The New Bloomfield, Pa. times. (New Bloomfield, Pa.) 1877-188?, December 04, 1877, Page 4, Image 4

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New liloomjlcld, lire. 4, lfiT7.
No Out cr meruit j-r lll he Inserted In thli paper
ontwin llirht face slid on metal buse.
f"Twen(v percent, in excess of remiinr rates, will
bohPK""l I'irmtm.iseiuenU nettn Double Ooliimu.
l.noli t the rtvnrt'S nn the Inbnl of ynnr purer.
Thorn, il-nrcst-ll voutlm ilitteln vlilrli yoni xiili
crlpttmi Ispnl. itliln ww-kjaiter money Is
. unt, II tue il.ite la ehuuiml. No other receipt
is necoaaavv.
For the year W',8 we propose to furnish Tub
Times to slnglo subscribers and clubs at the
following rates, payable In advance i
Wit!W tub Couhtt. '
Single Copies fr . PI.25.
Ten " " k 1100.
Twenty " " 20.00.
Single Conies (pontage Included) J1.B0
Five " " " 7.00
Tea " " ' , 13.00
Twenty " -" " 25.00
The person geWlngtip clubs of th or more
will be entitled to a copy free.
Tun Times fob NoTntNO.'
The subscribers remitting now will receive
Thb Timks until' January 1st, 1878 freo of
charge, as all subscribers now received will
date from that time.
Subscribers who desire other publications can
TnB Times and Peterton't Magazine for$2.75
" " " iSarper'i Magazine " 4.50
" " " ' Weekly " 4. SO
' " " ' Bazar " 4.M
" " " SenU1le. American " 4.00
" " " 1'raetical Farmer " 2.75
Tiik It ending Savings bank, it is
thought, will only, pay ten per cent, on
' its liabilities. This is a severe blow to
the iioor depositors.
Tin-: Annual lieport of statistics of the
M. K church for '2877 in the United
States shows :
Bishops, 1 1 00
Annual Conferences, 01
Itinerant I'rcacbers, 11.257
Local Preachers, 1:3,581
(ltecrease, . 74 j
Total.rreacb.evs, 23,839 110
Lay members iu full con
nection, 1.473.000 48,013
Lay members on 1'rnhntlca, 200,281
(Decrease, 20,287)
Total Lay Members, l,f.73.2S7 21,775
Deaths of Members, 19,724 00
Church Edifices, 10.099 2S
Parsonarea, 5.334
Sunday telinvls, 19,775 84
Teacherc and Scholars, 1,700,557 44,508
The M. 13. church lina lost by death
the last tfii years tin aggregate of lflH,
030 lay members.
As the romonetization of the silver
dollar in tome form iti attracting go large
a share of, public attention it will be of
interest (o know, just what the silver
coinage of the country has been and
now is. Tl:e first silver dollar under
the law of VQ2 weighed 41G grains 3'.)2
4,-10 line, and parts in same, proportion.
Weight of $t ,'JOO, MSG oaueoa.
In January, lsS7,tlie law was so chang-
, 1 1, 'i. J, . -1 1 .11 ?..?-... 1 41.11
eu uisu inu B.iver uoiiar wtjiguiti i-iij
i grains OHO fine, and parte in Game pro
. portion. Weight of $1,XW, SCO's ounces.
This is the dolkr that was dropped from
. our coinage in 1873, because it had prac-
tically been out cf circulatiou for twenty
years or more, wid is the dollar which is
now proposed to-ttdopt, both as to weight
and fineness.
,In March, lS5o, a law was .passed
. which did not toueii the silver bill itself
but reduced the weight of the half dollar
and buialler silver to proportionate parts
of 381 grains 900 -line to the dollar.
$1,000 these coins-weighed 800 ounces.
The law of February, 1873, established
the weight of the ha'f dollar, quartor,
.dimes and half dimes at 3S3.8 grains fiOO
fine. SlRiO of these s?oins weigh 8031
ounces. Vhese arc tbe.coins now tesued
and are i n general circulation. They are
a legal tender to the amount of $5 in
any one payment. The U'ade dollar was
authorized in 1873, to weigh 420 grains
SKIO fine, and this is a legal 'tender to the
amount of $5 only in one payment.
$1,000 of these coins weigh U3 ounces.
An Insurance President gets a Good Dose.
