The Columbia spy. and literary register. (Columbia, Pa.) 1848-1848, August 19, 1848, Image 4

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    %mgr. BEAD DOCTOR,
WllO has been performing smell wonderful
cures, at Mama:olas memo. vii to FltfiN'Y rarest
Columbia, Pa., where, (roan the increased numbers that
flock to Lim for relief, lie has been compiled Lo tit up a
commodious establishment. Then. it soil are sick. no
matter what may lie your disease, the Herb Doctor's De,
pensary you run obtain the appropriate remedy. Pre
sate rooms for consultation.
The Herb Doctor aufonus the public. that he is the only
person in this secuon, mho derived his medical knowl
edge from the Herb Do c tor ni Pladedelplea. and Ims stu
died his justly celebrated "Medical Practice." elte
rest Indian Mediciates, which have cured so many whets
every other remedy and every Other doctor has failed.
can only be obtained at this estublislitnent. The Herb
Doctor has practiced his system for some time, lurang
which he believes be bus rendered general and entire sa
tisfaction: out of the hundreds that he has treated, lie has
heard of no person being injured by las medicines. Ile
professes not to cure all disease, with one remedy. lint
prepares a different medicine for each at the numerous
"ills winch flesh is heir to,'—whicb are compounded
from roots, herbs, barks, flowers, he., - which, while they
possess great curative powers, also strengthen the seas
tem as they remove the disease Hence they cannot in
jure the weakest constitution, lan arc good in every ease,
as hundreds who have been rescued by them from the
grave, can testify. Having a knowledge et several plants
unknown to any other person in this pat t of the country.
he uses no mineral or chemical prepara
tions. They may be token Asilliont re:jaril to diet-111r
thee than the stomach directs, and «ill not interfere with
the patients customary vocation. The afflicted. particu
larly those 'abeam.; under
•are cordially invited to come and make a trial of these
medicines, or at least have a talk v. ills the Doctor, m ho
charges nothing for advice.
The Herb Doctor is content if he gets only the raa,
that have been given up no Incurable by the old school or
other doctors, tor the numerous cases of this kind which
he has Cured, arc sere evidences that if there be hope
yet, it Is in his medicines.
Mothers, Fathers: by the dear tic that Mauls you to
your little ones, try the Herb Doctor, before giving them
To you my dear female friends, ,ho have been neglec
ted or wean; to you who suffer Most. and lei have not
heretofore been properly treated.l offer a remedy sailed
to your delicate constitutions. and adapted to the di-ease.
to velatch you are liable. Wuhan the past isw years,ma
ny, too many, of your rillinber has., heels realm. eal from
the sphere of their affections and of then . ibeiiitnesQ ; but
do not despair, but call at the lied, Undue , Lle.pensary,
Front street, Columbia, where be will Inrulsil you a suit
able remedy. If you cannot call, encloseT,o Dollars in
a letter, post paid, containing a statement of 3 our situa
tion, and you wall receive medicines. waft full dareenun,
Persons %visiting attendance al their hue-es, will stile
their residence at the herb Doctor's Di-pensms. next
door sweat of Mr. Iloyle's tavern, Front street, Columbia.
Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.
Office Hours, from 7 in the morning till 9 an tlie even I
mg. Closed ou the evening of roc
Columbia, June 3, 1 t• 1 4.--1 y.
& Co in returnirq their ,ll.leere thank, to OW citi
zens of Columbia and the public in general for the hind
flattering patronage which they have la, ttia tut upon them.
would rio=t respectfully call their MI - C.l'loll to tlic NEW
STOCK' 01' GOODS which they have pi-t received, awl
which cannot be beaten, us to quality and cheapite,s,.rns
they arc determined not to he untler-old in the count).
Their stock comprises all ',tins or garments • Superinie
Ilahit Cloth : Cashmerets, Tweeds. Alpaca 1.11 , ..tre Croton,
Linen, pmt Linea sacks & Connie', Biding Coats, B.:A
awes Coate in profuse sandy.
Also, a very fine a',sormre it of Boys' Clothing. all or
which will lie sold extremely low for co , ll.
Pants and Vests of all Flies wid priee, Iran filly cents
up to 81 00. Buyers are .elicited to call a het lif•r Ml , lllltZ
to purchase at the time Of Item. They have only to veil to
be convinced. . ..
They have On hand a fine assortment of Cloths. Cas, ,
mecca, Cashinerets, Milling m
s, Satter Cloth+, Also.
Vest Patterns, all of which . will be made up at extremely
low prices.
Also, Shirts, Shams, Sim-vender, I fo..e. Drawers, Cra
vats, Carpet Bags, embrell,o,,Co/Inr-, hilioilt , ,Ove
101t1) Co.
A few door* below Herr', NV,lttoktett Hetet Flow
Street Columbia. Po.
Co!motive, I%tay 24, IS F.---tf
IN PRICES of Dry Goods. Who arr to benefited
by this remarkable champ. Till: 1'I.:111 . 1,K1 Wl*
Let them call at the 111:1'. MVP. it''. North I in, ml
street, and see; here thvy call buy tv, much
thvy a short Iliac tics uonld have had to
This then is a radical change t - or the b.•l. 111 01
the Ippeoplc. L't thorn call
soil ice hL••
1..tL0 S coca, egi .mVttlf (.1011. )I , t 111 . 1 fig
: ior
Revolutions no -a-day are remarkable ir in I, 1/)
Splendid Laws:, la-t color, 12,; evot.
3s inch Mublin, heat v dint fine, 11!, Centi
A good article of Plain Mo.len and Iflk only I 2 cent.
A good article, Iltgldy Cann:lcon.
MOURNING DlMsf: (aloDs:
Ladi". be supplied whit ever) article tor mom - low.
Good ptaie 111 k. Clotroze4, ooly 12; cent,
do do Lown-o. 123. 1., a nd 8o ccolv
Mazatlan, liarcges and milk Toone .
Lisle thread. Cilk and Kid ; Glove. in `7. , marty.
AT THE Ntil: Hive, CILVS. I:. WENTZ &
GINGILVMS:--3,l.lnpenrd,l of Vrenelt.
Sewall, and Engln,li Dn..% Gingl, pattern. and
gory cheap—m*l'llP BM: MVP., NoLth 61ue, a'greet.
The greatest variety of the tiloA ,t)les, just
received—among the nctve,t st) are:
Metz:talons, Nitt gla [kith
Zeplinnea. - aut.
Zephry Tissues, - I.o‘. ly.
Pompadours, rest-Hwang.
&C., he., perfectly exhatmle,, at the
DE E HIVE, North (plc,' Sire,
CHAS. F.. 11110.
no:karr ratmoNs
Sint opening, the nctveat .plea for Spring r.
the greenest variety ever Fnint in Intteziner tirent cure
has been taken in the belection of 01)1e, and color-. nt the.
French N. W. Luc Capes.
do do do Collars.
do do do Edging and In ie ming.
Embroidered Swiss Musluis• (Or DIV,e,
At the LIEF 111.111; North Queen et
Lancaster, April 15, ISlr+.-tf
DRUGGIST, would respeemil4 inform ha s tinnier
-0115 friends of Columbia and us 11`11111V 111.11 he
has just returned from New Nook and l'lnindelinaa stilt
a splendid assortment in all articles belonging, to the
anon stsocrss.vici
T owet h e r jil t a caper for lot flllll I.• et II UR :111,1
BRusims that tool: tli.. :1,1.11 in the Me
chanic's Institute of Nola. York
Also a constant supply of Camplielle Eelhereal Oil
Lamps, with a fresh and good 3laterm I in burn w it
Country Merchants. Dramsts. ltsl,er.,
store Kcerier+, Fullers, Dyers, and denlor-m cell.' ra I tall
find it to their advantage to call at tho GIII,OIIN
TAR DRUG STORE, Columbia, bean, pnrol 01 , 111,
where. WM. A. LEADER.
