The Columbia spy. and literary register. (Columbia, Pa.) 1848-1848, September 16, 1848, Image 4

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TougLoi Columbia., on TUESDAY. the -.kith day of
September, 1e49 at the public house of Col. U. Bern will
be sold to the highest bidder. pursuant to the will of Ja
cob Strickier,,dcwased, the following It& tl. ESTATE.
late of raid diqceased. to wit:
N0...1,..A 2 stotY BRICK ilocsr.. with nll the requisite
back buildings and LOT or piece of 01101:NU. fronting
on Locust street, in the borough of Columbia. between
Front and Second streets. adjuring property of Colima.
bia Batik and Joseph Cottrell. most occupied by the
sea Weavers.
No. 2. A large three story BRICK. 110FSE and Lot of
GROUND, in the borough or - Columbia., hunting on Front
street, between Locust and NVallitit street, adjoining
property of Evan Green and others, tiring large and com
modious and advantageously situated for 1011.11 e business,
containing a very suhable room mid all other Cons emen
ces for an store. now occupied by - Wm 11 Spangler
Nu. B. A LOP or piece of GROUND. fronting on the
river Susquehanna t.t27 feet. Tllllllllll{ bark to the Colum
bia end It - lashing - ton turnpike, now oectipied by James
Given, Esq., ea a Lumber Yard. The whole flora of the
lot is well wharfed, adjoining property of Abraham Bru
ner and Jonathan Pusey.
ALSO:-=At the same time and place. will be sold 10
shares of - Stock in the Columbia. and NVashington Turn
pike, 3-shares iu the Columbia and Marietta Turnpike,
and 20 slm i es in sllts3larieita arid Portsmouth florid Com
bide to commence at 2 o'clock nit the afternoon of mid
day. -when teror of sale 'will be Mode Luowt, by tine
ceraigned est:co:ors 0f said deeensed•ii will.
Sept. 2. 18.19.—ta.
rtlIE Sth Session of this Institution will corn
)uence on the. lifth of Se ptemhrr,
uring the. prenent. acuson the PI iacipul has purchased
a large and handsome budding, and adjacent to n erected
another, 1:0 that he is prepared to accommodate a large
number of atudepts,
The course of instruction embraces nil the branches of
a ompletc English and Mathematical educutron, togeth
er wills the Laun, Greek. French mid t:e•nnun l.• u tguages.
The charge tor tuition. boarding, for Mc waiter
.cosion of ta weeks. is STsi. For a quarter of 12 week•,
230. Ctrculars, or any additional pitructiltirs, can be ob
tained by addiessttig too Principal by letter or otherwise
ut the Academy. J. P. 11ICKERSIIAM,
Marietta. Sept. SI, 1C49.--5t - Principal.
DR. 23171111ZER'S
cea %vtirrauts the Atnericuli people in soliciting for
that can bell:mud/1i the coubtry, an secret and all diseases
of die urinary organs. It acts fir.% by purging otr all irri
tating mutter from the system which aggravates the dis
ease and at the same tune acts upon the secretions
through the medium of the blood, by which all vestigek or
the symlitic taint are eradicated from the s) stein It also
eradicates secondary syphillts, cures whites or Icticor.
rhea in women, mid is a general mina, of the system.
Be sure to ask for s Indian Vegetable Panacea.
Price :1 per bottle. l'or sale by
veptexuber 2, ISM W. A. LEADER.
Valuable, Scientific Work, upon the subject
of Gestation and Child-Birth, by :11. Weisselholl;
. D., lute of raris.just published by the author.
This work contains information upon subjects of the
highest importance to married persons, or those contem
plating marriage. It will be found of special value to
those whose means, health, or other circumstances do
not permit them to increase the number of their family,
without great inconvenience.suffering. or perhaps risk of
life. A method of avoiding these trouldes and dangers at
will, 'recently discovered by a celebrated French physi
cian) is fully communicated in this work. so that any per
son may avail himself of it at once. The means cost
comparatively nothing. and arc within the reach of all.
Tha process Is new, safe, Infallible, convenient,
and cannot injure the most delicate. Nor does it curtail
matrimonial privileges in the least.
Copies of this Nsork will be sent, in O. close envelope,
at a single letter postage. to any part of the United States
for 01 sent, post paid, to Dr. R. NI. WEISSEII.IIOFF. box
2710, New 1 ork City. Cop) right secured. No Booksel
ler-allowed to sell this work. Sept. 2. ISle. timo.
TOSAVE MONEY. By calling at The cheapest
ci.OTHING ti'FORE under the eon you can enve
twenty per cent.
C. I;EVY h. Co., Front tarect, one door shove Sehret.
ner's Row. would re , pectlidly call the attention of the
eidrcua of Columbia and vicinity to their tarp, and splen
did waeortnient of
Consisting of French 13rontleloth Coats of nil colors and
descriptions. Pam., Vests, Cape, Hantlkerrlnci. Cravats.
Stocks, Su.pentlers, Cnrre , 14 " , '• 6 ' e••
LEVY & antler themselves that they can sell
the cheapest Clothing in Columbia, or tiny where
nod if you do not believe it, just nice thew a call.
Columbia, _At:p.n. t ID, N.-. 2151
L. IiELLING, Ilerb Doelor, late of Marietta,
begs lease to inform his Ifirtiits and Ilia public gen
eially„ that lie bus remits ad to the home ot - I leery Marlin.
:next door to Boyle's llntel. Viola street Colombia.
Whilst he returns sincere thanks for the cry liberal
eliCOUTnatitelit 1111110110 reccis ad in the planner of his.
profession, he respectfully acquaints them that he Con
tinues national the VEAL:TICE OF hI 1.:1)1C1N1.:, in all it,
various arunclios, and will attend, eider by day or night
all those who ;nay have occasion for his services
Columbia, July 1, IN.—ti
having been attacked %stilt a violent disease. I called on
Dr. C. L. /telling who restored too to perfect health in a
few days, by has excellent Herb Ine.lacines I can rc•
commend lain to all who arc an cur Pas allheted
Colitmbin, Pat. S. LAZARD.
AV — ANTED a first rate Wagon-maker, to take
If charge or n shop nod carry Olt tile b 1.111... Oil his
own hook, above the Depot. A shop will be rented to a
goal mechanic at about $l5 per annum, and at least
120 north of work given by the subscriber himself to
etart on the first ?ear. The work is principally on heavy
Ore Wagons. lor further particulars eddies.
H. rl. %%MIS,
Auguct 0.1 , 1 Q -2:n
OF 7118 head, face and hands, such as scurrcy.
erysipelas. saltrheum, itch, sores. sore heads. tall,
freckles, sunburn. morpliew. yellow, Mirk disfigured akin
arc cured. %Viten these causes are removed. persons
who use the bath freely should remember that more than
water Is required in remove the humor•froto the pores.
1 hare seen persons who hove had filthy skin diseases,
for year.. nod atter try mg everythatig in vain, have been
cured by washing the skin with Jones's Italian Chemical
Soap, and can conscientiously offer it for any cif the
above complaints.. It IS particularly adapted to persons
from the sunny South. 1 hey would find their skin much
VitllMT. clearer and smoother by Ibsen. But they must
ha sure to ask for Jones's tlhetutcal Soap, as there are
numerous counterfeits. Price SG Cents. For sale by It.
