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    Most Extraordinary Work—The nlarrh l Wo
man's PRIVATE MEDICAL comr.iNioN, by Dr. A.
M. -MATIRICEAU, Professor of Dlseaccs of WOlll9ll,
Stxth Etliuon. 141 to. pp. - 250 Pride $l. 115,000 copies
eolifbi three Alciiith.s
Years Of suffering, of phyttteal and mental anguish to
many an affectionate %safe, and peettitinitry difficulty to
the husband, might have been spared by a timely pobscs
:non of fins avork.
It 14 Intended mpocially for the married. or those con
lesnplatims marrmee. as it tliscloseg important secrets
which should Ile known to them particularly
Truly, knowledge ts'power. Itis health, happiness, af
The revelations contained in its pages have proved a
blessing to thousands, as the innumerable letters to the
author will attest.
Ilere, ohm, every female—the wife, the mother, the one
either budding into womanhood or the one in thin decline
of years 111 whotn nature contemplates an important
change— can discover the cause, symptoms, and the 111.,1
efficient remedies, and most certain moth: of cure, in every
complaint to which her sex is subject
COPIES WWI. RE SENT -13 Y 31.111 . . FREE. OF
- -
Over ton thoneand copies have been sent by mail within
three mainline, with perfect safety and certainty.
On the receipt of one Dollar, the •' Married Woman's
Private Medical Companion" will he sent (mailed free) to
ally part of the Dimon! States. All letters must he post-pm id
)except lhnse ruulaiumg a remittance) and •addressed to
Dr. A. M. Muuriccau, Box /t2l, New York Coy. Publ.!,
me office. I:19, Liberty -et.. New-York.
The ••Marne' W0111:111'S Private. Medical Companion"
is sold by Booksellers throughout the United States,
New-York, May 20, 11418—Int
Dr. Sarayne in the South. — The following
jos: come to he ml, and wilt be rend a iii. lillureNt. The
patient miThred intolerably, and calla final no relief until
WILD CHERRY. It is certainly the most wonderful
cure on record! Real u:
Wilmington, N. C., Tan. 12, 1847
- Dr. Swaync—Dear Sir:—!hiving been almost moans.
lously cored by your valuable metheine. I think it nor
snore than venom's: gratitude in me to make one aildtaion
to the long list of cernhcates which you have received of
remarkable cures by your medicine. Mallig the-two
years preceeding last August, I was very much sh-dre,ed
by a very Mal cold and limeking. Cough, and during the
lauer part of the mile, it coutinued to grow worse, and in
deed in July nay friends gave We over, having tried all
kinds of medallic, said to be good for such disiamcs,
without the least good effect. I was reduced almost to a
perfect corpse, and had scarcely any flech upon my body,
and for a toim nine never thought to rice from soy lied
again. A friend one tiny asked me if I trail tried Dr.
Swayne's Compound Syrup of \VIM Cherry, and advmed
ale to do so at once, as he heard that it had worked a great
many wonderful cures. I took his advice, and alter using
up several bottles of it, I grew so snitch better that I was
enabled to leave ray bed, and afterwards to walk about
the house, and go out into the street. I was enconraged
by this, and continued the use of your medicine, and
by means of its wonderful curative powers, 1 am perfect
ly welt, and enjoying the use of nil my Mcultses, just as
much as if 1 had never been afflicted in the way I have
described to you. I have wrstien this, not thmking that it
will at all interest you, but humbly hoping that it will
lure its mite of influence in causing your valuable medi
cine to oe spread among mankind, and in assisting to
raise you to that station winch you richly deserve, for
your persevering efforts for the public good.
Respectfully your friend and admirer,
_ .
made by unprincipled individuals to impose upon the com
munity a spurious artie le, ptealing nearly the whole of the
name of my preparation. To tully guard against such
base and palpable Imposition, the public should shunt all
preparations purportmg to contain Cherry, except
that bearing the signature of Dr. If. Swityne on each Lot
t le. beware of the worthless Ditters.”—
" Syrups,' &c., as they contain none ill the virtues or the
original preparation.
The (aroma and only) genuine article is prepared by
SWAVNE, eut uer an Eighth and 'tart! st.., Phila
delphia, and for sale by agents in all parte of the United
States '
and some pails opi Europe.
Sold by Will. A. LEADER, Columbia, and Dr. A. If.
BARNFIV, York. P. June 10.
On the 15111 ult., by the Rev. William Barns, Mr. Wm.
MYmm, to ANn CAlIOLINI: MARKLEY, 110111 01
On the 29th ult , by the same, Mr .T 0117.7 t^PRING, to MISS
MMIDALEN RICAVEUSON, both of Colutubm.
On the 2Olt nit , Ginrox, vounge4 son of the late Geo,
Rein, offing borough, nged 1.7 yeurs.
TS hereby given Hint citizens of Lancaster county
intend to make opplantnon to the Legi.lature of the
Commonwealth of PentHylvania, at Ike next ses<not
thereot, for the incorporation of a company under the
name and style, or intended name and .•tylu ot "The
Columbta Saving,. Ite;toution,l' deigned it, on office of
clo.coma anal, Ns-WI copi note Xf• ..... 11,41111.. 111111'
dred thotn.mal 1111,1 in/ be 10C:liell 111 the 1 , 0101101 Of
Lalle.ter romitv, Pa.
11. 1 Atkin.,
Henry IN!demon,
.11,1111" A. think,
13 Criiiiqtrin.
Sarum.? 13r1,iikg,
George Volt,
Peter Haldeman,
It. Chair:nit,
Peter II:alb:11mm Jr ,
It. 1 , 1 Cochran,
Reuben Mollnom
John 1.. ‘Vnght,
John Darr,
Columbia, July I, le.H.-lira
rrilß Columbia Bank and Britlg Company in
tend to make application to the Legt-,,lntme °I the
commonwealth of l'enn.livania. at their next
tot the renewal, extem‘ion, unit eimilitimuee of the bank
mg. di-counting, and other pried. .• they
exiAting lao's. The rOl/11 , 111Iy to LoCOIIIIIIII.I by the
uaNe, style, mid tub• of the Columbia (lank and Urol
l'olllpnlly, in the borough of Colombia, in the enmity of
Laveaster, and suite of l'etti,) !vault,
IJy order 01 the hoard.
SAMUEL SHOCIf, Cagliter,
Columbia Stine !21,
pursuance of the provisions of the net
i en
titled? An Act pre-erili
the manner of giving
notice o applications tor Banks,' rni n ticeordance unit
the provisions of the Core,ifitition of Pennsylvania the
President, Directors, turd ....Stochlioblers of the Lancaster
Bank, hereby give public notice, that they intend making
application to the Legislature of Penusylvaina, at the
session to commence Oil the first Tire curry of January
ilex!, A. D. ISIS, for the renewal and extension of their
present Charter and Act of incorporation, with honking,
units discounting privileges, for the term of ten years from
the first Wednesday m hTag, A D. 1 4 51. The date. 1,1,1
mentioned, being the time to which their present Charter
IS extended.
The said Corporation is*to be continued by the name and
atyle of the Lancaster gunk, and with the same power.
and privileges which are now enjoyed tinder its present
Charter and Act of Incorporation, and is to be located
the City of Lunciwer The capital stock of said bank,
authorlred by law, was six hundred thousand dollors•
the amount of capital subscribed was three hundred ats
three thousand uric hundred dollars; and the amount paid
in three hundred thousand and thirty dollars The legig.
Injure will not be asked for tin increase of capital or ex-
ICUs/041 of privileges.
