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On and aftrr November 97tli, Trains ran as folium t
Kx. iTr'lil k.x.1 Acq.
Wr 'Mull. Ann.
Pm Tr'u.Tr'u
r.m. r.m.
I. M.
7. Il
i.16 t.m
.as t.w
.471 1M
i.4 (l.lfl
Wi S.4II
i iw g.Ni
mil 7 in
llly',. .......
Port Kn)
ti.iis u.ue
7. no to.tM
6.54 tu.ual
tin 1 in
.ih 7.4
I. SI)1
a ., .
LewtRtown J
ll. m: .iu .lii
11.114: S.4U, B.OI
11.14 l it
11.40 4.47,
19.3(1 6 ,M
1.16 .1aI
I.6S 7. Id;
r.u. p.m.I
N. Hamilton,.
low' s.on .ti
111 till 4 471
.t7 i 4.1 7.-KI
B.I6 9. SO S.lfi
A.M. r.M. r.u
t-wpittsburtr Repress leaves
uuncsntion iniin: :ewi
rlreaat A. u.
nrt 11.67 (iW anil
HMrrf.liurir At It.m P.M.
Philadelphia Kxpres loaves Altoona At 10.00 r. In.,
Tyrone at M RS i. oi., HiiuiiiiKdoii 11.16 p. in., fewl
kmn .1.. IS Win. in., Mifflin IS.Ma.iii., Harrimirir 2.4'
tW-OoltiK W'et,the Way Piuwemrer leave Harris
burn' Dully the other trains tlally exeelil Hltuiluv.
ieroliitr KaRt, thP Atlantic ExreK leave Ailoolia,
Dally, flip utliar trains bally eiraipt Hnnrtay.
Mai-nlmH Furnnce at Newport i to im
aolil tt (Sheriff ' sale.
A few days since Mr. Samuel Comp.
Ml, residing near Mil ford, t;ut his foot
-severely while chopping In the woods.
As we go to press, Court Is still In
Session, u case wing on trial 'that was
not finished on Saturday.
C. A. C. The story yon send for pub
lication was published In The Timks
about three years ago.
The latest theory advanced In the
Lebanon county tragedy case Is that the
'late Joseph T. Miller, of Lebanon coun
ty, was murdered at Ids home and the
body conveyed to the place where found
in a wagon. -
A body of a man was 'found on the
bank of the Susquehanna near Kockvillo
on Tuesday morning which proved to be
the remains of J. I). MeElwee who waS
Jirobably drowned near Dunrannon a
ew weeks since, and at the time suppos
ed to be Washington 1)111.
Oats Stolen. Henry Fonlk, Esq., of
Rye twp., placed forty bushels of oats In
a garner for seed, but when he came to
use them a few days ago he found-nearly
thirty bushels had been stolen. He says
if the chap who so kindly cared for them
the past winter will call on him for the
balance, he can get them.
Almost a Fire. On Monday last the
roof of the Reformed Parsonage in this
borough took fire from the Chimney.
There being no trap-door to the roof, the
building was for a time in great danger.
A man who saw it, however, knocked a
hole in 'the roof and cut off a lath to en
able him to gut out, when a bucket of
water extinguished the flames. No
building should be without a trap-door
through .the roof.
Carlisle Presbytery. This body met
in Mechanicsburg on last Tuesday and
concluded its sessions on Wednesday
night. The churches in all six counties
includedln the Presbytery were generally
represented those in our own county
failing to be represented were Blatn and
Landisburg, Centre and Millerstown had
no elders present. Besides hearing the
narrative of the state of religion in the
various churches Presbytery appointed
its quota of three ministers and three
elders to represent it in the general as
sembly which meets in Chicago on May
17th. Elder T. II. Milligan and Rev. J
Edgar, both of this county are among
ithe number. After other routine busi
ly ffiess Presbytery adjourned.
Fire In Lewlstown. On Tuesday last
.at about noon a lire was discovered in
1 the boiler works of Willis & Bchochs at
Lewis town, which shortly spread to
some stables opposite. For a time it
looked as though the dames would ex
tend to a row of frame dwellings near
by, andwdrd was sent to Harrisburg
and Huntingdon for aid. This was
promptly furnished, but the fire was got
under control before the help arrived,
and the request was countermanded by
telegraph. Ten stables and the boiler
works were destroyed, the loss being
about $304000.