Williams, agent fur VOW mina. s utIGAS-talec2 I
Lewis Tredemeh te Co.'s Fa sluona Me I lAT
&CAP Store, first door below John I'eltx'4 Jess el ry store,
where you can always get a Pasloonable I lat or Cnp at
tie lowest eit.• price. Call and cz mina nur Sew Style
and judge for • ourselves. VII EDEN ICI': Z, Co ,
August 5, Front Street, Columbia, Pa.
T EWIS TREDENICK & Co., Into from Philadel
phia, dealers in ILVI'S nod CAPS, would most riii.-
peetfolly bre le ice to inform the citizens of Columbia
and its victims., Mot they hose porelinsed the old and
well idiown lint Manufacturing Iditabliehment kept by
&tux Vscorti.s nor many year, next clodr to J. Felix's
Jewelry Store, From Street, Columbia, Pn., where they
intend to spare no pain. tool means to carry on the above
business in all its varioile branches Their stork cone
sits in litrt of fine .Mole S'l,lll. Beaver. Ntitrin, nod Cot
ton HA I's. Also, p splendid ii,eortincot of Pend nod
Braid Stormier .11.1.7 S of the )aunt and i aiii nod style, to.
gether with 2 good OASOriDI,It nt CAPS of every SITC,
price, and twattly New style Silk lint, which we have
lust received from Piontilelphin. and which we omit sell
tit city prices
With the confidence reeultines. front an experience of
number of years win, one of the ri,"l kin rhitudd
phis, will guarantee to in nun inc. hut for ihehion, nerd
. Cass, durability. rind we cannot be sur
passed by any estaldiehmem in the 1
Columbia, Jane 3, 181.—tf.
T Mini VE. Jones's Coral noir Restorative
roan: the Ihde to grow on the i.• Li or Ity
using a 3.. bottle It,, , olitAkerg and beard ow) be cools.,
ted to any rentonnl.le extent
Eilold only in York. n! -2 Chatham street. and by It
VITILI.WES.Agent tor leg 1'4•4-11rit
AND COPPER BUSINESS. 11. Pfahler Si, Co.,
thankful for past enessuracoment, would anneastee
to Me eittrens of Columbia and tie rte Laity. that they still
continuo to manufacture Tur arid Copper sync,' of all kinds
at their old %WWI. in Locust Mr...el, one dour north of the
Cohmtln:. hank. n a,: ry •pecifultg stAtitit cGl.•.nuanc l •t
pUblle pntrelti3go a
;11nrelt It, I-1.-11
COMVACKLIA. 11.8.141 f. AND
BRIDGE COVANY, May 13,1548.
The Directors of the Coluntbiir Bank and Bridge Corn
pany,desirous of arlbrding to ptirsons who are disposed to
deposit money for definite periods, at a moderate rate of
inter,t, have determined to allow interest for the same
at the ibllowing rUTCB, viz:
For all deposits to remain 12 mouths, 4 per et. per annum.
do do do b do 3 do do
do do do 3 do 2 do do
The sums so deposited to be payable without interest at
any unermedude unto, at the option of the depositor. The
interest to cease at the end of the period for which the
deposit was made, unless the same be renewed for a
further period. SAMUEL SHOCH,
June 10, Cashier.
IN pursuance of the provisions of the net en
" An Act to prescribe the manner of giving
notice ot apphcations for Banks," and in accordance with
the provlsions of the Constitution of Pennsylvania, the
President. Directors, and Stockholders of the Lancaster
Batik, hereby give public notice, that they intend making
application to the Legislature of Pennsylvania. at the
session to coenee on the fast Tuesday of January
next. A. D 1449, for the renewal and extension of their
present Charter and Act of incorporation, with banking
and discounting pr is lieges, for the term of tell years from
lilt first Wednesday in Alay, A. D. Itsl. The date last
mentioned. being the tune to which their present Charter
is extended.
The said Corporation is to be continued by the name and
at!, Ic of the Lancaster Bank, Anti w ith the same powers
and privileges which arc now enjoyed under its present
Charter and Act of Incorporation, and is to be located in
die City of Lancaster. The capital stock of said bank,
as authorized by law '
was six hundred thousand dollars;
the amount of capital subscribed was three hundred and
three thousand Mlle hundred dollars; and the amount paid
in three hundred thousand and thirty dollars The legis
lature will not be asked for an increase of capital or ex
tettston of privileges.
By order of the Board of Directors.
cinusTLAN nacioLuv, Cosier.
City of Lancaster, June tIG. Isl S.. julyisk-t.-6m
THE Columbia Bank and Bridge Company in
tend to make application to the bcytslattuc of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at their next session,
for the renewal, extension, and continuance of the banks
ing, discoutimig, and other privileges they possess under
existing laws. The Company to be conuimcd by the
name, style. and title of the Columbia Bank and Bridge
Company, in the borough of Columbia, in the county of
Lancaster, and slate of Pennsylvania.
.13y order of the Board.
Columbia Stine 24, 1648. tulyl.4B-13m
I S hereby given that citizens of Lancaster county
intend to make application to the Legislature of the
Communw ealth of Pennsylvania, at the next fiCS6OII
thereof, for the incorporation of a company under the
name and style, or intended name and sty le of "The
Columbia Saving's Institution,' , designed us an office of
discount and deposit, with a capital not exceeding one hun
dred thousand dollars, and to be located in the borough of
Columbia, Lancaster county, Pa.
George Wolf, 11. E. Atkins,
Peter I laldeman, Henry Haldeman,
IL Chalfant, John A. Hook,
Peter llaldcinan, Jr., 11. Cranston,
IL E. Cochran, Daniel I
Reuben NI ullison, Samuel Brooks,
John L. Wright, Philip Gossler.
John Barr,
Columbia, July 1, INS.-Gm
THE Unndersigned, hereby tender their sincere
acknowledgments to their customers, nod the pub
lic generally, for the very liberal patronage that has Ms
tended their efforts to please, and wonld inform them that
it will be their, greatest pleasure ns heretofore, to conduct
their business 111 such a manner as to merit their continu
ed approbation and support.
We continue to make till kinds of Castings, vit
TICECOG-WHEELS, CAST SliArTti for wilier wheels,
Se Also, CAR W lIEEI,S and other Car Castings, to
goiter With all binds of Castings, tor which
unexceptional reference cats be given Mr superiority mid
We have quite a variety of PATTERNS for making
Hot Blast Pipes, for Blasi Furnaces. and for Wider Pipes,
and, being well prepared for Casting Pipes, it will eer
! minty be an whetting° to those in want, to call und ex
amine ler themselves, as we can innimfacture as cheap,
Or cheaper, thus any other establishment in this semion
of country.
We have different kinds of Patterns fur Steam Engines,
Threshing :Madam's, Ploughs, Common Stoves, Stove
Plums. Stove Cylinders and Grade, and many other
thing- in our Imo of business. being the making mid eel
leeting together of the past eleven years. Ilu-ing the
best of mechanics employed at Pattern making. Sc,. we
I are prepared to make any thing in our line of business at
the shortest notice. and being ins orably situated at the
I Canal Basin. give us the advantage of inanithieturing and
forwarding Castings to any point vs ith despatch mid at
the lowest rates. GEORGE WOLF
Ibmling tinder the firm of Geo NVolt t Co.
