The New Bloomfield, Pa. times. (New Bloomfield, Pa.) 1877-188?, August 28, 1877, Page 5, Image 5

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Oo and after June JSth, Train run as follow I
Way M.ill A"f.
t'aaa Tr'u;Tr'u
Kl. Tr'lll Kl. Ace.
A. M.'P.M. P.M.I
P.M. P.M.
I. M.
8.IW, i.m.
Mexico, ,.
Port li ai....
l.ewiftnwn J.,
N. Hiimiltott, .j
1.41 o.S
1.6a! t.(5
I no,
. 31 in
.!: .M
8. 64' 7.10
B.lWi 7. Hi)
8.Si 7.4H
I.HU 7.M
s.s.v 8,00
7.80 10 .SO
la. ao
7. l
6.M 9.(4
6. Ill
A 10
ii. m 6.0 dm!
11.04 .40 41,
1 '
l 10. 34 6. on
! 10.10 4.47
. 37 4. IS 7.W
.Ml I W 0 Ml
8.1ft l.MI 5. IU
1 A.M. P.M. P.
rwl'ittubunr Express lea von Hnrrlbnrif at 11.00 p.m.
Dimriimon (flmri; Niwiwit 11.H7 (rtiix) ai d ar
rlveaat lMilliuriratfi.l0A. m.
f-WrVilim Wert, Min Way Piwem-er leave Hiirrls
bunr Dnily the other triilim lhiily exeept Kuudiiy.
IPr-Oolmf Knt, the Mlnntli-. Expr.sxp leiive Aitooua
Daily, the other trams Dally except Numlny.
CTTnrlflr Kprffs Wet will step at lhiiicamioli at
4.63 ami at Newport at 5.17 a. in., vheu HaKKed.
Bee advertisements of Ileal Estate at
Fublic and Private Bale, on the tsth page
of this paper.
Money la now being collected to pur
chase a oell to be placed upon the Lu
theran church of Klllottsburg.
David Kane has opened a subscrip
tion school at Elliottsburg, and a sing
ing school has been kept up all summer
t Green Park.
Indians never kiss their wives; kiss
ing is one of the Christian graces. This
furnishes another reason why we should
be glad we are not Indians.
fMr. John C. Smith has closed the mer
cantile business in Little Germany, and
has removed to Elliottsburg where he is
engaged in the same business.
A well-to-do farmer residing near the
Oakville camp had the brazen effrontery
to charge 15 cents per bucket for water
on Sunday to give to horses.
The Airy View Sabbath School will
picnic on next Saturday, September 1st,
in Moore's woods, along the public road
leading from Bloomfield to Isewport. A
general invitation is extended.
H. T. Swarner will sell at his residence
in Madisou twp., on Tuesday, Sept.
25th, 1877, a valuable farm, containing
215 acres. Also 20 head of thorough
bred cattle.
Catharine Rice, Administratrix of
Jacob A. Itice, will well on Tuesday,
Sept. 18th, 1877, a valuable Mill Proper
ty, and a tract of land situate in Sayille
twp., containing 114 acres.
Indiana Is being ecoured for emigrant
to go to Mississippi. At one meeting in
Indianapolis, recently, one hundred
heads of families eald that they were
willing to go.
A Juniata county Exchange says:
Judge Junkin is the inventor or a four
horse plow, that is highly appreciated
by those who have used it. The Judge
made it for use on his own ground.
The " query" from our correspondent
at Marysvllle in regard to a certain Jus
tice of the Peace is rather personal for
publication, alfhovgh the hints, we are
Informed,nre facts nevertheless.
On Monday of last week while Mr. B.
Lesh, of Juniata twp., was plowing, his
horses became frightened and ran away.
One horse had two legs broken and had
to be killed. Mr. Iesh was also some
what injured.
Rev. A. W, Decker lost a valuable
'horse a short time since. He put him
in a field with some other horses, and
supposed he was kicked by them, as his
'leg was so badly broken that he had to
ibe shot.
A few nights ago, thieves visited the
premises of Emamtel Moyer in Fer
' 'inanagh twp., Juniata county, with a
spring-wagon, broke open Mr. Moyer's
cron-crib and took as much corn there
from as they wanted and drove away
"With it.