Successful Pursuit of a Horse Thief. On
Thuisday evening last, Mr. Wm. Kistler
returned to tills place, aecom pained by
Officer Anderson and several witnesses,
bringing with him Charles Houser, ar
rested for stealing Mr. Kistler's horse on
the night of the 12th of March. We gave
A full account of the stealing at the time,
And the pursuit that was made of the
thief the day following. It appears that
the horse was rode to Philadelphia,
passing through Wrightsvillo, where
the thief stopped on the night after the
horse was stolen. At that place he was
recognised by a former acquaintance
who examined the horse, but was told
so fair a story that he concluded that
the man was in rightful possession of
the animal. A description of the stolen
horse, which he afterward saw, led to
the thiefB detection and arrest The ar.
rest was made by Officer Roat at Harris
burg on Monday evening of last week,
who at ence wroto Mr. Kigtler, On
Wednesday, Mr. Rlstler went down to
appear against him. It was then found
necessary to go to Lancaster county, in
order to get the witnesses, and when he
arrived there, the prisoner demanded a
hearing In this county. Consequently
he and the witnesses were at once
brought here, when the prisoner waived
an examination, and was committed to
the care of the Sheriff.
Mr. Kistler deserves great credit, and
the thanks of every horse owner in the
county, for the persevering manner In
which he has pursued this thief.
The arrested party is the same man
who was taken from this county to the
penitentiary on the 6th of May 1675,and
was discharged on the 5th of March, only
seven days before the last crime was
The horse formerly stolen was, the
property of Jacob Kline near Liverpool,
and on that occasion the prisoner was
brought here during a Session of Court
and plead guilty to the charge, and was
sentenced under the name of Clarence
R. Dunn.
On Saturday the Court Issued an order
removing Houxer, the horse thief to the
Harrisburg Jail for safe keeping, the
Sheriff feeling satisfied that it was not
good policy to try to keep him here.
When here before he came near getting
out the first night of his arrival.
A Rascally Husband LaBt fall James
Lightner, of Richland, a town along the
Lebanon Valley railroad, manled a
young lady who had not yet reached her
majority. A few days ago the wife be
came of age and In company with her
husband visited her guardian, who paid
her $1 ,700 in money and a number of
notes. The husband took the package
containing her fortune and placed it in
his pocket, stating that It was safer in
his hands. When they reached home he
transferred the packtige to his wife and
remarked that he would join her in a
few hours. Not making his appearance
at midnight the wife became very uneasy
and'suspectlng that she had probably
been the victim of a dishonest transac
tion she. examined the package and
found that all the cosh was missing. She
informed her neighbors of the strange
and shameful proceeding, and telegrams
were sentindlfTerentdlrections notifying
the police authorities of the swindler's
operations and requesting his arrest. A
reward of $200 Is offered for his appre
hension. He bears on one of his arms
the image of a small child, formed with
India ink. Lightner Is about twenty
two years old. Patriot.
Court Proceedings. Court assembled on
Monday of last week, Judges Junkin,
Jin ir and Baker on the bench, and the
following proceedings were had:
After calling over the list of constables
and taking their returns Judge Junkin
decided that the old constables elected in
1878 held their ofllce until 1st of April
1878, unless they did not wish to serve
in said capacity, and in that event the
Court would appoint the person elected
to said ofllce at the election held in Feb
ruary last :
The following old constables resigned
and new ones appointed in their place:
Jonathan Wertz of Spring twp., Jno.
S. Kistler appointed, Joseph Genslnger,
of Marysvilfe Boro., Henry Gamber
appointed, Jno. Dehaven of Liverpool
Boro., 8. 8. Feehrer appointed, Henry
Stone of Howe twp., Joseph Bears ap
pointed. W. H. Burnett of Landisburcr
Boro., E. Corl appointed, Wm. Scott of
Juniata twp., aeo'a., Samuel u. Butler
The Court granted license to the fol
lowing persons.
Name. Residence. License.
George A. Bhnman, Landisburg, Tavern.
