The weekly bulletin. (Florin, Penn'a.) 1901-1912, June 15, 1901, Image 6

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    ng men and
igh character, intellect, energ
sique should be encouraged to mar-
for the good effects it would have
coming generations. The State
puld hold examinations and award
plomas to those who qualified. When |
l young man’s cttenticns to a young
woman had reached the point of a pro-
eir respective diplomas would be in
Jer. If each had one, then they
1d apply for a subsidy.
writer points out that the large
n population of New England is it-
pufficient to readjust the matter of
ed farms satisfactorily. The
cities and innumerable villages
pwns are an ample market for
t the farmers can supply, and it
xt door market.
ern settlement has long passed, | I
i law.
turing conditions are stable,
New England farmer, ignor-
which never had the pos-
geod farm values, has only
Nore attention to the good
ining in order to have re-
returns. It is hot claimed
shécially interested in the
t all the expedients have
1sted for utilizing these old
e process has only fairly be- |
| (he. last fifteen or twenty
witnessed a steady aban-
Eng.and land which
the next decade or
ltness its restoration
rks the New York
| money, which
aes | Hellman estimates at $100,000.
pbosal of marriage an examination of |
| Jelks sent troops to aid
The first rush |
| jail here, and the town is under martial |
1 31
Bank's Cash Gone.
Los Angeles, Cal, (Special). —H: J.
ta for the
honors upon
Li Hung Ch? and Prince
and decorates Yung Lu,
nded the troops against the allies,
Maurice Huten, president of the
nama Canal Company, upon his re-
turn to Paris, gave out the offer he
made to President Roosevelt.
An anti-British mass-meeting
1 Army ca
hinese edict
Fleishman, cashier of the Farmers and | held in Munich, Bavaria, where address-
{ es were made violently denouncing Jos-
| Merchants’ Bank, of this city, has dis-
bank’s |
Ww. |
appeared with a sum of the
Vice-President H.
man has been cashier and assistant cash-
eph Chamberlain.
Gen. Bruce Hamilton surprised and
captured a Boer Commando at Trich-
| ards Fontein.
ier of the Farmers and Merchants’ Bank |
for many years.- He began work for the
bank when a boy, n 1875. He was un-
der bond with a surcty company for
$30,000. In addition to this, he has real
estate and personal property in this city
sufficient, in the opinion of Mr. Hell- |
man, to protect the bank from the loss
of a dollar.
Three Negroes Killed.
| Italian victims of the wreck on the Wa-
{ bash Railroad near Seneca, Mich.
Andalusia, Ala.,, (Special). —Goverpor |
Sheriff Brad- |
shaw in protecting the negro riotérs in |
The Sheriff is fearing an attack |
at any moment by a mob from Opp and
is prepared to protect his prisoners. |
Three negroes, whose names are un-
known, were caught and killed by a posse
near Opp, because, it is alleged, they took
part in the riot, and the whole county
is in arms against the negroes.
Mr. Kruger's New Hore.
Utrecht, (By Cable) —Mz, Kvbger,
former president of the South African |
1 s arrived here and taken |
possession of his new residence. Mr. |
Kruger, who appeared to be in excel- |
lent health, received a great ovation |
from crowds of people. |
Republic, has
Waris Library Open on Suuday.
Washington, D. C, (Special).—The
annual report of Herbert Putnam, Li- |
brarian of Congress, recommends that |
the library be opend on Sunday. |
Mr. Kruger has taken possession of
his new residence, at Utrecht.
A stir has been caused in London by
the premature disclosure to a favored
few of the decisions in favor of Charles
who |!