By order of the Board of Directors,
City of Lancaster, June :Id, Itt4t l .. Jttlyl•.l -for
AUGUSTUS M. MINS, Car Builder, of the
rough of Columbia, has assigned, by deed of volun
tary assignment, nil his property, rent and personal, to
the subscriber for the benefit of his creditors. All per
sons indebted to the said A. M. Raines lire requested to
make immediate payment, and those having claim,
against him are requested to present the same properly
authenticated for settlement, to the undersigned, residing
111 the Borough of Columbia.
July 1, Ifita.-Gt.
44i , Partnership, The firm heretofore consisting
of Geo. N. Eckert, Daniel Stine, and James Myers,
trading under the firm of Eckert, Stine & Myers, has
this (tVith of Junr, day been dit. , olved by mutual
consent. The tint, will hereafter consist of Geo. N.
Eckert and Daniel Stine, trading under the firm of Eckert
& Sune. GI:O. N. I.:CKER.T,
... -
DANIEL sTergn,
July 1,191 S -3t
Columbia, June 21, 1619
YOD'RE Getting Bald, arc You Well that
is a misfortune and not a crime, but to remain bald,
i n cn so fine an opportunity offers to restore your hair, by
a faithful and liberal use of Jayne's Hair Tonic, is but lit
tle short of crime. This valuable preparation excites the
scalp to a new and healthy' action, cleanses it frotrOcurf
and dandruff, prevents the lime from falling oll;_cures
those eruptive diseases achich often appear upon the head,
and in a majority of cases prod Ile., a fine growth of new
hair. It also gives the hair a rich and beautiful appear
ance. For sale at W. A. LEADER'S
July I, ISIS-tf Golden Mortar Drug Store.
CL. KELLING, Herb Doctor, late of Marietta,
. begs leave to inform his friends and the public gen
erally, that he has removed to the house of Henry Martin,
next door to-Boyles Hotel, Front street Columbia. Pa.
Whilst he returns his sincere thanks for the very liberal
encouragement hitherto received ut the practice of his
profession, he respectfntly ae9uaints them that he eon
tthues as usual the PRACTICE, OF MEDICINE. in all eta
various branches, and will attend, either by day or night
all those who may have occasion for his services.
Colunabla,Jldy 1, 1.5.49.—tf
Business 3Zirectoul.
To persons advertising in rho SPX by the year, there
will be no extra charge. Subscribers can have the Spy
and their card Inserted for one year by pay ing 51.50
advance, or if they have paid for the paper, Wets. for the
card. Those is Lo ore not subscribers we will charge Si
for inserling their card one year.
Attorney, Locust Street, between Front and Second G.
Attorney. NVulnin St , bURVeI,II Ft un t and Second
Nos. 3 Walnut trect, rbmc IThrert hotel
Dry (4ondvt Morclutig, Lortost nrd door below thot et
Pry Goods Merchants, Locust street. below the Rank
W. cliz. S. PATTON,
Dry (Mod , Men:hams, S. R corner of Loctott & Front et
15ry Goods Aloft:hunts. N. IV, •r of Loons 4%, rout, ®t
Mrrchnot Tudor, Front ft reef, thl door ohove Locu.t Ft
Aierchmit!orb From St., I,ctwvell Lavia,t and W:11111/t
Clothing Mereltratit, No. 1:2. Front street
Drilge,t. Mont Street., between Loctint and Walnut $l4
It. NV IL 1.1
I Iruggn.t. Front r-T, between and Walnut etc
Drug,gi-t.broinvr., limy, Front %trent
Marten, Front Street. a lOW 11001, 1,1•10 W Ilerr'N Hotel
N 0.2. Schreiner', Row, Front St.
'Ainutimcaurer, LoettNt ..tre.•t. 011 pONIlt• I 11 Jae, 11 :111 . 1 Shire
I toot mut Shoe Manufacturer, adjutninr, hotel
k'HANCIS BRADLEi r . 11,001' & SHOE
\L•uuuacturer, Second. between Locu.n and I.Vainnt.
J. M. WATTS, 13001' & 811011
Manufacturer, Front st, between LOCll,tallti VV :lillilt
Hoot and SIIOO Mamtllteteree, Front, below Locust St
J. It. lIUNTEIt,
I fat, Boot MO Shoe Store. No. to, Front st
Shoe-Voiding Store, I.oeuftt street, abovir Front street
Variety SIMI`, No 11, From at
Vnrietv Sion, Front -t. belwvell 1.001101 and Walnut qt
Book ,eller and Stationer. Front et. 3d door above Loca,l
Lumber :WT..,hunt :Mil illu.ter /111111101 . .1,0e115E drool
Pap, Hanger, Ac , Seeond. between Cherry & Union
loth Doctors, Front Street, next door to Doyley Hotel
- HERB DOCTOR, Front Street, Columbia, to the
..Ver) 1,1110 of you are now called upon to visit 110:
lien I, / 1 / 1 1,11•1-11t1 has a medicine called the Indian Speci
fic. It It of the utitm:t importance that you should all
take a supply Si null you to the diflerent section of country
to which 3 oii belong. You well know what scourges
the 0) sentery, Bloody Flux. Sommer Complaint, Cholera
Itlorbus, Cholera Intitutuni or other disorders of the
bowels are. If roe desire that none should die of these
complaints; of you wish to be it blessing, ho your neigh
bor", to keep death out of your Own family tool thousands
of tontines around you—if you are it pIiiIIIIIIIIrOpi4t,
Collll2. I charge you, come, get the Herb Doctor's Indian
Specific. Do you ask the ouentium will this helicons
cure these diseases? I tell you canditlly,—it has never
failed! Never! Never! In the most hopeless, despair
mg cases, after physicians have exhausted every means
known to them, oiler patients have laid weeks, xt lien
there wasno prospect of a cure, mut the disease littil taken
Hunt fearful torn, con.mnplion of the bowels; then, at
this critical period, thot wonderful medicine. the gift of
tlotb was used, and herd tit again 1/N as obtained. The Ilerb
Doctor feels constramcd to tiro: it upon you, if you 55 /ill
to have an easy conscience n to rest upon your bed at
night. feeling you have done good, not to neglect when
ever you volt t7olumbin, to coil before yon leave ninth get
this medicine. It you neglect it, and 3011 see this disease
again making its ravage., amongst you. how will you feel!
It Si nil collie to your mind thus. Well, I could have pre
vented this, I could have saved my . child, I could 1111111.1
-aced my You will think of this many of you,
lien you are dying,
The Herb Doctor is deter:mum] to leave no stone un
turned—to use every exertion to cure, if nos-thle, all that
to curable, and that too by the simple IMO) Medicines.—
He believes the day is nut rar 11/.111111, Is Inca the gifts of
(sod, the blessed healing herbs, will he more poled—
is lien they will be :Ili that ate looked to 0s 1111,1111,11111
when tile giver of psi sot, will he ...homed to show his
worse than hen inan will be more ex
etrtpt 11,1111 disease—when his days will number at least
fourscore, and he will stand erect, of manly sae, fall of
tierce, a being of health; when pail thee, and palsied
limbs arc cowl-re lobe tonna.