D. M. Rlnesmltb, Bloomfleld, "
Ttaomaa 8utch, " "
H. C. Blatteuberger & Bro., Newport, "
JeeBoL. Gantt, ' "
Isaac D. Dnokel,
Jaraei O. HcCllntock,
James Hahn, " Restaurant.
Petor Wertr, Wholesale.
William Waliia, Liverpool, Tavern.
E. I). Owen, , u.
8. M.fihnler, " Wholesale.
George Bard, New Buffalo, Tnvern.
John C. Gantt, Millerstown, "
Bbnman Miller, '
O. K. Kleffhian, Restaurant.
George Wyatt '
John Shlvely, Duncannon, Tavern.
Joseph Mavall, "
Joseph L. Mtchener, " Restaurant.
William Shire, "
Henry Gelhaugu, "
Joseph Sadler, Marjeville, Tavern.
M. G. Schrelnor, " . "
Bamuel Strasbaugh, " '
Adam Fortoeyv Buffalo, '
John P. Crea, ; C '.' Spring, '
David Bower, Jackson, "
W. T. Dewalt, Carroll,
Benjamin Rltter, Tyrone, "
G.ttwartz & J. Sanderson, Jr., Toboyne, "
Jarnei A, Gray, Spring, ,
GoorgeJacob, Savltle, Restaurant.
The application of Isaac Miller for res
taurant license was refused.
In the application of certain citizens
of Bluin to have it lncororatcd into a
Borough, the Court ordered the petition
to be Hied and the presenting of It to the
Grand Jury to be held over until the
August session.
The following ci rtioraries were argued.
G. K. Miller and Ann Miller, Plaintiffs
in error, vs. J. S. Wetzel, Defendant in
error Judgment of Court reserved.
Catharine A. Briner and William D.
Brlner, Pins, in error, vs. 8. and J.
Houck, Defts. in error Judgment re
versed. G. R. Miller and Ann Miller Pifls. In
error, vs. James Flynn Deft, -in error
Judgment of Court reserved.
The following four eases uponapplica.
Uon to the Court were continual.
A. J. Burd, vs. thePenn'a. Canat Co.,
costs of term to be paid by the Plff.
Ellas Snyder, vs. School District of
Madison twp.
Jno. Rynards use, vs. II. F. Draw
batigh Ac
M. B. Spahr vs. Barbara E. Baker and
et vlr. Costs of term to be paid by 1 )eft.
Henry II. Fisher vs. Theo.Fenn etux.
Anna M. Elliott Vs. Dr. W. R. Clsna.
The case of Jacob Comp vs. Samuel
Smith, was settled by the parties, Deft.,
paying PUT.. $13.00.
Jacob B. Reeder vs. J. I). Cree etal.
judgment confessed in favor of Plff., for
Geo. Wright vs. W. R. H. Cook,settled
Deft., agreeing to pay' amount of the
claim of Plff.
Ellen Rice vs. W. R. 8. Cook. Action
brought to recover for timber sold to
deft. Verdict for plff., for $218.80.
Sponsler for plff. ; Burnett and Mclntire
for deft.
People's F.R.W.Co., vs.Andrcw Loy.
This was an action brought to compel
deft., to pay his subscription to the stock
of that road. The deft., refused to pay
on the ground that the railroad was a
fraud, and be hnd been Induced to sub
scribe through falso representations.
Verdict in favor of the railroad Co., for
$04.00. Junkin and Sponsler for plff.;
Bnrneft and Mclntire for deft.
W. Scott Dunbar vs. James Elder.
Action in slander. The jury found for
pill'., giving him $500 damages.
John McClure, et ux vs. James Em
ory. This was an action brought to test
title to a bark right In Horse Valley.
Case still on trial as we go to press.
Smiley and Sponsler for plff. ; Barnett
for deft.
Quarter Sessions.
Commonwealth vs. John A. Albright
and Jacob Sheaffer. Charge, burglary.
Verdict, not guilty. For Com. District
Attorney and Mclntire. For Plff. Spons
ler and Potter.
Same, vs. W. H. llarmnn. Charge,
aggravated asuault and battery. Verdict
not guilty, and the prosecutrix to pay
the costs of prosecution. District Attor
ney and Sponsler for Com., Markel and
Mclntire for Deft.
