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    Baltimore .advertisements.
1,414• 4 p aleNlO•ni
Market street, Baltimore, Md.
HAMILTON EASTER, & Co., invite the attention of
wholesale and retail purchasers to their stock of Goods
now open, embracing, in
Every new style primed, plait and satin striped and
plaid Cashmere and Aloussehne ; satin striped Orientals ;
embroidered Cashmeres; rich white and colored dotted
Muslim; embroidered Cashmere Robes •; colored LYollese
Cloths ; Alpacas ;. rich and low priced Plaid Goods, and
high colored Fabrics for Children's wear.
- . .
Colored Dress Silks of very rich, medium and low
priced styles, of the latest importations.
Rich high lustrcd Black Silks. of all widths.
'Rich black watered, satin striped and satia.plaid Silks.
Millinery• silks, satins, Marcelines. Florence,&c.,
Silk :Velvets, a very• largo stock of all colors.
Splendid long and square Cashmere Shawls.
Rich embroidered. Crape Shawls.
Embroidered cashmere and titter., long and square plaid,
rich printed Cashmere and Terkeri, black and colored
silk and mourning Shawls-of every style.
Silk Visites, Mantillas, Cloaks, &c.
In Lupin's very superior Bombazines.
3-4 and 6.4 black Mousselilies. 3-4 and 6-4 black Cash
meres, black French Merinos, superior Alpacas, Mourn
ing Cashmeres nod Dress Goods generally.
Also, English and Italian Crapes; Gloves, Hoisery, love
Veils, &c
A full assortment of Lupih's French Merinos, =MU-
Immured expressly for our sales, from samples of colors
neat out by us.
.ikit elegant variety (at our usual low prices) of French
Embroideries, in capes, collars, cuffs, berthes, sleeves,
standing collars, eltemiictt.•s. Be. M Muslin and lace.
Linen Cambric and Clear Lawn lidkes. in Corded, re
vere, lamed and
Real Valenciennes Laces and Edgings; Thread Laces,
and Edgings, Muslin Edgings and Insertings; Lisle, Egyp
tian and Bobbin lidr,lllo6 ; Belt Ribbons; Hoisery; Mitts;
Gloves; 'White Muslin Goods; Linen Cambrics; Long
Lawns, and small articles generally in great variety.
We have a most extensive assortment, including Rich
ardson's superior Irish Linens, of the best fabric, made
c xr lo s y w Q foraso l inenso
gand linen sheetings of every width;
table Damasks and Diapers, by the yard: satin Damask
[elite cloths and napkins, of all sizes; Hnekaback. Rus
sia and bird-eye diapers, crash, simian, star linen, drug
get and linen crumb cloths, floor baize, table and piano
Flannelsrof every well known and approved make.
'We have also an elegant assortment of rich embroid•
mild Lace and Muslin Curtains,(some really magnificent:)
Curtain Muslin by the yard; Lace. Drop Curtains; and
rich curtain goods generally.
Blankets, a most extensive stock from 51.50 to Sid a
pair, crib, cradle, and berth Blankets; splendid Imperial
Marseilles Quilts.
Bleached and Brown Cottons, from to 3 yards wide,
of all the well known makes.
Drillings, Jeans, Linsey s i Kerseys i Plaids and the va
rious articles requireed by Farmers' and Planters' ser
vants' use.
Follicular attention is called to our assortmedt of ,Goode
for Men's wear, which will be found large, elegdnt and
varied, including—
French Cloths, Cassimeres, Doeskins, &c. in great variety
of styles.
English and American Cloths and Cassimeres, Vestings.
serge., salesins, sewing silks, and merchant tailors'
Goods generally.
Also, a complete stock of new style Cravats, Scarfs,
l'ocket Hdkfs., Hosiery, Gloves, etc.
Persons not in the habit of dealing with us. are apt to
think we sell nothing but costly goods such is not the
tact. As far as regards our retail stock - , our range em
braces every thing that is substantial and desirable, no
matter how common—from silks at $4 a yard to Colacoes
in 6 cents! All our low priced goods we retail nt the
lowest wholesale prices.
We east with confidence invite an inspection of our
stock from wholesale and retail buyers. as in extent,
variety, and richness, it has never been equalled in Bal
timore ; whilst the large quantity of goods passing through
our bands, eatables us both to buy and sell cheap.
Baltimore, Sept. 30, 1849.-3 m
QUIVER-BATH. An entirely new article for
Shower Bathing, with warm or cold Water.
A great and important improvement is made in this
Shower-Bath over all others, by throwing the water im
mediately on the body, without wetting the head, unless
ut the will or pleasure of the bather; but a greater point
is gained by being enabled to bathe with warm water,
which no other Shower-Bath is adapted to—and most of
the Bath can be medicated without injury to the hair
Many persons cannot take a cold bath—their case in
met in this as they can regulate the temperature of the
water to suit their wish, and commence bathing at any
season of the year without any unpleasant result. Ladies
•an have the advantage of bathing without wetting the
head or covering the same.
The arrangements arc simple and complete, and not
liable to get out of order. The Built can be adjusted to
suit any height, from a small child to the tallest person.
When the door is closed, the fixtures are hid and the out
side appearance is that of a neat piece of furniture.
They have received the approbation of several medical
gentlemen—others are requested to call and examine
them. Manufactured by the Patentee.
24 South Calvert street, Baltimore.
BATIIING.—Read what Armstrong says :
Do not omit, ye who would health secure,
The daily fresh ablution, that shall clear
The sluices of the skin ; enough to keep
The body sacred front undecent soil.
Still to be pure, even if it did not conduce
(As much as it does) to health, very greatly worth
Your daily pains; his this adorns the rich ;
The want of this is poverty's worst foe,
With this external virtue, age maintains
A decent grace; without it, youth and charms
Are loathsome. "sept3o'49-tonu2ol9
Calvert street, Baltimore, has removed his Laborary to
his new building. No. 24, and has always on hand the
largest and most complete assortment of pure Botanic
remedies in the United States, prepared under his special
rare at his Laboratory—being the first erected in the
Cnited States for the special purpose of preparing Tirotn-
NONIAN Nixing:mu. All of the pulverized and compound.
ed articles are pinup in quarter and half pound packages.
and neatly labelled, with directions suitable for retailing
and in bulk. and upon better terms than the same article
can be had for in the IL S. Every article in his line is
warranted genuine—the public can rely upon this.
ir:7 - A liberal discount made to country merchants, who
are particularly requested to call and examine quality,
he., before purchasuig.