II sitotibi he had in every fatnily ; every house thr mid
near, sltotild have it, and f any person, young or aid, 1111 S
any derangement in the bowels, innatallotely use it. It
Is only prep:nett for diseases of the bowel , , and tor them
it is an absolute specific. it was unsung the Indians the
remedy was first discovered; from them the recipe was
.4n:tilted It is my tt nob that the bills of mortality should
lie considerably !concord 1111, ,tinitner; :mil to and me in
11100 good work I call upon every well-wisher. We have
lore,: tit-tontines prepated, and arc ready to fill all orders
11,1111 every section. As soon as you rend this nonce,
come, o r ii tt l i e impossible to do so tomiediately, then
make a note of It 111 your memorandum !took. nudes $OOll
Ins Coll, Clllllll/ call at IZTIN ICELLIND'S
ilfalicul dispensary, Front street.
Columbia, Jitly 1, 1.1- , -Int
TETTERS remaining in the Post Office at
. Columina. Ju1y . 1.1 , 1-.
Persons inquiring tor adt,ertised letters will please
mention 11.
Akron James Jones SIISOn
Atlee. Samuel Kauffinan henry
Deneins Mr Keller Andrew A
'taker Samuel King Catharine
Pledger Elizabeth Ki.nalirew Jordan
pruner John Mehl Heinrich 2
Jingler Ilettry G King F. Jail..un
Baldwin J Al Kelley L J
Itilliugs John Krusin II
Druckhart John Katiffnum Catharine
Dumbly:set Wm Lepart 3lichael
Dond John Luring NVilliemina
Cowlwell Stinky Lightner Adam
Criswell \Vin Moore Sarah
Clark S M Massey Edmond
Conklin John 31 MeCardle Peter
Conklin Mary A Metter Clirc.tian
Caine John Mirrich Henry
Clinton John Mueller Patritz
Cuppli+ Anti Murray Jacob
Cook Eli ra MeClary Robert
Caley El itabeth Mann Samuel
Caldwell Amos Maloney J
Cheesepo Chs A Miller Peter
Case Wilhelm Murphy John
Dwyer James Miller John A
Ddlinger John S one of the McMullin Patrick I
IPlloys of Col. Noah John Peter
Daily Peter Oswald Wmi
Devenport Charles Owen Joseph 2
Dougherty Samuel Orb David
Dualism Sidney Prentiti Robert 13 2
Drake Fred Pearson James
Drum Robert Paster Lewis
Enny John Peterman I:III:Meth
Fvnry Emetus Peterinan George.
Feltenlierger Joseph • Rork NVilliain
Flower Oemanun !bee James
Falkner John: Welt Frank
Foley John Simon John 31
Samna Wm A Smith Joseph
Flinn Edward Sot der lane
Gansu, Joseph Shelley I leliry W
Gregg Franklin S Smith Army A
Gos-el Ferdinand Sn ales 1' W
Gales Eitmitetio Say ler Peter 2
Gmulter Jacob Jr Shaler AH1411.4114
(tuber Ali, Susana Shartzer Samuel
Dumber (leo G Schlott Samuel
Green John 2 Sinciirisli Adam
Gardner Mr Sisively George 3
Gra)bill Aland Shires Jacob
Gamble Mrs G II 2 Shuman A. I.ipliart
Goeltheim Anton Trollinger Peter
Gels &Witte% Toctibeim Anton
Oise Jonas Thomas Samuel II
G her Jacob Teagu George
Groom Thomas Vincent Joha
!Weil Wm Watch-son Charles
Hall Washington Whack James
Heller J Al liters of Whitson loaae
Ilook lot,eph Wood: , Same Jane
Denson Air Willer John
I broiler J 13- Wenches Abraham
I Mar James Walter George .
limply Caleb Wars L A De ..i
Derr 13aimunin 13 Yeast Ann
Dolmen Lee Young Mame
!leer David Rubin' David
Hook Johan
Columbia, July I, lt , l•st. ...._2. G CLAIBORNE, P. S.
A LL persons indebted to the 'subscriber for
Is ,, ,,imPersol..erifitions are requested to tuslie pa) -
rneut io Geo. W. Sebroyer, vele) is dulynudwnied to re
ceive tire .ttine gild receipt therefor.
Colunalda, July 1, 1843. C. AVESTCI2.OO
11031 PLAINT. ' This disease:now prevails In an
ei - tent, and than-ands of Indri . le,4 children
'will be earned off by it mile.% timely roller be niforded
them. relief may always be had by tipplerMr te,l/1111
11110 , 1 remain and plczemat remedy. Jayne'. Carminative
never fail" It Mi. fremientiv made r•ure.
of Sommer Complaint toter ply of the lgbe , t
vdatulinc have proll o llllcell 110• child actoally in the
‘„trieccle., of dead). Try lt—try if yon have any love or
emilpac,ion,oreve•li mercy. li.r your larlpltrs, children.—
Why will you let them do.? Wliell it rennin remedy may
be had by ennui!! :0 W. A. LEA DER'S Golden Mortar
Drtm Store, Front "Ireet
Columbia. Jiily 1, ISIS-tf
OF the United States. It brie; now conceded
that GODEV'S LADV , ii 1100 K etand4 at the head
of Amerman Alalfa7llll , It beeooll4 th.• ”111.11+1 , er 10
~how every 1,1.11 what sitiltallit 01 le:01110!, 111111 I •
many a+ehl .•tllLrh®Lment< she will roative lilt three
lie 110111eeei and by new begbillerS ; 1.1110 1 every
thing and perform nothing. Now I. about lint, twason
when the country will he deluged by pr04110e11011,5-11111k
i11,•• all kinds of proinen:s. .14111) , .. Hook Inn; been
paibli,hed by the present proprietor for 18 years—nuil he
is well known to the public, and publisher,. throughout the
United States. Ills rolllt., are always kept, whirls 1.1
1101 thin ease with al oilier inaga4nie4; for ne , a 111
every number he pahlishes a colored I , ll , ltion idale. mid
t, 1;0 pages of reading matter, and soinetaine4 mine
There is not another nincatine inildn.h,.ll that
.loses ILn—
souu•tuues with them tine plate, are e01t11,41. and 11111111
they are 001—c0,10, mout h , tiO paces. and idle,. W. The
rt. a-on is obvious , , the enluring of our Fn./sat Plate:
alone. we -ay nothing of the Flowers anal Cottage., co-t.
us on cr *.j.11110 in one year. 'Po omit this is vertaeilv a
‘lo.ine. hut n. it lust to awn-, is it honorable '
canuui priletive deeelitiOn. %Ye a ere the 111. t
give rabltion plates, we Las c 101-t, of 1111111001 s V. 111/ 1,0,1
wonderfolly; are have 110 nerd to np the 1.a,1
own Cook by such mean:. Parie Fashions a. published
iu Paris—the ladies of this country asia not wear: they
ate altered by one ot our nuts N
to Flat the Wore refilled taste of American ',taw...,
Compare our re.11{111.4 matter 0 ill, any oilier 111.1t51111 , ,
•Ce NVIIICII C6111:111. the Illi/rq ,011t1 ,14 it ell plea :tilt
reading. Our object is to elevate the leinnlo nowt, tie give
it tune, and to elialile NVOlllell 10 take that plat' w the
community to which their worth entitle• them.
.1..1.1)1"S BOOK.
Two steel engravis in each number, Ili one year, 21
F ng
One colored
.o.liion plate •:
Two pages of original 11111C4IC printed separately, 21
Patterns lot o intlow curtains. and oceasninally rol
orril plate of Alodel Cattaire,
Model Cottages, exterior and interior, mo engrav
ing, in Linen tier, in one) ear, 21
Extra:Fa-anon plate on tinted paper, one in earl, rutin-
her, tit one year It?
