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IB, 1881.
New Bloomfield, Jen. IS, JSS1.
Ho Oat nr mcrrotyps wlllbetmerted Inthli pr
naless IlKUt faoe and uu metal ba.a.
WTwntjrrrrooiit. Inoicen" of re"!"' rates, will
beoharKedloraavcrtlHeincuta act In DoiiuleOuluiun.
Mr. J. Tt. IUT, NeWsM-ipor Advertising Ag't,
41 Park Row. (.Times Building), New York, lit au
thorial to contract for advertisements for tills
paper at our best rate.
NMTICR TO HlllwrRinEllH.
I.orknt the llitur-w nn the lnbel or your iier.
ThmpilnurrntPlI vou Ihn illeo which ynnii.iil.
nlpllon Ul.nlil. WKhlii weehsalter money Is
sent, tee if the date la oliaiwed. No other receipt
la necessary.
The Circulation of The Times now
exceeds Two Thousand Copies each week.
Our mailing list is always open for the
inspection of advertisers.
" Who is Or.iVEit V" is the question
lots of people are asking. since his name
has heen brought forward as candidate
for United States Senator. It is not
probable one voter In a hundred
throughout the State ever heard of him
before. The answer given to the ques
tion is that he is a rich iron manufac
turer of Pittsburgh, Pa., and a native of
Ills main opponent, Mr. Grow, has
not only a State, but a National, repu
tation. The Senatorial Caucus held at
Harrisburg on Tuesday last showed con
clusively that the prominent machine
candidate for U. S. Senator was exceed
ingly objectionable, and forty-seven Sen
ators and Representative refused to be
bound by the action of the caucus. The
politicians who did convene, nominated
a Mr. Oliver as their candidate, while
the opposition propose to support their
choice in the Senate and the House
without any caucus action.
As the question now stands, the indi
cations are that neither Grow or Oliver
can be elected, though there is no doubt
that three-fourths of the Republican
voters of the State would be gratified if
Mr. Grow should secure the position.
There are however several other well
known and able men spoken of as can
didates whose election would be entirely
The Proposed " Temperance Law."
Petitions are being widely circulated
through the State for the proposed
" Temperance Law," approved by the
State Temperance Convention held at
Harrisburg, in April, 1879, and also for
appointment of a "Commission of In
quiry," to investigate and report upon
the alcoholic liquor traffic, in its econom
ic, criminal, and moral aspects, and the
results of license legislation. The pro
posed " Temperance Law" has been
printed for general distribution, and
may be had, with copies of the form of
petitions, on application to Rev. J. H.
Dobbs, Harrisburg, Pa.
Dji. J. C. Ayee & Co., have favored
us with a complete edition of their Al
manacB for 1881, neatly bound in one
volume. Turning to its contents we find
ourselves prepared to discuss the weath
er with our afternoon callers in English,
German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish,
French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Bo
hemian. We have as yet only perused
the English version, and to it we are
pleased to give our unqualified endorse
ment. Though Ayer's Almanac has
long been recognized as a standard
American work, yet it makes its advent
each year with all the vigor and fresh
ness of a first appearance, and it is re
ceived with a hearty welcome by millions
from the rising to the setting sun. We
recommend it to our readers as a work
replete with instructive and valuable
A Remarkable Crime.
Last fall a wealthy citizen of Calvert
county, Md., was convicted of a remark
able crime, the details of wtilek are as
follows: He was charged with having
brought about a marriage between his
daughter Ella and a young man, gen
erally supposed to be a distant connec
tion, but who has since proven to be a
eon of the accused.
The marriage between the brother and
sister was celebrated by Rev. Joseph P.
Wilson, of the Methodist Church, at
Prince Frederick, Calvert county, where
the parties resided, on September 18,
1879, when Mr. Bowen gave the bride
away and accorded the young couple his
parental blessing. The groom, who
went by the name of Enoch Walters,
had been adopted by Mr. Bowen, and
was very popular in the village. Miss
Bowen was only seventeen year's of age,
very attractive in appearance, and of a
.refined and gentle disposition.. Shortly
after the marriage it became rumored
that a former suitor of Miss Bowen 's
band had made a startling discovery in
connection with the nuptials. Later on
the little community was astounded by
the arrest of Bowen on the charge above
tated. At the trial it was proven that
Walters' real name was Enoch Bowen,
and that he was the son of Thomas
Bowen by a former wife.