New Vouk, November 27. Chief
Justice Davis this taorning denied the
motion in arrest of judgment on behalf
of ltolxTt L. Case,prosident of tlio Se
curity life insurance company, con
victed of swearing to a false return
made by Jiiin to the superintendent of
iiisuiuiice. The court lUen seuteiused
liim to five years in the state prison.
Attempt of Stuc'enis to Blow up a Seminary.
Koinii Adams, Mass., Nov. 27. An
attempt was made to blow up Mills'
seminary, at Bouth Williamjstown,
Mass., on Saturday last. A keg of gun.
powder was buried in the cellar, but was
discovered and removed. The incendiary
students then threw a barrel of hot coald
In the cellar to bet fire to the building,
but without auccess. Two students, the
supposed ringleaders, have been sent
home under escort of the principal.
A Chinaman's Peculiarities.
Bix hundred dollars Is the fortune the
average Chinaman marks out for him.
aelf. lie knows nothing but sliver, lie
won't touch chpck9,greenbacks or nickel.
The common dollar he will have noth
ing to do with. The California coin
alone has charms for him. When his
$000 are earned he takes his bag on his
back and starts for home, to marry and
live as a nabob. Quite as many Chinese
leave for home as arrive at Ban Fran
cisco. .
Three Officials go Astray.
Troy, N. Y., November 28. Supervi
sors Egau, Puskee and Casslu have been
Indicted by the grand jury for fraudu
lently auditing bills against the county
of Itensalear. There Is one batch of bills
for about $12,000, made up In names of
fictitious persons for work done. . It Is
supposed the total amount of illegal
bills will foot up $50,000 for the last year
Washington, D. C, Nov. 20, 1877.
We talk and bear and read of nothing in
these lust few days, but the freshet from
which this and suivoundiiig vicinities ave
Btifl'eving. The rain was not violent in
this District, although it full dining most
of the lust three days of tlio week past.
llut the Potomac overflowed its banks, and
the whole lower part of the city Is flooded,
besides numerous cellars nud basement.
Day before yesterday a man aud two horses
were drowned whilo attempting to cross
Virginia Avenue. Tlio malls were detain
ed for some days and a general confusion
has ensued. Much loss of property lias
boon occasioned along the river both here
and in Georgetown, but tho worst is now
over uud the water is falling.
I should not have said that we nve think
ing of nothing but the freshet, for there
are one or two other subjects that can but
interest us. Washington' has reason for
great coocevn regarding the recent mavine
disaster I refer to tho loss of the Huron
off the North Carolina coast last Saturday
for several of her citizens were lost.
Lieuleuaut l'almer was one. He was a
son of Dr. Falmer of the U. 8. Navy, was
married three or four years ago, and leaves
a wife aud two babies. His sister's wed
ding has already been announced to take
place to-morrow Thanksgiving Day, she
having been engaged to a young English
man of the Diplomatic service, for over a
year. The wedding will be postponed, of
course, and tho afflicted family will scarce
ly be in a mood for giving thanks.
There aro moro interesting events trau
fpiiiug at the Capital too, in the last few
days, than haB been the caBe boforo during
tho present session. The Senuto leinaiued
iu sessioti all Mouday night, struggling
over (Ikj seating of liutler of South
Carolina. Tho Kepuhlican clement has
received a scveio stiuing through tho
action of two Senators from that side iu
voting with tho Democrats, and tho agita
tion appears to bo caused by an attempt
to gain a very near majority on the one
side and a foil' of, aud struggle against,
losing it mi tho other. Thurniaii aud Ed
munds are tho leaders iu tho strife, aud
the unmerciful bits they mako at each
other are enough to make ono shrink from
a politicians life. Ho must have lived a
truly God-liko life, who cau run tho
gauntlet of a term in Congress and not
have his name niirchcd by the pulling
into light of some deed doue in darkness.
If a man has ever told a lie, even though
it bo when ho was but a child, he
can't come into tho publicity of a seat in
our legislative balls without being twitted
of it It is no wonder the members get
hardened to it and come to caro very little
what is said or thought of thoir private
lives. Apropos to this I quote tho follow
ing telegraph from the pen of a con
scientious Washington correspondent to a
leading paper, which, although I consider
it a little exaggerated, certainly contains
iniuch truth aud faithfully portrays same
women and noma men who may be seen
almost any day : " You -can see flirtatious
too diFgraccful too report. Not only are
tho.eutianccs to the Capital thronged by
braseu creatures who have lost all woman
ly modesty, but there nio frills, scarcely
past obddhood, leaving on Senator's arms,
listening with glowing checks to compli
ments paid them by tho great mrn iu tho
corners of the conidors, eating with them
in tho restaurant, and unsuspectingly be
ing the subjects of winks between Con
gressmen. They high-minded legisiators
will leave their seats any time, no mat
ter how urgent the subject iu debate, to
answer the card of an attractive woman."
