The New Bloomfield, Pa. times. (New Bloomfield, Pa.) 1877-188?, March 27, 1877, Page 5, Image 5

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Ioal l)cphi'tneiit.
On sud after Nnvrmliw ITth, Trlni run as follows I
raMS, ir-n ir-u
f.m.!. m.
Port Koyai....
Lewistown J.,
N. Hamilton,.
12. HI
19. N
U. Oil
8. in u. liii
9. (Ml
J. Wl 10.291
(.54 I0.0S
8. ml
11. fi
ll 41
11. M
li. ml
8. si
I. If,
4 Id
II .40
13. as
8. mi;
Aitoona, ;
(.60! (-16
rw Pfrtuli ii ru Rf nrpiM Ifm-pa HKrrlfflmnr I
DlincaniKMl 11.83 (flair); Newport 11.67 (flM!) and ar.
rives at I'tttabiinr atMB A. m.
PMIuMphia Express leaves Altoon at WHO P. m..
Tyroumtlo.aa i. in., Hmi'iumlou 11.18 p. in., lewis
town 4., MM a. in., Mlffiln Harrhmnr J.4oa.m.
Public Sales. Those having Mile bills
printed at this office will have the no
tice of the sale In this list without extra
charge until day of sale.
March 27. Geo. W. Tronic, trustee of Eme
tine Snirhart at the Wertr. farin in Jackson
twp., will eel I one trnoil mare, one beifer,
(botes, and a variety of farming implements.
March 27th. Mrs. 8. II. Tloheneheildt will
sell at her residence lu Wheat field twp., 3
horses, 1 colt, 2 cows, S wagons and house
bold and kitchen furniture.
March 28th. W. II. Wynekoop, Attorney in
fact of A. Bhugart, will sell one mile south
east of Blaln, 1 horse, 1 bull, 8 cows, shotes
and farming implements.
March 30. David Owens at his residence In
Carroll twp., will sell horses, cows, buggies,
harness, chickens shotes, hay, corn, Ac C.
B. llarnlsh, Auctioneer.
April 17th Moses Hess, Administrator of the
estate of Mary McClintock, dee'd., will sell
, a farm in Carroll twp. Bee advertisement.
Uriel Items.
Bloomfield Academy. New term opens
April Uth. Rev. J. Edgar, Principal.
Notes coming due on April 1st will
have to be paid on March 31st this year,
as the 1st comes on Sunday.
The farmers of this section of the stato
have decided not to sow any oats in
Have the children get the hen at work
that lays the fancy colored eggs, for
Easter will be on hand next Sunday.
The roads were alive with sleds on
Tuesday last, taking advantage of prob
ably the last sledding of the season. '
Wheatfleld twp., has one school in
which some of thecltizens complain that
" courting" receives more attention than
any other study.
On Friday noon last, the thermometer
registered 82 degrees above Zero, and on
Monday previous it was down to 3 de
grees below, a difference of 85 degrees.
XMr. Henry Bentzel, while fishing on
Saturday, slipped and fell so as to throw
his shoulder out of joint. A companion
who was with him pulled it in again
after considerable trouble.
V A Madison twp.; man a few mornings
since found one of his sheep lying as he
thought dead. He at once commenced
to pull the wool oft', and had it nearly
half off when the sheep gave a " baa''
and sprang up. And now the animal
goes around with a blanket fastened on
it to take the place of the missing wool.
Last week as Mr. James M. Dunlap,of
Mifflin township, Cumberland co., was
going to a neighbor's house, a flock of
wild geese, twenty in number, alighted
in a field near by. He at once procured
a rifle and at a distance of 400 feet killed
two of them with one shot. Who can
beat that?
The barn of Joseph Mciser, in . Cbap
man township, Snyder county, was to
tally destroyed by lire on the morning
of the 13th inst. All the stock, except
ing a calf, was saved. A variety of
farming utensils was also destroyed
.including two . tnresmng machines.
Ijoss not estimated, insurance $'J00. -
A man named John Booth, a wood
nrtopper for the Mont Alto Works,
Franklin county, was recently so unfor-
luuiiie as to nave ms leg broken by a
jailing tree, tie lay pinned down bv
the tree for nearly an hour, before his
romrades heard his cries of distress, and
caine to his assistance, and then had to
be carried Ave miles to his home,
Jail It ems. Peter Smith as a forger was
not a success, and was therefore placed
in jail. Asan "escapist", from jail he is
a success and has so for eluded Sheriff
Williamson's efforts to entice him again
to his kind care.
