The Columbia spy. and literary register. (Columbia, Pa.) 1848-1848, September 30, 1848, Image 2

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V. B. PALI:ma is duly au th orized to receive anhvcr/P
-tone and adveruseinents for this paper. in tbe.eities of
Philadelphia, New York, Balumore, and Boston, and
reept therefor.
K:. W. Cana, Philadelphia.
tacos Wmariussi-ta, Lancaster city: '
%Ytt.malt A. PElRclit, Travelling agent. / • ,
Bkonca Priatr, No. 151. Slavin street, Nniv York.
Wttataa I`nousov, 5,‘ E. Corner of Baltimore and
South sweets., Baltimore,
A' We are again obliged to ask •emr venders to
excuse the Invited amount of reading matter in
our paper this week. We will endeavor to male
- *arrangements to give more in future. In the
meantime we would direct their attention to our
new advertisements, which we hope, in the absence
of something better, will interest them somewhat,
and may give them information which will prove
to be of more advantage than forty newspapers as
large u the side of our office, filled with love tales,
and gossiping' about nothing, and political elan•
• ders, &c.
ILTWe have been requested to state that on the
evening of Friday, the 6th of October next, Thad
deus. Stevens, Esq., and other distinguished orators
will address the friends of Taylor and Johnston, at
-the Town Ha, in Columbia.
Ell'We have been requested to state that Col.
Wm. Bigler,Geo. W. Barton, Esq., Geo. C.Collins,
Esq., John W. Forney, Esq., and other distinguish
ed. speakers will address a meeting of the friends of
Can, Butler, Lungstreth, &c., at the Town Hall,
this evening.
Otto Bavristoat Anvicansastercrs.—Through the
its:Num of Mr. Thompson, several of the best deal
'era in Baltimore have laid before the readers of the
Spy, their claims to patronage.
Hamilton Easter, ty Co., they of the finest and
moat elegant establishment in the Monumental
City, have given such an outline of their business,
that we shall only direct strangers to their store.—
If you want to find them, " follow the crowd."
The Niagara Shower Bath.—Mr. E. Larrabee,
No. 24, South Calvert St., manufactures this truly
useful article, possessing advantages over any other
bath we have ever seen. The streams are projected
upon the neck—obviating the difficulty which has
rendered shower baths so unpopular, among pa
tients of delicate and nervous habit; and the
shower is continued at the pleasure of the bather.
The bath is a very respectable piece of furniture,
which none who have tried it, would be without.—
Those desirous of doing so, can examine a sped
men at our residence. Price $2O. E. F. Hunt is
authorized to act as agent for this vicinity.—A serious accident occurred on 5..1.
atrday morning last, at the Railroad in Lancaster.
William Everdink, a German, who resides in this
place, and is now in the employ of Mr. Thomus
Baumgardner, Cool Merchant of the city of Lan.
caster, Lad his arm so badly crushed as to render
amputation necessary. The operation was sue.
cesafully performed near the shoulder joint, by
Drs. H. E. Muhlenbcrg and Elder. The patient,
- we learn, is doing well.
Another.—Mr. Greenawalt, Despatcher on this
end of the Philadelphia and Columbia Railroad,
was run over by a horse the other day, at the basin
and considerably injured, though not dangerously .
Another StiU.—Yesterday tiporning a horse, at-
tached to a butcher's wagon from Wrightsville, took
fright below our office and ran up Front street at
full speed, leaving the bed of the wagon on the rail'
road track in front of our door, and the running
gears farther up on this of the street. No person
Injured. Several dogs got a good breakfast by the
FINC.-A new two story frame dwelling house,
afloat° in the outskirts of the town, near the Union
Pike, and belonging to Daniel Underhill, was entire.
ly destroyed by fire on Wednesday last. We have
not been able to learn the cause of the fire. The
house was not quite ready to be inhibited, and is a
serious loss to the owner.
that at the election held on Saturday last, the fol
lowing named gentlemen were elected ofieera of
this company by a unanimous vote:
President—Thomas C. Humbly, of York
Directors—George M. Gill, William B. Duvall.
and Adam Denmead, of Baltimore; John Hough,
George Criat, and Samuel Small, of York.
The Company being thus organized, we learn
that the road will now proceed to a speedy com
burgh mere state that on Friday morning last the
engine houses at the plane No.S were discover
ed to be on fire, and before any assistance could
be rendered they were burned down, rendering both
the stationary engines et that place useless for the
present. This will of course stop operations at
this point for a few days, probably six or eight at
farthest. In the meantime arrangements have
been made to wagon goods, passengers, baggage,
&e. round the plane. The cause of the fire is not
known. Five cars belonging to Bingham's Line,
Mailed with dry goods and groceries, were con
temned, es also six bloom ears.
FROM ATRICA.—The British brig Beam arrived
at Now York on Saturday, from Sierra Leone, Au
gust 1. She brings information that four slave ves
sels had been captured, condemned and burnt at
that placc.—A brig, name not known, prize to H.