IQ - The various Treatises, embracingthe Mod( reputed
authors. upon the Thomsonian or Botanic System of
Medicine. may also be had at his establishment. by the
quanuty or tangle copy. sept3ol2-tonte:249
4F -A. or 014'6;41
fully announce to their town and country friends,
that they have this dny received direct from the New
York and Philadelphia Market. a large and elegant sup
ply of FALL & WINTER GOODS, which have been
.elected with great careaand will be sold at prices that
cannot fail to please.
Give us a call, and examine our stock before parches-
I ng elsewhere, as we are determined to sell at a small ad
%once on cost. .1. D. & .1. WRIGHT.
Sept. 9,184 i. Locust st., third door below 2nd .0
I)LEACIIED mid Drown, 4.4,:.4.6.4, and 104 wide. lit
JJ utmenully low price.. nl J. D. 6 J. WRIG111":4.
Fall Ginghams.
1. BEAUTIFUL nasortment, yen. cheap. plat received
at J. D. & J. NVIUGHTS.
rei1:P0331.1 1 41223" TO ~aLERS.
THE subscriber hits purchased the Patent righit
of Timby's Improved Water Wheel, which has been
proven to do more work with less water than any other
wheel now in use. The wheels can be seen in operation
at John Limner's Saw Mill, and at John Herr's Saw Mill.
Per Nous having Mills on streams of water where there
1.1 not sufficient all for overshot wheels, will find these
wheels to do more work than either Pitch-back, Under
shot, or Flutter Wheels.
Columbia, Lane. no, Pa.
Sept. 2, 1€48.-Ir
%mum I Tun tram
OF DYlNG—apetiany in Autumn, the most
delightful , season of the year' Stop then gentle
invalid, as rou peal F. X. Zutatsx's Store, In Locust at.,
above Front, and get a box of
They are truly an effective remedy. Plenty of teatime=
ny will be exhibited to prove this. Sept. 2, 1858
JONES'S Italian Chemin Soap is called by the
Medical Society or Paris, " a blessing, a miracle and
mronder,t , to cure eruption, disfigurement or discolora
tion of the skin.
hams' pimples, blotches, freckles, salt rheum, scurvy,
sore heads, tan, suaburn, rnorphew, and it changes the
color of dark, yellow or sunburnt skins, to, a fine healthy
learners. For sale by R. WILLIAMS,Vigent for Co
lumbia jc243,3-6m
Philadelphia .advertisements.
`V.'? s Vi. , 4..1,
CLOTENG for men and boys, at George Colin's,
Southeast corner of Second and Market streets.
Gentlemen visiting the city and wishing to supply them
selves with Cheap and Fashionable Winter Clothing will
find a large. complete, and choice assortment of Bangap
Coats, Cloaks, Business Coats, Dress and Frock Coats,
and Boys' Coats in great variety, made of American,
English, and French , Cloths. Pantaloons for men and
Boys, made of Cassimeres, Doe-Skins, Satinets. &e., &c.
Vests for men and boys of Silk. Satin, Velvet, Cloth, and
Cashmere. Also. Shirts, Stocks. Handkerchiefs, arc,, at
the lowest possible prices for CASH. Remember we
will sell as cheap rs any Clothing House in the United
States. GEO. CULIN.
Southeast corner of Second and Market streets.
Phila., Sept, 30, 1845.-6ns
valid's best friend !—The
-igitiol and only genuine
'rout Mauheim Centre, Her
kimer Co., S. Y.J
Dr. Wright—Deur sir—lt is
iii. pleasure that I certify to
tc eillency of your Indian
'egetable Pills. I had been
isg afflicted With thin
1; mid bud used imuly
reseribed remedies to no
npuse Your agent at Little
ills persuaded mo to give
extreme gratification that I
say they entirely cured tae, which hiss induced inc to be
lieve that whenever a suir trial i 4 made of them, they will
be found a cheap, speedy, and elleetual remedy sur the
above complaint.
Mr. Lewis is a well known and respectable citizen of
Herkimer county, N. York, mid considered himself in
curable. Since his recovery, through the use of Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills, he has adopted them ns his only
family medicine, and considers them the best be ever bad
in his house, not only for himself but down to the youngest
[From Catskill, Greert . Comity, New York.)
Dr. W. Wright—Dear sir—l have found your Indian
Vegetable Pills n valuable remedy in cases of general de
bility of the system, and in all Bilious disorders. lam
also in the habit of recommending them to females in pe
culiar cases. I observe them to operate in the system
without producing debility or pain, leaving_ it in a healthy
condition. JOHN DOANE, M. D.
June 20,1848.
[From Norton Hill, Greene County, N. V.]
Dr. Wright—We have used and sold your Indian Ve
getable Pills for three years past, and do not hesitate to
recommend them to our friends and customers as the best
Family Medicine in use. N. de L. RAMSDELL.
[From Marble [call, Pa.]
To Dr. W. Wright—Dear sir—For the last two years I
have had the agency for the sale of your Indian Vegeta
ble Pills at this place. and have sold annually large quan
tities at retail. They have, in every instance, given entire
satisfaction. Many families in this section keep them,
and consider them invaluable as a family medicine.—
There is no medicine sold here that can be so universally
recommended us Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills.
Very truly yours, Wm. M. Litanxs.
The ing highly respectable Storekeepers have
been duly appointed agents tor the sale of this Celebrated
medicine. in Lancaster county:
Ilearville, Reuben Weidler.
Bainbridge, John F. Beecher.
Bird-in-Hand, Jacob Bruner.
Burt Township, Wm. W. Passim - ire.
Helleview•, Buyers & Kennedy.
Conestoga Centre, John 11. Harman.
Church Town, L. & E. Rogers.
Coopereville. E. Lewis.
Colimiliia. Pry & Spangler.
Cherry I lilt. Isaac S. Webster.
Drumore. John A. Boyd.