Bonnet, Cheniusette, Calls, and Cuff pattern+, ~.ay 30
and 1 cuts of Horseman.,lup fur Ladies ill cIICII
111111111 1 .11% in one year, 4 -,
Crochet work - , Emning, Netting, s.e., say 3 itt smell
number, 11l 1/114, 3 car, 30
Engravings of elturehers—about •1 l/1 one year, I
I Sere we have iab one year the large latather of two
lottotrett awl tweet y-etaltt cog rat. tags. he,ote, extra. that
we give °cent:Atte:illy of ally matter that htrikes 114.
The number of NM!, in each No. is Hi in our 3 ear
to nine ordinal) sired 1101,1+. Tht•
of the hog male and female writer', including 0 111,01 Iq
and 41111e14 , out lealth mud the Tie,isury, In-
Mrs. Hide. The above neut.. ,epa
would cost the all thi , , she o dl
also receive for the .tour diner dollins i
LADY'S DuLL.tR Nmvsv.kyr,R.
A paper or the ordinary ,i/e. published nt one dollar per
year. Making three publiteitionA in 011., 11.11111. The
I.ndy'a Dollar Newspaper contains the be.t poetry and
the best stories, by the best author, Receipts and :111111 , 1 ,
merits. the latest fashionable tunes from London aid tart t o
and a groat variety of other articles.
Men" is to oilier tangerine in the us nrld that gives no
mach that is good for so small a slim of money.
141 more pages in n year than the New York inavi.rine.i,
and more woad nod ornamental engraving. cacti mouth
then all the other magatince together.
1 copy one month—nay No. that may be selected, S '25
1 copy tour mouths, 1 Ill)
The+e terms are ofrered that ally per. - ml may try the
work beibre subscribing liar a year.
1 copy one yearm.hich includes tlfc Lady's Dollar
New.paper, 6....1 all
2 copies one year with the paper to each, 5 (Jo
3 coptes • • . 4 without the paper, ii 00
5 copies " " 5 " .• and a copy
to the per,oa seteliog the Mal,. 10 00
To insure the Lady'' , Dollar paper with the Lady'.
hook, the money must he sent to the 11.111,hor's own
oflie, 1.. A CODEY,
July T, It?P. 113 Chestnut st . Philadelphia.
4 /th OZ SUL'Ir
WE the undersigned Merril:lnk of flit Borough
of coofothia, :t r ee to close our resprettec places
of Itusittegs on
TUE,F.I)II.Y DAY (-)1 , JULY'. I'4 , ',
for the purpose of ttlTorihng those le our employ on oppnr
uuuty of participating to the eclel•ratioh tit thu ever el.
TIOUS a 1101V01 , 0try.
J. I), & 1. NVIIIGIIT, JOS. A. 11Altlt.,
S. PATTON, AV. J. C. TA 1 - I.oli,
.10111).N.N. 3 .1. C. IeI'AULT.,
1'1•711:1: I.DEMAN, 11. CRAN! , TON,
V & SPAN(;I.EII, D. I'. (..;10.1'1 , 1T11.
47011111111 m, Store 91, 1-.19 —9l
TONES'S Italian Chemical Soap is called by the
:Medical Society of Pori, lct,titt. a toil:tele awl
tt NA-GTI.T," to cure einption, . gitrcittent or 4.11.,c010ra
-11011 011110 shin. •
It cure,' ',maples, Hole Lee, freeklu , , snit Ihewn. qclarvv,
sore head, tan. in. 1111411/114•W. 111141 11 1.41.11114e5 111 e
cuter of Jerk. ellow or 1.111 1 ).11rIll 44,111.. 11l IL 1111. 4 licalthy.
clearness. Fur bal..: by li. NVILLIAM:s. lt , r Co
lumbia. .111:21'1.444n
T PRIVATE SALE. The subscriber offers for
.ele, the
situate in IValmit street, between Ernst and Second
aml propertie, of Almlnot and Camp
bell, and Robert Ilaimiton.
Columbia, June 21,
ITALIAN Chemical Soap cures Pimples, Blotches,
Salt Rheum, Scurvy, Ery%melns. Sore 1 lends, Old
Sores, Sore Beard and Iturbeio Itch,Clinpped a lid tender
Flesh, Freckles, Tan, Sunburn, and changing Dark, Sun
burnt or Yellow Skin to a pure clear vi hue. 11. smooth
alla soft no nil infant's. And, in tact, every kind of erup
tion and disfigurement. Stead Enc.., co.uttlicates :
From the N. 0. Sentinel, Oct., I
One of our subscriber. Air. 11. Leonard, informs nn that
lie has lice.: cured of old, scaly Suit Rhewn, of
year's standing, on his head. fingers and by a cake
ini article 'flitch nilverteost lately—we speak of Jones's
Italian Chemical Soap lie alnn informs us that he has
tried its effects on his female slave Hose, much mailed
with sou spots, and Ito found in two sleeks her skin much
clearer and whiter.
James Eltham, a planter in Jersey City, was mired of
carbuncles and pimple.. which lie seas nfilicted with for
many years, by a part or a cake of Jones's Italian Chemi
cal ?Soap.
Persons in purchasing this Must nlways ask for Jones's
ITALIAN CHEMICAL. SOAP,—and perhaps, ns many
who have been cheated with the counterfeits, will be too
mush discouraged to try the genuine, we say to curl., try
this o nice—you will not regret it; but alien) s we
name off'. Jones is oil tire IVrii i .per.
Sold at Chatham .1. New York, and by IL WILL
IAMS, Agent tor Colunibia.
G RAY Heads, Rod Wads, and all with Bail Irak,
Rend! Mr. AltltA HAN VANDERISECK, sit
Avenue D., New York. certifies that his head was entirely
link] on the top, mid by the use of two as bottles of Jour
Coral Hair Restorative, he tins a good crop of lisle, and
will soon have it long and thick.
%Villinin Jackson, of 'AI Liberty street. Pittsburgh.
Pa., certifies On the :1,1 of February, I-17, that 51r.
Thomas Jackson's bead, on the top, was entirely 1..11,1
for 1.5 years. and that by using two 30. bottles of Joie's
Coral Hair Restorative. the hair is growing fast and thick,
avid will soon be entirely) resumed.
Gray Heads: Gray ilcads Read—l hereby certify
that my hair was turning, gray. and that since 1 have
used Jones's Coral l lair Restorative it has entirely emitted
falling—is growing fast. nail has a fine dark look - . Before
I iised Jones's Coral flair Restorative I combed out
talk of hair daily. W. Tostrams, tel King +de N. Y.
Mr. Power, a grocer. of Fulton at . had his hair choked
tip with dandruff, and Jonee's Coral Hair Restorrittve en
tirely cured it.
Du yon won t toth e ss, beautify. and make vour hair soft
and fine. Read—l, Henry Cullen, late buiber on board
the steamboat South America, do certifs. that Jonvs's
Coral Hair Restorative is the beat article i ever used for
dressing, isoftentng, cleansing. and keeping the hall' a
long Lana in order 1 all lily Customers preferred It to any
thing else.
Sold only in N. York at E 2 Chatham street and by R.
WILLJANIS, Agent tor Columbia.
1. 1 431.A.063'• , ;14iii--1
AVlPLF 9 , l !ec• G o a ia l j e Uen o t, f N ll P l e c o r r r „ c t lY l i c. c •:.lo h :, ° :
11111 •11,..1r, rblindell4llll.
