The New Bloomfield, Pa. times. (New Bloomfield, Pa.) 1877-188?, September 14, 1880, Page 5, Image 5

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ItO&iT Department.
On and after Monday, June II. lsso, Fuirnirer
Trains wlU rtiu u tullowa t
fill l'l'u Ir'u Kl.ll
Aoo. Ex. Tr'u
t ltd
9 I'hlhvleliilila.
A. M
.oo; nurrlKlmrir,
A. If
1. 11
P W.
!. IS
6. Id)
P. 110
(I 4(1
S.HCln 41
19. 46
a. 97
J. 89
II 40
P. 97
7.10 11 4
ii. m
Aiiniiu, ........
Lewttown J.,
tWFRtib'nnr Kiprmit leaves narrismvra t uue p.w.
Dnnrouuon 10.44 (fiK): Newport 11.06 (IUk) ud Ar
rives at Plll4llllirKt7.U0 A. H.
iwrnplftc Eipress West will stop at DnncannoB At
I.Sosndst Newport at 6.14. Dl., when Sawed.
ItfOciiiiir Went, the Way Passentrer It-avet Harris
Jura; Daily-tjieother trains Pally except 8,mtar, (
PaolftoRnrfeM cant rubs dully except Mmnluy, ami
wlllatopat Dmifaimoii at lliiu a.m., when flw;l.
On Hundava it will make the following etra atop" when
flawed : Bell's Mill's :IH1. Hpriuw Creek 8,97, I'tU-raburw
8:88, Alt. Ulllull9;IO, MuVeyluwn9;:l.
Publlo Sales. We call attention to
sales of Real and Personal Property as
follows :
September 23nd. John Dam will Boll his val
uab'e farm near ElllottBburg. Boo advertlto
ment. September 85th B. 8. Jones will soil at his
resldenco In Carroll twp., two mllos west of
Dollvlllo, 1 horse, 1 cow, 1 heifer, 1 buggy,
1 wagon, and other articles not mentioned.
Uriel Items.
The Bank Building Is being Improved
ly the erection, of a fine portico.
Our Borough schools for the term
cpened yesterday.
The Borough School Building In this
place is being re-paluted.
The Record says there is a good deal
of sickness in and around Duncannon
We are sorry to learn that Mr. Single
ton Sheaffer was so unfortunate as to
lose another horse by death, last week.
The Academy in this place, opened its
Fall Term last week. It is an institu
tion that deserves a good patronage.
A few nights since the celler of Mr. A.
M. Klinepeter was raided by thelves and
most of the eatables taken. .
The Bloomfield Cornet Band is play
ing some nice new music of late. The
l.oys are improving rapidly.
Chas. H. Smiley, Esq., of this bor
ough, will deliver the address at the
Soldiers' Be-Unlon, at Mifllintown, on
the 23d Inst.
Mr. Jacob Mounts, wishes to state to
bis friends that he will be around in
about three weeks. He has been detain
ed by sickness. (
Several parties complain of losing
poultry and small articles from their
premises recently. Shotgun Injections
are good to apply in such cases.
Mr. Stephen Boyer, a former resident
of this borough, but now of Logansport,
Indiana, is at present visiting his friends
in this community, in company with
his wife and family.
Calvin Nellson, Esq., and Miss Laura
Halbert were married at the residence of
Dr. Strickler, in this borough, on Thurs
day laBt, and immediately started on
their wedding tour.
Mr. William M. Nesbltt, Postmaster
at Spring Bun, Franklin county, was
struck by lightning while sitting on a
bed in his residence, a few days ago, and
instantly killed.
A Village Camp Meeting will be held
at New Buffalo, under the direction of
the M. E. Church, T. M. Griffith, pas
tor. The meeting will commence on
Thursday, September 16th, at 101 A. M.,
and last one week.
Mr. A. M. Gantt, of Newport, desires
the statement made that he is not the
man from that place who has announc
ed that he is going to vote for Hancock
although formerly a Republican, as
some suppose.
Wednesday morning the family of
Mr. Harry Sheaffer, of this place, found
themselves without bread, though a
good supply was put in the cellar the
night previous. Some thief had visited
the premises much to thedisgustof Har
ry. These cases are getting too frequent.
Rev. Thos. Guard, B. D., of Mount
Vernon Place M. E. Church, Baltimore,
Md., will p. each in the Newport M. E.
Church on Monday evening, September
l0th. Rev. B. B. Hamlin, of Altoona,
will also be present. Services will com
mence at 7 o'clock.