A few nights since a man was seen
stealing chickens froiu the coon of Mr.
avid Liddic, in Watts twp. Shotgun
proceedings were at once instituted
against him, and the young man left
with considerable shot in his arms.
That is the right kind of proceeding to
take against such chaps.
A team of horses attached to a thresh
ing .machine on the fanui of Mr. George
Ritter, of Loysville, a short time since
became unmanageable, and started
around the track at full speed. Mr. John
Swarner, at the time, was inside the
track, leading a blind horse, and narrow
ly escaped with his life. The horse
power was considerably demoralized .and
the horses somewhat bruised aud
Chm-ch Notices.
Preaching in the Lutheran Church
next Fridny evening, Saturday at 2
o'clock P. M., and evening; Communion
on Sunday rooming at 10i o'clock ; and
Uniou Services on Sunday evening.
Preaching in the M. E. Church next
Sunday at lOi A. M. Sunday School at
9 A. M. Prayer meeting every Thursday
Presbyterian Church No preaching
next Sabbath. Services instead at Middle
Itidge, and Union Services In the eve
ning at Lutheran Church. Prayer meet
ing on Wednesday at 71 o'clock P. M.
Presbyterian Sabbath School In con -sequence
of services at Middle Itidge,
there will be no (ression of the School
next Sabbath. Lesson for Sept. 2nd
will be used on Sept. uth.
Preaching in the Reformed Church
next Sunday 10 o'clock In the morning.
Blank Receipt Book for Administrators
and Executors. Also blank note and
all other blanks for sale at this onlee. tf
arrow Esoape.-Ou Saturday morning
last, Mr. John Brlner, who la engaged
In sinking a well at tuo Methodist Par
sonage In this place, narrowly escaped
suffocation. He made a blast on Friday
evening, the well was closed until Sat
urday morning, and on descending he
wbb overcome with the foul air. On
being drawn up, he was helpless and in
sensible for a short time. He, however
has recovered, and Is at work again.
Middle Ridge Services. An open air
meeting will be held next Sabbath along
side of the walls of the old Middle Ridge
Church, iib was promised last summer
when the fixing up and fencing of the
graveyard was begun. This latter Is now
accomplished and those Interested In the
old yard or church are requested to be
present at the meeting. Services at lot
A. M., and 1 P. M., by Rev. W. II. Lo.
gan and Rev. J. Edgar.
In our Issue of last week we noticed the
arrest of one named George Gibson,
charged with setting fire to Mr. Dunkle
berger's barn In Spring twp. There are
however, two persons bearing the same
name, residents of our county, one of
Loysville the otherof Shermansdale,and
fearing that some persons (who are not
as familiar with the character of these
gentlemen as we are,) might think it
was either of them, we will state that
the Gibson arrested, claims to hail from
York county, and Is a sort of a " turn
pike sailor," although lie did work for
Foster Spotts, of Spring twp., a short
time since.
Fatally Shot. A young man named
Riley Arnold was fatally shot by John
Moyer, In Snyder county, about seven
miles above Liverpool,on Monduy night,
the 13th Inst., whilst entering a melon
patch. It appears that Mr. Moyer's
water melon patch had been frequently
visited by some of the boys of the neigh
borhood, aud that he had threatened to
cripple them, If they continued their
depredations. Arnold, unawaro of the
threat, was Induced by other parties to
enter the patch, when Moyer saw h'im
and fired. The charge entered the side
of Arnold, a part of which took effect In
his kidneys, causing death on the fol
lowing Saturday.
Bitten by a Spider. A few days since,
while Rev. J. B. Soule, pastor of the
Church of God at Lancaster, was riding
in the cars, on the C. V. Railroad, a
spider bit one of his hands. Immediate
ly after the bite, Mr. 8. experienced a
stinging sensation, but paid little atten
tion to it until his arrival home, when
his hand became, very much swollen and
inflamed, and finally broke into a couple
of running sores. He Is now suffering
great pain, and his only relief is found
iu applying oak leaves to the wound.
