The Columbia spy. and literary register. (Columbia, Pa.) 1848-1848, October 07, 1848, Image 4

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    EISTAT.I3 -
-by given that the undersigned have talc en out letters
of administration on the Estate of Juhn Evans. late of the
boretugh , of Columbia, deceased. All persons having
claims steinst the seta estate, UM hereby requested, to
present Mem forthwith. duly authenticated; and tbose
Knowing themselves to be in any wise indebted. aro re
quired to make immediate payment to the antderettmed.
.1. S cr.AßKsos.
Septembnr 9, 194°.-Gt
TO BEAD THIS. A good chance to dear from
3000 to 31,000 a year. Agents wanted in every Town
and County in the Union. to sell "Sear,' new and Popular
Periodical Works," univereally ackuowledged to be the
best and cheapest ever published, as they certainly are
the most saleable. Any active agent may clear 5,500 or
81,000 4 year. 4 each capital of 53.3 0r.:V.50 will be ne
cessary. Pull particulars of the principle,. and profits of
the agency wilt be given on applicatiou, either personally
or by letter. The postage must in all cases be pant.
Please to address nonnwr Shall*, Publisher.
No. leo. st.. N. Y.
New papers copying , the above. imeluthiig this no-
I ewe.) and giving it eight insertions, shall receive nay one
of the bound volumes, which retail at tit! 50 to Ss per
volume. Send only, one paper directed as above.
sept 0, 1848-St
TN Rana= of the provisions of the act rn
..l titftd "An Act to prescribe the manner of giving
motive I:Applications for Banks. , and in accordance Wail
the provisions of the Constitution of Pennsylvania, the
President, Directors, and Stockholders of the Lancaster
Bank, hereby give public notice, that they intend making
application to the Legislature of Pennsylvania, at the
session to • continence on tlis first Tuesday of January
next, A. D. [841), for the renewal and extension of their
present Charter and Act of Incorporation, with banking
and discounting privileges, for the term of ten years from
the first Wednesday in May, A. D. 1851. The date last
mentioned, being the tune to which their present Charter
is extended.
-41. The said Corporation is:to lit continued by the nurse and
I,, & atyle of the Lancaster Bank, and with the same powers
and privileges which are now enjoyed Wilk, to, present
Charter and Act of Incorporation, and is to he located 121
the City of Lancaster. The capital stock of sold bank,
as authorized by law '
was six hundred thon , and dollars:
the amount of capital subscribed was three hundred mad
• three thousand nine hundred dollars; ant the antottat pout
in three hundred thousand and thirty dollnrs The legts
t` Wore will not be asked for an 11/C/131221.1 01 . capital or ea
tension of
By order of the Hoard of Director..
' City of Lancaster, June 8,1545. julyr•le,-thrt
THE Columbia Bank and Bridge Cotnpany itr
tend to anal,: °indication to the Legislature 11l the
t Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at their
for the remeaval,extentdOn. and 4.0111110.1A1ic4, 01 the bunk
ing. ihseoutiting, and 011ier priVilOges they p 05,..% under
cThling SAW, The Company to jut, I . I,IItIIIIICA by tbe
name, style, and title of the Columbia Moil: and Bridge
Company, in the borough of Columbia, m hilt: county of
Lancaster, and state of Pennsylvania.
By order .1 the. Hoard,
SAME:TA, al lOC IL eavhier,
Columbia June AO lia-bin
T S hereby given that citizens of Lancaster county
J.... intend to make application to the 1 egishittirc of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at the next session
thereof, for the incorporation of a company under the
name mid stsle, or intended name and style of .. 'Me
Columbia Savings institution,' designed ii., au aloe of
discount and depoot, with a capital not exceeding oac hurl.
dred thousand dollars, and to he located to the liormigli of
Columbia, Lancaster county. Po.
George Wolf. H. 11-tikielp.
Peter Haldeman, henry I [alderman,
It. Chalfant, John A. nook,
Petty fieldsman, Jr., 11. C ruir.toti,
R. E. Cochran, Daniel I
Reuben Itlitllison, Samuel 13r00k,,
John L. Wnglit, Philip UO,il: r.
John Barr,
Columbia, July I, I.?.lB.—Gin
COLITIVX33X.a. IRON roitrznnor.
IRE 'Undersigned, hereby lender their sincere
acknowledgments to their customers. and the pub
lic generally, for the very liberal pntronage that has at
tended their efforts to please, and would 10101111 then! 111.1
,t will be theirgventest pleasure a.s heretofore. to conduct
their business Set skirls a manner as to meta then matins
edt,ticricrool,t,a, a
innc to nd ,
.pu support.
II kinds of Castings, 1,14
TICE COB-WIIEULS, cAsr S tiApni tor venter wheels,
dee. Also. CAR wiint.Ls anti other Car Casting , . to
gether with all kinds of Rail-Road C:astings, tor which
unexceptional retercnec con be given tor ,uperiorny and
tve have mine it variety of PATTERNS tor maktng
Trot Blast Pipes, (Or Blast FtITILICCS, and for Witter Pipes.
and, being well prepared tor Cionag Pipes, It will cer
tainly he an advantage to those In es tint, to call and ex
amine for themselves, us we can niatnithetore as cheap,
or cheaper, than any other establishinets w Out section
GI vainiWy-
We have different kinds of ratter!, f n Steam En gthe c,
Threshing. Machines. Plonchs. Common Stoves. :stove
Plates. Stove Cylinders and 13 rat,. :Lod to.iny Oilier
,„ things in our line of hiatus.. lning the Iloilo a:: and col
j*itt, kettng together of the past eleven y care I laing the
''" "best of mechanics employed lit Patten, milking, Sc.. we
are prepared In niche any thing to our line net truNt<to-e5 at
the shortest notice, and beta; iiivorably 'muted at the
Canal Basin. gine us rho: ads autuqc of oinnunietoring awl
forwarding Castings to any point with despatch and at
the lowest rates. t :EOM AVOLF '
SA3I uur, TRUSt'OTT,
Dealing under the firm of (leo Troll & re
Colombia, Mardi I,l,4s—it
AND NEW GOODS. The subscriber lakes this
method of informing, In. mends tutu cindontem that
Mt has rented tho New Short Room knot, ti ak I tattle.ll.lll . .
New Corner, being on the SOW!, the•l corner or Front
and Locust Street. where Ile iutend3 to 1, cup von.ta u ti, on
hand a good supply nt
and a general assortment at Faintly Grocerre.,; together
watt Hour and other Nerd ; Otax, Cora. and Chop tor
horses. Also, Liquors of all knicb, Including \Vines and
Cordeals. Ali of which I foledgo nrysett to s ett tt ., cheap
inn cash as possibly can 1m aderdeit. Plea,: null runt ex
amine both the goods and prim,.
N. IR.—A d welltog and front situp toljoittorg • to n ill on
accommodating toms. Dipseli am) Son would Itl , to
board With the Mindy. Mid AIL 1 tARIZA "1"1'.
Columbut, March :Si, 1846--tf
GLORY of Maids, Wives, IVidows, and the
crownin g ornament of
it is 10 1110 iScalp as guano is to the earth in making it
It is as certain in ite effect as death. to-morrow or next
Now, wader, these respectable citizerb certify that
Jones's Coral flair Restorative will hav e the follow lug
effects without fait:
It will forte the human hair to grow nn the bead. face.
embody—ft will atop It falling, cure scurf or dandruff, and
make red, grey. and holm hair grow dark.
Mr. W. Tompkins. 4t King at.. New Fork.
Mrs, Matilda Reeves, Myrtle Avenue. Ilrooklyn.