It appears that the elder Bowen, about
twenty-five years ago, seduced a girl in
the neighborhood, and subsequently
married her just before her baby was
born. The mother died in childbirth,
and Bowen desiring to avoid awkward
questions adopted the Infant as a child
of an old friend. The boy baby was
named Walters and grew up in the
family, where he was of course In con
stant contact with Miss Bowen, result
ing in a warm aflectlon springing up
between them. When Walters first
proposed the marriage, Bowen objected,
but subsequently changed his mind and
assisted at the nuptials of the brother
and sister. As stated, the elder Bowen
was tried, convicted and sentenced in
the Calvert County Circuit Court last
November, but the case escaped public
notice at that time.
The unfortunate brother and sister at
once separated when their true relation
was made known to them, and have
taken steps to have the marriage form
ally declared void. Both are terribly
prostrated by the shocking discovery.
Bowen's application for pardon, based
on a plea of ill health, has aroused a
storm of indignation In Calvert county,
and It is not probable that it will be
granted. He owns a large farm near
Prince Frederick, and was a class leader
in the Methodist church at that place.
A Tomb of Snow.
A dispatch from Middleburg, Loudon
county, Va., says the snow in that
vicinity has been on the ground for the
past three weeks to the depth of forty
two inches on a level. It has drifted
over the fences, hiding them from view
and blocking up the roads completely.
The farmers have been obliged to cut
down the shade trees near the farm
houses and use them for fire-wood, as
the snow prevented them hauling from
the woods. Great Buffering is said -to
have prevailed among the poor people.
In one section, near the foot of the Blue
Ridge, just where the Leesburg turnpike
crosses the mountains, an old lady lived
with a young grandson alone in a small
house, a mile away from the nearest
dwelling. She was completely entombed
by the snow drifting down from the
mountain, and for several days was
without food. Being reduced almost to
starvation, and knowing that a relief
party would not bo able to find her
house, she cut a hole through the roof
and thrust a long pole through the
snow, with a gaily-colored shawl on the
end. It was seen by persons, who noti
fied an old gentleman living a couple of
miles away. He immediately ordered
a colored man to mount a horse and
take with him food and fuel. The man
rode toward the house until the horse
was stuck in the snow and then could
go no. further. He managed with diffi
culty to get back home and upon telling
his employer, the latter summoned out
all the hands on the place and getting as
near to the woman's house as they
could they worked with shovels until
they cut through into the cabin. On
breaking in they found it too late. The
woman and her grandson had been
frozen to death.
Terriflo Explosion of a Boiler.
Detroit, January 12. The boiler In
the Union flouring millB, of this city,
exploded thiB morning about seven
o'clock with terrific force, tearing out
the side of the building completely and
so wrecking the structure, that it will
have to be taken down to the founda
tion. The engineer, a young man
named Whlttler, the fireman and oiler
were Instantly killed and burled under
the ruins. A fourth man standing just
outside, was severely injured in the
head, but will probably recover. Three
horses standing near also killed. These
mills, now a part of the new mammoth
Glucose works, commenced operations
here last week, and Mr. Sweet, the man.
ager, was just entering the engine room
as the explosion took place. He was
blown some distance, but escaped with
out serious harm.
Miscellaneous News Items.
this State titers are 87 daily news
papers, Oil weekly and 137 others, making
a total ofS3o,
109Just after the Erie express left Pitts
burg the other evening on the Pittsburg
aud Lake Erie Railroad, a bogus conduct
or got a number of tickets from the pas
sengers and escaped while the real conduct
or was in auother car.
Newbcryport, Mass., January 12. An
explosion of celluloid occurred in a factory
here this afternoon and killed Charles B.
Scoflold, fatally burned Chas. Hayes and,
badly perhaps fatally burned Walter Van
dusen. The building was totally de
troy ed.
t2"Two doctors la Howard county, Iud.,
being sued for malpractice, got out of it in
a manner said to be new to tho courts in
Indiana. They went before a justice of
the peace and sued the plaintiff for their
fees and obtaining Judgments thereon
pleaded them in the circuit court in bar of
the aetlon of the plaintiff, and were sus
tained by the court,
B3f Pat. Malady, a fireman on the
Branch railroad, made a very narrow es
cape from doatli. He was on his engine
when the tender and engine broke loose
from each other while the train was run
ning at the rate of fifteen miles an hour.
Malady dropped on the track, but quick as
lightning rolled to one side and let the
train pass by him. Oue foot was caught
and his shoe was torn off, hut he escaped
other injury.
CSTSoaie time ago a valuable horse be
longing to Chas. E. Smith, of Stony Brook
had bis leg broken at Port Jefferson. The
broken limb was set and the leg was .im
bedded in plaster of Paris. In two weeks
the horse could walk around the stable ; in
three weeks he drove him home, a distance
of five miles, and three weeks after the
horse was driven to a road wngnn a mile
in four minutes.