Same, vs. Adam Wltherow. Charge,
Surety of the peace on oath of his wife.
The court directed that the Deft, pay
costs and enter into his own recognizance
to keep the peace.
Same, vs. Cornelius Sheaffer. Charge,
Adultery upon oath of Mary E. Car
stetter. Verdict, guilty. Sentenced to
pay $15 lying In expenses, $:t() other ex
penses up to date, and $1 per week for
0 years and 2 months, a fine of $25 and
costs of prosecution and be imprisoned
in the county jail for 0 months. District
Attorney and Sponsler for Com., Smiley
for Deft.
Same vs. Clias. Kltner. Charge, As
sault and battery. Verdict guilty. Sen
tensed to pay $1 fine, and costs of prose
cution. District Attorney, Potter and
Barnett for Com.; Wm. A. & W. H.
Sponsler for deft.
For The Times.
Tuscarora Literary Society.
April, ?th, 1877.
Mr. Editor: The "Tuscarora Literary So
ciety" met at Mount Pleasant school house on
last Thursday even in t, and went through the
following programme First exercise was
music, by J. A. Leouard, ' Tu mitti havi
rolled away." The refiTed questions answered.
Next a soikt by J. P. Latcbford, " Tho House
Then the discussion on the following ques
tion i littolutd, " That the liar Is more in
jurious to the community than a thief." The
speakers on the alllrmatlve side were James
Campbell, J. W. Hutchison and J. P. Latch
ford. Negative, C. W. Leonard, J. A. Leon
ard and J. L. Campbell. The Judges were
John Hutchison, Henry Campbell and Daniel
Crist. Decision given in favor of the alllrma
tlve. After the debate an essay was read by Lizzie
Latch ford, "The Departed." Next exercise,
solect reading, by J. A. Leonard, which was
"Geographical description of Batchelor
Island," and "The smack In school," by P.
A. Latchford," also, "Querle," by J. W.
Hutchison. A Miscellany by Mattle A.
Question for next debate, Jltiolvtd, "That
me uouniy superintendent should bo dia
pensed with."
Cumberland County. We copy the fol
lowing from the Cumberland county
papers of last week :
Last week David O. Myers, of tho
Second ward, who suffered the loss of a
leg in theJate rebellion, took a contract
for digging a cistern on the premises of
Mr. wtouiier, on JNortn Hanover street.
David needed some help to complete the
job, and determined not to go outside of
the fraternity for assistance. He accord
ingly employed Robt. R. Matthews, of
the Third ward, who lost a leg by an ac
cident on the Cumberland Valley rail
road some years ago. The two unfortu
nates went to work with shovel and
Iilck, and got through with the job on
Monday last. This, we believe, is the
only instance of the kind brought to our
notice, and we merely make mention of
the fact tiecause it Is a matter of local in
terest. Carlltsle Volunteer.
On Tuesday of last week, John Meloy,
aged flfty-flve years, six feet high,
weighing about one hundred and thirty
pounds, grey whiskers, of a reserved dis-
Eosition, left bis home In Mechanics
urg. He was last seen in Harrisburg
on Wednesday walking towards the ca
nal. Any information respecting his
whereabouts will be thankfully received
by his wife at Mechanicsburg.
While driving some cattle at a flitting
in Middlesex township, near Sulphur
Springs, one day last week, Charles, son
or Mr. George Jacobs, was attacked by a
cow. The animal rushed upon the boy,
knocked him down, caught him upon
her horns and thus carried him about a
rod, then threw him down and tramped
upon him. The boy was somewhat
bruised on the head and scratched on tho
side by the cow's horns, but received no
serious injury.
On Monday night Uiere was an incen
diary attempt mado to fire the stable
attached to the Branch House, lit tho
occupancy of James A. Clark. The fire,
it appears, died out of Its own accord,
and the building saved from destruo
Xktn.SMppcneburg Xivn.
Church Notices.
Presbvterlan Church Pmnelilmr nf 1 1
A. M., and 7t P. M., on Sunday next.
rrayer meeting on weanesaay evening
at it o CHICK.
TW ntlindlMt. dlllroh Tirnnnlitntf tiovt
Sunday evening. Prayer meeting on
Thursdny evening.