Mr. James rower, grocer, Fulton et—Brooklyn.
71fr. Thomas Jackson. bk Liberty at.. Fitti.burgh
Henry E. Cullen, (late) barber on board the ;ouch
Rut the beautiful, the glorious elect it has in dressing
and beautifying the hair—making It soft, dark, silky. and
licepitig It an thrice as long an piny other article made.
rt oats but 3 shillings for a trial bottle. and die public
are conscientiously and honestly assured time the above
are Its real and true qualities.
De careful and get the genuine, Ask for Jones's Coral
Hair Restorative. and take no other. For sale only by ID
Williams, agent for Columbia. airl6'46-tdec 24.
BY the subscriber, Six Lectures on Ilic uses of
the LUNGS, and CoilKe , ,, Prevent ;on and Cure of
coNsuurrum, ASTHMA, and dtscto,, e of the ;
On the Lams of and on the mode oh gret,erv
ing male arid rental.: health to as hundred Cara, wall
illustrations, dere ~•tned tor till or re nd, r.. b) Samuel
Sheldon Fitch. A. 31, AT. a Al.ri Ins rel. et. Inhaling
Tube, 'boulder Sleet , and A Mono utrl Supporter,
It WILLIAMS, _Agent.
Columbia, ;My 21.
& S. PATTON have just rrceirctl a large
and fascionabla atnet. nt
SKIN G .A.ND SUNNIER Imp.rrs rtooD s;
Conststingol Ctingternit. Sarr.r.... ~n d
pima Lustre R, fancy Prin S t l :. :Le tli. %try pri c e.
rt.:in and Din", t 411,4. fplselc mid 11100-
Slacir for Alanttlas, «tith every styli. of I'n„ 4. 0 n, ior
the season. Please coil and examine mit %incl.
Columbia, April2.^. W. l',vrrers:
Tundersigned. have just received the best
and IDOM.compicte neseriment of Eonlieh and German
Cup and twist and patent breech DOUBIA: BARAF:LE.D
GUNS, which have ever been offered in Thin market in
such !oncea that will and 111. Alto, ox Barrelled no
volving and self-cockine PISTOLS. Call and examine
for yourselves, at the cheap Hardreare Store n(
( - Cambia, Ancutt tl, 1.47
•= ".
•t *r:4 ;1. - .4+h) et , t) co (.4
TN PRICES of Dry Goods. Who are to be benefited
I, by this remarkable change? THE PEOPLE: Why'
Let therneall at the BEE DIVE STORE, North Queen
street, and ace, here they can buy as touch for SI 00, as
they a short tune ago would have had to pay $2 00 for.
This then is a Indical change tor the expreng benefit of
the :people. Let them call early and see the LAIWE
[ LOTS of cheap and beautiful floods just opening. tor
i Revolutions now-a-days are remarkable tor their brevity.
Splendid Lawns. tam colors.
eushng, heavy and fine. w, cents
MIS DR LANES: Mt cents
inch M
A good arucle of Plain node, and 131 k. only 1,2; cents
A good article, Highly Camelot'''.
Ladies can he supplied with every article fur mourning
Good plain Mk. Cliitit7e,, only 12.} cents
do do Lawn,, 12/, Id, and 2i cents
Mazathins : Gareges and Silk Tissues.
Lisle thread, Silk and fill: Misses Gloves in carroty,
GINGIIAMS:—Dist opeed. 4 ease; of splendid French.
Scotch, and English Dross Guinhans,. %ew patterns and
cry Lheup—at rut: BEE llt\ h, North Queen street.
The greatest variety of the moat splendid styles, just
received—among the WV , est styles are :
Martainns, - • - - Mu gnificeut.
Zephrines, Beautiful.
Zephry Tissues, - - Lovely.
Pompadours, Fascinating.
Se., Se , perfectly exhaustless, at the
BEE HIVE, North Quemt Street,
Just opening, the newest styles for Spring and Stunner,
the greatest variety ever seen in Lancaster Great care
has been talon is the SCIOSIIOII of styles and colors, afire
French N. W. Lace Capes,
do do do Collars.
•do do do FA' !nun; and inserting.
Embroidered Solos Muslins, for Dresies.
BEE lIIVE, North Queen 51
Lancazter, April 15, 1E41.1.-tf
VERN themical Soap cures Pimples, Blotches,
Salt Rheum, Scurvy, Eryhipelas, Sure Head', Old
Sorts, Sore Itenrd and Burlier', Itch, Chopped and tender
Flesh, Freckles. Tun, Sunburn, and changing Dark. Sun
burnt or Yellow Sklit to n pure clear white, a, 2511100111
tutJ sun tw. un nutihrs. And, in Ina, every kind of crap
litnt add do, fi gureinent. Rend thew: certificate,:
From the N. O. Sentinel, Oct., 1.;. , -.11.
One of our subscriber, Mr. 11. Leonard, informs us that
he has heel) mired of oh), stmly Salt Rheum, of eighteen
year's - standing, on his head. fingers and hands, I, u cake
clan article much advertised lately—we speak of Joneb's
Italidit Chemical 'Soap He also lianas us that he has
treed its effects 011 1101 10111010 slave Rose, much marked
with sun :Tom. and he found iti two weeks her skin much
clearer awl winter
James Elthatn, a planter in Jersey City, N 1,11.3 cured of
carbuncles and pimples, tt Inch he was attuned U all tor
molly years, by a part of a cake of .loners`.. Italian Chemi
cal Soap,
1',,,,5011S 111 purchasing this insist always ask for Jones's
ITALIAN CHEMICAL ts. 4 oAP,—and perhaps, as noisy
who have been cheated with the counterants, will be too
much discouraged to try the genuine, we say to such, try
this once—You will not regret it; but always sec that the
IMMO a S 'S. Jones is On thu 11-rapper.
at EC: Chatham nt., :Caw York, and I,y R. WILL
Agent for Colombia. je2llt,tim
0.• ,; .) 4'l
TllE Franklin Fire Insurance Company of
l' II ILA UBI.I•1II_ No 1.631
:".141.,t, Mat ,treet.
Lt 121-.CTORS
CIII MIX., N 13,7,10.11, GErturo: Iv RICILIIIDA,
'l'ontns NV.3(.:4135, 41.1/01.1'1III I. 1101t11:,
JACOB It. Sill In_, Moartls r t... 0
Continue to intake insurance. perpetual or homed, on
every description 01 property in town and COMM y, at
rates an low nn are comunont wttlt Fecurity.
The Company have reserved a large Contingent Fund,
which, with their Captial and Premium:, solely invented.
airords ample protection to the a...noted,
Th.: :t...04 01 the Company. on .lltnna ry Int o /949, as
published agreeably to .let 01 Asnembly, were tis
lOVV.S . , VI/ •
Nlortgagen, 89110,559 135
Real Esiatc, 1.144,353 tilt
Temporary Loan., 121.459 On
Stooks, ..5t , ,.563 55
Ca-h. 45,157 b 7
51,220.0frt tt7
!-liiee their mcorporation, a perical of eichteeti years:,
they have paid upwards of one nut/ton, two huteireathon
semi tioltars.losse. by fire, thereby affording eeii t e „,,,, o f
Old :lelVfilltligeS of instiranec, as well as the ability and
(IN - mignon to meet with promptness, all liabilities.
I'IIARLF:ti N. ISANCKER, Preetitent.
MIA ; 13A Nt
TiIOMAS'LLOYD. of Colombia.
.Ic - ent for York 111111 Lancaster Comities.
Pr It. P. 2. I.l=—Jy.
