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    One of our exchanges says :—" A large mamma.
ling shark was captured off Cape Cod. Another
newspaper reports the circumstance as follows;
"A large man, eating shark, was captured off Cape
Consumption. The terrible disease is commonly
attributed to our climate. But If the climate Were to
blame, the disease would have been inflicted on that, and
not upon the people. We think the fault is In the peo
ple, and that lithe people would keep the skins of them
selves and their children properly washed, and abstain
from gluttony, poison, and idleness for a generation or
two, consumption would be no more known than Is now,
in good society, the disease for which scratching had sul
phur are the principal remedies.
However, consumption prevails as matters are, and
picks off the best and prettiest of us, in our prime. In
this state of things we must do the best we can, piece
out and patch out tile well of Id-.with Journeys, voyages
and medicines. Of all the medicines we know or. Dr.
Wlstar's " Salaam of Wild Cherry" is what we Minn Id
trot recommend. We have in our office a living proof of
its efficacy, who, but for it, wield have been beneath the
sod long ago. The inventor of this medicine, Dr. Win
ter. was a man of science of humanity, and undoubtedly
prepared the remedy in RS best fohlt, and the public may
gely upon Mr. Fowl*, Or the genuine article. —floston
Daily Chronotype, Jan. Ifl, ISO.
None genuine without the written signature of 1. Futts.
For sale by StTII W. COWLS, General Agent, 138,
Washington Street, Boston; Ask.,
For sale by R. WlLLtasts, Front Street Columbia, Pa.
e0e,..t0 , 0An..... ---
br. Swaync's COMPOUND Syrwr or Witm Ciinnza.
Read the followin(,• letter from Win. Shaw, a respecta
ble 'Druggist in Wilmington, N. C., a gviiileinan at un
doubted veracity, in whose word the most implicit confi
dence may be placed, another proof of the superiority of
curing Coughs. Colds, CoysrMt'rtON, Asthinn, Bronchitis,
Liver Complaint, Spitting Blood, and all diseases of the
Lungs and Breast.
'liVti.musinev, N. C., Jail. 5.
Wt. SWAYNF,--DEAn Sift:—You will please send me
twelve dozen, or more, as you see fit, of your Sync or
Wthis CHERRY. Front sales to-day. I have but a half do
zen on hand ; the sales are rapidly increasing and will. I
have no doubt, continue to do so. Au acquaintance at
mine called a few days ago to say he would give me a
certificate of its good effects. Ile is from the country.
and a minister in the Methodist Church. Shortly niter
obtaining the agency, I prevailed upon him to try a bottle
though I doubted whether any benefit would be derived,
for lie, an well ns myself, thought his case was confirmed
Consumption; in fact every symptom was indicative—
Shortly after, he wrote to me to.send him four or five bot
tles more. Ile came to town fast week. I will quote his
own language: Sir," said be, "I am a new man, and I
consider it a ditty I owe to the public, to tell what Dr.
Ssvayne's Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry has done for
Inc. , I will publish his certificate, and as he is generally
known all over our section. I expect good results from it.
With every feeling of reveci, yours truly,
Letters such as the above are daily received from all
parts of the country, but we publish this as one of the many
proofs of its efficacy. Avoid all preparations purporting
to contain Wild Cherry, except' that bearing the written
signature of Dr. Swayne, as they are most likely quite
destitute of the article from which they borrow a name.
The (original and only) genuine article is prepared by
DR. SWAYER, corner o f - Eighth and Race sin.. Phila
delphia, and for sale by agents in all parts of the United
States, and some parts of Europe.
Sold by %VM. A. LEADER, Columbia, and Dr. A. 11.
BARNITZ, York, Pa. Aug. 1.2, 18413.—m.
Nast Extraordinary Work.—Tlic Married Wo
M. MAURICEAU, Profe.sor of Manages of \Woman,
Sixth Edition. leino. pp. '2.50. Prise St. .25,000 eclat,.
sold in three months !
Years of suffering, of physical and mental anguish to
many an affectionate wile, and pecinuanry difficult, to
the husband, might have been spared by a timely poises
sion of this work.
It is intended especially for the married, or those con
templating marriage. as it discloses important secrets
which should he known to them particularly.
• - _
Truly, knowledge is power. It is health, happiness, af
The revelations contained in its.pages have proved a
blessing to thousands, us the inumtharable letters to the
author will attest.
Here, also, every female—the wife. the mother. the one
either budding into womanhood or the one in the decline
of years in whom nature contemplates an important
change—can discover the cause, symptoms, and the most
efficient remedies. and most certain mode of cure, in every
complaint to which her sex is subject.
Over ten thousand copies have been sent by mail within
three months, with perfect safety and certainty.
On the receipt of one Dollar. the " Married Woman's
Private Medical Companion" will be sent (mailed free) to
any part of the United States. All letters mum he post-paid
(except those containing a remittance) and addressed to
Dr. A. M. Mauriceamßux DIN, New York City. Publish
ttiF office, 12.'t, Liberty-st., New-York.
The "Married Woman's Private Medical Companion"
is sold by Booksellers throughout the United States.
For sale at the Spy Office Columbia, Pa.
New , York, May 20, 18481-4 in
Please take Notice. —we have been frequently
annoyed by a soap vender in Philadelphia, named Hanoi,
who meanly copies our advertisements anti applies the
same to Ins own line. Now, what principle can a man
Possess wile:will condescend to make use of such mean
artifices to insure his success and make his articles sell.
A Man's composition or his stereotype matter, is as much
his property as his stock in business, or goods. wares and
chattels: if, then, another man meanly adopts nut h com
position or property for his own line, what better ie he than
a rogue who will make illegal use of your goods t In a
little handbill of ours, which we wrap around our Chi
nese Medicated Soap, we have at the head of the bill a
small paragraph which rends thus:
"In an evil hour the serpent entered Parath.e. rind'
Beauty lost its charm. But the Allwise gave man power
over all animal and vegetable matter. And the inysieri.
ous secret of restoring unto woman her former pure. clear
and beautiful complexion, is combined in Radway's Clii
t cse Medicated Soap."
On looking over the Philadelphia Ledger on Moods}-,
the leth Oct., we were surprised to see our matter ninth,
use of for dressing up another man's article. and Mittman
our competitor in business, and for the public's approba
tiOn of our respective article.. We offer to the public
Radway's Chinese Medicated Soap as a sure extermina
tor of the Cuticle, mid a certain cure for all eruptions of
the skin. As a Toilet Soap, we candidly believe it to be
the most superior soap extant. As a Medicated Soap we
sincerely believe it to possess qualities which no other
soap possesses.
