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es this
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| tional Meeting.
Miss Lavina Witmer and Ellen Men-
augh attended the Y. P. C. U. of the
United Brethren church, held in Mid-
dletown, June 235 to 27.
Among the appropriations made by
the Legislature last week was that of
$2,000 for an experimental tobacco
growing saloon at Mount Joy.
We call the attention of our readers
to the new advertisements of Howard
E. Ebersole, The Pennsylvania Busi-
ness College, and A. K Flowers’ new
summer resort, ‘Glen {@vchard’.
a erm
: Home Campmeeting.
A home campmeecting will be held in the
Florin Methodist Episcopal church, begin-
ning on Wednesday evening, July 3. The
following is the programme :
Wednesday 7.30 p. m. Rev. Wayne Chan
nell will preach
Thuksday 7.30—Rev. John Boehm.
Friday 7.30—Rev. David McCartney of
the Marietta M. IE. church,
Saturday 5.00—A baptism will take place
at the Borough Mill,
Saturday 7.30—A Love Feast will be held
in which several ministers will assist.
Sabbath Day. 9.00 a. m. Sunday School,
10.00 a. m. Rev. Delaplane Gollie will
preach. 6.30 p. m. Epworth League Devo-
7.30 p. m. Rev. Gollie will
Several candidates will be by
prinkling and the probationers will be ad-
nitted into full membership.
A very cordial invitation is extended to
every one to attend these services.
singing, Gospel preaching, a shout
Lord’s Camp. Everybody welcome.
nr RI St
Victims of a Mad Dog.
The relatives and friends of Milton
Swarr, of Landisville, are very much
erned over the misfortune which has
ailen him and Frank, his five-year-old son.
Last Sunday while caressing his dog
pwarr was bitten on thehand by the
al, ordinarily a very gentle-natured
al. Dr. 8. G. Grey, of Landisville,
ized the wound, and, on account of cer-
n symptoms exhibited by the dog, ad-
sed that the animal be allowed to live, but
pt in safe confinement in order to discov-
ositively whether or not it was
Wednesday evening
Swarr crawled into
m the rabies,
le son of Mr.
where the animal was confined, and he
was bitten, His mother hearing the
d’s screams went to his assistance, and
y difficulty rescued him. Dr. T. C. Det
‘as called in consalta-
and he advised that Mr.
to the Pasteur Insti-
for treatment. They
Runaway Team
bld son of Martin
mile east of town,
orning, from the
eceived two weeks
1 been assisting Jno
ter with a 2-horse
eneman, on the Rev
rin, when the hor-
received such se=
cause his death.
id in the Uaited
f this place last
lie Register,
s granted by the
ek, are the follow:
f Elizabethtown
bf A. B, Coble, late
Manheim borough,
hrine Diffexderfer,
wer Estate.
y who has been
to make distribu”
hb remaining in ihe
. Witmer, executor
deceased, late of
will sit for that pur-
July 16th, in the
he court house at
dge in U. S,
the State Library,
, has our thanks
da Grove Pioneer.
hre of the train ear-
ial party over the
United States, at
Darb ness.
¢ lights
op suc-
The News of our Neighboring Borough in
{ :
in a Condensed Form.
Samuel Hummor of Steelton, was in
town last Wednesday,
A flying horse is doing business
near the Exchanga Hotel. .
Cove Ledge, Knights of Pythias
elected officers last evening.
Mrs. Mazie Shelly visited friends at
Elizabethtown last Wednesday:
Miss Lulu Owens spent the past
week with friends in Philadelphia
Samuel Bookman and wife of Har-
risburg, spent last Sunday in town
with friends.
Rev. Downes was at Elizabethtown,
last Wednesday, visiting James Wat-
gon, who is dangerously ill.
A new crossing was laid yesterday
across Marietta street, at the inter-
gection of East Main street.
Joseph Goss, wife and mother, cf
Elizabethtown, spent last Sunday in
town, the guest of D: F. Gable.
Benjamin Bear accepted a position
as salesman in Robinson’s wholesale
drug store, at Memphis, Tennessee,
Miss Sophia Pyle will leave to-day
for Pittskurg and Uuiontown, where
she will spend some time with friends.
