV-s, ,
8. A light helmet. - s
. Obllrion.
10. Visited.
11. Afllictlve.
13. Feat.
13. Indbw.
Dexter, Me. , "Night Hawk."
5. Enigma.
The whole, of 13 letters, Is produced by the
distillation of wood.
The 2, 4, 3, 9, Is of days gone by.
The 6, 6, 10, 8, Is an animal.
The 1, 11, 7, 12, Is certain small animals.
Danbury, Conn. "Nutmeg."
6. Double Acrostic
(5 letter words.)
1. A plant.
2. A select body.
8. A single drop.
4. To Impede or bar.
5. A girl's name.
6. Consequential.
7. A tree.
8. A direction equivalent to very.
U. An alarm.
10. A genus of fishes.
11. To Inclose.
12. Inclined.
Prlmals s A genus of plants.
Finals t A species of Eupatorlum.
Aurora, 111. "Ned Hazel."
ISTAnswers In three weeks.
For the first complete lleti This paper six
months. For the next best list t The "Orphans'
Friend" three months. For the next best list :
Ten Amateur papers.
Prize Winners.
Vol. 1. No. 5. First prize not won second,
won by "Tom E. Dod," Altoona, Pa. third by
"A. L. G.," Philadelphia, Pa.
"Ned Hazel:" lour batch la out. Please
"Tom E. Dod:" Welcome. Come often, both
with answers and puzzles.
"A. L. G.:" Please seud us your proper ad
dress so we can mall yon the prize.
Answers to Puzzles in Vol.
Ans. to No. 1. Nacarat.
Ans. to No. 2.
Ans. to No. 8. Corporal.
Ana. to No. 4.
Abb. to No. . 1. Candytuft.
2. Cinquefoll.
. 8. Rosemary.
. 4. Primrose.
5. Peony.
No. 8.
Ans. to No. 6.
Mark Twain's Traveling Ex
periences. I GOT into the cars and took a seat ia
juxtaposition to a female. That fe
male's face is a perfect insurance comp
anyit insured ber against ever getting
married to any body except a blind
man, ber mouth looked like a crack in a
dried lemon, and there was no more ex
pression In ber face than there Is In a
cup of cold custard. She appeared as if
she bad been through one famine and
bad got about two-thirds through anoth
er, pbe was old enough to be great-grand-mother
to Mary that bad the
little lamb. She was chewing prize pop
corn, and carried In ber band a yellow
rose, while a bandbox and cotton um
brella nestled sweetly by ber side. I
couldn't guess whether she was on a
mission of charity, or going West to
start a saw mill and I was full of curiosi
ty to hear her speak, so I said " The ex.
igencles of the time require great cir
cumspection in a person who Is' travel
ing." "What?" Says she.
" The orb of day shines resplendent
In the vault above." Bays I.
She hitched about uneasy like, then
she raised ber umbrella and said, I don't
want any of your sass get out" audi
got out.
Then I took a seat alongside a male
fellow, who looked like a ghost of Ham
let lengthened out. He was a stately
cuss, and he was reading.
" Mister, did you ever see a camelo
pard V" I said camelopard, because It is
a pious animal, and never eats grass
without getting down on his knees. He
said be hadn't seen a camelopard. Then
said I, " Do you chew V"
Then I Said, " How sweet Is nature 1"
He took this for a conundrum, aud
said he didn't know. Then he said he
was deeply Interested in the history of
great men. "Alas!" he exclaimed,
" we are but a few."
I told him I knew one: "The man
that made my cooking stove was a great
Then be asked, " Would I read V
"What have you got?"
He replied, "Watts's Hymns," " Rev
eries by Moonlight," and "How to
enjHhe Sabbath."
" Nonevp them for Hannah," said I,
but If be hadn unabridged business
directory f New 'York city, I would
lake a little read. ,
"Young man look those gray
hairs." v
I told blm I saw them, and wbn a
man got to be as old as be was be ought
to die. " You needn't think these hairs
are any sign of wisdom, It's only a sign
that our system lacks iron : and 1 advise
you to go home and swallow a crowbar.
He took this for irony, and what little
entente cordiale there was between us
was spilled. It turned out that be was
the chaplain of a baseball club.
When we got to Rochester I called
for a bowl of soup. I send you the
receipt for making It. Take a lot of
water, wash it well ; and boil it until It
is brown on both sides, then very care
fully pour one bean in it and let it sim
mer. When the bean begins to get rest
less, sweeten it with salt, then put It in
air-tight cans, bitch each can to a brick
and chuck them overboard ; and the
syrup is done."
The above receipt originated with a
man in Iowa, who got up suppers on
odd occasions for Odd Fellows. He bad
a receipt for oyBter soup, leaving out the
Speaking of Iowa reminds me of the
way I got my money to pay for my
ticket and pay for that fellows supper.
I bet fellow a dollar that I could tell
him how much water to a quart went
under the railroad bridge over the Mis
sissippi at Dubuque in a year. I won
the bet, but after all the supper was an
awful swindle.
Dubuque is celebrated for its fine turn
outs on the streets ; while I was there a
wagon upset and spilled a lot of women.
I didn't see it I looked the other way.
No cards.
" ANE thing is certain," said Mr.
J Hathaway, emphatically, " forty
gallons of cider won't keep while we're
drinking it. There, must be something
to put into it to keep it from spoiling,
and I've heard that mustard-seed is the
" I agree with you," observed Mr.
Lefrlngwell. " If we don't take care of
It, the cider will sour ; but I incline to
the Idea that horseradish Is the best.
Put in horseradish and your cider will
keep all winter."
" Let me remark, gentleman," said
Mr. Anderson, lying down a chicken
wing and wiping bis mustache, "that
raisins are what you want. Dump in
plenty of raisins and you've got your
cider where you want it. Think so, Mr.