A ND NEW GOODS. The subscriber takes this
owthol ot inlornung hi, friends and rosonnersthnt
he Ito+ ented the New Store Room known a. Haldeman's
New turner. being on the South Wcot corner of Front
and Locust street. s, here he Intends to keep emistlinnly on
hood a good supply of
and n general nsoortment of Family Groceries; together
55th Floor told other Mead; Oats, Corn. told Chop for
horse, Also. Liquors of all kinds, owlutling Wines and
Cordial.. All of 'Aorta I pledge iny‘elf no sell as champ
for cosh no possibly coo be atforded. Please cull and ex
noon., both the goods and prices.
K. 13.—A this ennui and front shop 1.13000ng. to rent on
nerommodnfints, Scrub.. 1115 self nod Soo would !the to
board v, oh the nionly. ELIJ All IiAItItATT.
Colkimlnn, Much :I's, 1914—tf
C 1 of Maids, Wires, Widows, and the
, 1 crowning ornament of man.
It is to the scalp on guano is In the earth in making It
It is as certain in its cifFct as death. to-miaow or next
Now, render, these respectable citizens certify that
Jones's Coral Hair Restorative will have the following
effects without fail: _
It will force the human hair to grow on the head. face,
or body—it will mop it falling. tore scurf or dandruff, and
make red, grey, and light hair grow dark.
Mr. W. Tompkiiis.o2 King st., New York.
Mrs. 'Matilda Reeves, Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn.
Mr. James Power. grorer s yulton st . Brooklyn.
Mr. Thomas Jackson. E 9 Liberty St.. ihtlsburgh
Henry E. Cullen, (late) barber on board the South
lint the beautiful, the glorious ellen it has in dressing
and beauttlying the hair—making it soft. dark, silky, and
keeping tt bit thrice as tong as any other article made.
Irls SO Eco:somicA I. AM) CHEAP.
It costs butt shillings for a trial bottle, and the public
are conscienttounly and linneatly assured that the above
are tut real and trite qualities.
lie careful and get the Rennine. Ask for Jones's Coral
Hair Restorative. and take tin other. For pale only by R.
Nt illiants. agent fur Columbia. ti2o'4.s.4dee 21.
pj the subscriber, Six Lectures on the uses of
-1..) the I.L.NC:s. and Cau,es, Prevention said Cure of
CoNSINII"PION, ASTHMA, and disenbeF of the Heart;
tin the Laws 01 Longevity ; and on the mode of preserve
tog male and 'male health to an hundred year, with 2S
illustration, designed tor all classes of readers, by Samuel
Sheldon Fitch, A. M., M. 1). Also his Silver Inhaling
Tube, Shoulder Bruce, and Abdominal Supporter, Ace.
It 'WILLIAMS, Agent.
Columbia. July 22
NEW 6-00 D S.
Vy7 M. & S. PATTON have just received a large
• and lascionablc stock of
Consi.ting of Ginplinins. I,nwng, liarege%, Linen and Al.
puma Lustres.larny Prints eic., at the very• lowest prices.
Plain and cliangenble Dress Silks, Pack and Mac-
Black for :11anulas, with every style of Dress Goods for
the season. Please coil and examine our stock.
Columbia, April dd,lPl.9—if W. & S. PATTON.
THE undersigned have just received the best
_IL and most complete n•sortment of English and German
stop ntut twist and patent breech DOUBLE BARRELED
GL.NS. which have ever been oircred in this market at
such prices that will atilt all. Also, six Barrelled Re
volvutg self-cocking PISTOLS. Call and examine
for yourselve., at the cheap Hardware. Store of
Coloodua. August 21, 15,17.
C,ENVINE litero-Abdominal Supporters, Ileeom
mewl, 1 by Plo,,tietnns of tie highest standing in all
tilted Mutes. Also in Philadelphia, by Prof.
Jr. %Los, end Prof. Horner. of the tiniveranc of Pen.-
v ) 1, at.ia , Prot Jo , , pit Pa n o ast and Pro f.. 1. mitchell,
of the J^t t ot 51e4.4, al College; Prof Wultbank, of the
1 el.yll. unin. Medieul College; William 11urriPt 17. IL.
Ler turer gni ; hurl many others or high standing.
This nu:en:ton 11.. s been before the public over twelve
years, and is the moot so,cesstal instrument of Ile class.
Sold in Columbia by P WILLIAMS,
July e, 1834 Agent.
N TRIGS of Dry Goods. Who are to be benefited
by this remarkable change? VIE PEOPLE! 'Why?
Let them call at the BEE HIVE STORE, North Queen
street, and see ; here they can buy as much for SI 00, us
they a short time ago would have had to pay St 00 for.
This then is a radical change for the express benefit of
the people. Let them e all early and see the LARGE
LOTS of cheap and beautiful Goods just opening: for
Revolutions now-a -days are remarkable for their bre ivty.
Splendid Lawns, fast colors. cents
30 inch Muslin s, heavy and fine, flb cents
A good article of Plain Modes and Blk. only 1.2! rents
A good article. highly Cauldron.
Ladies can be supplied with every article for mourniutr.
Good plain Blk. Chintzes, only Ilk cents
do do Lawns. 12i, Is, and 25 cents
Mazatlans,l3aregea and Silk Tissues.
Lisle thread. Silk and Kid; aliases Gloves in variety,
GING HAMS :—J ust opened,d cases of splendid French.
Scotch, and English Dress Ginghtuns. New patterns and
cry cheap—at THE DEC HIVE, North Queen street.
The greatest variety of the most splendid styles, just
received—among the newest styles are :
Magatlans, • - - Magnificent.
Zeplinnes. - Beautiful.
-Zephry Tissues, - - - - Lovely.
Pompadours. Fascinating.
&c., &c., perfectly exhaustless, at the
13E1; 111VE, North Queen street,
CHAS. E. WENTZ Sr. 13P.0.
Just opening, the newest styles for Spring and Summer,
the greatest variety ever seen in Lancaster. Great core
, ias been taken in the selection of styles and colors, nt the
French N. NV. Lace Capes.
do do do Collars.
do do do Edging and Inserting.
Embroidered Swim- Mishits. for Dresses.
At the • BEE HIVE, North Queen el
Lancaster, April 15,
TALIAN Chemical Soap cures Pimples, Blotches,
Salt Rheum. Scurvy, Er) sinclas. Sore Reads, Old
Sores, Sore Beard and Barber's Itch, Chapped and tender
Flesh, Freckles, Tan, Sunburn, and changing Dark, Sun
burnt or Yellow Skin to a pure clear whine. as smooth
and soft as an infant's. And, in fact, every kind of erup
tion and disfigurement. Read these certificate, :
From the N. 0. Sentinel, Oct.. 1'.41
• •
One of our subscrffler"Mr. H. Leourird, informs us that
he has been cured of old, scaly Salt Rheum. of eighteen
year's standing, on his head, fingers and hands. by a cake
Oral! article much advertised lately—we speak of Jones's
Italian Chemical Soap. lie also informs us that he has
tried ha effects on his female slave Rose, much marked
with sun spots, and he found in two weeks her skin much
clearer and whiter.
