The weekly bulletin. (Florin, Penn'a.) 1901-1912, September 15, 1901, Image 5

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The case of Samuel B. Spera vs.
Aaron Ober, an appeal by the de-
fendant from the judgment of Al-
derman Deen, was called for trial
before Judge Livingston, of ILan-
caster, Wednesday morning. Plain-
tiff suffered a voluntary non-suit.
That ended the case,
Happenings at Rheems.
8, G. Graybill, has started excavat-
ing for an ice house.
Jacob Miller of Maytown, is the ap-
prentice at E. H. Hersh’s machine shop
Aaron Groff is erecting extensive
chicken houses for B. H. Greider, the
poultry breeder.
W. L. Heisey received the appoint-
ment as Adams Express agent of this
place last week.
Isaac Wealand and Clayton Nissley
each received a carload of cattle at this
place last Wednesday.
J. M. Raymond, a local carpenter,
moved the mail crane for west bound
trains west of the station.
John G. Reist received a carload or
tobacco stems at this place which will
be used in his peach and pear orchards.
More Free Delivery.
Two rural mail routes may soon be
opened centering at Mount Joy—one
route by Union school house, Stauffer’s
mill, Book’s mill, Nissley’s mill, Done-
egal Springs and Rheems, to Cross
Roads and back to Mount Joy; the
other by Strickler’s, Moore's mill, Ien-
der’s mill, Hamilton's, Henry Shelly’s, |
Charles Butzer’s, to Samuel Landis
and back to Mount Joy.
Pool Table For Sale.
A good second-hand pool table, size 4!;
byw 8 feet. go a full set of ivory balls and
fa) rack of tues. All to be sold very cheap.
Apply at this office,
ron consunTe
member of the Old Mennonite church,
and was in her twenty-fifth year. The
funeral took place on Sunday afternoon
at one o'clock, with services and inter.
ment at Bossler’s meeting house.
Aged Man's Fall.
Benjamin Hoffman, an aged resident
of Maytown, was severely hurt by a
fall on Thursday. He was mounting a
ladder to the straw mow in the barn
when he slipped and was thrown to
the barn floor. Although no bones
were broken, he was so badly bruised
that he will not be able to leave the
house for several weeks.
— ll ni
Attention Crack Shots !
A shooting match will be held on
Saturday at the Milton Grove hotel by
Joseph Gibble, for a lot of turkeys and
A shooting match for a lot of fine
turkeys will be held on Saturday, Dec.
21, by the Reem Brothers on the prem
ises of Henry C. Reem, 17 mile south
of Elizabethtown.
Users of Prizer Heaters.
Following are a few names of parties
who are using Prizer stoves bought of
Aaron H. Engle: J. M. Way, Prizer
range ; Mrs. S. 8S. Hoffman, range ;
S. F. Henry, range; Mrs. Elmira
Shirk, range ; Monroe Sheaffer, Oak
heater ; Harry Wittle, Oak heater, and
all speak in the highest terms of their

Grand Holiday Opening.
! Don’t miss the Holiday Openigg.
| Large assortment complete, prices low
! A handsome 1902 calendar given away
{free to every purchaser, at S. Cohen &
Bro’s. Philadelphia Shoe Store, 247
j Locust street, Columbia, Pa. Largest
shoe store in Lancaster county.
luniorer val Dacarday.
Christ Reider and wife of Bel-
laire, were the guests of Ed. Reider
and family on Sunday.
William Shires killed a hog for
A. S. Weaver recently that tipped
the scales at 340 pounds.
Note the for sale and rent adver-
\tisements ot H. B. Nissley and E.
S. Weaver in another column.
Mrs. William Widmann, daughter
Tillie and grandson Harry Grosh,
were at Lancaster on Saturday.
A land slide occurred on the P.
R. R. on Monday night, a short
distance west of Elizabethtown.
In our article last week of ‘Look
out for & Borough’ we should have
said John Miller of Landisville in-
stead of Maytown.
J. H. Haldeman, our produce
dealer, expects to have several hun
dred turkeys over Christmas, to
supply his many customers.
75 first-class apple trees for Fall
planting. Smith’s Cider, York Imper-
ial and Smokehonse. Will be sold at
wholesale prices. Inquire at this office.
H. H. Myers of near town, at-
tended the fourth annual meeting
of the Pennsylvania Dairy Union
which convened at York last
William Shires killed a porker
for Harry Stoll on Friday that
weighed 365 pounds and one for
Albert Fike on Saturday that
weighed 412 pounds, od
x Son of Har-
n of this place, bag-
gage agedit at Rosemont, was pro-
moted to'.extra brakeman on a

through passenger train.