For the cure of salt rheum. ringworm, erysipelas, chap.
ped, cracked and repulsive skin. we know it is certain in
its effects, and is superior to all others ever invented.—
Lastly, we never condescend to make use of other men's
composition to make our articles sell. We furthermore
warn this man, Jules lismol, not to infringe on our rights,
or make use in any manner whatever of our stereotype
composition. With these few remarks we leave the pub
lic to judge the merits of our Chinese Medicated Soap. and
the merits of an article clothed in false colors to snake
it sell.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to get Radway's
Soap in all its purity, call on R. WILLIAMS, and Wu. A.
LEADLR, Columbia. and Zshm Is Jackson, 11l Lancaster.
Each cake, of the genuine, must be signed R. O. Rad:
Way J. & R. G. RADWAY, 2 Courtland St., N. Y.
OP DYING--especially in Autumn, the most
delightful StU2,Oll of the year'. Stop then gentle
invalid. as you pass F. X. 2:mount's Store, in Locust st.,
above Front, and get a box of
They are truly an effective remedy. Plenty of tem him.
ay will be exhibited to prove Mk. Sept 2. Is
PAUL ! !
AT ATTRACTION!!! A Fair of useful and
Fancy articles. of various descriptions, will be open
ed at York, on Monday evening next, nt 7 o'clock, Sept.
4th, in the upper story of D. St; D. A. Rttpp's store, com
monly known as China Hall;" nod continue every cloy
and evening during the week.
Raireahments, Conamionary, &c., will be in readiness
at all hours.
The LATIME and GcvrtxMny of Columbia, are respect
fully invited to attend.
Several Gentlemen of Cork have kindly consented to
entertain the visitors during the evening, with some ap
propriate music. Sept. 2,1E49..
E subscriber bets purchased the Patent righit
of Timby's Improved Water Wheel, which has been
proven to do more work with less water than any other
wheel now lutist. The wheels can be seen in operation
at John Limner's Saw Mill, and at John Kerr's Saw Mill.
Persons having Mills on streams of water where there
is not sufficient fall for overshot wheels, will find these
wheels to do more work than either Pitch-back, Under
shot, or Flutter Wheel,
Sept. 2, 1843.-tf Columbia, Lane. co., Pa.
Trfi, undersigned being about to leave Col u m-
A. bia, hereby notifies all persons indebted to him to
come forward and settle their accilints on or before 18th
of September, 1818. JOHN JORDAN.
Columbia, September 2, 1848.-It
TB Stockholder' of the Columbia and Wash•
ington Turnpike Road Company, will hold an Elec
tion at the public house of Edward Jacobs, (Franklin Ho
tel) Columbia, on MONDAY, the 18th of September, 1848,
between the hours of 1 and 5 o'clock P. M.. for chosing
one President and six Directors, to manage the affairs of
said company for one year A. BITNER,
Sept. 2, 1848.--35. Secretary
THE Bth Session of this Institution will com
mence. on the 18th of September, 1848.
wring the present season the Principal has purchased
a. large and handsome building, and adjacent to it erected
another, so that he is prepared to accommodate a large
number of students.
The course of instruction embraces all the branches of
a complete English and Mathematical education, togeth
er with the Latin, Greek, French and German languages.
The charge for tuition, boarding, &c.. for the wittier
session of 20 weeks, is SW. For a quarter of 12 weeks,
530. Circulars, or any additional particulars, can be ob
tained by addressing the Principal by letter or otherwise
at the Academy. J. P. HICKERSHAM,
Marietta, Sept. 2, 1849.--51* Principal.
CTOOD wages will be given to a girl who tan
come well reconitnended to take care of two small
children, A light colored girl preferred. Enquire at this
office. Sept. d.-It.
APlan of the Presbyterian Grave Yard, has
been borrowed or mislaid, any one having the same
will please leave it at the store of J. D. & J. Wrigio.
September 2,1842.—1 t.
rough of Columbia. on TUESDAY, the t2Oth day or
September. Id 4 . at the public house of Col. D. Herr. will
be sold to the highest bidder, pursuant to the will of Ja
cob Strickler, deceased, the following DEAL ESTATE,
late of said deceased. to wit . .
. .
No. 1. A 2 story BRICK HOUSE. with all the requisite
back buildings and LOT or piece of GROUND, fronting
on Locust Street, in the borough of Columbia, between
Front unit Second streets, adjoining property of Colum
bia Bank and Joseph Cottrell. now occupied by the Ms.
ens Weavers.
No. A large, three story BRICK HOUSE and Lot of
GROUND, in the borough of Columbia, fronting on Front
street, between Locust and Walnut streets, adjoining,
property of Evan Green and others, being large and com
modious and advantageously situated for Nadnc business,
containing a very suitable room end , all other 12011VCIliell
cm: for a store. now occupied by %Vim 11. Spangler.
No. J. A LOT or piece of GROUND, fronting on the
river Susonehanna 227 feet. running back to the Colom
bia and Washington turnpike, now occupied by James
Given, Esq., as a Lumber Yar d. The whole front of the
lot is well wharfed, adjoining property of Abraham Bru
ner and Jonathan Posey.
ALSO:—At the same time and place. will be sold 10
shares of Stock in the Columbia and Washington Tina
pike. 3 shares in the Columbia and Marietta Ttirnmke,
and 20 shales in the Marietta and Portsmouth Road Com
Sale to commence at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of said
dot', ben terms of side will be made limn n by the int
der.igned executors of mini deceased's
Sept. ii. ISl.9.—ts.
kerchiefs, Jockey Club, Perfume lie Jenny Lind,
:%lausseline, Magnolia, Bouquet Caroline, Rose, j,rnin :
Portugal, Patchouly. Mask, &e. For sale by
scpne4•3 W. A. LEADER.
cea warrants the American people in solicning for
treatment the _ _
that can be found in the cow try. in secret and all discn.eit
of the urinary organs. It acts first by purging off all irri
tating, matter from the system which aggravates the dis
ease and at the same time nets upon the secretions
through the medium of the blood, by which all vestiges of
the sypilitie taint arc eradicated from the system tt also
eradicates secondary syphillis, cures whales or Immo,-
rhea in women, and is a general purifier of the system.
Be since to ask for 'looter's Indian Vegetable PUIIIteCD.
Price $1 per bottle. For sale by
septernher 2, ISIS \V. A. LEADER.
