The New Bloomfield, Pa. times. (New Bloomfield, Pa.) 1877-188?, July 17, 1877, Page 5, Image 5

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On and after Julie SStb, Train! run as follows
J'nsiMalllAtl'.l Mffl.
Ex. Tr'u El. Aoo.
A. M.
8 3)
8 19
7 18
7 oo
P. M
Port Royal....
Lewlstowll J.,
MeVevtnwn ,..
N. Hamilton,,
. 43
S B0
a In
6.U6I ft.M
11.04, I.4U, 8.49
10.84 8.(19 8.81
111. 10 4.47
.S7 4.15 7.W
8.60 8. El) tC.MIi
8.16 9.6(1 8.1b
IKf PUNlxirif Rtproaa leaves Ilarrlslmrir at 11.00 p.m.
Diinraiinnii 11.88 (fluirii Newport U.17 (llau) and ar
rives at lMttHl)iirirat8.10A. H.
rwonlinc WVpt, the Wny Passenver loaves Harris
burn Dull itli other train Tlnlly pxcept Huuilnv.
I W Online Kt, thp Atlantic Kxprcaa leaves . Aitonna
Dally, the other truliis Daily except Huiulay.
tVParltW Kxprews West will atnp at Iliineaniioli at
4.6ti and at Newport at 6.17 a. m., when Unwed.
llvlvt' IlOlllH.
Under the hint chniiKO of schedule the
rncillc Express ewt will stop at ISrev.
port, on Sunday morning when signaled.
A little son of Win. Rice at Carlise
Springs had hla right arm broken by be
ing thrown from a horse on Monday of
last week.
On Friday night a week, some person
fond of whiskey nnd money stole sever
al gallons of the former ana three or four
doll ars of the latter from the holel at
Oerty's Notch.
n Tuesday morning last, Willie
Cromlelgh, son of John It. Cromlelgh,
of Duncunuon, fell from a cherry tree
in his father's yard and dislocated his
A prominent farmer of Liberty Val-
1 i ... C C i 1 r-. 1 1
ivy uutr leiuriiiug num cuiiuuy ocnooi
Jast Sabbath a week, dislocated his
shoulder by throwing stones at some
""On Tuesday, while adjusting the ma
chinery attached to the circular saw at
M. 11. Eshleman's mill at Newport, John
Alexander had the two middle fingers of
his left hand so badly mangled that am
putation was necessitated.
Mr. Bierly Mateer of Shiremanstown.
fell on an ax on Wednesday last and cut
the spinal column causing his death in a
few moments. The acoident was caused
by his losing his balance while handling
a heavy post.
The barn belonging to John Weaver
of Wheatfield twp., which was recently
bumed,was insured in the Lurgan Com
pany of Franklin county for $400, and
the company through their agent, Rev.
8. Bigham, have already paid the loss.
A little daughter of Mr. W. T. Walker
Of Bhippensburg, while carrying home
a loaf of bread from the baker's wrap
ped up in a towel, was met by a tramp
who deliberately took bread and towel
from her and walked away.
Frank Wilson, colored, was hung at
Harrisburg on Wednesday. The trap
was sprung at 10:30 a. m. The crime for
which Wilson suffered occurred on the
night of June 10th, 1870, when a ped
dler by the name of John Rudy was
murdered. Wilson was afterwards ar
rested in Carlisle and placed in the Dau
phin county jail.
Ab William Work was driving along
about Ave miles from this place on Bua
day last, a white horse came rushing out
of the bushes so suddenly as to scare the
animal he was driving, causing him to
turn around and upset the buggy. The
lad was thrown out, but held on to the
lines and succeeded in stopping the
horse, without getting much liurt him
self or any damage done to the vehicle.
On the evening of the 4th iust., Tay
lor Baltozer took occasion to leave Loys
ville in a sudden manner. This resolve
of Taylor's was caused by John Miller
popping at him with a pistol, and John
was induced to do this reckless shooting
because T. B. had talked slanderously
about his (John's) wife. Fortunately
no one was hurt, and Loysvllle people
do not seriously mourn over Baltozer's
About the flattest communication we
ever read, is one in last weeks' Advocate
signed 'Gottleib Schmidt,' purporting". to
be a reply to Mahonoy's article in Tub
Times on Perry County Crookedness.