Cheap excursion tickets will be sold to
Philadelphia on the P. R. R. on Wednes
day the 15th inst., which are good till
the 18th. Fare from Newport for the
round trip, $2.75, and from Duncannon,
92.60. Train leaves Newport 12:24, and
tickets to return good on any train that
stops at stations named on the ticket.
Rev. Decker's campmeeting held at
Waterloo was well attended. There
were forty-two tents on the ground, rep
resenting over sixty families. The con
versions were forty-four. The collection
taken on Sunday was $73. Taking all
together it was a very satisfactory
About midnight, on Wednesday a
week, Mrs. Strasbaugb, of Marysville,
was awakened by hearing some person
moving around, and looking out in the
hall saw a man, who cautioned her to
keep away. She obeyed but called her
husband, but by the time he arrived the
man had gone. .
Two large lights of glass were broken
in the rear window of The Times com
posing room on Wednesday morning at
about four o'clock. The noise consider
ably alarmed persons sleeping near.
Whether the act was done by some per
son who wished to enter the premises
or from pure"cussednes8" is a question
that will probably never be satlfactorlly
A Sad Accident. On Tuesday last,
Frank, a 12-year old son of Mr. William
MoClure of Green Park, accompanied
his brother with a load of lumber to
Newport. When near the residence of
Mr. Everhart, the lad In drawing the
lock In some way slipped and fell so
that the hind wheel passed over his
thlgh,badly breaking the bones there and
fracturing one of the bones at the ankle.
The lad was taken into Mr. Everhart's,
and Dr. Orris, of Newport, was called
In, and his father notified by telegraph
to Bloom field and then by mespengr,-
The injuries of the lad were attended to
and late in the afternoon he was brought
carefully to the residence of Mrs. Got
wait in this borough. The doctor thinks
the boy will no doubt recover, though
he wlU require some weeks of careful
At this time the lad Is getting along
ns well as could be expected.
Juniata County. We copy the follow
ing from the Juniata county papers of
last week :
One boy hurt another boy, accidental'
ly, quite badly, in Patterson, the other
day, with a sling. It was a b kshot
that was thrown out of the sling.'1
Andrew Allison, aged about eight
years, son of Wm. M. Allison, was stung
by an insect, on one of his toes, one day
last week, while in a field of grass, and
lie was sick from the effect for several
On Friday last Mrs. John Farleman,
on going to the pantry discovered a large
snake lying there, she sent over to the
mine of W. E. Nankivel, which is not
far distant for some one to come and kill
it, Mr. Nankivel went over and shot it
and it proved to be a very large rattle
snake. A serious accident befell Mr. Joseph
Brindle, of Patterson, on Friday after
noon of last week. He was engaged at
work on the roof of the new house now
in the course of completion for Mr.
Ellas Horning, in Fermanagh town
shin, Mr. B. Laving the contract for
building the same. He stepped on a
projecting roofing lath which had been
spliced, and proving insecure, it broke
and he fell to the roof of the porch, a
distance of eight feet and from thence to
the ground, fifteen feet further, alight
ing on his head and shoulder. Dr. Craw
ford was summoned, but Mr. Brindle
was too badly injured at the time for the
doctor to make a close examination.
The attending physician thinks that no
bones are broken and no blood-vessels
ruptured. Mr. Brindle haB not recover
ed sufficiently to be removed to hia home,
but his condition is improving. Port
lioyal Timea.
Cumberland County. We copy the fol
lowing from the Cumberland papers
of last week :
On Friday last, as Peter Lelghtner
was attempting to get on his . train, at
Newvllle, he made a misstep. The
wheel passed diagonally across his foot,
mashing it in a horrible manner. He
was brought home on an extra train,
and was carried from market street, to
his residence in Chambersburg on
a Bettee. Physicians were in attendance
and amputated the foot just above the
On Wednesday of this week Mr. Si
mon Mlnich met with a very sad acci
dent while threshing for Mr. Samuel
Walters on the farm of Mr. J. B. Roher
in North Mlddleton township. His
thumb and index finger were caught in
the wheels which drives the . fan and
crushed in a horrible manner. Medical
aid was at once sent for and the wound
ed member dressed. Mr. M. yet suffers
great pain.