AValuable Scientific Work, upon the subject
f Gestation nod Child-Birth, by It E. Wekselliotl;
M. D., late of Paris.just published by the author.
This work contains information upon subjects of the
highest importance to married persons, or those contem
plating marriage. It svill be found of special value to
those whose means, health. or oilier circumstances do
not permit them to increase the number of their family,
without great inconvenience, suffering, or perhaps risk of
life. A method of avoiding these troubles and dangers nt
will, (recently discovered by a celebrated French physi
cian) is fully commtmicated in this work. so that any per
son nay avail himself of it at once. The mewls cost
comparatively nothing. and are within the reach of all.
The process is new, safe, infallible. convenient, simple,
and cannot injut c the most delicate. Nor does it curtail
matrimonial privileges in the least.
Copies of this work will be sent, in a close envelope,
at a single letter postage. to any part of the United States
for SI sent, post paid. to Dr. IL hl. WEISSELIIOFF. box
2710, New York City. Copyright secured. No Booksel
ler allowed to sell this work. Sept. 2, ISP. Gmo.
THE above reward will be given for the ap
i prehension and conviction or the person or persons
who broke the post and tassels of the enclosure belonging
to the subscriber, fu the Presbyterian grave yard ca Co
lumbia, Pa. JAMES wruG I IT.
Columbia, August 'X, IWB. 3t
REWARD of 00 will he given for 11>cappre
heus. couvicth., of the person Or . persons
who set fire to the pile of shavings on Saturday aught lust,
on the public ground.
By order of the Town Council.
Columitta. August 26 16 , 1.9.—tJt Chief Burgess.
Philadelphia 3dvertisenzents.
W.:GE . ' ABLE PILES REMEDY is a domestic pre
paration, which Itas been used with entire success for
many years hieing an internal medicine. It has a decided
preference over outward apnlirations,which are but pal-
Wives and not curatives. This medicine acts upon the
diseased parts, producingaction. and a PERMA
MONEY. Wholesale and retail by R
ROWAN]) & WALTON, Proprietors,
No 370, Market street, Philadelphia•
R. Williams and W. A. Leader, Columbia; J. T. An
derson. Marietta ; .1. S. ' , Miley & Evans. and Lloyd,
Wrightsville ; James Smith and G. Dills, Lancaster.
'OURSELF! FOR 25 Caters
By means of the Poetter
ICULAPIIIS, Or every one hie
re physician! twentieth edl.
in, with upwards of a bun.
red engravings, showing pH
ate diseases in every shape
id form, and malformations
'the generative system.
Ily W. YOUNG, M D.
The time has now arrived,
lot persons suffering from se
reit disease, need no more be
rme the victim of quackery, as
• the prescriptions contained
this honk any one may cure
himself, without hindrance to
business. or the knnweledge of the most Intimate friend.
and a nil one tenth the neintl expense. In addiilon lo the
general routine of private disease, It fully explains the
cause of manhood's curly decline, with observations on
marriage—pesides other derangements which it would
not he proper to enumerate in the public prints.
persnn sending Tiff kr/TV-FIVE enclosed
in a letter. will receive one copy MIND book, by mail. or
five rnplee will be vent for one dollar. Address, *.
W. YOUNG, No. 152 SI'RUCE it. Philadelphia," post
VrtirANTED—Proprietors of Drug or Book Stores,
and Pedleris, in every town in the United States, to act
as agents for the above work. sept2'4B-sm.
STOVE IVORKS. The subscribers respectfully
inform their friends and the public that they are now
prepared to execute any orders with which they may be
favored, for their WEST PHILADELPHIA COM
PLETE COOK STOVE, of wbich they have three sizes;
sins; ltssrra and TOTS for Cylinder Stoves, five sizes;
PARLOR STOVES, (for wood.) two sizes; GAS OVENS,
three sizes ; CAST-IRON HEATERS, and a large and
beautiful assortment of Patten's! for Iron Railing.
Their Goods are all made of the best material, and from
new and beautiful designs.
Their WI:ST PHIALD'A COMPLETE is, without
doubt, the beet and most saleable Cook Stove in the
market. They are constructed with Mott's Patent Feeder.
Front and Grate. which gives them a decided superiority
over all others. They only want a trial to confirm what
in here asserted.
CASTINGS of all kinds made to order with promptness
and despatch.
Samples may be seen arid orders left at the Foundry,or
at J. B. Routes's, 154 North Second Street; Men= dr.
DOISZAVIC IE7 South Second Street, and at WILLIAMS &
HINDS', 498 Market Street.
August 19, 1144114.-43 m
Philadelphia .advertisements.
VEGETABLE PANACEA. Ilre give below a num
ber of Certificates of Cures of Scrofula e r King's
Evil, Tetter, Erysipelas, and Old Sores, which have been
cured in Philadelphia by the above most extraordinary
Thousanda of cases of Rheumatirm, Dyspepsia, Liver
Complaint, Mercurial Diseases, Ulcers and Impurities of
the blood, have been cured by this Panacea. The testi
monials of which will be furnished in pamphlet form
We the undersigned. having visited Mr. Isaac Brooks,
Jr., at the office of Messrs. Rowand & Walton. 370
Market street, Philadelphia, consider his case the most
remarkable one we have ever witnessed or heard of.
His disease was Scrofula, and terrible must have been
his twelve years' conflict With the destroyer! His pal
ate. the enure roof of his mouth, nose. upper lip. and low
er lid of the right eye have been destroyed, his face near
ly eaten up, and part of the jaw bone carried away. And
yet w•e can give no description of his ease.
Mr. B. informs us that in January last, the whole inte
rior of his mouth, as well as most of his face, was a titans
of deep and painful ;deers!
On the 14th of January last, he commenced taking Dr.
Cullen's Indian Vegetable Panacea, which checked the
disease in it tew• days, and from that time the cure has
progressed without intermission.
New flesh has supplied the place of the deep ulcers,
and though badly disfigured, his face is sound, and his
general health is restored.
We are assured that in the treatment of Mr. Brooks'
ease, no Mercurials, Ointments, or Caustic applications
have been used.—in fact, the Panacea alone, has wrought
this wonderful change.
Philip S. White, Esq. J. W. Jones, M. D.
Rev. John Chambers, W. Steelling, M. D.
Rev. A. D. Gillette, T. P. S. Roby, M. D.
Rev. J. R. Nichols. Jacob Frick. M. D.
Rev. William Uric, S. 13. Coles, M. D.
Rev. E. Kincaid, John W. Ashinead, Esq.