--- Baltimore Sr. Susquehanna Rail Road.
rho 3ionsin g P.I.:_^.SI:NGEII. TRAIN will run
(tom Baltimore regularly, hemmer, on Sam
clay, at 9 o'clock, .\. dl., and Returning tell %tact (tom Co-
Winton at I t, P. M., Wright3ville ' 2 P. M , anal (roan York
111.3 o'cloek, P M.. as on call, an*. on the week.
lotween Baltimore and York will be carried by tliot
train. No otla r train will run on Sunda)`.
D.C. 11. It(1111)1.EY.
(let. 27, IA It liiiperintondent on Trnin,poinatton.
E i RERCCEP.-. ; The Pas
-8„Ati,„0„.: at 9 o'cloc 1., A. 31 , anti ar
rivas at ti o'clock, P.M.
Arrives nt York at IL! o'cloci, P \I .and leaves for Co
limildaat I; n'e trek, P. M.
lamslfs Columbia at f.' ofelnek. I'. .1. and lens l, York
Mr Baltimore at 3 o'clock, l' M.
Fare groin Baltimore to York, ti!.l 50
Wrightsville, - -t: Un
Columbia, - - ..2. It%
The Trion connects at York Is ith Stage, for I larstsburg.
Getiselitirg.Chmitherslatr, , r, l'ittaburg and Mork Spring,
rrd.rtE SO (Iflll'l'Slif'Rf: ANIS 1 imuttsm: itG.
The Company Is autliori , erl by the proprietor, of the
Stage lanes to reruive the fare through iron. Baltimore to
Getty ....harg and Ilarri,barg
'IS il.rl:ll,,re: rn fivrrls.aleric AND llAnamtre.;,
rare through to either place 'till; 00
L. C. If Bouni.tx, Super't.
May h.l,47—ti 'Picket Office, tki North st., halt,
RIS LETTER. Who will be without a bean
nth! head of hut ,when they ran have one for three
nlhnes ! Twenty years' lo.; of hair and wonderful
rez.zora Non '
Dear :sir—The powerful eficets of inns',, Coral Nair
Ites.torati% e Irv. been so ileemvely iltriton , tratcrl in the
eases nt s,•re rat respectable. CIII,I, of the town, who. on
account nt 41111. SPIiIII,7 three shilling betties. try it without
tear. Om instance, which has attracted particular linen
-110111, to the nice ei a gunk:llan olio had little or no hair
air nicety years, he had tried numerous prtparations in
', au ,. and ultimately had his head shaved and wore 11
wig At nn' recommendation, he tried the Restorative,
and alter using it, according to the direction, lot a short
tint.,, the y oting hair appeared, and lie has now as floc a
iteautoihair a• truly person tit Baltimore.
de !NV° u rs, .1011 N Kil.vt.NcrroN.
44, - Ro e f, , by It. 'Williams, agent for Columbia.
4:4 -u 510kk'10:44,651
nI I 2I I iEW YORK is strangely dchtructive to the
heman entitle, (or skin.) the air from the sea, Ihe
sudden, change from heat to cold, and the smoke causes
It is requisite that the pores of the skin should be kept
kept open—that the irmouths should be freed from impu rhy
--'1.W311 thus the ancient Roman Philosophers cured all
diseases—they computed that more diseases and unheal
thy vapors left through the pores of the skin. than for
any other outlet of the body. It isnecermary, therefore,
to keno the pores open—all humors arc dispelled from the
skin from the pores, when washed with Jones's Italian
Chemical soap. I have seen it cure the worst and oldest
eases of Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Old Sores, Barber's
Itch,Sore Itead, Ringworm, when every internaland ex
ternal remedy had failed—its effects in rendering the skin
white. clear and soft, though it be yellow sod coarse. is
wenderful—it removem Frockles.Tan.bunburn.:Morphistv
and disfigurement of the skin—but persons must be ear
-1 Denier and ask for Jonee'v Soap. For sale by It. Williams.
agoatfer Columbia. auRG'l9-Ide2l
SOOTS 412f1, 8130 ES.
JUIES JORDAN, Fashionable Boot anti
Shoe maker, respectfudy informs Ins friends and
the public, thnt he has opened
immediately opimsate Peter Haldeman 's Store, where he is
prepared to execute all orders in his line, with neatness
and iletpatch. Ile feels confident in giving tauslitetion to
all who may laver him with n call. liteinhert of the. 11, •
11. A. 1- are rcspermally invited to give Itim a call.
Coiumbiu. April 15
Philadelphia ..advertisements.
AM) GLASSWARE. Herr's China Hall, Chesnut
street, opposite the State House, Philadelphia, is the
cheapest place to the city. to buy all kinds of
and where can be found the largest 'assortment. and of
the newest sty/es, and fully TWENTY-FIFE PER CENT
less than at any similar rstablisismcnt. Families, Hotel
and Store keepers, viridng the city for the purpose of
buyittg DINNER SETS, and TEA. SETS, and all other
kinds of ware in this late. will serve their own interest by
examinining the stock and pacesof this store, after pricing
el.:where, nod they a•dl he fully auutfied that the above
are farts.
All ware purchased at tilk bonse will be packed and
rj• Remember that this Cheap Rstatilishiusne is in
eiltNiltlistreet,aliceetly opposite the State Masi', Phila.
August 12, 1t,44-3m
ST. HOUSE. No, 121 Chesnut Street, a few
doors below Fourth. North side.a—Tlic subscriber re
spectfully inferno. his ti hued; and tith public in general,
that he atilt continues to keep the above establishment.
Every pains is at all time, taken to render this one of
the best, and. from its central situation, it is one of the
atuct convenient Hotels in the city.
His TABLE hs furnished, at all times, with the choicest
delicacies of the season.
kits WINES and LIQUORS are not surpassed by any
other establishment in this city.
tits servants are careful. holiest and obliging.
Tennis of Boarding to suit the times.
Country Merchants and Business Melt will find the lo
cation of the Cinsssitx Sr. Hoes; in the most business
part of Philadelphia.
The subscriber pledges himself that every thing in his
power shall be done to give satisfaction to those who
sor hint with their patronage
Philadelphia. Aug. - EL le-ly Proprietor,
radical cure for Consumption !I It
also D removes and permanently cures all diseases
Ta only
arising limn an impure state of the blood, viz:
Scrofula or King n Evil. Rheumatism, Obstinate Cuta
neous Eruptions, Pimples or Pestules on the Mee,
Blotches. 13iles, Chrome Sore Eyes, Ring Worm or Wi
wi:, Scald lined, Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and
Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Symptoms, Sciatica or
Iminbugo, Diseases arising from an inumous use of Mer
cury, Dropsy, Exposure or imprudence in life. Also,
Chronic Constitutional Disorders.
In this medicine several innocent but very potent anis
cles of the vegetable kingdom arc united, forming a cont.
pound entirety different in its character and properties from
any other preparatiomund unrivalled in its operation on
the system sshen laboring under disease. It should be in
the hands of every person. who by business, or general
course of life. is predisposed to the very many ailments
that render ht: a curse, instead of a blessing, and so mien
result in denth.
coNsum rrioN.
The following testimony ti from to able practitioner 01
this (zit)
Ihutaut trip s, December 14.1;517.
Dear Sir :—ln reply to) our goestion respecting the use
of Dr. Drake's Panacea.] m ill say that although a perfect
disbeliever in the existence of a Panacea, or cure roe rill
diseases, however valuable it may be to certain condi.
north. Of the :system, stall I have believed that n cure for
Consumpuon would be discovered sooner or later. anal
was led to try your medicine to two very tnsvwrate eases.