Earl Township, George Buchman.
do do Weaver & Stauffer.
do do Davis Wallace.
Elimbethtown, John Lynch.
Ephrata, 0 P. Gross.
do Martin Weidman.
Fulton House, Fulton tp., 1.. P. Wilkinson.
liempfield, Ringwalt & Martin.
Intercourse, J. G. & S. L. Robinson.
Leacock township, Frederick Swope.
Lampeter Square, J. F. & D. If. Herr.
Lair, Nathaniel S. \Volley.
Lancaster, John Zimmerman.
Mount Joy, Witmer & Cassel.
Mountvi/le, John .Devlin.
Marietta, W. A. & B. Spangler.
Mount Joy Township, 11. G. Clark & Co.
Alaytown, John Reinhold.
do Slaymaker & Co.
Mount Pleasant, Samuel Kepner.
Mill Creek. Henry Stauffer.
New Holland, Brubaker & Co.
New Providence. Hildebrandt & Meyer.
Poplar Grove, E. 11. Paxson.
Peach Bottom, S. W. I'. Boyd.
Paradise, A. R. & A. L. Witmer.
Peach Bottom, Win. Arnold.
Rawliusville, John Rawlins.
Safe Harbor, John Herr & Son.
Strausburg, Wm. Spencer.
Salsbury, Freeland.
IVashington John A. Brush. -
D.7olfices devoted exclusively to the sale of Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills, wholesale and rettul, 169 Baca
street, Plaadelphia 2.9:9 Greenwich street, New York;
and 199 Tremont street, Boston.
Cheap millinery Goods.
ASPLENDID assortment of Cheap Millinery Gooda
consisting of RIBBONS. SILKS, SATINS, VEL,
VETS, FLOWERS and FEATHERS, very low for
CASIL, at EDWARD'S, 37, South Second at., PIDLADELPIIIA.
.Philadelphia., September 16, 1848.-1 m
STOVES ! ! At No. 97, South Second street, Phil
C. J. TYNDALE respectfully invites an examination
of his large stock of STOVES, embracing some of me
of Pennsylvania. New York, Peekskill, Troy. die., to
gether with a beautiful assortment of Fancy Sheet-Iron
Stoves and Radiators. For Parlors, Dining-Rooms, Kitch
ens, or Chambers, be believes that his assortment will
compare to advantage with that of any other establish
ment. lie has also a splendid stock of
for which be has been the agent for many yearn in this
city, in the manufacture of ninth for elegance and cheap
ness, lie refers to numerous purchasers, and for beauty of
patterns, he believes hi:ascii unrivalled.
Err For Stoves, whether for Wood or Coal. his'assort
ment is complete. lie returns Lie thanks to his old cus
tomers, to whom and the public he renews his invitation
tove him a call Mike old stand, N 0.137, South :Ind st.
Philadelphia. September 111, ISIS.-2in
QUPPORTERS. Mrs. James Betts, North East
Licorner of Eleventh and Walnut streets, Philadelphia,
original inventorand sole proprietor.:
To Physicians, Ladies, and Druggists.
Mrs. Betts most respectfnily communicates the con
tinued success and increasing demand for her Uterine
Supporter:; they are now very generally adopted by
Pity. icians as the most successful medium of retie f for
the distressing malady fur which they were invented, of
any offered to time public.
The evil results attending the use of Pessaries,. are
obviated by the application of her Supporter, and the pa
tient In enabled, to a short period, to resume her domes
tic concerns and duties; and the long confinement to the
sick chamber. with all its attendant &streaming. cense
quences rendered unnecessary. •
Twenty thousand ladies are now using them with the
greatest ease, comlbrt, and advantage.
ChuutuvE—That proceedings
have been commenced in the Supreme Court of Penn
sylvania against a serves! Instrument making firm in
Philadelphia, for counterfeiting and selling the Support
ers as and for" Bette' ,Utero Abdominal Supporters."
All genuine Supporters have her written signature en
closed in a circle of letter press • on each Instrument
and In the hoz, area book and writion directions.
him S. refers with pleasure to eminent Medical Pro
fessors of all the schools In Philadelphia. and to cele
brated Professore and Physicians in other cities of the
United States.
Mrs. Betts offers the following :
The fine Supporter for Ladles, adapted to the various
dimensions of Patient...oB 00 : an entire new Support
very cooIU, MME light, and transparent article; weight only
from 2 oz. to 3 ox., and possessing all the Important re
quisites, ST 00: a very strong and durable Supporter,
with all the latest Improvements in its arrangement,
(for poor patients.) 03 00.
The above are subject to a very liberal discount to sell
again. when three or moralize taken.
R. Williams. Agent, Colembia, where pamphlets can
be had containing certificates of the most eminent phy
sicians in this country as well u in Europe.
Sep. 16, 1848-2 m.
• A SIILAILP 801151111
WAS taken up by the subscriber on Sunday
morning last, about half way between Columbia
and Washington, and is now at his residence, near the
Bear Tavern, where the owner is requested to call and
prove properiy, pay charges, and take him away.
Sept '2O, 1840 JAMES GREEN
Philadelphia adveriements.
,", , ,3 MARKET STREET, Philadelphia.
—,6,----,.7 ~,, THE CHEAPZST axo LARGEST
...'......... ''----.., --... ASSORTMENT OF
Gold Levers, full jewelled l lb carat case, $3O and over
Silver, n '. a IG and over
I ° 4, Lepines II and over
" Quartiers, sto 20
Gold Pencils. 1 50
Silver Tea-spoons, equal to coin, 4 50
Gold Pens, silver bolder and pencil, 1 CO
With a splendid assortment of all kinds of Watches, both
gold and silver; Rich Jewelry, Sc., Ac. Gold chain of
the hest manufactures, - and in fact every Ming in the
Watch and Jewelry line at; much:less prices than can be
bought in this city or elsewhere. _
Please save this advertisement, and ea jet eteber
No. Ca, Market street, above eleventh, north niJe
24G. Market street, first store below ',gilt. south sale.
rrr We have Gold and Silver Levees still cheaper Alain
the above prices—a liberal discount made to the trade.