Rev. Levi Brink, P. Sken Smith, Esq.
E. Guillon, Esq. L A. Godey, Esq.
And thousands of others equally respectable, cs hose
names might be added if necessary.
If there should be oar who still hesitates to use tins
valuable medicine, or disposed to give the preference to
any other, or yield to the advice of prejudiced physicians
NOT to Ilse the PANACEA. WC ask that one to read the fol.
lowing certificates. Mr. Caldwell a gentleman of
pectability and well known in the lower part of the city,
where lie carries on his business as a currier.
Mrs Foster is also well known as u respectable mem
ber of the Ebette7er M. E. Church. We would remind
the afflicted. that it Is but a few weeks since we published
Tit= new certificates—here are two more —ls there a
medicine its existence that cures with the certainty that
this does? IVe invite those who have any doubts to call
upon Mr. Caldwell or Mrs. Foster, mid they milt base a
much biller account than cut be given in a cc:laic:tie.
E 1882212
I with pleasure give you a brief statement of the et RE
performed on my son by your Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegeta
ble Panacea. In the early part of last spring toy little
boy, about four years of age, had the measles badly. da
ting which time lie took cold. After the inessles left
him, his cars commenced discharging matter—his eyes
became much inflamed and very sore I found Ins sight
would be entirely destroyed. His bead was literally cov
ered with scabby ulcers, which extended over a consid
erable portion of his face. We tried several remedies,
but without benefit. I saw in The "Daily Sun" newspa
per a cure performed on child of Mr. Hopkins, by your
Panacea, and inviting those interested to call on 111111. I
did so, and became satisfied to give it a trial. The first
bottle produced a decided change for the better. Ile took
four bottles and the disease is completely mastered, and
I have no fears of a return.
I must .rty I was much °minced to patent medicines, ns
they arc called—believed ilium to be catch-penny hum
bugs—bin my mind is changed. I now believe your Pall.
acea to be the most valuable medicine ever introduced.
and have no hesitation in recomtnending, at to all who
need a medicine of the kind.
I remain gratefully yours. he.
JOIIN CALDWELL. 356 ‘Olllll 2d street.
l'lncnaccriun, March 17th, 19 te
Rownivn & WALION, Gents.—For the benefit of the af
flicted, and in gratitude to you, I cheerfully snake the fol
lowing statement.
About eleven years since n red spot made its appear
ance upon my ankle. It did not trouble me for some years.
About four years ago it became Inflamed and painful. I
was then informed tt was Erysipelas I procured some
salve from Dr. S., which spread the disco, over my bo
dy and head. My lace was so much swollen that I was
blind. I then applied to Dr. Gardner—he gave inc, some
powders. which I took for some time without any benefit,
I was HOW suffering more titan pea or 2012,7,110 can describe
—none can know anything of my sufferings unless they
have been like afflicted.
. . . -
Mr. Chase, a particular friend of mine, bad so much
confidence in your Dr. Cullen's Indian Vegetable Pana
cea, that he insisted on my giving it a trial. "Hs ANEW
IT WOCLD MME ne." At his request I called upon y ou,
and procured a bottle of the medieme,:which gave me en
couragement to go on. I have token six bottles, and am
entirely well, and have been so for almost two years. I
would say to all who need a purifying medicine of the
kind, "get it by all means," I believe it to be the best me
dicine ever known. You re, truly,
South 2il street, west side, 2d door above Washington
Pint.snEr.ems, April 11th, 1.9.1 a.
nOWAND & WALTON—Gentlemen. I feel it to he my du
ty to give you a bInICIOCTIt of the wonderful rare Dr. Cul
len's Indian Vegetable Panacea Las effected upon me,
that others like afflicted may know where they can pro
cure that great and. I believe, the only cure for.
About two years since, my neck began to swell; kernels
formed under my jaws and ears, they continued to swell
and become very painful. I was advised to try many
things, but to »o purpose, except a waste of illy money.
Poultices brought them to a bead, causing them to break
and discharge very freely.
The swellings instead of diminishing in Rile. increased
until the lumps extended completely around my neck.
many as large as n hen's egg. and one as large as my fist,
I was in this condition when your Panacea was recom
mended to me by Mr. Garrison. I commenced its Ilse.—
The swellings began to diminish almost from the time I
began to take it. My friend who recommended me to
take the medicine, insisted that I should continue to use
it, as he knew of so many persons who had been cured
by in. I accordingly persevered, and have now used
about one dozen bottles, and consider myself a well num.
I do not think there is such another medicine in the
world. I will be pleased to see any one wishing further
information at Mr. Jesse Baker's band box manufactory,
No. :e2, Bank street, who can also certify to the above.
statement. JOHN FARROW.
Mr: Baker and Mr. Garrison whose, store is at No.
Jones' alley, are both well known in this city, and will
coroborate the above statement.
[More Certificates next week]
Dr. Cem.uars PANACEA, sold wholesale and retail, by
the proprietors, RoNveso & WALTON, No. 37d, Market st.,
and by their agents.
R. Williams and W. A. Leader, Columbia; J.. Smith
and G. Hills. Lancaster; John S. Futhey and Evans &
Lloyd. Wrirrlitsville: J. T. Anderon, Marietta.
OCOPAVIA. Dr. Ciallea's Indian Vegetable
kj Remedy is a domestic preparation, composed entire
ly of roots—no balsams, no mercury, nr any other min
eral, and very pleasant to the taste. Certain syphilitic
complaints. in all their forms, cured In a very few days,
if the medicine is taken as directed.
Prepared by ROWANH & WALTON, and linkd whole
sale and retail, at No 376 Alarket street, Philadelphia—
n. Williams and W, A. Lender. Colombia; J. T. Ander
son. Marietta; J. S. Filthey and Evans & Lloyd,
Wrightsvil le James Smith and C. Hills, Lancn'cer.
ITANI3FACTORY. Sieve, Riddle, Screen and 'Wire
CLOTH MANUFACTORY. No. 4d, North Front
street, Philadelphia.
The subscribers continue to manufacture. of a superior
quality. all kinds of PLAIN and ORNAMENTAL. WIRE
'WORK, such as Sieves. Riddles, Screens. &c.. for all
kinds of Grain, Seeds, Sand, Ow, Snuff; Starch, Brick
dusts, &c.
Founders' Sieves, of a superior quality, constantly on
Also, Safes. Wire Dish Covers. Sofa Springs, TM Weil
Wire for Spark Catchers, &c.