On Tuesday, a young man named
Haines, living on the South Bide, whilst
gunning with his father along the creek
north of Plalnfleld, met with an acci
dent which may prove fatal. Whilst in
the act of discharging the gun the
breech-pin flew out and penetrated the
young man's forehead. Mr. Geo" Mower
conveyed the injured man to the office
of Dr. J. E. Van Camp, at Plalnfleld,
who attended to bis injuries.
On Saturday evening the wife of Prof.
Miller put her two little daughters to
bed in their usual health about eight
o'clock. When the parents went up
stairs between nine and ten o'clock,
Sadie, the eldest of the two, abont five
years of age was found working in con
vulsions. Dr. Dale, the family physl
cian, was summoned and did all in his
power to relieve the little sufferer, but
death put an end to her sufferings be
tween two and three o'clock on Sunday
morning. The distressed parents have
the sympathy of our citizens in their
sudden bereavement. Carlisle Herald.
Cider. Persons wishing to made cider
should go to Wm. A. fc Jas. F. Light-
ner's cider mill. It has a capacity of
forty barrels per day. It Is located in
Sheaffer'g Valley, this county.
Parties Visiting Harrisburg for goods
will find it to their advantage to consult
our advertising columns. The Dry
Goods house of Messrs. Dives, Pomeroy
& Stewart, and the Carpet house of Sam
uel Adams will be found represented
on the 8th page. Both are reliable busl
ness firms.
Church Notices.
Presbyterian Church Preaching next
Sabbath at 11 A. M. Sabbath school at
9:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday even
ing at 7 o'clock.
Preaching in the M. E. Church next
Sunday, at 7 P. M. Walnut Grove at
Ol T nr i T.I. i . . ,. , . - ,
J f a. au., i ixKCBUurg ai JUf A. Al,
Merchants and all other persons visit
ing Philadelphia want a comfortable
stopping place. We can confidently
reooinmend all desiring a pleanact hotel
to go to the St. Elmo, Arch street, above
8rd. The landlord is a gentleman who
sees to the comfort of his guests and
well in short there is no better hotel in
Neeklaee Lost. The necklace which
was shown to Mr. Fenstemaker several
weeks since was lost by Mary Reckord,
and the finder will please return it to
Geo. Bpah r.
Stray Pig. A white shoat weighing
about 30 pounds has come to the farm of
Wm. A. Sponsler near this borough.
The owner Is requested to take it away
and pay for this notice.
Just received,
III.ACK rilli!Vt'lI IACK,
i.aui;doc point lace,
and other Styles of Laces
and Embroideries.
F. Mortimer,
New Bloomfield, Pa.
Silks for Trimming, in various shades,
Brocade Ribbons, Boblnet, Silk ties,
Lace ties. Shelton Jackets, and many
other goods for the Ladies, just opened
by F. Mortimer.
Western Union Telegraph connecting
with all parts of the world. Office at
New Bloomfield in Mortimer's build
ing. tf
Still Alive I I am still alive and ready
in r.ut and tit mi 1 1 n in irnnd ntvlp. If
wanting any work in my line, give me
a call. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
April 6, ' New Bloomfield, Pa.
The undersigned, proprietor of the
NEWPORT MILLS, has completed his
extensive improvements and now feels
confident that he can make the BEST
FLOUR in Perry County, and will sell
at Rates that the poorest may buy. He
is very particular in the wheat he buys,
and haB the only Smith Purifier in the
County. He is also Agent for the Un
derwood Patent Flour, which is the
best flour in the World.
(ty All kinds of Custom Work done
with precision and dispatch.
Camphor Milk cures Headache and Neuralgia.
Camphor Milk cures Rheumatism and lame back
Camphor Milk will cure Cuts, Bruises and Burns.
Camphor Milk coats 25 cents pr bot, 5 bottles II
2 ly Bold by F. MORTIMER, Mew BloomBel d
Gunsmith. The undersigned gives no
tice that he still repairs and makes guns,
and does all work in that line. Orders
left at ElllottBburg hotel will be attend
ed to. Wm. Sweger,
82. Baville township.
Notice. A good journeyman Black
smith, and a good Wagon Maker can
'rent a shop at a good location, or can
find steady work as a journeyman, by
applying to the undersigned at Green
park. Nathan Henderson.
Prime Wheat and Com wanted at the
Newport Mills. Price according to the
quality of the grain.
Milton B. Eshleman,
19. Newport, Pa.
W. H. GANTT, Watchmaker and
Jeweler, and dealer in Wall Paper,
Stationery and Fancy Goods. Send for
samples of Wall Paper.
Gantt's Hotel Block.