Win. H. Harman of Greenwood was
placed in jail on charge of whipping his
sister .which liberty the sister objected to.
Considerable feeling seems Jo exist in
Spring twp., judging by a correspond
ence from there, regarding a joliflcation
held at Oak Grove on Monday night of
last week, while a person lay very ill in
the same house. -
Perhaps the affair was out of place,
but the remarks of our correspondent
regarding pension money and. his other
criticisms are not just the thing for
publication. ,
) The Mall Routes. The contracts for
carrying the U. 8. mails, by stage,
"throughout Pennsylvania, have been
awarded to the. lowest bidders, and the
route between Newport and German
town, and now owned by Z. Rlce.'was
.cured by W. L. Argue.of Washington,
D. C. Joseph A. Rice succeeded In bid-
ding for the Carlisle and Shlppensburg
route, Samuel L. Rice, the Ickesburg to
Newport, and Scott Boden the Ickes
burg to Millerstown route.
The Messrs. Rices bid on some thirty
odd routes throughout the state, and
M ill continue to run their daily line be
tween Newport and New Oermantown
after the new incumbents have taken
Mean Trick. On Friday the 20th inst.,
fjinltcy, an Interesting little son of Mr.
John Dunbar, of Port Royal came very
near losing the sight of his eyes by hav
ing a lot of coal dirt and cinder thrown
into them by another boy at Beaver's
blacksmith shop in that place. It was
feared that he would never see the light
of day again, as he was deprived of his
sight from Friday until Wednesday,
during which time he suffered excrucia
ting pain, but he is now gradually re
gaining it, and strong hopes are enter
tained that his sight will be fully re
stored. Connubial. The Carlisle Volunteer
snys : Ou Friday last, Justice of the
Peace Zinn, of the Second ward, united,
in the holy bonds of matrimony, Mr.
John Gallagher and Miss Martha BenU
zell, both of Perry county. The Justice
called in as witnesses Lazarus Minlch,
John A. Floyd, W. L. Snottswood,
Fred'k Babner, and Jno. McCarter. At
the conclusion of the !eremony, the
happy couple both elderly folks by the
way took their departure, and, for all
we know to the contrary, they are now
comfortably domiciled in the land of
hoop-poles and hedgehogs.
Appointments. The Central Pennsyl
vania Conference of the Evangelical
Association, at their late session, held in
the Bennett Street Church, Williams
port, Pa., Bishop It. Yeakle, presiding,
made the following appointments :
Carlisle District E. Kohr, P. E.
Carlisle H. A. Stokes.
Leesburg J. M. Ettlnger.
Hagerstown B. F. Anthony.
Marysvllle G. E. Zehner.
Newport and Patterson O. W. Currin.
Perry I. M. Pines.
Millerstown L. Mathias.
Liverpool A. AV. Krcamer.
Big Spring 8. 1. Shortls.
MrJlure J. M. Price and J. Sbamuacu.
Mlddleburg A. Krause and P. Weldcinyer.
Union 8. Smith.
Mlffllnburg L. Dice. -
Port Trevei tod Jacob Young.
Profs. E. M. Baker and J. W. Bents, of
Union Seminary, and members of the Union
Circuit Quarterly Conference.
B. F. Hall, of Marysvllle Quarterly Confer
ence. Owing tit falling health, Rev. A. Staple ton
retires trom the ministry tor the present,
. .
y An Unfortunate Affair. On Saturdu,
atternoon a man named Crist Smith and
a boy named Charles Kitner got Into a
dispute regarding a horse, on the square
in this borough. - After some words had
passed, Smith threatened to " lick" the
boy and came towards the boy for that
purpose. Kitner warned him that if he
touched him he would strike him with
a shovel he had in his hands and which
he raised to be' ready to use, and then
commenced to back up oa to the side
walk. Smith followed him for several
yards and was about to grab him by the
throat when Kitner brought down the
shovel on his head with great force. In
stead of striking him with the back of
the shovel as he evidently intended, the
shovel turned so that the blow was in
flicted by the edge, partly knocking the
unfortunate man down and cutting a se
rious wound into the skull. Smith got
up and after standing around for several
minutes went to the pump, pumped
some water and washed off the blood
which flowed freely and then walked
up to Dr. Stickler's drug store where
his injuries were attended to. He then
went home, where he was shortly taken
with spasms. It was feared by some
that his injuries might prove fatal and
consequently a wairant was issued for
the arrest of the boy who gavo bail for
his appearance to answer the charge of
aggravated assault. Smith is now rap
idly recovering and will probably be out
in a day or two.