Such as Cages, Nursery Fenders, Garden Bordcrinr,
Flower Stands, Trainers, Trellis work for Grape 'Vines.
.kc., Ac.
Also. Wire Fencing of every description.
Orders thankfully received, and promptly execu
ted by WATSON & COX.
August 12, 1240.-Ilm
THE Largest Concern in the United States.
HILL & CLINE.No.= North SECOND Street.
above VINE, and N 0.3 4 ,?. MARKET Street. above
TENTH, Philadelphia.
Morro!—Small Profits and quick sales.
Vatazrr!—Entirely unsurpassed and nriccpuilled.
COMPETT , ION !—Far, very far in the hack ground.
We offer, among others this season :
The Celebrated Empire Cook, the genuine.
Roney's Economist—a new and prime stove.
Leibranbt's Ole Bull Cook.
The Philadelphia Air-Tight.
The Our Stoves for 2 New and splendid patients.
The New Pattern Completes, n sizes, do. do.
The Oven Stoves, 4 do. do. do.
A splendid assortment of Radiators for Parlors, Cannon
Radiators. Air-Tights, Stoves for Stores. Churehea,
&c., /cm.
phis too numerous to mention
Philad, August 12,1149
Baltimore 3dvertisements.
MTlr l r7-T , .TT7T:I
P,IIOWER-BATIL An entirely new article for
Shower Bathing. with warm or cold Water.
A great and important improvement is made in this
Shower• Bath over all others, by throwing the water im
mediately on the body, without wetting the head, unless
at the will or pleasure of the bather; but a greater point
is gained by being enabled to bathe with warm water,
which no other Shower-Bath is adapted to—and most of
all, the Bath can be medicated without injury to the hair.
Many persons cannot take a cold bath—their case in
feet in this as they can regulate the temperature of the
water to suit their wish, and commence bathing at any
season of the year without any unpleasant result. Ladies
can have the advantage of bathing without wetting the
head or covering the same.
The arrangements are Ample arid complete, and not
liable to get out of order. The Bath can be admsted to
suit any height, from a small child to the tallest person.
When the door is closed. the fixtures are hid and the out
side appearance is that of a neat piece of furniture.
They have received the approbation of several medical
gentlemen—others are requested to call and examine
them. Manufactured by the Patentee.
21 South Calvert street, Baltimore.
BATHING —Read what Armstrong says :
Do not omit, ye «Ito would health secure,
The daily fresh ablution, that shall clear
The sluices of the skin; enough to keep
The body sacred from undeeent soil.
Still to he pure, even flit did not conduce
(As much as it does) to health. very greatly worth
Your daily pains; 'tis this adorns the rich ;
The want of !hi, is poverty's worst foe.
With this external virtue, age maintains
A decent grace; without it, youth and charms
Arc loathsome. au26,lS—ly
Calvet t street. Ilaitimore, has removed his Laborary to
his new building. No. 21, and lane always on hand the
largest and most complete assortment of pure Botanic
remedies in the United States. prepared under lain spetial
care at his Laboratory—being tile first erected to the
United Staten for the special purpose ofpreparing Tuom
sOMAN NlEDtersts All of the pulverized and coinpound
ed articles arc pat up tat (limiter and hall pound packages.
and neatly labelled, with directions suitable lor retailing
and in bulk. anal upon better terms than the same article
can be had for in than U. S. Every article in his line is
warranted genuine—the public cam rely upon this
112 - A. liberal diseeunt innate to country merchants, who
are particularly requested to call and eXattune quality.
die.. before purchasing.
fa - The various 'I remises, embracing the most reputed
authors, upon the Thomsonian or Botanic System of
Iletlicine, m ay also be had at his estublklunent, by the
quantity or single copy. ati26,le-ly
A"persons arc hereby forewarned not to de
pos,te shavings or other combust tole matter on any
part of the Public Gromid of Old Colombia, otherwise
they will be dealt with according to law.
By order of the board of managers of the public ground.
Coluniliin, August
FRENCH ItzvoLumorz.
TYRANTS as well as Monopolies must fall, so
must prices That o a fact Which can be proved by
milling at the Old Estahlbthed CLOCK, WAIT'', and :lbw Stand of John Felix. Front street, a few doors
below lierr's Washmoon Ilotel
The undersigned latvincin.t return
ed from and New York,
~che r sent very low prices, la ' rg t e . " . u m n r d l e,lZ l Mra l' ss a o t r t u h n e et i t ' roi
of every description. which. together with his former ex
tensive stock, he is determined to sell otl ;wick and at
small advances. Noll' is is your nine if on wish to
purchase JEWELRY of the very best quality. and at
astonishing low prices. The following embraces some of
the lending articles of his tnagmheent stock:
full jeweled; Gold and Silver Lepine, Quartier, and Eng
lish Watches; Gold and Silver Miniature Cases; Silver
Table. Tea, Salt, and Mustard Spoons; Silver Sugar
Tongs. Butter Knives. &c.; Silver Scissor Hooks, Silver
Combs and Hair Darts, Silver and Steel Belt Slides, Gold
and Silver Spectacles, Spectacle Glasses. Silver Than
liles, Gold nod Silver Pencils and Pens. German Silver
Spectacle Cases; German Silver Table and Ten Spoons;
Gold Fob and Cunrd Chains, Steel do ; Gold. Silver. and
Steel Watch Keys; Bracelet Clasps. Ear-Rings. Finger-
Rings, Breast Pin, and Bosom Studs of every description;
Card Cases, Steel Purse Rings and Tassels. Bag and
Purse Clasps; a large assortment of Silk Twists. Shell
side and Back Combo; Pen Knives. Pistols, Spy Glasses,
Music Boxes, Pocket Books and Purses, together with a
large variety of other useful and ornamental articles
usually kept in Jewelry Stores.
Particular attention paid to repairing Clochs, IVatche:.
mid Jewelry—and all work warranted.
Thankful for past favor,.. the sol•cersbei solicits a con
tinuance of the same—which lie flatters himself to merit
from his experience and by a strict attention to business.
JOHN max.
N. B Remember the place. It is in Front street,
a few doors I3ELOW Herr's 'Washington lintel. Cohan
bin, Pa, where you can buy cheap and good Jewelry,
and warranted to give satismetion tit every instance or
hove your money refunded.