It is really not worth notice, and for that
reason we will decline to insert the com
municlon we this week received in an
swer to it. We think "Gottleib Schmidt"
altogether too small game for ' Mahonoy'
to waste his ammunition on.
Church Notices.
Service in the Methodist Church on
Sunday morning at 10J A. M. Sunday
School at 9 A. M. Prayer meeting on
Thursday evening.
Preaching in the Lutheran church
next Sabbath at 104 o'clock A.M.
Presbyterian Church. Sabbath ser
vices 10 A. M.,and 8 P. M. Wednesday
prayer . meeting at 8 P. M.
Preaching in the Reformed Church
on Sunday next at 24 o'clock P. M.
''Jacob Bally, Esq., who recently took
Greeley's advice, and left this place, has,
we notice, purchased the Globe-Journal
at Falls City, Nebraska. Jacob is a pleas
ant writer and will no doubt make his
paper a welcome visitor to his subscri
bers. We trust his investment will be
the means of putting money in his
Arrested. Emanuel K. Bitting ; Isaao
Miller; Samuel Albright and John
Shaeirer, of Buffalo twp., were brought
to this place on Thursday, charged with
committing the robbery of Mr. Buck's
f Moll. Act).,
Pass Tr'u Tr'u
A. M.'P.M. P. M.
S.lXJi l.Wt O.HI)
8.12 1.41
Jl I.f.'J S.M
8..H I. mi s.m
8.5S 8. HI 6.4(1
MM ll.4:i S.ho
P.31I Mi 7.111
i.m 7. an
9.4 8. as 7.4
9.64 8.211 7.fiS
Id.lO . 8.UO
10.13 4.00
11.14 4.JT !
11.40 (.1)
IS.ili 5 :i
1.16 .:4 '
1.66 7.30 I
P.M. P.M. 11
granary several weeks ago, ' at which
time a large lot of meal was stolen.
Bitting found a friend to go his ball, but
the others In default of bail were coih
mltted to jail. '
Robbed. On Monday night of last
week, the Shoe Shop of Jerry Wilson
in Carroll tp., on the Shermivnsdale road
was robbed of his tools, a quantity of
leather and a pair of shoes. The thief
proved to be a tramp who stopped
in the shop the day previous and was
allowed the use of the tools to mend his
own shoes.
Pursuit was made next morning, and
the chap was traced to a bye road on the
mountain, leading to Crane's Gap where
he was found asleep in the woods. The
stolen property was nil in his possession,
lie was taken to Shermansdale, and
subsequently committed to jail in this
place. He gives the name of Win. Tar-ker.
"Attempt at Robbery. About ten o'clock
lost Tuesday night Mrs. William Smith
was lying down in a back room of her
dwelling house on Sixth street, her hus
band being absent at the time, when a
man made his appearance in the room
ostensible for the purpose of plundering,
thinking that the lady was sleeping, but
the mysterious presence of an unknown
man before her Immediately aroused her
and she screamed out " bloody murder,"
when the intruder fanned the light out
with his hat and jumped from the win
dow, neighbors' hearing him alight on
the porch underneath. Newport JSTcivs.
A Costly Run Off. On Tuesday of last
week, while Mr. George Heikes, of Lati
more twp.,Adams county ,left his horses,
which were attached to a reaper, stand
alone in the field, they took fright and
started at a fearful speed around the
field. ' They were finally brought to a
standstill, by the reaper catching on the
fence whilst they were in the act of
leaping over. The reaper was complete
ly demolished. He had only purchased
it a few days previous. Comet.
Cumberland County. We copy the fo1
lowlng from the Cumberland county
papers of last week :
Samuel Wert, living near the North
Mountain, pulled down an old musket the
other day to shoot a hawk which had
pounced down on a young turkey. And
if he did he suffered severely for not
keeping his fire arms in better order.
His musket instead of going off and
doing duty, exploded, shattering his
jawbone knocking out a number of his
teeth, both above and below, besides
Btunning him severely.
On Sabbath a week since, Isaao Fry of
Frankford township walked to a cherry
tree near at hand with several of his
children. As one of the girls was stand
ing on a lower limb eating cherries, she
was horrified to discover a blocksnake
creeping out the limb towards her. As
a matter of course she scieamed pretty
loudly which brought her father who
killed it, the snake, in the meantime,
having stopped before it reached her.