M. Brig Alert, had SOO slaves; the Waterwitcb.
472 do; the Brig Sea Lark, 561 do; all Brazilians:
Spanish Nebr. Bonilla, none.
IrrThe Pieayane says that a messnge was re
ceived in New Orleans 011 the 1211) instant,by ttm
Atlantic Telegragh, which came through from
Waahington in one hour and twenty minutes.
irrWe are obliged to omit several advertisements
this week. They will appear again next.
EUTwogentleman lately travelled from St. Loois
Ito Baltimore in 73 hours—a distance of 800 miles.
ebe thorl abroab. atisccUntoio 310n5.1',
The steamer Acadia, Capt. Stone, with
pool dates to the 9th inst., arrived at Boston Sat
allay afternoon. We give the following summa-
War the news. -
United States, Captain Backstair, was compelled to
put back to Southampton, on, atecoant MI an,acci
dent to her condenser.
Lamearom. GRAIN Maa=r, Mgr 9, The Grain
Market has declined to nearly the extent of its re
cent advance. Corn was galling at 335. to 345•
per quarter ; Flour at 32a. 6d. to 34s per barrel.
The following is from Wilmer & Smith's Times
dated Liverpool, Sept. 9th :
"The fine weather and temporary settlement of
the dispute between Germany and Denmark, has
had a favorable effect and produce being abundant,
prices of grain have receded.
The news from the Manufacturing Districts is
ENGLAND.—The Queen opened Parliament in per
son on the sth, and immediately afterwards depart
ed for Scotland.
IRELAND.—Ireland continued tranquil, the State
trials not having been resumed yet.
Faance.—Lamartinc has published a defence
against the charges made against him, in conse
quence of which General Cuvaignac has been com
pelled to deny any intention of suppressing the
Coustitutionnel. This journal and La Preset have
resumed their fierce attacks against the Govern
ment. The latter even wages war against the Re
public. despite General Cavalgnao's declaration not
to allow the Republic to be impeached.
The Buoimpartists are moving to elect Louis Na
poleon to the Presidency.
The disturbances in the Provinces continue in
consequence of the extraordinary tax of 45 cent
imes imposed by the Provisional Government.
The French Government on the 7th received des.
patches from Arno, the Minister at Berlin, offi
cially announcing Austria's acceptance of the me
ditation of France and England, in the settlement
of the Italian question.
A sharp correspondence has taken place between
Gen. Cavaignec and Changerier, on acccunt of a
defection of the National Guard, only e small por
tion of each division appearing on the Sunday pa.
Ledru Rollin is preparing to start a new paper in
opposition to La Reform.
ITALY.—Accounts from Italy represent the whole
country to be greatly excited• Tumults had ocour
red at Genoa and at Leghorn.
The difficulties that had taken place at Rome
have been suppressed.
At Turin, on the 24 inst., the Austrians having
enforced a contribution of 40,000 florins on the ci
tizens, payable in four hours, and the AIM not being
forthcoming commenced to pillage the city. The
inhabitants, encouraged by the patriotic defence of
Bologna, rung the tocsin and commenced a fearful
battle, assisted by women and children, who Threw
furniture out of the windows on their heads. The
Austrians in the country hurried to their as
sistance and the result of the struggle was not
Holstein have refused to acknowledge the Armis
tice concluded by Prussia for the Getman Confed-
The Blockade of the Elbe and lids have been
raised since the .5(11.
The Prussia and Baltic ports are also free.
AN ANCIENT PRESS.—The Leonard Town, Md.,
claims to have the oldest printing press in Mary.
land. /Is statement runs thus :—But few of our
readers arc aware, we expect, that the press upon
which our little sheet is printed, is the oldest now
in use in the United States, and probably in the
world. Yet such is a fact. The press now in use
by us has been in almost constant service for more
than a hundred years Upon it was first printed
4, 771 e Maryland Gazdte," the earliest paper print.
ed in the Province of Maryland, and one among
the very first in America. Upon it, also, was
printed the first volume of the laws of Maryland
that ever appeared. It is constructed somewhat on
the Rammage principle, and requires three pulls,
though two were originally sufficient, to produce a
goad impression. It is truly a venerable object and
has afforded us matter for many an hour's pleas.
ant reflection, and we shall be sorry, very sorry,
indeed, when the time arrives for it to be removed
from the place it has so lung occupied in our office.
It is said that in 1804, according to the best es.
timate That can be obtained, there were in existence
only about 4,000,000 copies of the Bible. Now
there are more than 30,000,000. In 1804 the Bi.
b le bad been published in only 48 or 49 languages;
in 1848 it existed in 136. In 1804 it was access'.
blc in languages spoken by about 200,000,000 of
men ; in 1847 it existed in tongues spoken by 600,.
000,000. During the last year 1,419,283 copies
were issued by the British and Foreign Bible Soci
eties alone-400,000 more than any year before,
except 1845.