Misses Kate and Ada Brubaker, of
Rapho township, returned home yes-
terday from a six weeks’ yisit among
friends in Kansas.
A young folks party in honor of
Masters Roy and George Brown, sons
of Geo. Brown, Jr., Tuesday eyening’
was an enjoyall> affair,
Rey. Richard Downes of this place,
delivered an address at the corner-
stone laying of the Latta Memorial
church at Christiana, Tuesday.
Albert Root, Harvey Kauffman and
Owen Brandt, were at Conewago.
last Wednesday night, where they
caught a large'mess of fine frogs.
Mrs. O. &. Longenecker of this
place, was last week elected first vice
president of the Bacred Heart Acad-
emy Alumni association of Lancaster,
G:orge Schneider and Miss Minnie
Fach, both of this place, were united
in marriage on Wednesday of last
week, iy Rev. Wiest of Harrisburg
A 2 the marriage licenses issued
Mesdny Dy the clerk of orphans
court, was that of Phares W. Shearer
and Mary H. Hoffer, both cf Rapho
Dante! Bradley, residing two miles
east of this place. got his foot in the
mower last Wednesday and had it
cat very badly, Dr. Newpher attended
to his injuries.
William Reynolds and wife, Isaac
Maze, wife and daughters, Laura and
Bessie, and grandson, Harry Aston, of
Manheim, visited the family of J. E.
Schroll on Sunday. *
Heayenly Mindedness, will bp the
subject used’ by Rey. A. R. KR. in
the United Kvangelical church). on
Sunday morning. Ia the evening the
theme wil! be, The Danger of Apathy.
If any of Jamee Glatfelter’s cus for-
ers fail to find him at the wmsble
yard, they can rest assured that 1@ i8
at his home, nursing his darlipg
daughter, which arrived at his houd
\ last Tuesday. \
ball business yesterday. Harry done
a big business in the sale of snow-
balls last summer and he will doubt=
less do fully as big a business this
Misses Maggie Bear, Louisa Kuhns
and Mawe Kuhns, left iast evening
for the Pan American XExposiiion at
Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Crysta
Beach, Canada, where they will spend
the summer.
Rev, Isanc H. Allbright of £hamok-
pastor of the United Brethren church
day, made a pleasant call at the STAR
& News office:
Philip Frank of this place, last Mon
day issued an attachment for
$5,750 ana the Valley National bank,
of Lebanon, cne for $7,537 against ex-
Auditor General Amos H. Mylin, Car
oline E. Bylin is named as garnishee.
Two games of base ball, will be
played in town next Thursday, with
the Lyceum Athletic Team of Lanecas-
ter, at 9.30 o’cloek in the morning and
3.00 in the afternoon, in Engle’s field.
The admission for ladies will be 5
cents and gents 10 cents.
Degree Staff Court Mount Joy No. |
228 Foresters of America. will hold a
festival in the hall, on Saturday even-

ot June 29, at which time ice cream, |
ike, &e., will be served. Martin A. |
pickler, chairman ; A. J, Pennell, |
retary and George W. Bhickley, |
sh Trexler who is employed in
Breneman’s store, while en-:
5 unloading potatoes at that!
it Wednesday, sprained his!
Harry €3ramm opened his snow]
in, who twenty years ago was the]
at Florin, while in town last Wednes= |
back so severely that he had to be
hauled home and have the services of
a doctor. Haz is however now on a
fair way of recovery.
On Monday afternoon Ralph, the
thirteer-year-old son of Harry H.
Brandt, essayed to carry his eight-
months’ old sister, Alberta, down
stairs. When almost at the bottom
the boy tripped and fell with the
infant in his arms, The child’s left
leg was broken between the knee ard
hip. Dr, F. M. Harry reduced the
fracture. *
Post, Master Pennell received in-
formation from the department that
persous living along the Milton Grove
mail carriers route putting up boxes
of a suitable kind the mail carrier will
deliver wail in it. No mail will how-
ever, be collected from the boxes.