The I,llcenes , ,, taken and Lc:unit - 01y colored at thin
well known establi.lnnent. tor ONE nor.t.A It. are
er-ally conceded to be 1:QII AL 111 every respect to ANY at
1111. city. Pictures take,, equally well m eIMM% and clear
as. a1t0 . ..r. A large tif 4 SMlllielli of All DAI.I.IONS and
Lt elt on nt nom itichiding the 'na
'Pint -elt.ctt4terg reqt.tettitlly invite the etti,e; Or
a'l , r et , 1311I), 10 call :111.1 I gh g •
11111,111,11111 . 11 a, iu 1110 41 , 11 rd , 44 111:1 1 , 0.) Ping. %% 11.11 Win
• eltLerntll) tn.! tt ttbunt
latlelphite. July 1.
ff iqqrJrdln 't -71 1‘ 4 qqqq"7lnqq
j.? Elli this allentively. Dr. HEELER'S CORDIAL
~..desioil.N.vrivE. for the.peedy and permanent
cure of
131 11ME.%. .1"1 101.1'.17. MORitt's,
:•-•l ( 1\1111-:It. tM tI tOI,IIRA
and for all the d,•roop.:uent+ of the Stotinseh awl
fri - TI . VS op TIIOI . SA Nl/.1110 annually fan ilit.eri-eq of
the tstottlaelt and Bowels. In the face of this alarming
t aortaliqi tie" best tnail=e , of our nature ;IT,
tatitigaiirq suffering we valiant prevent. More than my!:
1 . 1101 , 1rN/11 perions to our knowledge were cured during
the parr summer; and we miliesnatiliglysay. that ninety
/1111e out or every linintreil are ,peethly cured. There is
about this fact. and as a reel Of our -ineelity
and ii,:ertion. as a medn al and re<pon•ible illdiridllal•
01. prOlIllso • m, ' , fund the amount paid in every well an-
Menne:tied woke si here it ' fail,. Rill oil 55111 Son
let t our little oiler stiffer when you have at hand a rellle
dy like this. -it potent in oilnloing ile , enqc. To Outlining
sire rj what ph} -ieians, the and other.,
rig of the Cordial.
11:xtrael of a letter fi can tire - Hey, Dr. 1
])at I,llle, comity, 11'17.
Dear Sir am now prepared 10 reeollllllelld )(nit Col ,
that tonm leaving , used it with , 111,4“ e, in set era!
alld I Mil 11100• tryliml.mir I:all:WV:1111 a ~Ise of prmr.ictr il
debilitv, attended milli apparently produced in the
)innei lady by her • ••011-,zo/0 . 1111-1 her ..trength," to Use a
Volltaltal ulna-, Von,. &c., ALI F.‘ai.e..m. n.
[Extract or:, leper from Eheneti r Cook.l
Nest Vrerk t'it)..luly 211, It 17.
Dr. Keeler: Sir—l have used in in) motif) all of the Cor
dial whieh you lull tsitli me lust ' , enamor oNrepl Iwo hot
tie, wlurlr l pt. t-itttOetl ett.touter 511 tame to try, awl
has tier proved very beneficial, lie has ea . ..mewled it to
or his friends. 5t ha 01%1110 have -onor of it, I there
for.• weth you would send me .110111 e by expre,.. I alit I
-noshed from my own experience that tl it the
dine for children Tin, rano and SUMMER C0111`1,11,11 ,
that is Offered 10 the puldir. and all tlim is neees.ary for a
reconuneinlation is tin try it. Very re , peet
H111:\17.1111120,Ur. t2'l, (;rand cur. of Alley.
Tlti, i, 10 Certify, that I have 'Ned 1)r, Cordial,
:tad have Woad it a I all1:11/142 otedsetate ut tharrltom, dy,
•ifiery :end all derangeolet.l. ut the sI,I111•101
eatt..ed Ity Teethiag. and i+ partieolarly allajatql to all
ea.s , Of Or1:11,1.111,41 by acal II MI, LSI (lie debt!,
!Wing elfeet, uC nen.ou :uid elsotate.
11 M. ..\.13.1 , ,5, VI ttttt Vllllll.
Dr. ICeeler'n Corilial.-IVe would evil the attention of
our readers to inealnal•le medicine, Uhieli will he
(gaud ads - rained al length in our eoltimen• AS a Correr ,
tiye Ittarilora, veiy prevalent at the
pre...ent tune, it it hr,hly - Token 01 b) all who have used
Ll• It 1., perfectly title I,u Its nature. Mid speak eXpeli•
Menially. Isbell we that it tilliati , lllllllodiate
[Near- ,talarday t..vt Ito of :2-, 1,17
1)r. Keeler's Cordial and Corniiiiattee.—Thi, artiele in
:id, el ti..ed il, another ',art in' tttt r paper. II is twnuly re
roman:wird by Wool., ,rho has.; turd it. It I, ...if...N
-all). ii-,•1111,1111010; I 1014,1101. and has ellerlctl loolitreek 01
eta), ,locus illouralan11) .applied wlh 112 , 11nit , ,,y
upon Our or svltiell I. r qt,,o)r,
Cut Jial i. 001 a quack no.drinit. but eurefollv prepated
lierieetly Goa Isom any thing 10p010114.
ot S,•1114.011.4.1 . 1, 1,17.
Dr. Nei let :—Dear Si.i—ks it t , our tloty to te.e every
111,ilaS to 1.10111.1 e the latopine.,4 01 our fellow
ere attire , , I take great plett.ui re to stating to you the oil
y:lnt. .. I reeel, ed foan 11,111 valuable and Car
lota:Wye. Loci sea,. ritinehed with Diarrhira,
which debilitated tuy ~.yorm very much: for trail) three
m. eel,. I troutbtu formal little or 110 1.011,
111. When illy daughter informed toe in )our Cordial. I
ho LI all I a 1.1 11...
Mid hail lint beim,
obtained relief. I wa... entirely recovered Inubre 1 used
the whole Of it ; and have retnunied hearty ever
ite.lll,l,lllllly, yours, S. lit:no, a. o,
Prepared and vtlinlr.abs and rciail. N. .V. corner
nt 111111 SOIIIII .1. PtltlllliO4.lll,l Gild ‘vhole,tle 11,y
Dr. Ale Plerrmt. I lerri•borg ; G. W. Ali Tier, lainea , ter ;
and retailed by 11. WILLI.% \IS, Columbia. mid by drug
el4lK :cad others throughout thin country. Price 25 ens, per
bottle. 11.7'Ses pamphlet: ,
Fr -A 1,,0. Dr. KEEI.P.IrS 1..1NAC1:.%, the inn.t el&
el 11•111.; remedy vet FIIONVII. tier 111-1,0•1, Irina
.UOIIIIIIO. the . lli.nno or hold! ofd,, body.
delicnie cou,tiiiittoti+ find it n. 111111.110) adapted be
iheir Medicate nod..? .111•ClIto• 10 It 1 - 01
011•01111, 111111111110,, ylllllllO t 11,01.1.14, • 1.111 tlik,llolo. 111
de hlitt.ll,l 10.111011 t, 1111011110.1 10••••• ut :1111,01110 and
Hop.- rice! ihge^tiou. Price el. seg. 11:11111 , 111tOi fi/r par
ticular-. For .ale only by D. AvILAIIAAIS,.A.tent Col
Philiblchilna..Tatio 10, 1.-1,3.-ly
TIENNET & CO. have IIEiIIIVED from 191 Market
SI;., I. lo
h.-111110111 If/ ire NS 111,2
'1'01c1:1: 11.11,1. eI.(ITIII7NG 11A ZA AN,
Alarkut Srcdt, I,etweco Pork mid Sixth, l'hila•b
'rho proprietor.: Teel n•e to pi initol,ltile^ wlrlt
any way might ann.:lr like the anal Itoinha-me ex
zeratioti of •inne of the trade, but st ill 1,, q 1,1%0 1,1
ituolo the t011i0.,1111.1 . notice front iine ,11 our vin pap,y
-•• One 01 the gicate-•t canu,ttu - that out toy atiutda 1,.