The Chinese Repository contains a list of Prot
estant Missionaries to the Chinese, 67 in number,
of whom 13 are stationed at Hong Kong, 13 at
Canton, 9at Amoy, 6 at Puchan, 9 at Ningpo, 15
at Shanghai, and 2in Siam. Of the whole num.
ber, 43 aro supported by American Missionary So.
oldies. 19 by English, two by a Missionary Society
in China, 2 by a Swiss and two by a German Mis
sionary Society. In this list the families of mis
sionaries are not included.
The new Synagogue in King street,Canterbury,
England, is being erected on the site of the ancient
house of the rodoubted Koight•Templars, once the
unrelenting- foes of the persecuted Israelhes, but
now themselves swept from the face of the earth,
together with their house, which has thus given
place, in the lapse of ages, to so singultrr a rever
rrAccoonts from Constantinople announwhe
occurrence of a dreadful fire in tbst capital, Mach
destroyed property to gle amount 0f.C800,000 star
RErrrs ttr Psals,—There , are at OMB tune,'earlY
5,000 leneinents to be let;iii Paria4:prinuiPally at
the high prices of k5OO 141;2500 6,11111C1P. ' ,PI the
boulevard Beau Marwale:Mere areihirty-five!'new
ly finished houses, which do ; not contain- in all
thirty-five inhabitants, Ice. "than and to a
house. A house in the Rue de Baune, bri'oging
3000 francs a year. recently put, up at public sale
for 35,000 francs, found cid purchaser.
It appears, from the Roman Catholic Directory,
that the total number of Roman Catholic churches
and chapels in England and Wales is 545 ; .is Scot
land, 85. Of Catholic colleges, there are, its Eng
land, 10. 01 Missionary priests, in England and
Wales, there are 707.
The American Baptist Board have now under
appointment aix additional missionaries, one of
whom has gone to join the Ojibwa mission, and the
remaining five expect to sail the present fall for
different stations in Asia.
One of the Secretaries of the London Society
for the promqtion of Christian Knowledge, stated
et its last meeting, that the issue of books, tracts,
&c., during the past year had been, as follows :
Bibles, 129,942
New Testaments, 90,850
Common Prayers, 287,372
Other Bound Books, Tracts, Lee., 3,646,934
There is at present, says the N.E.Putitan, a
considerable degree of religious interest in several
churches in Boston. It has • been in, progress, in
some, during the warm season, and under what are
considered the most favorable circumstances•—lts
fruits are such, as well as the mode in which it has
proceeded, as to leave no doubt that the Holy Spirit
has visited his people.
II:TA beautiful Hebrew Synagogue was conse
crated in Cincinnati last week. The Jews num
ber about 3,000 in that city, and have three Syn
Er' le Mormon Temple, at Nauvoo, has not ac
tually been purchased for a Protestant Theological
Seminary, as was reported, but only the refusal of
it obtained, with a view to raise the means of pur
chase among "Christians residing at the East."
12rIt is said, that on the suggestion of Prince
Albert, the new two shilling pieces are to be called
florins. These coins will shortly be issued.
10 - A letter states that the wife, children mother
and sisters of the patriot Mitchel, are about to
come to this country.
OrThe French army actually on foot amounts•
according to Gen. Lamoricie re, to 548,000 men.
The estimated expense of the War Department
for the year is .125;233,224f.
0..74 - The New York Star predicts that the great
est free black tcritory on our continent, will br
found, in time, in Upper Canada.
The Baptist mission at Ningpo, China, distribu
ted in the year 1847, 95,000 pages of Tracts and
In 1802, Pittsburg contained a log church and a
few huts. It now has 100 churches, 125 clergy
men, and 100 Sabbath schools.
The Synod of New Jersey will meet at Wilkes.
barre, Pa., on the 18th of October.
Dr. Pomeroy, of Bangor, lies been chosen Sec.
rotary of the American Board of Missions, in the
placed( the Rev. Mr. Greene, resigned,
The Annual Convention of the New York Dio.
crap will assemble on Wednesday next, in St.
John's Chapel, in the city of New York. It is ex.
peeled there will be some discussion on the subject
of appropriating funds for the support of the sus.
pended Bishop ; and also on the question of admit.
ting colored churches into the convention.
CONNECTION OF IDEAS. -A facetious old lady, de
scribing the rambling sermons of her minister,
said : If his text had the small-pox, his sermon
would never catch it."
An exchange says there have been many defini.
Lions of a "gentleman," but the prettiest and most
poetic is that given by a girl in New York :—" A
gentleman," said she, "is a human being, combi.
ring a woman's tenderness with a mares courage."
Is your children have a cough, be sure to take
them to some church on Sunday, where the coal
gas will bring out the full strength of their lungs.
A constant barking may keep awake some of ,the
sleepy sinners.
"Tom," said a drunkard to his friend, " where
shall I find the poor linen'? I should like to see
" My dear friend, continue in your present course
a short time longer, and you will not need to ask
the question," was the pointed reply.
TAKING IT EASY.-A traveller in England observ.
ing a peasant at work, and seeing that he was to.
king it remarkably easy, said to him—
"My friend, you don't appear to sweat any ?"
"why, no, master, six shillings a week glint
sweating wages."