, James Elthnm, a planter in Jersey City, was cured of
carbuncles and pimples, which lie wus afflicted with for
ninny years. by a part of a cake of Jones's Italian Ch....lai
cal Soap.
Persons purchasing this must always ask for Jones's
ITALIAN CHEMICAL rrtoAP.,—and perhaps, as many
who have been cheated with the counterfeits, will be too
much discouraged lorry the genuine, we say to such, try
thin 011 Ca —, on w ill not-regret it; buialways sec that the
trams ofT. Jones's on the Wrapper.
Sold :it S 2 Chatham st.. New York, and by FL WILL
IAMS, Agent for Columbia. Je24'4U-rim
TM Franklin Fire Insurance Company of
Street, near Path street.
Cu Allt.F.S N. ItANCKETI, GEORGE. W. IlicuAßDa,
'l'lloTins Drarr, 1110ROVA . A1 D. Lewis,
TouLtS 'WAGNER, ADOLPHE E. 130utu,
JACOU It SMITH, Atoltlllti l'At Ma...".
Continue to make insurance, perpetual or limited. on
every description of propel ty in town and country, at
rates as low ns are COIIRStent with security.
The Company have reserved a large Contingent Fund.
which, with their Captial and Premiums, safely invested.
affords ample protection to the assured.
The assets of the Company, on January 15t.16 , -1-3, as
published agree:Ml) to an Act of A , senthly, were as ful.
lows, viz:
Real fimate.
Temporaq. Loans,
Cobh. Ac.,
Since their Mem poration, it period of eighteen years,
they base paid ups, arils of ono. loallion. two hundred thou
sand dollar,. los,en by fire, thereby atfording evidence of
the adviiiitaze. of iii%urailee, as well as the ability and
dispo , itiod to meet with promptness. all liabilities.
CHARLES 0. BA NeSER. Secretary. •
TIIONIASI.I . .OYD, of Columbia.
Agent for York and Lancaster Counties.
Baltimore S.: Susquehanna Rail Road.
QisMia-1.: - .4. The :Morning PASSENGER TRAIN will run
$ front Baltimore regularly, hereafter, on Stilt
day.ttt U o'clock, A. NI., and Returning will start front Co
-1 bin at 11 P M., Wright,ville, 2 I'. M.. and from York
at o'clock, I'. M as on other days of the week.
mail between Baltimore and York will be carried by this
tram. No other train wall run Ott Sunday.
Superintendent of Transporiation.
0ct.27, 1,17
nenger Trains runs daily us follows bel
,a ow :
Leaves Baltimore at 2 o'clock, A. M.nd ar
rives at Ili o'clock, P. M.
An tires at York at 12 o'clock, P.M., and leaves for Co
lumbia at 11- o'clock. P. M.
Leaven Columbia at 2 oiclock. I'. M., and leaves York
for Baltimore at 3 o'clock. P. M.
Farr. from Baltimore to York, $1 50
Wrightsville,- - 2 00
Columbia.- - - - - 21^+
The Train connects at York with Stages for Harsisburg
Gettysburg, Chambersburg. Pittsburg and York Springs
The Company is authorised by the proprietors of the
Singe Lines to receive the Into through from Baltimore to
Gettysburg and llasrisburg.
13,ktrialonr, TO GETIYSTIVIIG AND 11.sualsectiO.
Fare through to either place. $3 00
D. C. 11. BORDLEV, Super`t.
May 8, 1.517-tf Ticket Office, G 3 North st., Bolt,
lIIS LETTER. Who will be without a beau
tiful baud or flair, when they ran have one for Ore
s t lingo! Twenty years' loss of hair and wonderiti
Dear Sir—The powerful effects of Jonc's Coral Hair
Restorative has been so decisively demonstrated in the
cases of several respectable ."111,115 of liar town. who, on
account of your selling three shilling bottles. try 3t without
fear. One instance. whirl, has attracted particular atter,
lion, is the rase of a gentleman who had little or no hair
for twenty years; he had tried numerous preparations in
vain, and ultimately had his head shaved and wore a
w•ig. At my recommendation, hr tried the Restorative,
and after rising at, according to the direction, for a short
time, the s oung hair appeared, and he has now as fine a
head of hair as any person in Daltnnore
ror sale by R. Williams, agent for Columbia.
OF NEW YORK is Strangely destructive to the
human cuticle, (or skin.) the nit from the sea, the
sudden chance fromirat to pild,li . n4 . ttn:ninke causes
It Is requisite that the pores of the akin ehnuld be kept
kept open—that theirmouti. should be freed from Impurity
—'twee thus the ancient Roman Philosopher. curtd nil
diseases—they computed that more diseases end unheal
thy vapors left through the pores of the skim, than f.)r
any other outlet of the bndv. It isnecessary, therefore,
to keep the pores open—all humors are diepelled from the
skin from the pores, when washed with Jones . . Italian
Chemical Snap. I have seen it cure the worst and oldest
cases of Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Old Sores, Barrier's
ltch.Sore Head. Ringworm, when every Internal and ex
ternal remedy had fatted—its effects in rendering the skin
wiitte. clelr and soft, though It be yellow and coarse, le
woniletful—it remove. Preekles.Tan.Sunborti.:Dorphew
and disfigurement of the skin—hat persona moat be par
ticular and nett far Far sale by IL Williams,
agent Cyr Columbia, a u26•484de21
TAMES JORDAN, Fashionable Boot and
f L 1
Shoe maker. respectfully. informs his friends and
the public. that he has opened a
immediately opposite Peter flabictima's Store. ', litre he is
prepared to execute sill orders I a his line. with nea c iness
and despatch. He feels confident in giving satisfaction to
all who may favor him with a call. Members of the 0.
U. A. AI.. are respectfully invited to g ive him a call.
Columbia. April El, I:-tn.-1y
Philadelphia advertisements.
AND GLASSWARE. Kerr's China 1141, Chesnut,
street, opposite the State House, Philadelphia, is the
cheapest place in the city, to buy all kinds of
and where can be found the largest assortment. and of
the newest styles, and fully TWENTY-FIVE PER CENT
less the,t at any similar establishment. Families, Hotel
at at store keepers, visiting the city for the purpose of
busing DINNER SETS, and TEA SETS, and all other
kinds of ware in this hue, wall serve their own interest by
examitinting the stock and prices of this a tore, after pricing
elsewhere, and they Will be fully satisfied that the above
are facts.
—.no r! purchased at this louse twill be packed and
AU ware purchased
r Remember that this ('heap Establishment is in
Chesnut street, tin telly opposite the sate l louse, Philu.
August 12, I ESI 73-Um
ST. HOUSE. No. 121 Chesnut Street, a few
doors below Fourth, North side.—The subscriber re
spectfully informs his friends and the public in general,
that he still continues to keep the above establishment.
Every pains is at all nines taken to render this one of
the be,t. and, from its central situation, it is one of the
ino-4 convenient Hotels in the city.
his TABLE is furnished, at all times, with tbc choicest
i delicricies of the SCLISOII.
this WINES and LIQUORS are not surpassed by any
other establishment in this city.
His servants are careful, honest and obliging.
Terms of Boarding to suit the times.
Country Merchants and Business Men will find the M-
I cation of liar Citkancir Sr. Horse, in the most business
part of Philadelphia.