the -AT r. 1 , III:NNET .k Clothing St•• 1
No. 1t,21111r111.1. elrert , liettvel.ll 111. NllllOl
ha , 1 , 1,1,1115111,11 Tower !lull, - tonn the ticenliar al
the trout, rile building 1, all 11111111,11., 0111'. 0,1114111111 g
:wren capacionA room-, all are Niue keil w ill e
ery Variety uf ,ea-unable Narniena, arr.ingeit w 1111,1111,1
perfect Order and regal:trtt), 'rho proptictor , take ;;tent
111011,11/1, 111 INIIOIA log thew looldolg :111,1 0,111011 , 10 111 t,
.trna;n.r-, nod In 111)1,,' 1,111111,r 110111
COIIIIII)—MC }llOO . 01110 111010 St olthy 01 a
nun.. May '-'7-1111
TAIIDROBE Clothing Emporium, No, 105,
t Third 0,111 1 - 0111111, Noitlt
side, Philadelphia.
At thin e.tahliAltment may ohs ay, be found a 101 l a,,..ct•
meta of t:entleusen4 Clothtog, to all 11.1•IesIIIIII .1: .1101
rea,etal.lo price. u. trill a-t0ui...11 :111 I puhle.ll
of pare, but will guarantee to sell a, loss. ti lint lon et
Ihau 1130, 50110 nuke Mere peelelalulle• NI) gaud.: are
ull purch,ell at low prive, ate' tiunle in a- gout! rly le n.
van tic found In the cnt. A gall is I..olanoal before put
glia.ont.T elbcwhere, a, flue W 11 1 .1110150 us Ire., 10 :11l
PERM' It. 1/•:‘1:11.1.1t.
No. 101 Chemtat Sw et, Plitladelplua
N. II A large stook of 'once good, on eils
made to order at the pliorlest nuilee•
11uty trJ,
INOTICE is hereby given that Ike law prohibit
mg the Felting oil of FIRE-CILACKERS,S.e., 0 Ohio
the !holly of the Borough of Colombia., sett i btriLtly
norced, in every ilpoonee of detection.
Colombia, June Clove Burge...
r pIIE co-partnership heretofore existing between
the utot , reagned, traditig under the firma of Goodman,
Barber, a, Co.. tit Pt/.e. Alb+. Potter county, titol Winter.
Barber Co, Colombia, Pa.. ttus tlissehml by mutual
consent 011 this HUM day of Ala y,
All per-oat indebted In ,tol hilt, will make payment
to Abraham Moiler, or Owen It. Comlinnu. who are au
thortze.l to settle tile the Sallie.
.1.111E5 13A111l1:11.
Olt IIN 13 tiOMMAN.
Columbia, May 0, tsti. lei n'•ISBt
IL NEW vomit:tram
OF the best, the cheapest, and the most elegant
ly prthted PANIILV the par.
Edited by Geo. 1' Nlorris rind N. P. Willis. Pn
every Saturday oi the City of New York, at the vet y
low price of TWO IXII.LAI{S n year in advanee.
The first nailer of a new Volume 01 Zinc wide-spread,
popular and valuable Family Newt-paper. will be "quall
on the first day of July next. The rispilftwoniainr. eir
culatiou of the Hl - listsome Journal enable the Proprietors
to clinch 114 broad and ample pi:guinea with the frequent
productions of n manlier of the moat l.rtihant, sparkllnr,,
piquant, and original Writers of the nee.
Those who wish to receive the New Volume entire,
will be enabled to do •=o by sending their mime to the edi
tors without delay, Address 111011.111 F. & W 11.1.1 1 4.
June 10, 1c.07. 107, Fulton st., N. Y.
-REWARD. The above reward will be paid for
the epprehee.iee and conviction of any pe 1,011 wlio
shntl innliciously injure or dctrny any Of the Post,
%Wires, Cups. (Busses. or other fixture., of the COIA*M.
COMPANY. By order of the Board.
Columbia. June %1 4 21: 4 .—1ns Secretary
DR. W. S. NrCORR.Tar.
CIFFICE.—South East corner or Locust awl Sec
" oonif , Irr.•l 13n u.i.l Vi I fol.:A.—with swartz. :!
dour. , below late re,dence. April 7, 1,47.—te
pESTORAVIVE. lones's Coral Hair Restorative
win roneK the I lair to grow on the head or fare. Ity
using a 3s..,buttle. the IA ht-Lure and heard may Is, cultiva
ted to aity'rea.,.onalde extent.
`old only in N. York. at Chatham street, and by
WILMA:LIS. Agent icor Columbia.
AIifISILI3iN just Welled mut for sale at the
rim to tho 11'814111C° of the subscriber, in
Lanett:4er conutv. 011 the'
10111 instant, 0 111111'.:N :11:11:13. .1:oostell
TO coloc umvard ;ma provr proprrtx, pay 4 11141,• . : and
vsk.• ot away.
‘l.,:t Ll... Wield, I -I-.
subscribr,r look - up two• stray Mares on
Friday, ilia tale him., la lila I;owlighot Alarwtta.! The
tv,vner or Owners nrr reple.l.4l In enme In. mrtr,l and
pnwe prop. , riy. pay irharp!, and Inke• ihellf away.
VWbe sold at private sale, a sixty ton foal,
V 011 reit-4)11111.1e rue (miller parlield:orA
(pun: of WM. A. Ll:Amu:, columbh, ru.
,luau 3 ,
12 HOUSE Carpenters. Nolte but good 111 -
C,•1111111,1a. May !:1). 5AA11713., EVANS.
PAILISOLETS and Sumshades,Fashionable and
I Platie at ref nt
TIIST Received a new snpplg of beak single, and
• doable Trugkee, at LEA aLS Cold., Moriitr !Aug
Store, Columbia, Pa.
MAY xtrivr.
ASnperior nigh* of Boy Runt, fir sale at
1.1,.% I t'S Dna; Store, Culumbta,
O F different shades and quality at
\V.& S. I'ATTON%4:
nF Every description, suitable for dresses, now
fit. W. AI
AUCTION GOODS from the N. York and Pliila
d.•lphul Nlarket, lossvr III:111 ecPI 1.111•1 . 1..61 111 0/-
AT A TUNG, and NhadeN, rood styles and
of W. . S. PAT! ON S.
I:ty !2(I,
ULLISON'S, Smith's, Ile)le's, Roberts's, Irvin's,
A riti.aroille•. , .. 1 , ..r -ale by
C.,:ambia, A IP r 112.9, R. WILLIANIS.
TIAVIS'S Vegetable Pain Killer, For sale by
I J:11,29'1,-11' U. WILMA Nl;4
1 ' Subscriber bits just. received tllr, Spring
and snnaaar ro•dnoa.--dtrtCl irnw L on don. tug,•tL
er cult the New York and Plalati, IPlun n•pert•.:uul
titeremore preparedto make up clonal,. in tip top rI)
116111 , at.
A. vcrAzazaimivED
eiltE. The justly celebrated Itmeriran Coin
pota.l. Fur I.y
Q 111 4 ,111011 article of Common Potash for ionic
.p. For hy It WILLI
I , ,za Cott:tablet, Pa..