Snow-Flake Potaloes. The subscriber
will sell Snow-Flake Polatoesat 75 cents
per half peck. Address
Mkrvin A. Cook,
10 8t Centre P. O., Perry co., Pa.
Duncannon has a New Wagon Shop,
Mr. Enoch Baker having opened a Shop
where building and repairing of all
kinds of vehicles will be promptly at
tended to. His prices he guarantees rea
sonable, and his work satisfactory.
Give him a call. He is located In
Ma vall' s building, between Main Street
and the river. 2t
Demo real's Magazine for May bos beeh
received. This Magazine Is taking the
lead of all others as a fashion report, a nil
lady's book, and should have a place in
every household.
Bloomfleld Academy. New terni opens
April 0th. Rev. J. Edgar, Principal.
Home made Rag Carpet only flo cents
per yard, at I. Si iiwaiitz'h
' The number of LUIell'$ Living Agi for the
weeks ending April 7th and Uth, the first
numbers of anew volume, have the following
valuable contents t Turkish Invasions of
Europe In 1670-88, by F. P. Verney, Confcm
porary Hevitw ; West Indian Memories t The
Lesser Antilles and the "Boiling Lake," by
W. Giflbrd Palgrave, Macmlllan Turkish
Story-Hooks, W. R. 8. Ralston, t!lmUenth
Century Prussia In the Nineteenth Century,
by John Stuart Blackie, Contemporary Falk
land, by Matthew Arnold, A'itutoentlt Century;
Fielding's Novels, Cornhill j Cattle-herding in
the Great West, Spectator; The Origin of Rank,
Saturday Itauiew ; The Hypocrisies of Nature,
Spectator j together with Instalments of the
"Marquis of Lossle," by George MaeDonald,
and "Carlta" by Mrs. Ollphant; "Nils Jensen,"
a short story, and "LeUwitza" a Galicla n
Tale, translated for Hie Tin Living Agt from
the Jlevut del Deux Mondet ; poetry and miscel
lany. For fifty-two numbers, of sixty-four large
pages each (or more than 8000 pages a year),
the subscription price ($8) Is low i while for
1)10,50 the publishers offer to send any one of
tne American f mommies or weeKiies wiin
The Living Age for a year, postpaid. Littcll &
Gay, Boston, are the publishers.
Ballou'8 Monthly Magazine for May.
' Thero is much in the May number of Ballon's
Magazine to attract all classes of readers. The
Illustrated articles poetry, stories and the wit
and fun by M. Quad particularly laughable,
there being tnree pages oy tne latter Humorist,
and ho has taken much trouble to make his
department entertaining and acceptable. Bal
lou's Magazine is one of the most entertaining
serials in the country, and at the same time tho
cheapest, being only $1,50 per year, or 15 cents
single copies, postpaid, and Is well known In
every part of the Union. Published by Thomes
& Talbot, 23 Hawley Street, Boston, and lor
sale at all tho newsdealers in the country and
I will mall the recipe for preparing a
simple VEOBTAnt.R Bai.m that will leniove Tan.
Hit fee Kl, KM. PIMPLES and Bi-otcuku, leaving
me skiii son. cieiir aim weuiuiiui; aiso instruc
tions fur producing a luxuriant growth of hair
on a bald head or smooth face. Address. "n-
clos-ng 10 ciMits, HEN. VANDKLF & CO., Box
eial, no. b woosier St., new lork. ruai2fimos.
A OKNTLKMAN who suffered for veal's from
J:. Nervous Ueblllty, Preniatuie Decay, and all
the effects of youthful Indiscretion will, for the
sake of sullering humanity, send tree to all who
need It, the leclpe and direction for making the
simple remedy by which he was cured. Hiillerers
wishing to piollt by the advrtlser's experience
can ao so Dvau(iresinK hi penert connuence.
JOHN ft. OGDKN, it Cedar St., New York
10ao2 6mos.
A Certain Headache Cure.