The subscriber pledges himself that every thing in his
power shall be done to give satisfaction to those who la
nor bun with their patrcinagc
Philadelphia. Aug. 12. 1E464 y Proprietor.
THE only radical cure for Consumption ! , It
also removes and permanently cures all diseases
arising from an impure state of the blood, viz:
Scrofula or Ring's Evil, Rheumatism, Obstinate Cuta
neous Eruptions, Pimples or Pestules on the face,
Blotches. ales, Chronic Sore Eyes. Ring Worm or Tel
ter. Scald Bead, Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and
Joints, Stubborn Ulcers, Sy Online Symptoms, Sciatica or
Lumbago, Diseases arising from an injurious use of Mer
cury, Dropsy, Exposure or Imprudence in life. Also.
Chronic Consinntional Disorders.
In this medicine several innocent but very potent arti
cles or the vegetable kingdom arc united, funning a com
pound entirely different in its character and properties from
any oilier preparation, and unrivalled in its operation on
the system when laboring under disease. It should be in
the hands of every person, who by business, or general
course of life. Is predisposed to the very many aiiiments
that render life a curse, instead of a blessing, and so often
result in death
The iolloww•ing testimony is (rein an 111/I0 practitioner of
this city
Dear Sir:—]n reply to your question respecting the use I
of Dr. Drake's Panacea. 1 will say that although a perfect
disbeliever in the existence of a Panacea, or cure for all
diseases, however valuable it may be in certain condi
tions of the system, still I have believed that n cure for
Consumption would he discovered sooner or later, and
was led to try your medicine in two very inveterate cases.
'They were pronounced by the attending physicians to be
PLLNIONAHY CONSUMPTION, and abandoned by them as in
curable. One of the persons bad been under the treat
ment of several very able practitioners for n number of
years, and they stud she had "old fashioned Consumption
combined with Scrofula," and that she might linger for
sometime, but could not be permanently relieved. In' both
cases the effect of the Panacea has been most gratifying.
Only (rule or live bottles were used by one of the persons
before she began to improve rapidly. The other took
about ten. They are both well. I will only add, that fa
miliar as I am with Consumption by inhetita»ce and by
extensive observation as a study, mid knowing also the
injurious cal:cis in nine cases MIS of ten of tar, boneset,
and other vegetable tonics. ns well ns of ninny of the ex
pectorants and sedatives. I should never have recommend
ed the use of Drake's Panacea WI had not been acquaint
ed with the ingredients. Suffice it to say theseware re
commended by our most popular nod scientific physi
mans, and in their present combined state, form probably
the best lilts rotten that has ever been made. The cure is
n accordance with a theory of Consumption broached in
France a few years ago, by one of her must eminent
venters on medicine, and now established by facts which
admit of no dispute. Very Respectfully Yours,
L. C. GCNN, Corner Chest. and Filth st.
Astonishing cure of Liver Complaint and Dyspesia, in
connection with General Debility of the whale optima.
I . IIILAIOMPIIIS. March 7, It+l3.
Messrs: Storrs & Co.—Gentlemen :-31p at tie has been
for several years afflicted w ith pam through her nut
title and shoulder. accompanied with chills through her
whole opulent. 1.1111 !LIMOS/ COOSIIIIO1) Il tick stomach, at
tended with pout, invariably after eating ordrinkisig ; SO
much so as to deprive her of till satisfaction in attempting
to eat, Cecil if bile lied a desire for food. which wits not
often the case. as her appetite woe completely gone. A
friend persitati.l her to Kier DR.A lift7S PA NA CEA
a trial and I ant now happy to ,t) the first bottle gave
tier relief. Ora family ph) strain et.uinined the Panacea,
and approved of hero-mg it. She has 1111,111 three battles
Sitter. and to greatly bent:fitted. She has now is good ap
petite, and can eat her meal. so MI satisfaction. The chills.
pain. and tick stomach have entirely left her. and we kel
confident that the Panacea has affected a domphe cure 01
her ditilculues, and would recommend to all who arc af
flicted as she has been to try Dr. Drake's fanners.
No.:131, North Third Street.
The above are but a few of the numerous testurionials
we are constantly receiving. of the wonderful efficacy of
Dr. Drake's Panacea. It is a pleasant, yet tang search
ing remedy ; and the first trial will prove its power. Its
reputation has increased since as introduction to a degree
hitherto unknown in all medical discoveries.
S-00.555 GS
108 2i5 110
124.150 00
5Q.50• tl l .l
15.1.17 -7
With the firm conviction tilalllo Other remedy, so called,
of the present age, Is equal "„to this, and that the theory•
upon which it is compounded is too firmly established to
be overthrown, the proprietors solicit a trial of Dr.
Drnke's Panacea. willing to stand or full upon its own
merits. well satisfied it ',rill sustain the reputation it has
already acquired.
CEA Is put up to large square bottles—ll has the signa
ture of Geo. F. Storrs on for wrapper—and also the name
•• Dr. Drake's Panacea, Pinln blown in the glass.
Prepared only by Storrs & Co., Druggists, No. 21 North
Sixth Street. Phila.
A6ENTS.—R. WILLIAMS. Columbia; Ileinitsh & Son
Lancaster; C. A. Morns & Co., York.
April 15.1.45.-1 y
rEIMS ATTENTIVELY! Doctor llottand's
'Will effectually cure the laver Coinplaint, Saundlee.Dys
pepsin, Chronic or :Nervous Debility, ludigestiou Flatu
lence, Asthma, Diabetes, Disease at the Kidneys, Pulmo
nary Affections, (arising from disease of the stomach and
liver,) and all diseases arising from a weak or disordered
stomach in both Male and Female, each us Female Weak
ness. Diceiness, Fullness or Blood to the Bead. Inward
Piles, Flintering, of the Heart, Difficulty of Breathing.
Constant Imaginings of Evil, Great Depression of Spirits,
Dimness of Vision, Pain in the Side, Back, Breast, or
Limbs, Cold Peel, ac.
They remove all acidity. and give tone and action to
the stomach. and assist digestion; they contain no alco
holic stimulant, and can be taken by the roost delicate
stomach, and will iii every case entirely destroy Costive
s, and renovate the whole system. removing all im
purities trom the body. and remnants of previous disease.
and give health and vigor to the whole ironic, thereby
preventing frightful dreams, walking while asleep, &c..
which often result in accident.
The functions of the stomach are of the utmost impor
tance to every one, constituting the source and fountain
of life, which is nutrition. No organ possesses such re
markable sympathies, none such remarkable power in
modifying every part of the system. A greater number
of persons fall victims to the harrassing of Constipation
and Dispepsia and more organic diseases commencing in
the digestive system, than all other diseases combined.
The many thousands who die with Yellow Fever, Cholera,
Influenza, and other epidemics, is owing to disease or de
rangement there. If the digestive system in in perfect
health, the nervous system and the circulation of the
blood will be also, as upon it they depend, then epidemics
loose all their terror.
Baltimore, July 1731817
Those living in, or districts harmed with
FEVCR AND AULlit annually. will find thin by the
timely use of one or two bottles to renovate and strengthen
the system, no excess of secunedat, nud they
will not in any one instance take the disease. Pre Velllloll
is far better than cure.