Columbia, March
.7: ;1I
Baltimore & Susquehanna Rail Road.
Tete Morntng PSf ;
ASSI,I:R TRAIN ash rim
from Baltimore regularly. here., Ocr, on Sun
dayott 11 o'clock, A M., and Returning %mil "tort trom Co
lumba at 1; P. M., Wnight , ts tile, g P. M and trout York
at 3 o'clock, P. 31., as on oilier day: of the neck. 'the
mail between Baltimore nut York will be curried by this
train. No other 11,1111WIII full on Slimily.
1) C. 11. 110IlD1.1W.
Sur,rnitendcnt of Tr:lmport:mon.
senger Tra... runt cs.; tohlr,w: Lcl
LORVC. naitilit , . ll, at . 0 A. M . mul or
rives at 11-1 o'clock, P M.
Arrives at York at 12 P and Dates r„, Co .
lambi,' at o'clock, E'- ?I
Leaves Columbia at P e% York
for Balumore nt 3 o'clock. P. 31
Fare from Baltimore to Vert;
- -
Co!anima, - - 2 t. , .
The Train Connects at York with St 3,.. ,- l r I 15 t .....1,,,,.„
Gettyeburq,Chinalw,imrg. IN n.burz awl '1..r1.. t• t •,,...,
FAKE: PO 6171 - I'cslit Hu AN I) ILa lulu> iti RI C
The Company is author - 1...d t, the proprietor. of th.•
Stage Linen to receive the laic 11O0U;)1 !MID 1104110,re in
Gettysburg and Harrisburg
Fare through to either place. ...... , I to
D. C. I I. IIIIII.D1,1:1*. Super't
Ticket Other.. t North .t.. Butt,
May E, lel7-ti
AND Bacon of the best quality at
0p274e-tf AV & PATTON-s
VOU'RE fatting Bald, arc You': Well, that
j_ is a uustbrturte and not a crime, but to remain bald,
ti rim so fine an opportunity offers to restore your hair, by
u truthful arid liberal use of Jayne's Hair Tonic, is but lit
tle short of crime. 'This valuable preparation excites the
scalp to a new arid healthy action, cleanses at from:scurf
and dandruff, prevents the hair from falling off; cures
those eruptive diseases which otied appear upon the head.
and in a majority of cases produces a five growth of new
hair. lt also gives the hair a rich and beautiful appear
ance For sale at W. A. LEADER'S
July 1. l=td-ti Golden Mortar Drug Store.
POMPLIINT. This disease now prevails to an
altitining extent, and thousands of helpless children
will be carried off by it unless timely relief be afforded
them. This relief may always be had by applying to that
ino,t cortant and pleasant remedy, Jayne's Carminative
Balsam, whtelt never fails. It has frequently made cures
of Summer Complaint niter physicians of the Itlgheq
standutg have pronounced the child as actually hl the
struggles of death. Try it—try if you ha , :e any love or
comm.-ion, or even mercy. for your hetple.s children.—
Why wal you let them die when a certain remedy may
be bud by calling at W. A. LLit"ibLift'S Golden Mortar
IJrug store, Front Street
Columbia, .luly 1, Iti4t?,4f
I Pall TALI' Chemical Soap cures Pimples, Blotches,
'Rheum. Scurvy, Erysipelas. Sure fiends, Old
Sare.s, Sore Beard and Barber's Itch, Chapped and tender
rush, Freckles, Tan. Sunburn, and changing Dark, Sun
burnt or Yellow Skint ton pure clear white,.3.s smooth
and soft as an tnfatit's And. in fact, every knd of crap
-11011 nand dlgig , ll,lltent. Read these certificates :
From the N. O. Sentinel, Oct., ISM
One of our subscriber. Mr. 11. Leonard, informs us that
be has been cured of old, scaly Salt Rheum, of eighteen
year's standing, on Ins head, fingers and hands, by a cake
of ant article much advertised lately—we speak ol Jones's
Italtan Chemical Soap. Ile also informs us that he has
tried its effects on hie female slave Rose, much marked
With sun spots, and he found in twoweeks her skin much
clearer nail whiter.
James Elthani, a planter in Jersey City. was cured of
carbuncles until pimples. which he was afflicted with for
natty year-, by u part of a cake of Jones's Italian Chemi
cal soap.
Per-ons in purchasing thus must always ask for Jones's
ITA LIAN Cl LEM (CAL SOAP,—und perhaps, us many
who have been cheated with the counterman mill be too
mach it...owned to try the genuine, we say to such, try
this once—, 011 will not regret it; but always see that the
name 0 'T. Jones is OH the Wrapper.
Sold .at •",..2. Chatham New York, and by R. WILL
IA.NIS. Agent for COlinlll/13.
b Franklin Fire Insurance Company of
Street. near Fink street.
C1TA1t.1.1..3 N. It aNcksat, (tgonar. W. Rwit sans,
'ILIUM A. I lAlt V, Mourn:cm D. Lkwis,
Tomas \\'A .CFI,, ADOLPIII: E. Bona:,
J.At'olt It. 5.,11111. Mclnnis l'ArrausoN.
Continue to make IlilltrallCC, perpetual or limited, on
every descripuon of property in town and country, at
fait, as low (Is arc consistent with security.
'Pine Coinpanv have reserved a large Contingent Fund,
which, with their Capin!! and Preininins, safely Invested,
adords ample ttroteetton to the assured.
'Pine assets of the Company. on January Ist, IS4F, as
inittlished agreeably to ati Act of :Ist:club!) , were as 101.
JOU, vi,:
Atortg.ntes, 5. , 110,.VA G 5
Heal E•tate, 10-,939 PO
Tottipornry Loans, 1:21,459 Ou
Stocks, 47,,I)111 lb
Cash, .k.c. , 45157 r 7,
S 1,:? . .20.107 07
Stile,' their incorporation, a period of eighteen year:,
they have pod upwards of one tnillson, two hundred thou
sand dollars. J0...v. by lire, thereby attording evidence of
the advantages of in:l:ranee, Its well :se the ulolny and
di-pobthon to nicer NVllllllTOllly , llle , .. all h;dnlna•v.
N. BANCK FAL, President.
CitAtti,l, U. 11.t5,..1(1i11. Secretary
1110N1.1S LLOYD. of Poluitilkia,
,eat for Yotli and haticatter Counties.
Feb. It?, 1,1.-1 y.
rrlIE Untillersigned, hereby lender their sincere
itokomvlcdo3ootrts to their en-tomer, and the pub
ne generally. fOr the 'very lilwral patronage lliat has at
tended their erlort, to phi tree, anti l•oldtt uuurtu theta that
v, ill be their greate,t plca-ure n, herctoibre. in cololvet
their lit such a manner as to m e rit their comma•
ett arpinhation and , tipport.
Wc et/11111111C to Illake all hind% of Ca Vine, V.,
4 364.4'
:1111.1.(tEA RIN(!. SPUR. BEVEL 11 !Till:and Molt.
TICE C(Ri.NVIII:EI.S.C.IST SHAVES tor seater wheel.,
Also. CAR \ lIEELS and other Car Ca•titign, to•
getter With all hinds of nail-110A Castingc. for w hieh
tolexeeptionta ref....nice call he oven for superiority tint
IN'e have gait° a variety of PATTERNS tor inalring
Hot Mani ler 1;1,4 Furnaces, and far \Valor file.,
lltl. L.•m_ Ns ell pea•pared for Ca.ttag l'ipe4. it eili cur•
lately lie all Salvaalage 10 1110. e in Willa, to call unit es
amine for thenthelvei, a. we can utatitatiettire an cheap,
t beeper , than any other estatiltshiaent w the., neetiott
of enuatry.