Caught in the Act. The Newport Keim
says that on Wednesday last Sam Al
bright was caught stealing from the bar
of Adam Fortney, at Montgomery's Fer
ry. Albright reached far the landlord's
till, from which he extracted some mon
ey, but just as ho was fooling richer than
a moment before, a daughter who had
witnessed the performance through a
crack under the door broke In upon the
captive child and cried out, " there.Sam
niy, boy, I caught you thl time." Sam
my dropped like an aspen leaf, but didn't
shake, and replied by saying that he had
only taken " a quarter," which he im
mediately returned. Mr. Fortney thinks
differently in regard to the amount, and
speaks meaningly as if the light-fingered
g. A. will have another case on hand
by the time our next regular court comes
around. This man was convicted of
stealing at the last court, his counsel
moving for a new trial. This may add
in deciding that application!.
A Meeting of Zlon's Classis was re
cently held at Llttlestown, Adams
county, for the purpose of hearing the
report of the committee of investigation
in thease of Rev. O. L. Aohenfelter, of
Carlisle. Twelve ministerial and eleven
lay delegates were present at the session
of Classiis. A lengthy report from the
committee 'was adopted, charging the
Rev. Ashenfeller with teaching doc
trines coEtrary to the Reformed stand
ard, in that he denies the Inspiration of
the Bible, And the eternal puoishment
of the wicked, teaching that men will
finally be restored to happiness.
Political. The Democratic Convention
met to-day and nominated the following
ticket :
Associate Judge, Samuel Noes, of
Duncannou ; Steriff, James A. Gray, of
Spring township ; Director of the Poor,
B. F. Bealor, of Juniata twp.
The proceedings of the Convention
will be found in another column.
The Republican Convention will meet
next Monday to make nominations. The
following persons have declared them
selves willing to accept the office of
Sheriff S. A. Peale and Thomas Sutch,
New Bloomfield; John Hood, Duncan
nou ; W. T. Dcwalt, Carroll twp. ; A.
B. Grosh, Madison twp.; W. II. Rice,
Landisburg; J. T. Robinson, Sandy
Hill ; H. D. Kopenhefier, Centre twp.;
W. W. Beers, Marysvllle. -
Democratlo Conventlon.-The delegates
elected last Saturday, met In the Court
House on Monday for the purpose of
nominating a County ticket. The follow
ing Is a list of delegates present :
Bloomfield C. J. T. Mclntlro, Wra. N.
Buffalo twp., Jacob CUarlea, Jr., Jeremiah
Carroll A. H. fllenti, J. F. Btoufler, J. C.
Centre Amos HofTmRn, Ialah C. Foone.
Duncannon Dr. Joa. Bwartr., Tlioa. Miller.
Greenwood Geo. Ulh, Wm. FtUgerald.
Howe David Kline, Jmnea Boyd.
Jackson James Morrow, Geo. Wentz, John
Juniata Tlios. Bullonberjror, John F. Bmlth.
Landisburg Henry Klnesmlth, Daniel
Liverpool Borough J. Williamson, Horace
Liverpool twp., Wm. Llndsey, A. Ganger.
Madison James Foose, George B. Borrall.
Marysvllle John B. Weaver, H. II. Fisher.
Miller Jas. Evans Robert Angney.
Mlllerslown I. N. Rlnehart, K. P.Tltzel.
New Buffalo Jacob Snyder, John Baskins.
Newport J. R. Dunbar, Clias. Rippman.
Oliver Jacob Linaweaver, Robt. B. Miller.
Penn Win. Brooks, James P. Long.
Rye James Hell, W. Frymyer.
Bandy Hill Henry Bhumaker,"Wm. Baylor.
8pring Dr. Bealor, J. Frownfelter, Henry
Toboyne Arnt. Ehlmnn, Wm.Grny.
Tuacurora Win. Bc.tzlcr, Tho. Veltman.
Tyrone John B. Ritter, Wm. Murray.
Watts Jos. Haymaker, John 8hclly.
Wheatfield Henry Leppard, John Weldon.
Bavllle And. Freeman, Cal. Orris, J. W.
The Convention was called to order at
11 o'clock by A. M. Markel, Esq , Chair
man of County Committee. William
Brooks, Esq.. of Penn twp., was elected
Permanent Chairman, and Thomas S.
