The weekly bulletin. (Florin, Penn'a.) 1901-1912, June 15, 1901, Image 7

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    ¥ 1 nave noted the
etable Compound in
di es of women.
Pv of nothing superior for
¥n trouble, barrcnness, and it
S prevented hundreds of dangerous
operations ¥ physicians claimed
it was the onl; ance to get well,
Ulceration and inflammation of the
womb has been cured in two o or three
weeks through 15C, 1 as ] 4 id it
rurely an hier Ber ren I unhesitat-
ingly give it my highest endor at,
~I'raternally yours, Dr, P. 74
Lansing, Mich. —g§5000 forfeit if above tes-
timonizl is not genuine,
If you are ill do not hesitate to
got a bottle of Lydia KE. Pink-
bham’s Vegetable Compound at
once, and write to Irs. Pink-
ham at Lynn, Mass. for special
advice: it is entirely free,
How to Get Rich
A book of 100 pages written by a business man
of Bb) years exporie ‘nce, Who has made fortunes

and come in «« Let ost of the rich men |
of tho country. ]
men—yet f lder men read it.
YOU become following directions.
Mailed on receipt ( Ri n a |
ordor. Agouts selllx
for boys and young |
+ | Oce
! ECA ol the
> Are You Sick
Send your name and P. O. address to
The R. B. Wills Medicine Co., Hagerstown, Md.
C. HOLMES Improved |
F arm Level “Eclipse.’
Best up-to-date level made
f ith rod. Write for
desé 3
Forsyth ‘St. : Atlanta,
Buy Jones Scales
uy a Bastal I for Sar Catalogue.
R quick relied and ures wore)
Book f tostumonials and 10 days’ treatmen
a “or. i. H. GREEN ‘8 BONS, Box B, Atlanta, Ga.
Gold Medal at Buflalo Exposition.
aAlords sucit a Iu
ion from the car windows?
A Question in Astronomy.
“Do you Believe in the nebular hypo-
esis, Broth ler Dickey?”
No, suh,” was the reply after a mo-
ent’s thought. “I neber wuz positive
ut anyt thing ’ cept hellfire fer sinners!”
Of Course Not.
Lady—These souvenir spoons Jook
e forks.
Dealer — Of course, ma'am; you
uldn’t have souvenir spoons look like
oons would you?”
FITS permanently cured. No fits or nervous-
ness after first day’s use of Dr. Kline’s Great
Nerve Restorer, $2trial bottle and treatise froe
r. R. HH. KLINE, , Lid. 931 Arch St., Phila. Pa,
Some people never attempt to do any-
thing for fear they might do it wrong.
Mrs. Wins ow’s Soothing Syrup for children
ething, soften the gums, reduces inflamma-
tion, allays pain, cures wind colic. 25¢ a bottle.
~The worst thing about life insurance is
hat we never live to enjoy it.
Piso’s Cure for C onsump tion is an infallible
medicine for coughs and colds.—N.W. SAMUEL,
an Grove, N. J., Feb, 17,1 1900.
It’s the dull fellow who is generally the
eatest bore.


arc made rich-
er and more
productive and
rich soils retain
their crop-pro-
ducing powers,
by the use of
fertilizers with
a liberal percentage of
Write for our books—sent Jree—
which give all details.
9» Nassau Street, New Yor,