They were prunouuced by the attending physicians to be
PuMioNAlty CmsbLlStrrioN. and abandoned by them us -in
curable. One of the persons hod been under the eat
mein of several very able practmouers for u. number of
yea's. mil the) said she had old fashioned Consumption
combined nnh Scrotum :1," and that she might linger for
imuletune. bin could not he permancatly relieved. In both
cases the mica or the Panacea has been most grant) lisp
Only four or live bottles as crc used by one of the persons
before she began to lintuove rapidly. The other took
about ten They are both well I will only odd. that tit
uullar I ail with Consumption by inheritance and by
eXtemive inuservation its a Sillily, and knowing HIM the
injurious etleets ill Mae elites out of tett of tar, bollefiet,
and oilier vegetable Unites, us well its of many of the ex
peclormits ao l sedatives, I should never have recommend
ed the use of Drake's Panacea it I had not been acquaint
ed with the ingredient,. Siam: It to Say these urn re-
COminentleil by our most popular and scientific 'Myst-
Mans, null in their present combined state, tuna probably
the beet alterative Mot has ever been made. The cu r e Is
accordance with a theory of Consumption broached
Prance a low y earn op, by one of her most eminent
Writers oil medicine, Lind now established by Met.: which
admit of nu dispute. Very Respeetiiilly Your, ,
1,. 0. °L NN, Corner Chest. and Filth st.
LivEu co:qpLAINT AND Dy:,isEpstA
Astonishing cure of lever CoMplaila. and 3)y sperm, in
connection Wall General Debility of the whole nytent:
ruit.salutants. Morel; 7 1,13
Messrs.' Storm & Co —cmalem mt y bas been
I for several years milletell wrath a pain through her right
sale all , likaatier. aCCOMpaltiltil sail), ebdls through her
whole system. and alintad constantly a sMa stomach, at
tended with pain, ins muddy altar cattily ordrniking ;so
much so as to deprive her of all satisfaction to attempong
to eat, even if she had a desire tor food, svidell was 110 t
often the case, an her appetite wa,, completely gone. A
friend persuaded her to give DR. DliA ILE'S PANACEA
a trial and I am now happy to say the first bottle gave
her relief. Our family physician examined the Pan/leen,
alai approved of her using it. She has taken three bottles
since, and is greatly belie - fitted. She Mtn now itgood ap
petite, and eon eat her meals with siitinfaction. The chills,
pan, and sink nammeh liase entirely h a t her, and we, feel
confident that the Panacea han aAcemd n comply euro of
her difficulties, and would recommend to all who are at-
Mated as she has been to try Dr. Drake's Paaao...
No.. North Third Street.
The above are Ina fete o f the n u merous
we ore constantly riceis tug, af the wonderful efficacy at
Dr, Drake's Panacea. It is it pieta:ant, yet most search
tog remedy ; and the first trial will provo its power. It- !
reputation has increased since its Introduction to a degree
hitherto unknown in all medical .11,oVerie,
With the firm eons 'clew 'het no other remedy, so called.
of thepreqent ege, equal :to 111,, and that the thew)
upon wince it IS compounded is too firmly uomblu.hed to
lin overthrown, the proprlClO, ruhen n trail ot Of.
V•IIIIICetl, willing to shad or tall tlllOll 11, 0,
merits, well satisfied it vf ill hubtute the reputation it
already Liege trod.
irt CACTION —The genuine rut. DuAlms- r AN.v .
CEA I. pet up in barge bottler-it Imo; the sumo.
' titre of lien F. Starr., on the wrapper—and 5i1..1) the mune
"Dr Drake's Panacea,. Phila." blown tit the gins.
Prepared only by Storrs L Co., Druggist., \o. 21 North
Stxtli Street. Philo.
VGENTS.-R. WILLIAMS. Columbia; I & Son
Lancaster ; C. A. i%lorre, & Co, York.
T if iI s,ApENTIVELY: Doctor liollund's Cele-
Will effectually cure the Liver complaint, Jaundice, Dys
pepsia, Chronic or Nervous Debility, In digre,tion.
knee, Asthma, Diabetes, Dit,ent-e of the Kidney., Pulmo
nary Atrections. (arising from disease or the stomach and
liver,) and all tiri-ing Coma a Weak" or di4ordered
stomach in both Male and Female, such lei Female ‘Veak-
Dlfilne , s, Mood to lire Dead, Inward
Fluttering of am Ileart, Difficulty of
Cotiatala itaa g loalgS of is ii. Greta Depression slam.,
mimic, 0( Vi•loit, Vain in the Side, Back, fireast, or
Limbs, Cold fen,, tea
They remove all :with., and give tone and action to
the stomach. and :1 , .1 , 1 digestion; they contain no alto•
Italic stimulant, and can be• taluut by the most de heate
stomach. and Will in every east• entirely destroy Costive
ne‘s, and renovate tlac n hole system, removing all =-
pursues trout the body, and remnants of previous disease,
and give health and vnior , to the vsltole Ironic. thereby
preventing night:tit drcams, mallung while asleep, esc.,
Nshieh ow, result in occident.
The fimmions of the stomach ore of the iitrnosit impor
tance to et yr) ane. con , tituting the soterre and !outdid,'
of life. Nl:bleb is UM/MO. No organ p05......5cs such
s) ;apathies, none, sueh remarkable power in
modifying ecery part of the system A greater number
of prrsoti. lull victims to the harra..silig 01 Constipation
and Dopepsta and more, orgame diseases tOnwill , neillg . to
the digestive system, than all other diseases combined.
The ninny thousands who Ate milli 1 ellow Fever, Cholera,
Influenza, and oilier epidemics. is owing to dtsense or de
raugeme»t there. If the itntestive ystein 1 lit 'perfect
health, the tiers Oils t.)-tettt and the circulation of the
blood will be also. an upon it they depend, then epidemics
loose all their terror.
Jinitimnre, .lifiy 17, IFI7.
9110. e IlVilltr 10. or I . l , llina I , l2striers harr,,,,,i with
FEVER AND A(giE noon:Illy, mall find that by the
ton , ly ti.e of one or ilia) book,. In renovate and strengthen
the ,vi.ioll, nn eNerkk of bile will neeinnnlatr, and they
will not in ally one lain:111e, lake the daseut.e. Pres e rairat
hs (fir troller than cure.
The rare success in treating , e, of the stomach
been much a want of pathological
knowledge of 11. 11 . 1.11 , 431011 K, as the preparation of suitable
Vegetable compounds, no us to obtain not only their
whole power, hut as they ♦could be most effectual and
We are all aware that too many preparations have
bern, and arc now before the pubic. that art only as palls
abyss, and some that change the locality 01 the disease.
or prevent it for a short period, then IL returns More for
malaide t ha n in the first instance. Such preparations
have destroyed the public confidence. This article stand
ing alone in its number of cures, and unrivalled. as thou
sands of stir eitt/ell5 ran attest who Wive tested its vir
tues, can always be depended upon for the above named
diseases. It will cute any case that can he cured by
medmine, no tauter who, or what else has faded; tit will
pertectly restore the diseased organic functions of the
Stomach. Intestines, Respiration. Circulation.
These Hitters, and the Spikenard Ointment tatll cure
any case or inward Piles; it is a rare occurrence to re
name niece than one bottle of each for the worst cases.
For sa fe attbe GERMAN ItIF.DIEINE OFFICE, No.
2780/scoStreet, one do9r above Eighth, south sale, mita..
delphia. In Lancaster, by John P. Long; In Harrisburg.
by Daniel W. Gross; in Pittsburg, by Win. Thorn—and
by dealers generally throughout the United States.
In= Pamphlets containing cures and descriptions of
diseases. gratis.