II. A. Lamb, in Shepherdstown, lost
a valuable cow last Saturday, by acci
dent. In running across the pavement
the animal slipped, striking her head
against a post breaking her neck.
Jas. Gouse, a harvest liand working
for Geo. W, Bowman, of Silver Spring
twp. fell from the top of a cherry tree
on Wednesday last, breaking both bones
of his left arm.
One day last week, while Mrs. Susan
Thompson, of Bhippensburg, was gath
ering raspberries on Timber Hill, she
fell from a fence and broke her arm.
Mr. O. T. Harris, of Carlisle, informs
us that while workmen were engaged in
digging a cistern on his premises a few
days since, they discovered, at a depth
of three feet from the surface, a green
apple tightly imbedded in the clay, and
in a perfect natural state. Singular.
Mr. Harry Rice has again taken
charge of the mail xoute on the Walnut
Bottom road between Carlisle and Bhip
pensburg. Mr. It. is a very obliging
gentleman, and his numerous friends in
the valley will be pleased to hear of his
Juniata County. We copy the follow
ing from the Juniata county papers of
last week.
On Thursday, June 21st, Mr. John
Kelly, of Black Log, was helping Char
ley Apple to haul bark off .the North
side of Shade mountain,. near Black Log
tannery. When they had the load on
(two cords) and were about to go down
the mountain, having tied the wheels
and put on the rough lock, a shower
came up and they both went under the
wagon. The lightning struck a tree
near them, frightening the horses. The
horses started to run ; Kelly fell under
the wheel, and it being locked, pushed
him down over the rocks about one hun
dred yards, smashing and mangling his
body in a shocking manner, leaving his
flesh sticking on the rocks. He was car
ried home, where he died the next dny.
One evening last week, an unruly
woman under the influence of bug
juice, was furnished with a private room
in the county jail, where she could sober
up at her leisure.
There Is a talk of a railroad from Port
Royal to Mexico,from Mexico to Thomp
sontown, and from Thompson town to
Harry Moore had a valuable cow to
die on his farm at Van-Wert, a few days
ago, from the effects of pasturing a few
hours on the second growth of clover
. ' Communicated.
Slanderers and their Gossips Bloomfleld
not Sinless. . .
Mr. EniTon i It Is about time our papers
cry out against this thins. The Ancients used
to tench s maxim of this kind "Speak do
Slandor no nor listen to It I" The rule of
conduct Indicated has gone, with other lost
arts, Into oblivion. If any doubt thla asser
tion lit blin take four women, in our town, and
two men whom I could name, and listen to
their conversation Just fourteen minutes, and If
lie does not know more things that never were
true than he did before, then I am a falaeflor
and a bad reporter of events. I want the four
ladles (f) to have their knitting along and the
two gentlemen (?) a clay pipe each. The
neighbors of this party must (of course) be
absent. You mint see the expression of each
speaker's countenance, ai well as the gostures
of the bands, to appreciate the subject undor
" There seems to be lust In some no power can
To publish some poor neighbor's shnme.
On eagle's wings Immortal scandals (ly.
While virtuous actions are but born to die."
A slandering tongue spares none, not
even a friend. I know a poor harmless
devil who trusted one of these creatures to
over sixty dollars worth of goods during the
war, and never received ono cent back, but who
has been terribly excoriated ever since by the
same party whom he benefited. They will
steal a man's good name, not because of any
good It will do them, for they dare not own it,
hut merely for malice cr pleasure, as a monkey
would steal a night-cap. If you notice them
and tako their past lives Into consideration, you
will discover that by reason of some wicked
deeds of their own they are down In the world.
This makes It to their interest to pull every
body else down with themselves, They hate
a prosperous neighbor mightily. It grates on
their ears to hear him spoken well of. They
are like deep fiends who will sow their weeds
in an Industrious man's corn-field when the
owner is asleep. The only reward of this hell
ish malice Is private tnthfaetion. The slanderer
must necessarily be a liar. Truth he avoids.