Plain.. scpt. 23,1c4.1.-I;in
pm FANCY FURS for Ladies' wear. Charles
Oaktlard. Furrier. No. 101, Chestnut street, a tow
doors above Thad, Plaladelphia. would invite the ladies
to cull and examine lute superior stock of Muffs. DOM,
Tippet.. Se., of every variety, etntsistine of Rich Russia
Sable. Hudson's Hay Marna, Norway Martin. Mink Sa
bles,Baum Martin, Stone Marlin, Erinme Foch. Lynx,
&c., &r. These skins have been selected with:great rare.
and are made by the best workinea is the country. La
dies may rest assured that HO article will be offered for
sale in this establishment that is not Perfect in every re
104, Chestnut! st., a few doors above Third.
Philadelphia, sept., trff, 184.9.—8ut
Just; LEWIS.
PORTRAITS of a superior quality, handsomely
colored, and put up in beautiful Morocco Cases. com
plete, for only ONE DOLLAR. at SPIELER'S CHEAP
below Forth, Philadelphia. All pictures made at this es
tablishment will be warranted perfect.
Phila., sept. 1848.—0 m
CI J. TYNDALE, No. 97 South Second street,
Philadelphia, grateful for the liberal patronage
heretofore bestowed, would call the attention of his
friends and the public generally to a large stock of Stoves
now on hand, of new, beautiful, and useful patterns.
amongst which will be found handsome styles from New
York, Peekskill, Troy, &c. He has also a large assort
ment of Fancy Sheet Iron Stoves, for Parlors, Dining
Rooms, and Chambers, handsome Radiators for wood or
Ile also continues to manufacture Orr's Celebrated Air
'right Stoves and from his long experience in the manu
facture of these Stoves, being the first and for a long time
the only agent in the City. he flatters hrmself Ile can sell
cheaper and better than can be bought elsewhere.
A large assortment now on hand of the very best pat
terns of Cook stoves either for wood or coal.
Old stoves repaired or taken in exchange for new.
Philadelphia, Sep. 16.9 n.
AT the Phoenix Hull Clothing Store, South
West corner of Second and Dock streets, Philada.
Now is the time and this is the store where the greatest
bargains in clothing are lobe had. The subscriber would
respectfully call the attention of the public to his Clothing
Establishment as offering inducements to purchasers of
clothing that no others can offer, having the most exten
sive assortment mid variety ever ofihred in one store in
this country. All sires fitted and all testes suited. from
the boy of live years old mid upwards. All sizes of boy's
as well as Men s Clothing to be lied at this store.
Doing business entirely on the cash principle and
having purchased the goods, and manufactured his
clothing since the - great reduction in woollen goods, ena
bling him to defy competition. Wholesale dealers are
particularly invited to examine this stock before making
other purchases.
Orders for all kinds of Military Clothing attended to at
the shortest notice.
Don't forget the Phrenix : at the South West Corner of
fdd and Dock - streets. WM. B. TAYLOR.
Phdatlelphia, Sep. 16-3 m
AND RlCAstock of Carpets, for Fall Trade.
The Subscriber. in addition to his former stock, has
ust received, and has now in his store, a large nod rich
assortment of New Styles English and American CAR
PETING manufactured to order, and decidedly the hand
somest goods in the market, all of which arc offered on
the most favorable terms. .
• .
COUNTRY MERCHANTS and Strangers visiting
Philadelphia. who may be in want of Carpets, are re
quested to look in and examine this stock of desirable
goods previous to purchasing elsewhere, as they wail find
all goods sold to be as represented. and at the lowest
market prices.
The assortment. in part, consists of:
English Tapestry,
English and American I.lm,ei.
Soper. Jai:rams
With low priced Carpetings °call descriptions. Oil Cloth.
NVindow Shades, Rugs. Piano and Table 'Covers, Sheep
Skins, Stair Rods, BuidingA.
Also, a large assortment of Rag. last. and Cotton Car
pets, Iron, l:H• to 50 cents per yard. in the CIIEAP CAR
No. 25 North Second street.
Directly opposite Christ Church, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Sep. 16--Sm.
TN DRY GOODS at No, SO, North 3d St., Philo
Country Merchants will fi nd FANCY AND OTHER
DRY GOODS from the Philadelphia nod New York
Auctions embracing such articles only an can be bought
at less than ordinary market rub,. thereby enabling him
to supply those who huy for CASH nt less price+ thou can
be furnished elsewhere. A. DEWAI.D,
Philadelphia. Sep. 16-I.m. No. ell N. nd street.
THE Largest Concern in the United States.
1111.1. & CLINE. No. 231 North SECOND Street,
above VINE. and No. 34S MARKET Street, above
Philadelphia. ,
ISlcrrroi—Small profits and quick sales.
Vs.incrirl—Entirely unsumassed and uneqnallefl.
COMPETITION l—Far, very tar in the back ground.
We otter, among others, this season:
The Celebrated Empire Cook, the genuine.
Roney 's Economist—n new and prune stove.
Leibrattlit's Ole Bull Cook.
The Philadelphia Air-Tight.
The Our Stoves for 2 New and splendid patterns. .
The New Pattern Completes, 3 sizes, do. do. •
The Oven Stoves, 4 do. do. do.
A splendid assortment of Radiators for Parlors, Cannon
Radiators, Air-Tights, Stoves for Stores, Halls, Churches,
&e , &e.. too numerous to mention.
Philadelphia, August 12,1848.
ift,4 ;04 *OVA , .) 3-11•514 *
TOVE WORKS. The subscribers respectfully
inform their friends mid the public that they are now
prepared to execute any orders with which they may be
favored, for their WEST PHILADELPHIA COM
PLETE COOK STOVE, of which they have three sizes ;
sizes; BASES and Tors for Cylinder Stoves, five sizes•
PARLOR STOVES, (for wood,) two sizes; GAS OVENS,
three sizes; CAST-IRON HEATERS. and a large and
beautiful assortment of Patterns for Iron Railing.
Their Goods are all made of the best material, and from
new and beautiful designs.
doubt, the bent and most saleable Cook Stove in the
market. They are constructed with Motes Patent Feeder
Front and Grate, which gives them a decided superiority
over all others. They only want a trial to confirm what
is here asserted.
CASTINGS of all kinds made to order with promputeui
and despatch.