San Fkancibco, January 11. A de
spatch from Los Angeles gives the follow
ing : "On Sunday afternoon a Mexican
named Miranda, about 10 years old, at
tempted to outrage oue of a party of three
girls near Wilmington, breaking her arm
in the struggle. Her companions gave the
alarm and Mirando was captured by a
number of citizens, from whom he was
taken by a body of masked men, and this
morning his body was found hanging to a
tree not far from the scene of his capture.
A Corouer's Jury rendered a verdict of
hanged by parties unknown."
Q Washington, D. C, January 13, 18S1.
The preparations under way for the Inaugur
ation of the new President, to Bay the least of
thorn, give promise of being most complete.
The committee on accommodations, as they
should be, are especially active, and their seal
in procuring comfortable quarters for our vis
itors prospective will add more than can be
told to their enjoyment. At previous Inaugur
ations this portion of the programme has not
received Us proper share of attention and as
a consequence hundreds have been here unable
to get lodgings, and go away pouring maledic
tions upon our innocent city, taking with them
by way of remembrance, a severe cold. But
this time there will be no such annoyance.
Private citizens and organizations can by the
aid of our worthy and efficient committee on
accommodations, secure for themselves, pre
vious to their arrival, comfortable quarters at
very moderate prices, aud although our hotels,
aud lodging house keepers promise to house all
who may apply, I advise all intending to visit
Washington the fourth of March to secure
their lodging places In advance.
Secretary Bherman, as was expected, has
been nominated by the Ohio Republicans, to be
U. 8. Senator In place of President-elect Gar
field. But there Is a report that he Is to con
tinue as Secretary of the Treasury nndcr the
now administration, and that Qovernor Foster
is to be then made Senator, in his stead. It Is
also said that the Grant element of the Repub
lican party, represented by Senator Conkllng,
are becoming alarmed lest their old enemy
Bhould secure the position they unable to get,
hoped to keep him from.
The Halifax Fishery award bids fair to be
reoponed, as it is charged by the British gov
ernment that the evidence upon which the
award was made, was fraudulent. The devel
opments, particulars of whlck are known only
to the State Department, may cause much
Diplomatic correspondence of a nature not
wholly amicable.
Correspondents, upon whom devolve the
pleasant, sometimes, and special duty of- re
porting the proceedings of Congress, are hav
ing a hard time this Winter. Oi matters to
talk about there is an abundance, but of things
interesting, and Congresslonally exciting there
is, also, a dearth. Congress met a week ago
to-day, and have passed two appropriation
bills, the Consular and Diplomatic and the
Indian. Besides discussing the Wood funding
bill in the House, and the District of Columbia
tramp bill, and Halifax relief resolution In
the Senate, nothing of importance has been
There have been numcrons lucorrect state
incuts published In relation to the request
made rocently by General Walker, Superin
tendent of tho Census, for an additional appro
priation of ?500,000, in order that he may be
enabled to complete the work In the manner
prescribed by law. For the Coubus of 1ST0
Congress appropriated 3,333,000. Thus far
for this census the following appropriations
have been madei First, $3,000,000, subse
quently, ?210,000, and finally, 185,000, mak
ing in all, $3,335,000. In this census not only
has the Increase of population made the task
greater, but the duty of supervisors and enu
merators have been greatly enlarged and the
task In other ways has taken a wide scope than
in 1870. Hence Gen. Walker is warranted in
asking, ani Congress will doubtless take
pleasure In granting the additional appropria
tion. Olive. .
A Foolish Mistake.
Don't make the mistake of confound
ing a remedy of acknowledged merit
with the numerons quack medicines
that are now so common. We speak
from experience when we say that
Parker's Ginger Tonic is a sterling
health restoratlv and will do all that is
claimed for It. We have used It our
selves with the happiest results for
Rheumatism and when worn out by
overwork. See adv. Times. 2 it
The Greatest Blessing.
A simple, pure.harmless remedy, that
cures every time, and prevents disease
by keeping the blood pure, stomach reg
ular, kidneys and liver active, Is the
greates blesllng ever conferred upon man.
Hop Bitters is that remedy, and its pro
prietors are being blessed by thousands
who have been saved and cured by it
Will you try it t See another column.
Euijle. . a ot
We advertise that we carry the largest
stock of Clothing in the County and
can substantiate the same. We also
claim to sell lower than any of our com
petitors and will prove it to you if you
give us a call. M. Dukes & Co.