Goon MANNIM—Good manners arc the blossoms
of good sense, and, it may be added, of good feel
ing, too; for, if the law of kindness be written in
the heart, it will lead to that disinterestedness in
little as well as in great things—that desire to
oblige, and attention to the gratification of others,
which is the foundation of good manners.
once brought a piece of board to an artist, with
the request that he would paint upon it St. Chris.
topher as large as life. "But." returned the artist,
•'that board is much to small for that purpose."
The countryman looked perplexed at this unexpee.
led discovery. "That's a bad Job," said he ; " but
lookee sir, ye can let his legs hang down over the
edge of the board."
33According to the census of the Isthmus of
Panama taken in consequence of the treaty con.
eluded between the United States and New Grana
da, it contains 132,208 inhabitants and 71 villages.
Il3"The Liverpool Times states that with a view
of putting a stop to the practice of palming copies
for originals, a plan is in agitation for registering
every picture that may be painted, and for affixing
thereto a registration mark or stamp.
Upon what - does this diitinction depend? Na
ture is saidio be harmonious in all of her.iaws of
production;,--The sa me parent treealways produces
the same kind of fruit. The same class of quad
rupeds alivays keep their dentity l in their tiffspring,
and the [Annan family bylniture seem to follow the
same rule, unless a voluntary change is effected by
acts of the parentage. But in countries that stand
prominent in the world, and give customs, habits
and social laws to civilization, we behold monstro
sities developing themselves. In the same family
we see the oldest made a noble, a lord, a king,
while the younger drop down to an inferior grade,
and are known only as the lower classes; in the so
cial scale. This, we know, depends upon human
law, upon conventional agreement. Our ancestors,
when they fled from oppression hosed upon such
monstrosities, undertook to disenthral themselves,
and began at once in the free woodsof wild Amer.
ica, to talk about equality, equal rights to all men.
And when nor government was instituted, we see
the same spirit standing out in bold relief, in the
bold declaration that no rank of nobility shall be
allowed in a country where all men are born free
and equal. In those days, men and women claimed
to be, and felt that they were brothers and sisters
in the great human family, and were ready to fra
ternize, and live together as such under the spread.
log branches of the tree of liberty that they plant•
ed for their protection.
But we degenerate eons and daughters of that no.
ble.initidcd ancestry, have spurned their rich legs.
cy, and feel most proud in displaying our own
choice in borrowed characters of apes. America
now has no nationality of character or manners,
but is aping the habits and customs and manners
and sentiments of others, whom our f.ithers and
mothers in the infancy of this Republic, despised
and abhorred as (teapots and tyrants. We now be.
gin to divide society, and upon what grounds?
Upon the same as they do in the countries we are
aping—upon external circumstances, such as birth
and wealth ! A young moan by chance gets wealth—
gets married, and commences housekeeping with a
wife who must sustain the dignity of their station ;
his brother is a plain laboring man, and when the
table is spread with the dainties and luxuries of
aristocracy, the brother "must wait until the second
table, as workmen ought not to sit at the same ta
ble with people of true refinement !"
ft is a most shameful and despisable fact, that
people in our country arc making fools of them
selves, simply because others have done so, and
made the masses of society bow down and say that
they are gods, and we will worship them on ac.
count of their gold ! There are as many in Amer.
lea to bow down and worship golden calves, as
there were among the old larnenies, in the days of
their folly and degeneracy- We have no objection
to gold or wealth, but have an objection to its being
made the test of distinction among men, or a des.
pontiff) to crush down and trample over human nu
' lure with all the tender sensibilities and refined
sympathies that live and burn in the soul and heart
of many a person in the ranks of the poor!
We most sincerely believe in an aristocracy of
society—but we want a rational, humane, elevated
one—one that is based upon good deeds, instead of
money—where persons shall be exulted for their
works, mental, moral, and physical ! The working
classes, the honest, intellectual, moral, and humane,
are the true nobility in the sight of common sense
of Heaven.—" Let him that would be greatest,"
said the great Regenerator of the human family,
"serreat meat." Let him do something that is
generous, good, great, sublime in its character, and
he shall be esteemed as great 7
IVe arc totally heart sick with the follies of this
nation, and iu this day of revolution, we call upon
the laboring classes, who are downtrodden and die.
piscd, to arise, unit with a manly spirit, take an
elevated stand, cultivate the mind, that the true
impulses of humanity may beam forth with all
their native lustre, and maintain the rights to which
nnturc and nature's God entitle you!—Spirit of
F 5 eedom.