\\"e have ditrerent Lind., of Patterns for Steam
Threshing 31:whines, Ploughs, Common Stoves. st o ve
Nab,. Stove C) hurler. and Cr.a.,, tunny other
%fang., m one hoc of bu.utets, belag the making and col
leettng together lit the past eleven yearn lla•-utg the
best of mechanic., employed at Pattern tilaktag. Ace., we
are prepared to Inalie an)• thou; in stir line of business at
the shortest notice, and being favorably stunted at the
Callal ctt•e us the ads ;tillage of ntanufactuititg and
tOr‘,ltrtillet Castings to any pint With despatch and at
the lowest rates. EEORt It 9 WOLF%
'Denting tinder the rim of (.;co. Wolf & Co.
ColnraLia, ?larch t, to I--tf
ND NEW GOODS, The subscriber takes this
method 01 maiming lit , triend4 and customers that
la! ha 4 rented the New Store loom known as llableinait's
New Corner. being, on the Smith We.t earlier of Front
and Loci,' Slrer•l. where Inc intends to keep conkttual) ou
Lend a rand .11111,1 of
Ulla a ;general it...urn:lent of rmoliy C;rocerie4; together
south nom and other Aleal; Oat, Corn. and Chop for
Liquors 01 101 kind., including Wines and
Cordial-. Allot which 1 pledge tily , elf to , ell ns cheap
Air cash a.. poKohly can Inc iallaatal. Pletr,e call and ex
amine hod, the goods and price,.
N. 11 —A dwelling Mid trout .hop adjoining. to rent on
itecominntlitung touts. 3lyself and Soo would like to
hoard with din hand). B.tititATT.
Colombia, Alarelt
"0 TE1N1P013.4.! 0 MORES!"
V TO TILE PUBLIC—The only genuine
Iris the wrnitent signature of the General Agent, V. M.
SPCA R. on the out side. wrapper Purrounrlsitg each bottle;
tine is believed to he the only article, hearing the above
title, us eniniating from the Doctor. The virtu, of Wild
Cherry. fur relieving affections on the Lungs. and that all
mpottant organ. th , has long einojeci the conh
denee of tloniet.tie p met
of nn...-Winlallll M. Spear, of the city
l'hrludelphia,b.•tog Jibe ...Isom aceorcltog to lase, tie
upd rays that he t. in the po•gen‘too of the orprinal
n'elye for preparing a lial.aitt or Wll.l Cherry. 111,
wa, r: - Pren to haat.; Or Wl.ttrr.
rt xplarly Pi.Yl-lelan, and ihni he bell,
be the tad 011 c I. or lay person except the
\\ 1-tar %V. NI. SPLA t.
ern and siihseribed before me. nod cu) scat ailizetl,
on the lost lit; of NeVenther, A O. lE+l7.
(1.. SI JOIIN SWIFT, Mayor.
A cop) right fm' the Balsam is
Alisond as it Ina) appear in the Mee of the atoms 1111(10 „
amble prom. MI 1100. Initial 100111 1t0 , 1011 . , Ahts. , recently
applied to the United States District Court of Pen on)lva
ilin for all nonnetion to the tic:ler:o Agent for the 1J cited
States and the Itriti•li Province. to prevent said .%ginit
won ...Hinz the only (si• mime Or IVisoir's Baboon of
Wild Cheer). (sad nulls-ulna! omitting the right.) Of
C .e he I lon. Judge oismil Court tironiptl, retuned it.
'line intone of the <meek 'Kisumu+ of the day,
elaunm g to core per-011S WIII/Se eases are beyond the reach
ut medicine. (or restoring others to lite ;) only etoiin,
and has proved in thousand- of cases, to he the Bret. most
effienctow., and only genuine preparation of Wlld Cherry
of the umeu enth century, for atleetionn of the Lungs,
Liver, and Kidneys, tremiently terminating lit eO/1.18111-
non, ever educed to the public
A liberal discount to druggistn and country dealers.
NOTICE TO Tut: P C BLIC.—I have this day - appointed
'r Av. ovo'rr & SONS. No Ist), North Second street,
Philadelphia, Wholesale Clininhing Agents for the (only
genuine) OR. AVISTAII'S 11Al.SAI OF 'WILT)
for the following States, vie: New York. Nese
land States. New Jerney, Delaware. Maryland. I/64nel of
Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina. South Carolina ; and
-kis°, for the interior of Penn.) Ivan., All orders for
the Balsam ss dl hereafter be addressed to them
A i.e tor sale. WhOledale and retail. by WILLIAM M.
IL No. 1.15, Vine street. helow Fifth street. Philailet.
phut. Genera) Agent for the United Staten and the British
Proernre, for the (Only gellelitle) Dr. NVistar's Hainaut of
Wild Cherry. WM. M. SPEAR.
March Ir. I'4°.
& W. Pc atoll & Co., New York ; A. Mc.
el urea Co, Dr. Hernrk Co., Albany, N. Y.; John P.
Pre.erel Troy. N. V.; Charles U)er, Jr., Providence, It.
I . Ilvediaz & Co. Kidder, Po.iton, Mass. James
(,even. 13 Noon. Jr. A. Co.. Woree 4 ter. Maas. , H.
threes cr . SprolgfielO. ; G. W. NYelsh, & Co., Hart
ford. :J t hdi & , I.ancaqtcr. Pa.: C, A. Morril&
. and Dr A. II Ilarnite, York. Pa.; Itoyaulds & Co.,
Lock, :11,, A. C , John I. Kidwell. “corgelown, 1). C.;
Alex. Duval, Richmond, Va., W. A. I.r..etrua, Columbia,
Priec SI per bottle: am bottle.. for
DR. I:MOTT .-01
kf Extract is pat up in QUART BOTTLVS—R 19 six times
cheaper, pleasanter, and warranted superior to any sold.
It cares diseases without vomiting. purging, sickness, or
detalitaung the patient, and is particularly adapted for a
The great beauty and superiority of this Sarsaparilla,
over all other remedies ie, tvallst it eradicates
disease, it invigorates the body.
Bronchitis, Conouniplion. Liver Corophunt, Colds, Coughs,
Catarrh. Asthma, 'Spitting of Blood, tiorenvus in the
Beetle FinshNight Sweats, Difficult or Prober
Expectoration, and i'aia ill the tilde, Se, have and can
be cured.
Probe:Ay there never .vas a remedy that has been so
succ..easful ui desperate 00000 of constatiptiou as tins; it
idealises and strengthens the system, mud appears to heal
the ulcers on the lungs, and the patient, gradually regain
their usual health and id rength.
There is scarcely a day pusses but there are a another
of cases of Couetunpuun reported as cured by the use of
Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla. The following was recently
received :
Or. Townsend—Dear Sir:—For the last three years I
have been atllieted with general debility, and nerve:iv , con
sumption of tile last stage, and did not expect to ever gam
my health at all. Alter going through a course 01 Hied,
elite under the care of some of the must distmeuislied re
gular physicians and members of the Board of Health la
New York and elsewhere, and spending most of my earn
ings, in Infant:ling to regain my, health, and after reading
m some paper of your Sarsaparilla. I resolved to try
After using six bottles I Maud it done me great gond and
called to see you at )our office; with your advice I kept
on, and 110 most heartily thank you for your advice. I per
severed in taking the Sarsaparilla. a n d have been able to
attend to my usual labors for the last leer niondcl, mid I
hope by the blessing of God and your Sarhaparilln to eon-
Mine my health. h helped me beyond the exProations
of all who knew my case. CIIARLES QLl3ll3r.
Orange, r.s.e): CO., N. 7, August 2, lel7.
State of New Jersey, Essex County, no :
Charles Quimby being dilly sworn according to law-, on
his oath sloth. that the foregoing statement is true accord
ing to the best of his knowledge and belief.