Exaggeration would perhaps be 1 moro refined
coguoman. "Calumniate! Calumniate I" they
say, " for some of It will stick I" Accuse
them of being tho originators of slanders
about yourself or friends and yon will bo as
tonished how yon surprise them. " Why,I never
thought of such a thing I No, never!" Ah,
they will He first to Injure, and lie again to
deceive. They know the value of an insinua
tion. They know the power there Is In a wink
or a nod. The porson slandered has no pro
tection. How does he know thatthese tongues
are berating his name. Tho author of the lies
flrBt Insinuates ; then tho next gosslper adds
a word j then the third exaggerates and so on
until, If he (In da it out at all, it will be an en
tirely different story than when first started.
The bad originator therefore has a hole left
by which to escape when the injured one comes
for redress. The first one tells it in a whisper,
but the last one tells It aloud. Now how is it
with the people who listen t Well, for my
part, I always feel belittled and ashamed when
I have listened to slander. You can tell a
scandal monger wherever he or she may be
met. God has made thera with big ear marks.
Sharp as they may be there is dullness some
where. The detective will confuse the liar in
five minutes. So with a slanderer " Vincit
Yeratat I" Grand old Truth comes to the res
cue like sunshine In a dark dungeon. Lies
will not face truth If truth can be brought to
bear upon them. But this is hard to do in
many cases. Let us people of Bloomfleld set
our faces against this thing. Our town did not
become so preeminent in gossip until within a
few years back. The scandal maker is gener
ally without property, therefore the law can
not bo resorted to for damages. They are gen
erally religious externally. The man who told
most lies about a friend of mine happened one
day to sit down at the same table to dine with
us. As we were about to partake, forgetting to
offer thanks, he refused to eat, saying that,
" with him it was a custom to offer thanks be
fore eating." Great Heaven, thought I, there
truly Is the devil In the livery of Heaven. His
prayers, I found, were less powerful than his
scandals. If Heaven admits a single slander
er, I don't care about going there.
Philadelphia Produce and Stock Report
Philadelphia. July 14. The dull trade the
past week and heavy arrivals of new wheat have
caused a decline In the market. We quote new
wheat 1741S5 Rye 7078; Corn 00d2; Oats
htocks we quote as follows: Fenn'a., It. R..
Sljfi; Heading 12; I'hll'a ft Erie. 7; Lehigh Val.
34; Nor. Central 13. Gold 105.
If you wish a splendid Cigar go to Mor
timer's and ask for "The Peacock"
New Tailor Shop. The undersigned
gives notice to the public that he has
opened a shop opposite Rinesmith's
hotel New Bloomfleld, Pa., in the room
formerly used as a confectionary, where
he is prepared to do work in his line
promptly, and at reasonable prices.
All work warranted to give satisfaction.
Give me acall. Samuel Bentzel.
Bloomfleld, May 1, '77 tf.
The Musical College at Freeburg, Pa.,
commences its Bummer Session of six
weeks, July 31st. Bend for circular.
F. C. Moyek, Director. 3t
" The Above All," is a new brand o
chewing tobacco, nnd la without a peer
for excellence and sweetness. For sale,
wholesale and retail, by J.B. Haktzkll
in Gantt's Building.
Five Cents, or Six for a quarter is the
price of "Hie Peacock" Cigar. For
sale by F. Mortimer.
Do You Want One? I have yet several
sewing machines which will be sold at
half price for cash. If you want a bar
gain, now is your time to get it.
Special Notice. Having added a room
for the express purpose of showing car
pets oil cloth and wall paper, we ask
persons wanting any of these articles to
look at our assortment,
tf. F. Mortimer.
Good Summer Suit for $4.00 at
I. Schwartz, Newport, Pa.
' A Good Summer Shawl for 75 cents at
I. Schwartz, Newport, Pa.
I The Select School will be opened in
Blain on Monday, July 30th, by W. F.
! See the advertisement of M. B. Gibson
in another column. If you wish to pur
chase a good Piano or Organ he can
promise you one at low rates.
1 I. N. Rluehart vs. J. Rlnehart A Perry Co.
9 Mrs. Susan J. Rice vs. Thomas McCoy.
8 G. W. Zlnn, Adm'r.vs. John A. HUblsh.
4 A. N. Donaldson, et al. vs. Carolina Dun
5 Danlol Etter vs. John Ilartfell.
6 B. B. Crawford, Adm'r of J. 8. talrd vs.
Dr. James Galbraith's Adin'rs.