GA 311ILINO.—.The arduous and perilous work of
opening the eyes of the community to the horrible
mysteries of Gambling was commenced some years
since by J. 11. Green. who in boyhood and destitute
orphanage had been forced by seeming necessity
into a.soriation with gamblers, had been initiated
into and ultimately become nn adept in their nefa.
rions arts, and had thus aided in bringing many to
ruin. At length disgusted, penitent, and self oh.
horring, he forsook the guilty craft, made restitu.
tion of his plunder. PO Ihr as he was able, united
with a Christian Church, and commenced the work
of opening the eyes of the nnintinted to the swind
ling nature of the games, ostensibly of chance, by
which gamblers despoil their Victims.--Having
been some time engaged in the manufacture and
sale of Playing Cards, lie knows and can prove that
they arc almost or quite never honestly made—
that the manufacturer is nearly always an necom.
plice of the gamblers, and that all his cards are pri.
vately marked so that he who has paid for the
marking and procured them to be put in the market
at low rates in order to force their sale and general
use, can at all time. distinguish, by n glance at the
backs, either the whole or all those most important
in the genie he professes to play. Then, boxes
from which cards arc dealt in the game styled Fare
(a very common game ott which thousands after
thousands are daily staked and quickly lost) are
full of fraudulent devices, whereby the banker or
dealer is enabled to give himself the winning cards
whenever he thinks fit to do so. Add to this the
immense advantages which an eye and a memory
trained to incredible feats, whereby the thorough
gambler knows from a glance the relative position
of each card; a sense of touoli so exquisite tint he
can soon distinguish each card by the edge alone;
and a slight of hand so amazing that be can deal
with apparent fairness to each player around the
board precisely such u hand as he chooses. Thus,
as between the practised gambler and the novice
or honest player there is no fragment of chance hut
a simple game of plunderer and plundered. Ho
who plays with a gambler has no more chance of
winning in the than in an attempt to dig
gold from the drifting sand, or distil it from the
waters of the ocean.
Mr. Green has steadily pursued for years the
work of exposing Gambling throughout those sec.
lions, where the vice is most prevalent; and hip
representations have induced the Legislatures of
several States to pass stringent and effective laws
for its suppression. Ho has just planted himself on
our City, fur a determined campaign.—N. Trib.
The Catskill Mountains were whitened with
Snow on Saturday morning last, which had Wien
the previous night.
Moro Some Tostinion—.-41s. Sarn W FOWL;
Sir: A sell. 01 gratitude to you, and of duty to the pub
lic, prompts me to make the following statement. which.
if of any service to you, is entirely at your disposal. It
may have the effect to induce some other sufferers to
make a trial of your invaluable medicine, which I can
truly any, has literally snatched me front the grave, to
which I was filet hastening. Last July I was attacked
by a sudden cold, which resulted inn very severe cough,
with violent pains in the side and chest. From that time
I began to **mete away, notwithstanding I was tinder the
treatmeut of skilful physicians. They prescribed for me
in vain. I became so much reduced that soy'friends
frankly told me that I must die. and that I was liable to
do so at any hour. At this crisis ! heard of Wistar's Bal
sam of Wild Cherry, by way of a neighbor, whose bfe
had been saved by it., and immediately sent kr a bottle.
The effect produced was indeed wonderful. My physi
cian, one of the most respectable men in Boston, who
had previously told me that a cure was hopeless, came in
and I informed him what 1 had taken, and told him the
good effects I had experienced. He examined the Bai
lie/74 and told me to continue the use of it; since which
time I have continued to improve daily; and the same
physician who had given me up entirely, told me a few
days since, that I might yet live for many years. I feel
that I aim now recovered, and gaining strength everyday.
No. 48 Union street, Boston, April 18, 1846.
We can .cheerfully testify to the truth of the above
statement. Mrs. Rowe having been an inmate of our fam
ily for some months past. WILLIAM DENNET.
' For sale by SETH W. FOWLE, General Agent, 138,
Washington Street. Boston; Axle.
For sale by R Witaissrs, Front Street Columbia, Pa.
IIZTIn the Austrian meditation the sovereignty of
Lombardy was insisted on ; no conditional tertiary
was ceded to Austria. A liberal constitution is
promised to Milan.
Read the following letter from Wm. Shaw, a respects-
Lle Druggist in Wilmington, N. C., a gentleman of un
doubted veracity, in whose word the most implicit confi
dence may be placed, another proof of the superiority of
curing Coughs. Colds, Cossustprio:v. Asthma, Bronchitis,
Liver Complaint, Spitting Blood, and all diseases of the
Lungs and Breast.
Witatmoroy, N. C.. Jan. 5. 1846.
Most Extraordinary:Work.—The Married Wo
M. MAURICEAU, Professor of Diseases of IVoinnn,
Sixth Edition. 161 no. pp. «50. Prim.: $l. 4sooUcopies
sold in three months!
Years of suffering, of physical and mental anguish to
many an affectionate wife, and pecuirianry difficulty to
the husband, might have been spared by a timely posses
sion of tlais work.
. .
Here, also, every female—the wife, the mother. the one
either budding into womanhood or the one in the decline
of years in whom nature contemplates an important
change— can discover the cause, symptoms, and the most
efficient remedies, and most certain mode of cure, to every
compinint to which her sex is subject.
- -
Over ten thonsand copies have been scat by mailw•ithin
three months, with perfect safety and certainty.
On the receipt of one Dollar, the Married IVoinan's
Private Medical Companion" will he sent (mailed free) to
any part attic United States. All letters mast be post-paid
(except those containing a remittance) and addressed to
Dr. A. M. Mauriecau, Box 1224, New York City. Publish
ing oillee, 1'22,, New-York.