Buffalo Robes, Lap Robes, Colored
and White Blankets, Horse Blankets,
and Men's Knit Jackets and Gloves, the
best assortment at M. Dukes & Co.
New crop New Orleans molasses, new
Raisins, Citrons, etc., just received by
F. Mortimer.
If you want to see the best assortment
of Clothing ever brought to Perry Co.,
go to M. Dukes & Co., Newport, Pa.
Western Union Telegraph connecting
with all parts of the world. Office at
New Bloomfield In Mortimer's build
ing, tf
On Sun-dat, office epen from 9 to 10 A. M
and 5 to 0 P. M.
Fpoclal Notice Owing to the lateness
of the season we have determined to
close out our fall stock of Carpets at
reduced prices. Persons in need of the
above will find it to their advantage to
call and see our prices before purchasing
elsewhere. C. SEEGER,
213 North 2d St., Harrisburg, Pa.
Lniullsbiirg Confectionery. The sub
scriber having opened a Confectionery
In Landisburg would call attention to
his stock of Candies, Oranges, Lemons,
and fruits of all kinds in their season.
Fancy Candles, Toys aud Nuts, suited
for Christmas will be found In abund
ance in his store.
Oysters served in all styles. A call is
solicited and pains will be taken to
please all.
48 tit C. C. Siieaffer.
Singer Machines. The Singer Company
have opened an office in New Bloom
field, for sale and repair of their sewing
machines. All persons needing ma
chines repaired can have them promptly
and cheaply done, and persons wanting
new machines are requested to give us
a call.
tf. S. H. Beck, Manager.
For Rent. The Wagon Maker's and
Blacksmith shops at Greenpark are for
rent. This Is one of the best stands in
the county, and is rented on account of
the ill health of the proprietor. Inquire
by mall or in person of
Nathan Henderson,
Greenpark, Pa.
Wheat grists exchanged on sight or
ground In a few hours. We have no
low water now since tapping the Penn
sylvania canal. We Lave the only
Smith purifier in the county, and allow
no one to make better flour. We pay
five cents advance on market rates for
Mediterranean or Lancaster wheat. We
also sell Pillsbury's XXXX flour on
commission, which is the best in the
Newport, Pa.
Fer Sale A new house at Newport,
close to the new bridge. Apply at once
M. B. Esiileman,
4o 3m Newport, Pa.
Still Alive ! I am still alive and ready
to cut and fit suits In good style. If
wanting any work in my line, give me
a call. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Samuel Bentzel,
April 0, ' New Bloomfield, Pa.
ST. ELMO HOTEL Nos. 317 and 319
Arch Street, Philadelphia. Rates re
duced to Two Dollars Per Day.
The traveling publlo still find at this
Hotel the same liberal provision for their
comfort. It is located in the immediate
centres of business and places of amuse
ment and the different Rail Road depots,
as well as all parts of the city, are easily
accessible by Street Cars constantly pass
ing the doors. It otters special Induce
ments to those visiting the city for
business or pleasure.
Your patronage is respectfully solicited.
Jos. M. Feoer, Proprietor.
Xotlce.s-On the 1st of April, 1880, John
Bitner and wife gave to Elizabeth De
wees a note for $01. The said note has
been lost, and the said Bitners have
given another note in place of the one
that was lost. This notice is to save the
said Bitners from being Imposed upon,
should any person nnu saiu note.
Yours truly,
Thomas W. Dewees.
If you want a good pair of Boots or
Shoes you can be suited at
M. DgKEg & Co., Newport.
Money Loaned for clients on real estate
security, in sums to suit, at six per cent,
interest. Those wishing to borrow, and
those wishing to put out money, on
good security will please call on, or
address, john.u. wallis, Atiorney-at-
Jaw, JNew iJioomneiu, r. i u
Sewing Machine Needles. I have nee
dies on hand to suit any of the following
machines : Grover & Baker, Keystone,
Secor, Singer M'f'g., Singer Family,
Domestic, Household, Eldrege, Daunt
less, St. John, Howe, Home Shuttle,
Buckeye, Davis, Weed, Remington,
Whitney, Wilson, White, New Home,
Empire, Etna, and Blees. Orders re
ceived by mail promptly tilled.
F. Mortimer,
New Bloomfield, Pa.
Ladles, call and p nm- r
Dolmans, Coats, Shawls, Skirts, Furs,
isublas, Underwear and Dry Goods.
You will find the best line of these goods
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Fancy Brown Spreads. Very Hand
some, at $1.09 cents each.
F. Mortimer,
New Bloomfield, Pa.
W. H. GANTT, Watchmaker an.
Jeaveler, and dealer in Wall Taper,
Stationery and Fancy Goods. Send for
samples of Wall Paper.