Cue lax, Qrtsrav
Sworn and subscribed to before me at Orance.the and
August : lb 17. Cvnes Itabowfv,
Justice Mate Peace.
sr Irma uLoo D
Read the following flail cRy that consumption li isica
ruble it you can
Now York, April :23.
TOWllsclul ---. 1 verily helleve that your Sun.oplrilla
has been the moons, through Providence, of Saving my
hie. I have ate several y ea, bad a bad cough. It be-
Cattle wore and worse. At k.i I rai,ed large quantine , „
at blood, had night v‘scat., and le :IN greatly debthluwrl
and reduced, and did lint expect to live I hat c only ❑.ed
your Sar.aparilla but a sli,rt nine. and there Ln, n won
derful change bLen wrought. 10 mite. I tun now able tt,
walk all over the city I rat-.e .0 blood, 0.1,d tug cantkat
\ 011 Cull well 1111.011 C Ulla I ant 111:1111itill
for these results, Your obedient
It CuSELL. 115, Catharine st.
Very few families indeed—in fact w•e have not heard of
one--that used Or. 'Townsend's Sarsaparilla in time lost
any children the past summer, while those that did not
sickened nail died. The certificate we publish below is
conclusive evidence of its value, and is ooh another in
stance of its savior the lives of the children t
'l'ow•nsend—Dear Sir: I had two children cured by
your Sarsaparilla of the smnmer complaint and dysentery:
one was only 15 months old, and the other 3 yenta. They
were very much reduced, nod we expected they would
die they were given up by two respectable physicians.
When the doctor informed us that we inti,t Illse them. we
resolved to try your Sarsaparilla sue had heard so
of, but had but little confidence. there being so tune):
staff advertised that is worthless; but we are very thuak
fal that we did. for it undoubtedly saved the lives of both.
I write this that others may he induced to use it.
Yours. respectfully, Jrniv
My rtle-Ave one., Brunt.%) it. Sept. 1.5
James Cumming , . 1.1.1 . oar of the assistants in the IA
antic Ass lw, Blackwell', Island, by the gentletitanqpok
en of ut the lollop lug letter:
Tluy is only one of more than tour thoncand race, of
rlieunitiMmi that Or. Town.weild'A Sor.optaillit
cured. The 1110.1 "were and chrome 12.1,/, arc weekly
eradicated by its extraordinary virtues :
l•r.,Nri. Sept. 14,
DR. TOWV , I , VD—Deur : I have miller...l terribly for
nine year., as ilia rlieuintitimn con , ideratile of the tune I
could nut Cat, -Jeep Or Work: I hod the 1,10.4 iliqtres-ing
paint., and my Midi , were terribly ...wallet. I have used
Omar bottles 01 yoar •ar...amirilla. mid they have done me
more than one theii-au.l dollar.' width of good.—.l nm 1 / 4 o
ninth better. Indeed. /am entirely relieved. Von are at
liberty to use this for the benefit at the allheied.
Y4/11r, Itekpeefully,
DR. TOW NSIINIYS I,;AllS.ll`.\all al.:\ is a favortie of
the Ladle, It relieves theta of a great amount of sailer
tag. and give, them f i n„.„,,, D i ex ,o, ts . and buoyant 'pints.
Nlis. Parker kindly sent its the tollowaist
S:OrTII BROOK Aug.. 17, 1E.17,
OR. TOWNqI:ND---Sir : It gis es m.• oleawie to testay to
the beneficial clients I have experienced train the use of
your Sarsaparilla. My system was very 11111C11 rednrcd
by nervousness and general itebilny and with a variety of
tonal° complaila.s. I rend your adveimseinent. and was
intitteed to try the alert of your retn.•.iy,. II restored ilie
to a Leiter of health, I had n o t enjoyed for several
years previous to tithing it; and I do most cheerfully ie •
eomitiend it as a valuable medicate to all who arc afflicted
as I have been.
Mag. PARKER, I3altac at , South Brook' n
The following is from a very respectable fanner resid
ing at I leninpswad :
Towasam.-13enr Sir: My wife has linen su(ll•rum
so severely front the II) %pepsin and graPisl derangement
of the system. that we supposed vile must the. The Phy
sicians could non resist the th..ense, and sine would hove
died Leyond 1101161 tt WC had not given her your Sarnapa-
TAM. It has saved her life certainly. She is almost
urely relieved, and is gt 111 l ing strength and health. Site
sell C 0111111111,4 the use of R.
Yours, respectfully, ELIZA ABRAM%
LI vcrt COM PI. A INT.
Nast' Yore, Soar. 9,
On. TowNsvmt i—Dear Sir-1 am etnotrained, as an
act of justice, to publicly acknowledge the gram henries
received front tor, use of your Sarsaparilla, being an town
about two y cars arrive in a very weak and debilitated
state. aly disease was a chronic inflammation of the li
ver and stomach. and. us many thought consumption; I
Was so reduced that I had very little - hope of recovery.
11eating and reading considerably of the streets of your
medicine. I resolved to try it. though I entertained a preju
dice against advertised remedies. I liad taken the Medi
cine but u short time. and began to recover gradually and
continued to get better, and um now well. Indeed 1 mu
so touch improved that my friends scarcely recognized one
when 1 returm.l to the city. You are at liberty to pubirsh
this if you think it will extend the use of your excellent
reinedy. T. Tnwise.
One thousand or more additional agencies, for the sate
of Dr Townsend's Sarsaparilla, will be established in
noel, places where all agency ii, slot already appointed, in
the States 01 Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Ma.
n land, Virginia, and oilier Southern and ‘Vestern States.
The toms of agency to he eortiplied unit will be as fol
lows: Nut Snore than sine person will have the appoint
ment in a place, who will lie ads ernseil ins [L,ol, in one
ur more papers published at such place, or the nearest
paper to the place. TIO, will also be furnished with al
and handbill+ setting forth the virtues of the m ed ic i ne ,
is nth Muir names printed as the Agents, tor circulation.
A list of all such Haines will he regularly published in
ovorrs olucLE 01 , HEM:I'll; copies of all such
will be furnished them for circulation gratis. V11:11
/4110W1/111% of Or- Townsend's entire eIO.IIIIIsIIIOOOL.
Per nil these advantages. the ll:wen:et for a supply of
the Sarsapirlla will be required when ordered, and many
time when the Agency is relinquished, if any 01 the Med
icine Oniald remain unsold, it will be taken buck at the
price paid for it.
Persons who may wish the side of tins valitable inedi
eine on the tens above specified, will address, by letter,
or apply at the Principal oilier and sole agency of
'l'. kV. OYOTT 3 SONS,
IV. North Second street, Phila.
And at the same time they will mention the naliteg of
any newspapers published in or near the place to which
they reside.
N. B. With the above advantages, the price of:the
Sarsaparilla will be SO per dozen' packed in boxes of 2
doz. each—less than a box will not be furnished.
Principal Other. Fallon street. Nose Yo.ik.
Sole agents for Philadelphia. Dr. T. W. DVOTT Sc
SONS. Columbian College, UZZ, North SECOND street ;
a'ao for sale by Frederick Brown. corner of Chestnut and
streets ; Lancaster, Ileinticla and Son ;
Iklivard ; York. Morris & Co ; Carlisle, S.
; Harrisburg. Dr. McPherson; S. S. Hance, Balti
more ; and by the principal Druggists throughout the Uni
ted Slates, West Indies and Canada.
None germane, unless put up in large square bottles,
which curtain a quart. and signed unlit the written sig
nature of S. P. Townsend, and his name blown on the
glass. . . .