The boxes will however, have to be
put up so that the mail can be put ia
boxes, withour the carrier getting
from his wagon,
July Races.
The Middletown Fair Association is
preparing to giye a two days reries of
races, next Thursday and Friday,
which promise to be among the lead
ing racing events in the central part
of the state. Prizes aggregating
150 will be awarded and the large
amount and the excellent track will
bring together some of the fastest
racing horses in Pennsylyania, The
following events will be run:
Thursday, July 4, 1—3 minute 1'rot
and Pace, purss $200; 2—2.30 Trot and
Pace, purse $200; 3—2.18 Trot and
Pace, purse $250.
Friday, July 5, 4—Free for all Trot
and Pace, $250; 5—2.40 Trot and Pace
$150; 6—2,50 Trot and Pace (For Mid
dletown horses that have been used
and driven in Middletown 40 days
previcus, $100.) Entries will close
July 1st, A general admission of 25
cents will be charged. Middletown is
accesgable on the Pennsylyania Rail-
road, the P. & R, and by trolley from
Harrisburg, Of all events arranged
or the celebration of Independence
Day and the one following, nothing
will offer more entertainment than
the above races.
A Good Record.
Percy Heilig, Frank Schock and
David Gaffin, last Sunday rode from
Mount Joy to Philadelphia and back
te Mount Joy, the same day, a dis-
tance of more than 150 miles. Perey
Schock of Marietta was also along
with the party and rode ali the way
except on the return trip he went by
train from Downingtown to Lancaster,
Samuel! Gaffin also started with them,
but before he rode a mile his bicycle
broke and by it he received some pain
ful scratches and bumps, the way his
bike unloaded him. The wheelmen
started at 4 o'clock in the morning
and by 10.30 there were on Lancaster
aveaue, beyond 52nd street, Philadel-
phia. After partaking of a hearty
dinner and an hour’s rest, they started
for the return trip and were home by
8.30 o’clock in the evening. Their
eyelometers showed that they role
152.2 miles, This is the best record
we ever heard of any bikers making
in this section, A century run, by
which 100 miles are meant, is gen-
erlly expected to be all that a bicy-
cler can do in one day.
rt ene AR rm
Fourth of July at Lititz.
Lititz pring has quite a reputation
‘for its Fourth of July demonstrations
WW his year’s program is a grand if not
grander than on any former occasion.
there is no place better adapted for
ceflebrating the nation’s birthday than
this beautiful spot. No pains will be
spa ed to make this year’s observance
one \that will outdo all previous efforts
Somd® of the features of the day will
be an‘\lndustrial, Civic and Mummers
Parad : base ball, morning ané after-
noon ; \ Ib the evening there will be
y of firwo:ks on an elaborate
| scale : faNry lamps, Chinese lanterns
and candles will brilliantly illumirate
the entire : The Sixth Regia
ment Band Will furnish music all day
and evening.Y Excursion trains will
be ran over th R. & C. railroad and
trolley ears frox Lancaster will be
run at short intelyvals. There will be
trains both north \and south after the
evening’s programXne is ended.

Reduced Rates to jan Francisco.
On account of thef Fifth Interna=-
tional Convention ¢¢f the Epworth
League, to be held ijn San Franeisco
July 18 to 23, the Pefonsylvania Rail-
road Company will sell, July 4 to 12,
from all stations on ifts line, excursion
tickets to San Franeijfsco at greatly re-
duced rates. For spgcific information
regarding rates, routfes. and conditions
of tickets apply to f}icket agents.
Commiteg Ae
Minniegl. Vogel, wife of Henry J.