Samples may be seen and orders left at the Foundry. or
at I. 13.'s, 154 North Second Street; Ittkritair &
Dotamitt's 11E7 South Second Street. and at Wrztasms &
limns', Oki Market Street.
Phila. August 19, 19.18.-6 m.
TONIC 1111.14TURE: That great National. OW Fa
vorfieand Sterling Remedy I of EIGHTEEN YEARS'
STANDING--still unapproaelhed in its wonderful success,
certainty, and safety, in the coax or 11111 WRETCHED COY.-
mgsliikoeunvor 'le an s The y
o n n "I. n n o ° tVi
by the " written signature' , of the original Inventor and
proprieior, Joule R. .
Rowan, 031 a paper label, crossing
the mouth and cork
This remedy has never been bolstered up by false and
deceitful puffs, but has won its way to the confidence and
universal adoption of the inhabitants of Fevre A.IID Anna
ALONE, to which all the agents, and every person who
have used it, well testify.
143, Arch Street, Phila.
Columbia, R. Wl:hams, W. A. Leader Lancaster, .1,
Gish & Co.; Marietta, J. Awfer,
_.l. T. Anderson ; Bain
bridge, J. Landis; Fallmouth, G. H. Horning: Middletown,
M. Brown, R. Phott ; Portsmouth, Henry Bear, 31. Me-
Baton, Wm. Rawatt ; Collin's Ferry, A: Collins; New
Windsor, Eckert k Monday, Tide-water Lock, J. Say;
Wrightsville, J. S. FutheT.
August 5,1949.
3 {.144 43-1
ratritlN'S .A.ND
kerchiefs, Jockey Club, Perfume De Jenny Lind,
Mousseline, Magnolia. Bouquet Caroline, Rode, Jesnim,
Ponape], Patchouly, Musk, &c. For sale by
sem2'43 W. A. LEADER.
A COMPLETE assortment of Wood, Coal, and
COOKING STOVES, for sale at reduced prices,
attlie Hardware Store of .1. 'W. COMMA..
auISIS-3m Locust Street, Columbia, Pa.
tin() KEGS NAIL and SPIKES for sale at =LA-
C./ yk./ ufacturer's prices at the IfordwareStore of
JUST received, a tot of superior English SHOT
Double and Single Barrel, nor sale at low
iniees att. Derdware Store of
tutl9'l.34m Lbeunt Street. Columbia. Pa.
MERMAN and Russia Sheet Iron for sale
at reduced prices, at the Hardware Store of
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GOLD nwzr.
ANEW ARTICLE which may be used with
Gimil or Steel Pen (quill is preferable) for billets,
imitations, will exactly be the thing. It is also
ured for ornamenting Wood. Picture Frames, Chairs, La.
For sale by P WlLTr.slat,
Columbist, August 13, 1643.
ASUPERIOR lot of both single and double
Trusses for sale by %V. A LEADER.
Columbia, Pa., August 12,124,1.
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SARSAPARILLA, and for sale by
Columbia, August 12, 1248. W. A. LEADER.
SARSAPARILLA. Just received another large
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August 12,1848. W. A. LEADER.
T AMP GLOBES of every size and shape, for
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PANACEA. Just received another supply of
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JUST received a new supply of the handsomest
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VIIENCII Brandy, Part Wine, Madeira Wine,
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- - -
W& S. PATTON have just received one case
Y Y t Gingliams, fast colors, only lilt cis. jiira3B
yard wide, very heavy,' only 61-1 cents, al
Juy02 , 48 wr. & PATTONS.
W& S. PATTON have just received a splen
did assortment of Summer Dress Goods, at very
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lIICININE, for the growth and preservation of
the Hair. For sale by IL WILLIAMS.
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ir)E JENNY LIND, for beautifying the HAIR, &c.
For stile by It. WILLIAMS.
Columbia. July 5.18.18.
OF Every description, suitable for dresses, now
ut w. & s PATTON'S.
Alny St. te4S.-1(
VATTING, and Window Shades, good styles and
low at W. & N. PATTON'S.
May 20.1539.-tf
HANGINGS. Parlor, Hall, Chamber, and Ceiling
Papers and Borders, Firebords &e., of the newest
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.1. D. & J. ‘vmoiirs.
Columbia. March 25. 18.17.—tf
AND Cassimeres at the lowest prices, at
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I . .
COPPER and Tin Pumps—a good supply of
Pumps always on hand, and :nude to order. ut the
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March 11, 1.84u-te
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+• r 44 : a. 4. *1
EXTRACT Ile JENNY LIB, for the ilandker
chief. For sale by R. WILLIAMS.
Columbia, July e, I ele.
4 -ND Molasses. Sovering's celebrated steam
Syrup Molasses. a delicious article for table use.—
A en, new crop HONEY at
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NIGH MKS always on hand and for sale
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Blarch il. 1848-1 f
AFresh supply of those justly celebrated
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t , ' , ••01.1
AND CROSS-CUT SAWS, of Roland's best. For
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A lITICLE Boat Stove. We would tall the at
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IL eta, long andshost, double and stogie Lank, breast,
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zi , ~'.1.1.31,11
rriKE Subscribers have constantly" on hand a
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Oct. 9-tf RUMPLE te 1-19.14 S
yat ..r.• .7: 1 N•i,....11L'1 r 4 air II
- I)tyOVER LAND EXPRESS, Important News from
the East, great decline in DRY GOODS. We have
Just received a large and splendid assortment of
and much below the usual prices. A. splendid assortment
of DRESS GOODS, suitable for the season. Call snd es
amine W in S PATTON.
Columbia. May 20, 10118.—if
Locust Street, Columbia, Pa.
Rowssa A: WALTON—Gentlemen. I feel it to be my du
ty to give you a statement of the wonderflil care Dr. Cul
len's Indian Vegetable Panacea has effected upon me,
that others like afflicted may know where they can pro
cure. that great and, I believe, the only cure for.
About two years some, my neck began to swell; kernels
formed under my jaws and ears, they continued to swell
and become very painful. I was advised to try ninny
things, but to uo purpose, except a waste of my money.
Poultices brought them to a head, causing them to break
and discharge very freely.