Veltman, of Tuscarora, and Joseph
Rice, of Savllle were elected Secretaries.
AIMOritXM) I'NTIl. 1 p. 51.,
when the Convention met again and
proceeded to nominate candidates.
A. M. Markel, Esq., was unanimously
re-elected Chairman of the County Com
mittee for the ensuing year.
On the fifth ballot Samuel R. Noss, of
Duncannon, was nominated for Asso
ciate Judge. '
On the fourth ballot James A. Gray,
of Spring tvp.,was nominated forSheiiif.
On the, third ballot B. F. Bealor of
Juniata twp., was nominated for Di
rector of the Poor.
Shot His Sister. We learn that last
week one day over In Juniata county,
near the Snyder county line a child was
allowed to have a gun to go huntlng,and
staying until after meal time, when he
came homo and requested his sister to
get him something to eat, which she re
fused to do, stating that It was his busi
ness to be homo at meal time. He again
urged her, as before, at the same time
threatening to shoot her If she refused
his request, she told him the same as be
fore, when he took his shot gun and de
liberately shot her In the face and neck.
It Is thought she cannot recover. The
boy is only nine years old, his unfortu
nate sister Is grown. Middlcburg Post.
Hog Cholera. The cholera among hogs
Is becoming an epidemic. From all
quarters we hear of hogs dying. Wm.
Wertz on R. U. Jacob's farm near Lo
gan recently lost 30. Joseph Miller, Mr.
Showalter, and I. Harry Brought, on
the turnpike juBt above town, each have
lost from six to a dozen or more. We
learn of others every day who are losing
hogs by this fell disease. Who knows
how to stop it i Lewistown Democrat.
The Lebanon Valley Branch bridge
over the Schuylkill river at Reading
was ready for the movement of trains
on the 15th inst, since which time
through trains and through cars have
been running regularly,same as previous
to the burning thereof. Trains of the
Reading and Columbia Railroad are
running over said bridge, and the Belied
le time is the same as was in force July
22nd, 1877. The transfer coaches have
been discontinued.
Retailers of Tobacco. Many grocery-
men and other dealer iu tobacco, are in
the habit of cutting plugs up Into small
pieces and retailing them from cases,
jars, etc., which is a technical violation
of the Internal Revenue laws. The law
allows retail dealers to sell only from
packages properly stamped. Tobacco
can only be retailed from stamped pack
ages, and to sell It otherwise than from
the original stamped packages renders
the goods liable to seizure. Peremptory
orders are issued to Revenue Agents and
Deputy Collectors of Internal Revenue
to seize all tobacco not found In stamped
packages. Penalties are inflicted for not
destroying stamps on cigar boxes and
tobacco packages as soon as emptied. If
all engaged in the sale of tobacco and
cigars read this and comply with the re
quirements they will save money and
Cumberland County. We copy the fol
lowing from the Cumberland county
papers of last week:
Henry Smith, colored, of Carlisle, had
four hogs poisoned recently. It Is not
known ty whom the poison was given.
Samuel Davidson, living on the farm
of Wm. Knettle, in Mifllln twp., has
probably the largest calf for its age ever
born in the township. Two hours after
Its birth it weighed 125 pounds.
On the farm of W. Sterret Woods, a
short distance west of Carlisle, stands
the largest haystack in the county. It
is over 500 feet long, 10 feet high, and
contains 148 tons of the best hay. Eli
Bushman Is the tenant on this farm.
Elisha O. Webb, a native of Adams
county, while at work at one of the ore
banks at Boiling Springs, had his leg so
namy crushed between the knee and the
hip, by a large stone rolling on hlm.that
he died on Thursday lust, the second day
after the accident.
Early on last Wednesday mornlng.the
larce brick bank barn on the farm of Mr.
Bltner, on the Slato road, 8 miles west
of Carlisle, together with nil tills year's
crons, v neaa or sneep ana l horse, was
entirely destroyed by fire. The loss Is
heavy with no insurance. The fire was
the work of an incendiary.
At a congregational meeting of the
members of the Reformed church of Car
lisle, on Bundny last, Rev. A. H. Krea
mer,of Lancaster, was chosen pastor by
nn almost unnnimous vote to succeed
Rev. O. Ij. Ashenfelter,whose resignation
takes effect on the first of September.