Columbin. Auoum 19. 1 , 1. -ly
yk7ANTED a first rate Wagon-maker, to take
r charge of a shop anti carry on the business on his
own hook. above the Depot. A shop will be rented to n
good mechanic at about $l5 per annum. and at least
51:10 worth of wort given by the subscriber himself to
atoll on the brat year. The work is principally on heavy
Ore Wagons. For further particulars address
11. Si. WILLS,
August 19. 1.5.13.-2 m Columbia, Pa
Lewis Tredeinck & Co.'s Fashionable HAT
& C.l P Store, first door below Jail Felixle Jewelry store.
where you can always get n Fashionable lint or Cup at
the lowest city price. Cull and examine our New Style
and iadgc for yourselves. THEIJENICK & Co
_August:s, LEI.--tf From Street, Columbia. Pa.
A ND the Volunteers returning home. WALNUT
No. 42. Front Street, directly opposite the bridge, and
three doors below Black's Hotel, Columbia, Pa.
The subscriber would respectfully inform the citizens
of Columbia and the public generally. that he has bought
out the
formerly kept by James L. Pretsmoo, at the above well
known stand. Ile would invite the former patrons of the
establishment and nil others to cull and examine his
which exceeds in extent. elegance. and variety. nny
hitherto opened in this vicinity. and which he pledges
himself to sell lower than even his predeee,sor everotfer
ed before His stock consists in port of
Gentlemen's Fine Cloth Frock Coots, Sacks, Coate,. &e.
Gentlemen's Fine Clods mid Cassimero Pouts; Satin and
Silk-Velvet Vests, Plaits and Fancy, being the only kind of
this quality for sale in this peace, Roundabouts, pc.
Jaeliebi. Slums, plain and limey. Satinet Pantaloons,
Gentlemen's Cotton Ilalf-hose. Silk and Cotton Handker
chic, Cravats. Suspenders, Umbrellas, Leather and Hair
Trunks, Travelling Bags. &e. 'Together with a large as
sortment of BOYS' CLOTHING of every description.
Reim:oilier the THREE 1110 DOORS, the place to buy
cheap Clothing, No 42. Front Street, directly opposite the
Bridge. and three doors below Black's hotel, Columbia.
Po. A. 0. STEVENS.
Columbia, Jul) 21. I€49.—if
T EWIS TREDENICK & Co., late from Philadel
phia, dealers in HATS and CAPS, t* mild most res
pectfully beg leave to inform the citizens of Columbia
and its vicinity, that they have purchased the old and
well known Hat Manufacturing Establishment kept by
.lota Varmints for many years, next door to J. Felix's
Jewelry Store, Front Street, Columbia, i'n., where they
intend to spare no pains and means to carry on the above
business in all its various branches. Their stock con
sits in part of fine Mole Skin, Beaver, Nutria. and Cas
tor RATS. Also, a splendid assortment of Pearl and
Braid Summer HATS of the latest fashion and style. to
gether with a good assortment of CAPS of every size,
price, and quality. New style Silk Hats, which we have
just received from Philadelphia. and which we will sell
at city prices.
With the confidence resulting from an experience of a
number of years with one of the first hatters in Philadel
phia, willguarantee us in saying. that for fashion, neat
ness, durability, and CHEAPNESS, we cannot be sur
passed by any establishment in the Union.
Columbia. June 3, 1849..—tf.
OF THE head, face and hands, such as scurvey.
saltrheunt, itch, sore., sore heads. tau,
freckles, sunburn, morphew, yellow, dark disfigured skin
are cured. When these causes are removed, persona
who use the bath freely should remember that more than
water is required to remove the humor from the pores.
have seen persons who have had filthy !kin diseases,
for years, and after trying everything In vain, have been
cured by washing the Orin with Jones's Italian Chemical
Soap, and can conscientiously offer it for any of the
above complaints. It Is particularly adapted to persons
from the sunny Smith. They would find their skin much
whiter, clearer and smoother by its vac But they must
be sure to ask for Jones's Chemical Soap, an there are
numerous counterfoils. Price 50 cents. For sale by It.
Williams, agent for Columbia. auß3'4B-tdec24
ACOMPLETE assortment of Wood, Coal, and
COOKING STOVES, for sale at reduced prices,
at the Hardware Store of J. W. COTTRELL,
aulo'43-3m Locuat Street, Columbia, Pa.
500 KEGS NAILS and SPINES for sale at man
ufacturer's prices at the Harde.aiecore of
J. W. CO77'REI.L.,
Locust Street, Columbia, Pa
au49 49-3 m
JUST received, a lot of superior English SUOT
Gus s. Double and Stogie Darrel, for sale at low
pnces at the nerd tare Store of
au1.9'49-3m Locust Street, COILITI.I. Pa
snmEtre IRON.
AMERICAN and Russia Sheet Iron for sale
at reduced prices, at the Hardware Store of
n09'48311 Locust Street. Columbia. Pa.
NEW ARTICLE which may be used with
Quill or Steel Pen (quill is premrable) for billets,
invuutimis, dc.,—it o•ill exactly be the thing. It is also
used for ornamenting Wood, Picture Frames, Chairs,
For sale by K WILLIAMS
Columbia, August 20, 1340.
ASUPERIOR lot of both single and double
Trusses for sale by V. A LEADER..
Columbia, Pa., August 12.194 R.
JUST Received a first Mc supply of Bull's
SARSAPARILLA. and for salt: by
Colombia, August 12, ISIS. W. A LEADER.
SARSAPARIIa. Just received another large
supply of Towngend's Sarsaparilla, and for sale by
August Id. 1:1.1t 4 . NS'. A. LEADER.
T . AMP GLOBES of every size and shape, for
_LALaic by W. A. 1.111,11/112.
Columbia, Auguia 12, 1512.
PANACEA, Just received another supply of
Pubaceo. For sole by W. A. LUADER.
JUST received a new supply of the handsomest
and most splendid assortment of Camphine and Ethe
nal Oil Lamps ever kept in Columbia. For sale by
CIIL. Fresh supply of Ethereal Oil for sale
v by W. A. LEAIW.R.
VRENCII Brandy, Port Wine, Madeira Wine,
.1.2 What; Wine, OJU Rye, and Sherry WOW can be hail
pare, for Medicinal purpohei at LEADER'S Drug Store.
Wb S. PATTON have just received one case
► Y , (Zinglmni9, I t color.. only 121 cts. itlythr.l.3
()NE yard wide, very heavy, only 614 cots, at
J uy:Lr49 W. S D. pATToys.
\V &S. PATTON have just received a splen
. did assortment of Summer Dress Goods. ru very
lowprices. myt2tnlS
g b r y milli and
j p preservation of
the Hn~r . For vale
Columbia. July b,l t lb.