Vogel, gvigeeTesides on the Manheim “turn-
pike j@§st outside the limits of Lancaster
city cgfmmited suicide by shooting herself
gaheart Monday mornin while


Jt Was Celebrated in a Way That Pleased
the Yankee Sottler
(FEET AIN'T no use t’ think o’ Fourth
o’ July in this God-forsaken hole,”
P| grumbled the new station master,
as his eye rested scornfully on the scattered
collection of wooden shanties which made
up the little western town. “Back in Perry:
ville at least two brass bands 'ud a been
playin’ now. I ¢’n see th’ wagon all cov
ered with flags 'n bunting a standing in
front of th’ Methodist church all ready, for
th’ little girls in red, white an’ blue that was
to represent th’ states. ‘An’ Judge White
'ud a been all ready with his copy o’ th’
declaration under his arm, an’ askin’ every-
body, if they, thought it was going t’ rain 'n
spoil th’ doings. We'd a had dinner at th’
grounds with th’ Hollises an’ th’ Perrys,
me’n Libbie an’ th’ kids. They'd a been
singin’ of th’ ‘Star Spangled Banner,” and
we'd a had plenty o’ firecrackers an’ fire-
works at night. Well, T ain’t mentioned
th’ Fourth t’ th’ kids this year; maybe
they'll forget it with nothing t’ remind ’em
of it among these furriners.”
His dull eye came slowly back from the
dull line where prairie met sky.
“Yes, 1 guess th’ glorious Fourth don’t
mean much t’ these Swedes an’ Dutch.
As he watched, a fat little German was
excitedly climbing to the roof of his rickety
board dwelling with a roll of bunting; un-
der the excited, broken English of his wife's
direction he was fastening it to the caves.
At the same moment the tiny upper win-
dow in Ole Johnson's shanty was opened
for the first time in months, though the
family slept in that room. A few mo-
ments later Old Glory flung its starry folds
from the sill. Old Fritz Schmidt was wring-
ing “America” from his groaning horn across
the way. From down the road came a
shill chorus of childish voiees singing the
“Star Spangled Banner,” with various ac-
The new station master ran acros: the
road and into his new little house, which
smelled still of paint. Ten minutes later,
three American youngsters, with flags in
their caps and strips of buniing about their
shoulders, had joined iz the singing. The
glorious Fourth wus being celebrated at
New Stockholm ds well as at Perryville.
The experiment of tobacco growing
in Ireland is now meeting with sue-
The French minister of public works
has published some statistics whieh
show that during 1900 no less than 50, |
048 boats of various sizes were at work
on the Seine. The boats carried 10,
000,000 tons of merchandise, of which
649,037 tons were used in Paris.
An old horn snuff box once belonging
to Sir Francis Drake, possibly the one
which he used at Plymouth Hoe during
his famous game of bowls, bas just
been sold for £3 10 shillings in London.
The snuff box is a quaint old relie, bear-
ing the coat of arms of Sir Francis,
with his name on the lid.
A German expert in the east points
out thatas time goes on more and more
men are required to coerce China inte
doing the will of another power. The
opium war required only 4,000 Euro-
peans, the Anglo-French war against
the Chinese, 16,000 and 4,800 Indians.
The Japanese needed 95,000 men and
115,000 coolies, and to-day we find 90
men of war and almost 150,000 men at-
tempting to compel obedience from
the giant empire.
On a bad or narrow road always
make room for the heavier vehicle.
The Touring club of France makes
a splendid showing with a member-
ship record of 80,000 riders.
Ring your bell before passing from}
the rear a team or another cyclist
It can do no harm and may possibly
do a great deal of good.
Tom Cooper says he is going to be
a cycle racer until he is too eld te
guide a wheel. He adds that he has
been obliged to assert his stand ow:
ing to the constant rumors purport:
ing to come from him, and claiming
to indicate his intention of retiring
from the track.
Lives of English Kings,
The four Norman kings of England
averaged 55 years, the eight Plan-
tagenets 53. The Wars of the Roses
shoriened life in the succeeding.
dynasties, the three Lancastrian;
Yings averaging 43 years, and thel
Murder and Suicide.
Howard Shenk last Sunday, shct
and killed Mrs. Hill at Charlestown,
West Virginia and then killed him-
self. Mr. S8henk was the only son of
Rey, Levi Bhenk of Rapho township,
a New Mennonite preacher.
Shenk went to Charlestown on
Saturday and secured possession of a
note cent by his rival to Mrs. Hill
He npbraided her for caeting him off
and when he left he said he would kill
He called on Mrg, Hill on Sunday
morning and she consented to see
him. They were alcne in the room
when the double tragedy was enacted.