Juniata County. We copy the follow
ing from the Juniata county papers of
last week.
On Tuesday morning of this week
David M. Barnard, eon of Mr. John
Barnard, of Sprucelllll township, while
holding two horses which were hitched
to a sled, and standing at the railroad
station, the horses became frightened at
the cars and ran away, throwing the
boy down, the horse tramping on him
and the sled running over his body,
cutting several ugly gashes in his face
and head and (sustaining serious bodily
injuries. He was taken to the office of
Dr. G. M. Graham, where his wounds
were dressed and his medical wants at
tended to. The wonder Is that he was
not killed.
On Wednesday of last week Daniel
Keimer, of Spruce Hill township, met
with an accident which may yet cost
him his life. He was engaged in cliop-
fiing wood on Mr. lines' ridge,and while
n the act of felling a tree it lodged on
another tree, and in trying to dislodge
it the sapling on which it was hanging
Eave way and fell on Mr. K. crushing
im to the earth, and for Ave long hours
he remained in this perilous situation,
when he was discovered by a person
who was sent to search for him, us his
fulling to come home at the appointed
time excited the fears of Ills friends lest
some accident might have liefallen him.
When discovered lie could hardly speak,
and it took Ave strong men to rescue
him. Port lloycd Timet.
Court Proceedings. At the Adjourned
Court held on Saturday the 24th inst.,
the following proceedings were had :
A. F. Kelm. Esn.. was appointed Com
missioner to take,testlmony in the claim
of Leiby's Heirs and W. H. Bosserman
for damages from the Borough of New
port caused by the extension of Front
Street in said borough.
Jntne cases of the reopiea ireignt
Railway vs. Wm. McClure and others
Defendant's counsel having regularly
subpicnaed the President of said railway
vv. n. uurr, ana wm. Jamison an ex
ofllcer of said road and they refusing to
attend unless their costs were paid in
advance, stating that they had no means
with which to bear their expenses the
matter was brought before the Court by
Defendant's counsel. Messrs. Barnett
and Mclntlre, and the Court remarked
that witnesses were bound to obey the
command of a subpopna and If they were
not able to pay their expenses when
here the Court would make the proper
The motions for a new trial In the
cane of Thomas Iteeder vs. J. W. Wil
liamson, and Alfred Burnett, vs. D. M.
Uiuesmith, were argued but the Court
made no decision in either case.
Calvin Neilson was appointed an aud
itor to make distribution of the funds in
the hands of W. S. Enslow assignee of
Thomas Woods.
A California Letter.
The following letter from California
written by a son of R. Magee, Esq., we
think will be interesting to our readers :
Sacramento, Cal., Feb. 29th, 1877.
Dear Fatbrr i Your kind letter came duly
to hand, In which yon speak of the pleasant
winter and fine sleighing In old Penn'a. In
delightful contrast with this, let me eay that
here we have no winter, "This Is the land of
the cedar, land of the vine, where buds ever
blossom and beams ever shine." There are
two seasons here the ' shiny,' and the 'rainy'
but roses bloom all the year, however, in great
er profusion about a month from now than at
any other time. Peach and pear trees are In
full bloom just now. This morning after read
ing your letter I took a stroll in the grounds
which surround the State House, and here are
men at work with lawn mowers, little children
chasing the gay butterfly among the shrubbery
or plucking boquetsof beautiful flowers. And
I wished that yon were here for one moment to
enjoy the sight with me. This is the land
most blessed of all on this fair earth. The
Oods seem to vie with each other in seeing
which can do California the most good. Midas
has touched her mountains and changed them
into gold. Ceres smiles on her thousand acres
and millions of bushels of yellow grain pour
into the world's market annually, to attest the
virgin wealth and fertility of her soil. Pomana
burdens her every flgtree and vine with deli
cious Iruita, whilst Flora decks ber every hill
side, valley borders and rippling streams with
those emblems of purity "The hand writing of
the angels upon earth." Neptune has favored
her waters and the commerce of all nations
whitens with its sails one of the finest harbors
In the world. Tho sun in the morning in his
coming glints with gold and silver hues ber
snow clad cliffs and pines that rear their boary
heads heavenward, beams down on her emer
ald valleys all the day long, and at last at
night as he sinks to sleep In the vast Pacific
throws back his long, level, loving, lingering
rays as if to kiss her a sweet good night.