The swellings instead of diminishing in ALL., increased
until the lumps extended completely around my neck,
many as large us a hen's egg. and one as large as my fist,
I was ill tills condition when your Panacea was recom
mended to no by Mr. Garrison. I commenced its use
swellings began to diminish almost from the time I
began to take it. My friend who recommended me to
take the medicine, insisted that I should continue to use
it, as he knew of so many persons who had been cured
by it. I accordingly persevered, and have now used
about one doyen bottles, and consider myself a well man.
I do not think there is such another medicine in the
world. I will lie pleased to see any one washing further
infomtation at Mr. Jesse Baker's bond box manufuctory,
No. 22, Bank street, who can also certify to the above
statement. JOHN FARROW.
Mr: Baker and Mr. Garrison whose store is at No. 22,
Jones' alley. are both well known iu this city, and will
coroborate the above statement.
Mr. John W. Middleton, No. 85 South Eighth street,
gives the following brief history of his ease : I have
suffered for mauy,yenrs with a severe SCROFUL). affecting
my legs, arms, and head, at times not bring able to walk
without crutches. I had tried almost every thing before
I commenced with your Panacea, but to little purpose.—
The Panacea has proved itself superior to all other medi
cines 7 babe taken, as that alone has effected the cure.'
Mr. Middleton was offered fifteen dollars a week, to re
main in the office of a certain doctor in this city, and
represent the cure as being effected by his medicine; it is
unnecessary to say that Mr. NI. spurned the villanous of
fer with indignation. Mr. M. coat be seen at his residence.
Philadelphia, Dec. 2d47.
Mr. J. IL Kenn', a gentleman well known in the city
gives the following inihrrnation I wan trouble) with Si
painful leg for about eighteen month, no dintresning nt
times as to disqualify me front following my !tonn-its,
and deprive me of sleep. I was Induced by a frteitil to
make use of your Dm CCI4.EVA VrAs KT AIME PA.
NACEA. My leg, at the time I commenced taking the
Panacea. was much swollen and inflamed. with a large
ulcer open. The leg is now entirely well." M,. Kensil
resides at No. 125 south Eleventh street. Philadelphia,
December 29., 1E49., -
Arm Mary T. Cherles,a highly respectable lady living
in Williamstown, New Jersey, had suffered about nine
years with ULCERS on the leg. This attending Physi
cians said nothing but amputation cold Mave tier fife.
Reading the many astonishing cures performed by
Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegetable Panacea, she sent a
friend to procure some of the 'medicine, but unfortu
nately she missed the place rind got Into a Doctor's
Offite, who represented his medicine as the PANACEA,
and of which she took about twenty bottles, without
benefit, before finding her mistake. Her Mend then call
ed and procured Dr. Cullen's Panacea, and after using it
nbotxt ten months, Mrs. Charles thus writes under the '
date of December 20,1867:
Messrs. Rowand & Walton—Gentlemen—You request
me to inform you how I am getting. I have. the pleasure
of stating to you that my. health 11s good—l have a good
appetite, and my leg,which it wawells thought would have to
be taken off, is now entirely
Further information may be obtained by calling upon
Bice. Early, in Vernon street, below South.
Messrs. Rowand & Walton—Gentlemen :—I cheerfully
give you the particulars of a cure performed on me by
your justly celebrated " Dr. Cullen•s Indian Vegeta
ble Panacea." I have been afflicted with the "Terser"
about ten years on my body and hands. It was exceed
ingly troublesome and annoying. I tried Ointments. but
without relief Last winter I procured some of your
1 Philadelphia Jldvertisements.
VEGETABLE PANACEA , We give below a Imla
her of Certificates of Cures of Scrofula i r King's
Evil. Tenor, Erysipelas, and Old Sores, which have been I
cured in Philadelphia by the above most extraordinary
Thousands of cases of Rheumatism, Dyspepsia. Liver
Complaint. Mercurial Diseases, Ulcers and Impurities of
the blood, have been cured by this Panacea. The testi
monials of which will be furnished in pamphlet form
We the undersigned, having visited Mr. Isaac Brooks,
.Tr.. at the office of Messrs. Rowand & Walton, 3:11
Market street, Philadelphia, consider-his case the most
remarkablehne we have ever witnessed or heard of.
His disenfie was Scrofula. and terrible must have been
Ins twelve years' conflict with :he destroyer! His pal
ate, the entire roof of his Muth, nose • upper lip. and low
er lid ofthe right eye have been destroyed, las face near
ly eaten up. and part of the jaw hone carried away. And
yet we can give no description of his ease.
Mr. U. :reins us that in January last, the whole inte
rior of his mouth. as well as most of his face, was a mass
of deep and painful ulcers!
On the 14th of January last, lie commenced taking Dr.
Cullen's Indian Vegetable Panacea, checked the
disease itt a few days. and from that nine the cure has
progressed without intermission.
New flesh has supplied the plat . , of the deep ulcers.
and though badly disfigured, Ins face is sound, and his
general health is restored.
Sc are assured that in tile treatment of Mr. Brooks'
lease. Ito Mereurtals. Ointments. or Caustic application , .
have been used—in fact. the Panacea alone. has wrought
this wonderful change.
Plultp S. White. It.sq J. W. Jones, M. D.
Rev. John Chambers, s 1 Steelling. M. D.
Rev. A. 1). Gillette. Tajo ' bWg,.'lt.D.
nev..s. Aiences,
Rev. William Uric, S. Coles, M. D.
Rev. E. Kincaid, Johns W. Ashmend, Esq.
Rev. Levi Brink, P. Sken Smith. Esq.
E. Guidon. Esq. L. A. Corley, Esq.
And thousands of others equally respectable, whose
names might be added if necessary.
If there should be onz who still hesitates to use thus
valuable medicine, or disposed to give the preference to
any other, or yield to the advice of prejudiced physicians
xor to use the PANACEA. we ask that one to read the fol
lowing certificates. Mr. Caldwell a gentleman of res
pectability and well IaIOWII in the lower part of the city,
where lie carries on his business as a currier.