N. 13 —Persons inquiring for this medicine should not
be induced to take any other. Druagists put up sarsnpa•
Wilms, and of course prefer selling their own ; others have
purchased that put up in small bottles, and because they
make a greater profit, recommend them. Do not be de
ceived by any—inquire for Dr. Tolvial.,,nd's and take no
Irrßetnembe r the genuine Townsend's Surrnparilla.'
sold on by the Sole Angelus, T. W. DYOTT L SONS
No 1112 North Second Street, Ptilla
Each bottle is always enveloped or accompanied with
a copy of t'Dyott's Oracle of Health.
W. A. LEADER. Arent for Columbia.
(171)R, D'
WlDROBLClothing Eigoriaub No. 105,
hesuurStreet, between 'l turd and Fourth, North
side, Plladelphtu.
- _
At this establishment may always be found a full assort
ment of Gentlemcns Clothing, to suit all tastes and at such
reasonable prices us will astonish al:. I publish no list
of prices, but will guarantee to sell as low if not lower
than those who make mere pretentions. My goods are
all pureltioied at low prices, and made in us good style as
can be naiad in the city. A cull is solicited before pur
chasing elsewhere, as the Wardrobe is free to all.
No. 105 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia
N. 11. A large stock apiece goods on hand. Garments
made to order at the shortest notice.
Philadelphia. Slay :10,
sun, PIIII,ADELPIIIA, has for t.ale the following
TENS, vt,
:WO half ch,,ti Young. 11y.on Teas.
100 do Gunpowder, do.
150 do Imperial. do.
10 do Ilygon do.
1040) do Powehong, do.
000 do Nilig!.ong Souehong.
1)44) do 1 lolong, do.
:5 chem. Paihe Sunchow-r.
45 do Black leaf Pekoe.
25 half chests. do do.
03 do ()range do.
NOG imam Cassia.
Thi . se Teas comprise the hest chops imported in ships
Sea %Pitch, Rainbow, Tonquiti, Inca, and Huntress, and
are equal so any teas that have been care red in this market.
Philadelphia, May G,
I`l[E only radical cure for Consumption !! It
1. also nano, es and permanently cures MI iii.,ll9eS
arming Iron, on impure slaw of the blood. vet:
Sc 1 , 111 ill or lOng's Evil, Memnon/mt. Obstinate Cuta
neous Ertiptions, Pimples or Pestules on the fixer,
810tch.... tales, Chronic Sore Eyes. king Worm or To
ter. Scald !lead, Enlargement and Pain of the Bones and
l Dials. Stubborn U leers. S)plitlaie Symptoms> Small°. or
Lumbago. Disru-es arising num an injurious use of Mer
cury, Dropsy. Exposure or Imprudence int life. Also,
Chronic. Constitutional Disorders.
la this medicine several innocent but very potent arti
cles of the vegetable kingdom al, united, funning a com
pound cum retl- dtiT•rent inns character and properties front
any oilier preparation, and unrivalled 111 ils operation on
the system when laboring under disease. It should be in
the hands of every person. who by business, or general
course of life. is Inedtnpo•ed to the very many allancntii
that render ill., a cur.:, instead ofu files-ing, and so often
result it death. _ _
The following testimony is frost ant able practitioner of
this city:
OF:l.l'lM* Di•cember 11, lEi47.
Dear Sir reply to your question iespecting the use,
of Or. Drake's Panacea. I sett! say that althotich a perfect
disbeliever in the existence of n ratimiett, or cure Mr all
diseases. however valimble It truly lie w eertain condi
tions CI the ss stem, still I have believed tlmt a cure tor
Consamption would be ili•covered sooner or later / Mal
was led to try your medicine 11l two very inveterate cases.
They were pronoinsced by the attending physicians to be
Put:nos:tier CoNstnicrtos, and alittialotied by them as in
curable. One of the persons had been under the treat
ment of si,eral very tilde practitioners for a number of
years. and they said she had - old fashioned Consumption
combined WWI Scrofula," and that she might linger for
sometime, but could not lie permanently relies ed. la both
roses the ellert of the Panacea has been mien gratifying.
Only four or live 60111, Were used by one of the persons
before she began to improve rapidly. The other took
about ten. They are both well. 1 will only add, that fa
miliar as I am with CollStallplloll by inheritance and by
extensive observation as a study, and knowing also the
imaricias effects in nine cases out of ten of tar, boneset.
and other vegetable tonics. as well as of tunny of the ex
pectorants and sedatives. 1 Aioniti Sever have recoil-alienat
ed the suss of Drake's Paimetia if I had not been acquaint.
vd with the Sather: tt to say these tire re...-
commended by our inost popular and scientific physi
cians, and in their present combined state, form probably
the nest alter:ins, *list Ilan ever been made. The cure is
in accorthowe watt a theory of Coteantiption broached 111
Fraliee a Jew year" ago: by ammo of her most eminent
v. titers till meth.; ill, alld nose established by facts which
admit of air li1.11111.• Very Itcspeettill4 Tories,
D. C. I Corner Chest. and Valli st,
A.toni,lnng cure tn I.:%er Complanit and DySpe , a4l,lll
eraineChull tVith General 11.).-Inlity "1 the la hole v teal:
I'InI.AUFELPnIA• Mareh 7. le VI.
Alc9sr, Storrs k C0..--Gentlemen :—My Nvire Me, been
for several y ttitis afflicted with a pain through her right
•Itle fled shoulder, accout: •it with chills through her
whole system. ;slid almost etnistanilt, a sick stomach. at
tended %%oh inner, invariably after eating orthinking cut
coterie so as to deprive her to all saiuMietion m attempting
to eats es en if slate had a de-me for :both whieli was not
°nets the mo,e. as her apps :fort was completely gone. A
mead persuaded her Ire glee 1)1{. DICAKK'S PANAC'EA
a trial teed 1 happy to say the first bottle gave
livi relict. Our manly ph) eX:Le11111•11 the l'eleletl.
Wei approved of seer tesuog it. She leas taken three bottles
sine,. and is greatly_ Itenelltietl. She has now a good up
twine, and min eat het meal. m.ithsalisittetion. The chills.
peel. octet -irk stomach have entirely lett leer. and we feel
emahlent that the Pun:tee:A has all:ualtal a comply tore 01
tier :cod would rem - anon:nil to :tit who are M
ita:tea miblie Ito heed to try Dr. P:11111Ce:I.
No 3.11, North Third Street.
The aLca•c are Lim a few ut Ala numerous testimonial• ,
we are coast:wily receiving. (tithe wonderful efficacy' of
Dr. I.tiake's Panacea, It is u pleasant, yet inutst search
ing remedy ; and the fird trial IA dl prove its power. its
rrput mutt, ha, juer e used 0,1011(MM:1101k to a degree
hitherto unknown all all media:it discoveries.
With the firm eon% tenon that no other remedy. ari called.
of the pro.ent age. is equal :to tine, out that the theory
1111011 %%1110111 nn COlllVOlintlett is 0)0 finally et.tabli,hed to
he overthrown. the :proprtetor,. !when a trial of Dr.
Drake 'q Panacea, Willing to stand or fill 111)011 its own
uterus. ,sell aattaficd it Will nostaill the reputation it ban
already aequtred.
l'lON.—'fhe genuine DR, DRARk7S PANA
CEA is put up in largo nquare hottle.—u has the swan
tore of Geo F. Storrs on the Wrapper—Mat also the futile
•• Dr. Drahe•q Panacea. Lloa•n hi the y,
l'repared only by Sarno S.. CO.. prOggiqq, :21 North
Sixth Street. Plait,:
.AGI:NT,—R. WI I,LIA:%IS. Cobilabial Ileinitsh Y Son
I..inca.ster.; C. A. Morris k. Co., York.
April 15, lr
TIIIS ATTENTIVELY: Doctor liofituttt's Celt.