30 ly Newport, Perry Co., Pa.
Pennsylvania State College ad
mits both sexes. Endowment half a
million. Tuition free. Courses of study,
Classical, Scientific, and Agricultural.
A thorough Preparatory Department.
Expenbes $3 to $5 per week. For cata
logue, address, Josei-h Siiortlidge, A.
M., Pres. State College, Pa. 83 lOt
Wheel Stock. An assortment of the
celebrated Lancaster Hubs, Felloes,
Spokes, etc., always on hand and for
sale at manufacture's price.
F. Mortimer,
tf New Bloomfield.
Onondaga Tlaster. This is a Blue
Plaster and by analysis is shown to be
nearly 10 per cent, purer than any other
in use. For sale by Jones Brothers
& Co., Newport, Pa.
Also, WniTE or Nova Scotia Plas
ter on hand, 22 4m
New lot of Trunks and Valises Just
received. Marx Dukes & Co.
We are now dally receiving our Fall
and Winter stock of Clothing. We in
tend to display a better line of clothing
this fall than ever before shown in this
county and intend to hold the lead in
this line despite all the efforts of our
competitors. makx dukes & jo.,
Newport, Pa.
Silks, Fringes and Ties. We are this
week opening a new and beautiful line
of Silks, Fringes, Lace and Silk Ties,
ana oiner iancy goods for the ladles
Call and see them. F. Mortimer.
It is said that the Arabs in mentioning
their valuable possessions always class
the wife second, the children third, and
the horse first. Many persons in this
country who know the value of the horse
have provided themselves with a copy
of Kendall's Horse Book for further
information. You can do so too. Sent
by mail for 25 cents. Address Times
office, New Bloomfield, Pa.
KT"More food and less medicine, more of
nonrienment ana strength, loss or the deblllat
inllnence of drugs Is what oar feeble and ex
hauftted constitutions rennlre." said Barou
l.lebig, when he perfected the composition of
vue -- man outers. ao
Men's Fall styles, Hats and Caps, also
a full line of Ties, Shirts. Overalls, etc.,
at Marx Dukes 4k Co., Newport.
See advertisement of Marx Dukes &
Co., Newport.
To all who are inUerlng from the errors and
indlacrellotis of youth, nerroui weaknetf.
early docay, loss of manhood, Ac, I will lend
a recipe that will cure yon, tuna or cnABOB.
This great remedy was discovered by a mis
sionary In South America. Bend a solf-ad-dressed
envelope to tbe Key. Joseph T. Itimaa,
Station D, New lork City. 8 b ly.
County Frlce Current.
BjOOnriSLD, Sept. 13, IV.
Flax-Heed l 26
Potatoes, so
Butter f) pound , 120 14
Eggs fl dozen 14 "
Dried Apples V pound, lots'
Dried Peaches 10 O 12 ots. V
NawroRT, Sept. 11, J 880.
Flour, Kxtra, tfi.OO
11 Buper 8.25
White Wheat old bush ;. .. 95
Red Wheat, oil 93
Rye 70Q70
Corn 42045
Oats V 82 pounds 820 32
Clover Seed per pouud 6Htt6Hcents
Timothy Seed 2 00
Flaxseed 1M
Potatoes, 31O30
Bacon 7 O 7
Lard, VA cents
Hams,... 9 cents.
Oround Alum Salt 1 10 Ol 19
Llmeburner's Coal, tl 00 0 1 25
Stove Coal 4 78 O 6 00
Pea Coal 3 00
Buckwheat Coal,..., 12 5!
Gordon's Food per Sack 12 00
(JARUSL1, Bept 10, 1880.
Family Flour 16 50
Superfine Flour 4 00
White Wheat, new 90
Red Wheat,new 90
Bye 5
Corn 42
Oat 25
Cloverseed, 4 00a4.
Tlmothyseed 160
Flax seed 11 10 .
O. A. Bait, II 20
Fins do 1 80
Philadelphia Froduee Market.
FULADKLPHIA, Sept. 1 1, 1880,
Flour unsettled: extras S3 00S3 60 1 Pennsy'.
vanla family, S4.50 9 14.75 Minnesota do., (4.800
15.12 ;'patent and hlxh grades, 16.5007.00
Rye flour, SH.2r3.25.
Cnrnmeal, 12.20.
Wheat, red, 1040106) amber, 1040105; white.
Corn yellow, 480510. t mixed. 60051c.
Oats quiet; Pennsylvania and western white.