I do not believe iu the uuiversal corruption
of our Congressmen, but I have seen and
kuown enough to show me that these great
law makers are ordinary mcu and mortals,
as liable to temptation und as subject to
the snares of the crafty ns are other per
sons. It is a fact that the lobbies are sel
dom clear of female friends of the members
and that their cards call out the presence
of the Senators aud Representatives much
more promptly than thote of tho other
To-morrew will le a holiday with us, it
is always so when the six thousand Gov
tuent clorks employed here are given a
play-day. Oi.tvn.
Miscellaneous News Items.
ClPThe total number of bogs killed by
the packers of Louisville from the 1st to
the 24th of November was 49,652, against
40,000 for the same period in 1870.
tjJPThe three men recently indiotod for
tarring and feathering a woman at Water
ford, Pa,, have nil been sentenced to the
Penitentiary for from one to ten yenrs.
tf"A tramp who sought to get warm by
sitting on the top of a lime kilu, near Ma
geotown, Montgomery county, was suffoca
ted and burned to death.
tWOu Wednesday next Georgia votes
on the new Constitution. The prospect
now is that the Constitution will be
adopted, and that Atlanta will be made
the capital of tho State.
tW Wilmington courts liavo decidod
that cider is no intoxicating liquor, the
sale of which without a license subjects
the persons selling it to the penalties of
the law regulating the salo of liquor.
IW A Columbia, Tenn., dispatch states
that George lbipev, alias Frank McGhee,
the negro who attempted to commit an
assault upon Miss Ilettie Teinpleton, was
taken from jail a few mornings since, by a
mob and lynched at the Court House, in
the presence of about 200 persons.
tS" A Liverpool man, after lightiug his
cigar ou tho street, dropped the burning
match through a sewer grating. Instantly
a deafening explosion ensued, tba pave
ment was torn to pieces and (lames buret
wit. Ho bad ignited a quantity of sower
gas. which .continued burning for a long
t2T" A Piuto recently killed his squaw,
and the Winnemucca Silver State says :
"ludian custom makes the sqaw property,
as much as a pony or a blanket, and the
right of the husbaud to kill his wife is
never disputed. As the authorities never
iiiterforo with the tribal customs and
regulations of the Piutes, no ollicial notice
has been takcu of the act."
EST Mrs. Sitlor washod the shelves in
her husband's Philadelphia drug store, and
did not replace the bottles exactly as they
were before. A girl came iu to buy a
mixturo of castor oil ond peppermint. Mr.
Sitler took a bottlo from the place where
peppermint had been, and mixed tho castor
oil with muriatic acid by mistake. The
conscquenco was the death of a child.
tW A Muscatiuc, la., farmer a few days
ago set up a heating stove, at tho time for
getting to remove a powder horn filled with
powder which he had put therein the
summer, and made a fire therein. In n
few minutes there was a tremendous ex
plosion, which tore the top of tho stovo
of, demolished windows, plastcriug, etc.
Tho inmates of tho room escaped with a
lew slight burns and bruises.
CS" There was a wedding of tho most
public sort at Coventry, Conn., tho other
day of a Oo-ycars-old man and a 23-ycai'B-old
widow. The man got bis license iu
Coventry, but had arranged to bo married
in Mansfield. When the knot was about
being tied tho mistake was noticed, but the
cxpectaut couple, determined to go oil' ou
their wedding trip as planned, took tho
parson to the bridge over tho river dividing
Coventry and Mansfield, and wero married
there iu full view of a factory, whoso every
window was filled with interested wit
nesses, having just time to catch the train.
tW McParhin, the Mollio Maguire de
tective is accompanied by a brother detec
tive who "shadows" him and acts as a
body-guard of ono. Before entering rail
way cars tho "shadow" makes a recon
noissauco to look out for dangerous char
actors. These precautions are necessary
in order to guard McParlan against assas
sination by those who fear his evidence or
seek revenga for tho M ollics' doaths. Rela
tive to tho drama supposed to represent
life among tho Mollies, McParlan says
that tho piece, as witnessed by him in a
Chicago theatre, is tho greatest burlosqiio
immagiuablo upon tho reality.