A word about" John Chinaman" their New
Year commenced on the lath of February and
their festivities lasted one week during which
time they fired off 11 1,000,000,000 fire crackers
and bombs.
It Is now nearly five years since I left home
in old Perry county, and I cannot say that I
have been really sick one day.
Affectionately Your Son,
John W. Maoer.
Church Notices.
Lutheran Church Services next
Thursday, Friday and Saturday eve
nings, also on Saturday at 2 P. M., and
on Sabbath at 10 A. M., Communion.
Preachiug in the M. E., Church next
Sunday morning at 10i o'clock.
Presbyterian Church Preaching at 11
A.M., on Sunday next. Prayer meet
on Wednesday evening at 74 o'clock.'!
Union Service in M. E. church next
Sabbath evening at 7 o'clock.
Preaching in the Reformed Church on
Sunday next at i2 o'clock 1'. M.
Wide Awake for April, 1877.
Wide Awake for April gives throe graceful
contributions to Easter literature, "The Eas
ter Festival," by J. Newton Perkins, "A Love
Lesson," by Mrs. Burten with an exquisite
illustration, and "A Story Retold," a poem by
Miss Poullson with two dulnty pictures. Eliz
abeth Stuart Phelps contributes one of her
Uncst poems, "At the Party," finely Illus
trated by Miss Humphrey. Miss Farman has
a funny piece of verse entitled " Mamma's
Spring Story," accompanied by a lovely mor
ceau of a picture. There are lots of other In
teresting articles, i
But the chief foaturo, to the llttlo boys and
girls all over the country, subscribe!! and non
subscrlhers to (Vide Awake, is the article enti
tled "The Society of Wide Awake Helpers."
This Society arranged the Boston Doll's Fair
last season, and in this article their work for
1877 is laid out, with rules and prize-Hat.
Only $2.00 per annum. Ella Farman, Edi
tor, D. Lothrop & Co., Publishers, Boston.
Notice. All persons indebted to the
subscriber by note will please make pay
ment before or during April Court, aa
after that date no further time will be
given. J. B. Hacket.
Bloomfield, March 2(1, 1877.
The Eagle Hotel. Mrs. Sarah Derrick
would notify the public that she has
taken possession of the above named
Hotel in Bloomlleld, and would be
J)leased to have all her old friends favor
ler with their patronage, and as many
new ones as feel weel disposed towards
her. . li At,
Purchasers of Carpets, Wall Paners.
Shades, Oil Cloths and general house
furnishing goods of this kind should see
the large spring stock at tho Carlisle
voijrvi nuuae, ii , l'Mm iuam Btreei.
Carpets, Carpets. Beautiful Brussels, 3
nlvsuud Iniriitln with SO i,atioi..,u I..
Homemade Carpets, Hemps, Halls and
niairs at me t anisie t arpet House,
21 , East Main St., Carlisle.
l'eopls's Frelnlit Railway Co., vs. Andrew Loy.
hame, vs. Kriward Hull.
Hame vs. same.
Kame, vs. Dr. B. P. Ilooke.
Kllas Snyder, vs. Bcliool District of Madison twp.
J. Kyiiard's use, vs. 11. V, Drawbaugli, with no
tice, Hie.,
People's Freight Hallway Co., vs. George I loo
haugh. Same, vs. Wm. Shoemaker.
Jacob romp, vs. Samuel Hrnllli.
Joseph Heller's use, vs Geo. W. Lebklcher.
People's Freight Railway Co., vs. W. W.
Same. vs. Anthony Fiirhman.
Same, vs. Henry Hlnesmlth.
Same. vs. D. II. Slmlbley.
Same, vs. David Kerr.
Same, vs. George Kern.
W. Scott Dunbar, vs. James Elder.
Ellen Hire's use, vs. William R. H. Cook. .
G. t), Tliarp Ailm'r ot G. Biiyucr, dee d, vs. It.
Snyder & Co.