Also for sale, his celebrated vEGE7rAnt.r, RHEV
MNITIC PILLS, for the ear« of Gout, Ithemnatimn, Drop
styfand severe Nervous Atiecttons. OINT
MENT, for the cure of Piles. 'fetter. Ringworm, &e.,
mare lit- I"ls-nor
L.4:4 , .(4 1 .:414;4 , ,F41
F .l'.fSirZU l
Philadelphia .adverlisements.
alO REMEDY --- The In
valid's best friend!—The
ninal and only genuine
7 rom Manheim Centre, lier
kimer Co N. 1
Dr. Wright—Dear sir—lt is
nth pleasure that I certify to
le efficacy of your Indian
'eget:lbis Pills. I had been
tug afflicted with the Bleed-
Igl.Piles, and had used many
rescribed remedies to 110
arpose. YOWI agent at Little
'oils persuaded sue to give
the r-7177: — ; 0.7;7717 ant - lit w with extreme gratification that I
say they entirely cured me, which has induced me to be
lieve that whenever ofir trial is made of them, they will
be found a cheap, speedy, and effectual remedy for the
above complaint. J.I.SE Lewis,
April 2.V. IC-18. Blacksmith,
:llr. Lewis is a well known and respectable chiles of
Ilerkimer county. N. York. mid considered himself in
curable. Sitter los recovery, through the use of Wright's
Indian Vegetable rills, he haa adopted them as his only
family medicine, and considers them the beat he ever had
Minns !tem.:, not only cur himself !At down to the youngest
A Palystet‘N's Trsnuon.
[from Cutt,kill, Green County, New York.]
Dr. W. Wright—Dear sir—l have found your Indian
Vegetable Pill, a valuable remedy in eases o f
n general de
bility of the i.vstens, and in all Whons disorders. lam
al..° in the habit of iceorinnending them to females ill pe
culiar cage... I ob.serve them to operate in the eygieen
without producing debility or pain, leaving it in a healthy
condition. Joins Doaxr,
[From Norton Hill, Greene County, N. li".]
Dr. Wright—lVe I n xc used and sold your Indian Ve
getable Pals for three years past, and do not hesitate to
recommend them to our friends and customers as the best
ramtly Medicine in use. N. & L. ItatusnEt.t..
Irrosu Nl:lTbk. Hall.
To Dr. W. Wright—Dear sir—tor the last two pearl I
have had the agency for the sale Cl' your Indian Vegeta
ble Pills at this place, and have sold annually large quan
tities at retail they have, in every instance, given Caller
saiisMetion. Many families in tits section keep them,
and consider them invaluable as a Mindy medicine.—
There is no tnedicine sold here that can he no universally
recommended as IVrigld's Indian %'egetalilo
N'r . r ._, lrply yours, Wm. LL xxs.
Feb. 1. Drlll.
The followin;; highly respectable Storekeepers have
been duly appointed agents or the rule or this Celebrated
medicine. in Lancaster county
Bears:tile, Reuben WUeller.
Bainbridge, John F. Beecher.
Ilirthin-lfand, Jacob Bruner.
Burt Township, IVin. W. Passinore.
MlN:view. Buyers & Kennedy.
Conestoga Centre, John 11. Harman.
Church Town. L. & R. Rogers.
Coopersville, a Lewis.
Columbia ! Fry & Spangler.
Cherry 11111, !MUM S. Webster.
Drusnore. John A. Boyd
Earl 'Pownship, George Bitchinan.
do do Weaver & Sunnier.
do do Dams Wallace.
Elizabethtown. John Lynch.
Ephrata. 0. P. Gross.
do Martin lreidintin
Fulton Rouse, Fulton tp., L. P. 'Wilkinson.
Ilempfield, & Martin.
Intercourse, J. G. & S. C. Robinson:
Lancock township, Frederick Swope.
Lainpeter Square, J. F. & D. IL Beer.
Litiz, Nathaniel S. ,Volley.
Lancaster, John Zimmerman.
Mount Joy, NVIIIIICY & Cassel.
Mountville. John Devlin.
Marietta, IV. A. & 11. Spangler.":
Mount Joy Township, 11. G. Clark & Co.
:Raytown, John Reinhold.
do Sinytintker & Co.
Moran Pleasant, Samuel Kepner.
Mill Creek, I ferry Stauffer.
New Ilolland, Brubaker & CO.
:COW PrOVlliellCC.lllldebtßilat & Me) er.
Poplar Grove, E. 11. I'RK.4OII.
Peach Bottom. S. W. P. Boyd.
Paradise. A. R. & A. C. Witmer.
Peach Bottoin Win. Arnold.
Itawlinsville. ohn Ilawlios.
Sig - 0 !lark... John Derr &
Stratisburg. Spencer.
Salsbur}, If. Freeland.
Washington, John A. Brush.
11D—011iees devoted exclusively to the sale or WrighVs
Indian Vegetable Pills, wholesale and retail. lOU Rion%
street. Philadelphia; 2,1 , 3 Greenwich street, New York;
and In. Tremont street. Boston.
STOVES !! At No. 97, South Second street, Phil
C. J. TYNDALE rewectially invites an examination
of lin large dock of STOVES, euiliracintr, i-ume ut tug,
of Pennsylvania, New York. Peekskill, Troy.
gethrr welt a hi-outdid assortment of Fancy Sheet-Iron
SCOVca and Radiators For Parlors, Dmin-Ytooms, Hitch
errs, or Chambers, be believe. that hes as.eortment a 111
computer to advantage with that of any other establish
ment. lie lute taro a sphu t tuthd crock Of
ORBS cimunivann AIR-Ticirr STOVES,
for which he hes been the ngcnt tor many yvtl3n in tine
em, to the tonnothcotre of winch for elenttee nod cheap
ile Tenors to nuotrrottr purchuDer. lord for Liettoty of
pow 111., hr hum-ett tntrn•:llcd.
fi:) -- 143r Stores, whether for %Vood or Coal, his ag
men* is complete. Ile reitin in his thanlis to Iris old cut—
toria•rs. to whom and ary public lie r..ia•vs hie invitation
to him a trill at the old n4uicl, No. 07, South :hid at.
1.1111011C11,111:1, September Pip IFL: 9m
11 - 01 V many die a most horrible death without
1. the simple cause being suspected. Some linger for
y cars, to. they suppose. from 111,pep e/1 a is worms.
which mime s must discus.. There her come under
our notice several Case! , or supposed (, of several
year. standing. alumu we have recommended the Syrup,
which has entirely restored them to health. I.Ve would
ear to AULTS when they are niff tete d with Soar stomach,
Suck Head Ache. Fits, a irequent deceive to make Stools,
Isomers, Bloated Stomach, Nervousness, Sickness after
eausirf. Sensation of rising is the throat atter eating, dfc.,
he m•stured it is simply worms. and it needs but a trial of
11013ENSN CK'S WORM Sll.lll.
to satisfy you it is so. and it you have any of the above
symptoms and the Syrup tails to cure, the agent will re
fund the money. TO PARENTS we would say. that the
greatest stn you arc convicted Or, Pi to let your children
ender and die, when there as a simple pleasant Vegetable
remedy at hand. It is said by our oldest Physicians, that
Worms C:1112,11101, death, yearly, than all the oilier dis•
henna tunnly tire bilbJeCt to. Then. how um
portant it IS to have u safe and pleasant remedy at band.
Partin, when year ehildren have sore or inflamed eyes,
:you may rest satisfied that it is amused by worms, and
you w ill do well to call on the storekeepers of your
iu•ighborhood Mat get a hook of Hobensack's. containing
eeruheales of cores and the my mptums of worms. Al
ways keep a Bottle of I tobensack's %Worm Syrup on hand,
It IS a friend in need.