The "Married Woman's Private Medical Companion"
is sold by Booksellers throughout the United States.
For sale at the Spy Office. Colninbus, Pu.
New-York, May 2.0, I`,l2—lin
Black Spots on the Skin. During the summer
season, we trequently meet with persons who lire sorely
annoyed with black spots about the sumo(' a pin's head,
Just under the lining of the ourrace—the•e spots are truly
annoying, and repulsive in appearance; they are nothing
more or less than dust, tile skin being warm and the
perspiring freely. the duns, clogging op Ilse duets
of the sebaceous glands, their oily secrettons Is not given
off, and, consequently, a cheesy deposit Is the result;
this becomes rancid and turns black. disfigures the com
plexton, and often Inhumes and suppurates. Let Rad
way's snap be freely need, absorption will take place,
and The spota will speedily disappear. Alen. if Radwny' s
soap was made use of as a toile: snap through the day,
these emitn and other annoying excrescences would met
Rnilway's Snap, ankle from its medicinnl properties, is
a delicious Toilet steep of very excellent and superior
make. Unlike soaps of the common mode of manufac
ture, sorb as scented fancy snaps, and soaps made from
common brown soap, or pale yellow sn,.p, strongly seat
ed with essential ode to tilde the disagreeable smell of
the alkalies. Radwny's Soap is mode of the purest ma
terials. instead of common grease or tnilow.,l,e purest
oils from the olive mid other oleagmone plants are need
for its sapnnacenus qualities. Another great and good
quality in Radway'a Soap is, that it will not irritate or
inflame the skin ;—most soaps, on account of their Im
pure qualities and the lack of skill in their menu fncture.
not °illy irritate the tender cutmule, but actually pro
duce eruptions:
Ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to get Railway's
Soap in all its purify, call on 11. Wtxxxxvs. and Wm. A.
Cream, Columbia. and Zuhin & Jackson, in Lancaster.
Ruch cake of the genuine, must be signed R. 0. Hurl
war J.& IL G. RADWAY, 2 Courtlond Si.. N. Y.
Philadelphia Daguereotype Establishment
—Excitxxsu, 3d story, Rooms 25-37.—Daguereotype Por
traits of all sires, either singly or in family groups, col
ored or without colors, are taken every day, in any wea
ther. Copies of Daguerreotypes, Oil Paintings, Statuary,
may also be procured. Ladies and Gentlemen are
requested to examine specimens.
Columbia Retail Provision Market.
Flour, $5 00 a 5 50
Wheat, 1 10 a 1 20
Rye, 66 a 69
Corn, ' 44 a 46
Oats, 28 a 31
Hanle, 8 a 10
Dried Beef, 123 a 14
Butter, 15 a 181
Eggs, 10 a 121,
Potatoes, 35 a 37
Beef; 6 a 8
Veal, 5 a 64
Flour—ss 37 a 5 50 for good old Mock Penna
and Western, and 85 75 for good Ireab ground;
Rye flour 94 00 a 4 12 ; Corn meal 92 87,1 a
3 00.
Grain—Wheat 31 10 a 1 20 for good Penn;
Rye 69 a 70 for Penn ; Corn 65 a 66 for yellow
Iron—Penna Pigs 23 a 27 per ton for Anthracite,
and 925 a3O for Forgo and Foundry Metal. Bar
Iron ranges from 970 to 75, and Blooms $55 to 70.
Lumber—The supplies are increasing. Cargo
sales of Yellow Pino Boards at 915 a 16 per AL;
Susquehanna , $ll a 15; Hemlock Joists, 97 a 7 50;
Scantling 97 a 8.
LittiniAre in fair demand, with sales of 150,
000 Eastern at $1 20 a 1 25 per M.
The Sour market at the clove was firm. after an
active demand at easier 'rates; sales at 85 25.
Sales of white wheat at 81 16 a 1 20, and red
wheat 81 08 a 1 11; oats 28 a 30.
TIE above reward will be paid to any person
who brings the author of the report in circulation
stating that I had several hundred dollars' worth of the
goods in my store, which were taken from the car that
Wan burned below Mountville on the night of the 16th of
this month : or to any person who can prove that I was
in any way concerned, directly or indirectly, in taking
away one cents' worth of the said goods.
ID — Men who raise such reports against their fellow
men-in order to weaken them in the estimation of the pub
lie, deserve the condemnation of every good citizen in
this commtmay. D W. W.
Sept. XI, IS4o--11
DR. SIWAYNE—Dena SIA:—You will please send me
twelve Boren, or more, as you see fit. of your Stave OF
WILD CIIERRT. From bales to-dayHulse but a half do
zen on hand; the sales are rapidly increasing and will. I
have no doubt, continue to do so. An acquaintance of
mine called a few days ago to say be would give me a
certificate of its good etTects. Ile to from the country,
and a minister in the Methodist Church. Shortly after
obtaining the agency, I prevailed upon him to try n bottle
though I doubted whether any benefit would be derived.
for be, as well as myself, thought his case was confirmed
Consumption; in tact every symptom was indicative.—
Shortly after, he wrote to me to send him four or five bot
tles mon'. Ile came to town last week. I will quote his
own language: said ho, "I sin a new man. and I
consider it a duty I owe to the public, to tell what Dr.