Same, vs. Henry Snyder.
M. H. ft nail r, vs. Barbara E. Baker et vlr.
Jacob II. Keeder, vs. J, 1. Oree et al.
Mollle Kegy's use, vs. Chas. Vanderau's Ex'rs.
Francis English, vs. Geo. Markers Adin'rs.
James Blaln, vs. J. W. Williamson.
Andrew J. Dure, vs. Pennsylvania Canal Co.
R. H. MoClure's use, vs James Emory.
Henry H. Klslier. vs. Theodure Fenn et nx.
Jos. B. llursh Assignee, vs. Anthony Fulir-
Adnm Karstetter, vs. Clia Wright, et al.
Anna M. Elliott, vs. Dr. W. R. Clsna
Schwartz & Mansbauuli. vs. Amos Robinson et al.
Weaver & Miller, vs. John Jones.
Geo. WrlRht. vs. W. R. 8. Cook.
IlenJ. C. ltlieem, vs. Lewis McNeal.
Newport, B. F. Miller, fore, Wm. Hortlng.
Buffalo Geo. W. Blattenberger.
Centre Chas. R. Power.
Carroll James A. Hail, Joshua Hess, Joseph
Jackson John D. Shnman, John Rlstler,
Wm. B. Stambaugb, James Crownover.
Landlsburg J. M Kennedy, John M. Wilson.
Madison Jacob Gutshall.
Oliver Aaron ShrefUer.
Savllle John Wallet.
Tuscarora Wm. 8etler, Samuel Fry.
Tyrone Jno. Neeley, Columbus Minlch,
Henry Bheafler.
Liverpool Michael Lebklcher.
Watts Daniel Livingston.
Wheatfleld James D. Willis.
RAVER8E JURORS, for April Term, 1877.
Bloomfield Daniel Garlln.
Buflalo Jacob Buck.
Carroll Alfred Zelglcr, Wm. Sheaffer. Sr.
Centre Edward Clark, Samuel F ravel, Henry
Shea O'er.
Duncannon Jesse Berkstresser, Abner Van-
fossen, Jesse White
Greenwood Joseph Wert, Samuel L. Beaver,
nowe Alfred Wright.
Jackson D. A. Hollenbaugh.
Juniata Thomas 8nllenberger, Martin Smith.
Landlsburg Jesse Meaddath.
Liverpool Samuel Derr.
Madison George W. Starabaugh, John Rouse,
Samuel Hart man, Edward Hull, Samuel
Sanderson, Henry Bear, 8r., Samuel Moose.
Marysvlle Channcy Wise, James Valentine,
J. W. Fllcklnger.
Miller George W. Cook.
New Buffalo John Basklns.
Oliver Solomon Brown.
Rye E. C. Ganlt, Levi Meyers, Henry Baylor.
Newport Thos. H. Mllllgan, John Patterson.
Savllle Jeremiah Trostle, Henry Fllcklnger.
Spring John W. Kell, James Cleland, Jacob
Tuscarora Adam Rice, John Lesh, Henry
Baker, David Leonard.
Toboyne Wm. Snyder, Wm. Wllhldc.
Wheatfleld Henry Lepperd.
Said Mother to Father:'
Do you know my dear where
Our new married daughter
May buy the best ware t
Said Daughter to Mother i
Tlierc are all kinds of wares
Just such as I want,
Hight cheap, down at 11LA11VS,
Two more Crates of White Ware just
Also a full suimfu of llest Groceries,
Tubs, Jiuclcets, Churns, Soaps, Jiaskels,
Olass Ware and other Family Supplies,
and offered all the time Cheap for the
Lash, or in Kxchange for uood Country
I'roaucc. wm. BijAiH
mar 12 3t
South Endy Carlisle.
Take Notice. Notice is hereby given to
all persons Indebted to the undersigned,
that a dissolution of partnership is to
take place on April 1st. All accounts
must be settled by note or otherwise be
fore that date, and accounts not settled
in accordance with this notice will be
put in the hands of a Justice for col
lection. The business will after that
date be carried on by H. W. Smith.