DE JENNY LIND, for beautifying the HAIR, &e.
For sale by R. WILLIAMS.
Columbia, July 9. VAS.
OF Every description, suitable for dresses, now
opcuing at S PATTON'S.
My 20. 1545.-tr
VATTING, and Window Shades, good styles and
low ut W. .k. S. PATTON'S.
Mny 20. -tr
HAGING_ and Borders, Ptrchords per, Papec., oarn,dheciling
e newest
styles, always on hand at manufacturers' prices, at
.1. D & J. WRIGHT'S.
Columbia, March Q 5, IS47.—ti
Cassimeres at the lowest prices, at
ap22le-ti W. A. S. PATTON'S
COPPER and Tin Pumps---a good supply of
Pumps a Iwo), on hand, and made to order, at the
shorted nonce by 11. PFAIILER & CO.
Meech 11, Id 4 -t(
GLOVES. Au extensive assortment of Ifosieries,
Gloves,&c., at reduced price. at
ledl9l4tf FRY & SPAr.s:GLER'S.
sale JENNY LIND, for the Donner
chief. For by R . WILLIAAIS.
Columbia, July '3, 1E5.0..
AND Molasses. Sovcring's celebrated steam
Syrup Molasses, a delicious article for table use.—
Also, new crop HONEY at
te14919-11 FRY lk SPANGLER'S.
IVIGIIT HAWKS always on hand and for sale
1.1 , &11L1:11. & CO.
March 11. 164..3-If
AFresh supply of those justly celebrated
TEAS just rived by
fe1.10'45-tf Sole Agents fur Cohan n.
O IL of the very best quality, with an assort
ment of I.AML'S for burning the same, tkveve on
band at J. D. & .1. WRIGHT'S.
Columbia. March IS, 1616—tf
AND CROSS-CUT SAWS, of Roland's best. For
sale at manufactures pnces, by
April 7. IE47 licierve & lives
RTICLE Boat Stove, We .would call the at
tennon of Boatmen to a new article of boat Saw ,
made and adapted expressly for their convenience, To
be seen and had at IL PFMILER& CO
IsTarch ISIS-tf
liERR'S Celebrated Lowden Fifth Chains, Tra
ces, long and short, double and single Link, breast,
carrying and halter Chains, all of which we oder at man
ufacturers prices. ap7-tf ni731P1.1; ak. HESS.
THE Subscribers have constantly on hand a
full assortment of wood. coal, and cooking Stoves of
every size and discription, cannon stoves. Al'o, Head
enburg,• patent Atz.Tnilit Parlor Stoves. which has given
full satisfaction ill all eases. The public arc Ins fled to
call and examine for themselves, at th e Hardware s tore of
Oct. 9•-tf RUMPLE ~&
1 1 1 23111' DELYS LATER.
BY OYER LAND EXPRESS, Important News from
the East. groat decline 111 DRI GOODS. We have
tun received a lame nnd splendid assortment of
SUltilltlEß GOODS, Nr.w STYLES
end much below the usual prices. A splendid a si.ortine tit
of DRESS GOODS, suitable for the season. Coll andc.l.-
amine. W. dr. S. PATTON.
Columbia, May 20, 1848.—tf
1 Philadelphia ddvert isenzeni s.
pr4m•ieir4wq.k.l.:4:4 , 4l
TYPE FOUNDRY. No. S PEAR Street, near the
k Exchange. Philadelphln.
The subscriber having made great improvements in his
method of casting type and mixing of metals. and had a
thorough revising of his matrices. the faces of which are
not excelled. in beauty aml regularly of cut, by any in
the country: flatters himself that by a strict personal at
tention to business. and employing none but the most
skillful workmen. he is enabled to offer a superiorarucle.
conqiinly adding to hi, stock all that is new from
the tte,t of tht, and other countries, and haws
lately procured 11 . 01/1 Europe, ti great variety of NEW
FACES nod 011.N.01ENTS. solicits the attention of
PI outer, tact CIO.
SPern 3 l , i3 will he Pent to those wishing - to order.
Cha-es Ink, Stands, Galleys, Brass
Rule. and every other article vended to furnish a complete
Printing Of ice. supplied at the Ohonest notice.
Of the newest style and of all sizes, carefully put up in
founts of correct proportion.
Philadelphia, August 13, 161.3-Ihn
TN LIGHT ! The attention of purchasers is in
viler, to the extenswe variety of ALURPHY'S latebt
The construction and improvements of these Lamps
render them suitable for any purpose or place where arti
ficial light is required ; the brilliancy and magnificence of
which have nut been equalled, and ut ONE-HALF THE EX
FENhE 01 any yet invented. They are perfectly free irmii
unpleasant odor.
ALSO—A general assoi [mem of Solar, Lard, and Oil
Lamps, Fluid. Candelabras. Chalidelier.. flanging Lamps,
for Churches. Stores, Hull Rooms, Factories, Brack and
Rdhard Saloons. Lamps vial: shades, designed for r!udnig,
All manner of Gas Fixtures, of ovary pattern, style ain.l
Having every facility for manufacturing, the under
signed is prepared to sell. wholesale and retail, as cuzAr
as any inamuuctory in the United Staten, and the articles
are arranted equal appearance and construction to
any that can he t (Mimed.
Merchants and dealers will find it to their advantage
to call and examine the stock and prices, which cannot
fail to give satisfaction.
MAN L'PACTORY. No. 191. N. Second Street.
Philadelphia, July
\ A ., SIII. \ I:G T
t p LG o a
n ll esr, y re „ oI N D
I fi l gu c e o r r r ni c c o r tzp e e.s . , ,
street, Philadelphia.
'The Likenesses token and bountifully colored at this
well it:10WII estublodiniciit, for ONE DOLLAR, are LlM
versally conceded to be roust. in every respect to ANY in
the city. Pictures taken equally well in cloudy and clear
weather. A large assortment of MEDALLIONS and
LOCKETS on hand, at train titl to S 5, including the pic
The subscribers respectfully invite the citizens of Lan
caster county. to cull and examine specimens of the latest
improvements in the art of lluguerreotyping. which will
be exhibited cheerfully and without charge.