Gantt's Hotel Block.
30 ly Newport, Perry Co., Pa.
THR subscriber offers at Private Bale the fol
lowing desirable farms:
KO. 1.
Is a Farm contalalng
Sixty-Eight Acres,
All pood land. In a Rood state of cultivation, and
having thereon erected a
And all necessary Outbuildings, situate three
miles south of Bloomfield and seven miles from
IHinraniion. There Is on this place plenty of
Choke I' i ult ol all kinds, Rood water at the door.
tlm." Tenasy?" Uea',y eVe'y Ueld-
SO. 2.
Is a farm situate In Wheatleld twp containing
having thereon erected a
with all required Outbuildings, the Barn being
entirely new. This farm is situate about six miles
from Duncannon and four miles from Bloomlield.
1 here Is good water near the door, plenty of
streams on the land, a good Apple Orchard, and
S'.'l, fr"lt-and wi" make a desirable home. Price
82,850. Terms easy,
NO. 8.
situate near Shermansdale, on Sherman's Creek.
The MILL and Machinery is in excellent order,
with a gpod SAW MILL and a good CIDER MILL
attached, and is one of the best stands in the
t!!""V!,.'.w"h P'""1 ni" of custom. There Is
also SEVEN ACRES of land with a Good Dwell
lug thereon, to be sold with the Mill, and more
land can be had if desired. Price. $,600. A large
part of the purchase money can remain on morU
NO. 4.
Is a Farm situate in Carroll township, about two
miles from Shermansdale, containing about
One Hundred Acres,
having thereon erected a
Uood Dwelling, and other Ont-bnildingg,
A well of good water at the house and another at
the Ham. There Is couslderable Iruit on the
premises, and the land Is good and well watered.
Price, $5,000, aud payments can be arranged to
NO. 5.
Is a FARM situate In Carroll township, about twe
miles from Shermansdale, containing
Heycnty Acres,
of good land, and having thereon a GOOD
DWELLING, and other Out-buildings.
There Is a good spring near the honse, and the
harm Is well watered. There is also a Good Or.
chard in bearing condition ; this will make a de
sirable home. Price, SLEW.
NO. 6.
Is a FARM situate In Carroll township, about
eight miles from Duncannon and Ave miles from
Bloomlield, containing
The place has thereon erected a Good
Dwelling Honse, a New Barn,
and other Out buildings. There Is also a splend'd
Orchard on the place. The land Is good, about
one-halt being under cultivation and the balance
well timbered. A good spring is near the door
with a good spring house, and the place is well
watered. Price, U.oOQ. Terms to suit purchaser.
NO. 7.
ACRES, (half cleared) having thereon erected a
order. -This property Is located 2 miles south
of Bloomlield. and has on it plenty of FRUIT of
all kinds, and will make a very desirable home
a party wanting a small tract ul land. There Is a
rnnnlng stream of water near the house and a
well of good water close to the door. Price tlOOu,
half to be cash and the balance In two equal an
nual payments.
ror iuriner miormaiinn aoaress ine nnaer
signed at New Bloomlield. Perry countv. Pa., or
call at his residence three miles south ol Bloom
field. C. B.HABNI8H.
Battle Creek, Michigan,'
Traction and Plain Engines
and Horse-Powers.
Host Complete Thresh or 1'actory; Established!
la the World. i 1848
aJ At Tnanntrement, or location, to "bach vp
oroui warranty on oAoiirfwrf.
SSL M I krlllVflew, witnous cn&nRe ox imui'v
Complete ritenm Oatfltnow'''9"".'"-
1-inut Traction Engines and Plain Innmeo
ever eeen in the American market. . ,
A wiukitwU of iptrtal ftaMM and impnMmmf
fnr ISil, torether witn tuperlor jo(n( l mulmc
Hon and wtatiriab not dreamed of by other makers.
Four aizeo of Separators, from 6 to 14 bono
Canacity.S'or tteam or
Two Btylee of " Mounted " Uorne-povrers.
, t Kftt t(M Feet at (Selected I.nmbrt-
4 fUVIv,UV (romthroatorixyMriair-ttrwt)
oonntsntly on hand, from which is boilt tho tn
COUliNtfihUie W04XVWUTK uk our nianninery.
Strong, MOrt durabU. and rffiriont wr
suua, b, 10, 13 iiurso Power.
Fnrmera and Threshermen aro Invited to
Xnvoatinite thU matcAUss Turueliiiia Machinery.
- Circulars sunt free. Address
Battlej Creek, Michigan.
.1- ' .z-l .
It .-