New Bloomfield, Jan. 23, 1877. tf
Looking Glasses, Mirrors, Window
Shades, Matts, Rugs, Hassocks, Ac, at
the Carpet Store In Carlisle.
tW Spots on the Sun do not visibly diminish
Its brilliancy, but spots, pimples or blotches
upon the face, neck or arms, seriously detract
from female beanty. They may, however, be
completely removed by the dally use of Glenn's
Sulphnr Soap. Depot, Crittenton's No. 7, 6th
Ave., N. Y. Hill's Hair Whisker dye, brown
or black, 60 cents. 8lw
A GENTLEMAN who suffered for vears from
jt. NervousJ)ebillty, Premature Decay, and all
the effects of youthful Indiscretion will, for the
sake of sulferfng humanity, send free to all who
need it. the recipe and direction for making the
simple remedy by which he was cured. Sufferers
wishing to profit by the advertiser's experience
can ao so ny HcioreHKing in perieet conuaenee.
loini d. wixm, w ueuar ot., new oik
iuaoz onto.
The advertiser, having been permanently cured
of that dread disease. Consumption, by a simple
remedy, Is anxious to make known to his fellow
sunerers the means of cure. To all who desire It.
he will send a copy of the prescription used, (free
of charge), with the direction for nreoarinz and
using the same, which they will find a Sure Cure
for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, &c.
Parties wishing the prescription will please
address. Rev. E. A. WILSON,
zauuioa 1U4 renn u, wuiiainsDurgn.rtew xorK.
A Certain Headache Cure.
A harmless vegetable preparation, and the
discovery of a physician, the Victor Headache
Powder has been uroven a oositivelv sure euro
for the most distressing cases of Sick or Nervous
Headache, Morning sickness and Neuralgia, a
single powder aotually curing in ten imuntes
wiieu all other means fall. We have had a won
derful ex)ierieiice with it, ami the ten cent trial
pack can be had by addressing the proprietors,
S 1. u l'IJI V" J 1U 1 . L. .. ...Ill
cheerfully mail them uostpald, and of Druggists
every wnere auu u is wiin wen iiieriieacounueucis
they are orteicl a a thorough cure tor all dis
tresses of (lie head. 3 ly
t ' will mall the reclnfl for nrenarlni a
mnln Vrietari.r Hai.m that will Ifiiinn TaMi
FRECKLES, I IMI'I.I'.H and HfrTOHK leaving
the skin soft, clear and Iwaiitlluli also Instruu'
tlnns for nrodiiclng a luxuriant irrowlh. of hair
on a bald head or smooth fare. Address, en-clos-nglu
cents, HEN. VAStKI,K St CO., lto
6121, No. SWooster St., Nw lork. lfa52 6mov
Philadelphia Produce and Stock Report.
riiii.ADFi.i'iin. Marnh 24th. While Business
as been more brisk, there Is little change to note
prices. Wheat Is In demand at l&wirts: corn
firm and Is (Minted t&titf : Rye. 7(itt77l Oats.
4i!J4lii Cloverseed, l.'lHfyH.
HtocK quotations are: i enn a. n. n., i neau
lnt, 184 1 Nor. Central. 2M Plill'a, and Erie,
benign nav. it. uoiu, iih.
County Price Current.
BixjOMriEl.D, March 2. 1S77.
Flax-Heed, 1 2
Potatoes, 'A
Butter V pound, (fresh roll) 18
Packed Butter V pound, 10
Eggs V dozen, 12 "
Dried Apples V pound 'Mi ets"
Dried Peaches B 0 1 2 c t s.
Cherries 00 ets.
Pitted 00 O 00 ets. '
Blackberries 00ets.
corrected webklt.
Carlisle. March 24. 177.
Family Flour I6.
Superfine Rye Flouf 8.50
White Wheat, new 1.30
Red Wheat,new 1.30
Rye W
Corn, (new) 43
Oats 30
Cloverseed, 9.0U a 9.0c
I Corrected Weeklv bv Koug A Brother, f
M ewport. March 24, I Si 7..
Flour, Extra i K2H
' Super. 4 60
White Wheat V bu 1 37 Si 37
Red Wheat .' 1 32 0 1 32
Rye 6060
Corn 404J42
Oats j) 82 pounds 30030
Clover Seed 9 2"9 25
Timothy Seed.... 160
Flax Seed 1 00
Potatoes SO 6 90
Bacon 10 ft 14
Dressed Hogs 6J4et.
Ground Alumn Salt 1 60J1 60
Llmeburner's Coal 1 25
Stove Coal 4 00 Q 5 on.