40041c : western mlxed,8t37.
N Boson Halbert On the 9Hi Inst., at the res
idence of Dr. M. B. Btrlckler. by Rev. H. i. Rice,
Calvin Nellson, Esq., to Miss Laura R. Halbert,
both of this place.
Adaib Siibiblet On the 2nd Inst., by Rev. J.
Edgar, at New Bloomtleld, Mr. Benjamin H.
Adair, of Cedar Run. to Miss Lizzie A. Bheibley,
of Klliottsburg.
Toplet Staiil On the 3rd Inst., at Harris
burg, Harvey Topley of Newport, to Alice Stalil,
of Millerstowu.
Kellers At Newport, on the 4th Inst, after an
Illness of only about half an hour, Alice Gertrude,
daughter of A. M. and Clarissa Zellers, aged 1
year, 10 months and 22 days.
Rohm On tbe 10th Inst., In Centre twp., Mrs.
John Rohm, aged about 72 years.
Cloijsbr On the 6th Inst., at Martlnsbnrg. W.
Va., Maggie P. daughter of John L. Clotiser, and
grand daughter ol David Clouser, ot this place,
aged four years.
leona rc On the 2d Inst., In Tuscarora twp.,
Mrs. Mattie Leonard, aged 27 years, 7 months and
18 days.
Diven At Landlsbnrg, September 6th. 1880, of
Scarlet Fever, Florence C. Dlven, daughter of
Robert and Margaret Dlven, aged 2 years and 4
And on Sept 6th, Robert Irvine Dlven, ot the
the same disease, aged 8 months.
The parents have the christian sympathy of the
entire community In their deep alhlctlon and
sore bereavement Hut they are not left to mourn
as those who have no hope. The good Shepherd
gathered these lambs to his fold above.
lOO Lndles and Genta
" Oenulne Singer," ' White," ' New Home,"
"Howe," "Domestic," "8t John," tto.
VS. Oil and Needles for all kinds of Machines.
Repairing, ic, attended to promptly.
CHAS. W. SMITH. Agent,
r Don't forget the place Next door to Cahdt
Smith's. 86 'it
Agents Wanted SSSgM:
LY KNITTING MACHINE ever Invented. Will
knit a pair of Btockings, with HEEL and TOR
COMPEETE, In 20 minutes. It will also knit a
great varietv of fancy work for which there is al
ways a reaay market. Bend for Circular and
CO. . 409 Washington Street, Mass. 36 4m
Valuable Farm
At Public Sale!
Tnu subscriber will offer at publlo sale en
the premises, at one o'clock P. M on
Wednesday, September 22nd, 1880,
The following described Real Estate? to wit: A
FA KM situate about halt a mile East of
Klliottsburg, lu Spring township, containing
225 ACRES,
FIVE ACRES cleared and In a good state of cul
tivation, the balance well set with timber. The
Improvements are a
Smoke House and other Outbuildings.
. There are also Three APPLE ORCHARDS
on tbe place, two ot them young and Just coming
I uto bearing. A stream of water runs through the
farm and a never failing spring of water is near
me nouses.
tV. For further Information call on the pram
ines, or apply to the undersigned at Green ParW.
4 onus ui a ait w Sim yuiviiaaui.
August 31, 1880.
for both HANCOCK and GARFIELD Clubs now
ready. Each spicy, spirited, and splendid, both In
musfo and words. The very largest and best In
the Held, and the cheapest. Samples mailed on
receipt of price, 2c. each. (Hand olianee for
agent. and clubs. Terms liberal. For particulars
address UNION BOOK CO., 722 Jayne Htreet,
Philadelphia, Pa. 87d4t
GREATEST RUSH ever knownl 60,
OOOl III thirty days, and ZS.OOO more printing 10
siinplv the Immense demand lor the Life of
'by Gen. lianoock, the party leaders, and press i
and Life of
Utli. UMnriCLU BIN.also strongly en
dnrsd. Both omntal, Immensely popular, selling
over 10,000 a week I Agents making 110 to (20 a
day. The harvest Is September and October.
Outllts 50 cents each. More agents needed. For
best terms, address, quick, liUBHAKD BROH.,
Pubs., 723 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 87d4t
Oof CaUlrn f fltn4 tmWnwwfiW, 1w !nrtnn f SnH
Op H.IU, rr.mpflM.l'nnehw, Dmm-Mivlr' Outfit. HaU, Kpw
hu, Ump, Standi. Onlftta, Hint, on Onr.nWnf w4 Oixlurtlnff
lMndU JMfW gt VlUubU WonsaUon foliukWa MiUmU
MfCwh! QnU for Arnilmr IVifirta, knd Fatnaai DranrMftloiV
Tactic. t bnok ot tn pf, tnMUd for 10 Mtita. .