A harmless vegetable preparation, and the
discovery ef a plijslcian, the Victor Headache
Powder has been nroven a positively sure cure
for the most distressing cases of Hick or Nervous
Headache, Morning sickness and Neuralgia, a
single powder actually curing In ten minutes
when all other means fail. We have bad a won
derful experience with It, and the ten cent trial
Sack can be had by addressing the proprietors,
. H. HK1SI.KY & CO.. Halcm N. J., who will
cheerfullv mall them oostDaid. and of Drueeists
everywhere and It Is with well merited confidence
tney are oneiea as a inorougn cure ior an uis-
tresses oi tne neati. v a ty
Philadelphia Produce and Stock Report,
Philadelphia, April It. The general trade has
been more active the past week, and the war
prosuects In Kuroe havo had the tendency to
to slightly strengthen prices. We quote present
prices as follows : Wheat. 189$16; Rye, 80O4;
torn, wnjmzi uais, iniftn; i;ioverseea, 13K;
uuoiauoiis ior bioi.ks mib; reuu a. a. n., aiicy
!W; Reading, 12: Lehigh Valley, Sl Phll'a. i
jsrie, bbu; uvia,u.
County Price Current.
BLOOMmtLD, April 16. 1(177.
Klaz-Reed - 1 lb
Potatoe 1
Butter V pound, (fresh roll) 30
Packed Butter V pound, lo
Eggs V dozen 12 "
Dried Applet V pound i cts"
Dried Peaches 8 0 12 cts. fit
Cherries, 00 cts. "
" Pitted 00 00 cts.
Blackberries o 0 0 ota. "
(Corrected Weekly by Kougk dt Brother. .
DBAunui m
NSwpobi. April It, I HI 7.
Flour, Extra 17 00
" Buper. 6 00
White Wheat V bu...- 165 a 165
Bed Wheat, 1 60 0 1 60
Rye. 614S6S
Oats V 32 pounds, 3S.V
Clover Seed, 8 sodtt SO
Timothy Seed 1 50
Flax Beed I no
Potatoes, 120y;12O
Bacon , 8 Q 12
Dressed Hogs
Ground Alumn Bait, 1 40 Ol 40
Llmeburner'i Coal, 1 15
Stove coal 4Hi 500
Pea Coal ( CO
Gordon's Food per Back 12 00
OI all kinds always on hand and for sale at tbo
Lowest Market Kates.
MOT rive per ceut off for Cash.
I ' - OORlUCTHn wrsKLT,
Carlisle. Anrll 14. 1S77.
Family Flour tft-26
Bunernne Rye Flour 8.50 .
"Whit Wheat, new.. ............ 170
Red Wheat,new , LOT
Rye,, , AO
Corn, (new) , 48 ,
Oats 87
Clnverseed, ft.00 8.00
Plvnuia fimnoa . 1 1. n If tp 11m.a..h-. a..
ll,A'Ulhl Macnl, l.n U t U Ul,n... If..., tV
It. Plerson to Miss Jennie 0. Kliaver,' both of
,.wur.uiii(i. nruiori i;ouniT, rn.
1 1 f IT I .VIII !'.., II.I. I. I 1.. , I. nf Hi. OO.l
of February, 1R77, at the Reformed Parsonsge at
jiiKin ty uiw nt!v, r. j. , i.inniuran, jvir. ueorpw
A lf,llMnlanli n Ul.. ILIac, V I'i.Mb. nil iff.
New (lermuiitown, Perry couiity, Pi.
Dfth notions not exnwlln 5 linos liisprfprt wlthont
.Mmnrw. iiwi o or nut win iiivitriBDiy n
chr(fc(l for Tributes of lltsiieet, Pnftry, or other
BorstlM-On the 1st Inst. In Bprlng township.
Rami! A. Boumiiii, wife of Mr. Jacob Bousuni,
aged 42 years, 1 month ami 10 davs.
This dear sister left a very Interesting family to
mourn her Irreparable loss. Hut her last hours of
Inerrable Joy, peace, and trliniph have done much
to alleviate the sorrows of a heartbroken hus
band and weeping children. She died in the full
hopes of a blissful and glorious Immortality.
Thus In this dark hour, we would rejoice wlth'the
'Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life Is fled.
Then in Heaven with oy lo greet thee.
Where no farewell tear Is slied."