The rare MICCCss in treating diseases of the stomach
snecesstlitly, has not been so much a want of pathological
huowledge of its functions, as the preparation of suitable
Vegetable compounds, so as to °Maul net only their
whole power, but as they would be most effectual mid
We are all aware that ton many preparations have
been, and are now beiore the pubic, that act only as pall.
olives, antioome that change the locality of the disease,
or prevent it for a short period, then it returns more for
midable than in the first instance. Such preparations
hays destroyed the public confidence. Tins astute stand
ing alone an its number of cares, and Untivalledoss thou
sands of our citizens can attest who have tested its vir
tues- can always be depended upon for the above named
diseases. It will cure any ease that can be mired by
medicine, no matter who, or what et, se ll!
perfectly restore the diseased orgaute functions of the
Stomach-Intestines, Resperntion.thretilatton, fix.
These tinter*. and the Spikenard Ointment will cure
any case of Inward Piles; it is a rare occurrence to re
quire more than one bottle of each for the worst cases.
_',n, Race Street, one door above r.ighth, south side. Phila
delphia. In Lancaster, by John PrLong ;in flarriaburg.
by Daniel W. Gross; in Pittsburg. by \Vin. Thorn--and
by dealers generally throughout the United States.
117. Pamphlets containtng cures and descriptions of
diseases. gratis.
Aleo for sale, his celebrated VEGETABLE RUM
ARCTIC PILLS. for the cure of Gout. Rheumatism, Drop
, ay. and severe Nervoua Affections; SPIKENARD OINT
MENT. for the mire of Piles. Tett.r, Ringworm. fite..
die., die s fnerrhlS,lS.P.-Dm
PHILADELPHIA, December 14, 1E147.
Philadelphia- Adverlisemeraisi
HOW many die.a most horrible death without
the simple cause being suspected. Softie linger for
years, as they suppose, from dispepsia, when it is worms,
which causes most diseases. There has come under
our notice several cases of supposed dispepsia of several
years' standing, when we have recommended Syrup,
which has entirely restored them to health. We would
say to MILTS when they are afflicted with Sour Stomach,
Sick Head Ache, Fits, a frequent deceive to make Stools,
Leanness, Bloated Stomach, Nervousness, Sickness after
eating, Sensation of rising in the throat after eating, &e.,
he assured it Li simply worms, and it needs but a trial of
- - - - -
to satisfy you it is so, and if you have any of the above
symptoms and the Syrup hails to cure, the agent will re
fluid the money. TO PARENTS we would say, that the
greatest sin you arc convicted of, is to let your children
suffer and die, when there is a simple pleasant Vegetable
remedy at hand. It is said by oar oldest Phydcians, that
Worms cause more deaths yearly, than all the other dis
cuses the human family are subject to. Then, (lOW ill/.
pertain it is to have a safe and pleasant remedy at hand.
Parents, when your children have sore or inflamed eyes.
you may rest satisfied that it is caused by worms, and
you will do well to call on the storekeepers of your
neighborhood and get a Book of llobensueles, containing
certificates of Caret , and the symptoms of worms. Al
ways keep a Bottle of flobenbacli's %Vorm Syrup on hand,
it as a friend in need.
ME.SRS : I take great pleasure
an informing yon of the great efficacy of your Worm Sy
rap; having been afflicted fur five years, and rousted
away to a mere skeleton. without mining any benefii
from various medicines, I was induced by Jesse Roberts
to try your Worm Syrup, as he informed me it land brought
worms from him; also, of Squire A. Tomlinson, of Bucks
county, a man over fifty years old, whom I am well ac
quainti.d with. I then commenced taking your Syrup,
and it brought a very large qUtilltity of worms, some ten
inches in lengiL, mid entirely restored me to health, and,
I must sny I wel like a new limn.
Yours. truly ; JOHN HART, Phil'a co.
Mr..f. Hart is a gentleman thirty-three yeses of age,
living live miles out of the city, back of Second et. road
and us only one nmongst the hundred grown persons Ma,
have been saved by HOBENSACK'S WORM SYRUP.
Messrs.:Hammack :
I have been looking for some of your Worm Synip
for some time ; I base sold all hut our bottle ; I wish you
to send me two dozen immediately. 1 believe it to be a
good medicine ; I have seen it tried to my satisfaction.
I have known one dose to bring from a child three worms,
ten inches long, and from another twenty worms, eight
inches long in one day. I have sold different NVorm Me
dicines for a number of years, but never sold any that
gave such universal satisfaction.
Respectfully, yours, WM. BROOKFIELD,
Bridgeton, New Jersey
Putt.sura.rius, May 25,1947.
Messrs. J N.B G. S. llobensuek—Gentlemen-1 have
been for some time using your '• Vermitligu" in my prac
tice, and 1 am happy to say that in my hands it Los sue
ceeded in its intention, so no fully to justify my confidence
units use. I think it among the very best preparations in
Use. S. W. APPLETON, 31. 11.. No. 46, South st
Prepared only by J. N. & G. S. 11011ENSACK. ild
and Goatee street, Philadelphia, and for salo by all re
sociable Storekeepers in this mid adjoining conntien.
whom we authoriz a to give back the money in every case
it fails to give with Action. Price 25 cents.
Also 'Wiens:tel.'s Hyena Tooth Ache Drops. Price
12b cents, a certain cure for
. Tooth Ache.
I lobensack's Rheumatic Liniment. Price cents.
do Cureell Salve. Price It cents, for weak
backs. sprains, fresh anti old sores. burns. etc.
Hobensack's 'Fetter and Ringworm Oinunent. Price
.25 cents, warranted to cure all irruptions of the skin—
tor sole us El bOV.I.
Philudelphin :Rey F27..—tno 18.1 q.
r..ENTLEMEN 'Visiting' the City, and wishing to
supply theinselVes with
Will find a
Al the lowest. possible prices, for
CA Sli,
Manufactured of the best and most durable materials, and
of the latest and 11104 t approved styles and patents, for
Men and Boys, of
Alvt; a great variety of
11 0 Y C OTIII N C ;
Ats ally other valahlitthwent In the Mulct% States.
(rrlioullienht corner of
Aprll S. GEO. CULIN.
THOUSANDS Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills.
Scarcely have ten short years elapsed since an
humble attempt was made to combine. in a suitable medi
cal preparation, a few of the herbs of the Indian. All swan
dark ut the tune as tii the result. The inert that could be
estimated was, that the principles adopted as the basis to
build upon were sound. So much reliance was placed
upon calomel and the lancet, that the ill success of the
new experiment would have tended to confirm that reli
ance. while it shook the purpose of the proprietor.
Now, however, all doubt and diiTiculty ms nt an end.—
Everywhere this medicine has been greeted with wel
,‘„,„„ everywhere lies its use been attended ith the
most gratifying success. From small beginnings its sales
are now counted
. .
and it is held in higher estimation at :the 'present time
than when it was originally introduced,
Fevers, like every other form of 'sense, are only an
effort of nature to expel from the body something that is
opposed to health; it is merely a struggle between the
good and bad humors for supremacy, and the commotion
Mich mutes is called Fever. The usual symptoms of a
Fever Rre lienv Mess languor, anxiety, sighing and yawn
ing: with alternate fits or cold and beat, atter which the
patient complains of pain in the head arid hack, thirst, dif
limaty of breathing, pain in the limbs, a SPIISC of fellness
about the region of the stomach. nooses nod siclsness,
with sometimes a vomiting of bilious matter.