III? Ire Cream Salons, Take. Notice that the snb
-1 mbar ve 1,41 aAt ol Vam
1:totto mid Ud 1.1 la olio.; at %co low 1,110,,
Coluallq..Wg I:9, 1.1- .1 IL %V 11.IJANIS
A ND Cassimeres at the lowest prices, at
I••-tt \V. & ti.
A NO Bacon of Ilw Lest qualily at
w & s I'ATTON'S
IVIM; INGS. Parlor. Hall, Chinlwr, and exiling
L s fj or d, IP: OW
•11. ton land at hirer 'Pi ice-. al
3. 1).5.1. ;11'1*:;
M•ir , ll • 2:. 1 17 —.l
PRINTS. Purple Prints, One yard wide, only
1:!. 1 .1 good .I—,a tao•nt at talwr 10,
Calarat, at FRY A., sI'ANGLIAZ'S
COPPER and Titt Puutps----a good supply of
on heed, meal- teerdci, ;if the
sleeleOllolllo . Ity 11. 11 , ,%111.CI:. A CO.
.I%lnrelt 11, 1'.1•4-If
C LOVES. An extensive, assortment of llosieries,
(Ilr•vra, Sc , at malacca at
NEW Crop New Orleans Sugars and Molasses at
10,194,1 f I'ILY Sr, 'PANU LEAR'S.
. ilausx.rms,
AINUNS. Bleached and unbleached Masi ins ;
n Inrgn ac=.ortment VliltY nt
A. Fresh supply of those justly celebrated
TEAs P wt rceelved
fe1,19'4.7. , -11 Sole Agents for Col
AND Molasses. Severing's celebrated steam
Syrup M 0 1n.,:r.. a dr heious arlicla for table
now crop 11ONFX at
114.19%15-lf I , IIV S SPANGI.IM'S.
T - i `RESit Camphene or Pine, and Eiliereal Oils arc
j_ and %rill be constantly kept for sale IAI% y
Colmolna.Matell Front Street.
MT1K33.13.1314 9 . 3 ra
HAWKS always on hand and far sale
11 11 P1%1111,131 .5: CO.
March 11, 1949-11'
AND CROSS-CUT MWS, of Roland's Lest. For
„Lt... sale at ma 10m:hip,* prices, by
April 7. I'l7—rl'• Ttrwrrrt & Irmo.
thankad fit, milt encouragement, would announce:
io 010 citizen. of Columbia and uR vicinity, that they 01,11
continue to manufacture Ti,, and Copper ware of all kind.
ni their old K,21111. 111 ',COM ctreet, our door north of the
Columbia Bank, and reipertially %illicit a column:loco of
yid l,c tintrionege
%I:111.011. 1 , 1. , tf
p 7 T 7
riLivioxEst EULIVISr.
coLtriviDiA. SANK AND
The Direct., of the ecoliittola.l{:l/11, and lf , idge Com
pany. ole+lroltS of :taurdittg to per.,uns %Ito are disposed to
deposit mousy los definite periods, at a moderate rate ot
interest, have determined to allow interest tor the stone
at the fidlowitur rotes, viz;
ror all deposits to Te111:11/1 12 months, 4 per et. peril:mama.
do do do it do 3 do do
do do do :; do :2 do do
'l'la. .an, co del,O.itrel to ticpayable without interest at
any Into 1 . 1114.11. t.: tune. at the option of the depositor.' 'rho
iniere-1 to et•a••• at the end of the period for which the
.1, pion ss.l-• iii art.•, unit., the Rattle fie renewed for a
la. nit' 1wri...1. t , ANIU.I , :i. r. l llOClf,
Jim, 111. 1-I , —3,11 Ctitiller.
rritE nititershmed hereby informs his friends
.2rltt tlint ./.111114.11/ens
NEW CIZrA , T \ NI-11{11.W,
h•nu /he :-pno:; 1114:.• alltt w:trrum•d to tor tI.
ri Sur. , ;. Pl. in - It grill b.' toriti 136 .1 t, ti••• it tiny A
to, 1 ST1111•11.F.12
LEWES lIIEDENICK & Co, late from Philadel= in 11AT1 and CAPS, would most rev
pt•ctodly heg (cove to intbrot the ciniets, of Collllllblll
1.111, it,. vicinity, that ihc) have pewter...4l the old nod
ell ksitims plat Manufacturing Establi,..lnnent kept i.e
Jou N. - m..IIEN for toasty year:. next door to J.
Jewelry Sone, Front Street, Columbia, 141., where they
intend to -pare no pains and mean, 10 carry on she above
It , itte,, in all tt,.. cation,. branclo:. Their stock con
allai in part of line :llole Skin. Beaver, Nutria. and Col
lor lIATS. At.n. • splendid tt•aortntent of Pearl LOW
Saud 1.511.1111121 . ILVES of the I.ste.t faAtion and ,4}le. to
gether wilt a good a..,ortstiont of CAPS of every .v.•.
priee. and yollstv. New szyle Silk Hat, 'Mitch we
puntoot 1,4 .1 11,n11 P . 1111.010111111.1, 111141 5,1111q1 Stir s, .ell
at t•il, 11110,,
•Wills the e0nti.1,1,.. 1.0-11:liOl4 Bain ass t•tprrn•nrr Of a
11111..1.. r :11, V.llll oni• of' Ilio I'luladri
plo: tilt cu.e.ea.•c 11.1/1 .•151114., that tor I,lstott, urns•
dos.dolov. stud 111:A.F.NESS. we rollout tw
:to) e.ndtli•slun. al in the Irmo.
I.1:11 IS TllllbllNlCK 3 Co
Colutobia. Joao
A T:i7iT,~YS
QAFE! Always Efferlual Are you a sufferer
toll ! Are 3011 radioed with the
pm iodic:ll tetui it of that cold and formal visitor. the chill,
followed lit it intendant, the burning fever mutt
Luse tio time, than. in procuring
a bottle of Dr. th.itooil'A huli.t Chuln4ogue. 1 - 011 Will have
but oils chill al )011 coMMence it and probably
nuns at all. Your neighbor NOIO bas tined the medicine
, ill tt—tire \ Olt of 1111-. It 1 5 lint the protiike of a result
,hieli i• already realised. mid t. Melt your
Moil Mil) prole. l'Or sale
Julie 3, I- 1 4
..11-o fur site I $ M. Smith. 'Wrightsville.
W ho r, has
iu. l i wen ti pe i rforming .d s i nsp iu )zo4rfu t l
COlllllll , lto le.ll, taim the Inerca , ed numbers that
Hock to, iwliof lie. has heel' compelled to fit tip a
1 . 01111/1011.114 .1 Then. if 3out are sick, no
math, Vdtan !nay !fort. DOCIOr'S m.‘-
pen , nry you can obtain the talpiopriato remedy- L'cl
al,. roma"• in e 001,1111.111011.