READ :ON I WRAF/ ON: 'war) ON!!!
Massie: tionmvstry—Gentlemen inky great pleasure
nunnumg you of the great efficacy of your Wonn Sy
rap; having been afflicted for live years, nail o aided
away to it mere 41:Melon. without re,,ry,,,, :tny
from vitrui4 medicines. I won induced by Jess., Roberts
to try •t nor Worm St rap, or he int - maned me it had brought
worms from also, of Squire A. Tomlinson. of Barka
county. a mail Over filly year, old. whom I ant well ae
quitinted with. I then commenced taking }oar Syrup,
and it brought a very large quantity of worms. stone tell
Inches JO lenvls,amt entirely restored me to health , and,
I must say I ieel like a now mum
Yours. truly, JOIN lIART. Thins co.
Mr. 3. Ilan is a gentleman thirty three years of age.
living rive mien out of the city, hack of Second st. road
and is only one amongst the hundred grown persons tha,
have been saved hyIIOI3ENSACK'S WORM SYRIA'.
Messrs. :14ohensnek
I have been looking for some of your Worm Syrup
for some Time : I have sold all but one bottle; I wash you
to send me two doyen Immediately. I believe it to be it
good medicine t I love seen it tried to my satisfaction.
I have known one dose to bring front a child three worms,
ten inches long, and gam another twenty vsnrms, eight
inches long in one nay. I have bold 4 itrerent Worm Me
dicines for a number of years,but never sold any that
gave sorb universal satistaenon.
Respectfully, yours, WM. BROOKFIELD,
Bridgeton, New Jersey
rtilLaDaLrnia. :liar 25, 1647,
Messrs. J. N. & G. S. Ilobensack—Gentlemen—l have
been for some time using your "Fermi:age' in my prac
tice. and I ant happy to any that in my hands it has sue
ceeded in ita intention, so as fully to itertltY confidence
in its use. I think it nmong the very best preparations sit
:(1. W. Aill.trioNi, M. rt. No. 36, South st
Prepared only lay J. N. &G. 110 BENSACK. 2d
and Comes Street. Philadelphia, and for salt by all re
apetable Storekeepers in this and adjoining counties,
whom we authorize to awe back the money in every ease
it tails to give satisfaction. Price 25 cents.
Also Ilobensack's Hyena Tooth Achc Drops. Price
121 cents, a certain cure for Tooth Ache.
Hobensnek's Rheninatic Liniment. Price 4J cents.
de Curcall Salve. Price 12} cents, tor weak
basks,Sprouts, fresh and old sores, bunts, etc.
flolensack's Toter and Rtanswonn Ointment. Pricy
25 cents, warranted to cure all irruptions of the skin—
for Attie as above.
Plialadelplit a May 27,—1n0 IP 'P.
Philadelphia 3dvertisements.
VEGETABLE PANACEA, We give below a num
ber of Certificates of Cures of Scrofula er King's
Evil, Tette?, Erysipelas, and Old Sores, which have been
cured in Philadelphia by the above most extraordinary
Thousands of cases of Rheumatism, Dyspepsia, Liver
Comphunt. "'Tenurial Diseases, Ulcers and Impurities of
the blood. have been cured by this Panacea. The testi
monials of which will be furnished in pamphlet form
We the undersigned, having visited Mr. Isaac Brooks, !
Jr., at 1110 office of Messrs. Rosvand fr. Walton, 376
Market street, Philadelphia. consider lets case the most
remarkable one we have ever witnessed or heard of.
His disease was Scrofula, and terrible must have been
his twelve
. years' conflict with the destroyer Bin pal
ate, the en tire roof of his mouth, nose, tipper lip. andlow
er lid of the right eye have been destroyed, his face near
ly eaten up, and part of the jaw bone earned away. And
yet we can give no description of lies case.
Mr. B informs us that in January last, the whole inte
rior of his mouth, ns as most of his face, was a mans
of deep and painful ulcers !
On the I.ltl, of January last, be commenced taking Dr.
Cullen's Indian Vegetable Panacea, which checked the in a few days, and from that time the cure has
progressed without intermission.
hew flesh has supplied the place of the deep ulcers,
and though badly disfigured, his face is sound, and his
general health is restored.
We are assured that in the treatment of Mr. Brooks'
ease, no Mereurials, Ointments, or Caustic applications
lIENC been used,—in fact, the Panacea alone, has wrought
this wonderful change.
Philip S. White, Esq. J. W.. Tones, M. D.
Rev. John Chambers, W. Steelling, M. D.
ltev. A. D. Gillette, T. P. S. Roby. M. D.
Rev. J. It. Nichols, Jacob Frisk. M. D.
Rev. William Uric, S. 13. Coles. M. D.
Rev. E. Kincaid, John \V. Ashtnead, Esq.
Rev. Levi Brink, P. Sken Smith. Esq.
E. Gunton, Esq. J.. A. Godey, Esq.
And thousands of others equally respectable, whose
names might be added if necessary.
If there should be °Ng who still hesitates to use this
valuable medicine, or disposed to give the preference to
any other, or yield to the advice of prejudiced physicians
nor to use the PANACEA, we ask that one to read the fol
lowing certificates. Mr. Caldwell a gentleman of res
pectability and well known in the lower part of the city,
where he carries on his business as a currier.
Mrs. Foster ts'also well known as a respectable mem
ber of the Ebe»erer M. E. Church. We would rennin]
the afflicted. that it is but a few weeks since we published
T imm: new certificates—here are two itiorc.—ls there
medicine in existence that cures with theleertainty that
this does? Sc invite those who have any doubts to call
upon Mr. Caldwell or Mrs. Foster, and they vi ill have a
much fuller account than can be given in a certificate.
To ROWAND WAtrox—Cionts
I with pleasure give you a brief statement of the emis
perforated on my sou lay your Dr. Cullen's button vegeta
ble Panacea. In the early part of last spring my little
boy, about four years of age. had the measles badly, du
ring which time he took cold. After the measles left
him, his cars commenced discharging matter—his eyes
became much inflamed and very sore I found ins sight
would tie entirely destroyed. His bead was literally cov
ered Is WI crabby ulcers, which extended over a consid
erable portion of lab thee. We tried serest remedies,
but without benefit. I saw in the "Daily Sun" newspa
per a care performed on a child of Mr. Hopkins, by your
Panacea, and inviting those interested to call on Jinn. I
dill so, and became satisfied to give it a trial. The first
bottle produced a decided change for the better. lie took
four bottles and the disease is completely mustered, and
I have no fears of a return. . .
. .
1 must say 1 was flinch opposed to patent ne•dicines. as
they are called—believed them to lie catch-penny luau•
bugs—hut my mind is chom•ed. I now believe your Pan
acea to be the most valuable medicine ever introduced,
and have no hesitation in recommending it to all who
need a medicine at the kind.
TlowANu C NV.M.TON, Gent4.—For the benefit of the al-
Meted, and in gratitude to you, I cheerfully make the fol
lowing statement.
About eleven years since a red spot made its appear
ance upon my ankle. It did not trouble me for some years.
About four years ago it became inflamed and painful. I
was then informed it was Erysipelas. I ' , mowed come
salve from Dr. S., which spread the disease over my bo
dy and head. My hive was so much swollen that 1 was
Mind. I then applied to Or. Gardner—he gave me some
powders, whir, 1 look for some time without any benefit,
I was now suffering more than pen or tongue coil describe
—none cal, know- anything of my sufferings unless they
have been like afflicted.