GERNTAN lurrims,
w.ii effectitall y care the Lis er Complaint. Jaundice. Dys
pepsia. Chronic or Nervoit , Debility. Inthgestion Flatu
lence. Asthma, Diabetes, Disease of the Kidneys. Ptilino
nary Alfeet ~,,, s, (arising from disease of the stomach and
Over,) and all diseases arising from a weak or disordered
stomach in both, Male mid Female. snob as Female Weak
ness, Dirziness, Pathless or Blood to the I lead. lnwasl
Piles, Fluttering of the Ileum Diffirtilty of Breathing.
Constant Imaginings of Cvil, Great Depression of Spirits,
Dimness of Vinton, Pam ail the Side. Back, Breast. or
Limbs., Cold Feet.
They remove all acidity. and give toile and action to
the ,tountelt. tool assi , 4 digestion; the) contain no oleo
lathe stuaulr u u, and can be taken by the most delicate
goo - inch. and will in every case entirely destroy Costive
ne• s, and renovate the whole system. removing all im
purities tram the holy. and remnants of previous disease,
arid give health and vigor to the vs hole frame. thereb)
prevruung frightful drearn.i, walking while asleep, &e..
which often result in accident.
The rooolioog, of the stomach are of the inmost Mum,
Inure to every one, con.ditining the soil and 1011111:1111
of hit, which is !attrition. No organ po,aesses such re
in:Ail:llde sysiumilliev. none such remarkable pun er in
modit)ing every part 01 the s) -tem. A greater number
of persons fall victims to the hart:l4=llT of Constipation
and I.itqiciyda arid inure organic diseases commencing in
the digestive system. than all other
The ninny thoii.iinds who der with Yellow Fever. Cholera.
and other epidemics', is owing to disease or de
rangement there. It the digestive .ystem is in perfect
health, the nervous srdein and the circulation of the
blood will he also. as upon it they depend, then epidemics
loose MI their terror.
Thom living in, or vim, ing districts barrassed Nvith
FEVP:U. AN!) AUCI annually, will find that by the
timely use of one or two bottles to renovate and strengthen
the system, no excess 01 bile swill necunudate, and they
swill not in any one instance take the dineum. Prevention
is far better than cure,
The rare ,LICCCS4 in treating diseases ot the stomach
successfully, has not been so mach u aunt of pathological
knowledge of its functions, as the preparation of suitable
Vegetable compounds. so ns to obtain not only their
whole power, but as they would be most effectual and
NVe ore all aware that too many preparations have
been, and are now before the pubic, that act only as pull
naves, and sorrae that change the locality of the disease.
or prevent d for a short period. then it returns more for
midable than in the first Instance. Such preparations
have destroyed the pulthe confidence. Thu s article
mg alone in its nmidier of cures, and unrivalled, an thou
sands of our eitHens can attest who have tested its vir
tues, can always i.e depended upon for the above named
diseases. It will cure uny case that can be cured by
nterlicuse, no matter who, or what else has failed; it will
perfectly restore the diseased organic functions of the
Stomach. Intestines. Respiration, Circulation, &c.
These Bitters, and the Spikenard Oinunent will cure
any ease of Inward Piles; it in a rare occurrence to re
quire more Marione bottle of each for the worst cases
275. Race Street, one door above Eighth, south side. Phila
delphia. In Lancaster, by John F. LO3l •j in Harrisburg,
by Daniel W. Gross; in Pittsburg, by Win. Tbont—and
by dealers generally throughout the United States.
fl Pamphlets containing cures and descriptions of
diseases, gratis.
Also forsal,e, his celebrated VEGETABLE RIIEU
-SINTIC PILL,s., for the care of Gout. Rheumatism, Drop
sy. and severe Nervous Affections,' SPIKENARD OINT
MENT. for the cure of Piles, Triter, Ringworm, arc.,
arc., AT. marchlt3,l24s-9m
ROW many , die a mostliorrible-deatit without
the simple' cassie being suspected. Some linger for
years, as they suppose, from dispepsia, when it is worms.
Which causes .most diseases. There has come under I
our notice:several cases of supposed dispepsia, of several
years' standing, when We have recommended the Syrup,
winch has entirely restored them to health. We would
say to AULTS when they . are afflicted withsonr Stomach,
Sick lived Ache. Fits, a frequent deceive to make Stools,
Leanness, Bloated Stomach, Nervousness, Sickness after
eauug, Sensanon of rising us the throat eller eating, &c.,
be assured it is simply worms, and it needs but a trial of
- -
to satisfy you it is so, and if you have any of the above
symptoms and the Syrup tails to care, the agent writ re
fund the money. TO PARENTS we would say, that the
greatest sit you arc convicted of, is to let your children
sutler and die, when there is a simple pleasant Vegetable
remedy at band. It is said by our oldest Physicians, that
Worms cause more deaths yearly, than all the other dis
eases the bunion family are ealtteet to. Then, how im
poltant it is to trove a bade and pleasant remedy at hand.
Parents, when your children have sore or big:tilled eyes.
you may rest satisfied that it is caused by worms, and
you will do well to cull our the storekeepers of your
neighborhood and get a 1300 k of 110belletlek l S, COnlainlng
eertifietkleS 01 cities and the symptoms of worms. Al
ways keeps Bottle of floberisack's %Voila Syrup oil hand,
it is a friend 111 need.
11RAD :ON ! [RAD ON!! RI:AD ON!!!
ii,,u,Nsj,eK—Ocalcuivli: I take great pleasure
in informing you of the great efficacy of your Worm Sy
rap having been afflicted for five years, and wasted
away ton mere skeleton, without recieving any benefi ,
from various medicines, I was induced by Jesse Roberts
to try your Worm Syrup. as he informed me it had brought
worms from him: also, of Squire A. Tomlinson, of Bucks
county, u man over fitly years old, whom I um well fle
quahated with. I then commenced taking your Syrup.
and it brought a very large quantity of Wotlll,l. sonic tell
inches in length, and mime!) restored me to health, and,
I must say I tool like a new man.
Yours, truly, JOHN HART, Phil's co.
Mr. J. Hart is a gentleman thirty-three years of age,
living five miles out or the city, buck of Second st. road
and Is only one amongst the hundred growtt persons tha.,
have been saved by 110111INSACICS WORM SYRI7I'.
I have been lootdng for some of your WOTIII Syrup
for some tune ; I have sold all but one bottle , I tvi.,lt you
to send me tuo doyen immediately. I believe ti to In: a
good inedteme ; I have seen at tried to 111 Y ,Illelletloll.
I have known one dose to bring Irma a child three worms,
ten inches long. and front tututher twenty worms, eight
inches lung in one day. I have sold Mire rent Worm Me
dicines Mr a number of years, but never sold any that
gave such maternal satisfaction.
Respectfully, yours, WM, BROOKFIELD,
Bridgeton. Ness Jersey
PIIII.ADr.LPIDA.Tay es', 117.
ATes•r_. J. N. S. G. S. I lobensuck—Gentleinen-1 have
been list some tune using your '• Verininige" w lily prac
tice. and I fun happy to City that in my hands it has cue
ceeded lie its its tally to 3i,itly coy coullilence
in its use. I think it alining the very hest preparation. iii
use. NV. ADDLETON, v. D South nt
Prepared only by J. N. & O. S. HOBENSACK. t,nd
and Coates street, Philadelphia, and for sale by all re.
spetable Storekeepers is this and adjoining counties,
whom we nuihoriz, to give Inset: the money in ever} case
it fads to give satit :Action. Price t'3 cent,.
Also llohenn.nek's Hyena Tooth Ache Drops. Price
12! cents, a certain cure for Tooth Ache.
Holnensack's Rheumatic Liniment. Price 2.5 cents.
do Corral) Solve. Price 121. cents, nor weak
!tacky, sprains, frenh and out sores, burn, etc.
Holnensack , s Teller and Ringworm Ointment, Prier
25 counts, warranted to cure all arrniptions oil the Ann—
far sale as above.