SWII)IIC'S Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry has done for
me." I will publish his certificate, and as he is generally
known all over our section, I expect good results from it.
WWI every feeling of respect. yours truly.
Letters such as the above arc daily received from all
parts of the country, but we publish this as one of the niany
proofs of its efficacy. Avoid all preparations purporting
to contain Wild Cherry, except that bearing the written
signature of Dr. Swayne, as they are most likely quite
destitute of the article from which they borrow a name.
The (original and only) genuine article is prepared by
Dlt. SWAYNE, corner of Eighth and Race eta.,
aid for sale by ageimi in all parts of the United
States, and some parts of Europe.
Sold by WAL A. LEADER, Columbia, arid Dr. A. 11.
DARNITZ, York, Pa. „Aug. 12, 1898 —St.
. .
It is intended especially for the married, or those con
templating marriage. as it discloses important secrets
which should be known to them particularly.
Truly, knowledge is power. It is health, happiness, af
fluence.' . . .
The revelations contained in its pages have proved a
blessing to thousands, as the innumerable letters to the
author will attest.
- vi,l)e illarkets.
Retail Lumber Market.
COLUMBIA, Friday Sept. 30, 1848.
Inferior Cull Boards and Grub Plank, 8 8 00
Culling 11 00
2d Common •• 16 00
Ist Common 22 00
Pannell 30 00
Hemlock Scantling, 9 00
Pine Scantling, from 14 to 18 00
Plaster Lath, 2 to 2 2.5
Shingles, 8 to 14 00
PHILADELPIIIA. Sept. 30, 1848
BALTIMORE Sept. 30, 1848
Opening This Day,
would respectfully invite the attention of the public gene
rally, and the ladies in particular.
Sept:3o-1f FRY E. SPANGLER•
ALL persons Indebted to the subscriber for
suqscription to the Columbia Spy, advertising. and.
Job work, are requested to make payment of the asme'to.
Gco. W. Schroyer, who is duly authorized to receipt
thereto:. C. WF.'TBROOK.
Columbia, rcpt 30, 1318.
MCLASSES, and COFFEE. , The subscriber has
just received and offers for sale 25 hogsheads of N.
Orleans SUGAR. 6 hogsheads Sugarhouse MOLASSES,
and SO bags tho COFFEE. F. S. BLETZ.
]D — constantly on hand a large assortment of all
kinds of well seasoned LUMBER.
Columbia, Sept 80, 1846.
A GOOD asssorttneta just received and for sale very
1 - 1 low, at • .1. D. t.l. WRIGHT'S
Alpaca Lustros.
% VERY fine assortment or Plain, Plaids. end Stripes
at ltncts. and upwards, at J. D. &J. witmwrs
OF LETTERS remaining in the P. 0. for the quarter
ending Sept.:3ll, 161 S.
Persons inquiring for letters will please mention it they
UM advertised.
Altinger Joho
Ammumin Jesse C
Bard Philips, Widow
Benedich Benjamin
Bailer Tobias
flasslnger Peter
Blakey Wm
Barfield S It
Urnbacker-I C
Blake Mary
Bartle Benjamin
Bowen E
Coats Margaret 2
Creswell Win S
Coughlin Michael
Charles Mary bliss 2
Carter James
Conrad Elias
Columbia P 0
Davis Milton
Dorsey Sarah
Demurs John
D tly James
Draper Mr
Davis 51
Erbe Barthel
Eisenberger Samuel
Evans dr. Mayer
Eancklin Henry
Fisher John \V
Feiger George F
French Casslab
Fullerton Robert
French James AI
Finier Mr 0
Fecher Oliver
Grubb Aaron
Gallaher Ann Miss
Green James
Greatly j u mp.
Grattan William
Garber Ann Mum
!fall George
Basler Joseph
!feller Abraham
Mellor Joseph
llalpin Jrtmes
Hoppe Christian
Helier John St
Hauser Frantz
Hall Washington
Hollingsworth 1113
Kreider Mary Ann
Kauffman Nancy
Koun Elizabeth Mrs
Kingsbury Almerin E
Law James 9
Lyle Samuel
Columbia, 5ept.:30,1145.