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills will be found peculiar.
ly adapted to the cure of ALL xtvas or revert, because
they mint only thoroughly cleanse the stonier!. and bowels
from rill bilious humors, but they open those excretory
ves , els which empty into tile bowels; and consequently,
the impurity contained in the circulation (which is the
cause of all disordered motions of the blood, called Fe
vers.) is thrown into the bowels, from whence it is car
ried off by the regular nlvine discharges.
In using Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills for Fevers,
the only care necessary is. to have the medicine operate
COPICI;sI.Y BY THE BOWELS. If the symptoms are
urgent, trout four to eight pills should be taken, night and
marmuig, until the fever Inissubsidedi after which smaller
doses, once in twenty-four hours. will be sufficient to re
store the body to n sound slate of health.
The following highly respectable Storekeepers have
been duly appointed agent!, for the sale of this Celebrated
medicine, in Lancaster connty :
Reuben Weidler.
Bainbridge, John I'. Beecher.
Bird-in-!loud, Jacob Bruner.
Bart Township, Wm. W. Passmnre.
Belleview. Buyers & Kennedy.
Conestoga Centre, John if. ll:inn:in,
('hutch Town. L. & linger..
Coopersville. I;
Columbia,. Fry & Spangler.
Cherry 11.11. loam. S. 'Webster
Driainore, John A. Boyd.
Carl r.trorge pitchman.
do do \\ - .aver h. Staufer.
do do Davis XVII Ilse,
I:lleabednown, John 1,3 itch.
Ephrata, 0.1 1 . hr..,
do Martin Weidman.
ruilon Home, Fulton tp.. 1.
Het nplield, Ringu nit A .Martin.
Intercourse. J. &S. 1.. Robinson.
Let:cock township. Frederick Swope
Larriff ter Square, J . F. h 1). 11. Herr.
Nailmniel S. %Volley.
Lancaster, John Zimmerman.
Mount Joy, Witmer at Cassel
Mount villa. John Devlin.
Marietta, W. A. & B. Spangler.
Mount Joy Township, H. G. Clark & Co.
Mnytown, John Reinhold.
do Slnymaker & Co.
Mount Pleasant, Samuel Kepner.
Mill Creek, Henry Stauffer.
New Holland. Brubaker & Co.
Nesv Provideuca, Hildebrandt & Meyer.
Poplar Grove, S. It. Paxson.
Peach Bottom, S. W. P. /30Yd.
Paradise, A. U. dr A. L. Witmer.
Peach Bottom. 'Wm. Arnold.
Rawlinsvllle, John Rawlins.
Safe Harbor holm Herr A: Son.
Strausburg. Wm. Spencer,
Salsbury, H. Freeland.
Wnslidnglon, John A. Brush.
p/Wr—Olfices devoted exclusively to the sale of Wrifflit's
Indian Vegetable Pills, wholesale and retail. 109 Roca
2Su3 Greenwich street, New York ;
;r e nd I t o'r T hi re i to l n p t hi s a treet, Roston.
June 21. 180.—trip2.19
Philadelphia dlivertisemetzte,
VOR SALE at the sign of the 41 Red Rocklin,"
Fourth and Market Street, Philadelphia.
0. WHEELOCK, Puormsroa.
CAKES :--Fruit, Sponge, Pound, Iced, Spiced, Queen
Cakes, Scotch Cakes, Lemon Cakes, Sbort Cakes, Cheese
Oakes, Rusk, Apples, Jumbles, Spice- Nuts, and Mager
PIES t—Strawberry Ifurtleberry•, Blackberry, Currant,
Cherry, Plum, Cranberry, Egg Custard, Cheese Custard,
Apple Peach, Mince, and Itheubarb Pies pouring in hot
front the oven at all hours of the day.
CHEESE:—Timothy Jackson's Ne Plus Ultra Medal
Cheese, (vary supenor.) Pine Apple Cheese, and a great
variety °father Cheese, both new and old. •
N. B. Sortie of the Cheese sold at this establishment is
equal to the heat English
TEMPERANCE llitlNKS—always cold—Roe
eel h; Mineral I'Vuter, Lemonade.. Beer, Mead, Milk, &e.
Philadelphia, Jane 10, I,l9.—rin
ITU SUFFER. Thousands of lonics of, the
AMERICAN COMPOUND have been sold during
the past year. mid was never known to fail of curing., in
11. few days, the worst crises of a certain delicate disease.
Siminal weakness and all diseases oldie Urinary organs.
Persons afflicted using this pleasant and popular remedy,
need tear 110 exposure, as it leaves no oder on the breath.
requires no restriettons ni diet or business-•-•COlitalliti no
Mercury or noxious drugs in3urions to the system, and is
adopted to every use, sex, or condition. It is alsoMe
best remedy known tor Flour Albus, or IN - bites; (female
complaints) with which thousands suffer, without the
knowledge of a remedy. This celebrated remedy has
long been used in the priv ate practice ofa physician with
unerring success. radically curing ninety-nine of the hun
dred cases in a few days. Around each bottle are plain
and full directions.
IiTION—Ask for the AmturcANTotvreoitgen, and
numb:tee only of the agent. l'nec per bottle:
NVILLIANIS, agent for Columba'.
June 3. lti.ld.-ty •
.41. 1 11770011'S
EMPIRE COOKING STOVE. In again calling
attention. to this unequiled STOVE, the proprietor
hns the pleasure to inform the public that (exter
nally) it has undergone an entire change—the pipe and
hearth placed opposite cacti other, and a
being rabic& thus rendering it faultless, and unless there
is another faultless Stove in the market, this is unques
tionably the best, us It now embraces every valuable im
provement possessed by any other Stove an addition to
some peculiar to itllelt; secured by. Letters Patent.
Th e success of this Stos e, shire its introduction, is un
equalled, Nothing has ever been offered for citlinaryjmrs
poses, that lass given such general satisfaction. Stoves
have been copied after its form; some dealers liave'even
used its fundumental principles, but the proportiond•weirs
so unlike the or iginal. that they bear the relative value,
that a COUnterfea does to amitotic coin.
Complete COOK and other COOK STOVRS, in great
variety. P. R. caLnEra, No. 412, Market st.
thrard Row. below To eltlh Street. PHILADELPHIA.
UrrAll :lON purchased at Tllls 21Toni: w ill be
livered in Columbia, free of charge,
uptOP.el y
SALAIIIANDER, Fire and Thief Proof Iron Chests,
Warranted e9unlto any other make, and have never
been injured by Fire or Burglars, in a single instance. Ile
also keeps on band a full supply of eolall3oll ChM!,
Made of lighter iron, at lower prices.
Letter Copy ing Presses and Books.
Trucks for Stores, Factories. Se.
Druggists' Presses.
Eagle Glass Paper.-
Poriuble Shower Baths. Sc.
Packing Levers, Heisting Machines.
Retrigerutors and Wales Filters..