' LYON A HEAlY, State a Monroe St.; Chicago;
87d4t ,
The Chicago
Weekly News
will be sent, postpaid, from date to January 1st
next, tor 10 cents. This trial subscription will
enable readers to become acquainted with the
cheapest metropolitan weekly in the U. 8. Inde
pendent In politics, all the news, six completed
stories In every Issue. A favorite family ia'er.
Send 10 cents (silver) at once and get it until .Jan
uary 1, 1881. Eleven trial subsor:ptlons for
Regular Drlce Is 75 cents a year. Address VIC
TOR F. LAW BON, Proprietor, 123 6th Avenue,
Chicago, Illinois. 87d4t
Sam I I
5 Out II
a' so-"-'
II &inK A month and expenses. Sam-
Upiw pies Free. Cut this Notice
and send It with vour application, a
send a tnree ceni stamp to insure au
a FOSTER ft CO..
, 37 lm Cincinnati, Ohio.
THE subscriber offers at Private Sale the fol
lowing desirable farms i
K0. 1.
Is a Farm containing
Sixty-Eight Acres.
All good land. In a good state of cultivation, and
having thereon erected a
And all necessary Out-bulldings, situate three
miles south of Bloomfield and seven miles from
Duncannon. There is on this place plenty of
Choice Fruit of all kinds, good water at the door,
with running water In nearly every field. Price,
12,800. Terms easy.
50. 2.
Is a farm situate In Wheatfleld twp., containing
having thereon erected a
with all required Outbuildings, the Barn being
entirely new. This farm is situate about six miles
from Duncannon and four miles from Bloomtleld.
There is good water Bear the door, plenty of
streams on the land, a good Apple Orchard, and
other fruit, and will make a desirable home. Price
S2,850. Terms easy,
KO. 8.
situate near Bhermansdale, oi Sherman's Creek.
The MILL and Machinery Is in excellent order,
with a good SAW MILL and a good CIDER MILL
attached, and is one of the best stands In the
County, with a good run of custom. There Is
also SEVEN ACRES of land with a Good Dwell
ing thereon, to be sold with the Mill, and more
land can be bad if desired. Price, S5.60O. A large
part ot the purchase money can remain on mort
gage. NO. 4.
Is a Farm situate In Carroll township, about two,
miles from bhermansdale, containing about
One Hundred Acres,
having thereon erected a
Good Dwelling, and other Oat-bnlldlngs,
A well of good water at the house and another at
tbe Barn. There Is cousiderable truit on the
premises, and the land Is good and well watered .
Price, 15,000, and payments can be arranged to
suit purchaser.
KO. 5.
Is a FARM situate In Carroll township, about two
miles from Bhermansdale. containing
Seventy Acres,
of good land, and having thereon a GOOD
DWELLING, and other Out-buiIding.
There is a good spring near the house, and the
Farm is well watered. There is also a Good Or
chard in bearing condition; thla will make a de
sirable home. Price, 11,500.
KO. 6.
Is a FARM situate In Carroll township, about
eight miles from Duncannon and five miles from
Bloomfield, containing
The place has thereon erected a Good
Dwelling House, a New Barn,
and other Out-bulldings. There Is also a splendid
Orchard on the place. The land Is good, about
one-half being under cultivation and the balance
well timbered. A good spring is Dear the door
with a good spring house, aud the place is well
watered. Price, $2,8o0. Terms to suit purch aser
JUr For further information address the under
signed at New Bloomfield, Ferry county, Pa., or
call at bis residence three miles south of Bloom
field. C. B. HARNISH.
August 17. 1880.
In Vie CXiuH of Common Pleat o Perry County:
Will taw Jacobs r. Matilda Jacobs.
To MATILDA JACOBS, Respondent:
Madam Please take notice that the Court of
Common Pleas of said County, has granted a rule
on you to show cause why a divorce a vinculo
matrimonii should not be decreed la the above
Returnable on last MONDAY of October next
J. A. GRAY.SheriU.
September 7. 1S88.
Our Stock of NEW GOODS
for Men's Wear is comDletA.
LlllllO. Prices froml 2 eentsuu.
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