Philadelphia. July I. leti—Gin
7 -1. 1 1 , P0L,E7
READ this attentively. Dr. KEELER'S CORDIAL
awl CA RAIINATIVL:, :Or the speedy and permanent
cure of
and for all the derangements of the Stomach and Bowels
frT — Tr..7,s or Tuousnsas the annually from diseases of
the Stomach and Bowels. In the face of this alarming
mortality, the best impulses of our nature are enlisted in
mitigating suffering we cannot prevent. More than FWD
THOUSAND persons to our knowledge were cured during
the past summer; and we unhesitatingly say, that ainety
mne out of every hundred are speedily cured. There is
no mistake about this fact, and as a test of our sincerity
and assertion, as a medical and responsible individual,
we promise to refund the amount paid in every swell au
thenticated case where it fails. Will you suffer, will you
let your little ones stiffer when you have at hand a reme
dy like this, so potent in subduing disease. To doubting
ones ![3 - Itead what physicians, the press, and others
say of the Cordial.
[Extract of a l e tter froth the Rev. Dr. Earle ]
Davisville. MIAs county. August 25, 1.0.17
Dear Str urn now prepared to recommend your Cor
dial (Mu having nowt, It n•nb .1000.1, xn sevrrn) /nstancen ?
mu] I am now trying your Panue_en in a case of protracted
attended with cough, uppurently produced ni the
young lady by her out-grov,ing her strength," to use a
common phrase, Yours, &c., Aumgo Esut.c, at. D.
[Extract of a letter from Ebenezer Cook.]
New York Coy July 20, 1847.
_ .
Dr. Keeler: Sir—l have used in my family all of the Car.
dial whichou left with nor lust summer except two bot
tles which persuaded a customer of mine to try, and
having proved very beneficial, lie has recommended it to
some of his friends, who ,ISII to have some of it, I there
fore wish you would send me some by express. lam
sntisfied from my own experience that it as the bestmedi
rine for children Tnetriitxo and Sinus -a COMPLAINTS
that is offered to the public, and all that is necessary for a
recommendation ts to try it. Very respectfully,
Euexezun Coos, :ISt, Grand st., cor. of Alley.
This is to Certify, that I have used Dr. Keeler's Cordial,
and have found it a valuable medicine in dtarrlicea, dys
entery and all derangements of the stomach and bowels,
caused by Teething, and is particularly adapted to all dis
eases of those organs caused by acid fruits or the debili
tating effects of season and climate.
D. M. Azt.isos, at. n, Plum at, Phila.
Dr. Keeler's Cord/al.—We would call the attention of
our readers to this invaluable medicine, which will be
found advertised at length in our coin:nes. As a correc
tive in cases of Diarrlnen, a.discase very prevalent at the.
present time. it is highly spoken of by all who have used
it. It is perfectly safe in its nature, and speak experi
mentally,-when we say thin it affords immediate relief.—
[Neal's Saturday Gazette of August 25,1847.
Dr Keeler's Cordial and Carminative.—This article is
advertised in another part of our paper, it is warmly re
commended by families oho have tried it. It is especi
ally useful among children. and has effected hundreds of
cures. The doctor is abundantly supplied with testintony
upon the subject, some of which is very strong. The
Cordial is not a quack nostrum, but carefully prepared
niediczne, mid perfectly free from tiny thing injurious.—
[Penns) Iranian of September 1, 15.17.
Dr. heeler f—Dear Sir—As it Is our duty to use every
hottest means to promote the happiness of our fellow
creatures, I take great pleasure in stating to you the ad
vantage I received from your valuable Cordial and Car
mutative. Last autumn I was attacked with Duirrhata,
which debilitated toy system very much: for nearly three
weeks I tried many remedies, but found little or no bene
fit, when any slaughter informed me of your Cordial. I
bought a bottle, and had not taken but two doses before
I obtained relief. I was entirely recovered before I used
the whole an ; and hove remained hearty ever since
Respectful] y, yours, S. lima, D.
Prepared and sold. svholeralc and retail. N. W. corner
of Third and Souta at.. Philadelphia. Sold wholesale by
Dr. McPherson, Ilarlisburg ; G. W. Miller, Lancaster:—
and retailed by R. WILLIAMS, Columbia, and by drug ,
gists =Mothers throwmout the country. Price 2.5 cis per
bottle. f ' — Sec pamphlets 1
ItrAi-so, Dr. K.C.F.I.IIIFS P r.r.x, the it:n.l edi-
Carlons remedy vet known, for all diseases arising froth
=panties of the - litoon, or habit of the body. Ladies of
delicate constitutions will find it admiralty adapted to
their cases. Medicine furnishes nothing superior to it for
chronic maladies, syphilitic disorders, skin affections
debilitated patients, attended with loss of appetite :tad
imperfect digestion. Price SI. Sr.. pamphlets for par.
ticulars. For sale only I.y R WILMIAAIS. Agent tbr
Philadelphia, Jims 10. I -ly
aoceri - AND moms.
Fil JAMES JORDAN, Fashionable Boot and
Slim , maker, reapeemilly informs his friends and
the pt! 10. that be has opened a
800 i A kit ts 1101; 11 1 rABLISTIMENT,
immediatclt apposite Peter Ilaldeman's Store, wherehe is
prepared to c....... all orders la fits line, solidi neatness
and despatch. lie teels confident in giving satisfaction to
all whir may river Inm with a call. Members of ins 0.
I' A M .me resperubliy invited toms,: hun a call.
soitontna. ‘prti :7.1-'l,-1 p
AND COPPER BUSINESS. 11. Mahler & Co.,
thankful tor past encouragement. would announce.
to fa,: Winn,. of Columbia and its vicinity. that thee still
continue to 'manufacture Tin and Copper wars nfall . kinds
at their old stand, in Locust street. one door north of the
Columbia Bonk. and respectfully solieti n CO0T111113” , 01
public patrolin cr.
March 11, IS•ts-tf •
CL. RULING, Herb Doctor, late of Marietta.
. begs leave to inform his friends and the public gen
erally, that he has removed to the house of henry Martin,
next door to lloyle's Hotel, Front street Columbia. Pa.
Whilst be returns lug sincere thanks for the very liberal
encoura,getnent hitherto received to the practice of his
profession, he respectfully acquaints them that he con
mimes us usual the PItAC TICE OF MEDICINE, in all its
various brunches, and Ve I attend, either by slay or night
all those who logy have occasion for his services
Columbia. July 1. ledd-s—tf
RESTORATIVE. Jones's Coral Hair Restorative
ruaca the Hair to grow on the head or tare. By
u•mg a 3u. bottle the whiskers and beanl maybe cultiva•
ted to any reasonable extent.
Sold only in N. York. at 82 Chatham street. and by It
WIT.I.T.AMS. Agent for Columbia. ie24.48-Orn.