We learn Mr. Kreamer will accept.
On Monday last, os Mr. Wm. Draw
baugh, of Frankford twp., was cleaning
out Ills well, which is about 10 feet deep,
he found a live eel In the bottom. Tho
eel is fully two feet and a half long.
How It got there and how it manages to
live and thrive so well are questions for
tho,ffshologists to answer.
According to the Star the barn of Ellas
Barrick, in Mifllln township, was struck
by lightning some time since. Mr. B.
at first thought the lightning spent It
self upon the earth near the barn, but
noticing signs of fire at the barn he
made a hasty examination and found
some cobs and straw burning in the
granary, within a few feet of the hny.
He promptly extinguished it.
The nineteenth annual exhibition of
tho Cumberland County Agricultural
Society will be held on Tuesday, Wed
nesday, Thursday ,and Friday, October 2,
3, 4, and 5, 1877. Competition is Invit
ed from nil parts of the State, and In ag
ricultural implements from nil the States.
The Cumberland Valley Railroad has
kindly consented to transport articles in
tended for exhibition to and from Car
lisle free of expense. Excursion tickets
from all points along the road will be
Y. M. C. A. District Convention. A dis
trict convention, composed of the coun
ties of Dauphin, Perry and Lebanon,
will be held in this borough, September
12th, 13th and 14th, commencing on
Wednesday evening in the Presbyterian
church. Able speakers will be present
from Harrisburg and elsewhere. Work
ing Christians iu the district are cordi
ally invited to be present at the conven
tion. Wm. A. Sf.iiieut, President.
W. W. Baker, See.
Working Men's Party. Tho Working
men oi i-erry county are requestett to
meet in their respective Election Dis
tricts to form Clubs, and elect Delegates
to a County Convention, to be held nt
New Bloomfield, Perry co., I'a., at an
early day. Said Convention to elect
Delegates to the State Convention to be
held at Wllliamsport, Pa., on Wednes
day, Sept. 10th, 1877.
Many Working Men.
Aug. 23, 1977;
If you wish a splendid Cigar go to Mor
imer's and ask for "The Peacock"
Baking Powder, just the thing evera
body should have in the house. Thy
best for sale by F. Mortimer.
LlttellTuvIng Age.
The numbers of The Llrlnn Am tor the weeks
enillntt Au. 11th and lsth, respectively, have the
following valuable contents i Morality In Poll
tics, by the Duke ol ArgUI. Contemimrary lie
rtew ; Life and Times of Thomas llccket. by Jus.
Anthony Fronde, Part II., nineteenth Century;
Dresden, China and Its Manufactory at Meissen,
Saxony, Jllackicoort ; Virgil as a Link between
the Ancient and Modern World, Contemporary :
The Peak In Darlen s the Riddle of Death, by
1' ranees Power Cobbe, Aeto Quartern ; Ablnirer
and the Bar. Quarterly ; The Duke's Piper, a
story of the West Jlighlumls, Ciamliem' Journal ;
A Princess' Moonliulit Flitting, l,tnple liar
Ancient Modes of Embalming the dead, Sundau
at Home. ; Distances of I lie Stars, Pon;n
AVtence iiericiv ; Famous English Printers. G'tohe s
Unsuspected Ways of Earning a Livelihood,
Chambers' Journal ; etc. with an Instalment of
"Pauline," from advance sheets, and the conclu
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Llttell ii Gay, are the publishers.
The literary world has a rare treat la Wipe
Awake for September, It is remarkable for the
twelve pages of delightful gossip It gives con
cernlngthe Poet, R. H. Bloddard. Mrs. Thayer
has a charming story of " My Bummer Board
er," and there are many other attractions,
poetical, pictorial, musical and enigmatical,
chief among them being the ninth " Adventure
of Miltladcs Peterkln Paul," by John Brown
John. Only 2.00 per annum. Ella Farman, Edi
tor. D. Loturop & Co., Publishers, Boston.
This delightful new volume by Jules Verne
has Just been Issued as No. V$ of " The Lake
side Library" series. It details the adventures
of the passengers and crew of the good ship
Chancellor, lost In mid ocean on the Atlantic.