Mr. Chum, a particular friend of mine, had w much
confidence in your Dr. Cullen , s Indian Vegetable Pana
cea, that he insisted on my giving it a trial. 'H e KNEW
IT 'WOULD eurin YIE." At his request I called upon you,
and procured a bottle of the medicine, which gave toe en
couragement to go on. I have taken six bottles, and am
en , irely well, and have beet, no for almost two years.
would soy to all who need a purifying medicine of the
kind, "get it by all means," I believe it to be the best rue.
dictum even known. Yours, truly,
South 2d street, west side, 2d door abate Washington
I . IIILADEI.I'IIII, April I lilt, I
Rob S. NVALroN—Gentlemen. 1 feel it to be my du
ty to give you n statement of the wonderful cure Dr. Cul
len's Indian Vegetable Ptuincent has effected main me,
that others Itlre afflicted may know Nvhere they can pro
cure that great mid, I believe, the only cure tor.
About two vents since, nay neck began to swell; kernels
formed udder my jaws and ears, they continued to swell
and become very painful. I was advised to try many
things, but to no purpose, crept a waste of my money.
Poultices brought them to a head. emasing them to break
and discharge sexy freely.
•The swellings instead in diminishing in sire. increased
until the lumps extended completely around my neck,
many as large as a biaa's egg. and one as large as in). list.
I was in this condition when your Panacea was recoin
mended to into by Mr. Garrison. I commenced its use
swellings begun to diminish almost from the time I
began to take it. 3ly friend ♦vlm recomancialeil 1111: to
take the medicine, insisted that I should continue to use
it, as he knew of so many persons who had been eared
1W it. I accordingly persevered and have now used
about one dolma bottles, and consider myself a well man.
I do not think there is such another medicine an the
world. I Will Inc pleased to ace tiny one wishing further
information at Mr. Jesse Maker's 6nud boX manufactory,
No. ta, Bank street, WllO Call also certify to the above
statement. .1(IIIN FARROW.
Mr: linker and Mr. Garri-on who-c -tore at No. 23.
.lone.' alley. are both well known in thi. city, and will
eoroborate the :lbw, c ...tatement.
Mr. Sohn W. 'Middleton. No. ers south Eiszlitli street.
gives the following . brief Girton' of his. I line
suffered for 1110113 a ears with a set ere SeltoFrrai. flireCtiria
Illy arras. and head, at tunes not being able to walk
mahout. crutches, 1 had tried almost every thing hefure
coultnetteed wath your Panacea, lust to hale purpose.—
The Panacea Gnu proved itself •uperior so sill other niedi
etne,l have as that alone lats.:sleeted the cure:'
Mr. Middleton wits offered fifteen dollars a week, to re.
niuns in the epic., of a certain (looter at this esty. and
represent the cure as being effected by his medicine; it is
unnecessary to say that Mr. )I. spurned the villanons
lcr nilii indwitailon. Mr. M. can he seen at ins resaletice.
Philadelphia. Dec. 2e17.
Mr. .1. 13 Ernst'. a gentleman well known in the city
give. , the following num:nation .—" 1 was troubled Nvillt it
painful leg mr about . tghu•eu months. so illstressing al
tunes to disqualify me Irmo folio, tag lily - business,
and deprise inc of sleep. 1 ~114 induced by n frond to
make use ot your Dn. CCIAX.II',. INDI&N I.s.
/UCLA. My leg, at the, time I C 011111110111,211 along the
l'011:1CP11. was much sit idlest and inflamed. unlit a large
ulcer open. The leg is now entirely well." Mr Kea.❑
resides at No. 125 south Eleventh t.treet. Philadelphia,
1/eeember 20, 1014
Mrs. :Mary T. Charles ' n highly respeetuble lady living
in ‘Villimnstown, New Jersey, had suffered nbout nine
years with vx u nn OR leg. The attending Physi
cians stud nothing but amputation cold save her iife.
Reading the many nstonishing mires perfonned by
Or. Cullen 's Indian Vegetable . Panacea, she sent a
friend to procure some of the medicine. but unfortu
nately she missed the place and got into rt Doctor's
Ofliecovlto represented his medicine as the PANACEA,
and of which she took about twenty bottles, without
belied; before finding her mistake. tier triend then call
ed dad procured Dr. Cullen's Panacea, and after using it
:Mont ten months.. Mrs. Charles thus writes under the
dote of December IS47t---
Mcbses. noveand (V. Wnlton—Gentlemen—Sou request
me to inform you how I am getting'. I have the pleasure
of staling to you that icy health in good-1 haven good
appetite. and my leg,which it was thought would have to
be taken off, is now entirely well.
Further information may be obtained by cullingorpon
Mrs. Early, in Vernon street, below South.
ItTeems. Rowand Si-Walton—Gentlemen cheerfully
give you the particulars'of a cure performed on me hy
Tour Justly celebrated Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegeta
ble Panacea. , I have been afflicted with the " Tetter ,
about ten years on my body and bands. It was exceed
ingly troublesome and annoying. I tried Ointments, bus
without relief. Last winter ,I pre...tired some of your
!\I r.m.u:s
I remain gratefully yours. Sm.
JOHN CArAMVEI.I.,336 south 21 street
PIIILADI:LPHIA 3 ATztre 17th.1.94.9
Panacea; the itching was soon allayed; and I had taken
the medicine but a Short time when biles made their ap•
pearance on different parts of me body. When the biles
disappeared the Tester went with them, and I am now
entirely well. I would certainly recommend the Pana
cea to all who are similarly afflicted.
Mullicahill, Gloucester Co., N. J., April 17, 1847.
Mr. Hazleton is a respectable fanner, and well knows
as a Temperance Lecturer and moral reformer, to the
people of the lower counties of New Jersey.
- . &
Dr. CULLEN . % PANACEA, 110111 wholesale and retail, by
the proprietors, RONVAND &NV AttoN, No. 370„1Vlarket st.,
and by their agents.
It. Williams and W. A. Leader, Columbia•, v ias. Smith
and G. Hilts. Lancaster; John S. Futhey: and Evans 'as
Lloyd, Wrightsville: J. T. Anderson, Marietta.
i t
September 2, 1509.-1 y.
()R COMA. Dr, Cullen's Indian Vegetable
Remedy is a domestic preparation, composed entira;t
ly of roots—no balsams, no mercury, or any other mltts,
oral, and very pleasant to the taste. Certain syphilitic
complaints, in all their forms. cured in a very few days,
if the medicine Is taken as directed. •
Prepared by ROWAND & WALTON, and sold whole
sale and retail, at No 376 Market street, Philadelphia
-11. Wil lams and V. A. Leader, Polnrabia; J. T. Ander
son. Marietta - J. S. 'Putney and Evans & Lloyd,
Wrightsville; 'James Smith and G. Rills,"Rianeaster.
sept2• .
By means of t h e POCKEI .
EISCULAPII/S, or teary sae kit
own physician! tiventieth edt.
Lion, with upwards of a' hun
dred engravings, showing pri
vate diseases in every shape
and form, and tnalformatjuns
of the generative system.
The tune has now arrived,
that persons suffering from se
mat disease, need no more be
came the victim of quackery, as
by the prescriptions contained
in this book any one may cure
himself, without hindrance to;
business, or the knoweledge of the moat intimate frien d
and with one tenth the usual expense. In addliion to thal
general routine of private disease, It fully explains the
cause of manhood's early decline, with observations on
marriage—pesides other derangements which it would
not be proper to enumerate in the public prints.
"Any person sending TWENTY•FiVE CENTS/ enclosed
in a letter, will receive one copy of this book, by mail, or
five conies wilt be sent for one dollar. Address, •• 1717.
NV. YOUNG, No. 152 SPRUCE st., Philadelphia," post
ea id.