D } _— |
and rester Marshall at Mahanoy City
Colliery. The accident occurred on the
second lift of the seven-foot vein where
the men on the “night shift” were driv-
ing a rock tunnel. Ambromitis was
tamping a heavy charge of dynamite in-
to a hole, while Plusko and Marshall
stood over him. Suddenly there was an
explosion which hurled all three against
the sides of the chamber. Ambromitis
was picked up with his head entirely
blown off.
William N. Newman was arrested at
Chester, charged with shooting Sarah
Matthews. Newman is a colored Ila-
borer, and after a quarrel with the wo-
man, it is alleged, he drew a revolver
and fired three shots. One shot took
effect in Sarah’s left arm.
William Clark, aged 80 years, cut his
throat with a razor at his home at
Slate Ruh. A surgeon sewed up the
wound, but later Clark tore it open. Ie
is now in a critical condition.
After a fight which lasted several
months, the Berwick Borough Council
granted the right of way over the streets
of that town to the Columbia and Mon-
tour Electric Railway Company.
Oscar Del Sasso, of Allentown, while
stepping out of the way of one train on
the Central Railroad of New Jersey,
went directly in front of another, and
was struck sustaining injuries which
caused his death.
James Lynch, aged 75 years, was kill-
ed by a freight train on Philadel-
phia and Reading Railway near Leb-
The Pottstown Opera House was sold
at public sale for $18,200 to M. D. Evans,
representing the Begely estate.
The Johnstown Passenger Railway
Company paid the Borough Council of
Windber $7,500 for the privilege of
traversing the streets of the town.
Mrs. Sarah Klee and her nine-year-old
daughter, Mary, perished in a fire which
destroyed their home in Carnegie, and
all the other members of the family were
injured. The Klee home was a two-
story frame house on Broadway, the
ground floor front being devoted to a
grocery store kept by Klee. The fire was
d¥gcovered about 4.40 o'clock, and the
fl4 TCA, aaanidly that the ogee”
pa L were of off
ir il
] ar,

{ ern sheep $3.0014.00; natiy
as.25; Western lambs $3.00 )a4.235.
Butter, Creamery. —Sepay
athered cream, 22223; imitat)
Id, Va. and Pa. Dairy print} i.
small creamery blocks, (2-1b.), 231
26c’; choice rolls, 18a1gc
Cheese..—Ncw cheese, large 6o Ibs,
1034 to 1i1c.; do, flats, 37 Ids. 11 te
11Y4c; picnics, 23 Ibs, 11}4a11l%cC.
Live Poultry.— Turkeys—Old, 8%
young, fat, gagl4c; do, small and ore
—aBc. Chickens.—Hens, —ayVc; dq
{ old roosters, each 23azoc; do, young
good to choice, 8a8. rough and
poor, —ayc. Ducks —Fancy, large,
a—; do, small, —a8¢c; do, muscovy ii)
mongrels, Sage. Geese, Western, eack
Hides.—Heavy steers, association an|
salters, late kill, Go Ibs and up, clos
selection, 11l5a1234c; cows and light
steers, gl4aroc.
Live Stock.
Chicago.—Cattle—Good to prime $6.3
' a8.75; poor to medium $1.0026.25
stockers and feeders $2.25a4.50;
| 81.25a24.75; heifc $2.5025.50;
| $1.25a2.30; bulls hr
{ a5.75; Texas fed s
i Mixed and butchers $5.7:
I choice heavy sal ; rough heavy
5; calves $2.5¢
teers $5.15. Hogs—
20; good te
¢ of sales
eady: heavy
)S Strot gt to 10C. higher;
good to choice wethers $
dh $2.50
“ast Liberty.—Cattle—choice
! 6,00; prime $5.50z
| Hogs active; pri:
| heavy mediums
: $5. 8sas. 05 , heavy
light do, $5.602%s.
skips $4.50a35 00;
| Sheep dull; best wethers oe
culls and common $1.00a2 £7 ye: wo i
$2.5023.75; veal calves Fiooay. 00.
TEN Dec.
fiunicipal kitchens.
Wales #92" a woman lamplighter.
) three lady architects.
1 has woman truant hunters.
announces a surgical sewing
world’s cables stretch 187,353,
172 nautical miles.
There is a | Miss Penman, who
has control over more than 500 condiic-
tors in the employ of one of the London
tramway companies, but the only woman |
jockey hails from the United States.

Acts Gently;
Acts Pleasantly;
Acts Beneficiall
Acts truly as-a Laxative.
Syrup of Figs appeals to the cultured and the
well-informed and to the healthy, because its com
ponent parts are simple and w holesome and be
cause it acts without disturbing the natural fung
tions, as itis wholly free from every objectionab]
quality or substance. In the process
manufacturing figs are used, as they
pleasant to the taste, but the medicj
virtues of Syrup of Figs are obtai
from an excellent combination of plat}
known to be medicinally laxative
act most beneficially.
To get its beneficial effects
genuine—manufactured by the
ae vy
San"Francisco, Cal,
Louisville, Ky. New York; N.
For sale by all druddists. Price fifty cents per