Pea Coal 2 75
Gordon's Food per Sack (2 00
Of all kinds always on hand and for sale at rbf
bowesr, Market Kates,
r- Five per cent off for Cash.
Death notices not exceeding 6 lines Inserted without
citarK". uiit o cents )er line will invariably lie
cbanred for Tributes of Respect, Poetry, or olli
Sittch. (leorne Herlmrt Snteh. horn AnrllMft
1876. died March 19th. 1877. aited 11 months ana 7.1-
Tribute of Respect.
At a regular stated meeting ml Everrreei.
Lodge. No , 20ft, I. O. O. F., held on Saturday even
ing, March 17th. 1877. the following preamble anf
resolution were unanimously adopted :
WnRREAS, It has pleased Alinlghtv God In the
dispensation of his Divine Providence to eair
irom our miasi. our ever cherished profiler, .
G. Socrates Green, thereby severing the ties that,
have bound us together for twenty-live years in
the bonds of Friendship, Love and Truth, there
lore lie it,
Jtetolvtd, That we bow In humble submission to
the will of Him who rules over thedlstiniesof al
men and doeth all things well.
Resolved. That in the death of P. G. Socrates
Green, Evergreen Lodge Is called on to mourn (lie
loss of a brother who was In every way worthy of
our respect and a friend and companion who was
dear to us all and that we deeply sympathize
with the family and relatives of our deceased tins, tne nour oi tnesaa oereavemeni.
Resolved. That the Charter of our Lodee he
drapeiHn mourning for thirty days.and his name
be placed on the record in the Bible of the Lodge
as a tribute of respect to deceased our brother.
Resolred, That a copy of this resolution be pre
sented to the family of our deceased brother, and
placed on tne minutes oi tne jjOdge, and a eopv
furnished to the Duncannon Record and the
Bloomfield Tim us for publication.
G. W. Khaxtah, ' J Committee.
John H. M'KiNrB, )
THE Commissioners of Perry county win mee
at the site of the bridge across Sherman's ereek.
at Bridgeport, In Spring township,
ON FRIDAY. APRIL 27th, 1877.
at 10 o'clock A. M., and let by outcry, to the low
est and best bidder, the building of a N EW COV -
EKED wooden BKiixiK across- said ereek.
upon the site of the old bridge. The said new
bridge to be built according toa bill of specifica
tions prepared, and which may he seen and ex
amined in the Commissioner's Office, in Kioom
Held, or a copy will be sent to any one upon ap
plication by mail. A bond for the faithful pel
formance of contract, approved by the Commis
sioners, wilU he required of the contractor
immediately upon the awardingof the contract,
and the Commissioners also reserve the right to
reject any bid that is not satisfactory.
J. W. GAvrr, l
Solomon Bower, Commsiis'rs.
Grokoe Campbkli.
Calvin Neilson, Clerk.
Bloomlleld, March 20, 1877.
BY virtu of an Order of the Orphans' Court of
Ferry county, Pa., the undersigned Administra
tor with the will annexed of Mrs. Mary McCliii
tock, late of Carroll township. Perry county, Pj..
deceased, will sell by publie out-cry, ou the prem
ON TUESDAY, APRIL 17th. 1877.
at 11 o'clock A. M.. the following described valua
ble real estate, to wit:
situate In Carroll township, on Sherman's Creek',
one mile west of Dellville, containing
102 Acres and 75 Perches,
more or less, bounded on the North by Sherman's
Creek, East by land of Suniael tirler, aud West
by land of Samuel Matlack. About 75 Acres o(
said tract are cleared and in a good state of cul
tivation, while the balance Is good timber land.
The improvements thereon are a LOG j,
LOG BARN, Frame Stable. Frame Hog I '!"!
Pen. and other out buildings. Tnere are LJilt
ORCHARDS of choice beating Apple andl'cu.b
Trees, good water near the house, and Its general
surroundings inuke it ft desirable property for
TERMS OF SALE Tea per centl of the pur
chase, money to be paid wlieu the property is
stricken down. Five hundred dollars at Ike time
of conUrmation ot sale, one half Hie balance on
the 1st of April, 1878, and the remainder on the
1st dayof April, 187U. Possession will be given
and deed delivered when the looO art) paid ami
the balance to be secured with judgment bonds,
bearing interest from date.
March 27 18T7. Administrator.