The llerh Ihn•tor the that he is the only
per-ene Wllll 111 . 1aued lu. , mediend konwl
edge flow the Mali theaer ni,l'helnelelithai• nod It:mniu
his -M. 1111 • 111 l' " The
li•dt‘ on , ~Meh unity where
every oihrr reined) nod . slily other doctor lens
ran "illy Il' obtained ne thin esdithl.itinelo. 'floe Dent>
Dove, ha- praviere.l ...)>l,:m for e 010 1• tame, during
m hale he belie‘e, lie lin.t rendered general imetermare
0111 111 1111 . Iniudreds almi lee Imc trenuah he has
heard en no permn being i,gmeJ hy his medicines. He
protes , ,; inn to cure nll disc:um...yak one remedy, but
Prelmies.a elillereot oteneeine I:,r mall of the numerous
,lieels 11.•-11 is heir to,"--wthth are conipmended
Irmo root, het In, hark-. (lower, Se., which. wJetle they
po.,:ess great curative powers, al , o strenealieu the sys
tem on the) wino, c the Ilenee they mumottee
pre 1111 • km.,t eon-Aim:ion, lint lire good in every case,
ns litutilredd who have been reseiled them from the
grave, van teetify. I la, luga knowledge of - , voral plant.
to any other pace. uu in 1116 1 oat of the country,
he uses un mineral or chemical poi-taus in In, prepara
timi-. They may be ,eileolit regard to duet—for
tiler !him the :doomedh dewed.. and , JI taut interfere spill.
the patient- emloniary ,location. The afflicted, particu
larly t1e0.,“ laboring under
• -•
are erodiall ilea to emote and make a trial of the*.
i 0.114 Mrs, or al hen I hats IL tail; +A tth the Doctor, who
char a•. notion:4 for t u ts
Tile tien, Doctor i. content if he geta only the Caws
that have local given op a.. incurable b) the ohl school or
other doctor.. tor the noinerott, enses of this kind whirls
he ha. con , ' aro stirs us itleaCL, that it tile,: be hOpc
at. It 1...1.1 111.,Iteahelile,
Joshes, fathers' by the dear tic that Lind. yon n.
your little rotes, try the llech Doctor, hefore ,sqvins them
roll nt) dear female friend., who have been negloe
test in saor-e ; to on who sutler nlO5l. and who have not
heretofore hero looperlr treated. I offer a remedy suited
to year ii:•ll.rate ran-lilitlinilq.1111:1 adapted TO the tls-eabe.
to which yen are lethie. IValtin the past few years, ma
ny. too trLitty, of }oar another have been removed front
the sphere at thew alfeetion :Ind of 'heir tt-etittne.t.; but
.10 :101 11:,..pair. but Vail at the Herb Doctor D:spettiary, he tort,lll 3011 a suit
able telliedy. 11 you elli.lOst.:TLLo Dollars in
1,11.,. ilo-1 raid, :t 1:11C111t.1111 of ) olli 01100-
non, and 3011 5,111 rer...tro Oloilkolle, will, I.lll.llreCtlollL.
1 4 / l iM~ attend:MC.l at their Will Stale
111,11 re,itletier Di.pL.tisory, ucst
door LVei.l Of dl r Doyle's tanerll, Trout street Columbia,
I.anea.tei count Pen 11,ylvanta.
011iee !hum. 1101117 to the moratan till II In the even-
Clo-ed on the evvotto: of the Sabbath
Columbia, June 3, 1•71., , .—1 y.
TIY OVER LAND EXPRESS, Important Ncws from
_l_, the I•in-t, !trent decline in 1)1t) (t)lilh'. We lint ,.
itt , t te,•l, rd :1 Inrrvr , pl , llolltl rt,ortment Of
StiNtlll.lll (:001.1S, STYLES
. .
and inueli below tli, u •u:l pi u•C., •\ .spleiultdaysnrtment
of 1)1Z.E..7.7s Om il)S....tiltahlt• ;or ILO ,:t.Oll. Cull and ex
amine. W & S. PATTON.
Coltlmbi, 'Alcy 20. I= 1.3.—1 f
Jar, Bona, thra' vnrrrr thank!. to the eal
/elis of Coltunliia and puhlie in central for the tint!
1/11 . :, hate 1,1 , 10WelhiP011111eIn•
,1 , 1111! IMP .t ally 11l their attention to the N 1 V
s'l'(o - 1; ()I•cooDs th lu, h they has e ieeeiVeth nail
which 14111 1111 Ile laailen, to quality runl as
tit,. ore lit•it•l 11/01 , 11 unit to bl• 1 1 ',OM ii the caanty.
Their stock eampri 4,1 :al Aorta of garments: Superfine
1/1:1•1 , :: ND VIZUCIC COATS
11.11;It CIOOI. La.tre.ernton.
1.084•18, pl. al Lao aSack-. & (oate,., Riding Coata, Ilit4l
- to prom-, v. 411. t..
Al-o. a very 101.• .8 •-orlstomt or 11,1%J elathins. all of
which rr 111 1..• •rold 6,1,ine1) low (Or 42:1-11,
Pam+ not Vest+ of .11 and pu rea. Inln fitly rent..
op to $11)1). 1118)ers ate B.ollemal tueall a hether ow4hing .
10 VW elm., at the 11010 Or not. They have only to call to
l‘ 4.081%1e...81.
'Viol . ha ve halal a GOV a...ortateot of 0041 q, CliR•O
re, Camillie'reO:, r Chills.. &r.
Vest Panel a-, all of ultich %sill he wade op at extremely
low Imo.,
s Sha 881.48e18.14, 4 , 1140,, 1)r:8%1 ors, era -
vat.. Carpi 1L.1r.,,.1.14111 ,0 11 18, ..C011ne, nom laboot.,Over-
Uuttaelmoic Cum.+, (.18.8,4,.,
.1. JORDAN & Co.
A few doors below Here+ l'a.slangtoit Hotel Front
Street eolnnibut. l'.o.
Coluonbtb AI Ay su, I-I_—ff
ATM - DM DESTROYER. It has long been the
, to proditee a vreparatiolt
whi,ll Nt "old pr., 4., a:41,4,11e for the thatrite or Hoc'.
Meet IN:lnches. and Clatter.. hat every ellen( ilea been
trunk' , " till the cnt. Alai( tench dully and expert
mema the proprietor late ittleeetaltal to thsetetfering a pre
paration. lie etiniatileett will prove Ctleellial to lire.
tit Tile :Ile , 4. iintill . ll vermo).
sal.. ‘l'3ll. A. I.l:Annn.
Aby Front .tret
AT M. tC S. PATTON have just received a large
: , 1:1;s44 AND: 4 I 7 / 1 17%1E1C DIIV.SS GOODS;
coa.,tamot Gingisaina, Lawna. !tame,. Liner, and Al
paca Last re fancy Print.: ae •at the very' lava cat pm.,
Plain moil clinngenl.lo Dreq, NJkt, ittor•lc mtd / 11 ""
I:lack for Muutiln... with every xt)le of 7)r...ur Coo& for
the Itrtl.oll. VICAR! cult and examiturour stock.
Aprtl triti—if W. &F. rxrrav
litjl AIES JORDAN, Fashionable Root nod
. 1 iut ll
alwr re fol:prol.1 his rriumlu nut
Mi. polelie. doll !I. 11114 (1411.1Wil It
Le ee i l• A ND S Ili )1: 1:-ST.‘III.Ii...111117,VT,
iliunciliqtily ~ 1 4, 0,1 t• I'. I. r 11:d,1.-u, ur- :44,0. t where he I.
vorcharc.l ha sNt . l . llll, gill order,. at 1.1. ILO , . w ah manic,..
DWI de-poich. Its tad" eMilgtiCll: in gibing eaahslachoei In
all who shay favor until nab a call. AlroilbetA of Ow 0
If A. 111.. arc renpectrally invitedla7;ive him a call.
Columbia, Mind 11. li,-/..-I y
TEIBERRY Tooth Wash, an immaliala and at.
• Orr for All t I Tect
re, 4:11.• A I.I:ADER •