Plathule/phia May 27,--too
aEtiTLEMEN Visiting the City, and wishing In
supply them , clve, with
Will find a
At the lowest po...ible price., for
C A 811,
Meneihrtered or the lhe.t and tenet thtrUble tnatrnalc, and
of the lett,t and moat approved Si) lee met lettere', or
Mee and BOYS. of
:s.vrixi , :rrs. AND
TooEritErt AVITII A SPLENDID rAttll•`i'l OP
AINo a great variety or
AT 111):
As nay other essablislitneot in the 1 7 iiited Siates.
117-Sontlitatat corner or
Phila., April S, CEO. CULIN
THOUSANDS: Wright's Indian Vrgelable Pills.
Scarcely have ton short years elapsed since all
humble attempt was made to combjitc. in a snitni,h, uicdr
cal prep:minim, a rev, of the herbs or the Indian. All w a s
dark at the time as to the result. The most that could be
estimated was, that the principles adopted as the basis to
[mild upon were sound. So much reliance Wee placed
upon ealolliel and the laiteet. that the dl sneers of the
new experiment would have tended to conlirat that reli
ance, while it shook the purpose of the proprietor.
Now, however, all doubt and difficulty is at ell elel.—
EVel, where this medicine has been greeted with wet
mime ; everywhere has its use been uttentlell will, the
most gratifying. success. From entail beginnings its sales
are tine Colleted
. .
and it in held in higher estimation at :tlie - prevent time
Mau when it was originally inirothieed,
Fevers. like every other Conn of disease. are only an
effort of maitre to expel from the body something that in
opposed to health; it is merely It stniggle between the
good and bad humors for supremacy. nod the commottott
which ensiles is called Fever. The usual spumoni.. efn
Fever ace heaviness langpoe anxiety, sighing um] yawn
ing. vNglt alternate file or eOl.l and heat. after which the
patient complains of pain in the bend mid brick. thirst. Ml
ticulty of breathing, pant in the limbs, a sense 01 fullness
about the region of the stomach, nausea and sickiims.
with sometimes a vomiting of bilious mailer.
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills will lie found peculiar
ly adapted to the core of ALL KINDS or rEvalt, Bern brie
they not only thoroughly cleanse the stomach and buss els
froin all bilious humors, hat they open those excretory
vessels which empty into the bowels; and consequently.
the impurity columned in the eircialution (which is lire
cause of MI disordered motions of the blood, culled Fe
vers.) iA thrown into the bowels, frmn whence it is ear
ned tuf fry the regular alvine discharges.
In using Wright's !infirm Vegetable Pills for Fevers,
the only rare necessary is. to. have the medicine operate
COPIOUSLY BY Tlll, BOWELS. If the symptoms are
urgent, from four to right pills should I,e taken , night and
plonking, until the fee er has subsided: n flee which r
doses, once in twenty-lour hours. Will be sughetetn to re
store the body to a sound suite of health.
'Pine following highly reciteCtalde Slorelzr. , pcs, hone
been duly appointed agents for the -ale Cli tin. Cs lebrated
medicine. in Lancaster comity
Bearville. IteuLcn %Veidler.
Bainlindge. John V. Beecher.
Bird-im/land, Jacob Broiler.
Bart Township. Wm. W. Ptt , cmore,
Belles/eve, Buyers & Kennedy.
Couectoya Centre. Joint 11. Hannan,
Church Posen. In. S. Roger,
Cooperewthe, E. Lewis.
Columbia Fry & Spangler.
Cherry 11111, Isaac S. Webster.
Druntore, John A. Boyd.
Earl Township, George Doichtnall.
do do Weaver & Stauffer.
do do Davis Wallace.
Elizabethtown, John Lynch.
Ephrata, 0. I'. firms.
do Martin %Veidinan. •
Felton House, Fulton tp.. L P. Wilkinson.
Ilempfield, Itingwalt & Martin.
Intercourse, J. G. & S. 1,. Robinson,
beaeock township, Frederick Swope.
Lnuipeter Squnre, J. F. & D. H. Herr.
Lill7. Nathaniel S. %Volley.
Laneaster, John Zimmerman.
Mount Joy, Witmer & Cassel.
Mounteille. John Devlin.
Marietta, %V. A. & B. Spangler.
Moon Joy Township, H. G. Clark & Co
Maytown, John Reinhold.
do Slaymaker & Co.
Mount Pleasant, Samuel Kepricr.
Mill Creek, Henry Stauffer.
New Holland, Brubaker & Co.
New Providence, Hildebrandt & Meyer
Pottier Grove, E. H. Paxson.
Peach Bottom, S. W. P. I3oyd.
Paradise,A. IL & A. L. Witmer.
Peach Brttom, Wm. Arnold.
Rawlinaville, John Rawlins.
'Safe Harbor. John Herr & Son.
Strautiburg. Wm. Spencer.
Salsbury, H. Freeland.
Washington. Sohn A. Brush.
D_Otrices devoted exclusively to the sale of Wright's
Indian Vegetable Pills, wholesale and retail. 169 lads
street.Phillidelpbia; 266 Greenwich street, New York;
and OS Tremont street. Boston.
lime 24, 1646.—tap2519
WASHINGTON - Gallery of Daguerreotypes, No.
Sal, North Second Street, N.W. corner of
street, Philadelphia.
The Likenesses taken and beautifully colored at; this
well known establishment, for ONE DOLLAR, are uni
versally conceded to be EQUAL in every respect to Airs in
the city. Pictures taken equally well in cloudy and clear
weather. A large assortment of MEDALLIONS and
LOCKETS on hand, ut from $2 to S 5, including the pic
The subscribers respectfully invite the citizens of Lan
caster county. to call and examine specimens of the latest
improvements in the art of Daguerreotyping, which will
be exhibited cheerfully and without charge.
Pluladelplua, July 1.1E+3-Gm
TOP, SALE at the sign of the " Red Curtain,"
Fourth and :Market Street. Pittladelpida.
0. WHEELOCK, Pnoenirrom
CAKES Sponge, Pound, Iced, Spiced, QIICCII
Cakes, Scotch Cakes, Lemon Cakes, Short Cakes, Cheese
Cakes, Rusk, Apples, Jumbles, Since Nuts, and Ginger
PIES :—Strawberry Burtleberry, Blackberry, Currant,
Cherry. Pions, Cranberry, Egg Custard, Cheese Custard,
Apple. Peach. Minee, and nneubarb Pies pouring in hot
from the oven at all hours of the clay.
CHEESE:—Timoilay Jackson's Ne Plus Ultra Medal
Cheese, (very superior.) ('jute Apple Cheese, and a great
variety in Cheese, Lodi new and old.
N. H. Some of the Cheese sold at this establishment as
equal to the best lhathsh Cheese.
10— TIIMPEILANCII DRlNKS—always cold—ltou.
sell'', Mineral Water, Letnoanda. Beer 2 lllentl, Milk, &c.
Philadelphia. Jane 10, te-t_.—Sxn
VOll SUFFER. Thousands of bottles of the
_km,* ICAN COMPOUND have been sold during
the past year, and was never known to fad of curing, in
a ICS' days, the worst cases of u certain delicate disease,
Siminal weakness and all diseases °film Urinary organs.
I'erous stint ied ut-mg this pleasant and popular remedy,
teed tear no exposiirc, as it leaves to odor on the breath,
requires no restrictions in diet or business—contains no
Mercury or nuAtotis drugs injurious to tire system, and is
adapted to every age. sex, or condition. it is ills° the
best remedy knot. it - tor Flour A lbws, or Whites, (female
complandst with which thousands suffer, without tine
knowledge or in remedy. Tins celebrated remedy has
lung been ur.ed in the nriVuAe practice of ti physician with
unerring .ier to, radically curing ninety - -awe of the litili
deed Cll4l, in a few Au), Around each bottle are plain
and full direCtions.