5" WANTED—Proprietors of Drug or hook Stores,
and Peillers, in every town in the United States, to act
OR agents for the above work. sept2'4B-Bm.
FOR SALE at the sign of the "Iced Curtain,"
Fourth awl Market Street, Philadelphia.
0. WHEELOCK', Pnortua - rott.
CAFES:—Emit, Sponge, Pound, Teed, Spiez•d, Queen
Cakes, Scotch Cakes, Lemon Cakes, Short Calces - Clieelte
Cakes, Rusk, Apples, Jumbles, Spice lute, and Ginger
PIES :—Strawberry ITurtleberry, Blackberry, Currant,
Cherry, Plum Cranberry, Egg Custard, Cheese Custard,
Apple, Peaelt,:tlinee, and Itheubarb Pies pouring in bot
front the oven at all hours of the day,
CElF,BSP,:—Timotby Saelcson's Ne Plus 'Ultra Medal
Cheese. (very superior,) Pine Apple Cheese, and a great
variety of other Cheese, both new and old.
N. 13. Some of the Cheese sold at this establishment ill
equal to the heel Eitglisli Cheese.
ID- TEMPERANCE DRlNKS—always cold—Roo
st:ll's 31111,111 %Voter, Lemonade. Rem - Ale:id, Milk, Sc.
Philadelphia, Juite 10,1848.—Pin
wny WILL
ATOU SUFFER. Thousands of bottles of the
AMERICAN COMPOUND have been sold during
the past year and was neverknown to fail of curing, in
a few days, dlO worst cases of a certain delicate disease,
weahness and all diseases of the Urinary organs.
Persons 'untitled using this plcusnat and popular remedy,
need four no °YIN:Aare, as it leaves no oiler on the breath.
eibiltuirtu, no restrictions in diet or lousiness—contains no
Mercury or noxious drugs injurionsto the system, tuta is
adapted to every age. sex, or condition. It is also tire
beat remedy known for Flour. .Albus. or "Whites. Olimale
complaints) with which thousands suffer. without the
Ittnnvledge of it remedy. This celebrated remedy has
long been used in the private practice of a physician with
unerring success, radically curing nitietysittite of the hun
dred cases in a t . ew days. Around each bottle are plain
and tall Itilertior,
Li.j .. o.ll.:TlON—Ask for the AzalatlCA c :Cceetior No, and
purcha , c, only of the agent.' Price $1 per bionic: ft
‘Vxu.trocti, ogettt for Colontbia.
June 3, /el y
EMPIRE COOKING STOVE. In again calling
attention to this unequaled STOVE, the. proprietor
hot the pleasure to inform the public that lemon
nally) it has undergone au entire change—the pipe and
hearth placed opposite each other, and a
being added • sluts rendering it faultless, and unless there
is another fault leas Stove in the market, this is unques
tionably the best, as it now embraces every valuable im
provement possessed by any other Stove in addition to
some peculuir to Itself, seemed by Letters Patent.
The success of thin Stove, Since its introduction, is un
equalled. Nothing has ever been offered for culinary pur
poses, that has plies such geamal entistliction. §t9yes
have been copied after its form; seine dealers linve.:tvelt
used its foodumental principles, but the proportionamicre
so unlike the original. thin they hear the relative value,
that II counterfeit does to a genuine coin.
Complete COOK mid other COOK s.TovEs, in. great,
variety. P. GILIMICI. No. 412. Alaska at.
Girard Rosy. below Twelfth Street, PIIILADELPHIA.
11_71—All stoves purchased at 9'Hl5 STORE will be de
livered in Columbia, free of charge
alt2tr 154 y
TYPE FOUNDRY. No. 8 PEAR Street, near tho ,
Exchange. Philadelphia.
The subscriber having made Trent improvements its his
method of casting type and mixing of metals and had a
thorough revising of his matrices, the faces of which are
not excelled. in beauty and regularly of cut, by any in
the eountry; flatters himself that by it strict personal at•
MUM to business, and employing none but the most
skillful workmen, he is enabled to offer a superioratlicle,
Ste eonuainly adding to his stork all that is new irons
the best workmen of this and other coumries, and havin , •
Intely procured from Europe, a great variety of NEN , ,,
PAM'S and ORNAMENTS, solicits the attention of
Framers thereto
SlNeinleti4 win be sent to tiIOFC wishing to order.
Pres•es, Chases. Cars. Ink, Stood,,, Galleys, Brass
Rule. and every other article needed to furnish a complete
Printing Odic, sappljed at the shortest notice.
GERMAN 1100 K .A...1:13 JOB TV
Of the newest style and of all sites, carefully put up in
1011111 , of correct proportion.
AL-KKANDra none
Philadelphia, August 19, IPlf'--flm
ACertain Disease Cared in TWO DAYS.---The
loins. recent and chrome Sldeell.,ll3 of the kidneys die
eti,e or he bladder, gravel. Neon/il weakness. &c. 'Per
sons who, by rattail:mg in a secret habit. having entailed
nn ihcnisele es constittnitmal debility, should apply int
g.,,,ltately to DR, EINKELIN. of the Philadelphia Medi
cal l iollee. the oldest institution of tile kand in the city.
(Mae. N. W. corner of TIMID and UNION Sts., be
ts, vim Spruce nod Pine, II squares from the Exchange.
'Pine ;Medical blouse was established by Dr. K. fitteerr
years ago, tar the suppression of quackery. there being
so wary persons, without knowledge, name or cliaracter,
who put uilvert.entents IS the public papers, that an in
mutat ion of Ili. taint Na as highly necessary to prevent the
Stilleted. hsprelSily strangers. trots billing into the hands
of some oiwkilfull wretch, who, distend of curing, might
send his vies an into nil untimely grave. Therefore, the
afflicted should shun the numerous pretended physicians
who know 'titillate of the Practice of medicine, but con
sult Dr. Kinkelin, who cures a CERTAIN DISEASE Iwo or
three day-. according to the state of the patient, without
likse ot Mercury. No mercurial remedies are used by
mkclw: his cilictues are palatable and harmless,
. his patients are honorably shielded, front even the
possibility of being discovered. lie who places hinntelf
under the care of Dr. K.. may religiously confide in his
honor us u gentleman. and confidently rely upon Lis s'kdl
as a physician, snit if lie is not speedily relieved no re
muneration will be demanded.
Strictures. one of the most troublesome and de 7-,L4Zs
nffeettons. which often end in gravel, inffarnation, weak
ness, fke.;Dr. Kinkelin guarantees to remove speedily ;
as also, swelltngs, diseased prostrate ghlunigac.
tures have ruined many alto had no knot4ledgeo their
TAKE I'ARTICTLAII NOTICE.—Yopag men t t fghtire
lured themseres by a certain practice indulged trrz.4 habit.
frequentently learned from cvdcomptudons, or at uchool,
the effects of which are nightly felt, even when asleep,
and desuoy both mind and body" should apply immediate
ly. 'Weakness and constitutional debility immediately
cured!' and full vigor restored. All letters post paid.
TAKE Nona,.—Dr. Kinkelln Wu; bad greater practice
in the shone affections than any Physician id thE United
States. lie also possesses an advantage over all others,
from the fact of his having studied in the great hospitals
of Europe. Thousands in Philadelphia can testify that
lie cured them atter every other remedy had failed. Sepa
rate MUMS for private consultation. Oren till P. M.
.TrisvinAmo; supplied at a moment s notice, with the
requisite medicines to cure themselves privately.
PACRAGFA Of medicines Rent 20 any part of the U. S.
More particulars in the Spirit of the Times. 0c617.1y
P. R. G