7 Wm. II. Mlnlch vs. John Wagner's Adm'r.
8 M. B. Bnahr vs. Barbara B. linker.
0 MollleKeagy'suse vs. O. Vanderau's Ex'r.
10 Francis English vs. G. Market's Adm'rs.
11 Shank Williamson vs. A. D. Vandllng A
19 Andrew J. Burd vs. Penn'a. Canal Co.
13 Raymond A Campbell vs. Geo. Losh.
14 II. If. Fisher vs. Theo. Fenn, etnx
15 Dr. Michael Price vs. D. Breckvllle, et nx.
10 Same vs. Jacob Zang, et ux.
17 J. II. Case's use vs. 8. 8. Fchrer.
18 G. Cary Tharp vs. Same.
19 Lewis Beech vs. Jacob BtoufTcr.
20 Adam Karstetter vs. C. Wright, et al.
81 Anna M. Elliott vs. Dr. W. R. Clsna.
22 Samuel Brlner vs. H. Wlngert's Ex'rs.
23 Greenwood twp. School District vs. A. W.
Long, Ac.
24 Fred. K. Swarts vs. Margaret D. Feun.
25 Henry Saxton A Co., vs. F. W. Gibson.
20 T. II. Mllllgan, et al vs. John Ilohenshllt.
27 Henry C. Kling, et ux, vs. Abraham Fry.
28 Jacob Britudt vs. Daniel Power.
Hll HenJ. C. Rheem vs. Lewis McNeal.
80 Saml. Spotts vs. J. B. Klstler's Adm'x.
81 Martin Mot Mr vs. David Klstler.
83 J. D. Willis vs. Sarah J. Steel's Ex's.
83 William Mettz vs. Wm. J. Graham's Com.
8 Joseph Hayes vs. W. W. Farnsworth
85 C. Thudlum vs. Com. of Perry county.
80 Robert Taylor vs. Same.
87 John Beohtel A Son vs. Same.
88 George Shope vs. BenJ. Rice, sr et al.
Tuscarora James P. Latchford.
Carroll Michael Glbney, John Smee, Henry
Smith, Cyrus Brown.
Pcnn Levi ISirtcii, Joseph Smith, John Fritz,
John Snyder.
Tyrone Andrew Kell, Jacob Bomhoisel, B. F.
Madison D. V. Peck, Andrew G. Clouser,
Samuel R. Morrow.
Liverpool borough John J.Hamilton, D. O.
Rltter, Jacob E. Murray.
Spring W. W. Snyder, W. R. Dum, Daniel
Foose, G. Spohn.
Howe Jacob Brelz.
Saville Robert Blackburn, Win. Frantz.
Duncannon I. R. Wensel, Jacob Bixler.
Centre James L. Moore, Wm. C. Clark.
Mlllerstown James G. Brandt, George B.
Greenwood Oliver M. Long, Amos Mitchell.
Marysvllle John Weldon, Geo. Hayes, Jos.
Toboyne Solomon Gntshall.
Rye William Bheaffer.
Newport B. F. Demaree, Joseph Frish.
Landlsburg George W. Himes.
Buffalo John Derr.
Bloomfleld Henry Bentzell.
Wheatfield Emanuel Dugan.
Jackson John A.
Liverpool twp. David Hoffman.
Watts Jacob Bixler.
TERM, 1877.
Buffalo John W. Charles, foreman.
Madison George Adair, Bamuel Loy.
Duncannon John Hood, John Bowers.
Newport Samuel Noll.
Greenwood Silas 8allor.
Carroll Wilson Smee, Robert Wallace, Jere.
Wheatfield Theo. Rodamaker.
Juniata George Raffensperger.
Penn Charles B. Roberts.
Spring Peter Shatto.
Liverpool twp. George Reen, Enoch Barner.
Marysvllle 8. H. Morley.
Saville Wash. Hench, Henry Bixler.
Tuscarora John Whltekettle.
Howe David E. 8tephens.
Miller Albert Vancamp, Henry Cumbler.
Mlllerstown William Goodman.
Caution. All persons are forbid to trust my
daughter Sarah J. as I will pay no debts that she
may contract. SAMUEL ADAMS,
July 1H, 1877. Oak Grove.
County Price Current.
m Bloojifibld, July 16, 1877.