!Er - CA CFION—A 4: for the A3II.IEICANICoasPorsn, and
piii elm,. only or the Price $1 per bottle: ft,
WILLIAMS, ligellt fur Columbia.
.1111111 y
MATIONAL WORK. A History of the Revolution.
Ines nisi.: Heroes of the VVar of Independence,
by Cis:tries J Peterson. An elegant volume with Id bud
steel plates, and nearly 400 be:annul wood engravings.
"This is It splendid book. A valuable addition to tlia
Historic Literunire of our country. We are much mista
ken if it does not take rank %with the works of Irving and
"It surpas"es any similar work yet offered to-the Amer
jean putilie."—(Nears Gazette.
-It may Le properly emi,itlered n popularised Military
History of the Revolution, extremely well and judicious
written."--iNortit American.
"The preeent work 011 the Revolution mid its l heroes,
.opermr. boils in extent and dentin to nay that has
lteretofore come under our stotiee."—llmpurer.
"A well eoniteeted history of dial eventful period."-
"Decidedly the best popular 11h.tory of the Wiir of the
Revolution and its Heroes, that has y el been given to (110
ColllltrV ”—ES:llllfaa) Evening P.a.
WANTED to eitliVal% for the above elegant es cry county town in the United States. to whom
the libel liberal intleetimettbi mill lint ale %I'd. Price only
$3. Addreto. (post paid.) A. LEAHY.
. .
fin I•iY North Seeoll d st., Philadelphia
Philadelphia, 1.:1-t.-31no.
COVNTRIt ivsnßcx-Lazims.
CAN save from 15 lo 23 per tent. by purehas
mg their 016 cLoTlis threct from the lotauttineth-
./TTl:it C. 72:11/01.1 W. have opened a Ware.
Louse. No 135 North Third Slrect else., Race, second
Jour South of Hie Eagle 1101€!, N‘ltern
they I.l.dlalwav keep On hand It complete a,oritnent of
PAT/•:NT Et..tSTIC emuirmir. OH. CLOTHS,
:16. 40,40. and 01, inches wide. sutured, Painted,
and iiii i on the inside, on Alnshn Dili ill Ig RIO ialltell
TAMA: OIL Ci.orus or the most desirahle patterns, 36.40,
40, and 54 inielie4 \vele. P1.0131i OIL CLOTHS. Irani 2 nn
eh, to 2.1 feet wide well seasoned, mud the newest style
or pattenis, nll ni their own inalintaetine. Transparent
NViticlow shade•. Carpets, ti.e. All goods warranted.
Philadelphia. Map tr7—.lin
TIOIPIRE COOKING STOTE. Iu again•ealling at-
ICIIIIOIIIOIIII. opeoalleil STOVE. the proprietor has
the pheeetre to inthrek the public. Ilmi(externally) it has
noilervolle an chime elialegethe pipe and hearth placed
oppo-lie each other, and
SUMMER If rrru AND BROILING Avrift.vrtis,
being :1,1.1.11111. rendering it fauhlrr•, and unless there
is anode r faidarss Stove la the market, this is amine,-
lionahly the be.t. as it now embraces every valuable im
provement possessed by any other Stove In addition to
sari,., peculiar to lt,ll, secured by Letters Patent,
The success of this Stove, since Its introduction. in un
equalled. Nothiag has ever been offered tin culinary pur
pose-. that has given such general satisfaction. sta.",
have heel, copied atter its forte; ROMA, deniers have even
uteri its finiclaniental principles, but the proportions were
on unlike the origami. that they bear the relative value,
that aeounterii,t does to agennine enlll,
Complete COOK and other COOK STOVES, in great
varlet). P. It, 811.13E111% No. 112. Market or.
ira rd Row. bele,- Twelali St re t, P1111,..ADE1.1./1/A
Lty - All Stove.. purchased at 'llll5 sToitE will be de
livered iu Colinalati, free ot charge.
alcZ.rds-1 y P. R. (1.
QALIMANDER, Fire and Thief Proof Iron Chests,
L 7 Warranted elpialto any other make. and have never
been injured by Fite or Burglars. inn u single inntance. lie
also keep+ on hand a full supply or Common Cheats ,
made of lighter iron, nt lower prices,
Letter Cop) log Presses mud Books.
Trucks for Stares, Factories, .itze.
Drintgists* Presses.
Eagle ( thi.s Paper.
Portable Shower [laths, &c.
rucking Lei,ers, Hoisting :Machines.
Refrigerators and Watcs Filters.
fl SrnnL srsoud Si., below Chesnut, Philadelphia
REFRIGERATORS tor cooling and preserving Moo,
Hinter. Milk. tumid all articles intended or culinary pur.
WATER FII.TFRS. —Oliver Evans , Celebrated
ter Filters, fur Pant) lag N 1 :der that is brackish or mud
dy, ss lather l,v rains, mineral., or otherwise can be had
of till erica and prices, err the IVarermans, No. 61 South
Second StiVOI.IV•OI.IOOTA below CIiCSIIIII Philad.
Philadelphia, October 21, 1847.
A Certain Disease Cured hi TWO DIVS.—The
loins, recent and chronic affections of the kidneys. di,.
ease of the bladder, gravel, seminal wen kness.&e. Per
, sous who, by indulging in a secret habit. having entailed
on theannelves eoanitlittioaril debility, stand,' apply Un
litetlialely 10 DR. KINKELIN, of the Philadelphia Medi
cal House. the oldest instinitinin of the kind in the city.
0d1e... N. W. corner of THIRD and UNION Ste.. be
tween Spinet: and Pion, I; squares troin the EXChatige.
Medieul {louse Was egitalillslied lay Dr. K. fincen
years ago, for the suppression of quackery, there being
so many persons, without knowledge, name or character,
who put ralverliSCilicidS ill the public papers, that an in
stitution of this Lind was highly nece•snry' to prevent the
afflicted, especially strangers. irom inning into the hands
of some unskiltitll wretch, who, instead of curling, might
send Ins victim into as untimely grave. Therefore, the
afflicted should shim the numerous pretended phy salmis
who know nothing of the practice of medicine, but con
sult Dr. Kinkclin, who cures a CLUTAIN DISEASE lit two or
three days. according to the state of the patient, Without
the use of Mercury. No mercunal remedies are used by
Dr. Kinkelin ; ins medicines are palatable and harmless,
and all his patients are honorably shielded, from even the
possibility' of being discovered. Ile who places himself
under the core of Dr. K.., may religiously confide in Ins
honor as a gentleman, and confidently rely upon his skill
as a physician, and it he is riot speedily relieved no re
muneration will be demanded.
Strictures, one of the most troublesome and dangerous
elections, which often end in gravel, indamatium weak
ness, Ac., Dr. iiinkelin guarantees to remove speedily ;
as also, swellings, diseased prostrate gland, &c, Struc•
tures have tinned many who had no knowledge of their
TAKE l'AnncrtAn NcrricE.—Young men who have in
jured themseves by a certain practice indulged ill—a habit
frequentently learned from evil com anions, or at school,
the effects of which are nightly fe lt, even when asleep,
and destroy both mind and body, should apply immediate
ly. Weakness and constitutional debility immediately
cured nod full vigor restored. All letters post paid.
TAKE NOTICE.—DE Einkelin has had greater practice
in the shove alfections than any physician in the United
States. He also possesses an-advantage over all others,
from the fact of his Mavis* studied in the great hospitals
of Europe. Thousands in Philadelphia can testify that
he cured them after every other remedy had failed. Sepa
rate rooms for private consultation. Op en till 9P. M.
TRAVELLERS supplied at a moment a nonce, with the
requisite medicines to cure themselves privately.
I'ACICAGES Of medicines sent to any part of the U. S.
More particulars in the Spirit of the Times. 0c617-ly