C3T" Deacon Smith, whoso committal for
trial in Middlebnry, Yt., on a charge of
murder, lias been anuoiinced by telegraph,
was a pillar of tho Baptist church in that
village, and for many years was looked up
to as an exemplar of piety. Tho prelim
inary examination in tho case showed that,
if not a m u i dure r, ho is at least a hypo
crite. His wife died, aud poison was fouud
in her stomach. Ho tried to Lire the
chemist for ?350 to report to the contrary.
Long before this tho villagers noticed that
be often walked home from religious
meetings with Mrs. Champlin, a pretty
milliner, whose husband seems to have
been very blind to her conduct. One even
ing the deacon was seen to kiss Mrs. Cham
plin at the gate. Mrs. Champlin was an
attendant at the death-bed of Mrs. Smith,
and on that occasion the deacon was caught
hugging as well as kissing her. He said
he was simply expressing his gratitude for
her kindness, and promptly offered to do
the same to nil the other women present.
Mrs. Champlin is alto held. for trial.
From B. Fellows, M. D., Hill, N. H.
Although I have generally a great objection
to patent medicines, I can but say In Justice
to Dr. VVlstar's balm mot Wild Uherry that It
Is a remedy of superior vsluc for 1'ulmonary
I have made use of this preparation for sev
eral years, and It has proved to bo very relia
ble and efficacious In tho treatment of severe
and long-standing coughs. I know of one
patient, now In comfortable health, who has
taken this remedy, and who but for Its use, I
couslrlcr, would not now he living.
B. Fbixows, M. D.
60 cents and (1 a bottlo. Bold by all drug
gists. .. . . ..- . -
Economy Is the order of tho hour, and every
expenditure, however small, Is expected to give
a return In full value. Every family requires
ono good, reliable newppapev. If such an ar
ticle can be procured for less than one cent for
each working day of the year, we are not
aware of It. A Family Newspaper should con
tain a carefully-prepared summary of all the
news of the day, both Religions and Pecnlar j
and Is arranged so that the two departments
may be separated and read by two Individuals
at the same time, so much the better. Tho
Family Newspaper should have attractive read
ing for the various members of a household.
Bonie portion of the paper should be devoted,
every week, to religions and moral Improve
ment, to current secular news, to agriculture,
commerce, markets, ilnance, to general litera
ture, Ac., with a special department to the
yoiiDg. Above all, the Family Newspaper
should bo perfectly puro, and free from any
contaminating Inlliiences in its reading matter
or In its advertisements. Too much attention
cannot be paid to this feature, when the press
is Hooding tho country with to much that Is
vile and pernicious. To crown all, the Family
Ncwupaper should bo nntramineled by any af
filiation with sect or parly, and should be freo
to give all the good news from and about all
tho world. If such a Family Newspaper can
be had for one cent a day, It should bo taken
by every family In tho hind.
Such a Family Newspaper, In evevv respect,
we rind In the NEW YOliK UBSEKVFK, now
commencing Its EOth volume. Progressive,
comprehensive, sound, reliable, pure, it U Just
what Is needed In your household. Pend ?;l 15
for a year to the NEW YOKIl UHSEKVEll, t!7
Park ltowe, New York. Maniple copies are
sent free.
A Fine Mi3croscope For a Few Cents.
A well mode, genuine Mlscroscope not a
bit of molded g'.ass In a paper or metal rlng.or
tube but one with triple J.enses, Diaphragm,
Stand, etc., Is not only useful In every family,
hut is very Interesting. Such Instruments have
hitherto been too costly for the general pub
lic. The Editors of the "American Agricul
turist," in connection with an Optical Manu
facturing Company, have, after many experi
ments aud much invention, succeeded Iu pro
ducing a genuine Mlscroscope, with three tine
Lenses, Slund, etc., which, by use of machin
ery, and very large manufacture, Is now
made at far les cost thau has ever before been
done. Scientific men, and others, say It Is de
cidedly superior to anything ever before od'er
ed so low as 2.50 ; but this one Is sold at f 1.50.
P.ut one Is given to every Subscriber to the
' American Agriculturist? who (Imply adds 40
ceuts to the regular subscription price that Is,
the paper Is sent one year, with tlio 11.60
Mlscroscope, for only ('j. 00. If tn bo deliver
ed freo to any part of the country, 15 cents ex
tra Is to be added. A full description and all
particulars can lie hud by sending your address
on a Postal Card to Orango Judd Company,
New York or better still, send them 10 cents
(hall price) foru post-paid sample copy of the
paper, which will give a full description of
me Mlscroscope, niul also much valuable read
ing and engravings, etc., and bo richly worth
fur more than its ruit.