The position of the bodies indicated
that Shenk held the woman while be
ghot her in the head. When he saw
that she was dead he walked to a
rocking chair. placed his pistol be-
hind his right ear and discharged the
bullet that ended his life.
8henk premeditated the murder.
He sent a letter to his firm telling
them that he intended leaving the
country. Another letter addressed to
his father asked him to care for his
child, as he would never hear from
him again, and he asked his father
not to believe anything bad he might
hear, but that he was deceived by a
woman he loved,
The husband of Mrs, Hill is a*
cripple, an inmate of the State Howe
for Incurables at Huntington,
Mr. Shenk was a clerk in Wolfe
Yoffee’s clothing store, in Mount Joy,
about five years ago. :
Shenk’s first wife was Miss Margie
Ohmit of Marietta. She secured a di=
vorce from him, and one child was
the result of that warriage, Mira
Edith Shenk, who lives with her
grandfather, Rev. Levi H. Shenk
His second wife was Miss Lillie Woods
of Columbia, She also secured a
divorce from him. Shenk lived fey
several years in Columbia, and was ay
clerk in Fuld & Bachman’s store.
He left Columbia to accept a posi
tion in a Harrisburg store, and short
ly afterward he accepted a position a
traveling salesman with the firm of
Mason & Boswell, Staunton, Va.
The main facts in the tragedy are
that insane jealousy of the woman
caused Shenk to kill her and then
himself, She refused to allow Shenkg
cowe any more to her house, hay'ug
found another man f or her lover.
Shenk’s body was brought to M2: nt
Joy yesterday afternoon and was tak
en to the residence of kis father by
by undertaker Davia H. Engle. The
The funeral was aeld Friday forenoon
from his father’s residence, 3 miles
south of this place.
Elizabethtown Notes.
J. G. Westafer was in Harrisburg
op Friday.
.- J. B. Asper and family are visiting
relatives in Cumberland county:
Miss Mary E. Keller, daughter of
F. H. Keller, of this place, graduates
from the Millersville Normal school
this week. -
On Saturday afternoon the town
club crossed bats with the Paxtang
club which resulted in & victory for
the home club by a score of 18 to 8.
Rev. G. W. Getz pastor of the
Bethel church spent geyeral days at
Findlay, Ohio.
Christ Lutz spent seyeral day with
Mechanicsburg friends.
Rutter’s Consolidated shows exhib-
ited in town on Thursday and Friday
and was well attended considering
the inclement weather.
Lieutenant J. H. Parthemer and
wife were visiting friends in Lebanon.
Mrs. Lizzie Coble, Miss Louisa Cob-
le and Miss Lizzie lewis were in Lan-
caster during the week.
Forty hours’ devotion services were
held in St. Peter's Catholic church on
Sunday morning and continued until
Tuesday evening. Among the par-
ticipants were Reys. Haas of Middle-
town, Crotty of Gettysburg and Wiest
of Harrisburg:
The closing exercises at the college
were well attended on Thursday.
Many visitors from a distance were
The funeral of Mrs. Mary Tehn
took place from her late residence on
West. High street last Thursday
morning and was very largely attend-
ed. Seryices were held in St, Paul’s
U. and interment in Mount
Tunnel cemetery.
Complimentary Concert.;
A balloon ascension and complimen-
tary concert by the famous Ephrata
Band will be given at Donegal Inb,
Maytown, Satusguy evening, June 29,
The committee Sf the Independence
Day League of Ephrata, will make a

three of York only 30. The five Tu-|
dor sovereigns averaged 48, and the |
six Ssuarts 52. With the accession of |
the house of Hanover the average in-|,
treased enormously, the six sover-j!
pigns of the present dynasty averag-|
mg 74 years. Their average reign is
ilsc rke longest, being over 31 yeaTs,
the Plantagenets being next with 30.
brief advertising tour over the 1'rolley
Lines of Lancaster County on Satur-
day and their destination will be the
Donegal Inn, Maytown, where a grand
balloon ascension will be held 6
o'clock p. m., and'glso a compl
tary concert by the E