Flax-Seed i 26
Potatoes 60
Butter V pound 10812
Eggs V dozen 12 '
Dried Apples V pound 3)4 cts"
Dried Peaches 8 12 cts.ft
Corrected Weekly by KaugK t .BroiAer.J
Newport, July 14, 1877.
Flour, Extra, i.... 18 75
" 8uper. 8 00
White Wheat bu 175al 75
Red Wheat, 170O170
Rye 85685
Corn, 48 650
Oats fl 32 pound 40040
Clover Seed 7 0037 00
Timothy Seed 1 50
Flax Seed 1 00
Potatoes 1 30l 30
Bacon, 8 O 12
Pressed Hogs J
Ground Alumn Salt 140(1140
Llmeburner's Coal 2 15
Stove Coal, 4 00 4 so
Pea Coal 2 50
Gordon's Food per Sack, J2 00
Of all kinds always on hand and for sale at the
Lowest Market Kates.
mr Five per cent off lor Cash.
, Carlisle, July 12, 1877.
Family Flour $9.50
Superfine Ilye Flour 8.50
White Wheat, new 1 50
Red Wheat, new 150
Hye '. 55
Corn, (new) ..... . to
Oats so
Cloverseed 8.00 a 8.00
Williamson. On the 9th Inst, in Liverpool,
Miss Catharine U T K, daughter of J. W. and
Miirla Williamson, aged 4a years 9 months and
17 days.
Dale. At South Troy, Minnesota, on the 7th
inst., Mrs. Christiana, wife of John Dale, former
ly of Centre twp.. Perry county.
Btamhauou. On the t h Inst., at the residence
ot her sou. iu. law, A. Vanfosseu.Mvs. Btmubauuh,
aped about seventy years.
Smith. On tl th lust. In Aliens Cove Jaeob
Smith iKeil 63 years 2 months and 1 day.
Jacoiw. tin the 8th Inst., In Tuticarora town,
ship, Mr. Nicholas Jucubs, aged ui) years, 7 ma,
nd lit days.
Wilson Wriblt. On the 21th of June, Albert
M. Wllsiin, ut East Waterford, and Miss Weluly
of Spruce II III.
IJUMl fnRlMI'K Being solicited by num.
" ber of citizens from dillerent parts ot the
county to seek the nomination fur Sheriff, by the
itmiulilictin convention, I hemhy anno nine my
self as a candidate for thst office, and If nomi
nated, I pledge nivielf to nu all honorable means
to secure mv election, nnd 1 successful, to per
form Hie duties of the onn fulllifiilly nnd
promptly. THOMAS 8UXCII.
llloomtleld, Pa., July 17, 1877.
Cemsterlra. or "ef.
Farms from 50c. to roper Rod
Patent method for mowing and stacking llavor
Rtraw, without extra charge to Hie Fanner. Agtl.
Steels finished and tempered liv Nellls' process to
suit all kinds soil. Medal awards on all our goods
exhibited at the Centennial. Information free.
271m A. J. Kelms & Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.
NOTICE 13 HEREBY fiTVEN. that, annllea.
tlnn will lie made to the Court of Quarter Ses
sions In and for Perry County, Pa., August term,
177. to have the bridge acrots the Juniata river,
Rt NKWI'OKT, In rniid countv, declared a free
bridge under an Act of Assembly approved the
8th day of May, A. 1)., 1876. entitled "An Act to
authorize the acquisition of the several Counties
of this Commonwealth lor the use of the County,
of bridges erected over rivers, creeks and rivu
lets, and for the abolition of tolls thereon.
27 4t Attorneys Jot Petitioner).
THE undersigned. Assignee under a deed (X
voluntary assignment for the benefit of the
creditors of Mrs. Miugaret R. Donley, will sell at
public outcry upon the premises, in Carrol' town
ship, about VA miles West of Dellvllle,
at 2 o'clock P. L. of said day, the following de
scribed valuable real estate:
Consisting of a messuage or TRACT OF LANDi
situate In the township of Carroll, County of Per
ry and State of Pennsylvania, and bounded by
lands of C. Roth, Adam Beam, T. Matlack and
others, containing
strict, and having thereon erected a large good
with KITCHEN attached, Half BANK BARK,
Wood House, Smoke House, Hog Pen and other
necessary outbuildings.