The liluolralcd Chriitiaii Wuekly.
For the last 7 years tho " Illustrated Chris
thin Weekly" has steadily pursued Its course.
making each year Increased numbers of
liicnds, until It lias neconio a household neces
slty. Its marked features have been lis excel
lent pictures, Us freedom from sectarianism. in
wulcu 11 diners so markedly from other rellg
lous weeklies, Its timely articles on current
events, its liiteristlng and instructive stories
and sketches, and the remarkably low price,
only 50 a year, postage paid, at which It Is
We nolo that persons subscribing now will
receive the remaining numbers for the present
year, without extra cost. Don't fall to remit
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iNCW I01K.
Sloddart's Muslcil T.lbrnvv. but. nnhlUliW 1 '
rapes, lull si, best and most popular music for
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The Serial Story For Percival," having
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October, November, and December, will bo
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tjpeeimeu number mailed, postaire paid, to
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J.M. LIPl'lNCOTT is CO., Publishers,
T15 uud 717 Market street, Philadelphia.
. Notice. Persons desiring mo to call
sales, would do well to notify me as to
the day us soon possible, so Unit the day
tliey select niny not interfere with the
date fixed upon by some other party. I
Intend to have a complete list of all sales,
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place. iSatibfaction guaranteed.
David McCoy,
Jekesburg, Pa.
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WINES, MgUOKH. &e., Sc., CHEAP ?
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THE subscriber. Assignee or David Fry, of
Carroll township. Perry county, Pa., will oiler for
sale, on the premises, ou
tho following described Real Estate ;
situate in Carroll township. Perry county, Pa.,
hounded on the E ist by binds of .lnhn Slierllf , on
the West by David Me Allisler. on the North by
Sirs. Dora. on Hie South by D.ivid McAllister,
containing about
18 VOItES,
mine or les.i, having thereon eroded a
with a kitchen attached, and a LOO HAttX and
o her neeessaiy outbuildings. A gruel O..CU AK1)
and a lino lot uf Locust Trees, &c.,are ou this ,'
tract. '
Salo to commence at 1 o'clock P. M., o
said day, w hen terms will be made known by
JACOB LONU, Assignee, f
November 27, 1S77.
.1 T 1'Bl VA TE SALE.
The subscriber will sell at private sale his
containing Four Acres moreorless. There Isa
never-falliiiK Sprint; of Water and other Out
btiildlnus on the premises.
U The above property Is located In the villace
of Ceulre, Perry county, l'a.s The Mure Staud Is
uood. l'ost-Ofliee III the Store.
- price tisno piiyiueuti easy. Possession
given in April lst,li-7S.
November 6,1377.
-A.t Private Hale.
rpiIE subscriber oilers at prlvnte'sale lnpriuS
J. lonushlp, Perry couniv. Pa.,
containing TWENTY-TWO AfRFS. n.orc or less,
haviiiKihcreon elected a fiXOliY Lot
WEATIlhl; ROARDLl) IIOls-E, Frame Barn,
and Mioemalier Mmp and all the necessary out
buildings and a Well of water near the iloorami
a lot apple, peach, pear, quiuee and cherry trees,,
grapes, &c.
This property Is located one mile North East of
Oak Urove, and is au cxeeileut location for a
oliiiemnker Shop.
-Tei nis of sale easy.
August 7, 1877. DAVID REIBER.
. At BiHvate Sale.
THE subscriber offers at private sale about'
ONE ACRE OF (JKOl'ND. having therenu
erected a LARGE HOUSE. Willi KITCHEN,
WASH HOUSE and STABLE, and a WtLL of
good water near the door.
. There Is a lurge STORE ROOM In the
building in which a otore has been kept for a
number of years. The staud Is a veiy desirable
There Is also erected on the premises, another
HOUSE AM) STABLE, which will b sold sep
urately or with Hie Store Slaud. to suit purchas
ers. These juoperiles are located In a pood com
munity, w ilh Schools and Churches convenient,
Callou or uddrebs
Aug. 21, T7pd ISandy Hill, Perry Co., Pa.
JADIES addicted to Ihe habit of liitem
J peraiiee are Invited to seek iiiioi matlou at a
private home, where medical Mltendanee and all
comforts are provided. For information address
Mas. W. II. NICHHl.hON, llox 2,711 Philadelpia.
November, 13, 1S77.