Mrs. Foster is also well known as a respectable mem
ber of the Ebenezer Psi. E. Church. We would remind
the afflicted, that it is but a few weeks since we published
TIIREE new certificates—here are two more.—ls there a
medicine in existence that cures with the certainty that
this does? We invite those who have any donlas to call
upon Mr. Caldwell or Mrs. Foster, and they will have a
much fuller account than can be given in a certificate.
To ROWAND & WALTON-6 cuts.
I with pleasure gave you a brief statement of the eras
performed on my son by your Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegeta
ble Panacea. In the early part of last spring my little
boy, about four years of age, had the measles badly, du
ring Nvllich tune lie took cold. After the measles left
him, his curs commenced discharging matter—his eyes
became much inflamed and very sore I found his sight
would he entirely destroyed. His head was literally cov
ered with ,scabby ulcers, which extended over a consid
erable portion of his face. We tried several remedies,
but without benefit. I saw in the "Daily Sun" newspa
per a cure perlormed on a child of Mr. Hopkins, by your
Panacea, and inviting those interested to call on him. I
did so, and became satisfied to give it a trial. The first
bottle produced a decided change for the better. lie took
four bottles and rile disease is completely mastered, and
I have no fears of a return.
I must say I was much opposed to patent medicines. as
they are called—believed thorn to be catch-penny hum
bugs—but my mind is changed. 1110 W believe your Pan
acea to be the most valuable medicine ever introduced,
and have no hesitation in recommending it to all who
need a medicine of the kind.
I remain gratefully yours, Sc.
JOHN CALDWELL., 35G south i.'d street.
PIIILADELNUA, March 17th, 154,3
ROWAND .b WALTON, Gents.—For the benefit of the af
flicted, and in gratitude to you, I cheerfully lODICC the fol
lowing statement.
About eleven years since a real spot made its appear
ance upon my ankle. It did not trouble me for some years.
About lour years ago it became inflamed and painful. I
arts then informed it was Erysipelas. I procured some
salve (rein Dr. S.. which spread the disease over my bo
dy and head. My face Was so much swollen that I was
blind. 1 then applied to Dr. Gardner—be gave tne some
powders, which I look for sane time without any benefit,
I was now suffering more Omit pen or tollglle COO describe
—none can know anything of my sufferings unless they
have been like afflicted.
Mr. Chase, a particular friend of mine, had so much
confidence in your Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegetable Pana
cea, that he insisted on my giving it 11 trial. "Ha XNEW
rr WOULD CUDD ME." At Ins request I called upon you.
mid procured a bottle of the medicine, which gave me en
couritgement to go on. I have taken six bottles. and am
entirely well, and have been so for almost two years. I
would say to all who need a purifying medicine of the
kind, t• get it by all means," I believe it to be the best me
dicine ever known. Years, truly,
South fid street, west side, 2d door above IVashington
Panacea; the itching WWI soon allayed ; and I hail takes
the medicine but a short time when biles made their ap
pearance on different parts or me body. When the biles
disappeared the Teter went with them, and I sin now
entirely well. I would certainly recommend the Pana
cea to all who are similarly JOH afflicted.
MuWeal:till, Gloucester Co., N. J., April 17, 1317
Mr. Hazleton is a respectable farmer. and well known
as a Temperance Lecturer and moral reformer, to the
people of the lower counties of New Jersey.
R. & W.
Dr. Cer.t.o.x's PAN teas. sold wholesale and retail, by
the proprietors, Rows:VD & WALTON, No. 376, .llszket
and by their agents.
R. Williams and W. A. Leader, Columbia; Jim Snwh
and C. Hill, LATIMOPT : John A. Futhey and Evans &
Lloyd. Wrightsville :.1. T. Anderson, Marietta.
September 11. 1849.—1 y.
VEG El ABLE PILE-3 REMEDY is it domestic
pa rat inn. which late been used with enure success for
many years. Heine an internal medicine. it has a decided
preference over outward opplication.l.which are but pai
iatives and not curatives. Title medicine NCI, upon the
diseased parts. Kadin:lna healthy action. and a PERMA
MONET. Wholesale and retail by
ROWAN!) & WALTON, Proprietors.
No 376, Market street. Philadelphm•
R. Vt'illiams and W. A. Lender, Columbia; J. T. An
derson. Marietta ; J. S. Putney & Evans. and Lloyd,
Wrightsville ; Janice Smith and 0. Hills. Lancaster.
■ept24B.2y ,
NO IVrll32Ctralr
nR COPATIA. Dr. Cullen's Indian yytable
a domestic preparation, Mop° -.entire
ly...if roots—no balsams. no mercury. ar any other min
eral, and very pleasant to the taste. Certain syphilitic
complaints. in all their farms, cured In a veryfew days,
if the medicine I. taken as directed.
. .
Prepared by ROW/ ND & WALTON, and sold whole
rate and retail. at No 376 Market street. Philadelphia—
R. Williams and W. A. Leader. Coltnbia; J. T. Ander
son. Marietta; .1. S. Ftithey and Evans & Lloyd,
Wrightsville ; lames Smith and G. Hills, Lancaster.
• • 'lv:, •
MANUFACTORY. Sieve, Riddle, Screen and Wire
CLOTH MANUFACTORY, No. 48, North Front
street, Philadelphia.
The subscribers continue to manufacture, of a superior
quality. all kinds of PLAIN and ORNAMENTAL WIRE
WORK, such as Sieves. Riddles, Screens, &c., for all
kinds of Grain, Seeds, Sand, Ore, Snuff, Starch, Brick
dusts, &e.
Founders' Sieves, of a superior quality, constantly on
hand. _ .
Also Safes, Wire Dish Covers. Sofa Springs, Twilled
Wire for Spark Catchers, ko.
Such as Cages, Nursery Fenders, Garden Bordering,
Flower Stands, Tminers, Trellis work for Grape Vines,
ike.. le.
Also,Wire Fencing of every description.
tell Orders thankfully
August 12, ISIS-3in
TN LICH: The attention of purchasers is in
vited to the extensive variety of MURPHY'S latest
The construction and Improvements of these Lamps
render them suitable for any purpose or place where arti
ficial light is requlred ; the brilliancy and magnificence of
which have not been equalled, and at ONWHALY Tux ax
rENSE of any yet invented. They are perfectly free train
any unpleasant odor.