61 South Second St.. below Chetinut, Philadelphia.
REFRIGERATORS for cooling and preserving Meat,
Rutter, Milk, and all articles intended tor culinary pur
WATER FILTERS.—OIiver Emig' Celebrated Wa
ter Filters, for Purifying Water that is brackish or 'mlid
dy. whether by rains, minerals, or otherwise can be had
01 all siecs and prices, at •the Warerooms, No. 111. South
Second Street, two doom below Chesnut St., ?Idled.
Philadelphia, October 2d, 1847.
ArriacTED Itratio.
A Certain Disease Cured in TIVO DAYS.--The
loins. recent and chronic facetious of the kidneys, dis
ease of the bladder, gravel, seminal weakness. k. e. l'cr
sons who, by indulging in a secret habit, having ontruled
on thontselves constiautionsil debility. should apply Im
mediately to DD. KINEELIN, of the Philadelphia Medi-
cal lion,, the oldest inetnittion of Site kind in die Oily.
°dice. N corner of TIMID and UN lON Sts- be
tween Spruce and Pine. II squares from the Exchange,.
This Medical House was established by Dr. K.
yenta ago. Mir the suppression of quackery, there hieing
so many persons, without knowledge; name or character,
who put hulverti.minents in the public papers, that an m
-141111111011 of this kind man highly necesonry to prevent the
afflicted, especially strenger, ' trout falling into the bands
of some unskilful' wretch. who. instead of curing. might
send Ins victim into cot Untimely grave. Theretore, the
afflicted should shun the 'numerous pretended physicians
who know nothing of the practice of inedicine, , but eon
suit Dr. Kinkelitt, Wilo curve u CEItTAIN DISi.:4IISE in tat or
three days. according to the suite of the patient, without
the use of Mercury. No inereuriul remedies are used by
Dr. Kinkel:li; his medicines arm palatable and harmless,
and all bit patients are honorably shielded, ITOOI even the
possibility of being discovered. lie W/10 places himself
under the care of Dr. K.. may religiously confide in his
honor as a gentleman. and confidently rely upon his skill
as a physimati. and it he is Oat speedily :shoved no re
1111111eTIO1011 veil' be demanded.
Strictures. one of the most troublesome and dangerous
8110C1i011P. which 011011 end in gravel, inliamution, ♦veak
ness. &0., Dr. ICinkelin guarantees to 'remove speedily ;
DM also, swellings, diseased prostrate gland, &c, Stric
tures have ruined many ti ho had 'no knoWledge of 4 111eir
TAKE PnnnrtLAtt Noller..—YOMlr, men who have in
jured thein , eves by Ei certain practice indulged in—a habit
frequentently learned from MI companions, or at school,
the effects of which urn nightly felt. even when asleep,
and destroy both mind and body, should apply immediate
ly. Weakness and constitutional del ility immediately
cored and full vigor restored. Alf letters post paid,
TAKE NOTICE.—IIe. Kalkelin has had greater practice
in the above nrections than any physician in the United.
States. lie also possesses an advantage over all others.
from the Met of his having atiftlied ut the great hospitals
of I,:nrope. Thousands tu Philadelphia gin testify that
he cored them after every other:remedy hadfailsd. Sepa
rate rooms for private eollslllllltiO/L Open till 9 mt. •
TRAVELLERS supplied at a moment's !Mike, with the
requisite medicines to cure themselves privately.
I...scam:vs of medicines sent to any part of the U. S.
More particulars in the Spirit of the Times. octi'
"0 TEMPORAL! 0. A1021.23E1
CAUTION TO Tim PUBLIC—The only genuine .
has the writteii signature of the General Agent, W.lll.
SPEAR, on the out side wrapper surrounding each bottle;
thin is believed to be the only article, bearing the above
title, us °initiating front the Doctor. The virtues of
Cherry, for relieving affections of the Lungs, and that sit
important organ, the Liver, has long enjoyed the confi
dence 01 - domestic practice.
Cny of Philadelphia, F5-IS'illinm M. Speer, of the city
of Philadelphia. being duly sworn according to law, de
poses and sit) n that lie L in the possesNioa of the original
recipe for preparing a Balsam on Wild Cherry, for affec
tions of the Lu ug., u hieh tt as given to hint Icy Dr. blister.
a regularly educated Ph.) sician. (hilt he believes it to
lie the only one in 1 1 0. 11. 54i011 of any person except the
neid Dr. %Vista r himself. W. M. SPEAR.
Sworn and subscribed before me, and eny sea l a ffi xe d.
on the tir.t day of November, A. D. 1t47.
(L. S.) JOHN SWIFT, Mayor.
A eop} rigid for the. Balsam is secured.
Absurd no it tarry appear in the :ace of the above unde
niableproof, 1111 1111.11V1i111111 linen li..loll, Mn,,.. recently
applied to OM United States District Coon of Pentisyls a
nte for on injuttenott en the General Agent for the Umtr.l
SWAP% and the British Pres-antes. to itrevent said r Agnpi
from selling the only genuine Dr. AVi.tar'a Ilitls:un 01
Wild Cherrv. (said mill, aduol claiming the right.) Oi
course the Icon. Judge of rind Commrt promptly retuned it.
The Bal-ntia is not one of the quack nostrum., of the day.
claiming to en re persons a hone canes are hal and the reach
of medicine, (or restoring others io life:) it only chum , .
and lies proved in thousands ut Guars , to he. the first, most
efficacious. und only genuinepreparation of Wild Cherry
of the nineteenth century, for affection, of the Lungs,
Liver, and Kidneys frequently 1011).1nm:hi; an consump
tion, over offered to the public.
A liberal dinronnt in drilegints amt il . mintry dealer.. a.
NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC —I have this day nppourted
T. W. DYtYI`T & SONS. o. IN. North Second street.
Philadelphia. Wholesale Furnishing Agents for the (only
RY, for the following States, viz : Sew York. New Eng
land State.. New JeeeeV, Delaware, Maryland, District of
Columbin, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolasa;sad
• GeOrgia. • •
Also, for the interior of Pcnnaylvania. Ail orderi for
the Balsam will hereafter be .addressed to them.
Also for sale, wholesale and retail, by WILLIAAI N.
SPEAR, No. 115, Vine street, below Filth street,Phdade/•
phis, General Agent for the United States and they Bntish
Provinces, for the (only genutoe).Dr. Wistar's Haltom of
Wild Cherry. WAL AI. SPEAR.
Philadelphia, March 27, 101 A
AGENTS,—J. & W. Penfold it Co., New York; A. Mc-
Clure & Co, Dr. Itchier Co., Albany, N. Y.' John F.
Prescott. Troy. N. Y.; Char/as Byeri,Jr.,Protaidlenee, R.
I.; Redding At Co.. Mrs. E. Kidder, Iloaton,Masa.; James
Green, D. Scott, Jr. & Co., Worcester, Mass.; 11. &.1.
Brewer. Springfield, Mass.; G. W. Welsh, & Co., Hart
. ford, Ct. • J. Gash & Co., Imricaster, Ps.; C. As Morris &
Co., zudt'Dr. A. H. Barnitz, York, Pa; Reynolds & Cu,
Leeksville, N. C.; John L. KidwelkGeorgeto D. ;
Alex. Duval, Richmond, Va.; W. AIL Liumwa,
Price St per bottle; six bottles for S 5. Ap15 9 454