Sherwood V"
" I can't say I do," rejoined Mr. Sher
wood. " There Is no doubt that the ci
der will spoil unless you put in some
thing, but what you want is borax. A
pound of borax will keep that barrel of
cider until spring."
Each gentleman sustained his view
with potent arguments, but the dinner
was finished before any conclusion was
arrived at, and the party separated.
"They can talk about their borax,
horseradish and raisins, till they're
gray," said Mr. Hathaway, as he flop
ped out of bed at daylight the next
morning, " but I'll have my mustard
seed in before they roll over," and
cautiously stepping down stairs be ex
tracted the bung and poured a liberal
dose of the seeds into the barrel.
44 That will keep," be murmured, "for
six years," and, driving the bung home,
he went back to bed.
41 It's clear to my mlud that Hathaway
Is trying to save that cider by faith,"
muttered Mr. Leffingwell an hour later,
as he groped around for his clothes.
41 Mustard-seed ! Why he might as well
put in squash rind. I'm going to fill that
barrel with horseradish before he's up,
and show him to how keep cider. MuBtard
seed 1 I'll head a subscription with five
dollars to test his sanity." And Mr.
Leffingwell shivered down to the cel
lar and cracked away with a hammer
until the bung flew out like a bullet.
44 There 1" he;ejaculated as be poked the
horseradish In with his thumb, that'll
do the business," and with chattering
teeth he prowled back to bis room.
"One would think to hear these people
talk that they'd been brought up in an
orchard," said Mr. Anderson to him
self, as be jabbed the right foot into the
wrong slipper. 44 Borax I Horseradish !
Mustard I What that cider wants is
raislnB, and that's what It's going to
get." Upon which Mr. Anderson crept
down into the cellar and Inoculated the
Darret witu a couple or pounds of raisins.
41 Tt'a hpplnnlnfr tn ctnnll ftlroarlir " lu
soliloquized, eyeing the floating seeds
and radish suspiciously, but without
i , nt . ...
lueuuiying mem. - ji i naun't Deen
lightning quick we'd bave been drink'
1. ..!. I... .11 .1 . l ...
Jlif V illegal ujr uiuuer AUU Sat
isfied that he had saved the beverage, he
went back to the sheets. '
44 What I'm afraid of," remarked Mr.
Sherwood, as he opened bis door care
fully and slipped down stairs, 44 what
I'm afraid of is that those fellows will
begin to tinker with that barrel before I
can get there. If they manage to stick
their foolishness in first I'm gone, but
if I can empty this borax before they're
around, there's so much cider saved,"
Mr. Sherwood belted away at the barrel
until the bung toppled out, and in went
his borax. 44 That's the business," be
observed with great satisfaction, aw be
.replaced the bung. 44 It will teach those
v.... . . t . n .1 .. 1 1 lit. ii .. :
UtTjip nut iu ue bu uugmauu Willi lutrif
remedies, hereafter."
44 1 don't beleive"ibateiiler Was very
good in the first place," said Mr. Ander
son as he pushed his glass from him
that night at dinner. 44 We got swindled
on that cider."
44 1 think so," said Mr. Sherwood.
44 It had a bad taste when we tapped it.
It isn't fit to drink now."
44 I'd head a subscription with five
dollars to send that cider man to the
Penitentiary," observed Mr. Lefflg
well, severely. 41 Is not good cider.
We couldn't have put anything in to
keep it. What do you think Hatha
way?" 14 1 had my suspicions of it from the
first 1" replied Mr. Hathaway. "It's
old stock and I think we bad better
give it away."
And then there was a silence, and
each gentleman wondered if it hadn't
been better to have let the other gentle
men try their various recipes before zeal
ously administering his own.
An Arkansas Dog Story.
dog that he would not part with for
the world. The world Is a pretty large
oiler, but be would not accept It for bis
j . -n Tin i.f A I
uog cruDO, vvueu iu juempum iioi iuug
ago, Bruno got separated from bis mas
ter in the crowded street, and when the
Captain went on board the steamboat
on bis return to Little Rock, the dog
was nowhere to be seen. The owner of
Bruno was much affected by the failure
of his faithful follower to stay with him.
They had traveled many times from
Little Rock to Memphis and back, both
by steamboat and cars. The wheels of
the Marlin Speed turned the requisite
number of times, and Capt. Pitchard
found himself in Little Rock. H$
mourned the loss of bis dog almost asjj.
much as ir ne naa iosi a cnua, dui mat
evening, as be was in his room, there
came a scratching at the door, and when
it was opened Bruno walked ia, wagging
his tall with the most frantic and evi
dent efforts to wag it off. How he got
home was a nine days' wonder. Capt.
Pltcbard saw a conductor of the Mem
phis and Little Rock railroad a day or
two after, who said: "Did your dog
come home?" 44 Yes; what do you
know about It?" 44 He rode over from
Memphis with me, that's all." 44 Who
put him on the train ? I want to thank
blm." 44 He got in himself, went into
a passenger car, sat down, and, when
ever the train would stop at any station,
would shrink back under the seats.
He did not try to get off at any station
until Little Rock was reached. When
the brakeman opened the door and shout
ed 4 Little Rock,' out popped Bruuo
And mitilA ctMinht rsw winma ' '
" Women Never Think."
If the crabbed old bachelor who utter
ed this sentiment could but witness the
intense thought, deep study and thor
ough investigation or women in deter
ment ng the be&t medicines to keep their
families well,, and would note their
sagacity and wisdon, in selecting Hop
Bitters as the best and demonstrating it
by keeping their families In perpetual
health, at a mere nominal expense, he
would be forced to acknowledge that
such sentiments are baseletw aud false.
Picayune. i t