ALSO—A general assortment of Solar. Lard, and Oil
Lamps. Fluid, Candelabras, Chandeliers, Hanging Lamps,
for Churches, Stores, Hall Rooms. Factories, Hotels and
Billiard Saloons, Lamps with shades, designed for reading,
All manner of Cos Fixtures, of every pattern, style and
listing every facility for manufacturing.. the under
signed is prepared to sell. wholesale and retell. as muse
as any manufactory in the United States, and the articles
are warranted equal in appearance and construction to
ally that can tic produced.
Merchants and dealers will Gnd it to their advantage
to call and examine the stock and prices, which cannot
fail to give satisfaction.
.M.SNUFACTORY, No. 101, N. Second Street.
Philadelphia, July 10.1.9.-3 m
I , 34 r 4=l
WASDINGTON Gallery of D_aguerreotypes, No.
North Second Strect,N.W. conierot Callow
hill street, Philadelphia.
The Likenesses taken and beautifully colored at this
well known establishment, for ONE DOLLAR, are uni
versally conceded to be =lust. in every respect to ANT in
the city. Pictures taken equally well in cloudy and clear
weather. A large a.,sortment of MEDALLIONS and
LocKwrs Oa hand, at from $2 to Sr, including the pie
The subkcribers respectfully invite the citizens of Lan
caster county, to cull and examine specimens of the latest
improvements in the art of Daguerreotyping, which will
be exhibited cheerfully and without charge.
Philadelphia. July I. ISts.o-43m
gqqPgPTlggq Pt4gllgzlgqqg
READ this attentively. Dr. KEELER'S COMA
and CARMINATIVE, for the speedy and permanent
cure of
and for nil the deraugenamns of the Stomach and Bowelc
tryThris or THOUSANDS die annually from diseases of
the Stomach and Bowels: In the face of this alarming
mortality, the best impulses of our nature are enlisted in
mitigating suffering we Cannot prevent. Moro than rtes
vim:skim persons to our knowledge were cured during
the past summer; and we unhesitatingly say, that ninety
nine out of every hundred are speedily cured. There is
no mistake about this fact. and as a test of our sincerity
and assertion, us a medical and responsible individual,
we promise to rapid the amount paid in every well au
thenticated case where it fails. Will you suffer, will you
let your little ones suffer when you have at hand a reme
dy like this. so potent in subduing disease. To doubting
ones pv - Rearl what physicians, the press, and others
say of the Cordial.
[Extract of a letter from the Rev. Dr. Earle.]
Bu:ks county, August 25, Mt
Dear Sir :—I am now prepared to recommend your Cor
dial from having used it with success in several instances ;
and am now try ing your Panacea in a case of protracted
debility, attended with rough. apparently produced in the
young lady by her "out-growing bar strength," to use a
commonplinue. yours, &c., At.rarm Esau.; at. D.
a phrase.
[Extract of a letter from Ebeneker Cook.]
New York City, July 2D, 1907.
Dr. Keeler: Sir—l have used in my family all of the Cor
dial which you left with me last summer except two bot
tles which I persuaded a customer of mine to Ley, and
having proved very beneficial, he has recommended it to
some of Iris friends, who wish to have some of it, I there
fore wish you would send me some hy . express. lam
satisfied from niy own experience that it is the beet medi
cine for children Tnacruma and I.4mnsint Coterzaneni
that is offered to the public, and all that is necessary for a
recommendationis to try it. Very respectfully,
Esimazza Cone, 294, Grand st. con . of Alley.
This is to Certify, that I have used Dr. Keeler'. Cordial,
and have found it a valuable medicine in diarrhwa, dys
entery and all dcrangetnetts of the stomach and bowels,
caused by Teel :Ling, and is particulorli , adapted to all dis
cases of those organs caused by acid fruits or the debili;
haling effects of season and climate.
D. M. Atrasos, :u. it., Plum at., Phila.
Dr. Keelefit Cordial.—We would cull tire attention of
oar reader+ to this invaluable medicine, which will be
found adverti.‘ed at length in our columes. As a correc—
tive in cases of Eitarrhiru, &disease very prevalent at the.
present time. it t.. highly . spoken of by all who have and
it. It is prrti•rtly sale w its mature. and speak &Virzi- .
menta lly, we ... tre soy that it affords immediate
[NearoSatuntoy Cerene of August 23,1847.
Dr. Kceler'a Cordial and Carminative,—TMs article is
advertised in another part of our paper, it is warmly re.
earnmended by families who have tried it. It is especi
ally useful among children. and has effected hundreds of
cures. The doctor is abundantly supplied with testimony
upon the subject, some of which Is very strong. The
Cordial is not a quack nostrum, but carefully- perpared
' medicine, and perfectly free from any thing injurious.—
[Pennsylvanian of September 1. 1947.
Dr. Keeler:—Dear Sir—As it is our duty to use every
honest means to promote the happiness of our fellow
creatures, I take great pleasure in stating to you the ad
vantage I received from your valuable:Cordial - mai Car
minative. Lost autumn I was attacked with Diarrheas,
which debilstated my system very much; for nearly three
weeks I tried many remedies, butioand little or no bene
fit when my daughter informed me of your Cordial. I
bought a bottle, and had not taken but two doses before
obtained relief. I was entirely recovered before I used
the whole of it; and have remained hearty ever since.
Respectfully, yours, ht. Senn, a. D.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, N. W. comer
of Third and South IL, Philadelphia. Sold wholesale by
Dr. McPherson, Ilanisbum • G. W. Miler, Lancaster l—
aud retailed by R. WILLI AMS, Columbia, and by drug
gists and others throughout the country. Price VIS cgs. per
bottle. (17 . See namphiets...Ca
'Also, Dr. HEELER ' SPANACEA. the IMO ea*
cations remedy yet known, for all diseases analog fray
impurities of the Bloom, or habit of the body. • Ladles of
delicate constitutions will find it admirably adapted to
their cases. Medicine Awniabes nothing superior to it for
chronic maladies, syphilitic dleorden, skin affections in
. padents, attended With loss of appetite and
imperfect digestion. Price EL See pamphlets for par.
Oculars. For sale only-by IL WILMLAMS, Agent rot
Philadelphia; /une . 10.1114111. ly