When the ship was destroyed Us people found
refuge on a raft, and encountered great priva
tions, and were subject to Imminent dangers.
But few survived the hardships of the long
contest with the fierce elements. The interest
of the story is enhanced by 80 fine engravings.
Bold by all newsdealers at 10 cents, or sent,
free of postage, by Donnellet, Loyd & Co.,
Publishers, Chicago, 111.
Landlords and Liquor Dealers,
and any one wishing to engage In the business
would like to manufacture theirown liquor but, it
Jakes too much capital to start a distillery and
if you are not a distiller, how can yoir manufac
ture liquors t On receipt of price I will send you
a recipe to manufacture whiskey, rum, gin, bran
dy and all kinds of wines. All you need is a good
well of water and some barrels. You put what my
recipe calls for, In your barrels, pump them full
of water, put them in your cellar and in a few
weeks you will have the best and purest liquor
you ever drank and It only costs 26cts. per gallon.
If you have it analyzed you will Hud It contains
no poison or acids, hut is strictly pure like liquor
of olden times. With my recipe you can make 4
kinds of whisky, 8 kinds of ruin, 2 kinds of gin,
t kinds of brandies 9 kinds of w ines and a recipe
to make apple cider at the small cost of 20 cents
tier gallon, without use of apples. Tills Is no hum
bug, but solid truth, any one using my recipe once
would not trade it for the best distillery iu the
I nlU-d States any man can see his fortune iu
this, bend ten dollars in a lteuisterd letter, to
.Northumberland Co., Pa.
. Conntj Trice Current.
ni.ooMrici.n. August 21. 1S77.
flax-seed i 2h
Potatoes , ao
Butter V pound 12H5
Eggsftdoxen '.. 13 "
Dried Apples V pound..,., 314 ets"
Dried Peache t Q 12 cts. 1
Cherries 0 O0 cts, "
" Pitted 00 00 cts. '
Blackberries,..., OCOcts. "
-N E WHO 11 T M A It KE'l'H.
I Corrected Weekly by Kongh Brother.) f
C31t ,VIIN' Ac miOtotJOJO.
Newport, August 2".1SJ7.
Flour, Kxtra 18 00
" Ruper
White Wheat V bush, (old) t 40 ft 1 65
Red Wheat '. 1 31 CO
Kye 60860 :
Corn f0 650
Oats Y 82 pounds 2'830
Clover Seed 0 H080 CO
Timothy Seed 1 50
Flax Seed '. 1 00
Totatoes 3,r 35
Paeon,.... 8 b 10
Dressed Hogs
Ground Alumn Salt,.. 1 M SS
Llmeburner's Coal ,. 2 16
8:ove Coal 4 00 O 4 50
Pea Coal 2 EC N
Gordon's Food per Sack, 2 00
Of all kinds always on hand and for sale at the
Lowest. Market Rates.
Five per cent oil for Cash.
WOODWARD & 110B13.
, Carlisle, August 24. 1877.
Family Flour
Superfine Rye Flour 3.50
White Wheat, new 1 15
Red Wheat, new 1 15
Kye M
Corn, (new)
Oats 25
Clovei seed 8.00 a 8.00
Tlmiitliyseed 1 25
l'HF.E.-On the Hifh Inst, In Jlnrrlsburg. Mrs.
Fiee. widow of Peter Free, aged 71 years, 0 mo's.
and 1!) days. Interred at Red Hill grave vard
lS,iHoiWAtwp-' "'Is county, 011 Saturday, August
loth, 1ST7.
WiiiTE.-()n the 21st lilt.. In Newport, Laura
Elizabeth, Infantdaugliter of Thomas ,1. and An
nie L. White, aged 4 months and 10 days.
Ensminoeu. Near Shermansdale on Raturrtav.
August 10th. 18,7, Mr. Joseph Ensniinger, aged
6ti years, 2 months and 6 davs.
Reedeh.-Oh the 2uth lost.. George W., son of
Jacob It. and Jemima C. Reeder, aged 7 years, 1
month and 13 days.
How sweetly rests our Ge'orgle In peace.