There is a good YOUNG ORCHARD In prime
bearing condition and other fruit upon the prem
ises. The water Is supplied bytwogood wells and
a spring near the house, which runs In several
fields. The quality of soil Is good red shale.
Note This property Is In every way desirable.
It Is situate within a mile of a school, a mile and
a halt of stores, mills, blacksmith shop, eta, and
about two miles to the nearest church. It Is
pleasantly located on a point of scenery, and will
make iu every respect a most desirable farm
JOHN 8. RICHEY, Assignee.
TERMS OF SALE. Ten per cent, of the pur
chase money to be paid when the property is
stricken down; one-third of the remainder upon
the confirmation of the sale, and the balance to
be divided into two equal annual payments paya
ble respectively, the 1st day of April, 1K78 and
1879, to 1)0 secured by judgment, bonds, with Inter
est from 1st April, 1878, when deed will be deliver
ed and possession given.
July 10. 1877.
ber hereby cautions all persons against
hunting or trespassing in any manner on his land
in Tuscarora township, as he Is determined to
punish all oirenders to the full extent of the law.
June 26, 1877 St
By virtue of sundry writs of Venditioni Exnonaf.
and writs of Fieri Facias, issued out of the Court
of Common Pleas of Perry county, Pa., and to me
directed, I will expose to publics sale, at the Court
House, in the borough of Bloomfield, on j
Friday, the Zlih day of July, 1877, J
at one o'clock P. M. of said day, the following de
scribed real estate, to wit :
Alio, A TRACT OF LAND, iltoats in Toboyne
township, eounty and State aforesaid, containing
53 aores, more or less, about 30 acres cleared,
bonnded by lands of David Kern, Michael Mum
per and Solomon Gntshall, and having thereon
erected a One and a-half-story Log house, log barn
and outbuildings; as thj property of J. J. Baker.
Also, A LOT OF GROUND, situate in 'New
Buffalo borough, county and State aforesaid,
bounded on the north by Locust street, on the east
by lot of Levi Siders, on the west by Blackberry
alley and fronting on Mill street, and having there
on erected a two-itory frame house and outbuild
ings. Also, The defondnnt'i interest in A TRACT OF
LAND, situate in Watts township, county acd
State aforesaid, containing 120 acres, more or less,
about 80 aerss cleared, bounded by lands of John
Oarman, Levi Siders, Wm. Fenaicle, Jacob Sidors
and others, and having thereon erected a two-story
log house, frame bank barn and outbuildings j as
the properties of Jeremiah Siders.
Also, A TRACT OF LAND, sitnate in Carroll
township, eounty and State foresaid, containing
80 acres, more r let.", about 30 acre oleared,
bounded by lands of Charles Stutzman, Alfred
Ferror, John MoCIintock and others, and having
thareon erected a two-story log house, log stable
and other outbuildings j as the property of (jtephen
Also, A TRACT OF LAND, situate in Green
wood township, county and State aforesaid, con
taining 150 aores, more or leaf, about 45 acres
cleared, bounded by lands of John MitoheU'a hsirs, .
John Hetrick, A. Hsbble, Joseph Mitchell and oth
ers, and having thereon erected a two-story log
house, log barn and other outbuildings: a tLa
property of Isaac Mitchell.
Also, A LOT OF GROUND, situate in Millers
town, borough, oounty and Slate af oresaid, bound
ed on the north by lot of D. Bollinger, on the east
by Hemlock alley, on the south by Sunbury street
and fronting on Market street, being 50 feet on
laid Market street, and 140 feet on laid Sunbury
street, and having tbereon erected a frame stable,
ice homo and oatbuildings ; as the property of S.
T. Lineaweaver.
Also, A LOT OF GROUND situate in the bor
ough of Duncannon, eounty and State aforesaid,
fronting on High street 25 feet, on the east, ad
joining Methodist church lot on the south, lot of
Robert Jones on the west, and Jonathan Micbener
on the north, and having thereon ereoted a two
story frame dwelling house ; ai the property of
Levi Foreman.
Seised and taken in execution, and to be sold by
L J. W. WILLIAMSON, Sheriff.
ShenfTi Office, Bloomfleld (
June 30, 1877. J
Note Ten per cent, of the purchase money to
be paid when the property is stricken down, tad
the balance on the fin-t Monday of August A. D.