The weekly bulletin. (Florin, Penn'a.) 1901-1912, June 15, 1901, Image 3

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The New Color. © CSCO PDBOO®
Ottinger—My new golf cap is going : C =
ay no- {to be of automobile blue. ;
nite is Miss Henriques—I didn’t know there
ok or |was any such shade as “automobile is easily cured and the bowels restored
blue.” to a healthy condition by the use of
guest, Ottinger—Oh, yes! That is the
all this | color the air becomes around an auto-
xcur- | mobile when it breaks down with two
gentlemen in it.

your name and add
the different Winchester Rifles, Shotguns and
puch valuable information. Send at once to the
New Haven, Conn.
the natural remedy ror all stomach,
bowel, liver and kidney troubles. By
our method of concentration each 6 oz.
bottle is equivalent to three gallons of
the spring water. £7
Sold by all drug- ; !
gists. Crab apple
J trad k
DOUGLAS tn wie ward
preh of W. L. Dougias $3 and ¢ “a —_— ——
shoes is $i to $5. My Bi ; 7 WILLS PILLS—BIGGEST OFFER EVER MADE.
dge Line cannot be equalled :
at any price. ; ’ For only 10 Cents wa will send to any P. 0. al-
It is not alone the best ‘ J dress, 10 days’ treatment of the best medicine on
leather that makes a first J § earth, and put you on the track how to make Hone
106 it is the brains, 5 ey right at your home. Address all orders to The
planned the best ! d XK. B. Wills Mledicin Company, 23 Eliza.
! “ 3 iss poy fechmosl both Ss Hagersionn, Md. Branch Offices:
g is mechanical skill anc § 29 4 . ‘ashing )
s shoes the hest in the w orld for men, } 120 ndiana Ave, WW Sskiugions D.C
ving W. L. Douglas shoes with name 5 v > :
fr enonid Keep them, if he does not, iT = A Y S a8 A ir} 5 RTISE 13
ow to order by mall. { op THIS PAPER,
hO UG LAS, lirockton, Mass. | x y B NU a4
ms Co.,


“Oh, Promise Me.” §
Oh, promise me that when I am your bride
And we begin housekeeping side by side, »
Oh, promise me wherever we may roam
That I shall do the marketing for home,
‘All that we eat I certainly must chogg
And I insist we LION COFFEE
I w
atch our next advertisement.
ry a package of
rou will understand the