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Coughs And Colds In Children
I use and prescribe Chamberlin’s Cough
Remedy for almost all obstinate, contricted
coughs, with direct results. I prescribe it
to children of all ages. Am glad to recom-
mend if to all in need and seeking relief
from colds and coughs and bronchial affic-
tions. It is non-narcotic and safe in the
hands of the most unprofessional. A uni-
versal panacea forall mankind.—Mrs. Mary
R. Mciendy, *. D.,, Ph. D., Chicago, Ill.
This remedy is for sale by J. S. Carmany,
Florin, Pa.
Bought a Thoroughbred Bull.
Amos N. Risser of Mount Joy town—
ship, bought of H. B. Gingrich & Bro.
of Lawn, the thoroughbred registered
shorthorned bull ‘Linden Boy,” which
was exhibited and bought at the great
Pittsburg Stock show in November.
—— iene
To Get Rid of a Troublesome Corn,
First soak it in warm water to soften it,
then pour it down as closely as possible with
ont drawing the blood and apply + hamber-
lain’s Pain Balm twice daily ; rubbing vig-
orously for five minutes at each application.
A corn plaster should be worn for a few
days, to protect it from the shoe. As a
general liniment for sprains, bruises, lame-
ness and rheumatism, Pain Balm is un-
equaled. For sale by J. S. (armany,
Florin, Pa.
Church Chronicle.
Methodist Episcopal Church—Preaching
every Sunday evening at 7 p. m. by the pas-
tor angl Rev. John Boehm on alternate eve-
nings. Epworth League at6 p m. Sab-
bath School at 9 a. m., Amos Risser Super-
intendent. Class meeting Sunday morning
at 10 a. m. Prayer-meeting Thursday 7 p.
m. Rev. Wayne Channell pastor, Rev.
John Foehm assistant pastor,
If you would have an appetite like a bear
and a relish for your meals take ¢hamber-
lain’s Stomach and Liver Tablets. They
correct disorders of the stomach and regu-
late the liver and bowels, Price, 25 cents,

Samples free at J, S. Carmany’s store,
Cameron farms, offers
return of a steer which was lost, str
stolen, most likely stolen.
P. Hipple,
A. PB, Hassler, attorney for C,
has issued a replevin against (layton
Farmer, of East Donegal township, to
cover a mare valued at $100.
Mis. “usan E. Nissley, formerly a res-
ident of Landisville, drowned herself in a
mill race near Quarryville, on Wednesday.
Deceased was 54 years old.
Elias E. Lisser, assignee of TFrubaker &
Frast, of Lawn, transterred a deed for a
house and lot at Lawn to Christian Ging-
rich. Consideration, $881
Friday morning as S. 8. Kraybill, of East
Donegal township, was driving down the
slipped on
pike from Maytown, his horse
some ice and fell, breaking the shatts
« fter suffering for a week from an attack
of pneumonia ¥ iss Mary Rohrer was taken
home to Hummelstown on Saturday from
near Mt. Joy, where she had been teaching
a school.
Ezra Reist, of Manheim, has sued Eliza-
beth Longn cker to recover $750,
that the amount is due for three years’ ser-
vices in collecting rents and attending to
her investments,
The annual inspection by a gang of work-
men of the pipe lines of the Standard Oil
Co. has been in progress for several
at Maytown
The gang arrived
They will
some time this week.
Anthdny Resch, aged fourteen years a
son of George B. Resch, of Maritta,
through the ice while skating on the river
at that place on Friday Young
Resch, was carried under the ice by the
current, but managed to break through with |
his head. He was rescued by several com-
panions and is none the worse today over
his narrow escape from drowning.
No one can reasonably hope for good
health unless his bowels move once each
day. When this is not attended to, dis-
orders of the stomach arise, biliousness,
headache dyspepsia and piles soon follow.
If you wish to avoid these ailments keep
you bowels regular by taking Chamberlain's
Stomach and i iver Tablets when required.
hey are so easy to take and mild and gen-
tle in effect Sold at J. S. Carmany’s,
Florin, Pa

broke !

eC the Van 2 1 E
eaglish fashion” of wearing
Yes; it’s an old
(the rejected)
an custo and Jgably takes
the elder back to hCr happy
hood.—Detroit Free Press,
Up to Date,
Father—I (cll you what, young mar,
after this you will have to paddle your
own cance!
Son- fathah!
11 . P re
dle your own eanoe!
own aulomobile!"—Puck.
Sorry and Glad,
“Are you sorry you stole that cookie
oft the table?”
had just administered a sound spank-
ing to her offspring.
“Y-yes,” said Johnnie, between sobs,
“h-but but I'm glad I didn’t take two.™
—Ohio State Journal.
Douail to Die,
Bronco Bill—Jack says
widder refused him
live no longer.
Grizzly Pete—Wot's he going terdo?
Bronco Bill—He says he's either go-
ing to steal a hoss or take ter smoking
since th
Cordial Welcome,
Tardy Arrival at a Dinner Party-—
I am afraid 1 am too late, dear Mss.
i Smith.
Mrs. Smith
vou eould never come too late.—Tit-
Benis thre Newspapers,
Patience—Did Peggy advertise an
announcement of her engagement in
the newspapers?
Pairice—No, she didn't have to; she
told all her girl friends that it was a
sceret.—Yonkers Statesman.
The Clergyman—The {rouble with
most of us, my dear sir, is that we
don’t carry our religion through the
Von Blumer—Yes. Most of us have
to earn a living.—Drooklyn Life,
Feorzot Where He Put It,
Smith—Do you think memory sys-
tems have any value?
Jones—Yes. I studied one once and
did very well until I mislaid the manu-
Sm ———
Don’t be so old-. vod sel
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fashioncdand vulgah! Don’t say “pad- | Sivers r
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consent tH a divoree
the ceremony.’ She
| filling the terms of
| secure her fortune
| low the dictates of
So she advertised,
who had 1
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The young
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and brothers were Liv
house, over which, of cours
she remained single she h
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she had complied with the te
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The doctor went over an
the relatives into the stree
{ out his shingle inl front of
| and bought a fine carriagg
(effusively)—Oh, dear, |
which he, of course, ch
wife. His notoriety br
tice, his aggressivene
admiration and love of Pt
an, and as he had fallen
her at first sight all tho
{ vorce was abandoned, ang
{ no happier home in
A Hopele
Lady-—What is th
Doctor—I cannot
you noticed him d
usual lately?
“Let me see. Wel
stead of lighting hi
ment he left the ta
to the library and
ing jacket, smolkj
before beginni
“Hum! My,
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