Notice is herebv civen that the netltlnn nt Rnin.
mon jiluhsin, Assfiinee of George Mateheft and
wife, has been tiled In the Court of Cnmmoit
Pleas of Perry county, praying for an order of
sale to sell the Real Kstate of said Assignees, sit
uate In Miller township, Perry county. Pa., and
that, the Court has llxed TULRDAY, the 12th ot
June, 1S87. at lflo'clock a. in., for the hearing ot
sala petition, when the same will be granted, un
less cause be shown lo the contrary.
, . D. MICKEY, Prothonotarv.
Is perfectly PURR free from acids and oilier for
eign substances that Injure Linen.
Is HTRONGKR than any other requiring much
less quantity in using.
I UNIFOKM stiffens and finishes work always
the samo.
Eingsford's Oswego Corn Starch
Ii the most delicious of all prepaiatlons for
I'nddlngg, Blanc-Mange, Cake, Etc,
ROD! Rfe thl- Only required to
DUUitn start canvassing for MARK TWAIN'S
nun Bi;itAr-i"h.. a
ipply. with stamp, to
John K. Ilallnwell.l.SfiFnst
Eight St., New York. ltU
"contains nearly 400 nneengravtngs of buildings
nd scenes In the Great Exhibition and In the
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It treatsof the grand buildings, wonderful ex.
hlliits, curiosities, great events, etc. Very cheap
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UMU I IUn. on the Exhibition are being cir
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REV. G. W. LEISHER, A. M., Principal. S
THE Spring term will open Tuesday, April.
17th. continuing 10 weeks. Tuition '0 cents per
week. Pupils of boih sexes received. Special in-
structlon given to those preparing to teach. A '
Primary Department In connection with tb
Normal Department will be organized foryounger
pupils. Tuition 2oennts per week Lanauage les
sons made a speciality. For further information
15 Blalu, Perry ,co., Ta.
Facts for the Farmer Facts for the Merchant
Facts for the Horseman Facts for the Stock
raiser Facts for the Poultry-keeper Facts for
the Bee-keeper Facts for the Lawyer Facts for
the Laborer Facts for the Fruit-raiser Facts for
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the Dairyman Facts for tho Household Facts
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Philadelphia, Pa. 15 Lit.
I am prepared to ship to planters the following
new varieties of excellent seed potatoes, viz:
Froducers (Large, oblong, white) eyes on top.
Snow Flake (beautiful, eyes on tup).
Early Vermont (large, round, yellow) very
White Rock (large, round Imported).
Skerry Blue (Early large round imported).
Jackson Wnlte (large white).
Any of the above good potatoes will be boxed
and delivered at freight or express office at tin
rate of $4 per bushel, money to accompany tbv
order. D. K. KEEDEK,
N. W. Corner 13th & Oxford streets, Philada.
April 10 1877.
Is not easily earned in these times, but
A14 it can be made In three months bv
' any one of eli her sex. In anv part t
the country who la willing to work steadily at ta
employment that we furnish. It a week in your
own town. You need not be far away from horn,
over nigh. You can give your whole time to the
work, er only your spare moments. It costs
nothing to try the biwintr.. Terms and 5$ Ootitr
iren. Auuresaaionce, u. hallktt ti 4jo., Fort-
laud, Maine.
14 ly.
THE Commissioners of Perry county will mwt
at the site of the oridge across bherman's creek. '
at Bridgeport, In Spring ton nsliiji.
ON FRIDAY. APK1L 27th, 1877.
atlOo'clovk A. M., and let by outcry, to the low
est and best bldrtor, ike building of a NEW COV
ERED WOODEN BRIDGE across said creek,
upon the site of the old bridge. The said new
bridge to be built according to a bill of spec men
tions prepared, and which may be seen and -amlned
In the Commissioner's Ofllce, In lliooot
Held. or a copy will be sent to any oue upon ap
plication by mall. A bond fur the fHithfnl pei
tormauce of contract, approved by the Commis
sioners, will - be required of the contractor
immediately upon the awardlngof the contract,
and the Commissioners also reserve the right to
reject any bid that is not satisfactory .
J. W. Gantt, i
S01.OMON Bowkr. J CommmlsTs.
Calvin Nkilson, Clerk.
Bloouineld, Atiirch 20, 1877.