Where pains and tears and troubles ceases
ltests on his Saviour's lender breast.
Forever saved forever blest.
Faith sees him still, our happy boy,
In heavenly songs his tongue employ:
Wn I,..,, a ...ill 1..." ,
.. u ,.rt. ,,i iuu-ii nop,, vain
lo meet our sainted boy again.
Sallie A. Heedeh.
FOR SHERIFF. Geo. W. Wetzel, of Duncan
non, would respectfully announce that he is
h. candidate for the nilice of Klierilf. Subject to
the decision of tlie Working Men's Party.
Aug ust28tli, 1877.
FOIl f-llEUIFF.-P.elng solicited by a num.
ber of citizens from different parts of tile
county to seek the nomination for Sheriff, by the
Republican Convention, I lierehy announce my
self as a candidate for that olllce, and If nomi
nated, I pledge myself to use all honorable means
to secure my election, and If successful, to per
form the duties of the olllce faithfully and
promptly. THOMAS SUiCH.
Bloointleld, Pa., July 17, 1877.
ESTATE NOTICKNotlce Is hereby given
that Letters of Administration on the estate
of Joseph Ensniinger late of Carroll township.
en j uiiuij, i a., f cfiiieu, nave ueen granieu
to the undersigned residing In thesame township.
11 1'dL.yni:? imiruieu to nuiu esuueiu'e roqiiestea
,y iiiimn iiiiiiiruinia iiiiyiuenF, huh tuose having
claims will present them duly authenticated for
A. M. Markel, Atfyfor Adin'rs.J Administratr's'
August 28, 1877. Jj j
All persons are hereby notlrtcd that the
Irustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church of
Iew Hloomflcld, Pa., have made application by
petition for a decree 0f Court, authorizing them
to makea loan of Three Hundred Dollars, Tor the
benefit of said corporation, and all persons are
requested to take notice that said decree will be
made on TUESDAY, the lllli of September, 1877.
if no good cause Is assigned on that day. op no
reason given w hy said Court of Common Fleas of
Perry County should not make said decree. .
. D. MICKEY, Prolhonotaty.
W. A., Attorney for said Trustees.;
August 23,1877. i
STUDENTS prepared for the best Colleges in
the land, and the drill In the classes will be thor
ough and up with the times.
A NORMAL CLASS for those desiring lo teach.
WM. GRIER, Proprietor, New BloomSe'd.'1
Bloomfield, Aug. 21, 1877.
ESTATE NOTICE.-Nottce Is hereby given
that Letters Testamentary on the eslateof
John Neidigh. late of Jackson township. Perry
county. Pa., deceased, have been granted to the
undersigned, residing in Mifflin township. Cum
berland county, Pa.
All persons indebted to said estate are request
ed to make immediate .aiuent and those having
claims will present them duly authenticated lor
settlement to
... . .V - Address. Newvllle, Cumb. co Pa.
W. A. & W. H. Spossleh, Atty's tor estate.
August 21. 1877. 6t
At Private Sale.
TU,TZXer ,at .private sale about
ONE ACRE OK GROUND, having thereon
It?1 "0LSE- '' KITCHEN,
good water near the door.
k,'V.Tllle '!,a lart'8 STORE ROOM in the
building In which a store lias been kept for a
number of years. The stand Is a veiy desirable
T,7.f,eJS '? ?)' erc'd on the premises, another
HOUSE AND STABLE, which will be sold sep
arately 01 with the Store Stand, to suit purchas
ers. These proper lies are located In a good com
munity, with Schools and Churches convenient.
" Call on or address
Aug. 21, '77pd (Sandy Hill, Perry Co., Pa.
nTK WATCH US. Ch.pert
in the known world. Sample Watch Fr to
Ugtiu. AddreH, A. Couwaa Co- Chicago.
md. Mail Mipibudljr. SWuLuiiiU
Ml W wUaftoa si, Cbttatfi IU, '
BAR. Aerate wanted. Butl-
lerlthuulu. PartlculHra fr-
adrtMj WOSTUCa,8tLauu.a,
!? 1 V. w "h every oul. r. Out
lit lite, J. U. Gajlord to., Uili-aw, 111