T. Yerkes for the electrifying of the un-
derground railroads, thus enabling them |
to make big profits on the rise in stocks.
It was announced in the Italian Par-
liament that the government would take
measures to safeguard the rights of the
The Belgian Chamber of Deputies
discussed the question of the Boer con- |
centration camps in South Africa, but a |
vote was deferred.
Lord Kitchener reports that last week
Boers were killed, 17 wounded and |
2 made prisoners.
The German government officials at |
Berlin are worried over the recent up-
| roar in Poland caused by the convic-
tion of Polish parents hom mobbed
Prussian teachers for flogging children
who refused to learn catechism in Ger-
The General Electric Company has de- |
clared the regular quarterly dividend of ;
2 per cent. :
The New York Subtreasury statement
shows that the banks lost $7,115,000 last
week. |
The depositors of the Dresden Sav-
5 Bank, which made an assignment, !
vill lose 7,500,000 marks. !
The Pressed Steel Car Company has |
received an order for 1000 hopper and
ore cars from the Pittsburg, Bessemer
& Lake Erie.
{ shivered.
i fin by the deputies and carried up the
| steps to the scaffold for the purpose of
was reversed, DUT 100We
he train was going scarcely |
es an hour, but the heavy train
ind piled the engine on the rocks and
before the engineer and fireman could |
jump the locomotve roiied over and over |
300 feet down the bluff to the river.
Engineer Randall and Fireman Potruff
were crushed to death beneath the engine’
Three care were wrecked, going over
the bank after the engine. Traffic was
delayed six hours.
This Nurderer Was Cut Down Before Life
Was Extinct.
Little Rock, Ark. (Special).—Bud
Wilson, the convict who killed R. H.
Naylor, a guard of the Yell County Con- |
vict Camp, last December, was hanged at
Jefore the lid was placed on the cof- |
fin the body began moving about. Wilson
opened his eyes and his whole frame
He was taken from the cof-|
hanging him again.
When the platform was reached the |
i body became rigid, remained so for a|
Wilson |
moment and then became limp.
physi- |
was examined carefully by the
| cians, who finally pronounced him dead, |
death having been caused by strangula- |
What's His Name?
» Washington, D. C, (Special). — The |
State Department has been advised that |
tlie Crown Prince of Siam, Maha Va
jiravudh, has aranged to visit the United
St 2s next October. No member of the
royal fzmily of Siam ay has visited |
America. S$
Sextirrender “Impending,
Miss Stone
London, (By
the Daily Telegraph
the surender at Saloni of. Miss Ellen
M. Stone, the Aforices Lg on
her companion, Mme. TsilkanJs yend-
Nable).—A dispatch to
{ Sofia says that
Coronation Date is June 26. |
London, (By Cable).—At a session of
the Privy Council, King Edward defi-
nitely fixed June 206, 1902, as the date
for his coronation. It was also decideq
that Parliament will meet January 1
i the
| Chinese ]
| ment is required to furnish a list of its
FRerasion of Chinese.
Representative Kahn, who represents
the San Francisco district containing
the Chinese quarter, in which about 30,-
000 Chinese reside, introduced a Chinese
Exclusion law. It defines strictly the
| status of those who by treaty have a
right to enter the country, excluding
all except Chinese officials, teachers,
| students, merchants, travelers and re-
| turning laborers.
In each of these ex-
cepted cases a section is devoted to the
rigid identification and specification of
persons included. In the case of
officials the Chinese Govern-
officials coming to this country. Mr.
| Kane says this will overcome the whole-
sale creation of officials, including those
of the Six Companies, who are said to
have been made officials in order to take
| them outside of the exclusion laws.
To Investigate Crop Problems.
The Secretary of Agriculture an-
nounced the establishment of a new di-
vision of soil management in the Bureau
of Soils, with Prof. F. H. King, for-
| merly professor of soil physics in the
University of Wisconsin, in charge. The
work will consist of following up the
soil surveys and investigating problems
connected with the proper distribution
of crops and the best methods of cultiva-
Capital News in General,
United States Senator J .C. S. Black-
burn, of Kentucky, and Mrs. Mary E.
Blackburn were married at the rectory
of St. Paul's Church by Rev. Father
{ Mackin.
The President made a number of nom- |
nations to the Senate, including Fran-
cis E. Baker, of Indiana, to be United
States circuit judge. :
Special Commissioner Rockhill made
his report to the Secretary of State on
his work in China.
Mr. Richardson (Tenn.), the leader of |
the House minority, offered a resolution |
to place upon the House payroll the four
special smployes usually allowed the mi-
nority. The resolution was adopted
without division.
Congressman Wachter has decided
abandon his scheme to induce @
toma ss a bill tg 20th

| a kopje. A
—Une Killed.
Macon, Ga. (Special).—The Central
of Georgia passenger train from Savan-
nah, after crossing the river entering
Macon, at about 4 o'clock A. M., with
about 100 passengers, jumped a switch
on a high embankment. The engine and
tender parted from the train. The bag-
gage and express cars were thrown over
into a culvert and burned. The second-
tlass coach was thrown on its side and
surned. The first-class pasenger coach
fell over the embankment. The Atlanta
sleeper, filled with passengers, caught
fire and was destroyed. The only per-
son killed was Julia Boynton, colored, of
Columbus, Ga.
Corn Breaks 10-Yecar Record.
New York, (Special). —Grain markets
wound up the week here in characteris-
tic bull fashion, with a spectacular dis-
play of the public's control over the
situation. In all markets records were
smashed right and left, while, at 7314 for
May corn in New York, that market
was higher than at any time in a decade.
Wheat broke all records for the season.
The biggest advance came after the reg-
ular close and forced prices up 134c. a
bushel, making nearly 6 cents advance
for the week.
Kitchener as “Old Rip.”
London, (By Cable).—A letter just
South Af-
rica says that a subaltern drew a cari
cature of Lord Kitchener as Rip Van
Winkle leading a centenarian soldier up
staff officer showed it to
Kitchener, and the chief gave one of his
grim smiles and said: “It is an ugly
prophecy, but if necessary we will hang
on here until we are that age. Our duty
is to win, and we will.” The subaltern
was paralyzed with terror until assured
that Kitchener had not asked for the
artist's name.
received from an officer in
@ canary breeders of |
Germany, Bird
song of cage birds,
ments, and restore
If givea during
feathers it will
n through this
riod without the loss of song.
meil on receipt of 15¢. in stampa. i
ly all druggiste. Bird Book Free.
B, £00 N, Third 8i., Philedelpha, Pa.

They bring Iealth, Stren
and Happiness to the Weak”
and Convalescent.
An Unexcelled Appetizer.
400 North 3d Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
$1.00 per Bottle.
for all Female Complaints, £1.50 per bottle.

80 years of constant study of Catarrh of the
Vose and Throathave convinced Dr. Jones tha
1is AMERICAN CATARRH CURE is the best o
111 remedies for these annoying complaints
Neither douche nor atomizer are necessary 1)
using it. The American Catarrh Cure restore
the hearing, cures the hawking, cough an
expectoration, removes the headache and nos
bleeding. Italsoimproves the appetite, pro
duces sound sleep, invigorates the whol
system and increases the vitality.
Sold by druggists, Also delivered by ma
on receipt of £1.00, by DR. W. B. JONES,
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Enjoy a good dinner, then take one of
‘Dr. Carl L. Jensen’s
Pepsin Tablets
Made from pure pepsin—of the required
strength to remove that intestinal
indigestion go pronounced after cating
a hearty meal.
For sale by all druggists generally, or send
25c¢ in stamps for a bottle.
400 N. Third 8t., Philadelphia.
Terre sample re goa
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