Lindsey A M
Loney Robert
Lynch Samuel
' Lechler Henry
Landis Christian W
Lutz Samuel
McGill James
Miller Jacob B
Illarkly Fred
N'eNaughtin James 2
Marriott James' C
McDonald Cap
Mehl hart( Peter
McCullough Sarah Miss
Myer Gulllp
Macondat Eliza Miss
Morse. Simon
McCandless Peter
Masky Henry
Newell James R
Phillips William
Phillips Clark B
Ruffee John
Robinson Samuel
Reed Mary Ann
Ramler Michael
Reynolds W F Major
Rinehart] John •
Rose John
Roach George
Riedlinuaer John
Reynold. John M
Rhine David
Seichrildi Adam
deatner Henry
Stock Barbara Mies
Snyder POMP
Slawk Mary Mrs
Stover Frederick
Steineack Banton]
Sweeny Susan 2
Snyder Simon
Shoenberger & allaying
Swarr Ann Miss
Schneider Christiann
Thomas Elizabeth 2
Trump Stirs,'
Thompson Samuel
Thomas Mi. rennet
Thompson. 11 A •
Weaver Samuel
Wolf Edward
Walters Mary
Wolfindun homas
Weller John S
Weimer Christian
Wallets Joseph
\Vitoria Rocked!
Weir. George
Yardly & Son
- DENS, Pen Holders and Pencils. G. kE. N.
(late of the firm of A. G. liugley & C 0..) man
ufacturers of Gold Pens. Pen holders and Pencils, N 0.16
Maiden Lane, New York.
We, the subscribers offer to the trade. and the public
generally. our different styles of Gold Pens, which are
warranted against all imperfections by fair usage, and al
so to be superior in every respect to any others mode
l/acing increased facilities formanufacturtng, we are de
termined that no pen shall be delivered from our estab
lishment unless it is perfect. We also keep constantly on
hand our supe-mor (told Pencils, and Pencils with Pen.
which we are enabled to offer at the lowest rates. All or
ders addressed to the subscribers, will be carefully and
promptly attended to. G. & }t. M. SDI IT/ I.
:tent. ccc No Id Maiden Lane, N. Y.
Election Notice.
Columbia Bank & Bridge Co., Sept. 27,16'48.
An Election for thirteen directors of the Columbia
Bank and Bridge Company, will be held at the Banking
Ilouse, in Columbia, on ‘Wednesday, the Sth day of No
vember next, between the hours of 10 A. M.. and 4 P. hi
Irr The United States Gazette, of Philadelphia; Lan
caste-flan and Union & Tribune, of Lancaster, will insert
the above as heretofore. ' sepao'4B-6t
T HE subscriber takes leave to inform the citi
zens of Columbia and vicinity, that he has again
commenced the business al - Wagon Making and repairing.
at his old stand, at the conjunction of Locust and NValnut
streets. and the road leading to the Ore Mines.
Being well provided with timber of all sizes and quality,
he is prepared to do all kinds of work—from a heavy
Road Wagon to lighter ones or various kinds.
Baying had a long experience in the business, he re
spectfully asks a liberal share of the patronage of his
old customers, as well as of the community in general.
Columbia, sept. 30,1848.-6 t
ALL persons are hereby forewarned that I will
pay 110 debt's whatever of my wife. June's, contract
log, she having left my bed and board without any cause.
Wan e es
COI ttttt bin Sept. 30.1.919-11
QCHOOL. The subscriber intends opening a
1..) NIGHT SCHOOL, in his school room. on Monday
evening next, the :sth inst., for the instrue.ion of both
sexes. in the various branches of an English education.
Great facilities will be afforded to those who desire a
thorough knowledge of English Grimmer. Terms mod
rate. L.. 1. RIIOADS.
Columbia, September 23, 1545.-tt
Cloths and Cassimeres.
T.atbserdicrs respectfully in Vile the :mention of their
1 friends and the public to their FAL!. STOCK of
Just received. among whirls nre sonic styles of
Fancy Goods—French blacks, Woes, de.. at reduced
prices. J. IL d J. WRIGHT.
Columbia, Septemberl6, 1840.
Don't be too late!!
TlMthe very cheap Flannels now sellmg. with a rush
_l2 at ]mete. per yard, at J. D. & J. WRIGHT'S.
VF ever' description of the new FALL styles,jost re
vetve nt J. D. &J. WIIIGHrs.
0. W. BILIM11)21,
1 EMMET TAILOR, Front street, Comm-
Ma. Pa., respectfully announces to the citizens
of Columbia and the public generally, that he has
just returned from New York, with a choice selection of
INGS, of the very latest style of pattern, and best quali
ty of material, which he will be happy to make up, in a
manner that cannot be surpassed in any of the (Atlantic
His stock consists of Cloths of all the desirable shades•
and qualities, of the market, such as, Franck', English,
and American black, blue, blue black, brown, olive,
drab, &c., drc.. combined with en endless variety of Cars
simeres and Vestings, together with a general assortment
of Handkerchiefs. Cravats. Gloves. &c.. Arc.
Having secured the services of hir.•Beel. WOWS', who
in well known to this community, as one of the most skil
ful " Cutters" in the country, he flatters himself that he
will be enabled to give enure satisfaction to those who.
may be disposed to favor him with their patronage. The
citizens in want of articles in his line are very respect
fully invited to call and examine his stock before making
their purchases, as lie feels assured that a due regard to
economy will justify such a course; and he would here
say. that no pains will be spared in the employment of
such workmen as will give entire satisfaction to even
the most fastidious. G. W. B.
Columbia, Sep. 16.--3 M.